17 Best Hi Vis & Reflective Running Vests

hi vis vest for running

Are you looking for the best hi vis & reflective running vests on the UK market? Well, look no further as we have all the best options for you right here.

When it comes to reflective running gear, reflective running vests are the most common accessory for those looking to amplify their visibility on those night time/early morning runs. That’s why here at OriGym, we have listed 17 of the best products available right now.

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What is a Hi Vis Running Vest?

hi vis running vest

Reflective running vests are a great way to subtly incorporate hi vis wear into your attire without having to add extra layers and weight. A good vest covers a large proportion of the body without being too heavy or bulky, and many reflective vests for running come in the form of lightweight mesh fabric or practical belted accessories, so they won’t impede on your performance.

What's more, a vest is the most economical way to be safe and visible when running at night or in the dark, and going beyond their reflective strips and trims, the best hi vis running vests also come equipped with LED or other types of lights for enhanced visibility - which you will find on our shortlist.

For a full guide on the best reflective running gear of 2020, including: jackets, t-shirts, shorts and accessories, make sure you check out our full article. 

#1 - Freetrain VR Belt

running hi vis vest

Price: £29.99

With practicality in mind, this running vest combines a phone holder with safety to enjoy your run come night or day. 

If you're an avid runner or not, we are sure you've experienced the nuisance of not knowing where to put your belongings. This is the perfect solution when it comes to safety while running, as though it might sound easier to leave your phone at home - if you're running in the dark, this probably isn't the best idea.

Having satisfied over 100,000 runners and trainers, the VR phone holder reflective running vest has made exercising outdoors easier than ever. Listening to music while you run is essential for many people, so you can ensure to stay motivated with your phone at hand, say goodbye to tangled wires and a bag bouncing up and down. 

The phone pouch is designed to provide you with seamless access to do whatever you need to with your phone, need to answer a call? Change a song? Whatever it is, it won't disturb your rhythm. 

There are two extra pockets that are located on either side, so you can store the likes of your keys and other necessities like inhalers or energy supplements if you're headed out on a long run. 

This is a reflective running vest that is ready for anything. It is water resistant and can stand in extreme conditions while not compromising on comfort or practicality. 

Don't worry about sizes either as it has an adjustable waistband that easy to use and unisex, inclusive for everybody.

#2 - 
Brooks Reflective Vest

hi vis mesh running vest

Price: £17.26

There are a lot of benefits associated with running at night. If you work long hours there might not be time to hit the road during the day, and a long run after work is a fantastic way to de-stress. It’s also a lot cooler at night (especially when temperatures soar in summer!) and the roads are usually much emptier. There is an array of advantages to running at night, check out our full guide on running at night, including benefits and safety tips.

Unfortunately, running in poor light conditions is just that bit more dangerous. If motorists can’t see you then there’s a real safety issue, which is where a hi vis running vest comes in. They work by reflecting headlights back at cars, lighting you up and making sure that you’re impossible to miss. If you often run at night, or even in poor light conditions during the winter, these running reflective vests are absolutely essential. 

This hi vis running vest comes from the respected Brooks brand, so you know that you’re getting quality. It’s made from a polyester and elastane blend, which keeps it super lightweight and flexible. You won’t even notice that you’re wearing it, which makes it easy to slip over layers in winter, or wear over looser fitting clothing in the summer.

Though many reflective vests for running opt for more discrete hi-vis features, this offering is fully reflective. Every inch of the bright yellow fabric reflects light brilliantly. It’s reminiscent of the high visibility clothing worn by engineers, and there’s absolutely no chance that you won’t be noticed. 

A great deal of work has been done to make this Brooks running vest reflective, and you really will be impossible to miss even on the darkest night!

#3 - ProViz Classic Hi Vis Running Vest

reflective running vest reviews

Price: £19.99

If you’re looking for a more traditional hi vis running vest, no additional features, gadgets or technology - just back to basics reflective wear, then this entry from ProViz is for you.

ProViz specialises in reflective sports apparel, so it’s no surprise to see them making an appearance on the list. This particular vest is very much a classic, no frills piece that does a phenomenal job at making you extremely visible. The whole surface area is bright yellow and reflective, so it offers excellent coverage.

