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17 Best Running Headbands (UK)

If your hair is flying around and sweat is dripping down your face while you run then you might want to consider investing in a great running headband. These simple yet effective pieces of kit are just the addition you need to keep those minor inconveniences from becoming major ones. We’ve found the top 17 running headbands so you can get back to running as soon as possible!

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What is a running headband?

A running headband is a specially designed headband that will wick away sweat and keep your hair out of your face during your workouts, all whilst staying put on your head.

They are either usually designed as a lightweight, thin headband which is better during the summer, or thicker, thermal options for winter (some are even designed as ear warmer running headbands to keep your ears toasty!). A great addition to anyone’s workout gear, you’ll be able to find some with extra details such as reflective aspects or even a small added pocket for increased convenience!

#1 - Suddora Head Sweatbands

Price: £4.99

black running headband

Suddora, inspired by the Spanish word ‘sudor’ which means to sweat, are passionate about creating innovative, high-end athletic wear to help people achieve their fitness goals. Suddora designs products with athletes in mind and works hard to make sure that every aspect of their products helps to enhance their customer’s training.

The Suddora Head Sweatbands are made from a soft cotton, spandex and nylon blend, which provides a great amount of stretch and comfortability. What’s more, they are designed to hold their shape so you can be sure that they will last over time.

Unlike some other high-performance running headbands, the Suddora running headband is not sweat wicking, but it is designed to absorb sweat so it won’t run down your face while you are working out. Not only that, but these headbands are extremely lightweight, which makes them easy to both wear and carry. 

The design of the Suddora running sweat headband is their biggest strength, being guaranteed to add a pop of excitement to the most boring of workouts. There are 16 exciting colours and patterns to choose from, all of which are very affordable. The colours include:

  • Rainbow
  • Red, White and Blue stripe
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Orange

#2 - invisibobble Multiband

Price: £5.99

pink running headband men

The unique design of the invisibobble Multiband combines a hairband and a hair bobble all in one multifunctional headband for running and other exercises. This headband is perfect for any situation where you need your hair out of your face, whether you’re doing hammer curls or kettlebell exercises!

The material of the running headband (men’s and women’s) is super lightweight for ultimate comfort and also has fine silicone grips on the inside which helps keep this lightweight running headband in place, even during your most intense workouts. 

The creators of this product are the same brand that designed the widely popular, ‘invisibobble hair tie’, which holds the hair in place whilst preventing it from becoming tangled. One of the biggest appeals of this Multiband is that there is an invisibobble hair tie at the back which means that, if your hair is longer, you can tie it up to get it off your neck.

The overall look of this product is very simple and minimalistic. The band itself is small and black and the hair bobble at the back can also be used to tie up your hair, reducing the need for 2 separate products, which is fantastic as a ladies running headband or for those with long locks! 

Its sleek design is ideal if you want to get hair out of your face without having to wear a bulky headband or as a great option as a running headband for summer.

#3 - Kalenji Running Earmuff Headband 

Price: £6.99

running ear warmer headband

Kalenji is Decathlon’s own brand of sportswear, which is designed to provide quality athletic apparel at an affordable price. This is in keeping with Decathlon’s core belief that everyone should have access to the best sports products and apparel. 

This Kalenji Running Earmuff Headband is a great affordable choice for those who like to run in colder climates as it is designed specifically to keep your head and ears warm. The fleece lining on the inside of the headband provides warmth as well as making it super comfortable to wear. Also, the shape on this top running headband for winter is wider at the sides which provides plenty of room for your ears to get fully covered. 

Another fantastic feature of this Kalenji ear warmer headband for running is its reflective strip which runs along the top side. This is great for increasing your visibility when running at night. If you're looking for more kit that will improve your nighttime visibility then check out our article on the best reflective running gear, or the best running lights.

This headband comes in a choice of 4 colours: dark burgundy, neon coral orange, black and khaki grey. Although a somewhat limited colour range, they also have a marl pattern running around the back on the headband which makes them more interesting than other running headband ear warmers. 

