43 Best Running Blogs of 2021

43 Best Running Blogs

Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned racer, the best running blogs have much to offer in terms of community, performance, and guidance. But knowing which running blogs would best benefit you and your goals can be even trickier than going for a run in the first place! 

Here at OriGym, we’ve done the legwork for you. From beginner tips for the newbies, to trail running and ultra running blogs for those who have delved into specialist areas, there is sure to be a blog featured in this list that caters for you. 


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Why Do People Read Running Blogs?

There may be several reasons to seek out a running blog, many people have certain needs and goals that can only be provided through the teachings of another. Running blogs provide this through a chance to become part of a wider community of passionate people with similar interests to you. 

Those amongst the top running blogs have a bright following of people from all walks of life who offer different perspectives.

Running blogs for beginners are brilliant resources that can provide everything you need to know, from product reviews and must-buy items to tips and tricks to avoid injury and improve your technique. They are also an excellent source of motivation and inspiration to keep you working and training hard and building on new milestones and achievements. 

Trail running blogs and marathon running blogs are ideal for those looking for something more specific and prefer a more unique form of running, and are a welcoming place for newbies and experienced runners alike. Overall, reading blogs about running is incredibly reassuring as they provide runners with a resource or person to who they can relate, share their interests, and whose experiences they can learn from.

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The Best General Blogs About Running

#1 - Ali on the Run 

If you’re looking for a site that is interactive and engaging, Ali on the Run is a brilliant blog about running which shares hundreds of podcasts that you can listen to while you run. 

For our list of recommended podcasts to listen to whilst out on run check out OriGym’s list of the 39 best running podcasts

Ali started the blog to ‘find friends and build a community of like-minded people to connect with. Over the years, the blog has evolved to include more of her personal life, from stories about her husband and her daughter to living with Crohn’s disease.

Unlike other top running blogs, Ali on the Run focuses on the people behind the passion. Her podcast shares stories about people from all walks of life who share a passion for running in their personal or professional lives. 

Ranging from an orchestra conductor, a Walmart truck driver, to an Ironman duo, her podcasts are engaging for all listeners. She also has several series with doctors and experts, running couples and other mothers for you to enjoy. 

Her blog posts predominantly cover the wider running world. Outside of her own running Ali has been invited to cover Olympic Marathon trials, along with commentating on other races. She has posted answers to FAQs asked by her followers as well as her own race recaps and thoughts on different races across the country.

#2 - 366 Days of Running 

The 366 Days of Running blog was started by Nicole Stirling as a way to hold herself accountable for a challenge she set herself in 2012, in which she pledged to run at least 3k every day of the leap year. During her progress, she caught the running bug and has since run marathons and other races all over the world.

Her blog now offers training plans and advice to keep you motivated. Her training plan is designed to help you succeed. It includes activity worksheets, meal planners, a workout tracker, and much more to help you achieve your goals - a great running blog for those who are slightly more hands-on and looking for resources that can help them improve. 

Included is also a list of recommendations for training gear and books she has read that are all about running; a great running blog resource for those looking for some extra reading. 

Nicole has also turned her own challenge into something you can do, offering a free printable 366 day tracker to monitor your progress. It is a great way for anyone to get involved in setting attainable goals and seeing results. 

#3 - A Trail Runner's Blog

Scott Dunlap’s trail running and ultra running blog is an excellent find if you’re looking to see someone’s personal journey and training regimes. Scott is an American expat who moved to Austria and took up trail running to meet people and see more of the Austrian outdoors.

Scott doesn’t offer technical running advice as he primarily posts about his own training, and shares his routes via the popular app Strava. He has a small section on the gear that he is currently using, as well as a list of his upcoming races for the year. 

Whilst this is a trail running blog, Scott uses it to post about his thoughts and opinions on various topics and news headlines. He has recently discussed Covid’s impact on trail running and the mental health impacts of the pandemic.

So if you’re after a running blog which doesn’t have a holistic focus, and instead chooses to focus on a variety of topics, then we’d strongly recommend checking out Scott’s blog.

#4 - Taking The Long Way Home 

Taking the long way home is another running blog that is a great option if you are interested in following along with someone’s personal journey, or are alternatively looking for honest reviews of products. Wendy is a keen runner and crossfitter, who mixes the two with strength training for a fuller fitness regime.

This is not solely a blog on running tips, the content expanded to cover other topics following Wendy diagnosis with rheumatoid arthritis. This led to her frequently posting about training around her condition, and she has a full section of helpful resources if you need more information. 

She has included a small recipe section for smoothies which have helped her incorporate more fruit and vegetables into her diet. Additionally, her ‘I Read it’ section details several books she has reviewed about running and motivation, and she has done the same with equipment in her ‘I Tried it’ tab. 

Outside of this, Wendy also posts more open pieces about social issues to invite discussion and comments, which has helped her connect with her followers and create a sense of community in her blog. 

#5 - Runner's World

Runner’s world is one of the most popular running blogs worldwide and even works to complement the print magazine. This is a great all rounder running and jogging blog, with posts suitable for a complete beginner to a seasoned pro. 

