39 Best Running Podcasts

best podcasts about running

Are you looking for a running podcast to listen to? Well, you’re in the right place!

OriGym has got you covered with a guide to the best running podcasts in the UK! 

Listening to podcasts while running can be a great alternative to the music playlist that you’re starting to find a little repetitive. They’re a great source of information as well as entertainment, and really what could be better than listening to podcasts on running whilst running yourself?

Whether you’re looking for a podcast running programme, a fell running podcast, or you simply want some background noise to accompany you on your run, read on for some inspiration.


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Benefits of Listening to Podcasts While Running

According to a 2016 Runners World survey, a huge 61% of runners like something to listen to, with a poll suggesting that nearly 20% of runners listen to podcasts while running.

So before we jump in with our pick of the best podcasts on running, let’s consider the benefits of doing so.

#1 Promotes Motivation

running podcast free

When it’s pouring with rain and you’re feeling low, it can be hard to motivate yourself to get up and head out the door for that run planned. That’s where running podcasts come in handy!

Having a favourite running podcast in mind is great, as it gives you something to look forward to when you need a boost to reach that runner’s high. 

The best podcasts for running often involve comedic tales or inspirational stories, which play a huge role in keeping your spirits up and motivating you to keep going when the run becomes tough.

Also, if you choose podcasts to listen to while running or training, the miles are likely to fly by and before you know it, you’ll have reached your end goal. Who knows - you may even want to keep running until the episode has finished, pushing you to increase your mileage and achieve your running goals!

#2 Provides Education

trail running podcast

In our busy day-to-day lives, it can be difficult to dedicate time to learning new things. If you listen to podcasts while running, not only are you working on your fitness and endurance skills, but you’re also learning something new.

Whether you’re listening to a podcast as a running coach or a marathon training podcast, you’re sure to hear a new piece of information that could help you to improve your running technique. You may even pick up a tip that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Interestingly, there is evidence to suggest that we become more creative and more open to taking in new information when we run.

This is because running engages the automatic, or nonconscious part of the brain, which frees up and activates the conscious part, ready to process new things. 

Next time you’re lacing up your trainers, why not put a pair of headphones on, choose from our selection of the best podcasts on running and learn something new?

#3 Can Be Therapeutic

podcast running coach image

Studies have shown that running can cause significant mood changes, such as reductions in anger, depression and anxiety.

If you don't have time for a run then try one of our 30 natural mood boosters instead.

One of the reasons for this is that running allows you to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and forces you to focus on your own capabilities.

Combine this with a running podcast and you’ve got all of the tools you need to forget about the rubbish day you’ve had or the tasks that lie ahead of you. 

The best podcasts for running are the ones that are able to engage your mind, which can offer a welcome distraction when your run becomes particularly tough. Instead of focusing on how tired you are, or how steep the hills ahead of you are, you’ll be engrossed in an inspirational running story or a funny conversation between two athletes.

Although most podcasts about running are educational, they can also be very soothing for the mind; allowing you to switch off and use the run as your own personal therapy time.

39 Best Running Podcasts

Now that you know the benefits, let’s dive into our list of running podcasts!

General Running Podcasts

If you’re looking for a general running podcast recommendation, then this section is for you.

Whether you’re looking for a podcast for a running coach, or you’re a beginner hoping to tune into something interesting, here we’ve gathered some of the best running podcasts (free and paid) for you to choose from. 

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#1 Rambling Runner

running podcasts training

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.3 Stars

Length: 1 Hour- 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Aimed at runners who are looking for ways to balance their hobby with the trials and tribulations of everyday life, host Matt Chittim interviews amateur runners and discusses their own experiences of running in this podcast.

This is one of the best podcasts about running for those who are less interested in the technical side and more about the experience of others who enjoy it as a hobby.

Episode #322 with Boeing tool engineer and US marathon runner Theresa Hailey stands out as a particularly inspirational episode.

In 2016, Hailey was just one second short of qualifying for the Olympics and again fell short during the 2019 Boston Marathon despite a successful training period. However, she refused to give up, and in the 2020 Olympic trials set a new personal record.

Theresa Hailey’s tough journey is something that all runners can relate to, and is just one example of the inspirational stories that are shared by Chittim and his guests.

Rambling Runner makes a great accompaniment as a podcast for running training, for beginners looking for something to aspire to, and for those with more experience searching for a new source of motivation. 

Reading running books is another great way to find new motivation!

#2 Running Commentary

running podcasts for 10k

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 Stars

Length: 20 Minutes - 1 Hour

Looking for a little laugh to boost your spirits? Then try Running Commentary - it’s arguably the funniest running podcast in the UK! 

Comedians Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering not only discuss running but also tackle the subjects of comedy and life alongside it. No subject is off-limits for the pair, as they delve into everything from current affairs and politics to the trials and tribulations of everyday life. 

