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19 Best Running Backpacks (2019)

So you are looking for the best running backpack? It can be difficult to choose the right one as there are many things to consider. Whether in terms of size or comfortability, as a runner, you potentially need all of these things!

If you are planning to run to work, a secure backpack is essential to put all of your belongings in one safe place.

OriGym has narrowed down the best trail running backpacks for your benefit, so you don’t have to do the research!  

Of course, there will be some overlap between people who would want to use this as a backpack for running or those who are commuters. Therefore, we’ve picked a mixture for your needs! We've created a running backpack review for each product, so this ensures you can make an informed decision.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to see our definitive list! But before you do, why not turn your passion for running into a new and exciting career and look up how to become a Personal Trainer or fitness instructor (UK) first. 

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1. NatureHike 15L Running Backpack 

Price: £16.90

Running backpack nature hike

The NatureHike product is the ultimate waterproof running backpack and tear resistant product on the market! With the nylon fabric used with the product, it ensures the safety of anything inside the bag.

This has to be one of the best hydration backpack for running as it can be used as a water holder. However, the water bladder is not included as it is sold separately.

The functionality and look of the bag means that anyone can use it as its sporty look and choice of colours means that you can stand out from the crowd.  The bag can be used as a mens or womens running backpack.

This relative small running backpack can be used not only for long distance runs but for also people who want to commute to and from work.

The 15L running backpack storage means that even if you are commuting to work, all the necessary items for your working day can be stored in the bag. The adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps ensure ultimate comfort.

This has to be one of the best backpack for running to work on the market as in terms of price, the RRP starts from £16.90. The hydration bladder which is sold separately retails at £9.98.

For its price, you can be ensured definite value for money for the functionality and look of the bag.

2.Aonijie Outdoor backpack

Price: £22.81

Running backpack Anojie 2

The Aonijie Outdoor has one of the best ultra running backpack on the market, its firm, breathable, light and durable material ensures comfortability to anyone who wears the product.

There is a reflective stripe on the bag that will become luminous when any ray of light be shined on to the bag. This means that this backpack will be safe at night.

There is multi-functional pockets and pouches that can store items like keys or any items that are relatively small. 

What is great about this product is there’s an external main strap to store water bottle so you do not need to worry about fitting all of the items in the main pocket. This will be the perfect running hydration backpack!

The shoulder bands and waist bands are completely adjustable so it’s perfect for men and women for ultimate comfort.

The emergency card slot is the shoulder strap which you can write down your personal information for emergency purposes especially if you are on long runs. 

If you are commuting, do not worry, the capacity of 5L is perfect for any small items to be put inside there.

The prices for the small running backpack varies from £22.81 depending on colours. The water bladder is included which can be chosen in up to 6 colours so it would be suitable for men and women.

3.Karrimor Unisex Backpack

Price: £19.99

Running backpack karrimor

Karrimor have a fantastic backpack is perfect for men and women. Due to it’s large 15L capacity is perfectly designed for long runners and commuters. 

The large compartment coupled with a zip and open mesh compartments for all the belongings you need to put in.

The Karrimor backpack also features ventilated shoulder straps with a padded backpack to ensure comfortability. The wind tunnel ventilation is perfect for running to help breathability between your top and bag. 

The shock cords are installed on the bag to make sure all items are secure within the bag. A sternum and hip belt clip is also on the bag to ensure even on long runs, the bag is not moving about everywhere.

This product has reflective detail so running will be completely safe at night.

In terms of price, it’s RRP is £19.99 and comes in 2 colours, so it’s definitely a more affordable small running backpack to buy on Amazon. 

4.Salomon Agile Backpack

Price: £57.95

Running backpack Salomon

The Salomon Agile trail running backpack is a tailored fit for medium to long distance running or any intensive sports.

On the outside of the bag, the one zip pocket on the outside is perfect for keys or energy bars, there is one compartment for a water bladder. 

On the inside of the bag, there is one main compartment for clothes and other accessories like a wallet or mobile phone.   

There is a comfortable structure to prevent any chafing. There is an EVA foam padded back and has a shoulder straps with ventilation channels to ensure comfort. This is a perfect mens running backpack. 

The air vent technology on the back and the adjustable belt and chest strap also aids comfort and prevent any additional sweat.

The 6 litres capacity of the bag ensures that this is a perfect as people can use the product to run to and from work. The lightweight backpack also has 2 flexible insulated bottles for essentials liquids on your runs.

The RRP of the backpack is at £57.95 some might say this won’t be the best ultra running backpack as its quite expensive. However, due to the comfortability of the product and the state of the art technology, this is value for money.

5.Andes 2 Litre Backpack

Price: £15.99

running backpack Andes

Andes has brilliant product suited for men and women, the renowned camping goods company provides camping goods at fantastic prices. 