The site also has a huge range of contributors who can share advice and information on nearly every subject imaginable. These topics cover everything from how to search for tips on forums, to researching injury prevention tricks.

Runner’s World also has a dedicated section of their blog to how running differentiates for women to men, with specific articles being created to target both genders. They also have a great section dedicated to trail running blog posts, which will share information related to how you can get started and the safest trails. 

If you like to watch the sport as well as participate, Runner’s World also has great news articles covering all major sporting events, such as the Olympic Athletic Trials. Runner’s World has a huge international following just waiting to give you the information and guidance you seek.

#6 - Let's Get Running 

Let’s Get Running is a top UK running blog aimed at workplaces and employers, with the goal of getting employees exercising rather than be stuck behind their desks for hours on end. 

The company was founded in 2011 by Shaun Dixon, a former England and GB distance runner turned coach who had experience in the office and knew the importance of moving during the work day.

With a goal of group fitness, this running blog is more than personal advice, but a place for people to get together with their colleagues. Physical activity has been proven to reduce stress and increase overall fitness and mental health, something Shaun and his company are keen to promote with other employers. 

The running blog also shares various running tips to help you improve your form, as well as providing mental health advice for those of you who may be suffering from depression or anxiety following the recent lockdown. 

Alongside this, there are a series of podcasts with different British runners both young and old. These people are invited to share their stories to encourage and motivate you to get running.

#7 - Dr. Nick's Running Blog 

Dr. Nick’s running blog is the perfect starting place if you’re looking for professional advice on injury prevention. Dr Nick is a podiatrist (foot doctor) specialising in foot and ankle surgery and has a wealth of knowledge specific to running injuries. 

Did you know that running downhill is the cause of a significantly high rate of running injuries. For tips on how you run safely and prevent this, click here for our listicle detailing 13 tips for running downhill. 

Dr. Nick is a passionate runner who decided to start his blog to help others run safely. On the blog he writes about how to help prevent common injuries by teaching you topics such as how to improve your running form, and what is the correct footwear for your sport. 

His blog covers a variety of common runner’s issues like knee pain and achilles tendonitis, and he gives general advice on how to prevent injuries, but also the best ways to treat or manage an existing condition. 

Dr. Nick’s running blog also includes footwear reviews to help you choose trainers that are right for you. He even discusses the benefits of barefoot running on your posture and running form.

#8 - The Science of Running 

The Science of Running is a running blog aimed at covering everything you could want to know about the physiology and psychology of running. Steve is a performance coach who has worked with professional athletes as well as ordinary people to achieve their sporting goals. 

Most running and jogging blogs offer technical advice to improve your form, speed or nutritional intake. However, Steve focuses on the mental and physical challenges that come with running and how to overcome them safely. 

Speaking of challenges, if you want to be a part of a fun running activity why not challenge yourself to an obstacle course. OriGym has curated a list of the best obstacle courses in the UK, all of which are sure to provide plenty of laughter and fun.

Steve has multiple articles dedicated to improving your mental health in terms of racing and running, by discussing topics such as getting back to running after a time out and how to fight fatigue in long distance running.

This is a really helpful running blog for any skill level, if you struggle with any aspect of your mental health, we strongly advise visiting Steve’s website.

#9 - She Runs This Town

running blogs

She Runs This Town is a running blog dedicated primarily to women who are looking to either take up running or have become a part of an online community. 

They have a free womens running club which has been active for 10 years! Along with the club is their blog space where they post about all things running, particularly what women will find useful.

Some of their posts include a virtual running course so that no matter where you are, you're able to become a part of an empowering community. 

Not only that, but most of all there is a heavy focus on motherhood. There are blogs for guidance on running strollers, and how to get the motivation back after a break due to pregnancy.

In fact, the creator of the blog allows you into how it all started. She found that running alone became boring and so, She Runs This Town was born and grew into a community of women alike who are feeling the benefits of being a part of a running community whether thats online or in person. 

The owner says that her goal is to:

motivate, inspire, celebrate, and encourage ALL women in ALL stages of life. We are aunts, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, and wives.

So if you're a lady looking to get motivated with like minded people, head over to their blog and find tons of empowering texts!

#10 - The Run Experience 

The Run Experience offers a wealth of tips and techniques to improve your running ability through their blog on running as well as training plans through their app. In addition to this, this running blog is largely made up of contributions from multiple coaches to give you the best advice possible.

The Run Experience is a top running blog for information about different styles of running, which covers distances ranging from 5k to marathons and how to effectively train for them. There is also advice relating to topics such as injury prevention and how to improve your running form safely.

Their app also offers audio workouts and a forum to ask questions to other site members, said forums can also be used for sharing tips and tricks you have discovered. 

So what are you waiting for? If you want to become part of a community of like-minded people working to improve their fitness, then join The Run Experience Family. 

#11 - Food Fitness Flora 

Food Fitness Flora is one of the most popular running blogs for athletes of all abilities. 

With a passion for mental health and sustainability in relation to running, Flora has made her site one of the top running blogs for those looking to be healthy and environmentally friendly. 

