15 Best Pull-Up Bars: Doorway, Mounted & Freestanding (2022)

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Looking for the best pull-up bar in the UK? This is the first and last place you’ll need to look. 

We’re about to jump into our best pull-up bar comparison for those looking to start a home pull-up routine, consisting of products we’ve tried and tested ourselves! 

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Doorway Pull-Up Bars 

#1 - Opti Adjustable Pull-Up Bar 

doorway pull-up bar image

The first product on our list of the best pull-up bars of 2022 is this product from Opti. It’s a doorway pull-up bar for starters, which is great for those who don’t have space for a power tower or one that is wall-mounted! 

It’s adjustable, which means that it will fit more or less any doorway. The telescopic design is definitely extremely handy and means that you can pretty much take it anywhere with you. 

That’s right, it’s portable and can be classed as a pull-up bar with no screws which we know is very important to many people. There are also rubber closures on each end so that you don’t have to worry about leaving any marks on the door frame!

It holds up to 95kg of body weight, and can actually be used to perform sit-ups also. All you need to do for this is attach it to the bottom of the door frame and use it to support your feet. 


  • Adjustable
  • Non-screw option 
  • Grip pads 
  • Supports up to 95kg 
  • Telescopic design

Price: £14.99

#2 - Corength Lockable Pull-Up Bar 

pull up bar doorway

Another one of the best doorway pull-up bars in the UK is Corength’s lockable bar, designed and manufactured by sports brand, Decathlon. 

Decathlon’s passionate weight training team designed the bar for easy bodyweight workouts for at-home gym spaces. 

There are two methods for installing this doorway pull-up bar:

The first is using Corength’s simple press-in installation system to attach the bar onto a door frame without needing to drill holes or use screws. 

This method also ensures the bar can be removed straightforwardly.

Installing this way allows the bar to withstand loads of up to 100kg. 

Alternatively, if you’d like to boost the load to up to 120kg, you can drill holes at the desired height and insert the screws and tips. 

Either method of installation still promises a versatile workout, enabling you to train your back, arms, and abs with a single accessory.


  • Non-screw option
  • Easy press-in installation feature
  • Compact design
  • Supports up to 120kg
  • Good for beginners

Price: £19.99

#3 - Komodo Sports Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar 

wall mounted pull up bar

Komodo Sports’ range of heavy-duty pull-up bars is ideal for all fitness enthusiasts who want to vamp up their gym space.

Their compact bar will enable you to perform a whole range of exercises.

From pull-ups to push-ups, chin-ups and crunches, this is a fantastic product to incorporate into your home gym. 

Each of these exercises will help you to improve your strength, stamina, and muscle mass without needing to pay for a flashy gym membership. 

You can also add weights and resistance bands to make workouts more challenging.

With this in mind, the bar can hold up to 150kg so be sure to calculate any added weight before mounting. 

A cool feature of Komodo’s bar is that they come in a range of colours. These include:

  • Neon green
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Grey

We believe that this is one of the best home pull-up bars on the market that can seriously vamp up an at-home gym space. 


  • Multi-grip areas
  • Multi-functional 
  • Supports up to 150kg
  • Compact design
  • Range of colours

Price: £49.97

#4 - GM Unisex Pull-Up Bar 

After giving it a try ourselves, it’s no wonder why this product is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, or that is has over 1,500 customer reviews to date… 

The quality is fantastic, as the heavy-duty steel is incredibly robust for the price, and the grip pads feel as though they should be part of a more expensive item. 

It supports up to 130kg, which again is pretty good for a product of its price. It doesn’t require screws, although you can screw it on if you wish for extra safety assurance! 

It’s constantly praised in the customer reviews for the comfortable, secure fit that it has on most doorframes, and we can only second this opinion. It feels incredibly sturdy in our opinion, and doesn’t feel as though it's going anywhere, even when you’re speeding through your daily bodyweight routine! It could certainly contend as the best pull-up bar for home use, hence why it made our list. 

It can be used for push-up and sit-up assistance too, which is a nice little bonus for the price. 


  • Non-screw option 
  • Grip pads 
  • Supports up to 130kg/300lbs
  • Overhang design 

Price: £11.97

#5 - ONETWOFIT Doorway Pull-Up Bar 

Returning to the telescopic design, here’s a fantastic doorway pull-up bar from ONETWOFIT. 

Our favourite thing about this product that stands it apart from some of its counterparts is the feel of the soft-grip pads. They cover a good surface area on the product so you can alter your grip across a wide spectrum, making it a great contender for the title of best home pull-up bar! 

Luckily, it also comes with rubber closures on each end to prevent marks on the doorframe that you’re attaching it to. Currently renting a home? This is a great option to avoid causing any damage to the property and could contend as the best pull-up bar for home use. 