This product is perfect for any outdoor activity and due to the material of tough and durable polyester, the bag is made to last. 

The fully adjustable should and chest straps would mean anyone would get the perfect fit and it’s very comfortable whilst running. 

The bag has 3 compartments so you could easily fit clothes in the bag if you were commuting. The small compartment is very handy with keys phones or any smaller items that can be stored safely. 

This has to be one of the best hydration backpack for running as it has an easy on and off valve so even on your long runs. The pack will not leak essential hydration, the hydration pack is 2L big which fits perfectly within the backpack.

The lightness of the bag being at 460g when empty means that this bag could be perfect for any medium to long distance runner who really needs a light bag to transport their fluids in their running backpack in the UK.

In terms of price, the RRP is at £15.99 which is a pretty affordable backpack. The backpack comes in 9 colours which means that you can stand out from any race or competition!

6. IAMRUNBOX Backpack Pro 2.0

Price: £138.91


If you’re looking for a running backpack for commuting, look no further than the Backpack Pro 2.0 from IAMRUNBOX. 

The Backpack Pro 2.0 is a water resistant backpack, meaning it can keep the rain at bay - to an extent.  

The backpack even comes with a clothes folder to quickly fold your garments if you decide to go for a run. Also, it comes with a molle strap system, and the bag design creates extra capacity outside of the backpack for anything else you want to bring with you. 

The bag will fit your body thanks to the adjustable straps on either side and its secure fit will prevent contents within your bag from bouncing around. 

For the price of £138.91, you’re getting a stylish yet practical bag, definitely one to add to your birthday or Christmas wishlist.

7. Salomon Backpack

Price: £150.00

Running backpack Salomon 2

This is another Salomon product which is unlike others on the market, this 5L running backpack is perfect for any on the go person or an exper. 

This running hydration backpack has a bladder which is BPA free and FDA approved. The water bladder has passed a pneumatic pressure test, 24 hour swing test and 24 hour vibration test. This means that even on uneven surfaces whilst running, the hydration bladder protects from any leakage and spillages.

The adjustable shoulder straps helps you make the backpack fit perfectly and prevent it from moving side to side whilst running, the wide webbed shoulder straps help reduce the burden of your shoulder and help spread the weight evenly.

The design of this product is amazing, there are two layers and a reflective design. One compartment for the liquid contain and the other for smaller items such as phones, keys, purses or wallets. Unfortunately, it may be a tight squeeze to fit in any other type of clothing if you are commuting to work.

The product is made of high quality material, it’s lightweight, breathable and most importantly has a mesh back panel. This means that even if you are running long distances, you’ll know that your backpack will not have any excessive sweat.

What’s fantastic about this product is that if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, you just need to let the company know and they’ll issue you with a full refund.

In terms of price, this product is one of the best on the market as the RRP is £150.00 The backpack can be chosen in a choice of 4 colours so it’s suitable for both men and women. 

8.Berghaus TwentyFourSeven Plus Backpack

Price: £29.00 - £31.00

Running backpack Berghaus 1

This Berghaus product is a fantastic commuter running backpack. There are internal organisers and pockets within the backpack to keep all the essentials in one secure place. 

The vented foam flow back system lets your skin breathe even when your exercising. The durable polyester fabric prevents and scuffs or marks on the bag so you know it’s a very good quality backpack. 

There is a hydration system installed, however the water bladder is not included. This would mean the backpack is perfect for commuters on the go. 

Due to the 25L capacity of the backpack, this is unsuitable for long distance runners and medium distance as it may be a little too big to run with. The product also has shock cords to make items even more secure.

In terms of price, the RRP is between £29.00 and £31.00 so it’s a reasonably priced backpack. This specific Berghaus product has been chosen as an Amazon Choice so it definitely has to be considered as one of the best backpack for running to work. 

9. Nike Running Backpack 

Price: £49.95

running backpack nike

This Nike running backpack is perfect for both commuters and runners alike, it’s the go anywhere backpack which offers a sleek stylish look with exceptional performance of any  on the market. 

It’s fantastic as a commuter running backpack who just need it to take their stuff to and from work. This could be for keen runners who just want something lightweight to bring with them on their run.

The Nike running backpack provides several pockets for hand storage and organisation. With its 10L storage capacity, you can fit any additional clothes within the backpack. Within the backpack there’s a smaller compartment to fit any other smaller items like a wallet or phone.

This product is also a waterproof running backpack and tear resistant, which is fantastic if the weather takes a turn for the worse or if you are doing any trail long distance running.

The product has breathable mesh shoulder straps and adjustable straps to provide ultimate comfort whilst running. It’s good to note the bag is reinforced by bar tracking to reduce stress points and increase the longevity of the backpack.

Price wise, it has to be one of the best on the market as it’s RRP is £49.95, the usability of the backpack and that it can be used for other things such as camping or hiking. It’s great value for money. 

