15 Best Protein Cookies of 2022

best protein cookies

Are you looking for the best protein cookie out there? Here at OriGym, we understand that it can be tough to find sweet treats whilst staying on track and so we are here to help you! 

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Before we begin the list of cookies, there are 2 brief topics we need to cover.

What are protein cookies? 

You must be wondering, 'how does a protein cookie differ from a regular cookie?'. 

Well, it is still a processed sweet snack but it contains a higher amount of protein in comparison to ones where you buy from the local shop.

It will also keep you fuller for longer compared to a normal cookie! 

When to eat protein cookies?

We’ll discuss this later in the article in each product but simply put, you can eat these cookies anytime you want to!

However, we suggest if you are eating this before a workout then have the cookie 20-30 minutes before and likewise with a post-workout snack so you can receive the full benefits. 

1. BHU Fit Vegan Protein Cookies

Price: £23.31 for a pack of 10 (£2.31 each)

my protein protein cookie

Laura Katleman founded BHU Foods after she hit an all-time low with her sugar addiction. So, she got to work and started making her own delicious, healthy, sugar-free snacks.

The BHU Fit vegan protein cookie is made from natural ingredients such as cashews, cocoa beans, and orange pulp.

As they are sugar-free, these cookies are sweetened with monk fruit extract, which is a completely natural alternative to sugar. 

As well as being sugar-free, these protein cookies are also free from soy, gluten, egg, dairy, and GMOs, plus they are ketogenic and vegan-friendly. 

Therefore, they are perfect if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Want to find more keto inspired recipes? You should definitely purchase a ketogenic cookbook if you’re considering going on a keto diet. 

In each of these healthy protein cookies, there are 10g of plant-based protein, 16g of carbs, and 8g of fibre. 

The protein content in these cookies is a little lower than some of the other high protein cookies on this list, so may not be the ideal choice if you are looking for some pre or post-workout fuel. 

However, they are still a great option for a healthy midday snack that will give you a good dose of protein without spiking your blood sugar.

One downside to these vegan protein cookies is that they only come in two flavours, providing limited variety. However, the flavours themselves are delicious:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Dark Double Chocolate Protein Cookies

2. Buff Bake’s Cookies Sandwich

Price: £15.54 for a pack of 8 (£1.94 each)

myprotein protein cookie review

Buff Bake’s protein cookie sandwiches offer a fun twist on regular protein cookies. Shaped like Oreos, this product features 2 delicious, crunchy cookies, sandwiched together with a smooth, creamy filling. 

All of the Buff Bake’s low carb protein cookies are free from gluten, GMOs, and they are kosher-friendly.

Another bonus is that you won’t find any chemicals in the ingredients list of this protein cookie because they’re made with only natural ingredients, such as peanut butter, eggs, and cocoa powder.

At 220 calories each, these protein cookies contain 12g of protein and are relatively low in carbs and fat. 

These Buff Bake low calorie protein cookies offer a 2:1 ratio of protein to added sugar, so you know they won’t spike your blood sugar right after you eat them.

These crunchy protein cookies come in 5 delicious flavours, each of which has all the taste of a decadent baked good, without the crazy calories. The flavours include:

  • Snickerdoodle Crunchy Cookies
  • Sweet & Salty Crunchy Cookies
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter Protein Cookies 
  • Double Chocolate Crunchy Cookies
  • Birthday Cake Crunchy Cookies

3. Kakookies Protein Cookies

Price: £10.88 for a pack of 5 (£2.17 each)

gluten free protein cookies

Kakookies is a vegan protein cookie and it is free from soy, dairy, gluten, egg, and GMOs.

It is made from natural ingredients, such as nuts, berries, oats, and chia seeds and contains no sugar syrups or stabilisers. 

When compared to other protein bars, cookies, and breakfast bars, the Kakookies are significantly lower in sugars, carbs, and calories.

At just 210 - 220 calories, each of these vegan protein cookies contains 4 - 5g of plant-based protein and around 24g of carbs.

