31 Best Motivational Running Quotes

running quotes

It can often be a struggle to find the energy to run, but great running quotes and mantras provide us with that extra bit of inspiration to get us out on the trails once again.

If you are looking for the best motivational running quotes to give you a push in the right direction, we’ve handpicked a selection of motivational running quotes to keep your passion alive. 

Short running quotes are a great way to boost motivation, can be used to spur you on towards new goals, or give you the confidence to kickstart your running journey. 

So, whether you’re a trainer looking to inspire your clients with endurance running quotes, an enthusiast searching for quotes about running a marathon, or you’re completely new to the running community, we have running quotes to motivate and inspire everyone.


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Motivational Running Quotes

First of all, we have our top running motivation quotes to inspire any kind of runner. Whether you are an Olympic medalist or a beginner, all of us struggle with motivation sometimes, and having the right inspiring running quotes can make all the difference.

Here are some of the best motivational running quotes to keep you inspired, and push you on to that next milestone.



funny running quotes

The first of our motivational running quotes is from running enthusiast and orthopedic surgeon, Ronald Rook, who sums up the importance and positive impact of running. 

Running to many people becomes a lifestyle rather than just a way to lose weight or get fit. When you feel like you can’t carry on, always remember that running, even for just half an hour, will add to your health but also your mood and general wellbeing. 

Explore more on the mental health benefits of running with our comprehensive report.

One of the most important things about these motivational running quotes is that they teach us not to dwell on the things we can’t change. Live for the moment, and use running as a way to inject passion into everyday life.


running quotes funny

One of the most important things to remember about running (and all forms of fitness) is that it can be difficult at times, but it’s how you deal with those troubles that sets you apart.

That’s why this is one of our favourite motivational running quotes - it promotes giving it your best shot, rather than focusing on the end goal. 

Even the greatest athletes have failed over and over before winning anything. But it isn’t always about ‘winning’ either, just getting up and out is an achievement in itself. 

Failures are all a part of your success, and often help us to discover mistakes in key areas like posture. Read more in OriGym’s top tips on improving your running technique.


marathon running quotes

While most motivational running quotes can be attributed to a forward thinker or philosopher, it’s sadly unclear where this particular quote originally came from, although many athletes and successful figures have repeated this statement throughout the years. 

One of the primary examples is Tom Brady, a professional American football player, who shared this motivational quote on social media while reflecting on previous losses, and presenting the determination he had to get back up and try again. 

There’s nothing worse than looking back knowing that you were close to reaching your goal but not doing so, and these great running quotes are designed to remind us of that. It’s a key part of the reason we set SMART goals, to ensure we’ve always got something to strive for.

The regret afterwards will always be worse than the challenge faced. Regardless of when you need it, this is one of our personal favourite positive running quotes. It reminds you to never give up, especially after coming so far, and be reflective in your exercise.


running motivation quotes

One of the best running motivation quotes, in that it will always bring you back to what really matters - our health and wellbeing, and how we can pursue that through continuing our passion for running.

Good health really is our most prized possession, and this is one of the most inspiring running quotes as it provides a fundamental reminder to be grateful for what we have

It also highlights that we are privileged to be able to exercise freely, and complete the workouts we choose, and we should never take for granted our ability to do so. All of that can change, and we should make the most of it while we have it.

This is one of the most important motivational quotes about running, in that it reminds us about something we often forget when we exercise - how lucky we are to be able to run in the first place.


motivational running quotes

One of our most inspirational running quotes comes from American writer, poet, philosopher and human rights activist, Suzy Kassem. Many amazing people stop themselves from attempting to reach their dreams due to self doubt. In the end, they never even try. 

It is important that, when trying to achieve your goals, you believe in yourself above everything else. As Kassem states, it is more courageous to try and fail than to never try at all.

This can apply to all aspects of life, but is particularly important in fitness - we’ve compiled a guide to the best motivational personal trainer quotes to give you that extra boost of inspiration.

The most successful athletes have had to fail many times before they could succeed, but by believing in themselves (as many motivational running quotes tell us), their potential is endless. 


funny motivational running quotes

Running and motivation often revolves around pushing yourself to new extremes, however, being mindful and listening to your body is vital in bettering yourself- success doesn’t happen overnight. 

The idea of taking it “one step at a time” comes from fitness coach Lee Heywood, and is arguably one the most crucial motivation running quotes you can live by.

Not only is it an important reflection on self-care and patience during running training, it can also be applied to those who have recently experienced an injury or have been out of training for some time. 