In addition to this, she offers great, healthy recipes for sweet treats and full meals, believing that healthy recipes shouldn’t be boring or contain too many obscure ingredients. Instead, Flora claims that her secret is making simple food that lets you enjoy everything in moderation.

Due to the fact that she leads an active lifestyle to complement her running, Flora also offers reviews and recommendations for specific gym classes, specifically focusing on practices that help her improve her running.  

As previously mentioned, Flora is passionate about sustainability, with many of her conversations centering around the environmental impact of running. These topics include issues such as what to do with old activewear and how to care for it sustainably. 

She also looks at the environmental impact of race culture, tackling topics such as single use plastic to fast fashion race t-shirts. If you’re looking for a blog about running that is invested in environmental protection, definitely go check out her tips and tricks. 

#12 - Fast Running

Fast Running is one of the best running blogs in the UK which focuses on bringing you content such as the latest news from professional athletics, all the way through to grassroots running clubs. The running blog aims to be the voice in the British and Irish running community keeping you up to date with developments from across the sport.

Fast Running also offers various articles covering health, motivation and training tips. The primary objective behind the blog is to provide you with the tools to make informed choices and improve your training. 

The site also has a section of the blog dedicated to interviews from professional athletes. Within this particular section, pro runners discuss the highs and lows of their careers, sharing stories and anecdotes for you to learn from.

The site’s main content focuses on news from the wider running community, including the UK Olympic trials. They also cover opinion pieces from female sports participation to sustainability practices for races. 

If you are looking to get involved with the UK and global running community, this is a running blog for you.

#13 - Runner Click

Runner Click is ideal if you’re looking for a running blog that provides reviews for activewear and running gear. The site’s contributors are passionate athletes who want to help you find the best equipment available on the market today.

To help with this very topic, Runner Click has great buying guides offering advice on what gear you need and what to wear for specific races. Runner Click reviews everything from the best running shoes to more affordable options that are great value for money. 

Whatsmore, their blog posts share training tips encouraging you to improve your practice. These posts range from how to maximise race days, to how you can train more effectively in the gym.

There is also a plethora of bonus resources for injuries and races, along with a ‘ask a running coach’ section to ask questions and receive expert answers. This is a useful resource and an excellent running blog for anything you could possibly want to know about running.

Best Trail Running Blogs

#14 - Trail Sisters 

As a trail running blog the Trail Sisters works to increase the participation of all women in trail running and aims to include and provide a safe space for women to train. Trail Sisters founder Gina Lucrezi wanted to provide a female voice in the often male-dominated world of hiking and trail running. 

If you’ve never heard of trail running, then give OriGym’s article which offers tips and guidance for all you trail running beginners

Trail Sisters has grown from a small start up releasing 1 article a week, to a vibrant community of runners online and in real life. Their articles include running routes across the US for both trail running and hiking, and safe camping spots for women. 

They also discuss safety tips for female runners and how to manage your mental health whilst out on the trail. If you are looking for more inspiration, the blog has also collected a series of films about women runners and their stories.

Trail Sisters have also created an event for their members to get involved with looking after the environment. They encourage members to take time to pick up litter and clean the trails for the good of everyone. So why not go check them out, and get out on the trail!

#15 - iRunFar 

If you’re looking for an inclusive and helpful community, this is the beginner trail running blog for you! 

As the name suggests iRunfar is an ultra and trail running blog, founded by Byron Powell, which has grown into a huge community of contributors and followers offering advice on everything you need to know about ultra and trail running. 

This running blog is packed with great advice organised in easy to read sections for you to find, covering topics such as ultramarathon running, how to start training, speedwork and how to prevent injuries. 

iRunfar also provides a trail running guide, which has more specific advice like hydration in hot weather and altitude training. When exercising outdoors you’re going to be caught in some bad weather conditions, be sure to plan ahead by reading OriGym’s article for advice on running in the rain

There are multiple contributors to the blog, which gives you different perspectives on just about any topic. They have built a community of coaches and experienced runners for you to learn from.

The Best Marathon Running Blogs

#16 - Lazy Girl Running 

This marathon running blog was founded by Laura Fountain, an Athletics coach and personal trainer who has helped hundreds of clients to start running with her unique online training guides and coaching techniques.

Laura has completed 20 marathons, but just over a decade ago she could barely run 400m. This is a great running blog for those of you who are marathon beginners as it shows how much progress you could make when you put in the work.

In addition to this, Lazy Girl Running posts a real variety of content, for example Laura has the marathon squad where she offers personalised training plans, one to one coaching sessions and monthly squad group chats where you can connect with other women. 

The site also offers shorter distance plans for 5k and 10k, with tips on how to improve your times for both distances. Her blog offers product reviews for running kit, and recommendations for what you will need. 

Laura posts workout videos that you can do at home, focusing on the areas you need to be a better runner. This blog is great if you are specifically looking for UK marathon running blogs, as Laura is based in the London area.

#17 - Fine, Fit, Day 

Fine Fit Day is a top marathon running blog for all abilities and is operated by Carly, a personal trainer and running coach. 

