Top 11 Push-Up Bars to Strengthen Your Upper Body

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Push-up bars are an effective piece of equipment that you can use to either assist you in performing push-ups or make them harder so you can see better results!  

There are a number of reasons why you should invest in a pair of push-up bars, but we’ll go into detail later on in the article. 

So, let’s jump right into how to use push-up bars!  

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How to Use Push-up Bars Correctly 

If you haven’t used this type of equipment before, here’s how to use push-up bars:

  • Place the bars on the floor in the same spot that you would normally place your hands during a push-up  
  • Grip the handles and assume a plank position, with your elbows almost locked (but not entirely) and your body in a straight line (avoiding arching your back or pushing your glutes too high into the air)
  • Lower yourself in a controlled manner, until your reach your desired depth (those who want to make their push-ups more difficult can increase their range of motion) 
  • Push yourself back up into the starting position, maintaining good form

If you find that doing a regular push-up is too difficult, all you would need to do is drop your knees to the floor and perform your push-ups from that position until you feel ready to progress.

If you're confident in your push-ups and you want to try a challenging alternative that targets your triceps, why not try a diamond push up?

Now that you know how to use push bars correctly, let's move on to the benefits of using this piece of equipment. 

Benefits of Push-up Bars

#1 - More Effective Workout 

If you’re searching for the main benefits of push-up bars, then look no further!

Using a push-up bar will enable an extended range of movement during the exercise, meaning that you will be able to lower your body much further in comparison to regular push-ups. This makes the exercise more challenging, and therefore more effective in providing you with better results. 

Each repetition you do will become more intense as you target muscles that are usually missed during regular push-ups, meaning that there's more oppourtunity to grow muscle mass and strength. 

#2 - Gentle on Your Wrists

When you perform a normal push-up, you will sometimes experience extreme backward bending of the wrist which applies a huge amount of pressure on your tendons and ligaments. This can cause joint pain very quickly. 

Therefore, taking this pain out of the equation will be one of the most important push-up bars benefits! The bars will ensure that your wrist will be in a more comfortable position when you perform a push-up.

#3 - Superior Grip

When you use a push-up bar it will give you a much better grip on the floor, especially on tiles and laminate flooring. 

On these types of surfaces, sweaty hands can easily slip which could lead to improper form and injury. Luckily, the push-up bars normally have a non-slip base to ensure all you need to do is to focus on your workout. 

As we’ve discussed push-up bars benefits, the next section will focus on how to choose the right product for you! 

Choosing the Right Push-up Bars! 

Even though there are a number of push-up bars on the market, it is difficult to pick which one is best suited for you. This is why we've put together a few tips on choosing the best push-up bars, as well as shortlisting 11 products to choose from so that you have a narrowed-down search. 

There a number of things to consider when purchasing bars, including... 

Weight Capacity

The push-up bars weight capacity is very important. You would need to check the weight limit on the product before you buy, as you do not want to risk breaking the bars and losing money (or worse, injuring yourself). Therefore, always check and consider the capacity of the bars! 


When using push-up bars (which make a great addition when building a home gym by the way), it’s vital for you to target the muscles in your arms and chest. If you want to do endurance training, it’s important to consider different factors such as grip padding which is vital when investing in a bar. 

Transporting the Bar

Push-up bars are actually very easy to store away and are normally lightweight. Tehy're a great tool to have either when you go away or even to incorporate it into an office fitness routine

In fact, all of the products that are on this list are easy to transport, but it’s definitely a factor to consider when you are hoping to take your bars with you anywhere you go! 


There’s nothing worse when using push-up bars to find out that they're unstable when you use them to workout. 

It’s important to look out for things which could affect the stability of the product. This can be the base width of the push-up bar or the weight capacity. It’ll be a good idea to look at other reviews of the product to really get a true sense of what it will be like before you purchase it! 


The last and probably the most important things to consider when choosing the right push-up bars would be the price of the product. Normally what would happen is the higher the price of the bar, the better quality and built the product will be. This however, may not always be the case. There may be cheap push-up bars out there which are suited for your needs and what you wish to use them for. 

So, are push-up bars worth it? 

It’s important for you to shop around to get the best deal because if you find a bar that is right for you and is cheaper than some of the others that you've seen, then it would probably be a good investment. You will need to take into consideration all of the above to realistically make the right decision! 


1. Phoenix Fitness Press Up Bars

Price: £9.99

push up bar image

Phoenix Fitness are a brand that emphasise the importance of home workouts for those who may not feel comfortable going to the gym. They are passionate about providing their customers with quality pieces of equipment for a fraction of the price of competing products. 

That’s where the Phoenix Fitness push-up bars come in. They are manufactured as singular pieces of tubular metal, making them strong and sturdy enough to withstand a large amount of weight. They also come fitted with rubber caps in order to increase their stability, and to protect floor surfaces.  

