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17 Best Protein Shakers to Help Your Workouts

Are you looking for the best protein shakers in the UK? We completely understand how hard it is to find the perfect shaker for you, but not to worry, we have you covered! With lots of different protein shaker cups out there, sometimes it can be overwhelming, so we’ve trawled the internet and found the best ones for you. 

Maybe you haven’t used shakers before, or maybe you've gone through lots of different ones thinking they’re all the same. Well, what is a protein shaker? It's just a plastic container, right?

Well actually, there are some incredible ones out there that can safe you from that awful protein stench that exhumes if you forget to wash it out as soon as you have made it.

So, you’re on the market for a really good protein shaker bottle? Look no further as we’ve compiled a list of some of the best protein shakers out there. 

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1. Ohelo Stainless Steel Protein Shaker 

Price: £29.00

protein shaker with ball

Cool protein shakers are hard to come by but these products from Ohelo are available in some amazing colours including black, steel, yellow, pink, blue, and white. This extremely sophisticated and streamlined shaker brings an edge of luxury to preparing your gym bulk-up. 

So, if you’re looking for a women’s protein shaker bottle, you can go for one of the coloured options, either the yellow or the pink protein shaker bottle for that added pop of colour at the gym.

At first glance, you may mistake this for a reusable coffee cup (which it also doubles as), but this tumbler has been designed with all your protein needs in mind. This small protein shaker has a mesh filter that catches any protein powder lumps and it also has a leak-proof lid that is great for your pre, during, or post-workout consumption. 

This vacuum insulated, double-walled metal protein shaker keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours and hot up to 6 hours. With a 100% leakproof lid, this is the perfect drink holder. 

So, if you’re looking for metal protein shakers, then this one is for you. In need of hydration? Take a look at our article on hydration tablets for more information! 

2. Black ‘N’ Gold Metal Protein Shaker 

Price: £12.99

womens protein shaker

This product tops the list of the best protein shaker bottles. The Black ‘N’ Gold Shaker defines class and is designed with luxury in mind. 

Crafted and exclusive to TPW this 100% steel protein shaker has high-quality at the forefront. Not only is this shaker created with a completely leak-proof design, but it will also retain the stainless steel after each wash making sure that protein stench doesn’t rear its ugly head. 

If you’re after something extremely durable and on the hunt for cheap protein shaker bottles, this product will please any gym regular. As well as the added pizzazz of the gold accents, this shaker is also leak-proof and easy to clean. With an impressive 739ml capacity, you won’t be disappointed. 

If you are having a shake post-workout, you're probably recovering from a tough workout, so take some time and read our best foam rollers to help you recover even faster! 

3. Shaken, Not Stirred Protein Shaker

Price: £5.99

 BPA free protein shakers

Sometimes simplicity and affordability are all you need. This cheap protein shaker bottle is the low cost king at just £5.99 for a really high-quality product that does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you’re after something simple and easy to operate, then this product is the one for you.

This protein shaker is really easy to transport thanks to its looped lid which can easily be attached to your gym bag.

We love that this product has a secure leak proof cap and silicone seal mouthpiece, both of which ensure that the shaker is completely leak-free.

After a protein shaker with a ball? You’re in luck! This product has a wire ball to aid in making a lump-free protein shake every time. Made with the consumer in mind, this is great for mixing your protein shakes and ideal for consuming fluid pre or post-workout. 

If you're in need of an extra energy boost, take a look at what energy bars you can find right now!

#4. Performa ACTIV Protein Shaker (Mortal Kombat)

Price: $13.99 (UK shipping available)

protein shaker image

If you’re a fan of video games, then you’ll certainly love the ACTIV Mortal Combat protein shaker from Performa. 

The product has a sleek design and features the Mortal Kombat logo, making it the perfect purchase or gift for a fan of the series. It is 100% BPA free, dishwasher safe, shatter resistant, and the logo itself is protected by Extralast UV ink so that it won’t chip or fade. 

Ever bought a protein shaker only to find that it doesn’t mix the powder in with the liquid properly? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that this product from Performa comes with ActionRod Technology to ensure that your shakes are as smooth as possible each and every time you use it. 

The product comes with a 100% leak-free guarantee, with the promise that in the unlikely event that the product does leak, Performa will replace it free of charge. Since this is one of the most common problems with protein shakers, this is pretty reassuring and means that you don’t have to worry about making the wrong investment.

5. CORDA Double Wall Protein Shaker Bottle With Ball 

Price: £15.49

protein shaker bottle with ball

If you’re after small protein shakers then this product is perfect for you. It helps make your shakes smooth and delicious, minus the lumps. The product has a twist-on-cap that prevents spilling and leaking, even when dropped it has been proven to not open and spill.