With experience in long-distance running, having completed 2 marathons and 16 half marathons along with dozens of shorter distances Carly is incredibly dedicated to her craft, you really couldn’t ask for a better teacher. 

Carly posts both running and workout advice, her section on running is split into different categories for ease of access. These include running tips and workouts for runners, which are easily accessible for beginners. 

Other articles cover topics such as recommendations for the best running gear for beginners, and which workouts are the best when you are starting to run.

More specifically, if you are looking for a blog about marathon running or a trail running blog for beginners, this is one of the best. At OriGym we have also created an article dedicated to teaching beginners how to train for a marathon

Fine Fit Day has also posted about the best way to start trail running, including some of her favourite routes in her local area of Vermont. There are workouts specifically designed for marathoners, and advice on staying hydrated and safe in the heat.

#18 - Running Brina 

Sabrina, the woman behind Running Brina, is a certified running coach with a passion for getting others involved in the sport. She is an experienced marathon runner with 5 full marathons and over 20 half marathons under her belt.

Whilst Sabrina has a section dedicated to runs in New York, this does not restrict her audience to US athletes. Instead, we firmly believe that runners across the world can benefit from this insightful blog. 

Sabrina is an excellent coach for beginners, whether you’re just dipping your toes into the field of marathon running, or are a brand new runner entirely, she’ll be there to help. 

Her running section offers different advice for beginners, these include exercises to start off your run and how to get back after time away, either due to the pandemic or injury. 

Runners often injure their ACLs, if you want to learn how to avoid these injuries click here for the article how to prevent ACL injuries from OriGym.

Running Brina also offers product reviews for running trainers and watches, helping you decide what works best for you. She also has a large section on nutritional information, such as supplements specific to runners, and which foods are most beneficial for long-distance runners.

#19 - Marathon Handbook 

If you’re looking for a marathon running blog, the Marathon Handbook does exactly what it says on the tin, acting as the perfect companion for those of you who are undertaking this running task for the first time.

The Marathon Handbook is a brilliant and highly popular resource and one of the best ultra running blogs out there. On the site you will find plenty of free training plans accessible for all levels, designed by Thomas, the mastermind behind the screen, who started running at university and progressed from marathons to ultra running.

The blog is centered around ultra running, but also includes training programmes for half and full marathons. It includes tips on how to train for beginners with advice on topics such as the right shoes and other activewear to wear for race days.

For specific information relating to running gear check out the top 15 men’s running tights article from OriGym.

Thomas and his team of coaches also offer specific training plans tailored to you and the running goals you want to set for yourself.

Whatsmore, the Marathon Handbook has a huge range of specially made and eco-friendly merchandise. MH have pledged to plant a tree for every item sold from their shop. So, for an ultra running blog with everything to offer, go give the Marathon Handbook a look!

#20 - Run Young 50

Contrary to popular opinion, running is not just for young people, and Run Young 50 is here to prove just that. As an ultra running blog dedicated to women’s running history, Run Young 50 dedicates a lot of its content to stories from older women. 

Despite starting as a record for her informal research, Katie has turned her passion project into a top running blog for women in the UK. 

With her interest in research, Katie’s articles range from the history of female marathon participation, to a discussion of female ultra runners over 50. The blog also covers issues relevant to the older woman, from running on HRT to discussions of the effect menopause can have on training. 

Run Young 50 te aims to show that women can compete in marathons and other competitive running spaces at any age and any level, instead of feeling that they have to slow down and take it easy as they grow older. 

Katie makes her blog accessible to other older runners, by dedicating a section to supporting other blogs about running for women over 50, with links so you can read more about their lives. 

Her own posts include interviews with women between the ages of 50-70, and shows that you don’t have to slow down as you get older. Definitely check this blog out for inspiration to continue with your journey regardless of your age! 

#21 - The Runner Beans 

As far as marathon running blogs in the UK go, the Runner Beans is one of the best for helping to train beginners. The site’s founder Charlie is an experienced marathoner with 8 completed marathons under her belt, she is training to be a dietitian, and offers nutritional advice and recipes without making it all about dieting. 

Want to follow in Charlie's footsteps? If you have a passion for all things food, why not sign up for OriGym’s Level 4 Sports Nutrition Course. Here you’ll learn and receive guidance from industry experts, who will help you to immediately launch your career following graduation. 

Charlie wants to make running a fun part of a healthy lifestyle, by ensuring that it is approached by athletes in a realistic and sustainable way.

On her blog Charlie posts regular product reviews for training gear and technology, as well as advice on how you can find a running coach. She also offers advice on ways to start running again, and explores how different disciplines of fitness can help with endurance running. 

However, The Runnin Beans is not only about running, and focuses on living a healthy lifestyle without cutting out all the things you enjoy too. She has a specific section dedicated to recipes for runners which cater to the types of nutrition needed for endurance running. 

Many running blogs online primarily focus on the area in which the site founder lives, however, Charlie has a travel section including hiking and running routes around the world, with personalised travel tips included for each area. This sets her website apart from the pack, as there are running routes for everyone, and not just those in whatever part of the world the founder happens to be in. 