The EVA foam handles are incredibly comfortable, and provide you with added grip and wrist support. Bodyweight workouts can be pretty challenging and cause you to sweat a lot, but these grips will help to prevent any injuries thanks to their anti-slip properties. 

For just £9.99, you can get an incredibly versatile workout and develop muscular strength throughout your entire body!

2. Playwell Martial Arts Incline Push Up Bar 

Price: £15.99

push up bar image

This set of quality incline push-up bars from Playwell Martial Arts is a real bargain, especially since they are half the price of competing products on the market and offer all of the same properties! 

They come with rubber foam grips for added comfort, and to ensure that there is less risk of injury; plain handles can become fairly slippery during a heavy workout. The stands are also wide enough to provide you with a stable base for exercising. 

If you’re searching for a product that is incredibly compact and portable, this set should certainly be one of your first choices. The tube is made of plastic, and is therefore lightweight enough to easily be carried to and from your preferred exercise location. 

Armed with the push-up bars from Playwell Martial Arts, you will be able to develop your strength and overall muscle mass, particularly in your back, chest, arms, shoulders, and abdominals. If you’re looking to get better at calisthenics or solely improve your strength ahead of returning to the gym, this is the perfect purchase for you! 

3. RAMASS Fitness Low Parallettes

Price: £64.99

push up bar image 

If you’re looking for a set of incredibly sturdy push-up bars that will give you maximum stability when training, you should definitely take it upon yourself to try out this fantastic product from RAMASS Fitness. 

Not only can they be used as your standard push-up bars, but they also double as parallettes due to their stable nature and size (L = 40cm, H = 15cm, W = 30cm), and their maximum recommended load of 200kg. 

They’re ideal for exercises such as push-ups, L-sits, handstands, planks, and more. If you’ve recently been looking into calisthenics and wanting to boost your overall strength in order to progress to more complex exercises, you won’t find a more suitable piece of equipment on the market. 

The RAMASS Fitness low parallettes are incredibly versatile, and will provide you with everything that you need to hit your goals. 

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4. Push-Up Elite 

Price: £23.13 

push up handle bars

Here’s a pair of rotating push-up bars from Perfect Fitness! This innovative design has rotating handles to help increase muscle activation as your body dips. As your upper body strength improves, it will lead to more muscle strength and definition in your arms, back, chest, abs, and shoulders. 

The handles are also used to help reduce joint strain in the wrist and elbows, and the ergonomic grips help to distribute the weight evenly as you do a push-up. The weight capacity of the bar is 181 kilos!

Similar to the Opti swivel push-up bars, the bars are made from high-quality plastic which keeps them lightweight but still lasts a long time. The handles are also cushioned for added comfort. 

There are treads on the bottom of the handle’s surface to ensure that it will grip to all floor surfaces. This product will be suitable for any fitness level, from beginner to advance, so everyone can use this product to help attain their fitness goals.

5. Barbarian Bars Push-Up Bars

Price: £34.99

travel push up bars

Here’s something a little different from Barbarian Range!

If you want superior quality, then you have definitely come to the right place. Barbarian Range has combined the finest hardwood and professional craftsmanship to ensure that all of their products would be able to support your weight. 

All of the fitness push-up bars come with rubbered feet, which will ensure that they will grip to all kinds of flooring. Some products which are made of wood tend to be made out of cheap carving blocks, but you can rest-assured that this product will not dent or break easily. Barbarian Range products are made out of Birch Ply and Ash Dowel, making them incredbily high-quality. 

The combination of both types of wood will mean that this product will be much stronger than other wooden push-up bars, which will remove any risk of it breaking! It’s great to note that this product is also made in the UK by using locally sourced materials. 

As mentioned earlier, the wooden blocks have a number of rubber grips fitted to them. There are many products on the market which can be dangerous when you work up a sweat, however these wooden bars will prevent this and provide superior grip during your workout! 

What’s great about the manufacturer of this product is that is if they do not feel that the end product is suited for customers, they will not distribute it. In terms of price, it is expensive in comparison to some of the other products that we've listed, but you know that you’ll be getting a quality product. 

6. Blitz Push-Up Bars

Price: £17.99 

best push up bars for wrist pain

If you’re looking for push-up bars in the UK, then this product from Blitz may be your answer! This product is ideal for a range of exercises such as fitness routines, daily workouts, and even physio exercises. 

These push-up twister bars are designed to strengthen areas such as your arms, back, chest, abs, and shoulders. You can also adjust the position of the bar so that it can be suited for men and women. 

One thing to note about these bars is the frame, which ensures that they're incredibly strong compared to other frames on the market. Not only this, but they're still lightweight and compact so you can use them at home, in the gym, or even at the office! 

The handles are made out of high-density foam so you will benefit from maximum comfort when you perform a push-up. These S-shaped push-up bars are also stable, durable, and slip-resistant which will ensure your safety during your workouts. 

