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Top 15 Best Running Gloves of 2019

Running gloves are not normally high up an athlete’s list of key and essential accessories for maximising performance, but without them it could affect your training more than you think.

In this article we have tried and tested some of the best running gloves on the market and asked current 5 times GB, current European and former World Triathlon champion Anne Hughes to test them out. In collaboration with Anne’s verdict and our own evaluation, we additionally correlated them to reviews from other users and runners to bring you the definitive list of the best running gloves money can buy.

We have looked at:

  • Warmth
  • Waterproof
  • Fit
  • Technology Function
  • Wind Protection
  • Aesthetics
  • Value for money

Ideally you want your running gloves to do all of the above but depending on your needs some of these may be valued higher than others. For example, if you live in a high-altitude location, having the best thermal running glove with added wind protection might benefit you the most. Alternately, if you are a casually runner whom runs in the early mornings or late at night, having reflective technology and a good fit might be what you value higher.

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Right, let's jump in.....

Aegend Sports Running Gloves

Aegend’s best thermal running gloves are not just really comfy, but really light, great for everyday use and keeping the warmth in. Made from polyester and spandex, they are flexible fit, have Zero-pilling and have Wicking and anti-static function, keeping water out but leaving room for your skin to breathe for maximum comfort and performance. 

These touch screen, warm running gloves have anti-slip silicone on the palm and with their extended cuff, protect your wrist and your hands. One of Amazon’s best sellers and great reviews by hundreds of avid runners, the Aegend running glove is a safe buy at just £8.99 and the gloves look and feel pretty slick.

best running gloves uk image

best running gloves UK Image

Buy on Amazon: £9.99-10.99

Hicool Touch Screen Gloves

Hicool are very efficient at providing quality products at a low retail price and the their Hiccol touch screen running glove is no different. This warm winter glove is made of high quality elastic wool, ideal for keeping your hands warm during those early morning winter runs and is fitted with an elastic strap to prevent them slipping. 

Many cheap running gloves do not have the touchscreen compatibility function in built into them, but Hicool have in built the technology into the glove so you can use your smart phone or other gadgets without taking your gloves off and have sticky points, so you don’t drop your valuables when you do.

With pricing on Amazon at just £8.99 it deserves to make our list of best running gloves UK.

winter running gloves image

Buy on Amazon: £8.99

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Gloves

Under Armour Cgi Running GlovesUnder Armour’s CGI gloves for running have unique properties.

Their UA Storm technology fabric has water repellent qualities, preventing them becoming wet and heavy whilst running in the rain, making them a light, but waterproof gloves. Their soft-knit material and elastane components makes them really comfortable and flexible to hands of all shapes and are one of the warmest running loves on the market in relation to to how much they weigh.

Available in grey and black, they look the business too and cost around £20 depending on the size you opt for.

Buy on DW Sports: From £26

Day Wolf Running Gloves

Certainty not the cheapest winter running glove you can find, but definitely one of the best. Priced at £20.90 on Amazon, the Day Wolf Running Glove beautifully combines the fine balance between making the running glove waterproof and breathable for those humid summer runs. Made out of 90% polyester and 10% elastane, it is both durable and flexible to the shape of your hand, making them perfect gloves for running. This is reinforced by Day Wolf’s 100% money back guarantee if your not satisfied for a full 12 months, that is how confident they are in their product. High tech silcone for both grip, anti-slip and with their thin material, they can fit nicely under thicker trail running gloves or ski mittens. 

Buy on Daywolf Sports: From £18.51 ($23.80)

TrailHeads Running Gloves

These gloves by TrailHeads is specifically developed as a trail running glove or for winter running. It is one of the best thermal running gloves that money can buy, with its lengthy cuff it leaves no areas of skin exposed to the elements and tucks nicely into your running jacket. The top of the glove is covered with a shell which is water resilient, making it a waterproof glove, perfect for keeping rain and snow at bay during tough conditions.

Additionally, the running glove has reflective piping so that you can easily be seen in extreme weather and fleece material on the thumb, so you can wipe sweat from your brow without breaking stride.

Buy on TrailHeads: From £27.31

Gore Running Gloves

Gore are renowned for producing top quality outdoor running gear and their Unisex winter running gloves are no exception. Due to their light nature and thermal adaptation properties, you can wear these gloves all year round, come rain or shine. It’s functional fabric, allows for super quick drying and allows air to escape easily, keeping your hands warm, but dry from sweat. These warm running gloves have 15% elastane allowing you to stretch, making them breathable and they’re slick, plain black design means they tend to blend well with the rest of your running accessories.

gore best running gloves image

Gore running Gloves Image

Buy on GORE: From £42.99

Anqier Touchscreen Windproof Gloves

Next on our list of best running gloves, is from Anqier whom specialises in outdoor accessories. Made from premium waterproof diving lycra makes these waterproof running gloves almost 100% water resistant and have anti-skid on both palms for extra grip. Their delicately crafted thin lining make them ideal for runs in spring, autumn and early winter, providing wind protection and a great fit at the same time.

These cheap running glovers come with a 12 month worry free warranty and at £10.99 provide great value for money.

