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13 Best Running Buggies

Are you looking for the best running buggy in the UK? OriGym has got the perfect article for you!

We understand how hard it is to search different buggies across the internet and that’s why we’ve decided to test and try what’s available at the moment and narrow down the best 13 below. 

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What is a running buggy?

Before we jump into our list of the best running buggies, we thought we would start with a quick overview of what exactly a running buggy is.

As the name suggests, a running buggy is a kind of buggy (or pram) specifically designed to keep your child safe as you run whilst pushing their buggy.

A running pram typically has a much larger frame than a regular pram, meaning that it is much wider than your standard pushchair. However, the larger size certainly isn’t something to be put off by. Running buggies are designed with their purpose in mind, meaning they’re still lightweight, easy to push, and can easily be lifted or stored away. 

These buggies are built with a high quality suspension so that you can use it on difficult terrains such as hills and uneven surfaces.

This kind of jogging pram has the option to lock or permanently fix the front wheel so that it doesn’t swivel as you use it. This safety feature ensures that the buggy will stay in a straight line when you are running, and is one of the key features of a good running buggy.

The tyres of a running buggy are typically much bigger than those of a standard buggy. This ensures a smooth ride for your baby, makes it easier for you to push the buggy and puts less stress on your back when you're pushing up or downhill. 

If you’re running with a baby stroller, you’ll be glad to know this type of buggy features a handbrake so that you can quickly slow down when running downhill, similar to how a break on a bike would work. 

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Now you know that we’ve covered the basics of what a running buggy is, let’s move on to discussing where to buy a running buggy! 

Best running buggies (UK)

Best Premium Buggies

1.  Mountain Buggy Terrain

Price: £599.99

running buggy uk

Mountain Buggy was created to help parents who wanted to enjoy the outdoors with their children but couldn't find a pushchair that could handle off-road adventures. The ‘Terrain’ is their latest pram for running designed with an active urban lifestyle in mind, perfect for families who need to navigate both the city and countryside.

The Terrain is a great choice for parents who need flexibility and is the best pram for walking and running! The front wheel has a swivel and locked options, so when you need the manoeuvrability, it’s easy to swap. 

The buggy comes with a set of 16-inch rear wheels for jogging, and 12-inch for the city, making sure that you get the best of both worlds and allowing you to be prepared no matter what terrain you’re tackling.

The running buggies reviews of this product state how much they love how easy and smooth the handling is wherever they go - city, country, beach, even for marathon training. 

It has a one-hand fold system and is freestanding, perfect for packing out of the way in cafes and restaurants, as well as fitting in cars for trips. 

The Terrain pram jogging stroller has a sporty, fitness aesthetic with lots of storage spaces, a reclinable seat, and a full sun canopy with UV50+ protection. 

Mountain Buggy is a premium brand that delivers the best quality prams of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. For that reason, it's unsurprising that one of their products is ranked as the best jogging pram to buy in 2021.

Investing in this buggy is a sure way to get a product that will last for years, providing the freedom and flexibility to keep your family active and adventurous. 

If you’re looking into tracking your family’s fitness data, take a look at OriGym’s article on the best kid’s fitness trackers! 

Wheel: Swivel + Locked 

Buggy weight: 13kg 

Weight capacity: 25kg 

2. BOB Revolution Pro Running Stroller 

Price: £369.00

best running buggies uk

If you’re looking for the best running pram in the UK, look no further than the BOB Revolution Pro! 

The Britax jogging buggies are well-known and loved in the stroller community. Their Revolution Pro is running and skating approved, and designed to look and feel good whether you use it for everyday strolling or daily exercise. 

The 16-inch pneumatic wheels have adjustable tracking to keep them straight and smooth. It also has an added handbrake for more control if you’re running with a baby in a pram. It is easy to push even in the snow or mud, meaning no letting the weather get in the way of staying active and healthy. 

The handlebar is padded for extra comfort and adjustable, making it a great choice for taller parents looking for a jogging buggy or families where several people want to run with the same pram.

It also has great storage, with a 4kg capacity basket, back pocket, and two inside pockets so you’ll never be short of space for your adventures or spontaneous shopping. This baby jogging pram even has a quick and easy two-step folding system and detachable wheels for hassle-free packing away. 

This jogging buggy is sturdy and impressive, and it’s definitely one for families who like to get outdoors and tackle all terrains. 

Wheel: Swivel + Locked

Buggy weight: 12.8kg

Weight capacity: 17kg 

3. Baby Jogger Summit X3

Price: £489.99

best running buggy

A firm favourite among parents, Baby Jogger, offers a great range of high-end buggies for running and active parents. Their Summit X3 model is their most robust product, perfect if you’re looking for jogging pram in the UK for handling uneven ground. 