This is a hi vis mesh running vest, which means that it’s incredibly light and extremely breathable. There’s always the concern that, by adding another layer to your running kit, you’ll also be adding more weight and sacrificing ventilation. Neither is true with this vest, so it’s perfect for all seasons. Add it to your winter layers on a cold night, or slip it over a t-shirt in summer. If you're yet to complete your winter running wardobe, we'd highly recommend heading over to our guide on the best running gloves to keep you toasty in these colder months.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be getting all the benefits of extreme reflectivity. Not only is the bright yellow mesh reflective, but there are also added reflective strips along the shoulders, which light up in a different colour. The contrast makes you even more visible, and means that you can run without fear. 

It’s nicely adjustable, and the single size will fit anybody. We also appreciated the moisture wicking properties of the fabric, which help it remain lightweight even in wet conditions (or if you find yourself sweating excessively!).

Many purchase a hi vis vest for running in search of peace of mind. Once you know that you’re fully visible it’s much easier to switch off and focus on the run itself. This classic vest is exceptionally bright, and the mesh fabric has an array of benefits. We think it’s the best hi vis running vest for those who are worried about adding excess weight to their kit, or want a top that is well ventilated.

#4 - Decathlon BTWIN 500 Hi-Vis Cycling Gilet

best reflective vest for running

Price: £4.99

If you’re looking for the best running vest with reflective features for the smallest price, then we can’t find a better option than this entry from Decathlon.

Don’t let the suspiciously small price tag trick you into thinking that this is a purely budget option with little else to distinguish it. This entry for our best running reflective vests has been BS EN 1150 certified. EN1150 sets the industry standard for visibility. Products that are EN1150 certified have undergone rigorous testing to ensure visibility in all lighting and weather conditions, so you know that this vest won’t let you down.

It may be marketed towards cyclists, but we think it makes the perfect lightweight reflective running vest for a number of reasons. The 100% polyester composition is exceptionally light and well ventilated. The hi vis vest for running vest won’t weigh you down and it’s flexible enough not to interfere with your running rhythm. Polyester is machine washable too, so it's easy to care for.

3 rip tabs give a safe, secure fit, and since they’re easy to adjust the vest will fit any size. There’s a 2 year warranty for added peace of mind, and you can’t do much better than a vest that’s EN1150 certified. It’s genuinely all purpose, and effective in any conditions.

A further great element of Decathlon’s product is its selection of colour options. In addition to the traditional yellow offering, the sports retailer also caters for those searching for either an orange or pink reflective running vest, too - providing a more personalised feel than most reflective gear on the market.

Decathlon is a regular name when it comes to our running products shortlist, you may recall seeing their Kalenji earmuff headband in our best running headbands guide - they truly are masters in their field.

Reflective running vests don’t come much brighter than this, and the two reflective, horizontal strips across the mid-drift really will light you up brighter than a Christmas tree! It’s certainly the best reflective running vest for those on a budget, but it’s also a fantastic choice in its own right.

#5 - Ronhill Hi-Viz Bib

reflective vest

Price: £7.00

Next up on our list is the best running reflective vest if you're looking for simplicity and a cost effective option. 

The Ultimate Performance™ Reflective Race Vest provides up to 500 candlepower of reflectivity to ensure that no matter what on your run, you can rest assured that you're seen. 

It boasts ultra high visibility and with a simple and comfortable cutaway style, you can count on complete freedom of movement. 

No need to worry about sizing either as the one size fits most is promised with the fully adjustable velcro tabs.

There are no difficult contraptions, it is a simple bib that you can throw on before heading out, plus, with a lightweight and soft mesh fabric you can say goodbye to any uncomfortable irritation and run with no distraction. 

This is among the cheaper options and will do the job for anybody who doesn't care about style or LED lights but just needs a budget friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality and comfort.

#6 - Road Noise Reflective Sound Running Vest

reflective vest for running

Price: £41.50

So you think you have seen it all? You think all running vests with reflective features are the same? We’re here to prove you wrong!

Road Noise markets this reflective running vest with speakers as one for the long haul, designed with lengthy runs and arduous trails in mind. As such, it’s full of useful features including more pockets, a unique hydration system and, of course, those multifunctional speakers. Music and running often go hand in hand, and the right song choice can give you a lift when you need it the most, so it’s great to find a vest built around your music player.

It comes with a built in USB amplifier, which is rechargeable. You’ll be able to easily connect a phone, iPod or any other music device using the USB slot, and the speakers also work via Bluetooth for even more convenience on the run. Happily, the speakers are built into the shoulder area, so there aren’t any tangled cords to get in the way.

