17 Best Running Lights (UK)

best running lights

Running lights are the best solution to low visibility when running at night.

The main downside of running at night is the decreased visibility which could put you in danger from oncoming traffic, uneven terrain, or getting lost. Don’t let this put you off though! OriGym has a great guide on running at night that you should check out if you need more info.

There’s a large variety of running lights out there, such as body lights for running, lights for running shoes, and even running knuckle lights, so wherever you feel most comfortable wearing or carrying them, there will be a set for you. It can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right product though, which is why OriGym have tried and tested the market before creating a shortlist of the 21 best running lights! 

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Which running light should you go for?

Your choice in running lights for runners will change greatly depending on what sort of light you’re looking for. If the purpose of the running safety lights is to make you more visible to traffic or other pedestrians, then a combination of reflective and LED would be better, and in a wearable form.

OriGym has a list of the best reflective running gear if you think that’s more your style! However, if you want lights for night running that illuminate your path then a product like a torch or headlamp would be better as you can direct the light much easier to see where you are going.  

Where are you going to wear the product?

This is an important decision when choosing the right safety running lights to incorporate into your running routine, as wearing the lights on different areas of your body has different pros and cons.

For example, running lights for your head are great for making you more visible to drivers but the product could be weighty and cause headaches. Clip on LED lights for running at night are the best at being lightweight and adaptable, but the product quality has to be high to ensure the running lights don’t fly off.

What weather conditions do you need to consider?

Hot, cold, humid, wet... The expected weather conditions for your run will also have an impact - not all night running safety lights will be waterproof. The more extreme weather conditions, such as fog, could require more specialised equipment. Make sure you check out the strength of the light omitted, battery power, durability and reliability of your night running lights to ensure your runs will be as safe and luminous as possible! 

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#1 - Oumeiou LED Beanie

Price: £7.99

best running lights for running shoes

For wearable lights for running the Oumeiou LED Beanie has efficient features that make it one of the top running lights for lighting up your nighttime runs in a warm and comfortable way. It's great when used with a good pair of running gloves, especially on cold evenings.  

Firstly, this one-size-fits-all unisex beanie has a built in LED light that is removable and rechargeable via USB in a laptop, car charger, or power bank. The LED itself is bright enough to illuminate up to 30 feet in front of you and the battery lasts around 4 hours with continuous use or approximately 68 hours of intermittent use.

The beanie comes in a huge range of colours:

  • Black
  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red

#2 - Victoper Head Torch Super Bright

Price: £21.95

best running lights

There are a lot of different night running lights for runners but none that match the specs of the Victoper Head Torch. The lamp of this head torch provides up to 18,000 lumens of brightness, which roughly equates to 400 metres in illuminated distance. The beam is also adjustable by 90 degrees which gives you a lot more choice in what you want to focus on.

The headlamp is fully rechargeable via micro USB, and supports 4 hours fast charge which provides for approximately 7 to 8 hours of use. There are 8 illumination settings which include:

  • White floodlight
  • Red floodlight
  • SOS flash mode
  • Strong white flash
  • Low white flash

This means that whether you’re looking for trail running lights or just the best lights for running at night, the Victoper Head Torch will light your way.

#3 - MoveVisible LED Band

Price: £12.99

running visibility lights

If you're looking for running visibility lights that will allow you to exercise safely in low light and dark conditions, the MoveVisible LED Band is a great option.

Whether you're a fan of an early morning or winter evening run, this affordable running light provides unmissable visibility to motorists and cyclists. 

This product comes with batteries included and guarantees upto 100 hours of full brightness , ensuring that you are safe and visible for every stride that you take.

If that wasn't enough, this is perhaps the most-hassle free of all the running lights on our list. Thanks to its flexible, elastic Velcro strap, this product is comfortable to wear and sits securely on your upper arm.

#4  - Zenoplige Running Light Lamp

Price: £13.99

night running lights

One of the best chest running lights for runners is definitely the Zenoplige Running Light Lamp as it features not just a front lamp, but also a rear visibility lamp, and the simplistic nature ensures that your run won’t be weighed down. 