The bag comes in a choice of the colour black and the bag is suitable for both men running backpack and womens running backpack in the uk.

10. Asics Lightweight Backpack

Price: £40.00

Running backpack asics 1

Asics are a well known brand that designs running shoes, the comfortable backpack is designed to fit the body with any running top. This bag is perfect as a commuter running backpack. 

There is extensive padding on the back and shoulder straps, there is mesh material to ensure breathability between any running top and the bag, this will aid with running with a backpack. 

The Asics bag also has handy side access pockets so you don’t have to open the backpack whilst running. There’s also a bungee cord to ensure security if you have anything on the front.

The Asics product provides a 360-degree reflectivity so even at night you’ll know that any light rays will shine on the backpack when you are running.

There’s also a front strap to ensure even when you are running, the backpack will not move and will securely stay in place.

In terms of price,  the RRP £40.00 and the colour is quite restricted as it only comes in one colour. This bag is suitable for both men and womens running backpack.

11. Mammut Lithium Speed Backpack

Price: £89.00

Running backpack mammut

If you’re looking for one of the best commuter running backpack, Mammut has got a fantastic product which is very lightweight, the shoulder straps have a highly breathable EVA shoulder padding to prevent sweat from collecting on the shoulders. 

Mammut have also got a good back ventilation thanks to stamped EVA foam, this ensures even a run to and from work, your back well be well ventilated.

There is also a forward hip belt adjustment to prevent any bag movement whilst you are running.

The large compartment can hold any spare clothes with ease, there is also a smaller compartment for any smaller items like wallets or phones. What’s interesting there’s a special key holder so you do not have to find it all the way at the bottom of the bag! 

In terms of colour, there’s a choice of up to 8 colours so there’s plenty to choose from. The price of the product varies £89.00 so it is quite expensive to invest in a backpack. However, due to the quality of the product, it would be a bag that you’d use for years to come!

12.Aonijie Hydration Running Backpack

Price: £29.40

Running backpack Aonijie

Another amazing running backpack from Aonijie, this bag is amazing as it has multiple pockets to give you all the space to store your essentials. This can be anything from a spare set of clothes to a phone, this bag is perfect for commuters.

The adjustable shoulder straps ensure ultimate comfort whilst running, there is a  chest support for even distribution of weight. This will help in any run as it would not slow you down. 

It’s a very light weight backpack and is perfect with a 1.5L water bladder.This has to be one of the best hydration backpack for running as it is key when you are going for long runs. Of course, it can be used for other outdoor activities such as cycling. 

There are reflective strips for safe running at night time, so any ray of light will alert potential drivers that you are there. This 5L running backpack is perfect for on the go individuals. 

What’s good about this product is that the bag is true to size so there’s an option for a Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. This means that both men and women can purchase the product. 

In terms of price the RRP is £29.40, this is a reasonably priced product however it’s value for money due to the free hydration bladder which can cost extra in some products.  

13. Osprey Duro 1.5

Price: £75.00

Osprey has a unique product which is made out of water resistant polyester nylon with a durable strap clip. The material offers fabric absorption so even on rainier of days, the backpack can withstand it!

The bag has a relatively large capacity which can hold any additional clothes. It’s perfect for a distance runner. This is a perfect attribute for a mens running backpack or womens running backpack.  

There is padded ventilation on the straps which helps people who are running added comfort which always is needed especially if you are on a long run. The adjustable strap ensures that it can fit all sizes and it comes in a range of 5 colours and the RRP at £75.00, it’s definitely value for money.

14. Berghaus Backpack

Price: £25.00

Running backpack berghaus 2

This Berghaus backpack is perfect for the medium – short distance runner. The backpack is great for storage for those who want to commute as well! It’s one of the best hydration backpack for running. 

The material of the backpack is water resistant to an extent and can keep rain at bay. This is perfect for runs when the weather takes a turn for the worse! This is an amazing over 25L running backpack! 

The lightweight rucksack is adjustable for comfort by shoulder straps and this means that your backpack would be secure whilst running.

The backpack had thick padding to relieve any pressure on the back which is perfect for long distance running as any keen runner would know to watch your step and concentrate on your breathing.

The backpack is fantastic as it has reflective stripes on the back, in terms of price, the RRP is £25.00 and can be chosen in up to 5 colours which means you can stand out from the crowd in your next race or commute!

15. Osprey Duro 6

Price: £90.00

Running backpack Osprey

The Osprey can be used be any running enthusiast. The product includes thermal insulation which helps prevent any water freeze within winter and keeps vital cold water from heating up in hot weather. 

The Osprey backpack unlike other backpacks on the market, a military grade durability which will keep your belongings safe. With the bag only weighing under 1kg, it ensures that you are not carrying any additional weight on your run.

