19 Best Running Snoods (UK)

best running snoods

In order to keep yourself best protected from sporadic weather conditions whilst out on a run, it is essential that you invest in only the best running snoods.

A running snood is a key, but highly underrated, part of any runner’s kit, as it provides a supremely versatile offering : it can be used as a neck warmer, a headband, a hat, a scrunchie and more! They can be implemented into your running gear all year round, no matter the weather, and are sure to make a huge difference to your training.

So whether you’re looking for the best men’s or women’s running snoods, or just a standard running neck warmer that you can have confidence in, you’ll want to continue reading.

Along with our shortlist for the best running snoods in the UK, we will also answer all of your questions surrounding running neck warmers, including why you should wear one and what features to look for.


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What is a Running Snood?

First off, it might be best to explain what a running snood actually is before we get deep into the details. A running snood is usually a tube of fabric that can be worn around the neck and/or head whilst you’re running, although some are more fitted specifically to wear around your neck and face.

Although snood is definitely the most fun to say, running snoods are also known as neck gaiters or running neck warmers, and we’ll be using these names interchangeably throughout the article as they refer to the same thing.

Why Wear a Running Snood?

The main draw of a running snood is that they are incredibly versatile. They can be worn like a balaclava to keep the whole head protected from bad weather conditions, or as a headband to keep just your ears warm. You can choose to wear them around the neck like a scarf, or over the head like a hat to protect your scalp and keep your hair out of your eyes.

In the winter, the extra layer around your neck works to keep you warm without the bulk that comes with a normal knit scarf. Running neck warmers are more compact, so they won’t move as much as a regular scarf and they’re usually a lot lighter, so they don’t affect your mobility or speed when you exercise.

In the summer months, the best running snoods can help keep your skin protected from the sun, especially the more delicate skin on the back of your neck. Many running snoods come with SPF or UPF protection, and are certainly easier to wear and maintain than sun cream can be. UPF is the level above SPF in sun and UV protection, making some running snoods even better than sun cream to protect your skin.

It's important that you dress accordingly depending on the weather that you're exercising in. For more information surrounding tips for running in hot weather safely, click here.

Outside of the obvious protections for your skin, you can also pull a running neck gaiter over your mouth to protect you from dust or dirt depending on your environment, and most are incredibly breathable so that you don’t notice much of a difference. 

As a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, running snoods saw a surge in popularity, with many people using them as an alternative to a face mask, especially as they’re more comfortable around the ears. 

Whatever the weather, the main benefit of running snoods is that they help keep sweat off of your skin as much as possible. The majority are made from lightweight materials that absorb sweat and then dry quickly so they aren’t weighed down. Some synthetic materials also tend to hold less of an odour when they do this, over natural materials like cotton which tend to smell more after use.

What to Look For in a Running Snood?

There are several qualities you want to ensure you’re purchasing the best running snood that will benefit and optimise your running performance. Below we have outlined the key features and details you should take into consideration when making your decision.

#1 Fit

It is important for a running neck gaiter to be well fitted around the head and neck so that it fits properly without moving around and slipping down, but also is comfortable. If it’s too small, it’ll be tight around your throat which can hamper your breathing during exercise, as a result hindering your performance.

Additionally, if it is too tight across your face, it can result is pressure marks, as well as being a general inconvenience whilst you're running.

On the other hand, if the mask is too big, this can in itself cause problems as it will slide down your face, causing a consistent distraction as you're constantly having to rearrange it - this is similar to the issues that arise if don't purchase one of the best running jackets and instead compromise quality for a cheaper price point.

A running snood that is too be will also be ineffective at catching your sweat because there won’t be enough skin to skin contact; an important factor to consider when selecting a snood for running.

#2 Material 

Another thing to look for is the type of material that has been used in the production of a running snood, as the best neck gaiters for running are made of lightweight, breathable fabrics. These are usually synthetic, as some natural fibres like cotton will absorb the sweat and in turn get heavier.

Man-made compounds like polyester, nylon and polypropylene are better suited to absorb sweat and dry quicker - polyester and polypropylene in particular. These are plastic based, which isn’t always good for the environment, however some brands use recycled materials so you can worry less about the environmental impact of your clothing.