If this isn’t enough to convince you to listen, then what if we told you that they record the podcast whilst running themselves? They even managed to record four episodes whilst completing the London Marathon!

Despite the jovial tone of the podcast, both of its hosts are serious about the benefits of running, and have translated their stories into books if you’re craving more Running Commentary!

Available from Summer 2021, Deering’s autobiography Running Tracks is a collection of memories from his journey as a comedian, father of two, and dedicated runner.  Tonkinson’s autobiographical running tale 26 Miles to Happiness has received endorsements from the likes of David Walliams, Michael McIntyre and Chris Evans!

If you’re looking for good podcasts for running that are light-hearted and funny, then definitely give Running Commentary a listen. 

#3 I’ll Have Another

running podcasts free

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Hosted by runner and mother of four Lindsey Hein, I’ll Have Another consists of cheery running chats with a side of seriousness.

With a range of guests, from Olympians and world record runners to your typical everyday runners, this is amongst the best free running podcasts for those who love running, but also want an insight into the lives of others.

Hein has spoken to marathon runners such as Ellie Pashley, who placed 8th in the NYC 2019 Marathon and has set incredible running times, and businesswomen in the world of sport, such as Erin Longin, leader of the strategy and product creation for Puma Running. 

Although her guests are often from completely different worlds, Hein always manages to find a common ground, discussing everything from athleticism to the TV shows that they’ve been loving that week!

If you enjoy following the journeys of other runners and business people in the world of sport and are interested to learn about their successes and failures, then I’ll Have Another is the best running podcast for you.

#4 Running for Real

running music podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 1 Hour - 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Running for Real holds a solid place in our list of the best running podcasts in the UK, for the honesty and vulnerability of its host and her guests.

Elite British marathoner Tina Muir put her running career on the back burner after a 9 year battle with amenorrhea. 

Featuring as a guest on many other running podcasts, Muir has bravely opened up about this difficult decision after realising that she had fallen out of love with training and revealed how it allowed her to restore her health and fertility.  

In her own podcast, Muir interviews a range of guests, from athletes, psychologists and authors to everyday runners, who share their honest experiences and tips to help runners stay healthy whilst pursuing their passions.

With episode titles such as ‘You Deserve Unconditional Self-Love' and ‘Build Your Mental Flexibility’, Running for Real is one of the best podcasts to listen to while running if you share Muir’s passion for wellbeing and self-care in sport. 

Try incorporating some healthy habits into your lifestyle to keep your body in the best shape.

Give the Running for Real podcast a go if you’re looking to join an honest, welcoming community of runners who share their triumphs and struggles together.

#5 Run Pod

good podcasts for running

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 45 Minutes

Launched in 2019, Run Pod is one of the most popular podcasts on running that we’ve listed - and for good reason.

Radio and television presenter Jenni Falconer hosts a range of celebrities, all with a common love of running, to discuss the challenges that they’ve faced during their time as runners. 

As a dedicated runner and coach in the ‘Start 2 Run’ app, Falconer provides top running tips from her own experience, and alongside her famous guests, shares inspirational stories that are sure to keep you running.

For more of the top running apps check out OriGym’s blog post!

Run Pod’s star-studded line up of guests, from singer Lucy Spraggan, to the legend himself Lord Sebastian Coe, means that you’re sure to find an episode that offers the perfect running inspiration for you. 

Described as your ‘weekly running club’, this is one of the best UK running podcasts to listen to if you enjoy hearing running stories from the rich and famous!

#6 The Runner’s World UK Podcast

best running coaching podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.3 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes

Another of the UK running podcasts that we’d recommend is this one from Runner’s World, which is the UK’s largest running website.

With new episodes every Tuesday, the Runner’s World UK podcast is described as your ‘weekly dose of all things running’, and scores extra points for the consistent upload schedule.

Hosted by Rick Pearson and Ben Hobson from Runner’s World, this running podcast has a mix of everything, from interesting news, thought-provoking discussions, to interviews, running news and more.

As well as different formats, the episodes themselves host a range of topics, from ‘how to progress your running sensibly', to interviews with guests such as ultrarunner Sophie Power, and founder of the One-Run Global Challenge, Danny Bent.

If you’re unsure of the best running podcast for you, then the Runners World one is a great all-around choice. 

#7 Another Mother Runner

mindful running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

If you’re a mother looking for podcasts to listen to while running, Another Mother Runner could be the perfect escape that you need.

Mother of three and marathon runner Sarah Bowen Shea is joined by a different co-host each episode, as well as an occasional guest expert.

Shea discusses topics that are relevant to and informative for all female runners, as well as all things running and mothering.

What’s great about Another Mother Runner is that the episodes have different formats, which keeps the podcast interesting for regular listeners. 