All three tyres have suspension, and the front wheel is lockable. If you need to go over bumps or pick up some speed, you can easily change modes thanks to the remote locking system on the handle. 

The Summit X3 is compatible with a range of accessories and car seats, making it completely customisable to fit your child right from birth. This versatility is just one reason this is a great product if you’re looking to invest in a convenient buggy to use over the years. 

It also has a near-flat reclinable seat, large canopy, and plenty of ventilation. Whether your child likes to sit up and watch the world or prefers napping, this buggy allows the best of both worlds. 

Providing great comfort for children during runs and off-road walks, the Summit X3 is a trendy choice for many parents.

Despite its bigger size, this does pack neatly for easy storage - it takes just seconds to remove the wheels and fold down. It is also praised for how easy it is to push and get around, even when fully loaded up, it’s comfortable for both child and parent. 

The Baby Jogger brand is known for consistent quality and premium products - there's a reason why their running pushchair is a top choice for active parents!

If you’re planning to run in the cold, take a look at our recent article on the best running gilets! 

Wheel: Swivel + Locked

Buggy Weight: 14.6kg 

Weight capacity: 22kg  

Best Budget Buggies 

4. Graco Relay Activity Stroller

Price: £329.99

double running buggy

The Relay Activity Stroller is a high performance running baby buggy for all terrains. The large, air-filled tyres are lockable, meaning that it can be used for jogging and uneven surfaces and manoeuvring around indoor spaces. 

The premium suspension and wheel tracking mean you can pick up the pace and take corners and bumps without having to worry about your little one feeling uncomfortable. 

It can be used from birth as the seat is fully reclinable for newborns who cannot sit up. As your child gets older, this pram can be easily adjusted so that they can sit upright and look around. 

If that wasn’t enough, an extended canopy with UV50 protection and a rain cover could be added so that you can get your run in rain or shine. 

You won’t be stuck for storage space if you choose this buggy. With a large basket underneath and a ‘storage console’ fitted with a cup holder, phone pocket, and additional zippered space, this pram will fit all of your essentials and more. 

Graco also boasts a “one second, one hand” fold away system - it takes just one second to fold the buggy down, and it is so light you can easily carry it one-handed. This makes it a great choice for parents on the go, and those who like to be prepared for whatever comes their way. 

Wheel: Swivel + Locked

Buggy weight: 12.7kg 

Weight Capacity: 15kg

5. Nipper Sport V4

Price: £395.95

running buggies reviews

The Nipper Sport V4 is Out ‘n’ About’s updated stroller, improving its much loved V3 with this upgraded model. Its sporty design gives it a more athletic look than everyday strollers, so it’s definitely one for design-conscious parents. 

The baby running stroller has 16-inch pneumatic wheels and rear suspension to help you take on any terrain and the handlebar brake gives more speed control on hilly routes. Combine the buggy with a pair of trail running shoes for an even safer jog for you and your child! 

The fixed front wheel gives it great stability and the five-point harness means that your child will be secure and comfortable over bumps, curbs, and more. The rear brake is helpfully positioned for strolling so it won’t be accidentally stepped on and is ‘flip-flop’ friendly so you can keep control no matter your footwear. 

There are pockets on either side of the hood and a shopping pouch; an additional basket can be purchased for even more storage options.

It is also effortless to fold down, lightweight, and has a detachable front wheel, making it compact enough to store in smaller spaces and car boots when needed. 

The Nipper Sport V4 is the best running buggy for those who prefer to explore rougher terrain but still like a sporty, lightweight design. Looking for a double running pram for a larger family? This option even comes in a double style. 

Wheel: Locked 

Buggy weight: 9.8kg 

Weight capacity: 22kg  

6. Hauck Runner 

Price: £199.99

running buggy double

The Hauck Runner is one of the cheapest running buggies around, but that doesn’t mean that it provides any less quality. A highly recommended piece of kit, the Runner is just as stylish as other options, and it's fitted with just as many great features as some of the more expensive buggies on this list. 

This is the perfect choice for families and children who like exploring without a lot of fuss as its really low-maintenance and easy to keep clean. 

If that wasn’t enough, this pram comes with an extended footrest for muddy shoes, a rain cover, and large all-terrain wheels for going off-road. 

The large seat is fully reclinable with an extendable canopy and net ventilation in the back, making it super comfortable for your child. Also, the adjustable handlebar means you can be comfortable whether you’re running or taking it easy. 

The seat is fully reclinable for younger babies, and can even be used from birth if you purchase the compatible carrycot.

The weight capacity has also been increased to 25kg, giving the Hauck Runner an even longer lifespan at a great price point. 

There’s a large basket for carrying all your essentials, and the buggy folds away into a compact, free-standing size that’s perfect for stowing away or transporting. Overall, the Hauck Runner is one of the running buggies for sale that gives you the premium feel without the premium price. 