On the other hand, there are some natural fibres that make excellent running snoods. Wool, merino wool in particular, has become more popular for clothing as it is an excellent thermal insulator. Wool is also a more sustainable option, as shearing is essential to keep sheep healthy so it's better to use the byproduct than waste it.

There is also the option of bamboo, which has risen in popularity over the years as a more sustainable fabric choice, because bamboo has a quicker growing rate and better yield. Bamboo fabrics are also very breathable, making them a popular choice for sportswear - running snoods in particualrly.

#3 Breathability 

While it may be a fairly obvious statement, ensuring that the running snood you purchase is breathable is perhaps the most important feature to consider.

Breathable fabrics are important for exercise, because it means that they allow the air to circulate more evenly through them, largely due to the close weave of the threads. This is essential for sportswear in particular because it helps you keep cool.

On top of this, if a running snood doesn’t offer good breathability, this could in turn hinder your workout performance. Your breath is of the utmost importance when you’re running, as naturally with the energy exerted it can cause you to feel short of breath. To maximise your performance, it’s vital that you tune in with your breath and you can only do this with a running snood that allows full, unaffected breath.

#4 Sweat Wicking

Purchasing running snoods that feature natural and synthetic fibres are also great at keeping sweat from staying on your body for too long. Sweat wicking technology is the ability of the fabric to quickly absorb sweat from your skin so that it doesn’t linger, which limits the potential to cause rashes from sweat clogging your pores. 

These fabrics also tend to dry quickly, which is essential so that you don’t have a heavier piece of gear to tote around with you.

19 Best Running Snoods in the UK

#1 RT - On the Move Snood 

Price - £10.00

First up on our shortlist for the best neck gaiter for running, we have the Run Through On the Move running snood. This is one of the best running snoods for anyone looking to start wearing a neck warmer whilst they exercise.

The RT running snood is lightweight and designed for everyday use, so is great for a regular runner looking to start wearing the underrated piece of kit. This is a one size fits most, which allows you to wear this snood comfortably whilst still getting the best from the sweat absorption.

There are cut outs for your ears which can help hold the snood in place better, as well as not pressing your ears uncomfortably to your head. If you wear glasses when you run, the ear holes stop the arms of your glasses pressing against your head, making it far more comfortable.

RunThrough Kit is the UK's newest running clothes brand, broguht to you from UK's largest running community, RunThrough. Who better to design your perfect running gear than the name behind the country's most notable running events? 

Whatsmore, RT offers this running neck warmer in 5 different colours and 2 different designs, allowing runners to choose the best design that best compliments both their personality and the rest of their kit. Whatsmore, the brand also makes matching clothing, meaning you can match your running snood with a sweat-wicking t-shirt for the more fashion conscious runners.

Overall, the RT running snood offers great value for money, with a simple but effective design to go with any runner’s kit!

#2 Fordy Runs Running Pink Club Multifunctional Banana Snood Multi-Wrap


Price - £14.99

Next up is the Fordy Runs Running Club snood in a beautifully vibrant pink.  

This running neck gaiter is seamless for additional comfort, and made of smooth and stretchy close knit fabric. Fordy Runs offers 2 choices of fabric for this particular running snood. 

The first is Nanoweave, which is 100% polyester making it breathable and comfortable. The 4 way stretch design means you can get maximum comfort and movement without the running neck gaiter losing shape.

This fabric choice also comes with an UPF 50 rating to protect your skin from the sun making it ideal for all seasons - especially in the summer when there is less cloud coverage.

Alternatively if you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly, this running snood can be made with Repreve, which is made from 100% recycled plastic. This also has a 4 way stretch, and a UPF 30 rating, making it another great option to protect your skin.

UPF is a feature that many of us do not take into account when shopping for running gear, however it is something that we should acknowledge the importance of. Only the best items will tend to have been made with SPF elements, some of which you can find in our shortlist of the best running tops for men, women and kids

Both fabrics are made with UV stable inks which means they won’t smudge when they get wet and the design will last a long time with the proper care. 

Of course, with its minimal colour options, unless you're a fan of fuschia pink, then this may not be the ideal running snood for you, however if this does appeal to you, then it makes the perfect running snood to add flare to your attire.

#3 Adra Running Leaf Pattern Wool Snood

Price - £30.00

This next offering by Adra falls slightly on the more expensive endn of the spectrum, but is certainly worth it! Adra means ‘home’ in Welsh, and this beautiful neck warmer for running means you can bring a little home comfort with you as you train.