For instance, although some episodes feature regular interviews with inspiring female figures within the running world, others are part of their long-running mini-series ‘AMR Answers’. 

In this series, Shea tackles 2 or 3 running, health, or wellbeing questions from listeners and provides advice and tips that she’s learnt on her own journey. 

With well over 350 episodes already out and new episodes weekly, Another Mother Runner is a great marathon podcast for mothers, or for those looking for a new running podcast to binge on.

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#8 The Morning Shakeout

running podcast list

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 1-2 Hours

The Morning Shakeout is a popular newsletter turned running podcast from running coach Mario Fraioli. 

If you’ve been searching for good podcasts for running, then this is a great option as it offers inspiration from a range of voices, from top athletes and running coaches.

Each episode is centred around a different personality within the running world, where Fraioli dives deep into their stories to provide an insight into the true realities of being a runner. 

For instance, in episode 155 with retired athlete Kyle Merber, the pair discuss how Merber has found leaving the sport, and Fraioli provides a platform for him to reflect honestly on his experience as a professional athlete. 

New episodes are released on a weekly basis, and with over 150 episodes already out there’s no chance you’ll get bored listening to this running podcast.

The Morning Shakeout even has its own range of cool merchandise to go with it!

Fell and Trail Running Podcasts

As a fell runner crossing open moorlands or a trail runner following a hiking path, concentration is key to ensure accurate navigation and avoid injury. Read our tips on running downhill to reduce your risk of injury!

However, a little company can sometimes be the perfect motivational tool to keep you going when the terrain gets tough, and that’s where listening to podcasts while running can be useful.

You’re sure to find the perfect fell or trail running podcast in our guide, so keep reading to discover yours!

#9 Trail Runner Nation

podcasts for running couch to 5k

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.5 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

Ultramarathoners Scott War and Don Freeman host this trail running podcast, which is one of the oldest and most downloaded of its kind. 

This is the perfect podcast for beginners and pros who want to hear interviews with trail conservationists, endurance athletes, and even scientists with an interest in endurance sports!

The pair also share stories of their race performances and some of their disaster stories, with the aim of offering tips and advice to the trail running community.

As well as discussing their personal stories, War and Freeman are often joined by experts to discuss the latest research in the trail-running field, which is perfect if you’re looking for good podcasts for running knowledge and news. 

One of the most interesting elements of Trail Runner Nation is the ‘Drop Bag’ feature, where the hosts take turns to pull out a relevant running topic from a bag and discuss whatever comes out! 

Racking up over 500 episodes, this is a great trail running podcast for even the most seasoned of runners.

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#10 Trail Talk 

running podcast uk

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 20 Minutes

Doug Hay, or ‘Rock Creek Runner’ as he is better known, offers bite-sized tips for runners of all abilities in this trail running podcast.

After agreeing to run his first marathon on a whim, Hay is now a seasoned trail runner, having run over 100 miles 5 times! 

With intriguing episode titles such as ‘Everything I Know About Ultrarunning I learned from my 98-Year-Old Grandmother,’ Hay tells stories about his own running career, and how he went from amateur to an ultra-endurance trail runner! He also shares useful advice that he has learnt along the way with listeners, in order to help improve their own trail running experience.

What makes this a great trail and fell running podcast is that each episode is 20 minutes long, meaning that you can listen whilst tackling a particularly tough section of your run, or simply binge to your heart’s content!

#11 Trail Running Women

half marathon training podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

Lead by running coach Hilary Spires, the self-professed ‘women of the trails’ offer training and competing ideas, as well as motherhood and general life tips in this trail running podcast. 

If you’re a woman looking for podcasts on running, this is a great option as the ‘badass ladies’ of the trails speak to other inspiring female runners, including an 11-year-old up and coming Australian trail runner!

What makes this podcast particularly great is how Spires and her co-hosts create an atmosphere of honesty for their guests and listeners, which encourages other women to open up about their experiences.

For instance, in episode 133, mother of 3 and race director of ‘Survivorfest’ Laura opens up about her experience of sexual assault, and how she has helped other women to overcome their trauma through running. 

If you’re an aspiring trail running woman, this is one in our running podcast list that you don’t want to miss out on. 

Ultra Running Podcasts

Running any distance longer than 26.2 miles requires a great running podcast to keep you going.

If you’re looking for the perfect ultra running podcast to help push you to that finish line, we’ve rounded up some of the best, so keep reading!

#12 Ten Junk Miles

podcasts while running

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 Stars

Length: 2 - 3 Hours

Hosted by a group of runners from Chicago, Ten Junk Miles was created by Scotty Kummer, an ultrarunner who has completed over 50 ultramarathons!

Kummer came up with the idea of starting an ultra running podcast after realising that more information should be available on the realities of running long distances. From stories about getting lost to toilet breaks gone wrong and reports of unfinished races, Ten Junk Miles provides it all.