This chest running light is attached to an elasticated harness that is adjustable and lightweight. There is the main lamp situated on the chest and then there is also a red warning lamp that sits on the back, so you’ll be visible from both the front and the back. 

The battery on this chest lamp is rechargeable with a micro USB cable, however if you’re looking to take it on a nighttime run that’s longer than 5 hours this probably won’t make the cut.

The lamp is powered by a 3W XPG lamp which will give you from 30 to 50 meters of illumination at night, with high, low, and strobe settings.  

This is a simple yet effective way to wear body lights for running which will provide you with both front illumination and back visibility to any oncoming traffic.

#5 - Syosin Head Torch

Price: £17.88

running lights led

Another great head torch with handy features is the Syosin Head Torch. As far as wearable running lights go, this might be a little pricier than some of the others on the market, but it is also more efficient. This head torch features 8 bright LEDs that cumulatively produce 18000 Lumens in a formation that offers increased brightness and wider beam range. There is a much broader range of brightnesses, colours, and beams which allows for better adjustment depending on the level of light needed. The torch also has an adjustable light beam which can turn 90° down, allowing for better focus.

The headband is fully adjustable with a strap that goes around your head and another that goes over the top of your head, which will ultimately stop the torch from slipping down onto your face. This wearable running light is also IPX4 water-resistant so no need to worry if you get caught out in the rain or snow (just don’t take it swimming with you!).

If neither of these head torches catch your eye then take a look at OriGym's 10 best running head torches here to find the best one for you!

#6 - Lumefit High Visibility Vest

Price: £15.99

Running at night lights

Running lights alongside reflective features provide the best of both worlds for high visibility running lights, and the Lumefit High Visibility Vest is a great set of running lights that will increase your safety at night. Built with fluorescent yellow polyester and double optical fiber resin this vest provides 360° visibility that can be seen from more than 750 yards, and with 8 LED lights (4 white LEDs on the front and 4 red LEDs on the back) that can be set at Steady-On or Rapid-Blink for increased visibility. 

These impressive night running lights also come with two matching reflective armbands for further increased safety.  

The vest features an elasticated band that is fully adjustable with quick access clips and an extra wide high visibility reflective strip. The design allows for full range of motion meaning your workout won’t be interrupted or hindered, and is lightweight and waterproof so your reflective lights for running are suitable for all weather visibility.  

#7 - Tabiger LED Armband

Price: £6.99

Lights for running in the dark uk

Running lights on armbands are a popular choice for the best running lights due to their comfort, ease of use, and good visibility. The Tabiger LED Armband comes in a pack of 4, with running LED lights and also reflective features, in a variety of colours:

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red

The LEDs are battery powered and can last up to 80 hours before needing to be replaced with 2 new CR2023 batteries, which you can buy from most supermarkets and from Amazon. This armband has 4 settings which includes fast flashing running lights, slow flashing, continuous brightness, and OFF. The Tabiger Armbands are waterproof and wear-resistant so they should provide you with strong lights for running for a long time, and the snap-bracelet style design means they are simple to put on and take off. The material is a glossy plastic which helps to increase the brightness of the LEDs. 

#8 - B Seen Flashing Reflective Armbands 

Price: £13.89

running lights for shoes

Another pair of great arm lights for running is the B Seen Flashing Reflective Armbands. With 1522 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, these lights for running at night are clearly worth buying. 

Built with a durable elastic band that will fit most people comfortably, these armbands can provide from 50 to 70 hours of illuminated run time. That’s a lot of running! Fully adjustable, they can be placed on your arms, wrist, ankles, and even running backpacks. There’s two modes of illumination, Steady Glow or Blinking, and the batteries are again completely rechargeable. 

Available in blue or green, these reflective and flashing armbands are a simple yet highly effective way to be seen during late night runs.