This makes it great for a midday snack as the carbs will keep you fuelled all day and the low sugar content (12g) means that your energy won’t spike, followed by a crash. 

Whilst these cookies may not be as high in protein as some other products found online, they are a great place to start for those who are new to cookies and protein together and want a healthier alternative to a regular baked treat.

Kakookies are a great option for anyone who suffers from food allergies (eg to gluten or dairy)  as they are free from most allergens. 

Kakookies cookies have a chewy, decadent texture and are available in 5 delicious flavours:

  • Almond Cranberry Cookies
  • Boundary Waters Blueberry Cookies
  • Cashew Blondie Cookies
  • Dark Chocolate Cranberry Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

4. Lenny & Larry’s Complete Crunchy Cookie

Price: £11.65 for a pack of 12 (£0.97 each)

chocolate protein cookies

Lenny & Larry’s makes a number of different low fat high protein cookies. Their most popular one is their Complete Crunchy Cookie. 

These cookies are delicious, nutritious, and great if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. 

These healthy protein cookies are completely vegan and kosher-friendly. 

Looking for soy free protein cookies? These cookies are free from soy, dairy, eggs, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, trans fats, and GMOs.

They do, unfortunately, contain gluten, so they are unsuitable for anyone who is a celiac. 

A packet of these vegan protein cookies contains 6g of plant-based protein, along with 4g of fibre. What’s more, there are only 160 calories in each packet, which makes these cookies the ideal, guilt-free midday snack.

Another great feature of these protein oat cookies is that they come as a packet of lots of mini cookies, as opposed to one big cookie.

This is perfect if you want to eat them in smaller increments as you can seal and reseal the bag whenever you want. 

The 3 flavours of Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies are chocolate chip, double chocolate, and cinnamon sugar. 

5. Munk Pack Protein Cookies

Price: £18.65 for a pack of 12 (£1.55 each)

banana protein cookies

As Michelle and Tobias wanted Munk Pack to be available to everyone,  Munk Pack protein cookies are all free from most common allergens. 

For example, they are free from gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, and GMOs, and are completely vegan. 

Moreover, these protein oatmeal cookies are made from natural ingredients, such as: peanut butter, oat flour, and dark chocolate chips.

In each of these cookies, you will find 16g of plant-based proteins, like brown rice protein and pea protein. 

The high protein breakfast cookies also contain around 320 calories each, which is on the higher end but, when compared to regular cookies, compares favourably!

The only thing to note about these protein cookies is that their serving sizes can be misleading.

For instance, in small print on the back of the packaging, they state that half of a cookie is actually the recommended serving size. 

However, they proudly state on the front that there is 16g of protein per cookie. 

This may be a little confusing because it’s unlikely you will just have half a cookie post-workout! And if you do, then you will only be getting 8g of protein, instead of the promised 16g. 

On the plus side, the Munk Pack high protein cookie does come in a range of delicious flavours, including:

  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Dark Chocolate Chip
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Coconut White Chip Macadamia
  • Oatmeal Raisin Spice

If you wanted to increase your protein intake further, try taking some casein protein at night for better recovery and muscle building benefits! 

6. Oatein Cookie 

Price: £16.99 (1 Box of 12)

protein cookies

With their recent re-formulation, Oatein’s protein cookies are even more delicious than they were before!

Not only are they now available in a Vegan Double Chocolate flavour, meaning that no one has to miss out, they contain a decent 15g of protein, and are packed full of fibre.

If you’ve ever been put off by protein products because of the bitter taste and strange texture, Oatein’s offering may just change your mind. 

This is because their soft-baked protein oat cookie tastes more like one that you’d choose from a bakery, without that artificial texture offered by some other brands.

The soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture is complimented perfectly with the addition of crunchy protein crispies, which help to boost the protein content even further!

Alongside the vegan double chocolate flavour, the Oatein protein cookie is available in chocolate chip, salted caramel, and white choc celebration, so the hardest decision you’ll have to make is which one to try first.

7. My Protein Cookie

Price: £19.42 for a pack of 12 (£1.61 each)

protein cookies bodybuilding

These My Protein cookies are perhaps the most decadent protein cookies you can find online thanks to their gooey caramel filling. 

