14 Best Personal Training Forums

Best personal training forums

A good personal training forum can offer plenty of information, from training to motivational content. Check out our top PT forums and threads to keep you and your clients inspired and well-informed.

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Best Personal Training Forums 

We’ve searched the internet for a range of personal training and bodybuilding forums to help you find the ideal community to share and explore your fitness journey with others.

#1 - Reddit: Personal Trainer Community

personal trainer bodybuilding forum

Kickstarting our list of the best personal training forums in the UK is the personal training subreddit, a community designed for PTs around the globe. 

The ‘For Personal Trainers’ community currently has over 22,000 members, each inputting and reacting to various threads daily. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for personal trainers to share their experiences working in the industry while offering advice to others. 

Since most threads are designed to mimic a conversation, this creates a strong sense of community for those working in the same industry, making it a fantastic way to expand knowledge.

This is why it’s one of the best personal trainer forums as it provides new learning and research opportunities from your fingertips. 

Here are a handful of examples of thread conversations:

  • How to rent a gym space
  • Advice for aspiring PTs beginning their training 
  • How many hours do you put into lead generation?
  • Best accounting software

In summary, this is a great example of a top personal trainer forum all fitness professionals should join and recommend to colleagues!

#2 - Forums

personal training forum uk

This next personal trainer bodybuilding forum is a firm favourite amongst weight lifting enthusiasts as it’s one of the most informative sites on the internet.

The forum offers several topics of conversation, each of which are essential components of bodybuilding and are incredibly valuable for someone with muscle-building goals. 

This is a great forum to further enhance your own knowledge of bodybuilding as well as for recommending to clients.

The ‘Workout Equipment’ board delves into:

  • Different workout plans
  • Ways to enhance or build your own home gym space
  • Everything there is to know about each piece of equipment

The ‘Nutrition’ page provides insight into how one can fuel their body with the best foods regardless of dietary requirements, which sections that cater to: 

  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Meat-based diets

This is to ensure each user gets the most useful nutrition-based information. 

This is a key reason why we believe it to be the best personal trainer bodybuilding forum out there as it considers each type of individual to enhance their own journey - great inspiration for your own clients!

There are currently thousands of threads and posts available that can be easily filtered so users can access key topics easily, streamlining the whole experience. 

#3 - Bodybuilding Forums

personal training forum

Next up on our list of the best personal trainer UK forums is a little different to the ones discussed so far.

As this is a supplement store, many of the discussions on this forum offer the latest news on: 

  • Different supplements
  • The best types of supplements for males and females
  • Threads discussing steroids

With this in mind, it’s one of the best personal training forums for those looking for up-to-date information about such topics. 

For example, the ‘Bodybuilding Supplements’ page has almost 30,000 threads dating back to as early as 2015:

personal trainers forum

Here are just a handful of thread example titles you could read to enhance your knowledge of supplements:

  • The best supplements when on a budget
  • Best pre-workout supplements for weight lifters 
  • How expensive are supplements per month?
  • Why are my multivitamins not working?

Despite this forum having a clear niche, there is an abundance of topics to aid both yours and your clients’ fitness journeys. 

Plus, staying on top of the latest information is crucial, especially when offering advice to clients. 

The more you relay to clients, the more likely they are to recommend you to others, which can help boost your client base and sales. 

If you’re keen to discover the best forum for personal trainers, Elite Fitness is worth considering for answering all of your supplement questions.

#4 - FitDay Discussion Boards

personal training forum uk

FitDay predominantly focuses on weight loss so could be a great forum for a personal trainer who specialises in the topic or perhaps wants resources to recommend to clients. 

This forum offers an introduction to weight loss and best informs beginners as many of the threads focus on:

  • Support
  • Weight loss tips
  • Success Stories

For example, the ‘Weight Loss Tips’ thread has over 16,000 insightful threads for your clients to explore whenever they’re not with you:

personal trainers forum

Most threads begin with questions the FitDay members can answer, such as:

  • Do waist trainers help weight loss?
  • How can I lose belly fat?
  • How can I lose weight from home? 

Responders provide their own experiences and advice which creates a great sense of community to keep motivation high. 

With that, the ‘Success Stories’ page is the perfect place to keep inspired when motivation is scarce as threads often include incredible body transformation photos and videos.

If you have clients wanting to lose weight, referring them to such pages can help them to keep consistent and remember the reason they started. 

#5 - AvForums: Health & Fitness

personal training forum

AvForums is similar to Reddit in being a general forum website with various sub-topics.

The ‘Health & Fitness’ section discusses the topic holistically, meaning it’s good if you’re after a general personal trainers forum rather than one with a specific niche. 

However, if you’re a PT wanting content relevant to your profession, there are copious communities and threads we think would be beneficial. 

For example, the ‘Ask a Personal Trainer’ is a thread created by a qualified PT that welcomes any type of question:

personal trainers forum

This can be particularly useful for newly qualified personal trainers who perhaps have some introductory questions about the industry.