#9 -  Knuckle Lights Running Lights

Price: £40.07

Knuckle lights running

Whilst running knuckle lights in general might sound heavy and cumbersome, these Knuckle Lights for running in the dark are actually a great lightweight and compact option. Each unit weighs less than 3 ounces and is fitted with fully adjustable straps that are made from soft silicone. This means that you can even adjust these to fit over your regular running gloves in the winter.

The LEDs have 120 Lumens of brightness and the wide flood beam design can reach over 25 feet of visibility, meaning you can see while on your runs and also be seen by traffic or other people. They are also designed with ‘no bounce’ so your light beam will remain steady at all times. There a 3 options of illumination:

  • High
  • Low
  • Blinking strobe

Fortunately, these hand lights for running are also battery powered by 2 AA batteries, again an easily replaceable and available battery. They're also some of the most waterproof and durable knuckle lights for running, so there's no need to worry about protecting them during those rainy winter runs. We actually have a full guide to winter running gear, incase you're interested in learning more about other items that could make your runs easier. 

#10 -  Illumiseen Reflective LED Belt

Price: £17.99

Running lights for runners

Wearable LED running lights for runners are an efficient way to stay visible during your run, and waist mounted running lights are another option available if the other wearable lights for running haven’t quite taken your fancy. The Illumiseen Reflective LED Belt is another product that combines LED lighting with reflective lights for running to give you the highest visibility possible.

Available in blue, green, or red, this belt provides bright running lights that can either ‘Flash’ or ‘Glow’ and is completely rechargeable through a micro USB (which is provided). The battery will last up to 20 hours in ‘Flash’ mode. 

The design is highly durable and comfortable with a fully adjustable strap that allows for completely free movement, and is also a lightweight way to wear waist lights for running at night. 360° illumination and reflection is provided meaning you’ll be visible and safe from all angles.   

#11 - RovyVon LED Keychain Flashlight

Price: £19.95

body lights for running

If you’re a keen runner looking for safety lights for running at night that won’t take up too much space or require adjusting straps, you should definitely take a look at the RovyVon LED Flashlight. This tiny torch weighs only 11.2 grams and measures 10cm x 5cm x 2cm: small enough to attach to a keyring but bright enough to illuminate your path. 

Providing 550 Lumens of brightness through 4 different modes (Low, High, Medium, and Strobe) this torch is a durable, efficient running light that will make running at night a breeze. It will also save you money on batteries as this is completely rechargeable through a standard USB charging port. Used on the Low setting the battery should last up to 150 minutes, while the High setting gives you up to 38 minutes, all whilst under the feature of a temperature controller which ensures the torch won’t get too hot or burn you.   

#12 - Kiwaly LED Clip On Safety Light

Price: £10.59

Best running lights uk

For one of the best value for money LED clip on lights for running, look no further than the Kiwaly LED Clip On Safety Light. This small clip on running light omits 150 Lumens of brightness which will provide substantial illumination on your run in the dark. There are 4 modes of illumination:

  • High
  • Middle
  • Low
  • Strobe

The battery is rechargeable with a micro USB cable and should last up to 4 hours from one charge. This clip on is designed with a strong magnetic fastening to secure the light to your clothes, jacket, bag, dog lead, wherever you need it, and the silicone cover will protect it from water or dirt.

This is one of the more simple clip on LED lights for running at night but it will brighten your path regardless.

#13 - Apace Vision LED Safety Light

Price: £14.99

running lights for runners uk

Apace Vision LED Safety Lights are clip on running lights that are unmatched. They are incredibly lightweight, slim, and bright running lights that can be attached to pretty much anything. 

These running lights for runners have 3 light settings:

  • Steady
  • Slow flash (strobe)
  • Fast flash (strobe)

The battery on these clip on lights for running lasts up to an incredible 100 hours. Once the batteries have finally run out they can be easily replaced, as the product comes with spare batteries and a mini screwdriver for easy installation. 

These running LED lights are also weather resistant with good quality hooks that can easily be attached to bags, belts, helmets, even dog collars and leads. A long elastic hook and loop strap comes with the running lights as well which means you can attach them to your arms, ankles or wrists for increased security and visibility.

