17 Best Running Jackets Of 2024

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When it comes to the British weather, regardless of what season we’re in, it’s likely you’ll need a running jacket. These jackets are not only fashion forward, but can protect your body from the harshest of weather conditions and be more environmentally friendly than disposable rain ponchos. 

If you're looking to become a running coachyou're best-getting jackets made with just as much technology as smart watches, expertly designed to benefit and support your body during your run, but what is the best running jacket? 

Here at OriGym we will do the hard work for you, and break down 17 jackets that we feel will be beneficial to you and your run. 

We will cover:

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What Is A Running Jacket?

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A running jacket is a component to your running kit that is essential for particularly bad weather conditions. Though the avid runner can wear a running jacket in any kind of weather, the focus for the most part is on how it is upheld in the rain, wind and storms, and if it can keep you safe in the dark.

The best running jacket should be versatile in its nature, most of all having the ability to adapt to the heat and rain as the British weather in particular can change rapidly. Moreover, the perfect jacket for a runner is to have plenty of storage. 

As we know, it's difficult to keep valuables safe sometimes when out on a run, so having a jacket that can keep you warm and keep valuables safe is certainly a winner! But that's not all, as of course, it's a bonus to feel stylish and chic on your run, and even more so to be able to wear your jacket for other occasions apart from running. 

So, below are our best picks for the best running jackets that combine all of these facilities into one great product to keep you safe, warm and feeling you best.

17 Best Running Jackets (UK)

#1 - ProViz Classic Waterproof Running Jacket

Price: £76.49

running jackets

Kicking off the shortlist of the best running jackets is this entry from ProViz. 

Made with a fluorescent four-way stretch material, this running jacket is created with highly waterproof fabric, with a breathability rating of 20,000mm & 20,000gm/24hr.

Not only that, but ProViz have gone one step further and added their signature REFLECT360 material. This makes the ProViz the perfect jacket for running at night, as cars are able to spot you in the dark, enabling you to run safely.

Another great feature of the fabric used to create these running jackets is the stretch material with an elastic waist. This makes it comfortable for any body size and provides sufficient range of movement.

Also, you needn’t worry about the ProViz weighing you down and affecting your overall running time, for this running jacket is lightweight. Weighing in at just 250g, if you’re trying to choose a running jacket for races, you should consider this jacket as it won’t hinder your overall performance. 

When it comes to reviews, ProViz has also received multiple high praises from the media. It was featured in The Guardian's ‘What to wear outside’ section and also dubbed a ‘top class product for night runners’ by the acclaimed website Runner's World.

But if you’re more interested in hearing what everyday people have to say, you’ll be happy to hear that this running jacket has reviews that are unanimously positive. In fact this product currently sits at 5 stars on the ProViz site!

Many reviewers seem to commend the look of running jackets, alongside the benefits of it’s waterproof functionality and the fabric’s breathability.

If you are on the hunt for a jacket that will keep you dry and safe during those rainy night runs, we would highly recommend purchasing a ProViz running jacket. 

#2 - Castore Teal Running Jacket

Price: £58.00

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It’s certainly fair to say that British weather has a mind of its own, so the best running jackets are able to adapt and react to the various changes in temperature that you may experience during your run.

That’s why we recommend this running jacket from Castore; the design is made of two layers that can be worn or taken off as you need.

The outer layer is your classic running jacket with a zip front that can be removed to leave you in a lightweight vest in sunnier weather. Here you’re getting the best of both worlds in one all weather running jacket - what’s not to like?

The fabric is 100% polyester which is super lightweight and won’t affect your running times, whilst also being water resistant with a fitted hood to keep you warm and dry. This is one of the best jackets for running in milder weather too, because the panels are designed for maximum breathability and will keep you from overheating as you exercise.

If you’re a fan of running in the evening this is an excellent running coat for you, with reflective prints making you easily visible in the dark. The side seam pockets will hold your valuables and keep them safe but accessible when you need them during or after your run.

#3 - Pursue Fitness Lightweight Utility Jacket

Price: £59.97

lightweight waterproof running jacket

If you’re looking for running jackets that obtain a high level of quality, then we would recommend purchasing one of Pursue Fitness’ lightweight city jackets. This product comes in 3 unique colours, and is often one of the running jackets on sale.

