9 Expert Tips On Creating A Personal Trainer Leaflet

Expert Tips on Creating Personal Trainer Leaflets

A personal trainer leaflet is a fantastic way to market your services locally. This article is dedicated to explaining how exactly you can use personal training leaflets to promote your business. 

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Why Use Leaflets For Your PT Business

Confused about Personal Trainer Leaflets

In today’s age of digital marketing, many fitness businesses overlook personal training leaflets, considering them a dated form of advertisement.

However, a personal trainer leaflet, just like other forms of marketing, can still greatly benefit you when advertising in your local area and help you make money as a personal trainer.

Leaflets can offer a wealth of information about you, including:

  • Your business name
  • A summary of your service
  • Prices relating to your fitness packages 
  • Contact information

Sending all of this via e-mail or over a messaging app can be quite boring for potential clients to read. 

Personal training leaflets, on the other hand, can summarise this information and present it in a visually pleasing way. 

Essentially, when using this form of advertisement, you can present all the relevant aspects of your services in a way that will leave potential clients wanting to discover more. 

Leaflets are also a cost-effective way of advertising your services, with printing starting at around £10 for 100 prints at VistaPrint.

Laptop Making leaflets

Many trainers assume that you need to hire graphic designers for this process. However, later in this article, we'll provide you with some personal training leaflet examples, to prove that the design process isn’t as intimidating as you may expect. 

Once you have a personal trainer leaflet designed, you can then use your place of employment to advertise. 

This could be done by leaving a selection in areas where the gym members will typically gather, such as the reception desk, next to the vending machine, or the changing rooms.

Conversely, you could have larger personal training leaflets and posters pinned onto walls in key areas of the gym, like changing rooms or on the gym floor itself. 

The more that potential clients are exposed to your marketing, the greater the chance they’ll come to you for assistance. When it comes to wanting to achieve their personalised fitness goals you will be at the forefront of their minds, thanks to your advertising strategies.

9 Tips For Creating a Personal Trainer Leaflet

Skills when making PT testimonials

Deciding upon a personal trainer leaflet design can be a challenging process. You naturally want to put your best foot forward, and display a sense of creativity, but how should you go about this?

#1 - Envision Your Prospective Client

PT leaflet idea

Before you start designing your training leaflet, you must make sure that you have a vivid idea of who your target audience is. This includes their age, gender, current fitness level, their experience with exercise, and the income of the individual you want as your client. 

If you begin the design process before outlining this factor, you run the risk of not appealing to your target demographic.

With your target demographic in mind, you’ll also want to have a clear image of what your services entail and determine why it’s relevant to them.

For example, if you hold a Level 4 specialist qualification in Obesity and Weight Management, your target demographic will naturally be individuals looking to lose weight. 

Therefore, you should strive to ensure that your training leaflet is designed to specifically highlight how much weight you can help your clients to lose.

personal training leaflet design

If you fail to appeal to your target audience then you’re simply going to lose a sizable chunk of what should be your client base. 

For example, if your personal trainer leaflet is designed to just highlight you as a running coach, then why would clients looking to lose weight be attracted to your service? 

With this in mind, you should try and view your leaflet similarly to a CV. You’re promoting yourself as an individual, as well as your skills and experience to persuade the reader that you’re worthy of their time and money. 

According to Indeed, employers will look at a CV for 7 seconds before determining whether it’s something that they want to read more of. A prospective client will view your personal training leaflet in a similar light. 

Much like an employer, clients will be paying you for a very specific service, and in return for their money, they expect a high-quality program from you.

Once you’ve deciphered who you’re targeting with your personal trainer leaflet, you can then move onto designing the perfect end-product. 


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#2 - Keep The Overall Design Simple 

Designing your personal training leaflet

With the information from the previous section in mind, personal trainer leaflet designs will vary depending on your niche, target demographics, and the service you provide. 

However, one piece of general advice we can give across the board is to keep the design as simple as possible. 

A leaflet cluttered with information will only overwhelm and confuse potential clients, resulting in them walking away from your business without even a second thought. 

So, how do you keep the design simple whilst also holding a potential client’s interest? Let’s start with the top of the page.