In addition to its unique musical element, this option falls into another rare category in the reflective gear market: a reflective running vest with pockets. With long runs in mind, this vest also comes with an enormous number of spacious pockets. The front pocket is massive, and will hold even the bulkiest of wallets and phones. Two side pockets are designed with easy access to water bottles in mind. An added reservoir with extendable straw makes drinking on the move easy. In its most basic form, though, this remains an excellent reflective safety vest for running. The light and airy fabric is fantastically reflective. 

This reflective running vest with speakers ranks highly in a plethora of reflective running vest reviews, with testimonials from big names like Runner’s World, Women’s Running and Runiverse. It’s not difficult to see why. Even aside from the many benefits of built in speakers and hydration pockets, the build quality on this vest is second to none. It might be a little more expensive than some of the other vests on the list, but we think it’s worth the price tag. 

#7 - REFLECT360 Running Backpack

reflective LED running vest

Price: £49.99

Acting as an extension of your average Hi Vis running vest, this is a running backpack that can help you to carry your belongings that may otherwise act as a distraction while also keeping you safe.

The Proviz REFLECT360 running backpack is unisex and fully adjustable ready for any runner, hiker or cyclist that needs some thing that moulds to their body and stays secure.

What is really great about this product is the fact that you don't only get a snug fit, but the ventilated back system helps to allow some breathability and airflow while also boasting flexibility - after all, you don't want your Hi Vis' to be compromising your exercise.

The fabric used is not just average, it is highly technical. During daylight it has a modest grey colour, complimenting most of your running gear while at night, the fabric picks up an external light source and provides astonishing reflectivity. 

You should also note that the reliability is guaranteed with the material being CE EN 20471 certified.

Below are just some of the key features that make this one of the best running vests on the market:

  • Side pocket
  • Chest strap
  • Vented back
  • Enlarged waist strap with extra zipped pockets
  • 360 degree reflectivity
  • Waterproof zips and tags

So what are you waiting for, this is a great investment for any runner who wants to ensure they have everything important packed and whoever wants to stay safe all the while!

#8 - Higher State Running Vest

pink reflective running vest 

Price: £6.99

This is the perfect running reflective vest for those who prioritise breathability and want a vest that they can wear all day long, even when conditions are bright. It’s not always convenient or even feasible to switch to a hi vis vest when running, and if you exercise during the evening lighting conditions can be variable and change quickly.

Fortunately, this offering from Higher State is perfect for running at any hour. The fabric is designed for maximum ventilation and facilitates air flow. This means that moisture is quickly wicked away, and heat doesn’t build up inside the garment. Best of all, and the feature that really elevates this vest into the category of all purpose, is the fact that the fabric is also UV resistant.

This means that it's perfect for daytime running, and then at night the large, reflective logo on the front illuminates for increased visibility. There is, of course, a degree of trade off for this level of convenience. It isn’t as bright as some of the other reflective vests for running on the list, and it doesn't come with any lights or especially reflective fabric.

Even so, this is a hi vis vest running enthusiasts will love for its strong, all day and night performance. No other entries on the list offer UV protection or the antimicrobial properties of this vest, which prevent odours developing. It’s the only vest on the list that truly is perfect for any time of day.

#9 - Amphipod Full Visibility Reflective Vest

reflective running vest with speakers

Price: £23.22

Next on our list is this lightweight entry from Amphipod.

Lightweight running vests with reflective benefits like this one tend to be severely lacking in the storage department, as every effort has been taken to trim excess weight. While that's obviously great for flexibility, it can create a few problems when you need to store valuables like phones or wallets, or even carry something as simple as a bottle of water - for inspiration on the best running water bottles to keep you hydrated, check out our in depth buyer's guide!

This vest from Amphipod solves that problem through a combination of feather weight Meshlite design and a big, front facing storage pocket. Reflectivity is top of the range, and Amphipod claims that this particular reflective vest for running at night is 70% brighter than its competitors. The claim is easy to believe owing to the fact that it doesn’t rely on just reflective strips - every bit of fabric will illuminate when exposed to light.

As well as the fabric itself, added 3M Scotchlite Reflective Silver puts on a dazzling display, and it’s difficult to imagine that anybody will miss you wearing this vest! It comes in two sizes, and the MeshLite design is some of the best ventilated on the list. As you can probably tell from the pictures, the fabric is thin enough to let air travel freely, and you’ll never find yourself struggling with undue moisture or excessive heat.

That, of course, makes this the running hi vis vest of choice for all seasons. It can slip just as easily over winter layers as it can a t- shirt in summer. This is certainly the best running reflective vest for those who want a super lightweight, all seasons solution, but without compromising on storage. 