It currently holds 84% 5-star reviews out of over 30 customer ratings to date, which is a pretty great statistic. Only 3% of the reviews are negative, which you’re always going to get no matter what product you’re looking at! 


  • Non-screw option
  • Grip pads 
  • Supports up to 150kg
  • Telescopic design 

Price: £23.99

#6 - Dedomon Adjustable Doorway Pull-Up Bar 

pull up bar for door

Next up on our list of the best doorway pull-up bars is Dedomon’s adjustable bar. 

This is a versatile piece of equipment that we guarantee will make the perfect addition to your home. 

Plus, there’s no need to drive back and forth to the gym once you’ve got one of these!

The bar is suitable for men and women of all fitness types who are looking to engage in a variety of exercises to improve their strength and endurance. 

Exercises that you could do include:

  • Pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Dips
  • Crunches
  • Tricep dips
  • Leg raises… and many, many more

Dedomon also promises a straightforward installation process so that you can start your workouts in a flash. 

Plus, there’s no need to purchase any screws or drilling equipment to install your bar. 

Everything you need will be sent straight to your door along with easy-to-follow instructions. 


  • No-screw installation
  • Removable foam grip pads
  • Adjustable

Price: £29.99

#7 - BeMaxx Pull-Up Bar for Door Frames 

You’re probably thinking what we did when we first laid eyes on this product; it looks completely different to any of the others we’ve seen before! Almost like some kind of hybrid design… And this is exactly why we needed to include it. 

After all, where’s the fun if there isn’t something for everyone? If you’ve been reading this article and none of the above products quite hit the mark for you as you’re looking for something in-between the two, then this may be the one. 

You’ll be glad to know that it comes with a non-screw option, although it can be screwed in place for added safety. It has the straight bar that telescopic doorway pull-up bars have, but with the fixture of the multi-grip overhang design bars. 

The highest load that the product can take is up to 180kg, which we definitely can’t fault. The heavy-duty steel feels incredibly secure and robust and is frequently praised by customers for this reason. 

Another edge that this product has over some of the others is that it comes with a FREE training guide eBook, which contains over 50 pages of detailed exercises to try out. A great little feature! 


  • Non-screw option 
  • Grip pads
  • Supports up to 180kg
  • Free eBook

Price: £39.99 

Mounted Pull-Up Bars

#8 - MIRAFIT Wall-Mounted Bar

wall mounted pull-up bar from mirafit

Now that we’re venturing into the world of the wall-mounted pull-up bar, it’s only right that we list products that fit the bill completely. 

With the MIRAFIT pull-up bar, you can’t go wrong. For the modest price of £59.95, you get all the benefits of the previously listed products with the added safety of the product being wall-mounted (and not able to snap out of place). 

If you have space for one, we definitely recommend giving this best wall-mounted pull-up bar a look in. You can more or less tell how sturdy the heavy-duty steel is just by looking at it, but you can certainly tell the difference between this and doorway pull-up bars when it’s properly screwed into the wall.

We’re not sure if it's psychological or not, but it definitely feels more secure and exactly how you would expect a pull-up bar in the gym to be!

It’s multi-functional in the sense that you get more room to perform different kinds of bodyweight exercises than you would with a doorway pull-up bar, and you can also hang a punch-bag from it. 

Also, there are multiple grip areas to choose from which means you can really customise your pull-ups or chin-ups workout!


  • Multi-grip areas 
  • Multi-functional 
  • Supports up to 150kg

Price: £59.95

#9 - Sportstech Mounted Pull-Up Bar 

wall mounted chin up bar with grip pads

This product is nothing short of amazing, especially for the price. If you’re looking into building your own home gym and you haven’t got the room for a power tower, then this is a must! 

The first feature you’ll notice is that this wall-mounted pull-up bar has 4 different functions. Not only can it be used for pull-ups, but it can also be used for boxing, TRX strap workouts and resistance band workouts. It even has a hoop for your punching bag to be attached to. 

There are 3 different grip positions, which allow for a parallel, narrow or wide grip during bodyweight exercises. The material used for the grip is also sweat-resistant and should stay pretty odour-free for the duration of its use. 


  • Grip pads (sweat repelling)
  • Multi-functional 
  • 3 grip positions 
  • Supports up to 150kg 
  • Wide support surface (added stability) 

Price: £69.00

#10 - ONETWOFIT Mounted Bar 

You may not have noticed, but this product is actually sold as a 2 in 1 set. Not only do you get the wall-mounted pull-up bar, but you also get a dip station included in the price. Not bad at all for 109.99! 

Want to target as many different muscle groups as possible when you’re working out at home? That’s not an issue with this product. 

It’s incredibly versatile in the sense that you can perform a wide range of exercises between the two separate products, and you’re still saving some cash rather than spending out on an entire power tower. 

The products can be assembled with the wall-mounted pull-up bar just above the dip station so that they’re essentially a power tower but taking up less space. You can even hook your punching bag up to the apparatus too! Could this be the best wall-mounted pull-up bar? 