The CORDA protein shaker holds about 18oz of liquid, so this is quite petite and easy to transport to and from the gym. So, if you’re looking for a women’s protein shaker then this will be for you. 

Designed specifically to be odour resistant, this stainless-steel protein shaker does not absorb odour and is very easy to clean without leaving any stains.

This protein shaker bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 30+ hours and can keep the hotter drinks warm for up to 8 hours. This option is dishwasher safe as well which means you don’t have to worry about washing up after a gruelling workout. 

#6. Dr. Prepare Protein Shaker Bottle 

Price: £17.99 

The Dr. Prepare protein shaker bottle is as sleek as they come with a durable and scratch-resistant design. It is manufactured with food-grade stainless steel that is double-walled, so your drinks will be well-insulated and kept cool when you take them on the go. 

It features a screw-on cap, as well as a flip that effectively seals the bottle and prevents liquid from leaking out. The mixing ball that it comes with ensures that the mixing process is thorough, and eradicates any lumps of powder that cheaper bottles tend to create. If this is something that you’ve suffered with in the past, you’ll be glad to know that every shake you mix using this product will be lump-free and smooth!

Dr. Prepare have also added in a handy storage jar that refills the shaker bottle with your desired amount of protein powder for ease of use, and it can be attached to your gym bag so that you can store extra supplies as you’re out and about. 

The product has fantastic reviews on Amazon, is dishwasher safe, and comes with a 1-year warranty for added assurance of its quality. If you’re searching for a top-notch product that will last longer than most others on the market and do exactly what you need it to, we would highly recommend it!

7. Cyclone Gym Protein Shaker 

Price: £16.58

vortex protein shaker

If you’re worried about splashing too much cash on a protein shaker, then this is a cheap protein shaker that’s effective and durable.

The vortex protein shaker is fabulous with a tapered cone in the shaker designed to churn up the toughest of ingredients and break up all those stubborn protein powder lumps, giving you a smooth shake every time.

If you’re someone that enjoys adding creatine powder into your protein bottle shaker, then the Cyclone is perfect for mixing up those shaker bottles. If you’re looking for more options to add into your shaker, take a look at our ultimate list of running supplements and get energised for runs or the gym. 

The cyclone cup shaker bottle holds up to 590ml of liquid in a leak-proof lid that’s made from eco-fully recyclable materials. The revolutionary patented Cyclone mixing technology blasts through and mixes up ingredients with ease. With a removable dry storage capsule for easy store-and-go, it is a great protein shaker with a compartment for mixing up ingredients too. 

8. BlenderBottle GoStak Small Protein Shaker 

Price: £9.99


best protein shaker bottle

This is a fabulous multi-tasking shaker which carries various supplements and snacks with you conveniently and easily, making it one of the ultimate protein shakers with compartments. This fits in with a set of stackable beakers, all of which have brilliant 100% leakproof lids. 

If you want to take protein powder, creatine, supplements, and vitamins after your workout then they can be brought in the stackable lids and mixed at the gym. This saves bringing packets and bottles as they can all fit conveniently into one separated bottle. This makes the BlenderBottle the best protein shaker bottle if you’re on a budget. 

GoStaks are sleek and smart in their innovative portable nutrition bottle. With durable jars that secure tightly, the GoStack is great for those of you who want to remember your supplements, snacks and vitamins. Are you thinking of taking up running but don’t know what to buy for your run? Take a look at our list of must-buy running accessories!

The GoStack jars remain clear and clean with an anti-odour system that is BPA free and dishwasher safe making the clean-up process a doddle. Available in a variety of sizes and colours making it one of the best BPA free protein shakers you can buy online today. 

9. Smart Shake Protein Shaker With Compartment 

Price: £9.53

best protein shaker

SmartShake is famous for producing protein shakers with storage. This is the original shaker with compartments which helps you store your post-workout supplements and snacks. 

The compartment fits easily inside the shaker when empty and is useful for to-and-from the gym transportation, I even have one myself! If you're an organised person and want all your supplements in one place then this whey protein shaker with multiple compartments will be your best friend. 

Smart shakers for protein drinks are great at silently mixing with the mixer net that snaps into place and stays tight preventing any spills, loose parts, or rattling about. The secure lid and cap ensures a leak-proof seal and prevents any hassle. The integrated mixing net limits any lumps, with a net that can take care of the stubborn and thick powders.

With no lumps or clumps, the extra 2 integrated storage compartments mean this protein drink shaker solves all your organization and gym needs. 