It is important to tell yourself “one step at a time” so you can build back strength whilst keeping safe, as well as ensuring you understand the importance of rest and rest days.

Throwing yourself into something too extreme too soon may result in a dangerous fall. Getting up will be much harder if you haven’t prepared yourself for this jump!

Famous Running Quotes 

Many of us can look up to athletes and wellbeing experts for the best advice on how to reach goals. 

There’s a vast array of motivational running quotes out there by the greatest athletes reflecting on the beginning of their journey to where they are now, and showing how grit and determination has taken them to the very peak of their fitness journey.



short running quotes

Fred DeVito is a fitness expert, author and spokesperson whose range of motivational running quotes remind us to always push through our struggles. 

Running is hard for a reason - the results are boundless, whether you’re a beginner just getting started, or a keen runner exploring the benefits of running gels and planning for ultra-marathons. 

Fitness undoubtedly changes many lives for the better, so whether you use these inspiring running quotes to inspire clients who have lost momentum, or to remind yourself of the fitness journey you are on, DeVito’s words will make you work harder to achieve the best version of you. 

While it is an individual journey, we can all find some inspiration from quotes on marathon running, especially as they often relate to the struggles we all share.


famous running quotes

If you are looking for motivational running quotes for beginners, this quote by American Olympian and marathon record holder, Billy Rodgers, provides a great basis for things to remember throughout your running journey. 

Although Rodgers pushes the idea of hard work through consistency, his motivational running quotes also promote enjoying running, and that doing it for the right reasons is essential to success. Be moderate, take appropriate steps in progression and most of all enjoy it.

Without that level of enjoyment and excitement, we risk stagnating and losing the enthusiasm we once had for running. It might also be a good idea to spice up your running with music, or one of the best running podcasts, especially if you struggle to exercise in silence.

These famous running quotes can be applied to any kind of runner - if running becomes a chore rather than an enjoyment, then take a step back and remember this quote. 


inspirational running quotes

From the iconic Mo Farah, Olympic long distance runner, this is arguably among the most famous motivational running quotes.

It’s one of the best motivational running quotes for a trainer to share with clients, especially if they’re training for an event or serious competition, or even if they’re just struggling to find the right level of effort in your sessions.  

OriGym have compiled a thorough selection of ways to motivate your personal training clients in our extensive article.

If you have a client who is losing hope and showing signs of doubt rather than doing, these are the kinds of short running quotes that can refuel their ambitions. 

It proves a point, while still being short enough that it’s memorable, and will stick with your clients when they’re struggling.


positive running quotes

It can be incredibly inspiring to hear a world championship athlete say that the small victories will eventually add up to something great, especially as that’s where we all start. 

This quote from US Olympian Kara Goucher embodies the idea behind many of the running motivation quotes we’ve looked at - each smaller victory is a successful step on the road to achieving your goals.

Especially when training for an upcoming event, it can be disheartening to realise that there’s still a long way to go before you achieve your ultimate ambition, especially if you aren’t keeping track of your goals with a smartphone app or a dedicated fitness journal.

However, this one of the best famous running quotes to remind you that taking it slow will allow you to get to where you want to be in a much more sustainable fashion, rather than burning yourself out before you’ve properly begun.


running sayings

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, and a notable conservationist, naturalist, and writer. While this is the first of our famous running quotes that’s not from an athlete, its meaning applies massively to running and fitness motivation. 

While not a fitness professional, Roosevelt had an incredibly difficult life, struggling with childhood illness and disability before going on to achieve one of the highest accolades in the world. 

His mantra is one of very few sayings not from an athlete that isn’t out of place on our list of the best running quotes - it teaches us to believe in ourselves, and with that belief, we’re halfway towards our goals before we start. 

Our mental attitude towards fitness can often be a determiner of how successful we are - explore more advice with OriGym’s top tips to improve your running motivation.


This is one of the most famous running quotes, and one that we’ll all be able to relate to at some point in our lives, but it’s especially important for those who are reluctant to start running later in life. 

Jackie Joyney-Kersee, a now-retired American track and field superstar, reminds us that, especially when it comes to running and fitness, age really is just a number. 

It’s less about what you’re expected to do at that age, and more about how you feel both physically and mentally, especially when it comes to fitness. Jackie’s quotes about running inspire us to keep pushing, even if people don’t expect us.

When it comes to running, as you get older you may feel that you can’t continue to set new goals or maybe even run at all, but by following the inspirational words of Joyner-Kersee’s motivational running quotes, you’ll be able to go beyond anything you ever expected. 