However, you will be surprised at how good the macros are! Each of these filled protein cookies contains 20g of protein and just 0.9g of sugar. 

Moreover, there are only 269 calories per cookie which, compared to some of the other cookies available, is relatively low. 

These protein cookies are the perfect snack if you are yearning for all of the sweet, gooey goodness of a regular cookie but want a healthier option that won’t give you a sugar crash after eating it. 

What’s more, because My Protein strives to be inclusive to those with dietary restrictions, they also offer a vegan version of their caramel filled protein cookie. 

This vegan protein cookie contains 13g of plant-based protein and comes in at only 248 calories.

If you’re looking for a filled chocolate protein cookie, then you’re definitely in the right place! It’s available in 4 delicious flavours:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Double Chocolate & Caramel
  • Double Chocolate & Caramel (Vegan)
  • Double Chocolate & Peanut Butter (Vegan)

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8. My Protein Baked Cookie 

Price: £18.49 for a pack of 12 (£1.54 each)

chocolate whey protein cookies

This is My Protein’s second feature on this list, so you know their products must be good. 

This Lean Cookie is ideal if you are looking for a delicious, whey protein cookie that you can enjoy completely guilt-free.

Whether you are watching your weight or trying to reduce your sugar intake, this high protein cookie has everything you need for a low-calorie snack that will fuel your body and satisfy your sweet tooth.

The My Protein Lean Cookie boasts an impressively low sugar and fat content, with 80% less sugar and 70% less fat than other supermarket alternatives. 

In each of these protein powder cookies, you will find just 3.6g of sugar, 3g of fat, 16g of carbs, and a whopping 25g of protein. 

This makes it the perfect snack for any occasion, whether you need some pre or post-workout fuel, or just a pick me up during the day. 

If you need extra motivation before your session, read an inspirational sports book to inspire you to achieve your fitness goals! 

The only downside to this high protein cookie is they contain a number of allergens, such as milk, gluten, and soy. 

Therefore, if you have any allergies to gluten or you follow a vegan diet, My Protein’s Lean Cookie will not be suitable for you. 

Whilst these cookies have a limited selection of flavours available, the 3 flavours that they do come in are really tasty:

  • Cranberry and White Chocolate 
  • Dark Chocolate and Berry
  • Lemon and White Chocolate

9. NuGo Protein Cookies

Price: £23.31 for a pack of 12 (£1.94 each)

chocolate chip protein cookies

This is the perfect protein cookie if you’re looking for something free from gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, and GMOs. 

Each cookie is made with natural, high quality ingredients, such as oat flour, dark chocolate chips, and flaxseeds. 

Furthermore, there are 16g of plant-based protein in each NuGo cookie as well as 12g of fibre.

At first glance, it seems like there are 130 calories in the full cookie; however, this serving size only accounts for a third of the full cookie, meaning that the whole product is actually around 390 calories.

Confusing serving sizes aside, these healthy oatmeal protein cookies is more nutritious than a standard cookie and they come in a range of delicious flavours:

  • Dark Chocolate Chip
  • Double Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Oatmeal Raisin

Refuelling your body after a tough workout is vital. However, you need to also target those muscles you worked to help recover quicker. Invest in a massage gun and you will notice the results in no time! 

10. Bulk High Protein Cookies

Price: £16.09 (1 Box of 12)

whey protein cookies

Another of the best whey protein cookies on the market is Bulk’s high protein cookies.

What makes Bulk’s offering unique is that they do not contain any sugar alcohols, gelatine, or soya, meaning that they can be consumed by a wide range of people looking for a sweet, yet healthy treat!

Amazingly, these protein cookies contain a whopping 27g of protein, and come in at just 291 calories. However, Bulk have not compromised on taste or texture here, and have created a snack which is similar to many of our favourite confectionary cookies on the market.

Whether you choose chocolate orange or white chocolate and raspberry flavour, you’re sure to be impressed with Bulk’s high protein cookies as a delicious post-workout snack.