Wheel: 360 Swivel + Locked

Buggy weight: 10.8kg 

Weight capacity: 25kg 

7. Phil + Teds 

Price: £399 + Double kit £149

buggies for running

Phil and Teds have been designing prams for 20 years, and the inline range is their newest design. Taking inspiration from kids tricycles, they use the tandem style rather than side-by-side. This allows you to easily customise your buggy from newborn to toddler, perfect if you’re looking for a double running buggy! 

This stroller is their sport style and has a minimalist, sleek design with more of an athletic feel than some larger buggies.

 It’s a great option for active parents who are planning to expand their family - it functions as a great single buggy and when you have a new addition, simply add on the double kit. While it is not recommended to jog with newborns, this running buggy can double up as a car seat, so your child is safe and comfortable at any age. 

The three air-filled wheels are 12-inches, and you have the option to lock the front wheel, keeping things smooth and steady over bumps and curbs, and the lightweight, inline style makes this perfect for manoeuvring around smaller spaces and the city. 

Phil + Teds designs running buggies for durability and versatility, so there is a huge range of options to make your pram perfect for your lifestyle, wherever you are on your journey. 

If the buggy doesn’t have enough space to put your things in, why don’t you look at the following articles to help you out:

Wheel: Swivel + Locked

Buggy weight: 12kg

Weight capacity: 20kg

Best Double Buggies

8. Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Jogging Pram

Price: £750.00

jogging buggies

The Thule Urban Glide is a firm favourite amongst running buggy users, and the Urban Glide Double is a fantastic choice for those with two children. 

This double running stroller has a sleek, lightweight design means that it’s not out of place when strolling around the city and the swivel wheel can manoeuvre around corners and tight spaces as needed. 

When you’re ready to run or take on more uneven terrain, simply lock the front wheel and get going. We loved that there is also an integrated twist break, which gives you more control on hilly ground. 

As well as the large 16-inch rear wheels, the Urban Glide is wider than many other doubles at 80cm, giving more room and comfort for the children on board. 

The size and adjustable handle makes it a sturdy and comfortable push and is recommended for taller dads looking for a buggy for running. 

You can feel assured that both you and your children are in for a stable, smooth run. Despite its size, the Urban Glide is compact when folded and has one-hand fold capabilities at the touch of a button. It also has an auto-locking system, making it quick and easy to stow away. 

This buggy has individual canopies, so your children can choose their coverage. It also has fully reclinable seats to suit different ages. The generous weight capacity of 45kg and bassinet/car seat compatibility means that you can get many years of use out of this buggy. 

This really is a great investment piece for active and growing families. Plus, it has some of the best jogging pram reviews we’ve seen!

Wheel: Swivel + Locked

Buggy weight: 15.5kg

Weight capacity: 45kg 

9. Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller

Price: £175.88

jogging buggy

The Baby Trend Expedition Stroller comes highly recommended in its price bracket if you’re looking for a more affordable double buggy. 

At a fraction of the price of the more luxurious running buggies for sale on this list, the Baby Stroller is great quality. Still, it boasts all of the essential features for safe and comfortable exercising with a buggy. 

The pneumatic wheels are air-filled, with the rear two being 16-inches and the front 12-inches. The front wheel is also lockable, meaning that the stroller works for running and manoeuvring around town when strolling. 

It is praised for being one of the best running buggies available with its sturdy yet smooth design, so you can go over any terrain and not worry about the little ones being uncomfortable. 

There is also a five-point harness; large sun canopy; multipoint reclining seat; footbrake; and a double cup holder on the parent tray for maximum convenience and user-ease. 

The Baby Stroller is lightweight for a double stroller and folds up extremely compact, so you don’t have to worry about transporting or storing it as you do with other doubles.

 It is easily packed away with removable wheels, which are also very easy to change if they are punctured - no worry about being stranded! 

For parents on a budget and looking for a jogging pram in the UK, this is a dependable and high quality choice. Not only does this pram have a really stylish look, but it also boasts all of the same amenities as more expensive jogging buggies without breaking the bank. 

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Wheel: Swivel + Locked

Buggy weight: 15.4kg

Weight capacity: 45kg 

Best Triple Buggy

10. Foundations Trio Sport Tandem

Price: £271.08

cheapest running buggies

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a running baby buggy suitable for more than two children; most companies make doubles, but rarely more than that. 

Foundations Trio Sport Tandem is a great option for parents is the best pram for jogging for three kids - its spacious tandem design fits children of any age and means they are all separate to minimise squabbling!

Unlike other buggies for running, this has four-wheels for stability and ensures the extra passenger is safe and steady. 

The wheels are rubberised, and there is full suspension for shock-absorption; handling bumps and unevenness; and ease of pushing. 