Adra has made one of the best running neck warmers, with warm definitely being the operative word. 

The snood is made of a lambswool/ merino wool blend, making it extra warm and soft against the skin. This is the perfect thermal running snood to keep you toasty in the winter, and protect your skin from the wind. Both lambswool and merino wool are popular for being softer than regular sheep’s wool, so you don’t have to worry about any itching or scratching and can take solace in knowing this is made from some of the best materials there is.

If you're a fan of a chunkier attire for your winter runs, then why not pair this running snood with one of selections for the best fleeced lined leggings?

This snood for running is also a top choice if you’re wanting running neck gaiters in the UK, as it’s handmade in Wales - so if you want to shop more locally and consciously this is definitely worth a look. The simple design comes in 6 colours, so you can choose whichever goes best with the rest of your gear, or whatever besty reflects you and your personality.

#4 Buff CoolNet UV+ Tubular

best running snood

Price - £12.94

If you’re looking for a running snood from the UK that can do double duty, the Buff CoolNet Snood is a brilliant value for money. Not only is it an excellent running snood, its lightweight and comfortable design make it a great face mask to wear while you’re out and about. 

For a guide that is catered more towards face masks as opposed to snoods, you’re in luck, as here at Origym we have compiled the 35 best gym masks that you can wear for exercise without the risk of it hindering your performance.

The Buff CoolNet Snood is 100% polyester, which means it will be great for absorbing your sweat as you work out and preventing the results of your hard work hindering your running performance. Polyester is also a stretchy material, so this snood will be extra comfortable to wear regularly.

For the colder months, the Buff CoolNet Snood is wind resistant which will keep your skin safe and protected and protected and avoiding any potential wind rush. With the Buff CoolNet UV+, this is an ideal example of a running snood that is kitted out with technology that has your health and wellbeing at the forefront of production.

The SPF means you can take comfort in knowing that your face is shielded from the sun’s UV rays without having to stop to apply sunscreen every 30 minutes; equating to more time running!

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, Buff CoolNet have also incorporated antibacterial technology into their snood. The use of natural silver salts prevents the growth of bacteria, keeping it cleaner and safer for use as both a running neck warmer and general face mask.

#5 Wuffler Nautical Snood 

Price - £10.99

If you’re a fan of fun designs, Wuffler is definitely one to check out! Of course, they have much more to offer than just a lovely pattern.

Each running snood is made from a technical microfibre that is breathable and moisture wicking. It is seamless for comfort, and for a better stretch across the head and neck. These are running snoods that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, all whilst looking stylish.

For a more specific example, the Wuffler Nautical Snood is both fashionable and great value for money, with different levels of specificity so that you can tailor your running neck gaiter to suit your needs.

Most importantly, you are able to choose from a variety of weights for your snood depending on the activity you’re doing. So if you’re doing a high impact activity or running you can choose something lighter and thinner, or something heavier and thicker might be more suitable for inclement weather or skiing.

If you're a keen skiier, then you may be interested in our report on the best skiing centres and dry slopes in the UK!

Wuffler also offers an option for customisation, so you can add a more personal touch to your purchase. You could choose to have your name written, or maybe the name of a specific race you’re training for to commemorate the event.

Additionally, if you’re looking to be more environmentally conscious you also have the option of choosing the type of packaging you want which cuts down on unnecessary plastic waste.

#6 Solbari Face & Neck Gaiter UPF50+ Active Collection 

Price - £25.00

For those of you particularly prone to sunburn, the Solbari Face and Neck Gaiter may be just what you need to protect your skin when you’re running outside.

This running snood has a UPF of 50+, making it one of the best running neck gaiters in the UK for sun protection despite the stereotype of a British summer. This protection factor means that the material blocks up to 98% of UVA and UVB rays, helping you keep your skin safe and healthy.

Besides the sun protection, Solbari has also incorporated anti-odour technology which means you can sweat without worrying too much about any lingering smells.

The material is 88% polyester and 12% elastane, and the extra stretch from the elastane means it will be even more comfortable and well fitted to your neck. The flat lock stitching on the hems prevents irritation from the fabric against your skin, which is especially great if you have sensitive skin.