The Utility jacket is the best running jacket for competitive runners, with its lightweight feel and tapered fit sleeves, it allows you to move as easily and quickly as you wish.

Also, if you worry about feeling confined in your exercise gear, you can rest assured that this jacket is comfortable and doesn’t feel too tight. 

Out of all the running jackets to feature on this list, this may just be the most fashionable for men. Regardless of what colour you choose to get, any one of these chic jackets can be worn as everyday wear, and doesn’t have to be a part of your wardrobe for running purposes only.

This running jacket is great value for money, so we’d highly recommend this product if you are on a budget but still want top quality running gear. 

#4 - Brooks Carbonite Running Coat

Price: £65.00

waterproof jackets for running

This is one of the more expensive products on our list, but we think the Brooks running jacket is a stylish and wearable running jacket that is also incredibly functional.

The panelled colours certainly make a statement, but they’re highly reflective which will keep you safe when you’re running in the dark.

The fabric is highly breathable, with a specific design that allows excess heat to escape whilst keeping you warm in colder weather. If you do get too warm the snaps will help keep the jacket closed and in place whilst the zip is down, so you have the option to open it up for extra ventilation without the running jacket flapping in the wind.

The hood is perfect for wet weather, but is also easily folded down and snapped into place to stop it bouncing around and distracting you whilst you’re running.

In terms of storage this running coat has 3 pockets, one on each side and one on the chest to keep your valuables close at all times. The side pockets are even double zipped so you can be confident nothing will fall out on your run.

#5 - Higher State Reflective Running Jacket

Price: £49.99

running windbreaker

If you’ve found yourself at this list you’ve probably been asking yourself ‘what is the best running jacket?’ Well you can’t go wrong with any of the products on this list, including this particular running coat from Higher State.

The price point for this running jacket is firmly in the middle range for the market, but the quality of design and materials certainly makes it superb value for money. 

Higher State have put a lot of thought into the cut and fit of their running jackets by paying attention to every little detail to make the best coats for running that they can. The panels are designed for maximum manoeuvrability and comfort, so that you can perform at your best on every run. 

The ergonomic seams are sewn so as not to hamper your range of movement, whilst the running coat is longer in the back for more overall coverage regardless of your body size. 

This is an all weather running jacket; the high level of waterproofing and windproofing will keep you warm and dry throughout your run, whilst the breathable design allows for some air to circulate around you to prevent overheating.

The fabric also has some UV coverage to keep your skin safer in the sun, and the reflective panels will ensure you’re visible in the early mornings or evenings; this product is clearly one of the best jackets for running in any conditions and will keep you safe, warm and dry whilst you exercise.

#6 - BALEAF Men’s Cycling & Running Jacket

Price: £46.99

running jacket sale

If you’re questioning how to choose a running jacket when your main concern is safety, perhaps you should take into consideration this product by BALEAF. With its unique reflective system, the jacket comes with high-vis logos and stripes that will keep you safe in low-light environments. 

The waterproof and lightweight fabric has an interior that is laminated with a TPU membrane, with 500mm waterproofing and 300g/m2/24hr breathability. This may sound a little overwhelming for some, but overall the enhanced breablity of this running coat is assisted by the ventilation system at the back of the coat, keeping you cool and dry.

This coat for running also comes with features that are entirely unique, such as the hem anti-skid prevent, which will stop your jacket from riding up and getting too tight whilst you’re out on your run.

In addition to this, the running coat also comes with 6 pockets, offering plenty of room for storing vital running accessories like your phone to listen to music and keep you motivated.

When it comes to running coat reviews, consumers seem to be fairly pleased with the overall product; in fact BALEAF’s product currently has a 4.5 star rating thanks to a total of 68 reviews. Overall, a common agreement is that customers feel safe and reassured when wearing the BALEAF product at night.

Another aspect of the jacket that people seem to enjoy is the elastic cuffs that fit comfortably and adapt to any body type. The fit of the running coat is arguably the main selling point, with many reviewers stating that they didn’t feel the need to get a size up, like many other jackets require.

So, if you’re interested in running coats that are a comfortable fit, with the capabilities to keep you safe when running in the dark then the BALEAF is the one for you!

