Best Reflective Running Gear: 14 Items You Need (2024)

Best Reflective Running Gear

If you’re a fan of running early in the morning or later at night, investing in reflective running gear is absolutely essential.

Wearing reflective running clothing and accessories is the best way to maximise your visibility when you’re out running, especially if your route takes you along busy roads.

We’ve tried and tested the best reflective running gear out there and included all of our favourites into 3 lists: clothing, accessories, and shoes.

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Best Reflective Clothing For Runners

Stuck on what to wear for a run when it’s dark out? Well, you’re in the right place.

Below are the best reflective running vests, jackets, shorts, you name it! We’ve included only the best gear for men and women, so let’s get started.

#1 - Headsweats Unisex Reflective Hat 

reflective running hat

Price: £18.51 

This product is a must-have for those looking for high-quality reflective running headgear.

It comes with a classic run-hat fit that ensures maximum comfort, especially since it only weighs 2oz, and the Eventure knit fabric only adds to this. Not only does it wick away moisture as you sweat, but it also keeps your head dry in wet weather - this is incredibly important when completing longer runs!

In terms of its reflective features, there is reflective piping around the brim and bottom of the hat. It’s striking when put to the test and will ensure the safety of anyone who wears it. Given the neutral colour, it will also look great paired with other reflective clothing items and maximise the user’s visibility when running in low light conditions.

The product has 94% positive reviews on Amazon where it is sold in the UK, with users consistently praising it for its lightweight and absorbent qualities alongside its reflectiveness.

#2 - BTR Womens High Vis Reflective Running Wear 

running gear reflective

Price: £49.99 

Looking for reflective running gear for women? If so, then BTR hand you covered.

The brand has been crafting high-quality sports gear for the past 16 years to promote comfort and safety for fitness enthusiasts around the world. 

This women’s jacket offers reflective material that shines back at a driver’s headlights, helping to keep runner’s safe in low light conditions. 

The jacket comes with a mesh lining which helps to reduce a sticky sensation from forming, thus enhancing comfort and breathability. 

It’s also equipped with a back vent for extra ventilation. 

The jacket comes with a total of 3 pockets; one external chest fleece-lined pocket and 2 side pockets, helping runners to take their essentials with them while exercising. 

Now, when looking for the best reflective gear for running, reviews can often help you to make a decision.

You’ll be pleased to know that BTR’s jacket has a 100% 5-star track record.

Reviewers are loving the jacket's high reflectability and comfortable fit with many reporting that they’d recommend the product to a fellow running enthusiast. 

For these reasons, we’d most certainly recommend getting your hands on this highly reflective running gear to ensure your safety when exercising outdoors.

#3 - Tuvizo Reflective Vest for Running 

reflective running vest image

Price: £9.99

If you’re looking for running gear with reflective details, you won’t find a product that provides much more visibility than this Tuvizo vest.

This reflective running vest is designed to light up in headlights so that you can be seen from 360°, maximising your safety when running at night.

If you’re looking to save some money, this vest is a great option. Rather than paying out for a whole new running kit,  this vest is super lightweight and fits comfortably over any running top, hoody, or coat.

We love that it has an included emergency contact label, providing peace of mind in the event that an accident does happen. 

Unsure where to buy reflective running gear? This vest is available directly from Tuvizo themselves or you can shop their store on Amazon.

#4 - Reflect360 Men’s Running Shorts 

running reflective shorts

Price: £29.99

Of course, our list of the best running reflective gear wouldn’t be complete without discussing running shorts. 

The Reflect360 Men’s running shorts are amongst the best in the market. The hint is in the name - they offer 360 degrees worth of reflective protection. 

Each pair’s front logo, side panels and rear panels are constructed with highly reflective material, helping fellow runners and drivers to locate your whereabouts from all angles. 

You needn’t worry about investing in a head torch or high vis armbands once you’ve invested in a pair of these reflective shorts.

The short’s other great features include being made from water-resistant materials that help to keep you dry rain or shine. 

They’re also crafted from breathable materials to keep you cool when sweating. 

Still not quite convinced?

Well, did you know that these reflective running shorts have been featured in major magazines like Men’s Health and Runners World?

Men’s Health featured the Reflect360’s in their ‘Best Men’s Running Shorts of 2020’ list, while Runner’s World said:

“They’re fantastic for low light running - the reflective strips are among the most visible we have come across.”

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best reflective running shorts on the market, look no further. The Reflect360’s has you covered.

#5 - Adidas Run Icons 3-Stripe Running Shorts 

womens reflective running clothes

Price: £23.18

With the previous point in mind, here are some reflective running shorts for women. 

The Adidas shorts come with a flattering and functional reflective 3-stripe design to help to keep you visible at all times of the day. 

The shorts have a 2-layer construction, the first being a set of airy built-in mesh briefs with a water-resistant over layer to offer both comfort and support while you run. 