This should be where your name or the name of your business should be featured. To ensure that readers know whose service they’re looking at, your title should be the largest text to appear on your personal trainer leaflet.

Once you have created a title that will capture the attention of readers you can then move on to designing the main body of your personal training leaflet. 

As stated in the introduction, you are advised to bullet point the services you provide, as this will instantaneously tell potential clients what is on offer.

the design of a personal training leaflet

Following these bullet points, you should strive to provide a little more detail regarding how you can help clients reach their specific goals. Remember, you should avoid long explanations as this will only bore the reader. 

The rule of simplicity can apply to your colour scheme, too. We advise opting for no more than 2 signature colours, with either black or white text. 

Using too many colours runs the risk of overwhelming clients, resulting in a personal training leaflet that looks chaotic and distracting. By using two colours you can easily create a brand identity for yourself, potential clients can always associate those colours with your service. 

Therefore, when it comes to your personal training leaflet design simplicity is always the better option. 

#3 - Choose A Strong Font

Laptop personal training leaflet

You may be shocked to learn that something as simplistic as the font can have such a big impact on your personal training business. However, we recommend steering clear of grand, italicised fonts as they can be difficult to read. 

If a client can’t even read what service you’re offering, they’re not going to bother hiring you as a personal trainer.

Personal trainer leaflet designs should instead feature fonts that are universally easy to read. This will help to clarify information relating to your business, making it easier for clients to read and absorb.

Some of the fonts we’d recommend are:

  • Arial 
  • Helvetica
  • Avant-Garde
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Calibri

Selecting a specific font also sets the tone of your business identity, Much like the colour scheme of your personal trainer leaflet, potential clients could see the font and immediately think of your personal training business.

Think of all the major corporations in the world such as Disney, Coca Cola and Nike. Regardless of where you are in the world, you could see the same or similar font and immediately think of their brand. 

#4 - Select Images Carefully

Select images for personal training leaflet

Images are considered to be visual proof, which potential clients rely on when looking at your personal training leaflet. Carefully selected images will present you in the best possible light, and immediately tell the client what you have to offer. 

Grainy or pixelated images on a personal trainer’s leaflet are more likely to deter your reader than grip them. 

If they can’t decipher what an image is, they equally can’t recognise what type of service you’re offering.

For high-quality photos of your business, you may wish to consider hiring a fitness photographer, whose job it is to capture you and your clients in action. 

Adding images of yourself and/or your existing clients adds an element of approachability to your business. Clients may feel more comfortable approaching you at the gym should they know what you look like.

Image of personal trainer leaflet

Therefore we can say that these photos help to break down potential barriers that would otherwise prohibit clients from signing up for training.

However, if you feel uncomfortable with the thought of being photographed you can always use stock images in your personal trainer leaflet designs. 

Adobe Stock, for example, has a plethora of payment programs to choose from, all of which will provide your business with a set number of stock photos every month.

Regardless of whether you use real photographs or stock images you must remember to keep it relevant to your practice. 

For example, if you hold a specialist nutrition qualification you’ll naturally want to display pictures associated with food and healthy living. 

If your personal training leaflet promises specialised nutrition advice but is littered with kick-boxing images then clients will naturally become confused. Therefore, it's essential that you only use images as and when they’re relevant to your business.

#5 - Avoid Complex Terms 

Complex terms in personal trainer leaflets

Have you ever wanted to learn more about a particular topic and then felt overwhelmed by the complex terms that the author has used? Did this make you feel less inclined to want to read on? 

A learning experience should be insightful, not overwhelming. Try to remember that your leaflet may be a client’s first exposure to personal training. 

Using complex terminology can only add to the fear of newcomers feeling uninvited within a gym environment. 

Therefore, when creating a personal trainer leaflet template you should avoid any complex terms that only fitness enthusiasts would know. 

As a qualified personal trainer, you will naturally have a plethora of knowledge to pull from. 

However, you can save complex terms and terminology for your 1-to-1 sessions, when you’re being paid to teach clients valuable information to transfer into their everyday life.

bad personal training leaflets

This approach to teaching is one of the most effective client retention strategies. If your clients can succeed on their own with your teachings, then they will make them more confident in your overall ability.