#7 - Under Armour Women’s Launch 3.0

Price: £45.00

running jacket review

If you’re looking for a coat for running that has all the practicalities whilst looking stylish, then the Under Armour Women’s Launch is the product for you.

The look of this product is a real selling point, typically paying for a name branded product such as Under Armour comes with an expectation of high quality. 

Many of the running jackets reviews praise the versatile nature of this product. Customers are pleased that they can pair their new jacket with anything, be it other gym gear or just casual everyday lounge wear. 

For your next run, this jacket made with lightweight stretch-woven fabric promises next to skin tightness, whilst also being incredibly comfortable. This in part is thanks to the 4-way stretch construction, which will allow you to move better in any direction. 

To increase air flow inside the run coat, it also features a ‘back vent’ which is the feature that makes the fabric very breathable. This is a great feature for those of you who like to run for long periods of time or in hot locations. 

Instead of letting yourself become too sweaty and even run the risk of overheating, wear running coats like the Under Armour Women’s Launch that will regulate your body temperature to a safe level. 

When it comes to the running coat reviews, we have already discussed that people seemed to really enjoy the jackets unique and eye catching design.

But whatsmore, it is also commended for it’s breathability too, with many customers stating that they felt the benefit from the jackets ‘back vent’, making their running experience easier. So if you’re searching for a running jacket that will give you all the benefits with the fashion, check out Under Armour.

#8 - Adrenaline II Waterproof Running Coat

Price: £34.99

jackets waterproof running

We absolutely love this Adrenaline waterproof running coat; the colours make this a statement piece that will help you stand out for all the right reasons! The bright colours are not only fun and vibrant they’re also highly reflective which will keep you safe on darker evenings.

Running coats can sometimes be harder to find in more inclusive sizing, so you’ll be happy to note this product comes in sizes 6-28 for plenty of fit options outside of standard fitness clothing sizes.

This run coat is highly waterproof; with a 3,000mm rating you’ll be covered for light to moderate rainfall, and the taped seams will prevent water seepage from soaking in through the joins in the garment.

At the same time this running jacket is breathable and will keep you cooler in the long run by allowing sweat and excess heat to pass through the material. 

When pockets can easily make or break a garment, this running coat has several storage options of varying sizes. The chest pocket is perfect for your phone or money by keeping it close to you at all times, whilst the back zipped pocket will keep other valuables safe and dry whilst you exercise.

#9 - On-Running Weather Jacket

Price: £190.00

running coats and jackets

Every element of the Weather Jacket is made with all the practicalities of running in various weather conditions in mind. The run coats cap design for the hood keeps it firmly on your head, regardless of the wind or rain. 

Additionally, the pockets of this product also offer you water resistant zip protection, so you can rest easy with the knowledge that your valuables are safe. So, as you can probably tell, one of the main selling points of the running coat is that it offers many features all designed with your safety and protection in mind. 

If you run with a partner, you can choose from a choice of colours, one black and one blue maybe? This way you know exactly which one belongs to you!

Thanks to its lightweight Japanese fabric, the Weather Jacket also offers 360 degree ventilation thanks to a highly stretchable polyester and elastane fabric. The jacket also features micro-ventilation-patterns woven into its fabric, which is the feature that makes it so breathable!

In addition to all of this, the Weather Jacket also offers an ultralight package that is tear proof and dries fast. This makes it the ideal product for those on the go, as you can place the running jacket in your luggage without the fear of it being damaged during transit. 

When it comes to changing weather conditions you don’t need any distractions or comfort from wet clothing. So if the jacket gets wet, the rain will merely slide down and off the jacket.

The Weather Jacket is perfect for any weather conditions and its rainproof material makes it the perfect protection against any incoming storms. Whatsmore, it's lightweight and breathable nature makes it comfortable to wear in the sun without feeling too hot. 

The On-Running site sheds some light into just how popular this product is, the reviews for this running jacket show that many people seem to be a fan of the Weather Jacket’s hood in particular. 

The hood is applauded for managing to stay firmly on the head, without blowing down or allowing water to get in your face.

With all of these features, the Weather Jacket is one of the best running coats on the market today. More specifically, the coat’s overall durability received much praise, one reviewer states that they bought the coat 3 years ago, and the condition still feels like new!