#10 - Nathan Streak Vest

reflective running vest with lights

Price: £19.76

This offering from Nathan Streak is one of the most popular running reflective vests on the list, and perhaps the most well conceived. Cunning design makes it especially aerodynamic, and the anatomical shape won’t interfere with the movement of your arms through a stride. It’s exceptionally comfortable and, due to that brilliant design, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing it. 

It’s absolutely the best reflective vest for running at night if you find that other apparel interferes with your range of motion. The fabric couldn’t be much more lightweight and the 100% polyester composition never chafes or feels awkward to wear. It’s simple to take on and off too. A single velcro fitting secures the vest in place, and the fit is fully adjustable. You can fasten it as snug or loose as you like, so it’s the perfect vest to wear over layers.

There are varying approaches to making a running safety vest reflective. Some companies go for reflective strips or accents, others make the material high visibility. The Nathan Streak vest does both. The bright yellow design is impossible to miss, and silver strips across the front, back, midriff and sides are incredibly reflective when exposed to light. 

The result is a vest that offers true 360 degree reflectivity, so you can run with the utmost confidence and peace of mind. If you want to take things further, there are even attachment points for Run Longer Lights, saving you money if you feel the need to switch to a lighted vest.

As we approach the winter weather, we understand that running outside in the cold, the rain, the dark, icy air, loses its appeal. However, don't let this hinder your training and progress - why not take a look at our guide of the best treadmill desks, that way you can stay warm and maintain your training schedule.

#11 - Reebok LED Running Vest

best reflective running vest

Price: £19.99

It is fair to look for a reliable brand when searching for a Hi Vis running vest that is budget friendly, without compromising on quality. 

Reebok has always been renowned for this. They offer a product that promises that you can stay safe, be seen and run in the night.

It is created using a lightweight and breathable high visibility fabric making it ideal for your running activities in the hot weather. More importantly, it ensures that you are seen by vehicles and other runners.

A unique part of this running vest is that you can use the LED light feature which has removable front and rear options. This produces a crystal clear illumination from every angle ensuring you feel safe during your late night or early morning run. 

Not only do you have the option of an LED light, but for dim conditions you can still rest assured that you're seen by any traffic or pedestrians with its reflective silver accents. 

The mesh lining boasts a comfortable fit, all the while the cutaway design allows for breathability and doesn't restrict your movement

This running vest has the potential of a high end running vest without the price tag, it is perfect for seasoned runners or new runners looking for a budget friendly yet high quality product.

#12 - Karrimor Run Vest

reflective safety vest for running

Price: £9.99

If you’re looking for a running vest with reflective features, colour options, a good reputation and the backing from reflective running vest reviews online - look no further as this entry from Karrimor has all of that, plus more covered.

This pink reflective running vest stands out from the crowd with its colourful design and smooth black and silver lines. Anybody searching for a hi vis running vest that’s a little more stylish than the standard yellow fare, will love the sleek design and the easy to use touch and close fastenings.

Karrimor’s product is a genuine joy to wear. Not only do the fastenings make it easy to adjust, but the aerodynamic design feels streamlined. It moulds to the shape of your body without ever impeding movement, and the open sides leave plenty of room for motion.

The fit is unisex, so it’s perfect for men and women alike. Karrimor uses strips to make their running vests reflective. They’re located across the front, shoulders and around the waist, offering near full body coverage. Mesh makes up the rest of the vest, and it too has a slight sheen which grants a little more reflectivity. 

Mesh has a lot of advantages, most notably how breathable and light it is. We loved the convenience of simply strapping the vest over our existing kit and then tightening as appropriate. There’s no excessive faffing with zips, and negligible amounts of added weight since the mesh construct is as light as a feather.

This also happens to be one of the most universally available running reflective vests on the list. Karrimor offers international shipping on all their products, so there’s no need for anybody to miss out. If you’re looking for a low cost, budget friendly option with excellent build quality, then we can heartily recommend this vest.

#13 - Lumefit High Visibility Vest

reflective vests for running

Price: £15.99

A regular name on reflective running vest reviews online, this reflective LED running vest has a truly premium feel and packs a huge punch in a relatively small price tag. 

While most reflective running vests contain one or two reflective elements, this one actually has three. In addition to the obvious LED lights, the material itself is fluorescent, and it’s treated with a special optical resin fibre for even more glow. The result of this is 360 degree visibility from more than 750 yards away!