#4 - Under Armour Mini Headbands

Price: £8.00

headband to cover ears for running

Founded in 1996, Under Armour began with an idea for a t-shirt that wicked sweat and kept athletes cool and dry. From the very beginning, the Under Armour brand has been centred around performance and helping athletes get the most out of their training.

In keeping with the company’s performance-focused design, this Under Armour running headband is the perfect accessory to keep your hair out of your face during your workout. What’s more, with 6 men’s and ladies running headbands in every pack, these are great value for money. However, due to the very narrow design of the band, they are not ideal if you are looking for something to keep you warm, like a running ear warmer headband, during intense, outdoor training sessions. 

Even though the band is narrow, it is still extremely comfortable to wear, and the silicone lining makes sure it stays in place during your training, regardless of what kind of movements you are doing. 

The Under Armour running headband comes in a range of colours:

  • Blue/Steel/White
  • Black/Pink/White
  • White/Black/Red
  • Seaglass Blue/Bright Blue/Navy
  • Lime Green/Purple/Lilac
  • Red/Pink/Blue/Neon Yellow/Black/White

The wide range of colours within each pack means that you can choose a different coloured thin running headband to match whatever outfit you're wearing. 

#5 - Runderwear Unisex Running and Cycling Headband with Zip Pocket

Price: £8.00

running headband nike

Runderwear originally started as its founders, Jamie and Richard, noticed a massive gap in the market for good, anti-chafing running underwear. The company has now grown to include many other products, such as: running bras, socks, triathlon suits and head wear. However, its ethos remains the same - to provide comfortable, functional athletic wear for all of its customers. 

This Runderwear Headband is a great winter running headband as it is specifically designed to keep your head and ears warm, making it perfect for cold weather. We've got a great list of other essential winter running gear, so make sure you're fully equipped before the cold weather rolls in! In addition, if you feel you need even more protection from the cold, its sleek design means that it can easily fit under a hat.

Despite being so insulating, the fabric of the Runderwear Headband is very lightweight and is actually designed to prevent overheating, so that you can retain the optimum temperature during your workout. The fabric of this running winter headband is also very soft, made from a polyamide/elastane blend which is designed with performance and comfortability in mind.

A great feature of this headband is its zip pocket, perfect for holding your keys or an energy gel so that you can have your hands free while you’re running. What’s more, this pocket has a reflective strip on it which increases your visibility in the dark, thus helping to keep you safe when you’re training at night.

The style of this ear warmer headband for running is simple yet effective, coming in just one colour: plain black. However, the brand name ‘Runderwear’ is written across the front in blue stitching which adds a nice pop of colour.

#6 - Bondi Band Solid Moisture Wicking Headband

Price: $11.99 (international shipping)

ladies running headband

Bondi Band was founded in 2005 after Rebecca Buckley saw a gap in the market for fun, colourful headbands that were also functional. Although it began by selling just headbands, Bondi Band now sells a wide range of headwear, compression products and accessories with different colours and styles to suit everyone.

As well as being a great headband for running, this Bondi Band headband is perfect for a range of other activities, such as: walking, cycling, gym, triathlon, sports, and CrossFit to name a few! It’s made from a lycra/spandex material and is designed to wick away moisture, so sweat never gets in your face during your workouts. What’s more, the material of this headband/sweatband for running is super breathable, so it never feels too restrictive and keeps you cool. 

Whilst this headband for running will keep you warm, it is not as insulating as some of the other headbands on this list, but it is really lightweight, so it easily fits under a hat if you need extra warmth. Furthermore, it is designed so that it is wider around the front and thinner at the back which ensures that your ears are fully covered and creates a non-slip effect. 