7. Body Sculpture Push-Up Bars

Price: £7.99

do push up bars work

If you’re on a budget, then check out these bars from Body Sculpture! The company's main priority for this product is that it’s built for safety. The handle grip and lower part of the bar is layered with soft foam which will protect you from the floor and help to provide a non-slip surface. 

The push-up twister bars reduce strain on your wrists and forearms which will help to develop your arms, chest, back, shoulders, and abs. Similar to the previous product from Blitz, it’s also an S-shaped design which will allow you to shift focus from muscle to muscle. 

This leads onto our next point, which is that the push-up bars feature an ergonomic design to provide enough resistance to make push-ups challenging, yet provide enough support so you can still complete the push-ups. 

As of March 2020, this product is currently on sale from £12.99 to only £7.99, so why not grab yourself a bargain and invest in a pair of push-up bars from body sculpture! If you need to push your upper body to the next level, why not invest in a pull-up bar for an extra bodyweight challenge? 


8. Angled Push-Up Stands 

Price: £13.99

push ups using push up bars

Whether you're a personal trainer looking for fitness equipment or a complete novice, this product from Fitness-Mad will suit you! 

The handles of the push-up bar are slightly angled which helps to reduce stress on the wrists and forearms during your workout. On top of the handles, there’s a durable rubber grip which helps provide extra grip and stability when you perform a push-up. 

This will help you to develop muscle mass in your arms, shoulders, and chest. The handles are also really lightweight and transportable, so again you can take the product to your local gym, your workplace, or even just use it at home! 

One great feature to note is the rubber stoppers on the base of the bars that ensure that there’s no slipping when you perform a push-up. The last thing you would want are any avoidable injuries, as this will only set you back in your progress. 

The fitness push-up bars are made out from Polypropylene which means that they're lightweight yet incredbily durable and the handles and feet are made from TPE to provide superior comfort! 

9. Mirafit Push-Up Twister Bars 

Price: £14.95

push up handle bars

If you’re looking for rotating push-up bars then this product from Mirafit may be your answer! Like with other bars, it will help to enhance the benefits of standard push-ups. For example, engaging other muscles by increasing the range of motion. 

Using rotating push-up bars instead of doing standard push-ups reduces the strain on the wrists and shoulders which can lead to joint pain and potential injury. 

Using these bars will help to improve your posture, flexibility, and full-body strength as well as helping to activate your arms, back, chest, abs, and shoulders!

The handles are made out of high-quality foam so comfort is their priority. The non-slip base ensures that you will not slip on any surface, making the product much safer than cheaper alternatives. 

The bars are an appropriate size, so you can easily take them anywhere with you! The max capacity weight is 100kg which is great to know. 

For the price of £14.95 (as of January 2023), you will recieve a high-quality and durable product that is destined to help you achieve your goals. 

10. Decathlon Push Up Bar Grips

Price: £6.99

push up bars cheap

If you’re looking for cheap push-up bars that are still great quality, then this product from Decathlon should catch your attention (and it only costs £6.99!).

The handles are ergonomically designed to guarantee an increased range of motion when you perform a push-up. The hand grips are also well-cushioned to ensure comfort, which is great for a cheap push-up bar product as we've seen others listed on the market without this. 

The push-up bars will allow you to lower yourself closer to the floor, which will increase how hard your muscles work when you perform each repetition. Using these bars will help to develop your upper body muscles such as your arms, shoulders, and chest! 

The push-up bars are made out of plastic which ensures that they're lightweight, portable, and can be taken anywhere with you. As they feature a pretty slim design, you will be able to take them to the park, gym, or even your office!

The maximum weight for the product is 110kg which is great to know, and pretty good for a budget push-up bar, especially when it only costs £6.99.

11. Neekor 3 in 1 Push-Up Bars

Price: £15.51

best push up bars for wrist pain

If you’re looking for something a little different to the other products that we've listed, you're definitely in the right place.

This is not only just a push-up bar, but it’s also an ab roller and hand gripper! The product is designed for anyone who wants to keep fit and stay in shape, as well as those who want to bulk up their upper body and tone their core. 

For now we'll focus on the push-up bar element of the product as it's probably the reason why you're here in the first place. There are different grip handles that enable you to work different muscle groups efficiently. You can also adjust the position of the push-up bar to target different muscles, which is great considering it retails at less than £20. 

There’s also an anti slip base to ensure that it would be ideal on any type of floor. The push-up bar will also help you get a better range of motion in comparison to a regular push-up, which is perfect for building mass and improving your strength and mobility. 

This product will be ideal for individuals who do not wish to carry a lot of equipment at once, and they will instead have this 3-in-1 piece of exercise equipment that will give them a more varied workout. 


We hope that you’ve found the perfect pair of push-up bars to help with your fitness journey. As you may already know, performing push-ups is great for working your upper body and building strength and mass in the area, and there aren't many bodyweight exercises that can rival it. 

Using a push-up bar will create an increased range of motion to help target muscles that the regular push-up cannot reach. If you want to truly make progress with this exercise, you'll never regret investing in push-up bars! 

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