Think of your personal training leaflet as a template for your training. You should try to be as direct as possible, taking newcomers by the hand and explaining to them in the simplest of terms how you can help them reach their end goals.

#6 - Be Transparent With Your Client

Client personal training leaflets

You may already have a million personal training leaflet ideas knocking about your head, but all of these will be meaningless if you aren’t fully transparent with your clients. 

For example, advertising your services as having the capability to help someone lose a stone in 2 weeks sets unrealistic expectations. 

Selling yourself as a personal trainer is vital for ensuring your company stays afloat, but acquiring clients through lies will only be to your detriment. 

What happens when the 2-week mark comes and your client hasn’t lost a stone? 

They’re naturally going to blame you and your teaching style, making them less likely to re-sign at the end of the month, and could even result in them demanding a refund.

Positive personal trainer leaflets for clients

As a personal trainer, it's your duty, to be honest when creating your personal trainer leaflet’s template. Likewise, if your client comes to you with unrealistic expectations you should manage those too. 

When sharing your training approach on your personal training leaflet, be sure to inform clients that the results are always subjective to their levels of motivation. 

It’s unrealistic to expect personal trainers to do all the work, and clients can only reach their goals if they’re willing to put the work in.

Ultimately, there are two people involved in a personal training session - while you provide the necessary information on your personal training leaflet, the client is the one who has to do the work. 

#7 - Select The Right Size For Your Leaflet 

size of PT leaflets

When it comes to a personal trainer leaflet design, the size of the paper matters. If a client can easily fit it in their pocket or bag they’re more likely to pick one up.

For leaflets that can be picked up by prospective clients, you might want to consider an A5 or an A6 (postcard size) option. These can easily be taken home with a reader to be studied further at a later point.

Additionally, whenever your future clients’ take the leaflet out of their bag or pocket, they’ll be reminded of you again. The more that they think of you, the more likely it is that they’ll come to you for assistance. 

Alternatively, an A4-sized leaflet poster might also be a good size for pinning to walls around your place of employment. But please always ask permission from your manager or supervisor before doing so.

Gym PT leaflets

If working at a gym sounds like your idea of a dream job, be sure to check out our article dedicated to the best gyms to work at.

As mentioned earlier, you could position these posters and leaflets around areas in which large groups typically gather. This could include on the wall in front of treadmills, or a stack around the reception area. 

Remember, the more frequently that clients see your personal training leaflet the likelihood of said client signing up for your training. 

#8 - Include Up-to-Date Contact Information

Personal Details to include on personal training leaflet

Arguably the most important aspect of your personal trainer leaflet’s design is to include up-to-date contact information. 

Should your potential client be interested in recruiting you as their personal trainer but have an incorrect/dated phone number to call, they will simply look elsewhere. This same logic can be applied to all forms of communication, including social media pages and Email addresses.

The contact information section of your personal trainer leaflet should be the smallest, and will typically be located at the bottom of the page. 

This clever positioning will allow clients to see when, where, and how they can reach you, after first learning about the benefits of your training.

To increase the likelihood of a potential client making contact you could provide them with an additional incentive. For example, you could include the phrase “Contact me today and receive a free consultation”.

contact info on personal training leaflet

Additionally, be sure to provide multiple points of contact, as this provides clients with the choice of whichever method they feel most comfortable with. 

Having multiple points of contact will also decrease the likelihood of you missing a potential client when you’re already busy.

For example, if you know that you’re going to be busy throughout the day with other clients, consider advising a time of availability and a form of contact that is best for prospective clients to get in touch. 

Ultimately, having a leaflet with out-of-date, inaccurate, or misleading contact details is a rookie error to make when promoting your business. Make sure that you have your contact information in bold so that your future clients know exactly how to reach you.


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#9 - Include Extra Qualifications

Qualifications to include on your personal trainer leaflet

As discussed at length throughout this article, Level 4 specialist qualifications can do wonders for attracting clients to your personal training business. 

By advertising these specialist qualifications you are telling potential clients why your approach to training will help them to reach their goals, in a manner that is more effective than your competitors. 

From a financial perspective, the more qualifications that you have, the more money that you could charge per session. 