What makes this one of the best podcasts for running long distances is that each episode is divided into 10 segments or one segment for each mile. After each segment the hosts move on to a new topic, keeping the show fast-paced and interesting.

If you enjoy longer episodes or are looking for something to keep you entertained during a marathon, then this could be the ultra running podcast for you!

#13 Ultrarunning History

ultra running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: c. 30 minutes

For fans of ultrarunning and history alike this is the perfect running podcast to keep you moving and learning over those long distances!

The running podcast was started by Utah native Davy Crockett; a keen ultrarunner who since 2004 has run around 150 ultra races and as of 2021 has completed 107 100 mile races and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon!

He started this running podcast to share his knowledge about all things ultrarunning; the history of various races, untold stories from famous long distance runners and much more. 

Episodes range from the history of the 6 Day Race to famous ultra runners from the late 1800s and everything in between. They’re incredibly well researched and easy to listen to, which makes them the perfect accompaniment during your runs. 

Bear in mind episodes for this running podcast average out at the 30 minute mark, so make sure you’ve got enough data or downloads to binge over long distances!

#14 Becoming Ultra

listen to podcasts while running

Apple Podcasts Rating: 3.7 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes

Becoming Ultra is a more unique ultra running podcast compared to some of the others in our guide, but nonetheless a great one for beginners and professionals alike.

Expert ultrarunning coaches Scott Jones, Ian Sharman, Amanda Basham and Ellie Greenwood take budding ultra runners under their wing.

Whilst the runners all vary in age and lifestyle, their common goal is to be able to run a 50k race in Aspen Colorado in just 4 month’s time, which makes great content for an ultra running podcast!

The coaches provide weekly updates on the runners’ progress, which gives a unique look into the runner-coach relationship, as well as encouraging listeners to root for the runners on a personal level.

If you’re on the lookout for a podcast as a running coach then the experiences discussed in this podcast could be the format that you’re looking for.

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#15 British Ultra Running Podcast

running podcast for beginners

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 15 Minutes - 1 Hour

If you’re looking for a shorter ultra running podcast, then this could be the perfect one for you.

The British Ultra Running Podcast is hosted by James Elson and Dan Lawson, who simply discuss all things relevant to the ultrarunning community.

Elson himself is the founder of Centurion Running, which is considered to be the home of the 50 and 100-mile trail ultramarathons. Lawson is an ultrarunner known for running the epic journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats, making them the perfect pairing to discuss the latest ultrarunning updates and advice.

Episodes vary from longer ‘in conversation’ discussions to shorter diary-entry style episodes, where James and Dan provide updates on their own ultra-running experiences. For example, in episodes 34 and 35, James speaks to Dan live from his attempt to break the Lands End to John O’Groats record!

With its expert hosts and up to date news, British Ultra Running is definitely up there as one of the best UK running podcasts. 

If you need more running advice then some of the other OriGym’s articles could help!

#16 Talk Ultra

fell running podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.5 Stars

Length: 1 hour - 4 Hours

Whether you need a quick listen or something more substantial, British photographer Ian Corless has an option for everyone in his ultra running podcast.

Although it is one of the best UK running podcasts, Talk Ultra offers coverage on the worldwide ultrarunning season, with Corless discussing upcoming events and prominent participants in each episode.

The show also plays host to a range of inspiring guests, including ultra-runner Jill Wheatley. She continues to run despite horrific brain injury and loss of vision, and even adventures in the Nepal mountains!

Talk Ultra’s impressive back catalogue of interviews makes it one of the best podcasts about running for all ultra runners.

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#17 Ultrarunnerpodcast

running music podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

Created in 2011 by passionate ultra-runners Erich Schranz and Sarah Lavender Smith, this is one of the best podcasts for running junkies to listen to.

With over 400 interviews, the hosts discuss everything necessary for ultra-running success with dieticians, coaches and runners themselves.

Each episode is focused around a different guest, with personalities including ultramarathoner Lucas Simon Drake. In his episode, Drake discusses his experience of running an ultramarathon whilst high, which makes for an intriguing yet slightly controversial interview!

As one of the largest and oldest of its kind, Ultrarunnerpodcast is one of the best running podcasts for your shorter mid-week run or daily commute.

Marathon Podcasts

If you’re a long-distance runner looking for a boost of motivation, you’re sure to find a great marathon or half marathon training podcast in this section.

Whether you’re looking for a marathon podcast for beginners or for seasoned pros, read on to discover OriGym’s top picks!

#18 Well Far

running training podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 5 - 45 Minutes

Runner, fitness expert and author Amy Lane has created the perfect marathon and half marathon training podcast for all abilities with Well Far.

In each episode, Lane chats with different celebrities and expert runners about the best ways of preparing for and running a marathon. By doing so, she helps to break down the barriers to marathon running, making it an accessible sport for everyone.