Best Running Gloves image

Buy on Amazon: From £10.99

Karrimor Running Gloves

This is one of Amazon’s best running gloves (UK) by number of sales and for good reason.  It has mesh panelling allowing increased range of motion and an elasticated cuff to both prevent the glove from slipping and making it easily adjustable for your hand and your jacket when running. It has reflective detailing on the outside of the glove and even a little pocket where you can store your keys when going out training.

The moisture-wicking fabric makes them one of the best running gloves, this is where the fabric will move sweat and moisture to the surface of the glove and dries super-quick making the gloves more comfortable and dry against your skin.

Buy on Sports Direct: From £4.99

Opard Touch Screen Running Gloves

These thermal running gloves from Opard are one of the best value for money on our list. Suitable for all weather conditions, they are both soft and “fits like a glove”, (sorry). Their inner layer of lycra and thermal fleece allows for flexibility and extra warmth during the winter and you can text, type or adjust your ipod using the conductive fibre found in the index finger and thumb. One of the durable, yet cheapest running gloves that are extra breathable and also has semi-water proof qualities, although it’s not advised to use them continually in torrential rain.

opard running gloves

Buy on Amazon: From £6.99

FaziTrip Winter Running Gloves

The FaziTrip thermal gloves reviews speak for themselves. It makes our list of the best running gloves as testified to by hundreds of athletes and outdoor runners for its aesthetic design and multi-functional benefits. The finger tips on every finger are touch screen compatible and so sensitive that you can type of a full email using them without much trouble, making it one of the best touch screen running gloves around. Largely consisting of velvet and polyester, but it also has heat reflective silk within the glove, which is the real trick to keeping your hand nice and toasty during those cold morning runs. The thermal fabric in correlation with being made out of 4% spandex allows the glove to stretch which is fantastic for not just fit, but also breathability when running.

fazitrip running glove

customer reviews for running gloves

Buy on Amazon: From £11.99-12.99

HOOMIL Lightweight Running Gloves

The Hoomlil warm running loves may appear bulky, but they’re actually very light making them ideal as gloves for running in the winter. The gloves comprise of jacquard cloth and Venetian fabric which keeps them extra warm, without being bulky, but still snug and flexible to the shape of your hand. No need to take your gloves off either to use a phone or tablet as these sensitive touch screen running has long lasting conductivity in the thumb and index finger. Along with the high-quality stitching for durable use, these winter running gloves extend up the wrist to prevent wind and rain leaking in on those tougher running days.

waterproof running gloves image

Buy on Amazon: From £9.99

Acdyion Running Gloves

Next on our running gloves review is from Acdyion. These are very warm running gloves with a thick inner fleece lining to keep your extremities warm when you need it most. Unlike many other running gloves, these have a one size fits all approach as they are made from elastic cotton, meaning they have more stretching capabilities to mould to the shape of your hand. These running gloves are suitable for casual jogs in the park or be utilised as trail running gloves up windy mountains, they’re all purpose use, makes them one of the top sellers on Amazon.

The Adyion running gloves come with a 12-month warrantee and a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied in the first 30 days. But as you will see from the reviews below, that doesn’t happen very often, which is why these have made our recommended list of best running gloves (UK).

Best running gloves UK Image

Touch screen running gloves image

Buy on Amazon: From £7.99

Ronhill Classic Running Gloves

These moisture-wicking running gloves, which are available in black, pink and yellow are one of the warmest running gloves you will find. They have a 87% polyester and 13% elastane content which keeps your hands warm at the same time as wicking away moisture, and they're also ideal for running in sub-zero temperatures and are fully windproof. This thermal running glove is great for running as it will lock in heat yet won't make you too warm, so it's ideal for any type of running! 

best running gloves in black image

Buy on Runners Need: From £9.99

Time To Run Windproof Running Gloves

Our final entry onto our recommended list of best running gloves is from “Time to run”, and the clue to what they’re good at is in their brand name, producing high end, warm running gloves and accessories. These touch screen running gloves are suitable for all weather conditions and with their sticky palm fabric enables you to pick up and hold objects like mobiles and tablets safely.

The back of the hand has windproof resistant material to keep the back of your hands warm during those hilly runs, as well as a fleece thumb to wipe excess moisture away. These winter running gloves have reflective material, so you can be seen in the dark easily and are being super light in weight, ideal for races and summer running. Despite their weight, they’re one of the best warm running gloves, with a nice balance between keeping your hands insulated and allowing air in to prevent sweat building up.

Buy on Time To Run: £12.99

Before you go!

There you have it, our list of the best running gloves (UK). Remember it's all well and good finding a great pair of thermal running gloves, but you want to get great value for money and ensure they're fit for the purpose that you need them for. 

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Written by Luke Hughes

CEO and Co-Founder

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Luke is the CEO and Co-Founder of OriGym. Holding a first-class degree in Sport and Exercise and an MSc in Sport and Nutrition, he is also qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer with various specialist credentials covering the entire spectrum of health, fitness and business. Luke has contributed to a variety of major industry publications, including Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Cosmopolitan, The Mirror, The Sun, The Standard and more.

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