For example, you could offer clients additional services on top of their main package. For weight loss boot camp programmes, consider encouraging your client to also get 1-1 sessions on nutrition to enhance their weight loss effects.

PT leaflet certification

Another example is if someone wants 1-1 muscle-building coaching, then suggest a weekly sports massage, as this will also help to boost your overall salary. Just be sure that you hold the relevant qualifications, which in this case would be a Level 3 Sports Massage certification. 

If you simply provide an identical practice to your competitors, clients will merely see you as a carbon copy. To ensure your business sustains itself in the fitness field, you need to do whatever it takes to stand out.

So, there we have 9 expert tips to help you turn your personal training leaflet ideas into a successful finished product. Each aspect of this process must be executed with care, so take your time and avoid rushing.

If all of the aforementioned tips are adhered to, we can guarantee that your personal trainer leaflet design will attract your target demographic.

- - - -

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Personal Training Leaflet Examples 

Here we have 3 different personal training leaflet templates each promoting different types of sessions. This will hopefully get your creative thoughts flowing, to help you craft your very own version.

#1 - 1-1 Strength and Conditioning Programme

Pt leaflet 1

First up on our list of personal trainer leaflet templates, is the ideal design for a Strength and Conditioning coach

This template's design is easy to navigate with important pockets of information that are simple for potential clients to read and understand. 

Following the name and logo of the company, we can see what type of training is being provided. This can be seen through the inclusion of the phrase ‘fast-paced, high-energy express fitness, that works!’.

From this sentence, alone clients will instantly know what they are purchasing. This is then reinforced by a call to action, the clients should see the use of ‘sculpt your perfect body’, and feel compelled to achieve this goal.  

The poster then goes on to elaborate on what specific classes are on offer. Including this information is vital, as clients need to know exactly what is being made available to them following signing up.

Group training personal trainer leaflet

Furthermore, highlighting all of the different classes on offer can help to attract a wider client base, which will equate to more money. 

However, by simply stating you provide strength and conditioning training, you will only attract one type of client with that specialist interest. 

More personable information is divulged in the ‘About Us’ section. When creating your personal trainer leaflet, you may wish to include how you can help clients reach specific goals within this section. 

For example, if you are a strength and conditioning coach let clients know exactly how you can help to increase their muscle mass.

Finally, all relevant contact information is displayed at the bottom of the leaflet. Even better yet, clients have six possible options to choose from, meaning that they can contact their trainer on various platforms.


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#2 - Weight Loss and Tone Up PT Programme

Pt leaflet 2

Next up on personal trainer leaflet examples is a Lose Weight & Tone Up PT programme. 

This template provides a photo and the name of the personal trainer that clients will be liaising with. As discussed earlier in the article, doing this helps to ease the nerves that many newcomers have. 

As a personal trainer, you should be aware of how intimidating a gym can be, as such you should make it your responsibility to make everyone feel at ease. Display your face on your leaflet and watch the difference it makes when newcomers approach you.

Furthermore, improving your approachability is another reason to advertise yourself prominently throughout your personal training article. 

Gymgoers will want to know exactly who is running the class they want to attend. If they see you advertised prominently on the leaflet, they’re more likely to approach you at work in areas such as the gym floor.

Another reason why this personal trainer leaflet is regarded to be a good example is because it displays the location of the sessions in a different colour.

This will immediately capture the attention of the reader, and tell them exactly where they need to be and at what time.

#3 - Fitness Boot Camp 

 PT leaflet 3

‘Boot camp’ sessions have connotations of being held outdoors, where clients engage in group military-style training. Having a colour pallet and design which reflects the class is very fitting, and can greatly enhance any personal training leaflet. 

This leaflet provides easy-to-read, essential information detailing what the programme is about, what sessions will typically look like, and what results you can expect to see (improved fitness). 

The images are also in tune with what a boot camp is like - groups of people coming together to exercise and improve their fitness. Remember relevance is key, you wouldn’t host a boot camp and promote a picture of just one person working out. 

Images can also signify to a client what the target demographic of the session is. From the example given above, we can see that women are the target audience for this boot camp.

The template also cleverly includes promotions of ‘Book 6 Sessions and Get 1 Free’. Including your variation of promotions can help to further entice clients to sign up for extensive packages. 