As well as longer interviews Well Far has 5-minute episodes called ‘Ask an Expert’. In these episodes, Amy takes a listener question, such as how to increase pace, and poses it to an expert, who will give some recommendations to help. 

You can learn some fantastic long-distance running tips from OriGym’s experts!

Amy often tackles topics herself as well as asking experts, such as how to create an effective 10k training plan. She also offers updates on her personal running journey, helping listeners to feel as if they were running right alongside her.

With new episodes being released on a weekly basis, Well Far holds a solid place in our pick of the best podcasts to listen to while running a marathon.

#19 Marathon Training Academy

music podcasts for running

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

After listening to this marathon podcast, you’ll understand why it hit its 10th anniversary in 2020.

Marathon Training Academy offers training tips, as well as comprehensive reviews of marathons around the world. Runner, coach and nurse Angie Spencer and her husband Trevor also interview some of the top athletes in the world of marathon running. 

Two episodes that we found particularly interesting were ‘Choose to Get Stronger’ parts 1 and 2, where the Spencers explain how strength training can be used by marathon runners to increase endurance and power. Angie also shares her strength training journey, as well as the best ways to get started.

The expertise of the hosts and their guests make this a great marathon and half marathon training podcast for beginners, as well as for those looking to take their running skills to the next level.

#20 Science of Ultra

podcast running coach

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 20 Minutes - 1 Hour

After being unable to find a good evidence-based source on the physiology of marathon training, Shawn Bearden decided to start a website and marathon podcast to provide this content for others. 

In Science of Ultra, Bearden puts his PhD in exercise physiology to use, by looking scientifically at how marathon runners should train, eat and sleep.

A key to this is getting the right amount of rest days.

The episodes consist of interviews with top athletes, coaches and scientists, as well as some informational-style sessions with Bearden on his own. These sessions cover a range of topics and frequently asked running questions, from the importance of mileage in marathon training, to how success is achieved by learning from your mistakes. 

This is the perfect marathon and half marathon training podcast to listen to if you’re interested in improving your technique, whilst learning the science behind it. 

#21 Marathon Talk

running podcasts music

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 Stars

Length: 1 Hour- 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Marathon Talk is one of the best podcasts about running both for runners and by runners. 

Experienced athletes Holly Rush and Martin Yelling discuss important issues from within the marathon running world in their fortnightly episodes.

From Team GB news to tips and tricks from the hosts themselves, Marathon Talk is a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about running a marathon. 

They also interview guests, from experts such as Team GB Olympic Marathon Race Director Tom Bedford to tv personalities with a passion for running, such as BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth. 

These interviews provide an interesting and in-depth look into marathon running, making Marathon Talk one of the best free running podcasts in the UK for anyone wanting to learn more about the sport. 

Take a look at some of the higher-rated long distance and marathon running shoes to get started too!

#22 Marathon Training for Beginners

ultra running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

If you’re searching for free running podcasts for beginners, then this could be the perfect one for you!

In this marathon training podcast, novice runners Mo and Harrison Crum document their journey in the hopes of inspiring others to start running. 

As parents to 2 small children, ‘The Crummy Runners’ are passionate about staying healthy and hope to motivate others to lead active lifestyles through the podcast. 

The duo interview experts who offer training tips, as well as other marathon runners with inspirational stories to tell. 

Some notable guests include fellow podcaster and running coach Jason Fitzgerald, and comedian Jeffrey Binney, who discusses the documentary he made on his 100-mile ultramarathon attempt.

What makes this one of the best podcasts to listen to while running or training for a marathon is the hosts’ down-to-earth attitudes and relatable chat, which is enough to encourage anyone to begin training for a marathon!

Coaching Podcasts

Are you a new runner in need of some tips or inspiration? If so, then keep reading to see our selection of the best running podcasts for beginners, or for those in need of some coaching!

#23 Beginner: The Guardian Guide to Running

trail running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.2 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes

If you’re looking for the best running coaching podcast, then this beginners guide from The Guardian newspaper online is a great place to start.

Originally released in 2003, this format of this podcast is a running training programme, which was created specifically to improve fitness, stamina and wellbeing. 

The podcast operates as an 8-week training guide, which is accompanied by music for that extra boost of motivation you need to push through.

Overall, The Guardian Guide offers a great pathway into running and is one of the best UK running podcasts for beginners who are looking for something that offers a little more structure.

#24 Advanced: The Guardian Guide to Running

uk running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 3.8 Stars

Length: 50 Minutes

If you’ve completed the beginner guide, or are perhaps a more experienced runner, then this running coach podcast could be the one for you.

Designed for confident runners who hope to build upon their pre-existing skills of speed, strength and endurance, this running podcast is split into 4 episodes.