This is the best running headband for colour variety as the Bondi Band headband comes in over 25 colours! The colours include:

  • Green
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Orange 

This is perfect if you like to switch up your look regularly, as you can have a different colour to match each of your running outfits. Plus, if you’re looking to upgrade your gym kit then check out our article on the best running gear for all the top items of 2020!

#7 - Lululemon Cardio Cross Trainer Headband

Price: £10.00

mens running headband

Lululemon is renowned for making a wide range of high-quality workout gear: from leggings to sports bras to running headbands. When you buy from Lululemon, you expect luxury and this women’s running headband does not disappoint. The headband is made of yarns which have been knitted into a single tube to provide a seamless, four-way stretch fabric. This makes it super comfortable to wear and the fabric never feels constricting.

Most people would agree that there is nothing worse than your headband constantly sliding off when you are trying to concentrate on your training. This is another reason why this running sweat headband is so good as it has an anti-slip band running right the way round to ensure that it stays in place throughout your workout.

In terms of the style of this headband, the all-white design provides a simple, sleek look that will go with any outfit, whilst the pink highlight and pink taupe adds a little femininity to the simple design. The band itself is also quite slim, which means that it won’t look bulky on your head.

We’ve also got a great article on the best gym bags for women, so be sure to check it out to find the best one to match your new headband!

#8 - Nike Elastic Hair Band (3 Pack)

Price: £11.90

nike lightweight running headband

Nike is one of the biggest, most popular brands for workout gear and their products are renowned for their high quality. Their Nike lightweight running headband is no exception to this, and they are great value for money as they come in a pack of 3. They are perfect for a range of workouts, whether you prefer low intensity training, like yoga and Pilates, or higher intensity activities, such as running.

The Nike running headband (for men and women) are much smaller than a lot of the others on this list, which makes them super comfortable, easy to wear, and still functional. This also means that they are very lightweight, making them easy to both carry and wear.

There is nothing more distracting, in the middle of a workout, than having to constantly readjust your  headband. This is why the Nike running headband (for women and men) have a slim band that runs up the middle, designed to help the headband stay in place. 

Overall, these are a very stylish set of headbands that come in a pack of black, white and red, a pack of black, black, and white, or a set of dark pink, black, and pale pink, so you can choose whether you would rather go for subtlety or a bright pop of colour. What’s more, the Nike branding is minimal, making for a very classy looking running headband (women’s and men’s).

#9 - Inov-8 Race Elite Headband 

Price: £15.00

ponytail headband running

Inov-8 is a footwear, clothing and equipment brand founded in 2003, focusing on providing high-quality, innovative products for trail and off-road runners, as well as anyone who wants to push themselves to their limits.

The Inov-8 Race Elite Headband is perfect for all weather conditions: hot or cold. It is made from a material called, ‘Meryl Hydrogen’ that is specifically designed to wick away moisture, whilst providing warmth and breathability. To ensure further warmth, this headband for running is wide enough to fully cover your ears, stopping any cold or wind from getting in.

This running headband (men’s and women’s) is also extremely lightweight, which makes it easy both to wear and to carry. Furthermore, it is made from a very stretchy fabric, meaning that it moulds to fit your head for maximum comfort. This stretchy fabric also provides a very close fit to your head, which helps it to stay in place. 

Design-wise, the Inov-8 Race Elite Headband comes in 2 different colours; although marketed as a men’s and women’s running headband, both colours are unisex enough. The colours they offer are blue and purple, both of which have a subtle pattern that goes right the way around it, as well as the ‘inov-8’ logo at the front.

#10 - TreadBands Low-Profile Tieback

Price: $18.00 (international shipping)

running fleece headband

The creators of TreadBands were sick of wearing running headbands that claimed to be ‘non-slip’ yet ended up sliding all over the place. This is why they dedicated their time and effort into creating the only patented non-slip headband on the market. Their ‘GripStrip’ mirrors the staying power of a tire but is made of a soft foam that cushions the head can be found on all of their TreadBands, and is guaranteed to stay in place.