Quotes About Running And Life

Whether you are a beginner, a club member, a marathon competitor or a professional, you will quickly become aware that running is not just a sport, it's a lifestyle. 

This is beyond trendy headphones and cushioned running shoes - it’s the community, the mindset and the common goals between runners that can really shape your life. 



best running quotes

If you’re not an early riser and you need some early morning running quotes to start off your day, then this is the quote for you. 

While this is one of the more simple running quotes, it serves a vital purpose in that it reminds you of how great you feel after a run, and how that feeling should be enough to get you out of bed. 

However, sometimes when it’s dark, windy and rainy, it feels like nothing will get you going, which is why this is one of the best motivational running quotes when you’re struggling to get started.

Running in the rain can be tricky regardless of how motivated you are - explore some of our expert tips and tricks in OriGym’s guide to running safely in the rain.


quotes on running

Being a great runner is all about learning to try again - you will continue to learn, grow and better yourself, smashing past goals that you might previously have never thought possible. 

This is arguably one of the best running motivation quotes, especially when it comes to climbing each difficult step towards your ultimate ambitions. You need to go through the things that might not seem appealing in order to achieve what you want to achieve.

Fitness is an individual journey, but having running quotes like this one can really help spur you on when times get tough, or you’re at a loss for where to go next, or how you’ll get to your destination.

This is one of our personal favourites when it comes to inspirational running quotes, as it shows that we need to achieve the smaller steps before we go for our overall goal.


running with friends quotes

Another of Kara Goucher’s inspirational running quotes that enforces the idea that running is a platform for mental wellbeing and a space to unload thoughts. 

We’d agree - all exercise can feel cathartic, and some even choose to chase that feeling every single day. Read more in OriGym’s comprehensive report on the benefits (and risks) of running everyday.

If you are a trainer and are finding it hard to find a breakthrough with a client, finding something that occupies a client's mind can be used to motivate running sessions. Talking to your clients can help break down those barriers, and find the right motivational sayings to get them back on track.

Or, if you’re flying solo, one of the best ways to boost your motivation is to remind yourself that running is a chance to get away and zone out.


motivational quotes running

Gail Waesche Kislevitz is a running legend, having completed 26 marathons, won awards for her journalism, and wrote best-selling books on running and sports. So we’d say she’s qualified to provide advice in the form of great running quotes.

This is arguably one of her most famous running motivational quotes, as it reflects her outlook on the world of running and how it has shaped her life as a successful athlete. 

For many, running is a key part of their lifestyles. If you have little alone time, have troublesome thoughts, or struggle to find something to work towards, running can provide a freeing space to unwind. 

Proven to benefit mental health, if you suddenly find it hard to motivate yourself, this quote will reignite your love for running and all it has helped you with. 


We’ve put together 3 more articles we think you’ll find useful:


funny running pictures and quotes

When it comes to finding the ultimate running motivation quotes, this quote by author Stuart Hodgson defines how important it is to put your health first.

We feel that this is one of the most complete yet short running quotes, in that it encapsulates how we all feel about fitness, and how running isn’t just a short term solution, it’s an investment in your future.

Ultimately, when shaping a healthy lifestyle around running, it is important to remember that looking after your body is key to a happy life. When things get difficult, remember that running will allow you to nurture your own health, as well as setting you up for a brighter, healthier future.

That’s just one of many benefits of running - it creates a sustainable platform for you to base healthier lifestyle choices on. 


great running quotes

Mary Engelbreit is a American artist whose illustrations feature in a range of books. This is one of our favourite motivational running quotes, as it really captures how important a positive mindset is to achieving goals. 

Although not specifically running related, the wisdom it imparts applies hugely to creating an effective running lifestyle. We often worry about our physical capabilities, but the biggest driving forces behind sporting successes often come from within. 

It really is all about mindset - if something is out of our control, we can change the way we think about it to overcome it, and push past the obstacles that might be holding us back.

Having a strong mindset can make all the difference, especially in fitness - explore more in OriGym’s complete guide to improving your mental toughness.

Long Distance & Marathon Running Quotes

Long distance and marathon running can be difficult. It’s one of the ultimate goals when we start running, and ultra marathon running quotes can provide us with the inspiration we need for that final hurdle.

Finding short running quotes and uplifting running sayings can be the difference between completion and giving up.



inspiring running quotes

Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist Kristin Armstrong coined arguably one of the best motivational running quotes, discussing the euphoric feelings of completing a race or run.

This is one of the best marathon running quotes to read just before a challenge or race. It can remind you of how good it feels to reach the finish line, or even just the high of completing a long term goal. 