  • Grip pads
  • 2 in 1 set (for a reasonable price)
  • Incredibly versatile 
  • Wide support surface (added stability) 
  • Wall-mounted pull-up bar supports up to 150kg
  • Dip station supports up to 150kg

Price: £99.99

#11 - Gallant Pull-Up Bar 

Looking for a simple yet completely robust wall-mounted pull-up bar to get your bodyweight exercises done with? This is the product for you. 

Not only is it incredibly cheap despite its unquestionable popularity on the platform, but it’s also extremely heavy-duty and high-quality. Amazon customers continuously sing its praises in the review section, so much so that we had to try it out! Could it be the best cheap pull-up bar here?

Gallant has far exceeded themselves with this product, as it is truly designed with the customer in mind despite the low price. It has numerous grip positions/range of movement, good-quality grip pads, incredibly easy installation and 30-day return policy. Is there anything else you need from a product of its kind?

The product holds 233 customer ratings to date, of which 89% are positive, and this really brings no surprise to us! Could it be the best indoor pull-up bar on our list? 


  • Grip pads (6 different areas)
  • Incredibly versatile 
  • 30-day return policy 

Price: £17.49

#12 - DTX Commercial Style Pull-Up Mounted Bar 

wall mounted pull up bar from dtx

Another fantastic wall-mounted pull-up bar comes from DTX, a popular fitness supplier on Amazon and through their own website. 

It comes with two different fixing options so that you can decide whether you want the bar to sit closer or further away from the wall. This is useful if you want to use it for exercises such as hanging leg raises! 

Although it doesn’t have grip pads, it’s perfect for those looking for a wall-mounted pull-up bar with an industrial feel, and you can always use a towel/add your own grips. 


  • Incredibly wide surface/grip 
  • Supports up to 150kg 
  • Open-ended design 
  • Coated finish 
  • Adjustable fixing 

Price: £89.95 

Freestanding Pull-Up Bars

#13 - Gravity Fitness Portable Pull Up Rack

best pull up bar image

The first thing you’ll notice about this product which is just how versatile it is. It's suitable for a wide range of exercises, including leg raises, push-ups, pull-ups, front and back levers, the list is endless... 

With this freestanding pull-up bar, or ‘power tower’ (which it certainly is), you won’t need any other piece of equipment for a well-rounded bodyweight workout. We can’t stress how useful it is, and how much of an investment it is to buy the whole kit in one product. 

Want to bring the exercises that you would usually only be able to perform within a gym setting to your own home? This is the one of the cheapest yet most effective ways of doing so, making it a top choice when it comes to freestanding pull-up bars.  


  • Height-adjustable 
  • Incredibly versatile 
  • Supports up to 110kg
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty 

Price: £119.95

#14 - VEVOR Freestanding Pull-Up Bar and Station 

pull up bar for doorway

The VEVOR Freestanding Pull-Up bar is crafted with premium iron with a powdered coating, making a highly durable, sturdy and easy to clean frame. 

The bar features two height levels (98cm/3.2ft, 194cm/6.3ft). It can also hold a maximum weight of 100kg.

The VEVOR consists of several smaller tubes which makes installing the pull-up bar relatively straightforward. The tubes slot into one another and are secured with metal clips. 

Each purchase comes with a carry bag to transport the tubes to each of your workout locations. 

The high-quality materials make the bar suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. So, if you enjoy exercising in the garden, you can be sure to count on this bar station.

You can also form 4 different structures with the frame, making the VEVOR an incredibly versatile piece of equipment that makes the perfect addition to a home gym space. 


  • Portable
  • Multi-functional 
  • Supports up to 100kg
  • Powdered coating for extra grip
  • Indoor and outdoor use

Price: £115.99

#15 - Multi-Functional Power Station

freestanding pull up station

Finishing up our list of the best home pull-up bars on the market is this multi-functional power station; doing a thorough full-body workout has never been easier.

It’s a multi-functional station that supports a wealth of exercises to work a whole range of muscle groups.

There are a total of 6 adjustable height levels which helps accommodate exercisers of all heights and abilities.

With this in mind, the height can be altered from 175cm up to 240cm. 

The station features a comfortable cushion to support ab exercises and has a sponge handlebar for extra grip.

Each station also comes with an extended H-shaped base with 4 powerful anti-slip suction cups to enhance stability and safety while exercising. 

Working out at just £79.99, this is one of the most affordable freestanding pull-up bars on the market and one we’d urge you to check out for your at-home gym. 

  • Supports up to 150kg
  • Adjustable height
  • Floor grip support
  • Safety lock feature
  • Back cushion
  • Foam handlebar grip

Price: £79.99

Before you go!

We hope that you’ve found the best pull-up bar out there to suit your needs, whether you’re putting together a gym at home or just looking for a novelty product. 

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