The visibility factor of this belted offering is even more impressive considering how small this reflective led running vest is. It fits more like a pair of braces, with a secure strap around the waist to hold it in place. The strap is, of course, fully adjustable, so you’ll be able to find a fit that suits you.

The benefit of its scaled back, very minimalist design is that it takes problems like moisture build up completely out of the equation. The vest adds neither height nor another layer, so you can simply slip it on over your existing kit and you’re good to go. Due to its size, you can guarantee it will not impede your running in the slightest.

Those piercing LED lights have two settings: a steady flash and a much more striking rapid flash. We think the steady flash is perfect for most low light conditions, but if it gets even darker rapid flash will ensure that you remain fully visible at all times - this is an impressive feature and one that we  believe justifies giving the Lumefit the title of best running reflective vest.

You may recognise this item from our guide on the best running lights, however, we simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to recommend it again as it truly is an impressive product every runner needs.

You’ll struggle to find a more reflective running vest for this price, and the combination of fluorescent material, LED lights and double optical resin fibre make this vest one of the brightest around and easy entry for the best reflective vest for running.

#14 - Runner's Goal VizMax

running vests reflective

Price: £41.07

While this entry from Vismax mightn't be the cheapest offering for reflective vests for running on our list, it comes with quite a few benefits that more than justify the price tag. The unique selling point is the sizing. Most of the other hi vis running vests reviewed here market themselves as being one size fits all, but VizMax opts for a different approach.

An impressive 6 straps mean that the vest can be adjusted to any shape or size, and easily worn over other layers. There’s no doubt that the fit is the best on the list, and this brings several benefits. Overly loose vests that flap as you run are just as irritating as constructive ones, but the fit offered by the VizMax is second to none.

This level of customisation does make it somewhat fiddly to use, but once you’ve found your size things do become substantially easier. It certainly isn’t a vest that you can simply slip on and off on a whim, but it's made from only premium, durable materials which will last for many years.

For the avid runners who don't allow a low energy day hinder get in the way of their routine, you may find our guide on the best hydration tablets to fuel your body a beneficial read.

In terms of reflectivity, this hi vis mesh running vest uses 100% reflective grey mesh with a yellow trim. It’s a nice twist on the more traditional bright yellow vest, and we think it’s one of the more stylish pieces that you'll find. The grey is actually much closer to silver when it lights up, so it looks quite futuristic on the road!

If fit is a major concern, and you’re tired of hi vis running vests that are either too loose or too tight, then this piece of apparel from VizMax will certainly appeal. Whether you can justify spending the excess cash is a matter of personal choice, but if you do take the plunge you won’t be disappointed.

#15 - Ultimate Performance Racing Vest

running reflective vests

Price: £14.99

As product descriptions go, Ultimate Performance is one of the most impressive. This reflective safety vest for running is as bright as 500 candles! That’s obviously some extreme illumination, and all the more impressive given that it's one of the most unobtrusive products on the list.

The design is small and compact. It fastens securely around the middle of your upper body, just below the chest, so it doesn’t take up too much space or generate excess drag. The strap is adjustable, but this is one of the snugger fitting hi vis running vests on the list, which is no bad thing since there’s nothing more frustrating than poorly fitted running clothes that interfere with your movements. 

While it is a much snugger fit, it still allows you to wear over a good quality top. If you need some inspiration, we have a full article focused on the best running tops for men, women and kids in 2020.

Such a contoured reflective running vest is hard to come by, and we were big fans of the aerodynamic fit, which will appeal to more serious athletes. The fabric of this hi vis running vest is light and breathable, and features a series of silver reflective strips (as well as the fluorescence of the material itself) which promise to make this an extremely bright piece of apparel. Running with the equivalent of 500 candles is certainly enough to see you through even the darkest conditions!

There are some downsides, however, most notable of which is that the lightweight reflective running vest is hand wash only, so it is a little more difficult to care for. Similarly, if you like your hi vis running vests with a loose fit then this probably isn’t the one for you. Aside from that though, it’s an exceptionally bright, quietly stylish offering with an aerodynamic design. 

#16 - Atlecko 360°

reflective running vest with lights

Price: £24.99

For those shopping for a more minimal, understated running safety vest with reflective features, this addition from Atlecko has all your needs covered. 

This running reflective vest has a very unique, somewhat space age design that’s immediately eye catching. The belt is standard fare, straps around the waist and is adorned with reflective strips, but it's the vest itself that really sets this kit apart. Two strips of LED lights cover your whole torso, and they glow in vivid, aquatic blue.