11. Quest Protein Cookies

Price: £6.99 for a box of 4 (£1.74 each)

soy protein cookies

Quest Nutrition is one of the most recognisable brands when it comes to protein snacks. Since its creation in 2010, Quest has expanded from just making protein bars to making crisps, protein powder, pizzas, and most importantly for this list, protein cookies.

The philosophy of Quest Nutrition is to create high protein products that have minimal amounts of sugar and net carbs, whilst keeping taste as a priority. 

This is something that they have certainly done with their protein cookies.

Each Quest protein cookie contains 15g of whey protein, which has been proven to promote muscle growth. 

Apart from cookies, you may want to increase your protein intake in powder form as well. Take a look at OriGym's buyer's guide to the best protein shakers you can find online today. 

This makes this protein cookie the perfect pre or post-workout snack, containing just 19 - 21g of carbs, only 4 - 5g of which are counted in the final net carbs once the fibre and erythritol content is subtracted. 

Erythritol is the sugar substitute that is used in this protein cookie, which means that it only contains 1g of actual sugar. 

This is great because it means your blood sugar won’t spike immediately after you eat this cookie.

Each of these low carb protein powder cookies comes in at around 220 - 240 calories; whilst this is on the higher side, it is important to note that these cookies are larger than a lot of other protein cookies on the market, with each cookie weighing around 59g. 

Moreover, these whey protein cookies are certified ketogenic friendly, so they are the perfect choice if you're following a low-carb diet and need to grab a snack on the go.

These cookies come in 5 classic flavours:

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Double Chocolate Chip
  • Peanut Butter
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
  • Snickerdoodle

For us, the chocolate whey protein cookies are definitely the favorite! 

12. SINFIT Nutrition Protein Cookies

Price: £10.69 for a pack of 5 (£2.13 each)

healthy oatmeal protein cookies

Sinister Labs, the parent company of SINFIT Nutrition, was established in 2017 by Scott James, who previously owned the largest sports nutrition supplement company in the world. 

James, who was already a pioneer in the fitness nutrition industry, took this attitude of innovation and put it into creating exciting new products for SINFIT. 

This has resulted in massive success amongst consumers, who love the tasty and nutritious products that SINFIT has to offer. 

One of SINFIT’s most popular products is their protein cookie. 

Each cookie contains an impressive 20g of protein and just 7g of sugar, which, considering how sweet these cookies taste, is an excellent compromise. 

These whey protein cookies are great for promoting muscle growth, but not ideal if you have any allergies to dairy. 

However, they are gluten-free and ideal for those of you who have a gluten intolerance.  

The fact that there are 310 calories in each cookie puts this product on the higher end of the calorie count. 

However, if you consider how rich tasting these cookies are, and the fact that each cookie weighs around 78g, the calorie count is more reasonable, especially when compared to a regular cookie. 

What makes these cookies so delicious is the fact that they are all coated with a thin layer of icing.

This adds a luxurious, elegant look and taste that, before SINFIT, hasn’t been available in a protein cookie.

If you want something to wash this protein cookie down with, buy a natural energy drink without all the unnecessary side effects of drinking regular energy drinks!  

Speaking of the delicious taste of these protein cookies, our favourite has to be their pumpkin protein cookies! Aside from the pumpkin spice flavour, these cookies are also available in:

  • Birthday Cake
  • Chocolate Chip
  • Peanut Butter
  • Snickerdoodle Chocolate Chip

13.Siren Snacks Protein Bites 

Price: £23.32 for a pack of 10 (£2.33 each)

high protein low carb cookies

Siren Snacks believe that the future is plant-based, which is why all of their products are 100% vegan.

Instead of using protein sources like whey, which can be an allergen for many people, Siren Snacks uses protein from yellow peas, which has been proven to aid weight loss, support a healthy heart, and help to regulate blood sugar.

Siren Snacks believe that the future is plant-based, which is why all of their products are 100% vegan. If you are following a plant-based diet, you should definitely read OriGym’s guide to vegan weight training to help you. 