Charlie’s marathon running blog is definitely worth checking out if you are a beginner and want to start long distance running. 

#22 - Relentless Forward Commotion

Relentless Forward Commotion has a little bit of everything, but is primarily an ultra running blog which includes information about marathon and trail running. Started by Heather Hart, a certified running coach and exercise physiologist, the blog offers excellent advice and honest perspectives from her own life and experiences.

It has clear sections for everyone from beginners, to the experienced runners looking for a race recap. Her general section focuses on the basics of running for all disciplines, this includes running tips for form and injury prevention, and emotional and mental health advice. 

Heather has set aside a specific section for ultramarathon tips with everything you would want to know. She discusses the importance of nutrition and strategies for race day. For beginners, she answers common questions about ultramarathon running, including sleeping issues and explains the language used in the sport. Heather has also included several free training programs to get you started as an endurance runner.


#23 - Diary of a Terrible Maraton Runner

Honestly, ‘Rubbish Marathoner’ seems to be a bit of a misnomer as this marathon running blog is all about Thomas’ personal journey with distance running. Based in Ireland, Thomas has run all over the country and beyond, with some races in the UK and mainland Europe. 

Thomas has one of the best blogs about marathon and ultra running online, posting almost exclusively about his own life and training including anything from an achilles injury to his choice to run a marathon solely on a treadmill. More recently his posts have documented his struggles with motivation during the Covid pandemic, and how he has tried to continue with training. 

Thomas has also shared the extensive list of the races he has completed and his times, which span over marathon and ultra marathon distances. He also lists his PBs across a number of distances, allowing readers to compare their scores to his. 

This ultra running blog is definitely one to check out if you are looking for a personal opinion on long distance running, rather than any specific training advice.


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The Best Ultra Running Blogs

#24 - The Ginger Runner 

The Ginger Runner is one of the go-to blogs about ultra running, if you’re just starting out on your ultra running journey we strongly recommend checking this site out. By taking the best parts of a blog and making them more interactive, the Ginger Runner creates video content following his own and other people’s training. 

Ethan and Kimberley are the main force behind the blog, and are both keen distance and ultra runners in their own right.

The vlogs explore the highs and lows of trail and ultra running, along with the inspiring people willing to go through huge challenges to reach their goals. These videos come from dozens of contributors, and offer perspectives on different races and training styles. 

More recent content discusses preparing mentally for training, as well as how to train in a post lockdown environment. As our article on the 17 benefits of running highlights, running 

actually improves your concentration levels, so if you want to focus on a goal take yourself on a run!

Aside from their running videos, The Ginger Runner offers dozens of reviews of running trainers, trail vests and running watches. They also have their own merchandise, from clothing to the director’s editions of their videos.

#25 - Kristen Ultra

beginner running blogs

This is an ultra running blog that consists of some super interesting reads. Kristen has traveled and found some great hidden gems to run and has shared them with us all.

He consistently posts blogs and documents his journey no matter where he is in the world. But whatsmore, he also documents his dips in motivation too. 

One of his most recent articles (2022) he admits that she has low energy, but more importantly shares how he had overcome it. 

If you're looking for motivation, this is a great place to find it as the transparency is something that makes this blog unique.

All it takes is a scroll through his blog home page to see the succession that he has had in her running experience and the amount of achievements that he obtains. 

It is super motivational to see how the sport of running has carried him all over the world and that no matter where he ends up, there is always a community of runners waiting for him to join in!

This is a great read for anybody who wants their running to take them further than their local park, head over to Kristen Ultra and find out for yourself where your next running trail could take you.

#26 - James Run Far 

The name James Runs Far seems rather self-explanatory, this site is an ultra running blog started by founder James as a way to inspire others to start running.

As an experienced ultra runner James is more than qualified to offer advice in this field, after all he has won a 100 mile race with a PB of just over 15 hours, and completed the Marathon des Sables and 4 Iron Man triathlons. 

James’ blog has lots of free advice, from how to make the most of your training and improve your time to injury prevention during ultra running. He also posts about his own runs, including distances and routes so that you can follow along with him. 

James has also conducted several interviews with other ultra running and endurance athletes, making his blog a must read, for all those who want a professionals’ POV. 

Whatsmore, James offers personalised coaching plans, with phone consultations and training plans for you to reach your goals. He believes that having the right coach can make all the difference to your training. 

#27 - Susie Chan Endurance Runner 

Susie Chan Endurance Runner is one of the most popular ultra running blogs in the UK. The site’s founder  Susie is an endurance runner in her own right with more than 30 Marathon des Sables under her belt, making her a highly qualified expert within the fitness industry. 

This is understandably an amazing achievement and adds to all the other marathons and half marathons she has completed in her lifetime. Outside of this, Susie is also a commentator for triathlons, half marathons and other running events.

Her ultra running blog covers everything from her own race recaps to interviews with other UK legends of the ultra running scene. She has several videos on Youtube documenting her progress during some of her races, including her 33rd Marathon des Sables. 