One of the benefits of calisthenics training is that it can help build your endurance, which will be advantageous to your running!

Each episode involves a different style of training, including hill running, interval training and threshold running, which is great if you’re looking for a running podcast in the UK that offers a little extra challenge!

#25 Run to the Top

best running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

As a plant-based runner and coach, host Claire Bartholic offers advice to runners of all levels on how to become a better athlete in the Run to the Top podcast.

Bartholic discusses different topics each week and is joined by guests including psychologists, nutritionists, running influencers and everyday runners, who all have inspiring stories to tell. 

The episodes tackle topics such as avoiding burnout, how much protein a runner should consume, and the importance of mental training for running.

An episode we found particularly interesting was ’Walk to Become a Faster Runner’, an interview with Jeff Galloway.

In this episode, the 75-year-old coach and Olympian revealed how he developed his run/walk technique, the benefits that all runners can gain from training this way, and how it will allow him to keep running until the age of 100!

If one running coach podcast isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite for running information, then you can always tune into ‘Run To the Top Extra Kick’, a 5-minute podcast where experts answer different listener’s running question each day.

#26 Cook Eat Run

running podcast coach

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

If you’re hoping to learn about nutrition for running, then the best running coaching podcast that we can recommend is Charlie Watson’s Cook Eat Run.

As a registered dietician and 13-time marathon runner, Watson discusses frequently asked running questions with other dieticians and nutritionists, to share the best evidence-based nutritional advice for runners. 

From Couch to 5k runners to ultra marathoners, Cook Eat Run plays host to different types of runners who discuss their journeys, sharing their goals and advice along the way.

Not only does she discuss the importance of nutrition for running, but Watson also addresses other important issues, such as mental health, injury prevention and strength training. 

Cook Eat Run is a great all-around running coach podcast, as it occasionally addresses other topics which are important to its listeners.

For example, Watson chats openly with ultramarathoner Evgenia Koroleva about her experiences with IVF, and why she decided to freeze her eggs in order to pursue a career.

Whether you’re just starting out on your running journey and are looking for nutritional advice, or a seasoned runner looking to gain a little more knowledge, Cook Eat Run is one of the best running podcasts in the UK for all!

Plus, if being a nutritionist sounds interesting to you then find out how to become a nutritionist from our career guide.

#27 The Strength Running Podcast

best podcasts for running

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

Coach Jason Fitzgerald offers running tips for both beginner and advanced runners in this running coach podcast. 

Fitzgerald developed a severe knee injury after completing the New York Marathon in 2008 and was forced to take 6 months out from running, whilst wondering if he would ever be able to compete again.

After recovering and finally breaking out of his constant injury cycle, Fitzgerald created Strength Running, his blog and podcast, to share what he learnt in the hope of helping others. 

His passion for teaching others comes across clearly in every episode, with titles such as ‘How to make the leap and create your next performance breakthrough’ amongst many others!

From strength coaches, physiotherapists and professional runners, to bestselling authors, Fitzgerald hosts a range of guests who teach listeners the best ways to improve their running technique, get stronger and prevent running injuries.

If you’re looking for strength running podcasts that are informative yet fun, then we recommend that you tune into this one!

#28 Healthy Runner Podcast

strength running podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

As a physical therapist and runner, Duane Scotti’s Healthy Runner is certainly one of the best running coaching podcasts for educating you on all things running.

Scotti provides interesting and educational episodes on ways to improve nutrition, strength and mindset for running, as well as interviewing running experts.

Healthy Runner is an encyclopedia for all things related to running health, whether you’re wondering how to prevent IT band pain, or how to get back into running after having a baby.

Scotti also makes recommendations for the best running gear, such as in ‘2021 Running Shoe Trends with Matt Santillo’, which is useful for newcomers hoping to improve performance and prevent injury!

Whether you’re looking to improve your marathon time or are considering starting Couch to 5k, this is one of the best running podcasts for beginners, or for those hoping to remain healthy whilst running. 

Running Music Podcasts

Several studies have highlighted the benefits of listening to music whilst running; it can help to increase motivation and push runners faster towards the finish line.

OriGym have more information on whether music can aid your running performance in our blog post!

However, finding the right playlist to run to can be difficult, so why not choose from our selection of running music podcasts instead?

Music podcasts for running are a great option, as they often allow you to tailor the tempo to your pace and include songs that are specifically designed to keep you running.

#29 Podrunner

marathon running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

With many non-stop, one-hour workout mixes, Podrunner is one of the most popular music podcasts for running, winning iTunes awards for six years in a row!

Podrunner offers a selection of fixed and varied tempo mixes, so whether you are running at one pace or are completing interval training, there should be a mix for you.

You can also download each mix specifically to suit your own running pace, by calculating your beats per minute (BPM). To do this, simply count your steps for 30 seconds and multiply this number by 2.