Smart Shake was built with the added benefit of cutting out the messy business of having to mix your drinks from different bags of content. With a great high-quality lid, this is the great solution to all your messy past protein shaker bottles problems.

10. PhD Stainless Steel Shaker 

Price: £16.99

cheap protein shaker bottles

This protein shake shaker is perfect if you’re sick of the endless nasty beakers that leak, make a stench in your gym bag, or are ruined after a few uses. Made with quality materials in mind, this cheaper option is sure to please any customer.

This is a sleek and slender protein drink shaker that will impress all your gym buddies and have them asking after where you got it from. This shaker has style and substance, as well as a 750ml protein drink flip-top lid to make access to your protein shake easy.

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11. Alpha Bottle V2  Protein Shake Shaker with BioCote Technology 1000ml

Price: £9.99

personalised protein shaker

This is one of the best shakers for protein shakes out there. With an incredible capacity, this is a durable and long-lasting bottle that will not disappoint. With great reviews, the Alpha Bottle allows you to double up on your protein powder without the shake getting lumpy or too thick. 

This is a cool protein shaker that will keep you hydrated because it doubles up as a water bottle for the days you don’t want to go to the gym. With an easy hold, this bottle makes it easy to transport to and from the gym.

This gym protein shaker is made free from BPA and DEHP and is environmentally conscious as it is made from 100% recyclable materials. This amazing leak-proof design has a removable silicone seal that means you can take your bottle anywhere without worrying. The seal is easily cleanable and removable making that mid-workout drink easy.

With a rounded bottle, the alpha bottle V2 protein shake shaker has a rounded bottom that not only makes it easily cleanable but prevents powder from getting stuck and forming lumps at the bottom of the bottle. Making your shakes perfectly smooth every time around. The securely tight screw cap prevents the traditional flip lip from disrupting your day with leaks. 

12. The Hydra Cup Protein Powder Shaker 

Price: £12.99

protein shaker cups

This dual protein shaker lets you take control of your pre-workout energy and post-workout recovery. With the ability to deliver perfectly blended drinks through its dual mixing grids you won’t look back after switching to this affordable bottle. 

Protein smart shakers like this one from Hydra Cup saves you time, allowing you to carry two drinks in one bottle. With each bottle comes a brilliant slogan printed making heads to sure turn at the gym. The Hydra Cup even has colour coded sides, so you know which flip cap to drink from. Attached with a hiking loop for securing to your gym bag this has everything going for it, including the capacity it holds with 14oz on one side and 22oz on the other. If you are going hiking, you can even add trekking poles for your adventures and make it safer to trek on hills.

The BPA free shaker is easy to use and cleans quickly too due to the rounded base which makes the protein stench easily ridable and makes lumps in your shakes non-existent, too. If you’re after protein shakers with storage that’s good value for money, then this will be the one to go for. 

13. Contigo Shake And Go Fit Thermalock BPA Free Protein Shaker 

Price: £25.40 

personalised protein shaker uk

The Contigo mixer bottle is well-rated and comes with a leak-proof lid that makes cleaning and mixing convenient and easy. 

This protein bottle shaker uses an innovative Taste Guard Protection technology that ensures the taste of your protein shakes aren’t tainted and your bottle doesn’t smell and trap the odours of the powders. 

With an ability to store at least two servings of powder when not in use with the convenient storage container this is a brilliant bottle that assists you with all your pre and post-gym snack needs. If you wanted the instant carb hit, for example, running gels are a great form of instant carbohydrates to help you get up and re-energised again! 

The Contigo Shake and Go has a rounded bottom, as well as a weighted protein shaker ball that works together to limit lumps and clumps which are common in other shaker bottles. 

Made completely BPA free, this bottle is also dishwasher safe making cleaning that much easier. With a carry handle, it allows for easy back and forth from the gym making it one of the best protein powder shakers money can buy.

14. Grenade Mini Protein Shaker with Protein Compartment 

Price: £7.99

girly protein shaker

This is one of the handiest and most conveniently sized protein shakers and is perfect for those that are new to the world of protein powders and bulking up. With a distinctive and deliberate grenade branding and design, this protein shaker is going to gain some attention at the gym. 

The protein shaker cup has a removable storage compartment for all your vitamin, supplements, and protein powder needs. This allows for up to 3 servings of protein powders to be stored, making you a few steps ahead of the game. 

This is a brilliantly versatile and durable cute protein shaker bottle that, whilst small in size, is not small in its voice or impact. The grenade shaker is BPA and DEHP free, and dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe! 

15. Ice Shaker Stainless Steel Protein Shaker 

Price: £35.80

metal protein shaker uk

This is one of the most well-known and best protein drink shakers you can find online. Available in sophisticated black, mint green, pink, yellow, and white. This bottle is guaranteed to keep your shakes and other beverages cold for up to 30 hours no matter the temperature. 