Instead of using protein sources like whey, which can be an allergen for many people, Siren Snacks uses protein from yellow peas, which has been proven to aid weight loss, support a healthy heart and help to regulate blood sugar.

Each pack of Siren Snacks cookie protein bites is made from natural ingredients: monk fruit extract, dates, organic chocolate chips, and coconut oil to name a few. 

These are all free from gluten and GMOs, so they are a perfect choice if you are coeliac. 

Each pack of protein bites contains 12g of plant-based protein and 21g of carbs. 

This makes it the perfect snack as the protein and carbs will give you the fuel you need to get the most out of your training.

There are only around 200 calories per packet of protein cookies, offering a no-guilt and easy to eat snack. 

These protein bites also offer more practicality than a traditional protein cookie, as you can reseal the bag whenever you want, meaning you don’t have to eat them all in one go. 

Siren Snacks protein is available in 5 unique and delicious flavours:

  • Cookie Dough
  • Dark Chocolate Brownie
  • Lemon Poppyseed
  • Birthday Cake
  • Snickerdoodle

14. The Protein Works Protein Cookies

Price: £23.99 for a pack of 12 (£1.99 each)

whey protein oatmeal cookies

The Protein Works was created by Nick Smith, Karl Jacobie, and Mark Coxhead in 2012, with a goal to raise the bar in terms of quality for sports nutrition. 

Overall, The Protein Works has 3 key principles when it comes to their products: they must be Pure, Proven, and Person.

This means that their low fat high protein cookies are made with the highest quality ingredients and that they come in packaging that clearly and honestly displays all of the nutrition information. 

It also means that you are getting access to products that allow you to customise your nutrition to suit your own body type and personal fitness goals.

Each of The Protein Works high protein low carb cookies contains 18g of protein, 7g of fibre, and just 3g of sugar. 

These cookies have all the protein you need to get you through a tough workout, and, at just 218 calories, they make a great healthy snack.

Being gluten-free, Protein Works protein cookies are a great choice for anyone who suffers from coeliac disease or is just trying to avoid gluten. 

If you follow a plant based diet, don't worry because many companies are now producing vegan protein bars so you do not have to miss out on hitting your protein goal! 

The texture of the cookies is soft and chewy, like any other regular cookie, but with much more nutritional value. These cookies are also available in 4 delicious flavours:

  • Triple Chocolate Trouble
  • Salted Caramel Carnage
  • Rocky Choc Mashup 
  • Choc Cherry Chilli Kick

15. Women’s Best Low Carb High Protein Cookies

Price: £2.39 each

cookies with protein powder

Women’s Best was created by David Kurzmann and his brother Lukas who noticed that activewear and nutrition were often geared towards men. 

They noticed a gap in the market for sportswear and nutrition products that were specifically for women and decided to take on the challenge.

What started off as a business idea to make women more included in the world of fitness and nutrition, is now one of the biggest fitness brands in the world. 

The Women’s Best Protein Power Cookies are made with your workout in mind. This is why there is more than 23g of protein and 35g of carbs in each pack (there are 2 cookies per pack), making it the ideal pre- or post-workout snack. 

Furthermore, whilst there are 315 calories in each pack of these protein cookies, this is technically for 2 cookies. 

Do you need to bring your cookies on a run? You should definitely think about investing in a running belt as you can bring all the essential snacks you need. 

There are 2 smaller whey protein powder cookies in each pack, as opposed to one big cookie, which is helpful because it gives you the option of controlling your portions by just eating one and/or sharing them with someone else.

Alternatively, it gives you the option to eat them individually at separate times throughout the day. 

These cookies with protein powder come in 3 delicious flavours:

  • Chocolate
  • Coconut
  • White Chocolate

Before you go! 

That completes our list of the best protein cookies!

Protein cookies are a great way to increase your protein intake and most importantly a great way to have an on the go snack, so we hope that this helped you to find the perfect sweet treat to help you reach your protein goals.

If you wanted a career in the health and fitness industry take a look at our REPs accredited Nutrition Course! 

Also, you should definitely take some time to look at our prospectus for more information.


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