9 Best Running Caps for Men & Women

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So, you're looking for the best running cap in the UK, but you don't want to spend a ridiculous amount of time deciding on the thousands of different styles out there...

Not to worry. We've whittled the insurmountable market of caps for running down into 9 of our favourite products, so you can say goodbye to the gruelling search!

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#1 - Under Armour Men’s Running Cap 

In search of the best running caps for men? If so, you’ll love this product. 

For starters, it’s by one of the most popular fitness brands here in the UK. We had to include at least one branded product as we know some of you can’t live without them, and that’s absolutely fine! After all, we are collating this list for you. 

This running cap by Under Armour is made of 100% polyester, so that’s definitely a great first impression. It states that it ‘delivers true breathability in a light, stretchy, durable and fast-drying fabric’, and so far we’ve found no evidence that this is anything but the truth! 

In terms of safety, the running cap also comes with reflective taping (including the logo), which is handy for added visibility when using it to run at night. It counts as one of the reflective running caps on our list, so keep this in mind! 

The hook is adjustable, and closes with loop closure, meaning that it fits most people! The cap itself is pre-curved, which is handy for blocking out excess light and improving visibility. 

Price: £22

#2 - Iffley Road - Putney Running Cap

running cap image

The first thing that you’ll notice about this product is its impressive design. It features an attractive Iffley Road logo at the front, and the white stitching acts as a nice contrast to the Marine Blue finish. 

The product also comes in Gravel Black and Dover White, so there is a look for everyone! 

There are also laser-cut perforations on each side, which add to the aesthetic appeal as well as providing the wearer with adequate ventilation either during hot weather or exercise. 

It is super lightweight and quick-drying, meaning that it will wick away sweat during intense bouts of running. The sweatband is padded and soft, meaning that it will remain comfortable to wear during its use. 

We would highly recommend checking this product out, as not only does it have the look of a high-end running cap but it has all of the technical qualities that you would expect. 

Price: £30.00

#3 - Proviz Reflect 360 Running Cap 

provis running cap

This running cap is consistently praised in its reviews on Amazon (where it is also sold) for being one of the most reflective running caps on the platform, and we have to agree. It’s grey at a first glance but put it in line of a headlight and it’s brighter than a road sign! In light of this, we can say that Proviz’s claim that this is a 100% reflective running cap is definitely true. 

Not only this, but its made from 80% polyester and you know what that means; there’s barely any sweat in sight when running with this cap. 

Its moisture-wicking capabilities alongside its almost fully mesh-material design and more than comfortable enough for long-duration, challenging runs or workouts. It’s one of the full mesh running caps on our list, so the ventilation you get is insane and definitely worth the price if that’s your priority when looking for the best running cap! 

Price: £27.99

#4 - TrailHeads Running Cap 

Looking for reflective running caps to no avail? Not to worry. This entire rim of this product is reflective, so it couldn't sport this feature more! 

It's also incredibly moisture-wicking being made from 100% polyester, having an inner band that removes moisture and mesh panels to add extra breathability.  

There are 2 different colour options to choose from, so you can go for either a black sleek look or opt for something a little more out there with the white version! 

Had issues with glare in the past, where your running cap hasn’t been able to save you? You’re not alone. We know how pesky glare can be, whether it’s from the sun or a pair of headlights, and the good news is that this running cap is pretty life-saving when it comes to this.  

Price: £18.77

#5 - Buff Running Cap

So this running cap is a little different to the ones that we’ve looked at up to now, the main difference being that it’s made of 100% polyurethane, which gives it its soft and lightweight running cap appearance. 

It’s extremely comfortable thanks to this soft finish and the light plastic chord that is used to tighten/loosen it. If you’re someone who is worried about an ill-fitting running cap, then this could be a plausible solution. 

Not only is it lightweight and comfortable, but it's also extremely portable and can easily fit into your pocket. 

This is handy for those runners who can never decide whether they actually want to wear a cap or not before setting out on a run, or those that live in climates that are prone to drastic changes, which you’ll definitely know about if you’re searching for running caps in the uk! 

Price: £27.50  

#6 - TrailHeads Race Day Running Hat 

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this product is that it only weighs 2 ounces, which isn’t bad for a cap that is made from more of a hard material. If you’re looking for lightweight caps for running this could be a good option! 