Whether you’re looking for running music podcasts that will motivate you on your ‘Power Stroll’, or if you’re hoping to simply ‘Walk it Off’, Podrunner has a mix to suit everyone!

Invest in one of the best pairs of bluetooth running headphones to make your podcast experience exceptional.

#30 Running to the Beat

running podcasts uk

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.5 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

If you’re looking for another of the best music podcasts for running, then why not give Running to the Beat a listen?

Created by DJ Peter Canellis, this is similar to Podrunner in the way that it offers non-stop, high energy music with varying tempos.

Running to the Beat features mixes with titles such as ‘You Are Strong’ and ‘The Power’, which are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your running step.

Each mix in Running to the Beat is created with a different concept behind it, designed to keep pushing you forward as you run.

For instance, ‘The Conjunction’ mix was created as the planets were aligning, which Canellis hopes would keep listeners ‘grounded, influenced, hypnotised, mindful and driven.’

Why not tune in to one of these popular mixes next time you’re looking for music podcasts for running? Or, check out OriGym’s Definitive Workout Playlist for some more inspiration!

Mindful Running Podcasts

If you are looking to develop a deeper mind to body connection whilst running, then our list of running podcasts for mindfulness could be for you! 

Listening to a mindful running podcast can be useful as it encourages you to tune into your own thoughts, feelings and the physical sensations you experience whilst running. Mindful running can therefore have a great positive impact on your overall performance.

We’ve gathered together some of the best running podcasts for mindfulness, so keep reading to find the perfect one for you!

#31 The Milestone Pursuit

best running coaching podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

The Milestone Pursuit became a popular mindful running podcast in the UK after being featured in The Guardian.

Hosted by Steve Hobbs, a marathoner and British athletics endurance coach, this podcast was designed as an audio coaching session to guide you through your run. 

Featuring a mix of speed sessions, interval running and sessions focused on pace, Hobbs completes the session beside you whilst chatting all things running related. It’s almost like running with a friend!

Mindfulness in Running’ is a particular stand-out episode, as Hobbs discusses how to use running to practice mindfulness and encourages runners to be more conscious of the world around them.

This is a great mindful running podcast, as you can simply download the recording, switch off from the world around you and run!

#32 The Rich Roll

podcasts to listen to while running

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 2 Hours

Named after its creator Rich Roll, this mindful running podcast was designed to encourage runners to unleash their most authentic selves. 

Roll’s podcast focuses on his transformation from being overweight and alcohol-dependent to becoming vegan, a bestselling author and endurance athlete.

As well as drawing on Roll’s transformation, the podcast encourages personal development and focuses on habits that support success. Each episode plays host to intimate conversations and gives listeners fascinating insights into some of the world’s most influential characters.

Episode titles include ‘Unwinding Anxiety with Dr Jud Brewer’ and ‘Roll On: True Endurance’, which is about preparing for challenges, both fitness-wise and in day-to-day life. 

Learn more about the mental health benefits of running here.

If you’re looking for ‘a master-class in personal and professional development’ whilst running, then The Rich Roll is the mindful running podcast for you.

Couch to 5K Podcasts

If you’re new to running, then it's likely you’ve tried out some good podcasts for running Couch to 5k.

Backed by the NHS, Public Health England’s ‘Couch to 5K’ app is a running plan designed to help beginners run 5 kilometres in just 9 weeks. With 3 runs a week, the sessions involve a mix of running and walking to help runners build their endurance and fitness levels.

You can choose to download the app or a series of weekly podcasts, which provide a narrator who guides you through each session, reminding you when it's time to walk, run or rest. 

Once completed, you could choose to download the running podcasts for 10k to push yourself further.

#33 Boogie Shoes Couch to 5k

half marathon training podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.4 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes

If you’re looking for some other good podcasts for running Couch to 5k, then Boogie Shoes is a great option!

Although the original podcasts for running Couch to 5k do feature music, Boogie Shoes provides a soundtrack consisting of uplifting tunes to motivate runners as they go!

Narrated by Laura Benack, the episodes coach you from week 1 to week 9 of your 5k journey, with an episode for each week that is designed to be listened to 3 times.

This is without a doubt one of the best podcasts for running couch to 5k, and, according to reviewers, Boogie Shoes is a musical hit!

Motivational Running Podcasts

If music isn’t providing enough inspiration for you, a motivational podcast for running training could be just what you need!

From motivational speakers and inspiring stories to useful tips and advice, we’ve compiled the best podcasts for running for when you need that extra boost to get you out and pounding those pavements!

#34 Hurdle

running podcasts

Apple Podcasts Rating: 5 Stars

Length: 5 Minutes - 1 Hour

We’ve all had a ‘Hurdle Moment’- a time in our lives when we’ve overcome something to move us closer towards our goals.