If you love wearing a running headband but have trouble finding one to fit your head, then the TreadBands Low-Profile Tieback is the best running headband for you! The unique tie design allows you to adjust the band to fit your head exactly, thus ensuring maximum comfort. No annoying returns and size swapping!

The fabric of this women’s and men’s running headband is extremely soft, made from a polyester/spandex blend which provides both comfort and practicality. What’s more, it is designed to wick away moisture, and retain its shape as well as being odour resistant, so that it stays fresh throughout the entirety of your workout. 

This headband comes with the patented ‘TreadGripStrip’: a synthetic rubber strip that grips to the head and ensures that it stays in place. Furthermore, every TreadBands headband for running has a reflective material logo, which helps to keep you safe when training in the dark by increasing your visibility. 

When choosing a TreadBands Low-Profile Tieback band, you are spoilt for choice as they have 55 different colours and designs. These designs range from more simple block colours to exciting patterns,so whatever your style is, TreadBands has the perfect running headband (men’s and women’s) for you. The designs include:

  • Black
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Tie-Dye
  • Leopard Print
  • Rainbow

#11 - Headsweats Thermal Headband

Price: $18.00 (international shipping)

ear warmer headband for running

Headsweats was founded in 1998 by a veteran of the shoe industry and cycling enthusiast, Alan Romick. Romick grew frustrated by the inconvenience of sweat and sun cream migrating down into his eyes while he was out cycling. As a solution to this problem, he developed the original ‘Cotton Classic’ Headsweats thermal headband for running and cycling. This product quickly took off and became popular amongst athletes all over the world. The brand has now expanded to offer 17 different products in more than 140 different colours and styles.

The Headsweats Thermal Running Headband is ideal if you like to train in cold conditions, as it is specifically designed to keep you warm. The width of the headband means that it completely covers your ears and its fleece/knit fabric provides both insulation and comfort. 

The material of this fleece running headband is excellent at wicking away moisture, so it is perfect for even the most intense workouts. Furthermore, the Headsweats logo on the headband is reflective, providing added visibility which will help to keep you safe during any night-time training sessions. Read our article on running at night for some great tips and benefits as well!

The design of the Headsweats Thermal running fleece headband is very basic as it is more focused on practicality, rather than style. However, the simple colour choices of either blue and black, or black and white, mean that they are easily matched with any outfit. 

#12 - Junk Peony Party Ear Warmer

Price: $19.99 (international shipping)

headband for running

Junk has achieved a lot of success in recent years and is one of the fastest growing companies in the US. At the heart of this success is the company’s motto of empowerment: Junk aims to empower their customers by creating high quality, practical and effective products that will help them get the most out of their training.

Whilst it is called an ‘ear warmer’, the thinner, lightweight fabric of this headband makes it perfect for warmer climates. This is ideal if you are looking for a running headband for cold weather that keeps your hair off your face and wicks away sweat, without causing you to overheat.

This headband is made of a spandex\polyester blend, which allows the fabric to stretch, so that you never feel restricted during your workout. This soft and breathable material makes it super comfortable to wear on long runs. 

The design of this fleece running headband is one of its biggest appeals as it is definitely one of the most stylish on this list. As well as this pretty peony design, it comes is a range of other cool and exciting patterns including: 

  • Rainbow
  • Paint Splatters
  • Kaki 
  • Black
  • Grey Marl
  • Leopard Print
  • Gradient
  • Stripes

The wide range of designs means that, whatever your style is, Junk has a men’s or a ladies headband to suit you.

#13 - Sportful Women’s Edge Band

Price:  £16.00

pink running headband uk

Sportful began in 1946, largely producing apparel for cross-country skiing, and later expanding to produce clothing for cycling. In 2007 Sportful created ‘Karpos’, which is their outdoor clothing line, full of products designed to perform comfortably in alpine environments and constantly changing conditions. As a brand, Sportful has changed and expanded a lot over the years; however, the love of sport and desire to innovate, which has always been at the core of the company, has stayed the same.