Where to Create Your Own Personal Trainer Leaflet 

Where to create a personal training leaflet

Now that we’ve covered tips on what to include in your personal trainer leaflet and some examples to inspire you, let’s now run through some services that offer leaflet printing. 


Price: £11.37 -  For 100 A6 leaflets 

Vistaprint Personal Trainer leaflet

VistaPrint is a great printing service that you might want to consider using when creating your personal trainer leaflet. 

This site will allow you to either create the leaflet from scratch or upload a pre-existing template, making it suitable for every personal trainer. 

VistaPrint offers a range of size options from A3 - A7, ideal for all your personal trainer leaflet needs, whether that be handing them out in public spaces or sticking them to a wall.

VistaPrint also has several different weight options for your leaflets. Their ‘premium’ paperweight for example, goes up to 400gsm to provide an element of luxury quality to your personal training leaflets.

Instant Print

Price: £16.45 - For 100 A6 leaflet

Instantprint personal trainer leaflet

Instant Print is another leaflet design and printing service that you should look into when the time comes to design and distribute your personal training leaflets. 

Unlike many other services online, Instant Print provides you with the option to include information on both sides of the leaflet. Never again will you have to worry about cramming information onto one page, creating a messy and unorganised leaflet as a result. 

While Instant Print offers sizes ranging from A3 to A7, they also provide the unique opportunity to print either square or slim leaflet prints. This is again incredibly valuable to ensure you remain visible at all times, be it on a wall or in a stack within a public space.

To add those final touches, you can also select whether you’d like a silk, gloss, matt or velvet laminate finish along with 3 weight options for a high-quality feel if you prefer. 

Banana Print

Price: £9.95 - For 100 A6 Leaflets

BananaPrint Personal Trainer leaflet

The final print service we’re going to recommend is Banana Print, on which you can choose from over 100 existing templates or upload your own leaflet design. 

This printing site offers 3 different paperweight options ranging from 170gsm to 350gsm or a recycled paper choice. You can even purchase your leaflets in bulk with quantities starting at 100 leaflets up to 5,000 - the more you purchase the cheaper it is per unit. 

For reference: The price given above will see you paying £9.95 for 100 A6 leaflets with a 170gms weight and silk finish.


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What Is The Most Important Tip for Including on a Personal Trainer Leaflet? 

Question about personal training leaflet

No one tip is any more important than the other. In order to be appealing to your target demographic you’re going to need to perform a balancing act, always ensuring that each tip is met to maintain high quality. 

As discussed within the main body of the article, including easy to read pockets of relevant information will inform your reader of exactly what you’re offering. This is significantly better than writing in excess as this will only confuse the potential client. 

This valuable information should be accompanied by bold headings, a carefully selected font, images and an appropriate colour palette. 

PT testimonial final

Additionally, it’s important to remember that images suggest what your service offers before clients even begin to read what you’ve written. Therefore, when using them within your personal trainer leaflet they should be high quality and as clear as possible.

Furthermore, they should always be relevant to the service that you’re offering. For example, you wouldn’t include images of a woman on a squat rack if your leaflet promotes an outdoor boot camp as this would confuse your reader. 

Finally, ensure that your contact information is correct and up-to-date, as this will decrease the chance of you missing a potential client.

Before You Go!

Personal training leaflets provide a great opportunity for clients to see what you have to offer, without having to directly interact with them. Be sure to use personal training leaflets in a variety of ways, displaying them wherever and whenever you can.

Keep in mind, you can greatly increase the appeal of your personal training leaflet without our Sports Nutrition qualification.

It can help you provide a unique service for your clients by combining nutrition advice with training programmes.

Furthermore, our FREE prospectus is available for you to check out all our courses. Once downloaded, you’re guaranteed to find something that will both appeal to you and look great on your PT leaflet. 

Written by Emily Evans

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Emily studied English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2021 with a 2:1 BA honours degree. Alongside her degree, she also gained experience in student publication as Forge Press’ Lifestyle Editor and Deputy Editor for Post-Production. This is where her love for content writing stemmed from, which also led her to OriGym. Outside of her work, Emily will either be found on a long hike, at the gym or making a mess trying new healthy recipes in her kitchen!

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