The Ice Shaker is not only just a cool protein shaker, you can also use this product for smoothies, water, and anything else! With a twist-off agitator so you can strain out ice and pop fruit in your drink to infuse, or break up powders for your shake. 

This is a fantastically stain and odour-resistant product that is durable and incredibly versatile in its uses. The measurement markers on the side are another useful feature as this lets you know the right number of shakes and powders needed. 

Whilst slightly more expensive than other brands, the uses and durability of this product excuse its expensiveness in favour of the luxury it exudes and this makes it one of the only stainless steel protein shakers to buy online! 

16. Trimr Dual Protein Shaker 

Price: £11.29

protein shaker bottle uk

The Trimr Shaker bottle is an incredibly efficient and high-quality product that is affordable and comes in a variety of colours, fitting if you’re looking for the best shakers for protein shakes on a budget. 

A gym-goers favourite, the Trimr shaker bottle doubles as a reusable water bottle as well as a shaker. If you need a separate water bottle on the go, why don’t you check our article on the best running water bottles you can find online!

With an opening that allows you to pour your protein powder in without needing the hassle of a funnel, this is one great multi-functional bottle. 

The Trimr bottle has a one-of-a-kind feature compared to other custom protein shakers which are the sip option allowing for a straw to be placed in. With patented piston-mixing technology, the Trimr shaker is quieter than your average shaker, too. Not only is it quiet, the Trimr Duo thoroughly dissolves your powder meaning you get the smoothest shake every time.

Due to its wide mouth, cleaning isn’t tedious, nor does it take long with easy access for a sponge. If you prefer, this product can also be popped in the dishwasher as it’s dishwasher safe and BPA free. 

17. Free Soul Women's Protein Shaker Bottle 700ml

Price: £12.00

battery powered protein shaker

This women’s protein shaker bottle is stunning and sophisticated making every protein shake smooth and classy. 

Free Soul focuses on the unique needs of women. Ideal for post-gym shakes, this product has been created with women’s nutritional needs in mind. But it’s not just what you eat and drink that makes us feel good, if you have a moment, take a look at the top fashion fitness trends so you can look and feel at the top of your game at the gym. 

The Free Soul metal protein shaker comes with a built-in grill that makes sure there’s no clumps or lumps in your shake, giving you the perfect protein hit every time. This fast and easy to clean bottle comes with an unscrewing cap that makes those mid-workout drinks easy and cleaning hassle-free. 

This durable and dependable bottle is affordable and sleek in style. Crafted from steel, it gives you a clean taste every time without that funky protein smell that seems to stick with other plastic bottles. With a leak-proof silicone tested sealed lid, this shaker can be thrown any way around in your bag and it’s safe from spills and leaks. 

What’s not to love about this easy to use stainless steel protein shaker? Durability and sleekness in one shaker. If you’re tempted, they even offer a 100% money-back guarantee if it’s not the best shaker you’ve ever had. So, what are you waiting for? 


Protein shakers for gym graphic

Have any questions about protein shakers in general? Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions, we hope that this helps you out! 

How to clean a protein shaker?

This is a great tip if you want to get rid of the smell of protein from your shaker. 

Fill your shaker with hot water, pour in a bit of vinegar and leave it to soak for a while and rinse it out after.

For best results for a nice smelling shaker, use baking soda and vinegar. Soak the shaker for a while and rinse out after.

Hopefully, this will answer the question of how to stop a protein shaker from smelling in the future! 

How does a protein shaker work?

Using a shaker is great to use not only to consume protein but to consume other supplements as well.  

You'll be able to carry all the powders with you on the go and combine it in an all-in-one drink so you can save time and just focus on your work out. 

How to use a protein shaker? 

Well, a shaker is fairly straight forward to use!

  1. Fill up the protein shaker with your desire liquid (water or milk)
  2. Add protein powder and/or any other supplements.
  3. If you have a protein shaker ball or grid place it in the shaker.
  4. Secure the shaker lid. 
  5. Shake the contents until the liquid is all smooth.

For us, it’s really important to help you invest in a protein shaker that limits odours and helps against clumps forming in your protein shake, so you get a perfect taste every time you use it. 

Before you go!

We hope you enjoyed our article about the best shakers for protein shakes! It’s important to have a range of bottles so you can have a great choice from recycled plastic bottles through to expensive and sophisticated stainless steel. This range of protein shakers proves there’s something to everyone.

If you want to start a career in health and fitness, why not take a look at our REPs accredited personal trainer courses and download our prospectus for more information! 

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