The majority of Susie’s content is personal, however she does post beginners guides to ultra running. These include the basics but also topics you wouldn’t necessarily think about like hallucination horror stories, so if you're looking for a frank and funny blog about ultra running this is one to read.

Best Running Blog for Improving Technique 

#28 - Run to the Finish 

Run to the Finish is a blog about running which caters to all abilities but especially those in the middle of the pack. The site is run by Amanda Brooks, who has trained as a running coach who believes a successful runner is someone who knows how to pace themselves. 

Other core values at the heart of Amanda’s blog are having fun, getting healthy and being part of a community. Running shouldn’t have to be a serious undertaking, you should enjoy every second of it, and that’s what Amanda encourages from her readers.

A specific tab of the blog has been set up for beginners and is filled with links to tips and tricks to help when you are just starting out. She has also included a section for beginner half marathon training alongside a section for more experienced runners. 

Amanda also posts about nutrition and diet in relation to training, recommending different supplements and includes specific reviews for hydration. She reviews workout gear and offers advice on the right choice of clothing for hot and cold weather training.

#29 - Women's Running Blog

Regardless of whether you’ve heard of the magazine or not, the Women’s Running blog should be a definite stop in your search for running and jogging blogs. Whilst the community is open to all abilities and skill levels, this site is more than welcoming to newcomers who are sure to find a sense of self and motivation.  

The Women’s Running blog has a great section that offers advice on everything, including information on how to start training to the right choice of running shoes. Women’s Running also has a section for beginner trail running in the blog which includes topics such as safety tips when running alone. 

Women’s Running also takes the time to reassure the beginners by busting several running myths that usually stops people from starting. It’s a friendly, vibrant and welcoming community that is sure to put everyone at ease. 

Whatsmore, the blog also has a huge motivation section to help you keep up with your training. Seeing other individuals struggle with the same things you do, will only benefit your motivation. 

#30 - Map My Run 

You may know Map My Run from the popular app which tracks your run in terms of distance, time and pace. However, did you know that they also have a blog centered around running, which was set up to support you at every level skill. 

For beginners, there are tips on running form and technique to help you improve within the technical side of running. Furthermore, Map My Run also provides articles on how often you should run as well as for how long and how far, overall this blog is a great resource for beginners who are uncertain of how to get started.

The advice on running form will help you prevent injury and stop you from making some of the more common mistakes that will affect your training. Map my Run also has some great tips and reviews to help you choose the right running gear for your distance.

If you’re a beginner runner this is unquestionably the blog for you, either pair it with the app or mix and match, choose what suits you and your skill level best. 

#31 - Running 101

Running 101 is one of the most popular running blogs in the UK that offers tips and tricks for every running ability. Matthew started the blog because he was out with an injury and wanted to create a way to stay connected to the sport he loves, little did he know how popular his hobby would become. 

Matthew’s blog is separated into different sections which provide different kinds of information and advice, with his training section including safety tips for running at night or in bad weather. 

He also has lots of advice for beginners, from how to start running safely to what to expect from your first park runs. Whereas his running gear section is filled with great reviews for you to find the right running clothes for you.

Finally, running 101’s news section will keep you up to date with the general running community, but if that’s not enough to sway you, Matthew also offers guidance on following the rules during the pandemic, and how these have changed with lockdown easing over the UK and the world.

#32 - Running Physio 

Running Physio is one of the best running blogs in the UK for all things injury-related, catering to both runners and physiotherapists alike. 

Tom started the blog to provide free information for runners relating to injury prevention, it’s now a great resource for beginners to educate themselves with, so that you can avoid injuries that slow down your training and progress.

The blog offers general advice on pain management and what to do if you are ever injured whilst running. There are articles featured within the site center around why specific body parts may hurt and how to stop it, with Tom providing detailed and specific sections to parts of the body to offer tailored advice. These sections range from topics on shin pain, issues with your back and hips and more. If you have ever felt discomfort whilst running, we strongly recommend reading Running Physio.

To complement their injury advice, Running Physio offers training tips to prevent injuries in the first place. There is also a section covering recommended physiotherapists near you if you need help in person.

This top-running blog has everything you may need to ensure that you are running and training safely.

The Best Running & Diet Blogs 

#33 - Runnin For Sweets 

If you have a sweet tooth you may have considered running as a way to maintain a balance between your health and diet. In which case, Maggie is just like you, an avid runner who loves sweet treats and wanted to start a running blog to reflect this.

Maggie has created a top beginner’s running blog that is bursting with tips and tricks that all beginner runners need to know. She has some great articles covering the best pre and post workout routines for runners at home and outside, with training plans varying for any ability and distance you want.

For beginners, Maggie has several articles covering common mistakes and how to avoid them. She has a list of free resources on her running blog including running pace charts and more general fitness challenges to get you moving and training. 

If, like Maggie, you have a sweet tooth, why not treat yourself to a cookie post-run. OriGym has provided a list of the 15 best protein cookies that are sure to keep your energies levels high after a tiring workout. 