The Osprey trail running backpack is designed with an additional sternum strap which aids keeping the shoulder straps in place. This will help with your backpack not jumping around whilst you are on your run. 

The running backpack also includes a port for the hose to feed through on your long-distance run. Even though the water bladder is not included, it’s a neat idea to keep everything in place.

The backpack is fully ventilated with a suspended mesh material. This will keep you and your backpack cooler and drier even on those hot days! An amazing attribute for womens running backpack in the uk or mens running backpack. 

In terms of price, the RRP is £90.00 and for the price, it’s definitely one of the ultra running backpack to go for. 

16.Naturehike Running Backpack

Price: £26.00

Running backpack naturehike 2

The fell running backpack is one of the best on the market for any keen runner or commuter.

The waterproof running backpack includes water resistant nylon fabric which is well fitted on your back without any restraint.

The backpack is made with stretch fabrics and with the backpack only weight 325G, it is one of the lightest on the market. The mesh material aids any sweat absorption on your runs which helps your skin breath.

With the 12L capacity it’s deceptively large in size which means if you are a commuter who wants to run to and from work, a spare change of clothes can be fitted inside the bag.

Unlike any other bag on the market, there’s an opportunity for 4 water bladder pockets to be fitted in and around the bag, this means that it’s perfect for running especially on those hot days. The water bladder does not come with the bag unfortunately.

The strap is completely adjustable, so you can alter the tightness to reduce any shoulder burden whilst you are on long runs.

The product comes in 2 colours green and orange, although it may be not the most conventional of colours, you would definitely stand out from the crowd.

The RRP is £26.00 so for under £30.00, it’s definitely one of the best trail running backpack on the market due to the potential amount of water bladders that can be included whilst you are on your run.

17. Asics TR Core Backpacks

Price: £30.00

Asics has a brilliant commuter running backpack which  has multiple storage compartments which is ideal for storing keys, clothes or even a camera. This backpack is perfect for any commuter who wants to go for runs.

This bag has an extra space which boasts an additional compartment at the base for carrying shoes, as well as a laptop sleeve, ideal for your morning commute. 

The additional padding is perfect to help with any discomfort whilst wearing the backpack. The increased air circulation will help you perform better whilst running and reduce any sweat areas that you would normally find.

This bag is lightweight and duarable and is a reliable choice for any keen runner, the slick logo ensures that you would look for everyday look as well as workout wardrobe. 

In terms of price the RRP is £30.00 and the colour is limited to 2 colours however due to the adjustable straps, this backpack is suitable to both men and women running backpack.

18.Zomake Ultra Lightweight Backpack

Price: From £12.99

Running backpack Zomak

Zomake have made a foldable backpack which is perfect for commuters or long distance runners. The high quality material is tear and water resistant. This is our running backpack review of Zomake: 

It’s compact, can be folded into an inner zipped pocket, which is super easy to transport and carry anywhere with you.

The 25L capacity is amazing as you can fit all additional clothing in the backpack with ease and with the weight at 275G so the backpack won’t hold you back even if you are on a long run.

The backpack has breathable straps to help relieve any stress from the shoulder. The sponge padding helps you feel comfortable on any room. The backpack is very durable as there’s strengthened stitching on over 26 places to ensure your bag will not rip.

There are zippers which are invisible which can be opened or closed in two opposite directions at the same time, which is handy to save you time.  There are also two mesh side compartments which are perfect for water bottles to be placed there.

What’s fantastic about this product is it’s got a lifetime warranty so if you have any problems with the backpack, you just need to contact them and you can either get a replacement or full refund which is completely free.

In terms of price it starts from £12.99 and the backpack has such diverse colour options on our list, the colours come in 12 colours so you definitely should be able to choose your favourite colour.

It’s definitely one of the best running backpack for commuting if you are running to and from work.

19.Asics 10l Running Backpack

Price: £45.00

Running backpack asics 2

Asics is already listed previously in the product review, however, this is a very unique backpack. There is a padded mesh back piece which provides superior comfort and enhances breathability. This is perfect for mens running backpack for long-distance.

The moisture-wicking properties ensures that the wicks are fast drying so even on your sweatiest runs, you will not feel uncomfortable.

On the backpack, there are abdominal and sternum straps which are elasticated to help any runner to adjust their backpack very easily and comfortably.

There is a large zip compartment which provides extra storage space for an additional top and any large essentials, an ideal companion for any long runs! 

This can be suited for runners and commuters as it contains a 10L backpack. Perfect to fold away spare clothes in your backpack. The backpack also comes with a hydration reservoir pocket perfect for long distance runners.  

In terms of price, the RRP is £45.00. This is perfect for men and women running backpack as the colours comes in a number of colours. 

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So you’ve now seen the best backpacks for running, and we hope you find the right one for you!

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