Sportful’s Women's Edge Band is made from a soft, insulating material that is designed to keep you warm during outdoor activities like running and cycling. Despite being so insulating, the women’s running headband is also extremely lightweight, which provides much needed breathability and stops it from being restrictive. 

This headband is designed for maximum comfort, as it fits comfortably over your ears, and it’s small enough to fit under a hat if you need extra warmth. What’s more, this headband (to cover ears for running) also considers the comfort of those with longer hair, as there is a slot at the back for a ponytail.

The overall look of this ponytail headband for running and cycling is simple, but stylish. There is an option of 3 colours to choose from: Black, White and Pink. So, if you prefer a more basic style, there are colours to suit you; or, if you want to spice up your workout gear, the pink running headband is a perfect choice.

#14 - Ronhill Women’s Reversible Contour Headband 

Price: £16.00

women's running headband uk

When you buy from Ronhill, you can be sure that you are getting quality products: made by runners, for runners. The brand is named after Dr Ron Hill who was a scientist, world record breaker and a serious running enthusiast. Dr Hill would run more than 100 miles a week and noticed that his clothes were holding him back. This is why he founded Ronhill, so that he could create sportswear that was practical, comfortable and performance focused.

The Ronhill Women’s Reversible Contour Headband is a great winter running headband as it’s specially designed to keep you warm in colder weather. What’s more, it’s made from a soft, stretchy knit fabric which ensures a lightweight, comfortable fit.

The fit of this ladies running headband is very wide, so that it covers your ears for maximum warmth and also helps to keep your hair in place. Furthermore, at only 16g, this product is extremely lightweight, meaning it’s easy to both wear and carry around.

Running can be a very intense workout which is pretty much guaranteed to make you sweat. The material of this Ronhill headband is designed to wick away moisture and be highly breathable, making the Ronhill Reversible the best headband for running for high intensity, sweaty workouts.

Overall, this is a pretty basic but attractive headband. It comes in 3 different colours: Grey Marl, Hot Pink Laser, and Grey/Black. They are all reversible as well, which makes them ideal if you like to switch up your look. 

#15 - Adidas Terrex Trail Headband

Price: £16.95

running headband womens

Founded in 1924 from a small town in Bavaria, Adidas is now one of the biggest sportswear brands in the world. They sell a wide range of products for all different types of sports, but their ‘Terrex’ collection is specifically for outdoor exercise. The clothes in the collection are built to perform in the harshest weather conditions, so, if you like to run outside, the Adidas Terrex Trail Headband is the best running headband for you! Its lightweight fabric is designed specifically to keep you warm in all of your outdoor pursuits. 

The fabric is sweat wicking so you’ll stay dry and comfortable, regardless of how intense your workout is. What’s more, if you are running in wet conditions, this headband is perfect as the fabric is quick drying. The Terrex Trail Headband is also designed to keep you safe if you are training at night, as it has reflective detailing which will increase your visibility in the dark.

As this reflective running headband was created for outdoor training, the width of the fabric is designed to cover your ears and keep them warm. This is a great feature if you are going to be training in windy or cold climates.

The design of this headband is very simple, which means that it will match with a range of outfits. The single grey marl colour is not only stylish for a running headband (men’s and women’s), but is also perfect for hiding sweat.

#16 - Buff Reflective Headband

Price: £17.17

running headband mens

Buff has always been passionate about creating simple but effective sportswear that will help people to get out into nature. Buff’s brand started with a seamless, microfiber tubular, and over time has grown to include an array of hats, accessories and apparel. 

In keeping with the company’s philosophy of simple, effective sportswear, this Buff running headband is the perfect blend of comfort and practicality. It has a soft, cotton-like feel, which makes it pleasant to wear over long periods of time and is also extremely lightweight, meaning it is easy to both wear and carry.