Both layers are made with sweat-wicking and absorbent materials, designed to soak up sweat and rain to keep friction and chafing to a minimum. 

Moreover, the lightweight fabric helps to reduce any distractions when you’re running, helping you to keep your focus where it matters - beating your personal bests.

Adidas has made the shorts in a range of colours, these include: 

  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Green

This is ideal for those who enjoy adding a splash of colour to their running attire, making your running visibility gear personalised to you. 

We think that these are among the best running reflective gear for women and we’d suggest checking out their range in time for your next run. 

#6 - CEP Sports Men’s Reflective Running Tights

men reflective running clothing

Price: £99.95

Considering you’re searching for the best men’s reflective running gear, you might be after something a bit warmer than a pair of shorts. 

If you don’t want to brave wearing shorts until the summer, these reflective running tights are the best alternative.

They’re tight-fitting with an elasticated waistband and a drawcord fastening to keep them secure. 

You can keep dry as a result of the moisture-management technology which wicks sweat away from the skin. 

Even during the toughest of training sessions, you can keep cool thanks to the mesh inserts which are fitted to maximise ventilation and ensure breathability.  

Focusing on the reflective properties, these tights come with reflective lightning bolt patterns, and strips around both legs. 

They’re not the brightest pair of running tights out there, but they still provide enough visibility to keep you safe. Paired with a bright t-shirt, running shoes, or accessories, they’ll definitely do the job.  

Reflective Running Accessories

If you’re after reflective gear for running, then you need to be thinking about more than just reflective clothing. 

Reflective running accessories are a cheap way to boost your visibility when running in low-light conditions. 

Plus, a lot of these accessories are pretty practical too!

#7 - Classic Flexi-Viz Vest

running visibility gear image of reflective vest

Price: £14.99

If you want to make sure that you’re fully visible every time you go out on a run without having to buy multiple running tops or jackets, reflective vests for running are a good option.

For us, this product from Flexi-Viz was the best reflective running vest that we tried out. 

It’s fitted with retro-reflective panels that bounce back light from car headlights, streetlights, and so on. This provides full reflectivity so that you’re visible from all angles.

It comes in one standard size which can comfortably fit all sizes between XS and XXL as it’s made of an elasticated material with adjustable qualities so that it doesn’t slip off or move around whilst you’re running.

You can wear it over anything, meaning there’s no need for splashing out on expensive reflective clothing. 

All you need to do is put this vest over your regular running gear and you’ll have all of the same benefits of buying an expensive jacket.

If you’re looking for cheap reflective running gear, then this is a really affordable option.

#8 - Kalenji Running Headband Ear Protection 

reflective running accessories headband image

Price: £6.99

Running accessories are a great way of increasing your visibility, plus they can be a good way of keeping comfortable when it’s cold out. 

This headband fits both of those criteria exactly. It's shaped to cover your ears, and made of warm and windproof fabric, with a fleece lining inside to keep your head and ears out of the cold.

It’s perfect for those runs where you work up a sweat whilst it's still cold out because it covers your ears but also keeps your sweat from running into your eyes.

The upper lining and the Kalenji logo are both reflective to add to the visibility of the rest of your reflective night running gear. 

If you’re really concerned about making sure that you’re clearly seen when you’re out running, you can attach running reflectors, like this LED flashing light from Kalenji, through the small loophole at the back.

#9 - REFLECT360 Dry Bag Running Backpack

reflective running backpack

Price: £54.99

There’s not much point in investing in reflective running gear if you’re going to cover most of your upper body by wearing a dark running bag on your back.

If you’re planning on a long run and you need room for extra stuff like your water bottle, running supplements, or an extra layer of clothing, buying a reflective running backpack should be next on your list.

The clues in the name of this one, this backpack is highly reflective and it will ensure that you’re visible from all angles. 

With reflective strips on the front straps and a full reflective webbing face on the back of the bag, you won’t be missed when you’re wearing this. 

Not only is it the best reflective gear for running bags, it also ticks all of the boxes in terms of comfort and practicality.

The bag has full venitalition in the back to keep you cool and comfy whilst you’re out running. It has an adjustable belt that sits on your waist, and another strap across your chest to ensure full stability so that the bag stays in place as you move around.

We especially loved the small zipped side pockets which make it easy to access the essentials like your phone or house keys without having to take the bag off your back.

#10 - Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread

Running gear reflective spread product image

Price: £14.99

Even when it gets warmer outside, there’s still a chance that it could be dark out if you like to run super early in the morning or later in the evening.

If you’re the type of person who starts work at the crack of dawn but still likes to start their day with a morning run, it can be pretty frustrating when it gets to summertime and the best reflective clothing for runners is all long-sleeved jackets and full-length leggings.

Not only that, but bulky reflective running accessories aren’t always ideal and a lot of people find them pretty annoying.