If you’re interested in owning the best running coat to combat weather, treat yourself to this luxury purchase and buy a Weather Jacket. 

#10 - Sundried Grande Casse Jacket

Price: £40.00

running jackets uk

If you’re looking for a cheap running jacket that can also double as the perfect cycling jacket, then you may be interested in checking out the Casee Jacket. 

The unisex design makes this running coat the perfect fashion statement for just about anyone, looking good both during exercise and when out and about during your everyday life. 

As we work our way through this running coat list, we have talked multiple times about how safety is a big factor in deciding what product to purchase. So, for those that this applies to, the reflective trims on the Casse Jacket’s cuffs and chest allows for running in the dark safely. 

The water resistant materials of this running jacket will protect you from light showers, and could be considered to be the perfect spring running jacket. However, do be aware that the site stresses that the Casse Jacket protects against light showers, not heavy or torrential rain. 

So, if you choose to purchase this product be sure not to keep any valuables in your pockets if the weather is extreme!

However, with all that being said, the Casse Jacket is incredibly easy to store and pack away, it even comes with its own small storage bag with purchase. Then, when you’re done with the product, simply roll it up into the bag and store it away for your next run. 

The reviewers of this running jacket seem to enjoy this element, with many of the 5 star ratings commending the durability of the jacket and it’s storage bag. Another highly rated review stated that the jacket coped well in cold weather, even when mountain climbing. 

So if you want a cheap jacket but don’t want to wait for a running jacket sale, then we would recommend purchasing Sundried Grande’s product. Not only is it affordable, but it offers great value for money, meaning you don't have to wait until payday to reap all of the mental health benefits of running.

#11 - Janji Running Jacket

Price: £114.00

waterproof running jacket

The Janji running jacket is another of the more expensive options on our list, but if you have the budget it’s definitely worth considering!

This is one of the best running jackets on the market, especially from a sustainability point of view. Janji uses 45% recycled materials as part of their insulation, and their fabrics are treated with a PFC-free DWR (durable water repellent) formula. 

PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) are a chemical treatment that has been used to make fabrics waterproof, however the run-off during the manufacturing process can be highly damaging for the environment. Recent breakthroughs in fabric technology has meant you’re now able to get highly waterproof materials without using PFCs, so is the more eco-friendly option.

This running jacket is thin and lightweight, with the outer shell easily keeping rain and even light snowfall from soaking in to keep you warm and dry. The snaps below the zip allow for extra ventilation if needed whilst keeping the running coat in place as you need it.

The insulation is concentrated in the places you need it most to keep you warm without adding too much weight or sacrificing your range of motion - you’ll be able to move comfortably throughout your run, wherever the trail takes you!

#12 - Berghaus Hyper 140 Jacket

Price: £180.00

jackets for a run

Berghaus is known for their fully waterproof and durable 3-layer hydroshell fabric, and this product is made from exactly that, keeping you completely dry even during the heaviest of storms.

This superb jacket has been expertly designed by the MtnHaus team, even winning awards for its quality of performance. It is packed with just about anything the dedicated runner needs to feel at peace, without being weighed down by backpacks or other gear. 

But don’t be fooled by its lightweight nature, the product is incredibly durable and won’t show any signs of tears or damages over time, no matter how hard you find yourself working. 

On their website, Berghaus claims that this product is one for the gear geeks out there, the people who are obsessed and put everything into the craft of running. Not only will the fabric never tear or show signs of damage, but it also provides effortless movement from the seamless main body construction.   

As we have discussed at many points during our running jacket list, keeping your belongings safely stored away is a vital necessity for many runners. This has been taken into consideration when designing the Hyper 140 Jacket, as its internal bound security pockets will ensure that all valuables stay safe and dry. 

When it comes to deciding ‘how to choose a running jacket’ you may want to hear what other buyers have to say about the product. The Berghaus website shows why the Hyper 140 Jacket is one of the companies most popular products, with the jacket sitting at a 9.7/10 rating. 

The running coat reviews show that the customers love the fabric the jacket is made out of, confirming that it is both waterproof and very breathable, so let the positive reviews guide you.