Communities such as this make the process easier by answering questions about: 

A standout feature that makes AvForums the best personal trainer forum in the UK is their ‘flagging’ feature which helps limit false news and spam across the site. 

Users can ‘flag’ a thread or comment which notifies the AvForums admin who will evaluate whether to approve the content or not. 

This means AvForums are on a mission to ensure their threads contain accurate information to promote good health and wellbeing.

This is a fantastic personal trainers forum for fitness professionals and fitness beginners alike who want to keep on top of the latest trends while obtaining accurate advice about the PT industry.

#6 - Cathe Friedrich Fitness Forum

personal training forum

Cathe Friedrich is a certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and entrepreneur from New Jersey.

Her forum is dedicated to teaching the masses about various aspects of health and fitness. 

She also has dedicated threads for fellow personal trainers to come together to discuss working life as a personal trainer.

The ‘Ask Cathe’ section is incredibly popular amongst PTs and fitness enthusiasts, having amassed almost 18,000 threads and over 100,000 messages:

personal trainers bodybuilding forum

This section is dedicated to answering the burning questions of members, most of which get several responses, creating a great sense of community.

Cathe Friedrich often responds to some user questions herself. 

However, if you’re after more PT-related threads, simply search ‘personal training’ in the search bar to find a topic of interest, including topics like:

  • How to write a personal trainer cover letter
  • Best shoes to wear when working as a PT
  • Weekly PT check-in threads

If you’re after the best personal trainer forum in the UK, Cathe is someone you can trust! 

#7 - Real Muscle Forum

personal trainer forum

Real Muscle is one of the best personal trainers bodybuilding forums on the internet and one you should recommend to clients if their goal is to gain muscle. 

As with most other forums discussed on this list, the Real Muscle forum is broken down into different categories to make it easier for users to access exactly what they want. 

The 5 main categories are:

  • General Chat
  • Bodybuilding Gossip
  • Training
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Anabolic Zone

These topics have over 54,000 posts combined, offering bodybuilding enthusiasts a wealth of valuable information to truly enhance their journey.

The ‘Training’ forum offers insight into new and exciting ways to build muscle qualified PTs may find interesting since it’s a fresh take on traditional methods. 

The ‘Bodybuilding Gossip’ forum details aspects of: 

  • Shows
  • Results
  • General news about professional bodybuilding

The latter section is something other forums don’t offer, certainly making it one to check out if it’s of interest to you or your clients. 

If you’re keen to discover the best personal trainer's bodybuilding forum, Real Muscle is a unique website offering copious interesting topics weight lifting fanatics will thoroughly enjoy. 

- - - -

Looking for more resources aside from personal training forums? These articles can help with that:

#8 - GetBig

personal training forum uk

GetBig is a pretty unique personal trainer bodybuilding forum as it’s more than simply answering questions about the world of bodybuilding.

Instead, it has sections about:

  • The history of bodybuilding
  • Famous athlete stories
  • Boards dedicated to the benefits of strength training

The ‘Positive Bodybuilding’ board is our personal favourite as it delves into the best user experiences with various aspects of bodybuilding.

For example, discussions may revolve around top diet advice while others link fun training videos of top bodybuilding athletes and even just general topics of interest:

personal trainers bodybuilding forum

Each post is written from a place of passion and genuine interest in bodybuilding, creating a fantastic community feel other forums don’t offer. 

Another positive is how most boards receive daily interactions, giving users access to plenty of useful and up-to-date information.

Users can also set up alerts on their favourite boards to stay tuned in all discussions. 

For these reasons we believe GetBig deserves to be among the best personal training forums on the internet.

#9 - Forum

personal trainer forum

You may be familiar with the MyFitnessPal app, but did you know they have a forum too? 

This is considered to be one of the best personal training forums in the UK to suggest to clients who are beginning their health and fitness journey. 

What makes this example stand out compared with other forums is the search bar, allowing users to locate exactly what they want with utmost ease. 

The forum filters the entire database to find useful and relevant boards, comments, and threads. This saves users from scanning through endless pages of forums to find a topic of interest.

Some examples of MyFitnessPal’s content include:

  • Over 257,000 posts on weight loss
  • 174,000 posts on food and nutrition
  • More than 151,000 posts offering motivational support

This is a fantastic resource to recommend to your clients who are new to the world of fitness and perhaps want access to real conversations and stories to aid their own experiences. 

#10 - UK Business Forums - PT Thread

personal trainer bodybuilding forum

Did you know personal trainers can also locate a plethora of incredibly valuable threads on forums that don’t directly relate to health and fitness?

For example, UK Business is a business forum with a range of community pages we think any PT would find useful. 

The ‘Running a Business’ community contains plenty of threads by prospective and existing business owners exchanging useful information.

personal trainers bodybuilding forum

This is a great opportunity for PTs to get a better idea of how to run a business and potentially open up their own gym. 