#34 -  Fannetastic Food

If it’s healthy and delicious recipes you’re looking for, Fannetastic Food is another excellent beginners running blog. The site’s founder Anne is a registered dietitian in the US and posts recipes by the plateful, with her focus primarily centering on recipes to supplement an active running lifestyle.

Fannetastic Food has lots of information about runners's nutritional needs, dissecting topics such as how much protein you need and offering a beginners guide to intuitive eating. 

Rather than dieting, Anne focuses on how to create a healthy lifestyle and a better relationship with food. This is a great beginner’s running blog because Anne can teach you how to properly fuel your body for your runs.

Alongside this Anne is a keen runner, who posts her own race recaps along with stories from her daily life. All this makes Fannetastic food much more than your typical running blog.

#35 - The Hungry Runner 

Hungry Runner Girl is one of the best running blogs for individuals who are looking to be a part of a greater community. This site was started by Janae, a keen runner since childhood, who designed this blog to put community values at its core. 

Janae is predominantly a marathon runner, having completed 10 full races and several half marathons. Over time she has recorded her thoughts on topics relating to training for marathons on the blog, including race recaps and her opinion on the race itself. 

The Hungry Girl Runner also offers reviews for equipment and gadgets which Janae already personally uses. With her incredible blog content, Janae has unquestionably become one of the most popular running blogs in the world.

There is a small section of the blog dedicated to recipes for sweet treats and dinner ideas that you can check out for inspiration for your own meals. If you have a sweet tooth we’d strongly recommend giving the OriGym article entitled 18 best healthy ice creams a read.

Janae builds her community through honesty and trust, as demonstrated through her Friend to Friend section where you can post and comment about anything happening in your life. 

She has also shared a lot of her thoughts on pregnancy and postpartum running in her HRG Baby section, another reason why she has made a top running blogs for beginners post pregnancy.

#36 - Run, Eat, Repeat 

Run Eat Repeat is a top blog about running which offers training plans and recipes to supplement your running.  If this sounds appealing to you, then it may interest you to know that we have our own list of recommended vegan cookbooks, sure to offer some incredible recipes.  

Monica is a certified running and health coach who wants to share her passion for running with others. This running blog started as a way to track her progress and hold her accountable when she was training for a marathon. 

Over time her blog developed to offer advice and recommendations for equipment, race recaps and opinion pieces. But Monica’s blog is not just about running. She has included several recipes for healthier alternatives to your favourite meals and snacks. 

These are posted with runners in mind, with recipes tailored to suit their needs for protein and slow release carbohydrates. 

Monica has also made a podcast that covers a variety of topics; from discussions with doctors and other athletes to book recommendations and lifestyle advice. If you’re looking for a rounded guide to all things running, this is a running blog for you.

The Best Running Blogs for Beginners

#37 - Belle's Running Blog

If you’re looking for beginner running blogs in the UK, Belle’s Running Blog is a great place to start your new fitness journey. Based in the Southwest of England, Belle offers advice on the 5k, 10k, and trail running races local to her, describing herself as an ‘average-ish’ runner with a love of the sport, and shiny medals.

Belle’s blog shares her own race reviews from 5k to half marathons, with lots of tips for beginners, from essential running gear to information on tracking your routes. For you crafty runners, she has even included an easy DIY tutorial which will teach you how to make your own medal holder

This is one of the best running blogs for beginners as Belle is frank about her own ability, and talks about her own mistakes so that you don’t have to repeat them. In her UK running blog Belle also opens up discussion in her posts about healthy eating, and how difficult training can be when you’re faced with a typical English day e.g. terrible weather! 

#38 - FueledByLolz

ultra running blogs

If you're a beginner looking for a running blog, this is going to act as the perfect motivation for you. 

FueledByLolz was created some time ago in 2010 and since then it has grown into a personal yet informational page that is great for running newbies who don't know where to start!

What makes this blog so useful is the sheer variation of blog types. It is super organised as you can choose from certain sections depending on what it is exactly that you're looking for, these are the subheadings that you can easily sift through:

  • Running Shoe E-book Guide
  • Discount Codes
  • Running Story
  • Hiking & Trail Running
  • Race Recaps
  • Diners
  • Shoe & Gear Reviews
  • Food & Recipes

There is pretty much all you could ever need in this blog. The inclusion of product reviews is a great place to find a new pair of running shoes that have been put to the test with such consistent running, if there is anyone's opinion you should trust, it is hers!

So whether you're a beginner or just need a running shoe upgrade, head over to FueledByLolz.

#39 - Runtastic 

Runtasitic is a running blog owned and operated by Adidas, and if that isn’t enough to immediately sell you then the blog’s content will! 

By collaborating with a huge array of contributors Runtastic covers everything beginners need to know, acting as a great source of inspiration and education. Additionally, they also provided targeted personalised advice, making it the perfect running blog for those of you who want advice catered to your needs and skill level.

Runtastic covers a wide range of topics, from blister and injury prevention, to tips on how you can maximise the potential of a home gym. Whereas the technical information provided by the blog can help you improve your form to run faster and safer. 