The entire cap is made from polyester mesh, which makes it extremely breathable (and one of our favourite mesh running caps). This is handy for those who are looking to wear it for intense runs and workouts, or for any activity that you think will get your blood pumping (and inevitably make you sweat). 

It will keep your cool and dry whilst stopping the sweat from running onto your face thanks to the band inside the base of the running cap. 

We’re aware that not everyone is a fan of velcro, but if you’d rather your running cap’s adjustable band be made from this (rather than a plastic clasp), then you’ll be glad to know that this product uses velcro. 

Is safety on your list of the most important features in the search for the best running cap? Not to worry. This product from TrailHeads has a reflective trim that they claim allows you to be ‘safe and be seen’ while working out, and we couldn’t agree more. This is something that many of the product’s counterparts don’t have, so you should definitely take a look if this is one of your priorities! 

Price: £15.36

#7 - Under Armour Running Hat 

If you’re into branded sports products, this could this be the best running cap on our list in your opinion… Not only is it inexpensive (it comes with free delivery!), but it’s also pretty good quality for the price. 

In terms of aesthetics (which you’d expect us to discuss first with a branded product), it comes in 5 stunning colours, which are:

  • Grey
  • Green 
  • Black 
  • Light-Gray
  • Blue 

Green is a personal favourite of ours, but we have to say that each of the colours are pretty impressive. 

Now that we’ve established the physical differences between this product and some of its counterparts, its time to talk about the practical side of things. When it comes to performance, is this running cap as effective as it should be (especially for the extra bucks)?

The answer could be a little disheartening, depending on where your priorities lie. While it doesn’t feature any mesh panels or moisture-wicking materials, it does, in fact, have sweatband inside the rim that prevents sweat from running down your face during exercise. 

It also claims to contain ‘UA Storm technology that repels water without sacrificing breathability’, which reassures you that you’re getting some ventilation and water resistance, although maybe not as strong as some of the other products out there. 

With this product, you will get all the aesthetics of an expensive running cap alongside some of the practical benefits that other products in the sector have. However, you may miss out of a few things, so it’s vital that you weigh up your priorities before purchasing it!

Despite all of this, it does hold Best Seller status on the Amazon platform, which definitely says something about the product’s popularity and ability to cater to users. We have to say that we liked it despite it lacking in some areas and that if you’re looking for a branded product this would be a great option!

Price: £22

#8 - Adidas Women’s Running Cap 

Moving swiftly on from the previous product, we have yet another branded running cap on our list for your benefit. This time, it counts as one of our running caps for women. 

The first thing you’ll notice about this product is that it is reasonably priced despite its brand status, which is definitely a plus, and a refreshing sight in the world of women’s running caps.  

It is made from 100% polyester, which means that it still provides the user with moisture-wicking abilities so that they won’t have to experience sweat running into their eyes or lingering inside the cap and causing their head to overheat.

Looking for UV protection, but not expecting to find it with a branded product? You’ll be glad to know that this running cap comes with 50+ UPF, so you needn’t worry about using this cap to run in the sun. Who knew that you could find branded running caps with sun protection on a budget? 

Overall, it’s a great product for the price and we’d definitely recommend checking it out if you’re all about Adidas!

Price: £14.95

#9 - TrailHeads Women's Running Cap 

Are women’s running caps on your radar? We’ve got one of the best products for use in winter here, which is what you’ll want to hear if you live in the UK! 

It comes with a drop-down fleece cover that protects your ears and neck from the cold, and acts as a layer of wind-resistance. However, if you find that you’re getting overheated whilst using this, you can always flip it back up out of the way. 

You’ll be glad to know that the fleece is actually made from spandex and polyester, so it should be pretty effective for wicking away moisture during your run. We know that the word ‘fleece’ sounds a little off-putting (and maybe a little sweaty), but there should be nothing to worry about with this specially-crafted cover. 

The functionality doesn’t stop there. The hat has a ponytail opening, which is handy for anyone with long hair who wants to keep it out of the way, as well as just making it one of the best running caps for women. 

Also, the cap has reflective stitching within this area, which heightens the safety aspect of it (and makes it count as one of our reflective running caps on the list). This increases visibility, especially in dark conditions, but should still be paired with a running head torch or something similar! 

Price: £27.31

Before you go!

We hope you’ve found a winner from our list of the best running caps in the UK…

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Written by Chloe Twist

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