If you want one of the best running jackets the UK has to offer, then you should treat yourself to a Hyper 14 Jacket by Berghaus. 

#13 - INOV-8 Thermoshell Pro Men's Waterproof Jacket

Price: £210.00

waterproof running jacket unisex

With an emphasis on comfort-fit, this waterproof jacket by INOV-8 has been specifically designed for women who want to run with confidence, any time and any place. 

If you are someone who wants to feel cool when running, then the Trailshell’s underarm vents will do just that, increasing airflow throughout your entire body to help moderate its temperature. 

However, this isn’t the only aspect of ventilation that the jacket offers, as it also features a back ventilation system; ensuring that your body does not overheat was really the key focus point when it came to designing this product. 

Great news for those hoping to get cheap running jackets as Inov-8 regularly holds sales! So if you’re interested in a high quality running jacket sale, which would otherwise see you paying significantly more money for the same product, then be sure to check the website regularly.

When it comes to the reviews for this running jacket, the UK customers seem to be incredibly pleased with the overall quality of the garment. Currently, the Thermoshell has a 5 star rating on the INOV-8 website, with reviewers applauding the jackets design and comfort.

Another point that should be taken into consideration before purchasing is the price. Whilst this is a little expensive compared to others, many of the reviewers state very clearly that the quality of the product is worth every penny. 

With all of this in mind, if you are a female runner who wants a product that has been made with their body in mind specifically, we believe that you should consider purchasing one of the Thermoshell Waterproof Jackets. 

#14 - Adidas Running Jacket

Price: £140.00

adidas waterproof jackets cheap

If branded running coats are your vibe, then Adidas certainly has one of the more highly rated and best running jackets out there at the moment.

Their running jacket is thin with no filling which makes it super lightweight and wearable in inclement and warmer weather - perfect for when a British summer can’t make up its mind, or those early mornings before the sun is out.

The full zip and high neckline are excellent at keeping the wind and rain out where it belongs; keeping you warm and dry as you exercise. The looser fit helps to keep you cool when you need it, and lets you move around easily to stretch after a run.

This running coat is excellent value for money; if we haven’t convinced you then we’re sure the overwhelmingly positive running jacket reviews will! This running coat has reviews in the hundreds, with a total 4.7 star rating.

The majority of these running jackets reviews praise the fit and durability, so you can be confident you’re getting value for money with this garment.

#15 - Salomon Bonatti Cross Wind Men's Running Jacket

Price: £75.00

waterproof windproof jacket running

If you consider yourself a dedicated runner and want a product that has been designed solely with the intent of running in mind, then we recommend checking out the Bonatti from Salomon. 

With it’s 4-way stretch fabric, which has been supported with elasticated yarn, you’ll be able to comfortably run any distance and at any speed. More so, you can do this without the nagging worry that your jacket will be too confining or baggy.

But that's not all, as not only is the jacket incredibly comfortable, the fabric used in the manufacturing of the Agile Wind is reinforced on the body and back protectors. This will repel any kind of moisture away from your body, with a smart, toggle-free hood to add an extra layer of protection. 

However, do note, that on the Salomon website they clearly state that this running jacket is designed for light rain. So if you’re planning to wear it in the middle of a storm, then it won’t be able to offer optimum protection.

This running jacket is also designed with an air ventilation system, which can be opened and closed at your own leisure. This makes this the perfect coat for running during any season, if it’s the hot days of summer simply open the vents and allow cool air to pass through to your body.

Likewise, during the bitter winter runs you can close the vents in order to retain that precious body heat. In addition to this, the running jacket comes with a skin fit hood, which has been designed with other high-output activities in mind.

When looking at running jacket reviews, the Bonatti Cross Wind has been well received by the vast majority of customers, and  reviewers seem to be relatively pleased with the overall fit and comfort of the jacket. 

Many of the reviewers are in agreement that this is the perfect running coat for the Autumn months. Those who specifically state this highlight how the jacket keeps them warm and dry during light showers, but echo the point that it’s not ideal for heavier rain.

#16 - Kalenji Running Coat

Price: £14.99

mens waterproof jacket for running

Kalenji is definitely a well known budget sports brand, so if you’re looking for a beginner running jacket to try out a style this might be the one for you! At £14.99 this is a brilliant starter piece of gear to introduce you into the world of coats for running.