If you’re interested in starting your own home workout routine but have no idea where to start, we are here to help. For advice on how to craft the perfect home workout, click here for a definitive guide of recommendations. 

If you are looking for motivation, Runtastic also has a section dedicated to success stories. Here you can read about other people who have worked hard to achieve their goals in everything from long distance running to raising money for charity.

#40 - The Runner Dad 

To all parents out there, The Runner Dad is a top running blog that covers everything from motivation to fitness tips that will get you and your family active. 

Matt started the blog to hold himself accountable in his fitness journey, as a new dad, he wanted to get healthier for his children. Years later the Runner Dad has become one of the most popular men’s running blogs out there, a true testament to the motivation and conviction behind Matt’s goal.

This beginners running blog has several great sections, where Matt focuses on how to train yourself around family commitments, with great advice for parents looking to get themselves and their families into running for the first time.

Matt also prominently features a variety of safety tips including how to protect your skin when exercising outside, whilst also providing advice on protecting your workout equipment so that it will last longer.

Outside of his own training, Matt has written interviews with multiple athletes on their lifestyles. He has a ‘5 question’ weekly interview which gets answers from athletes about their training plans, so if you want some professional insight checking out this blog is at the top of your to-do-list. 

Overall, the Runner Dad is not only a great beginners running blog, but any parent can benefit from Matt’s advice and ideas. 

#41 - The Preppy Runner 

The Preppy Runner did not start out as your typical beginner running blog, instead it began as a personal blog to keep track of Theodora’s weight loss. However, over time the blog changed to reflect the founder’s new ideas surrounding weight and her complicity in diet culture. 

Theodora is a certified running coach who wants to help people get started on their running journey. Hoping to achieve this she has created several training plans for beginners looking to get into everything from 5k to marathons. 

The teachings featured within The Preppy Runner highlight how Theodora wants running to be a fun community centric sport, which welcomes anyone in with open arms. 

The Preppy Runner blog not only centers around running, but Theodora uses her writing as a way to explore other topics such as weight loss and exercise with her community of followers. In addition to this, she has multiple motivational tricks to help you stick to your training plan and assigned goals. 

This is one of the best beginner running blogs online to date, with Theodora’s personality providing a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

#42 - Keep It simpElle 

It’s true that the fitness industry can seem intimidating for beginners, however Keep it SimpElle has created a friendly and approachable UK beginner running blog, which aims to build a community all about how your body feels rather than how it looks. 

Elle is a certified personal trainer who has built her blog into a place of acceptance and motivation. Her approach to training is fun and active, and the perfect place for a beginner to start their running journey. 

SimpElle features articles offering advice on the best way to layer for cold weather running, and how to recognise and prevent injury whilst you’re training. The site also shows Elle’s own progress with Couch to 5k, and race recaps of her 10k races around London. 

However, Elle does not limit her blog to specifically focus on running, instead she also includes other topics centered around health and fitness, such as recipes and lifestyle changes. She also sues SimpElle to discuss how to train sustainably and ethically, and rejects common myths about diet culture.

#43 - Running Shoes Guru 

Concluding our shortlist is Running Shoes Guru, which is one of the most popular running blogs for advice and reviews of running shoes. 

Running Shoes Guru is a running blog that puts together independent reviews that are tested and written by real people in order to offer the best and most practical advice that is transparent and honest. You won’t see a single bot on this site trying to sell you gear that will either hinder your performance or you simply aren’t interested in. 

Their shoe finder service is perfect if you’re not sure what type of shoe will suit your training. Simply answer a few questions and Running Shoe Guru will find the best running shoes specifically picked out to suit your needs. 

One of the most important factors that makes or breaks your running success is comfort. For a list of the 22 best cushioned running shoes check out this article from OriGym.

This running blog also offers advice on the different variables you need to consider when choosing footwear. These include how and where you are planning to train, as well as your footstrike on the ground and stability when you run.

Running Shoes Guru has compiled extensive buying guides to help you find what you need without the hassle. They are a great running blog for beginners to find the right shoes for you or even those of a more advanced caliber that still value the opinions of other experts in the field.

Before You Go!

At OriGym we have scoped out the best running online today, this should make finding a blog which matches your personal interests and ability level that much easier. 

We truly hope that our list will help you along with your running journey, all that remains is one question, which blog are you going to start with? 

If you’re interested in following in the footsteps of these blog owners then we’d strongly recommend signing up for our Level 2 Gym Instructor Course. Once you have gained your qualification, you will earn the title as a professional within the fitness industry, and will be able to provide clients with advice and guidance in all areas including running!

If this sounds interesting to you then check out our FREE prospectus, and read more about what we offer, and how it could be right for you.

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Rachel is a freelance content writer and fitness enthusiast based in Liverpool. She completed her BA (Hons) in Egyptology and Ancient History, followed by a MA in Ancient History, at the University of Liverpool. She has a keen interest in many water-based sports, like kayaking, in which she holds a 1-star qualification with the intention of progressing further. She is an avid reader, runner and yoga enthusiast.

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