But don’t sweat it, the safety skin reflective skin spread is exactly what you need.

Instead of layering up, all you need to do is roll this directly onto your skin and it will create a reflective stripe. Then, when a light like a car's headlights shine onto you, the stripe will light up with a strong glow.

The product has a hypoallergenic wax base so that it’s water-resistant, meaning it will stay on if you sweat or if it starts to rain. But don’t worry, it still washes off easily with a little soap and water.

#11 - Ultimate Performance Reflective Running Gloves 

reflective gloves for running

Price: £11.99 

The more running visibility gear that you’re wearing, the more likely it is you’ll be seen by passersby, helping to keep you safe whatever the time of day. 

So, when it comes to enhancing visibility with accessories, gloves are a great way to go. 

The pair presents a spectrum of blue and yellow when light is reflected, helping to inject some colour into your running outfit while keeping you seen. 

The Ultimate Performance gloves are also designed to keep wearers super warm which is perfect for those running in cold climates and/or during winter months. 

The gloves are constructed with a soft, easy-care fabric that offers excellent heat insulation without causing you to overheat.

This is thanks to the gloves being made with breathable materials which promote airflow around the fingers and palms. 

Moisture management is so important when running which is why these gloves are made with absorbent fabrics to soak up any excess sweat.

But, should your gloves get a bit sweaty, a quick, low-temperature wash is enough to get out any odours in time for your next run. 

Working out at just under £12 per pair, this cheap reflective running gear will help keep you seen when running at night without breaking the bank.

Why not enhance your running outfit with a pair of these yellow and blue reflective gloves? We’re sure you won’t regret it!

Best Reflective Running Shoes

To keep safe and make sure that cars and cyclists can spot you from miles away (disclaimer: not literally miles), running shoes are the final piece of running safety reflective gear that you’ll need. 

Here are our favourites for men and women!

#12 - Nobull Arctic Reflective Knit Runner 

reflective shoes for running

Price: £155.00

For this next option, we’re offering you the best reflective running shoes on the market. 

Nobull is an international fitness clothing brand that has been supplying state of the art gear to fitness fanatics since 2014. 

From T-Shirts to gym shorts, hoodies and running shoes, Nobull knows how to create the best quality attire to accommodate a range of sporting activities. 

The product we’ll be discussing in this section is Nobull’s Arctic Reflective Running shoes.

These shoes are crafted from reflective yarn and laces to promote visibility when you need it most. 

They’re also made from Nobull’s Knit Runner material which is a super stretchy, soft, and breathable material that helps to keep your feet comfortable while running. 

This material combined with the thick, bouncy sole makes the perfect shoe for outdoor running, providing runner’s with a spring in each step.

Nobull offers a spectrum of colour options with their shoes, each of which comes with 2 coloured laces to further personalise your running attire. 

But, while each of these features sounds attractive, the shoes are on the pricey side which is why we’d suggest checking out Nobull’s customer reviews. 

The Arctic Reflective trainers boast a 4.9 out of 5-star average, awarded by over 75 happy customers. 

These reviews and features combined shows that Nobull’s range is among the best reflective running shoes on the market - why not go and check them out now? 

#13 - ASICS Gel-Nimbus 21 Lite Women’s Running Shoe 

Reflective gear running ladies trainers image

Price: £79.99

Of all of the reflective running gear for women that we tried out, these Asics running shoes were probably our favourites.

They’re super comfy and fitted with Flytefoam technology to help you propel forwards as you run, making you feel super energised and active.

They’re also fitted with a heel clutching system which is great for supporting your ankles and even reducing your risk of developing an injury. 

Obviously, they have Hi Vis and reflective details too, because why else would they be on our list?

They’re currently priced at £79.99 down from £159.99, so if you’re after a reflective pair running shoes now is the time to buy.

#14 - Higher State’s Winter Reflective Running Leggings 

reflective running gear best

Price: £14.99

This list wouldn’t be complete without a pair of reflective running leggings to keep you warm and visible throughout the winter months. 

The Higher State leggings have intricate reflective detailing along the outside of each leg, offering an elegant look while keeping you safe at night. 

The leggings feature warming fabrics that help to keep runner’s snug and comfortable even on the coldest of days. 

Each pair is also made with stretchy materials for optimal movement when running. 

This material is also made from super-absorbent fabric that aims to soak up any excess sweat and rain. 

Higher State truly recognises that comfort is key when exercising which is why we think that these are among the best reflective running leggings on the market. 

Working out at under £20 per pair, this is certainly an affordable way of incorporating reflective clothing into your running wardrobe. 

So, if you’re after cheap reflective running gear that doesn’t skimp on quality, we’d suggest checking out High State’s range. We’re sure you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Before You Go!

Hopefully, now you have everything you need to get geared up for running regardless of whether it’s dark outside.

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