We can all agree by now that the best running jackets are windproof and waterproof to keep you protected from whatever the weather can throw at you. This running coat is 100% polyester which is lightweight and waterproof so will keep you dry during your runs.

The high neck and long sleeves will help protect you from the wind and keep you warm on those chilly morning runs, whilst the bright colours will ensure you’re highly visible at night for your own safety.

The zipped pocket in the back is perfect for storing your keys or a pair of gloves, and you know they’ll be safe whilst you’re exercising.

If our word isn’t enough, the Kalenji running jacket has reviews in the thousands! The overall 4.5 star rating certainly speaks for satisfied customers, so you know you’re getting excellent value for money.

#17 - LuluLemon Cross Chill Jacket

Price: £168.00

jackets for running

This super stylish running jacket from LuLuLemon is available in 3 unique colours and will keep you looking fashionable whilst out on your jog. The jackets water repellent, glyde softshell fabric is completely water and windproof, allowing you to face any element that may come your way.

In addition to this, the coat is sure to keep you warm on even the coldest of winter mornings. This is thanks to its fleecy backing and four-way stretch tech fleece fabric, which has been designed specifically to trap warmth. 

Throughout our running jacket list we have stressed the importance of safety, recommending that you buy a jacket with reflective panels should you wish to run in the dark. Thankfully, this product also comes with reflective details, which will allow you to safely run during the early hours of the morning or late at night, with the peace of mind that cars will be able to see you. 

Much like the other entries on this list the Cross Chill Jacket, comes with several pockets for you to keep any valuables. However, an added bonus of buying this jacket for running, is that it comes with a hidden sleeve specifically designed to keep your phone safe whilst running. 

The jacket has been well received by the LuLuLemon customers, as it currently has a 4.5 star rating on the company's site. Many of the customers agree with one aspect in particular, that being that the jacket was both incredibly stylish and comfortable to wear.

So if you’re looking for a jacket that you can wear throughout everyday life and not just running specifically, then why not give the Cross Chill Jacket a shot!


What Should I Look for When Buying a Running Jacket? 

mens running jacket

Naturally there is no definitive answer for this, as the preferred qualities and features of a running jacket will differentiate from person to person. Whilst we can’t give you an ultimate and conclusive answer, we can offer questions that we think you should take into consideration before deciding to purchase, these being:

  • Is it weatherproof?
  • Is it insulated and warm?
  • Does it have good ventilation?
  • Does it have enough pockets for the storage of all my valuables?
  • Does it look good?
  • Is it a good fit?

You should try to answer these questions through your own research to narrow down your choice. We know that within this market there is a lot to choose from, so hopefully answering these questions will help.

Should My Running Jacket be Tight or Loose?

running jackets for marathon

Similarly to the previous question, it is subjective as to what you ultimately find comfortable. Overall, you would benefit from attempting to strike a balance between the two, finding something that you have free range of movement in, without it feeling baggy.

The best running jackets in the UK are typically ones that allow you to feel the breeze on a hot day and sustain ventilation, while also having the versatility to keep the heat in on the colder days.

So, the best advice would be to try to get to a store so you can physically try on your next running jacket, this will avoid any disappointment of size complications.

Does Wearing a Jacket Running Burn More Calories?

women's running jackets

Overall, a higher heart rate equates to a higher energy expenditure, and wearing a jacket while running in relatively warm or hot weather can raise your heart rate. This happens by the heart rate increasing in an attempt to regulate body temperature, therefore, the energy used is increased.

So, although you shouldn’t purposely push yourself beyond the limits you’re physically capable of and put yourself in danger of dehydration, it is possible to lose water weight and possibly burn more calories - though, this may not be the case for everybody. 

Yet, it is always important to note, that you should avoid putting yourself in any danger by staying hydrated and halting your workout if you feel any signs of overheating or exhaustion.

Before You Go!

We hope that you have found our list of the 17 best running jackets to be informative in aiding you with the decision of which running jacket to buy. 

Remember, the list we have provided is a mere snapshot of the marketplace so the decision of which one to purchase is ultimately down to you. Remember, everybody has varied needs so take yourself and your comfort into account above all else.

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