Using positive running quotes like these will help you to put your successes into perspective, and envision how you can achieve those feelings of accomplishment and joy that we associate with the end of a long run.

Keeping an optimistic outlook is a key part of being a successful runner - find like-minded positive people with our comprehensive guide to the best running forums.


distance running quotes

An inspiration to many, a Nelson Mandela quote is a must have for your motivational marathon running quotes. His revolutionary ideas and movements are still felt today, and his work will never be forgotten.

When we first undertake a huge challenge (such as a marathon or a difficult hill climb), we’re often daunted by the size of what we’re taking on. Explore our expert guidance in OriGym’s beginner’s guide to marathon training.

Then once we've completed it, we’ll often look back and realise that we were always capable of conquering the challenge, and that it was always our mindset that may have held us back.

While it can be difficult to remember this before a scary or difficult challenge, it’s important to have inspiring running quotes like this one that can help to reinforce our self belief.


running quotes for beginners

After months and months of training, there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line of a marathon - this motivational running quote’s purpose is to remind us that the memory and achievement will be part of us forever. 

The mind can panic when faced with new challenges, but thinking of marathon running quotes like this one can help us overcome the anxiety we might feel prior to a race. 

Finding ways to relax ourselves can often extend beyond more conventional running practice and inspirational running quotes, though. Learn more about alternative relaxation techniques in OriGym’s complete exploration of the benefits of meditation.

When it comes down to it, though, remembering marathon running quotes like this will keep you fighting during even your biggest challenges.


life running quotes

Arguably one of the more inspirational marathon running quotes, this mantra reminds us that the pain we might experience will only be temporary, but the sense of accomplishment and pride will last much, much longer.

It’s one of the things we often need to remind ourselves of when it comes to fitness - it may be painful or difficult in the short term, but the satisfaction we’ll experience afterwards is always worth it.

This is one of the best endurance running quotes, especially as this can often be a difficult form of the sport, and one that takes a lot of grit and determination to push through.


quotes about running a marathon

While this may seem harsh or blunt, we feel that this is among the best motivational running quotes. It comes from the mind of Robert Herjavec, a Canadian businessman, and reminds us of the difficult realities of goal setting. 

Everyone that runs, whether a beginner or a professional, will set goals throughout their training. Whether you want to run a marathon, or reach a new world record, goals are key in mastering all forms of running. 

However, a goal without an action plan and timeline is less likely to be achievable,  and it limits our ability to visualise how we can accomplish that ultimate target. But, by setting a timeline for your goals, you can shape a clear journey to achievement. 

That’s why we’d always recommend setting clearly defined goals with appropriate timelines (which is this motivational running quote’s main message), whether that’s in a diary or journal, or as part of a smartphone running app.


endurance running quotes

This is a saying that’s not usually considered as one of the best running quotes, but it’s one that resonates with us, and one that can impart key advice when it comes to fitness.

It’s a quote from Viktor Frankl, an Austrian neurologist, psychiatrist and philosopher, who feels that, by lacking purpose, we can lose motivation, and therefore not accomplish our goals. 

One of the key things that can motivate a runner during a long distance run or marathon is having a purpose. While the reasons for running can differ from person to person, this is arguably one of the most universally applicable inspirational running quotes.

Some people run for themselves, some may run for charitable causes and some to feel part of a community, but no matter what you do, always find a purpose when running and you will always find the finish line!

Funny Motivational Running Quotes 

Sometimes, plucking up the motivation to carry on training can be hard, and you can lose sight of why you are doing it in the first place.

Rather than reflecting on this in a negative light, using funny running pictures and quotes to reconnect you to running and others who enjoy it is a great way to pick yourself back up and see light in a difficult challenge.  



ultra marathon running quotes

All of us run for different reasons - it might be to clear our minds, relax to some music (explore our selection of the best wireless running headphones here), or simply to unwind after a tough day.

Regardless of why we run, this is one of the best running quotes that are funny, and that really capture the essence of the multitude of mental health benefits we associate with running.

It’s also one of the best funny running quotes on our list - taking the classic Jay-Z song and applying it to running immediately makes the quote much more memorable, and therefore ideal if you’re struggling for motivation before an evening jog, or are looking for morning run quotes to get you going.


early morning running quotes

Perhaps one of the most relatable funny running quotes on our list, this meme perfectly sums up the reasons why many of us might choose to go running.

Running is not only incredibly therapeutic, it also functions as an immensely effective way to lose weight, especially as an intense form of cardiovascular exercise.