With that, a sub-thread of this community is the ‘Getting Personal Trainer Clients’. This thread received an enormous amount of attention from qualified personal trainers around the world, each offering their own take on how to get more clients. 

Plus, commenters use plenty of accessible language many newly qualified PTs may find useful compared with: 

  • Complex blogs
  • Websites
  • Fitness books

It’s for these reasons we think this to be a great forum for personal trainers to learn more about business while accessing pockets of information about the PT industry too.

#11 - Forum Bodybuilding: PT Community

personal training forum

If you found the previous example useful, you should consider checking this one out too.

As you might be able to tell from the name, Forum Bodybuilding is a space dedicated to discussing anything and everything about Bodybuilding.

However, there are communities we think are particularly useful for personal trainers to take their knowledge of the industry to the next level.

For example, the ‘Everything about becoming a personal trainer’ is particularly useful for those considering a career and want insight from PTs around the world about their experiences. 

For qualified personal trainers, the ‘How to build a successful PT business’ may come in handy. 

This thread has received over 400 responses with commenters discussing:

  • Top tips
  • Tricks
  • Advice to benefit ambitious personal trainers

These are just 2 of many examples of threads to enhance your knowledge of the PT industry and your business from those who have experienced it first-hand. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best personal training forums in the UK, Forum Bodybuilding is a great one to check out!

#12 - TMuscle

personal trainer forum uk

Another one of the best personal training forums out there is TMuscle which offers a myriad of content about the world of health and fitness.

It’s perfect for brushing up on your existing knowledge and for recommending to clients. TMuscle also boasts a range of great features we think you’ll really enjoy. 

The first is the ‘Latest Replies’ and ‘Latest Threads’ tabs at the top of the forum, showing the most active conversations at that moment in time.

Those keen to discover plenty of new things about the health and fitness world can read live conversations without searching through endless pages and contribute to whichever they like. 

TMuscle’s most popular board is the ‘General Chat’ reserved for anyone wanting to discuss fitness holistically. This is ideal if you have a quick question and would prefer not to search through various categories.

personal trainers bodybuilding forum

The ‘General Bodybuilding’ is designed to help beginners and more experienced bodybuilders share tips, tricks, and advice about achieving individual goals. 

This is why we think this would be a fantastic tool to recommend to clients whenever they’re not training with you!

One of the most popular threads on the whole site, the ‘Training Logs’ page, allows users to log their regimes and update members about their progress. 

This is a fantastic way to push yourself and others back into the gym when motivation lacks, a feature of a forum others don’t appear to have.

If the latter feature is something you find attractive in a forum, we highly recommend TMuscle as it may help you stay on track with your goals. 

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#13 - Underground BodyBuilding Forum

personal trainer forum uk

If you’re on the hunt for a personal training UK forum with a focus on bodybuilding and powerlifting with PT communities too, this is going to be right up your street. 

Weight-lifting fanatics have been avidly posting content since 2010. This means it’s now one of the most popular personal trainers bodybuilding forums on the internet. 

The most popular topics of conversation are ‘Training and Workouts’ and ‘Dieting, Nutrition and Supplements’ with a combined total of 65,000 messages. 

personal trainers bodybuilding forum

‘Training and Workouts’ contain a selection of topics about the best workout regimes to achieve a plethora of different goals, including:

  • Instructions
  • Photos
  • Videos 

This is particularly good for whenever you need a bit of inspiration when crafting your plans. 

Plus, the ‘Qs for PT’ community is also fantastic for qualified personal trainers who have an interest in bodybuilding themselves and want like minded people to interact with. 

#14 - UK-Muscle Forum

personal trainer forum uk

With almost 100,000 active members and over 6.2 million posts, UK muscle is one of the most widely used personal training forums by fitness devotees of all levels. 

Users are invited to join a discussion about anything from health and wellbeing to supplementation, with copious advice on dieting and nutrition too - this is the ultimate forum for all. 

Plus, there are plenty of threads specifically tailored for personal trainers such as the ‘Becoming a Personal Trainer’ thread. The thread is designed for PTs to discuss anything and everything about the industry.

personal trainers bodybuilding forum

Topics range from:

  • Best gyms to work for as a personal trainer
  • Greatest companies to obtain further qualifications
  • General experiences in the industry

Platforms like this provide the opportunity for fitness professionals to come together to discuss various aspects of the PT industry. 

It’s also a great tool for aspiring personal trainers to discover more about work-life balance as a PT while gaining plenty of valuable tips before moving onto training. 

To create an account, simply insert some basic information about yourself and you’re all set to contribute to the community. 

The only aspect of this personal training forum some might find offputting is how it's a general forum for all topics of fitness and isn’t broken up into different categories like other websites.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to scroll through countless board pages to find a relevant topic as the forum’s search bar makes accessing specific topics relatively straightforward. 

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