What’s more, this product is designed to transfer moisture vapour through the fabric and away from the body, which prevents overheating and improves comfort. This headband is also specifically designed to wick away moisture, which makes it perfect for high intensity, sweaty activities like running. 

Furthermore, this is a reflective running headband -  ideal if you like to run at night, as it improves visibility in the dark.

In terms of its design, the Buff Reflective Headband is definitely focused on practicality rather than looks as it’s just plain black. However, the all-black does have a classic, sleek feel and its simple colour palette means this Buff running headband (women’s and men’s) will go with any outfit.

#17 - Gore Opti Headband

Price: £17.99

buff running headband uk

At its core, Gore believes that everyone is capable of doing incredible things. It aims to push the boundaries of human performance by making cutting-edge products that will inspire people to achieve greatness in all areas of their lives.

Like Gore’s other products, the Opti Headband is made to the highest quality and is perfect for runners who like to train in cooler climates. Unlike some other running headbands, the high-performance fabric provides a multidirectional stretch for maximum comfort, whilst still retaining its shape. This is why the Gore Opti Headband is more expensive than some of the others on this list, as it is guaranteed to last you a long time.

As well as being comfortable, this Gore running headband (women’s and men’s) is extremely practical. For instance, it has elastic binding on the edges which makes sure that it stays in place during your training. What’s more, the headband is wide enough to cover your ears, which is perfect for keeping you warm in cold conditions.

This women’s and men’s running headband is certainly more for those who favour practicality over style as the design is very simplistic. It comes in 4 colours: blue, white, black, and pink, and has the ‘GORE’ logo in large letters across the front. 

How to use a running headband

Place the running headband over your head, pull the front up to your forehead with all of your hair tucked underneath it and away from your face, and make sure that it is positioned somewhere from above your eyebrows to just over your hairline. In this position it should wick away all the sweat and still remain in place.

These really are a simple piece of running equipment that will make your runs infinitely better. We recommend wearing it for a little while before going on a run just so you can adjust the positioning and stretch to really make sure it’s comfortable before you set off. That way you won’t need to keep stopping to get it right! 

How to stop a running headband from falling off

This is a common problem in the running community: you’re 3 miles into your usual morning run when you feel the weird sensation of your old running headband sliding around and you barely have time to stop and grab it before it flings off your head. Sound familiar? 

The best way to stop this from happening is 1) make sure you buy the right size running headband, as if it's either too small or too large it will fall off, and 2) buy a headband that is specially designed to stay on your head with specifically chosen fabrics.

How to buy a running headband

running headband image

Firstly, the most important aspect of buying the right headband is size, as this is a key factor in stopping the headband from slipping (see above).

After that, it then depends on material and technical design: if you’re looking for a thin running headband then you want a more lightweight fabric, whereas a running headband for winter would be thicker and probably cover your ears. Once you’ve narrowed down your search with these factors it then comes down to style and aesthetics, and that’s all up to you!

When to use a running headband

The simple answer to this is: whenever you need! Due to the large range of products available, including running headbands for summer or ear warmer headbands for running, there really isn’t a bad time to wear one! It all comes down to personal preference and generally whether you find them a comfortable accessory, but usually they’re incredibly helpful for wicking away sweat, keeping your hair out of your face, and warming up your ears.

What is the best running headband

There is no definitive answer to the question of what is the best running headband, as there is such a wide variety of technical aspects and designs that we’d need some sort of running headband tournament to really whittle it down, and no one wants to see that! That being said, we’ve rounded up 17 of the best running headbands with varying qualities so you can find the best one for you, by yourself.

Before you go!

Whilst a simple piece of running gear, the humble running headband is also one of the most useful, and definitely deserves a place in your running kit. No doubt you’ve found the best headband for running for you and will be hitting new PBs in no time!

If you really want to challenge yourself then why not become a personal trainer with OriGym? We’ve got a great variety of personal training packages, and you can download our latest course prospectus for free for more info.

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