If you’re interested in burning fat with running, find out more on the different types of body fat in OriGym’s comprehensive report.

While good health and a regular running schedule is a vital part of a balanced lifestyle, it’s also important to indulge on occasion, and allow yourself to have the treats you’re craving.

But it’s equally important to ensure you get right back into your routine, and this funny motivational running quote’s one of the best ways to remind yourself of how important running is.


quotes on marathon running

Funny running quotes can take many forms, but one of our favourites are the often silly memes that remind us that running can be difficult. Especially during long distance running, our brain can play tricks on us, throwing us off our goals. 

It’s always important to power on, even if you ever feel you are reaching your limit., and this is one of those funny running quotes that frames that sentiment particularly well. 

It is important, however, that we listen to our body when things really do get too much and let ourselves rest and try again. Read more on the dangers of overtraining in OriGym’s complete exploration of trail running.


morning run quotes

When it comes to funny running quotes, it’s important to find one that really relates to you. Finding the right run quotes can prove the difference between having that motivation to continue, and stopping short of your goal.

Everyone runs at different paces, different intensities, and at different times, but this running meme reminds us that, no matter how you run, the most important thing is that you are running. It can help to find a group to run alongside, especially if you struggle - this is arguably one of the best running with friends quotes, too.

That’s one of the key pillars of exercise - it’s all about accomplishing what you’re capable of, and pushing yourself towards goals that are tailored to your fitness abilities, and your overall fitness goals.

Understanding your own competency when it comes to exercise is crucial, and having a community of similar people around you can make all the difference. Check out our guide to the different British triathlon age groups to discover more about age-bracketed running events.


run quotes

It can be so disheartening, especially when you’ve bought one of the best heart rate trackers, to realise you didn’t restart it after you paused for a water break. This funny motivation running quote’s a great way to encapsulate that heartbreak in a humorous way.

It’s important to remember it’s the journey that counts, and that, even though it may not have counted the whole distance on your GPS tracker, you’ve still gained all the benefits of doing a long run.

You’ll also have the opportunity to jot down your route when you return home, and run it again to see just how far you ran, as well as how beneficial it was for you.


long run quotes

This is one of those funny running quotes that’s guaranteed to make you laugh every time. It goes without saying that running requires every last bit of your energy in order to strive to be the best - you simply won’t get the same results without giving 100%. 

While this comes from the mind of comedian and actor Bill Murray, we feel it’s among the best quotes about running and life in general. It speaks to the idea that you should always give it your best effort, with a humorous twist at the end.

Although it’s one of the more funny motivational running quotes, this rings true to running training and presents the mindset of a successful person, with a hint of Bill’s trademark sarcasm.

Exercise is often designed to be fun and enjoyable, while still maintaining a level of intensity - for a more holistic approach to fun fitness, check out OriGym’s guide to the increasingly popular laughter yoga.


run quotes beginners

Let’s finish our list on a classic when it comes to funny running quotes! We've all been there when listening to music on a run and your favourite jam comes on. 

Having a running playlist with all of your favourite songs and motivational tunes is a great way to boost morale during a run, and not only is it an instant mood booster, it also provides a beat to help create a running rhythm. 

We’ve even put together a custom playlist of all the most influential workout songs - read more in our complete overview.

Music has often been used as motivation for running, and having your favourite song as part of your playlist can make all the difference. So next time you start to struggle, pop your favourite song on and think of our funny running quotes. 


Before You Go!

We really hope that our collection of 31 best motivational running quotes (funny and serious) has provided you with a new flush of inspiration. 

From distance running quotes for the running pros, to famous running quotes and the all important morning run quotes, we aimed to include a wide variety, as well as life running quotes from those you may never have expected. 

But if you’re already motivated and raring to go, then perhaps a career in fitness could be your next adventure.

OriGym’s industry-leading personal training diploma provides everything you need at every stage of your career, with 7 days a week expert advice, an ever-expanding library of resources, free examination resits, and a guaranteed interview when you finish your course.

Or, if you’re still undecided, download our FREE comprehensive prospectus and learn about what we offer, and how it could be right for you.

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Katie is a freelance content writer here at OriGym. Holding a first-class honours degree in Theatre and performance from The University of Leeds, Katie has a background in physical theatre, performance arts and cultural industries.

With experience in script writing and having worked for My Protein and My Vitamins, Katie has a keen interest in writing about health and fitness. She has a love for skiing and enjoys attending the gym and personal training sessions.

When not content writing or skiing down a mountain, Katie runs her own foodie blog and enjoys singing, song writing and performing.

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