The colour contrast of yellow and silver belt with neon blue is quite striking and will certainly make you stand out on the road. Traditional yellow fluorescence is all well and good, but the blue ensures an extra bit visibility simply because it’s more unusual. 

80 plus hours of battery life means that you won’t have to worry about the lights suddenly giving out on this running hi vis vest, and there are three speed settings to choose from to suit your needs. The default solid option offers two long strips of light covering your back and front, and you can also set the lights to blink or strobe, which is enough to pierce through even dense, nighttime fog.

With a reflective safety vest for running this bright, no lighting conditions will ever be able to hold you back. Better still, the fabric is so light as to be barely noticeable, and it’s super breathable. Both lights and belts are water resistant too, a feature missing from a surprising number of LED hi vis running vests. 

As we approach the end of our shortlist, if you need further inspiration on how to upgrade your running wardrobe, be sure to check out our ultimate guide on the best running gear 2020 has to offer.

Anybody looking for a lightweight reflective running vest that’s a little different from the rest will love this apparel from Atlecko. It looks cool, and the three light settings are more than enough to take on any conditions.

#17 - Lumenglow™ Hi-Vis Dog Jacket

good reflective dog running vest

Price: £35.75

Drawing our list to a close is a dog running vest, so that you can take your furry companion out no matter the time of day.

Plenty of avid runners love to run with their dog, it is a convenient way to get your exercise and theirs in during the day. So if you're looking for a good dog reflective running vest - this is a perfect option. 

Coming in 3 different colours, you can dress your dog up so they can stay safe and at your side during your run. The durable shell offers light weather protection and includes a leash portal for wearing over a harness, so you don't have to worry about buying new leads or harnesses as additional costs.

The side release buckles make it super easy to use, so you don't have to induce any unnecessary stress to your dog when getting them ready to go out - plus, we all know how excited our puppies can get when heading out so it is essential that getting it on and off is as simple as possible!

It is completely weather resistant and comes in a range of sizes so no matter your breed, you can head out with your best friend by your side. So if you're a dog lover and want to keep them safe during their daily exercise and yours, why not get some matching Hi Vis running vests?


best hi vis running vests

What are the benefits of a hi vis running vest?

The benefits of reflective running vests may be blindingly obvious; the main prerogative of hi vis clothing is, of course, safety. By making yourself more visible to motorists and cyclists, the possibility of incidents can be minimised. 

Regardless of the environment you are running in, whether it be next to a main road, a country lane or a quiet neighbourhood, high visibility should still be a priority. When running in a more rural environment, you may be more exposed to dark roads with tight bends and unlit tracks, but the same risks apply when running in busier urban areas, as they often consist of low-lit streets and shadowed pavements.

Your passion for running shouldn’t have to stop just because the nights are drawing in and the temperature is getting lower - and that is where reflective running vests come in.

It is important to note, hi vis reflective vests aren't just beneficial to those late nights or early morning runs, and it can actually be advantageous to wear high visibility clothing even during the daylight hours. Hi vis running gear simply ensures other road users can see you in all lighting conditions; there really are no downsides to it.

hi vis running vest products

Is it illegal to run at night without a hi vis running vest?

While it is not a legal requirement to wear high visibility clothing when running, it could well be sensible if you’re intending to run alongside busy roads and dark neighbourhoods to ensure drivers and cyclists can spot you and therefore avoid any accidents.  

Should I buy a reflective running vest?

Now you know the benefits of reflective running vests, we’re sure you will agree with us in saying that they will only act as a positive addition to your running gear. If you want to optimise your safety and ensure that drivers and cyclists can spot you on those morning and evening runs, we would strongly advise you to layer up with some specialist reflective hi vis gear.

Before You Go!

And there you have it, our 17 top choices for the best hi vis and reflective running vest products on the UK market right now. 

As we have covered, reflective gear should be an essential part of your running attire, especially if you prefer to get the miles in during the darker mornings and evenings. We understand that the traditional luminous yellow hi vis running vest isn’t to everyone’s taste, but we feel confident that we have provided you with enough versatile options so you can run safely while still maintaining a stylish and practical look. 

For those of you who have been considering a career change as of recently and been toying with the idea of dipping your foot into the fitness industry, then why not get the ball rolling right now? Here at OriGym, we offer a multitude of personal training courses, so check out our options or download our prospectus now and see what we have to offer you.

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