The full handle is ergonomically designed and foam covered for your comfort, and there is a footbrake so you can stay in control at any speed. 

The tandem style makes this product one of the best buggies for running due to its compact design than you would expect from a triple stroller, weighing about the same as lightweight double strollers. 

It folds flat and compact, making it easy to transport and stow away when it’s not needed, but still has a sturdy frame and chassis meaning no wobbling or unsteadiness when using it.

This triple jogging buggy is fantastic value, coming in at less than £300, so is a great option for budget conscious parents. 

Wheel: Locked

Buggy weight: 15.4kg

Weight capacity: 45kg 

Best Child Trailers

11. Thule Chariot Cross

Price: £850 + £120 for jogging kit 

running buggy uk

Crafted by Swedish outdoors enthusiasts, the Thule Chariot is a multi-activity stroller and trailer for adventurous families. The Chariot is designed for jogging, walking, skiing, and biking, so it is the ultimate choice for tackling any terrain and activity level while being safe and comfortable for your child. 

If you compare running buggies to the Thule Chariot to others on this list, it is one of the more expensive options you can find online. However, it comes extremely highly recommended and has been consistently praised for its high quality.

It is well-made, with a quiet and smooth ride, and is very user-friendly - being easy to fold away and load your child into. 

The kit must be purchased separately, but it is worth the investment for parents who want to run regularly with their children. We really liked that it only takes about a minute to convert the buggy from stroller to jogger. 

As well as being comfortable for your child, the smooth suspension system, adjustable handle, and stow-away storage space mean that there’s no compromising your stride or pace, even for taller parents. 

For outdoorsy families, this Thule Chariot trailer is one of the best investments to make. 

It tackles rough terrain with ease and comfort for child and parent alike, is extremely high quality, and has tons of great running stroller reviews in which previous customers mention using these trailers for years without issue or complaints. 

If your hair is getting in the way as you run, perhaps, you should think about purchasing a running headband to keep all your hair away from your face.

Wheel: Locked

Buggy weight: 12.8kg

Weight capacity: 34kg

12. SAMAX Trailer

Price: £140.95

best running buggies uk

The SAMAX 2-in-1 trailer is a great option for a jogging and biking stroller that doesn’t come with the big price tag that many others do. 

The trailer style is more protective and versatile than the traditional stroller, so can be used for attaching to bikes or jogging with, and keep your children safely tucked away in adverse weather or while you’re travelling over uneven terrain.

This is also a double style and can take up to 40kg of weight capacity, so plenty of room for growing. 

This running buggy is designed for a smooth ride with huge 20-inch rear wheels and a lockable front wheel, so you can use it for high speed movement and still have manoeuvrability when needed. 

There are plenty of safety features such as reflectors and flag; a roll-over bar and five-point, padded harness to keep your children safe and secure, and a handbrake for extra control when using it as a jogger. 

Although heavier than other running buggies, it is still easy to disassemble and store flat for easy transport and storage. 

The SAMAX trailer is a smart choice for outdoorsy families looking for a running stroller in the UK. This trailer is a great fit for families that want a comfortable, convenient, but affordable option. 

Wheel: Locked

Buggy weight: 18.5kg

Weight capacity: 40kg 

Best Eco-friendly 

13. Bumbleride Speed

Price: £499.99

best running buggy

Bumbleride’s Speed is the best running buggy in the UK for eco-conscious parents looking for a more sustainable option. It is made from 100% recycled polyester - 25% of which is ocean plastic.

It also uses an innovative dying process that uses 89% less water than traditional techniques, providing a safe, environmentally friendly, and comfortable buggy. 

This single-child buggy is purpose built for running and offers three different wheel lock modes: walk - 360 swivels; jog - partial swivel, and run - full lock. This ensures the safety and allows you to choose a setting based on your pace. 

The large, air-filled tyres are designed with full suspension for a smooth run, and the five-point breakaway harness keeps the little one safe and secure. There is also a footbrake for extra control. 

The Bumbleride Speed is also lightweight, a car seat and bassinet compatible, and has an ergonomic, one-step folding process that makes it convenient and easy to stow away. 

There is a large basket underneath and secure pockets for storage; the ample canopy is UPF 45+, and a PVC-free rain cover is also available, so you’ll always be prepared for your adventure. 

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Wheel: 360 swivel, partial swivel, and locked 

Buggy weight: 11.8kg

Weight capacity: 29.5kg 

Before you go!

Well, there you have it, the 13 best running buggies you can find online! Each buggy is of the highest quality and without doubt, you will have a great time whether you choose to walk or run with your child right there with you. 

There has never been a better time to invest in a running buggy! Any of the options above are sure to help any mum or dad to get their cardio levels up without paying for a gym membership or covering babysitting fees.

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