In this motivational running podcast, personal trainer Emily Abbate interviews wellness experts who share their personal hurdle moments. From entrepreneurs to the best athletes, Abbate and her guests hope to inspire listeners, by encouraging them to overcome their own hurdle moments.

The ‘5 Minute Friday’ episodes are designed to give listeners a quick burst of inspiration, whether that’s to ‘Stop Settling for Less and Own Your Worth’, or to try ‘Focusing on One Thing At a Time.’

With episodes airing 3 times a week, Hurdle is there to provide a pick me up whenever you may need one and should give even the most uninspired of runners some motivation.

Download our 16 week half marathon training programme to get started!

#35 The Ali on the Run Show

running training podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 1 Hour

As a marathoner and a freelance writer and editor dealing with Crohn’s disease, Ali Feller opens up about her own personal struggles in Ali on the Run.

Feller digs into the lives of her inspirational guests, to reveal how running has influenced their journeys to be where they are today. 

Not only are her guests inspirational, but Ali herself is an amazing role model too. As a mother with a great career and a passion for running, her honesty and positive attitude is infectious and will leave you with a sense of optimism. 

Every episode of Ali on the Run has a personal, intimate feel, making this one of the best podcasts about running for when you need a friend beside you to push you through to the finish line. 

If you need a laugh then scroll through some of our favourite fitness memes!

#36 Run Selfie Repeat

marathon podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 30 Minutes - 1 Hour

If you’re a woman looking for motivational podcasts to listen to while running, then this one is a great option for you. 

Run Selfie Repeat was created by Kelly Roberts, runner and founder of the ‘Badass Lady Gang’, an online community that provides free running groups in cities around the world.

The podcast consists of short pep talks on topics such as being brave and the power of visualisation, designed to help you set goals and to give you the motivation to achieve them!

As well as these inspirational episodes, Roberts also leads guided runs, which are great if you’re looking for something to mix up your training plan, or if you need a boost of motivation to help you achieve your goals.

Roberts aims to unite females interested in running and show that it is an accessible sport for all women, which is the common message conveyed throughout her running podcast and online community. 

#37 The 300 Pounds and Running Podcast

podcasts on running

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.7 Stars

Length: 45 Minutes - 2 Hours

Coach, author and award-winning speaker Martinus Evans is “a big guy who runs”, which is how he describes himself in his motivational running podcast.

The aim of the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast is to inspire non-elite athletes to fall in love with running. Evans hopes to show those who don’t think that they fit into the ‘typical runner’ category that anyone can start running!

If you’re looking to start a new hobby but need some advice then our trail running for beginners guide could be a great starting point.

In each episode Evans shares advice, inspiring stories and running tips to help get you moving, making this the best running podcast for beginners who need a few words of encouragement!

#38 Lazy Girl Running

best running podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.8 Stars

Length: 20 Minutes - 1 Hour

If you’re looking for free running podcasts for beginners, or just need a boost of motivation to get back into running, then Lazy Girl Running is perfect for you. 

Hosted by a personal trainer, UK Athletics coach and Women’s Running Magazine writer Laura Fountain, Lazy Girl Running addresses important topics such as running with incontinence and running whilst pregnant. 

Fountain tells the story of how she came to run an impressive 20 marathons when 12 years ago she couldn’t run even 400 metres!

One of the show’s most popular episodes features an interview with Nicola Miller, founder of ‘A Mile in Her Shoes’, which is an organisation helping women facing homelessness to start running. 

She interviews both experienced runners and beginners and talks to listeners as if they are friends, making Lazy Girl Running the best companion if you enjoy listening to podcasts while running. 

#39 That Running Podcast

running podcast

Apple Podcasts Rating: 4.9 Stars

Length: 1 Hour - 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Hosted by former Olympian Ross Murray and middle-distance runner Colin McCourt, That Running podcast was created with the intention of guiding runners whilst they run, with motivating music and words of encouragement mixed in. 

In each monthly episode, the hosts provide motivational running tips and interviews with experts, featuring guests such as Danny Orr, Strategic Business Manager for New Balance, and 2-time Olympic finalist Laura Weightman.

Reviews praise Murray and McCourt for their ability to cut straight to the chase, which is great if you’re looking to brush up on your running know-how. 

If you’re looking for a motivational podcast on running and training for success, why not give That Running podcast a listen?

Before You Go!

We hope that our guide to the best free running podcasts in the UK and worldwide has convinced you to swap your usual music playlist for a podcast next time you go for a run.

Whether you’re off to run a marathon or tackle a trail, the hardest part will be choosing which running podcast to listen to first!

Podcasts can provide therapy and advice, and so can personal trainers! Check out OriGym’s level 3 personal training course to see if this could be the job for you. We’ve also got online personal training options if that is more suitable!

Feel free to download our latest course prospectus for all the information on our courses and services.


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