If these fantastic features haven’t tempted you, then maybe the option of blue, green, orange, or pink clip on LED lights for running at night will convince you completely.

#14 -  Linkax LED Torch

Price: £7.99

Led lights for running shoes

If you’re looking for more simple and efficient nighttime running lights then look no further than the Linkax LED Torch. This is a small but powerful LED torch that provides 800 Lumens of light that can be adjusted from a small spotlight focus to a wider surface area, a feature that is not so common in the market of lights for running at night. 

This LED torch is built from strong aluminium alloy yet is still small enough and lightweight enough to carry in your pocket, and it is IPX4 waterproof and designed with an anti-slip handle making it one of the great running hand lights that is perfect for cold and wet weather. 

The torch has 5 different illumination modes which include:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS/Emergency

The Linkax runs on 3 standard AAA batteries that are easily replaceable: definitely one of the highest quality battery operated running lights that will brighten up your nighttime runs.

#15 - Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch

Price: £22.98

best running lights for runners

If the weight and usual slippage of head torches has put you off wearable running lights then this running-specific handheld torch might be one of the better running lights for you. The Nathan Zephyr Fire 100 Hand Torch is a handheld light that is specifically designed for running: the design features a 24° downward projection angle which will specifically illuminate the path ahead of you rather than the light beam just waving around. The torch is equipped with 2 LEDs: a front white LED that produces 108 Lumens and a rear-facing red LED with 8 Lumens, allowing for more visibility from both sides, and an extra added feature of a siren that can be activated in emergencies. 

This torch is powered by 2 AA batteries and the battery life lasts around 5 hours on the High setting, 8 hours on Low, and 15 hours on Strobe. The torch also features a wrist strap which enables runners to attach the torch to them without having to constantly hold the torch.

For easy and constant access this is one of the best running lights out there.

#16 - Tabiger LED Shoe Clip Running Lights

Price: £5.99

Running shoes lights

Lights for running shoes are a popular way of staying visible while running at night as they are a lightweight option that won’t interfere with your run. The Tabiger LED Shoe Clip Running Lights for runners are an affordable yet great set of running shoe lights as they are made from high-quality materials, fit on almost all running shoes, and are lightweight. 

The battery life on these running shoe LED lights lasts up to 20 hours in flashing mode and up to 12 hours in the always-on mode, and can easily be replaced with a new CR1026 battery. 

The running lights are available in blue and green, and the design is lightweight yet weather resistant. These can be easily clipped on to the heels of your shoes, but can also be clipped to bags or belts or other straps if that is more convenient. 

As far as lights for running shoes are concerned, the Tabiger LED Shoe Clip Running Lights for trainers are a great and affordable option.

#17 - Hiverst LED Shoe Lights

Price: £40.32

Running shoe led lights

Another great version of shoe lights for running is the Hiverst LED Shoe Lights which clip onto your laces rather than the backs of your heels. This provides more visibility for you as well as for oncoming traffic as they illuminate the path in front of you. 

These running lights are weather-proof and waterproof so they should be able to get you through even the most turbulent of weather conditions, and the brightness should illuminate up to 33ft in front of you. 

One interesting and modern feature of these clip on running shoe lights is the Smart Motion Sensor Switch: simply pressing the button will activate the sensor mode which then allows for the running lights to be switched off simply by waving your hand in front of them. A great feature that will stop you having to fumble around in the dark.

The batteries are USB rechargeable and also feature a low battery indicator light, with the charge lasting up to 4 hours.

Before you go!

Hopefully this list really shone a light on the best running lights that will get you moving in the dark, with some great waist mounted running lights, running safety lights, and clip on running lights. Now that the overwhelming amount of products out there have been whittled down to just 17, we hope that you find the right lights for you without too much of a struggle! 

Plus, night running lights also provide great gifts for the important runners in your life, but if none of these products have grabbed your attention then take a look at our article on the best running gifts to get more inspiration.

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