Instead of a one size fits most, this running snood comes in 2 sizes (small/medium and large/extra large) so it is more inclusive to different sizes and you can get a better overall fit. Solbari helpfully provides a size guide when you’re looking to buy so that you can make the best decision with your measurements. 

With 8 colours to choose from, you will certainly be able to find the best neck gaiter for running to suit you and your style.

#7 Ruffnek Pink Peonies Snood 

Price - £13.75

Ruffnek offers lots of different designs, but the pink peonies has to be a favourite for its vibrancy and uniqueness. 

This women’s running snood benefits from being seamless and stretchy for maximum comfort, whilst also retaining elasticity after each wash so you don’t need to worry about it losing shape. The design is also non-fade, so it’ll stay bright even after washing.

For those of you with sensitive skin, this running snood is made from a hypoallergenic microfibre so it will be gentle on your skin whilst still offering you protection from the elements when you’re outside.

The sweat wicking nature will stop your sweat lingering on your body, letting your pores breathe and you’ll feel cleaner. The Stay Dry technology means that it can protect you in any weather; rain, snow or shine. Base layers are another example of running gear which feature some of the highest quality sweat wicking properties that can make all the difference to your run. Check our OriGym's picks for the best running base layers of 2021.

Ruffnek also provides clear care instructions on their website, so that you can keep your running snood in the best condition for years to come.

#8 Buff EcoStretch Original Banff

Price - £16.30

Buff is a brand you may be familiar with, and it certainly has several options for the best running neck warmers in the UK and worldwide. In this case, the EcoStretch has several qualities that help it stand out from the crowd.

The EcoStretch offers a 4 way stretch fabric which ensures maximum comfort without worrying that it will lose its shape or distort. This is made more so by its mix of fibres, being 5% elastane and 95% polyester for some extra oomph.

The polyester also makes it an excellent choice for sweat wicking, and will be able to keep you cool and dry in hot or cold weather. 

For the environmentally conscious amongst you, the EcoStretch is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, so you know your purchase is helping to remove waste plastic from the environment.

Rest assured, this is an ideal running snood for all weather conditions, not just the cold, as it comes kitted out with UPF sun protection, meaning you can relax knowing no harm is to come to your face in the months where the sun is beating down. 

Unlike many other brands, Buff ensure that they keep their stock fun and fresh, releasing new collections seasonally and even releasing limited edition products, just like this one which was released in 2021 especially for the Banff Mountain Film Festival, celebrating the spirit of adventure and exploration, and the fun of the film festival.

This design in particular is eye-catching and fun, so you can add a little flair to your running gear.

We must note however that the Buff snood for running does just come in the one size, so that may be worth taking into consideration if you have any special requirements. 

Manufactured from 95% recycled material, it dries quickly, wicks away moisture, resists wind and can be worn 12 different ways, from cap to balaclava and neck gaiter to hair tie.

#9 Kalenji Running Multipurpose Headband

Price - £4.99

If you’re looking for a super budget friendly women's and men's running snood, Kalenji have a great option in their unisex multipurpose headband. This is a simple and basic running snood, which is great if you’re looking to test if a running neck gaiter is right for you without splashing out a large sum of money. 

The design is lightweight and comfortable, as well as being minimal in appearence, so it is sure to not distract you when you’re running. This also makes it great if you want to wear it during your day to day life, as it can easily become another layer when you need it, a warming hat or a comfortable face mask.

Though it comes in at one of the cheapest running snoods on this list, don't let that mislead you into doubting its quality, as this running snood which can be purchased from Decathlon features a breathable mesh component wicks away perspiration and dries quickly.

The headband is made of 100% polyester which will keep you warm whilst also allowing air to circulate around your body. The sweat wicking properties are enhanced by the mesh style weave to allow for an easy air flow.

Kalenji sells this particular running snood in 6 colours, so there is sure to be one that will suit you. It does only come in the one size, so for your reference, it is designed for head size of approximately 59 cm, and thanks to its stretch fabric it suits head sizes between 51 and 63cm.

#10 inov-8 Wrag

Price - £12.00

inov-8 is a brand that we're mostly all familiar with, regardless of our sporting interests, and that is mostly down to it's credible reputation for making high-end and trustworthy sports gear - and their entry for the best running snood is no exception.

Although it's called a wrag, the running snood from inov-8 has much more to offer you. Similarly to some of the other options on this list, the inov-8 Wrag was made with versaility at the forefront of production, as this product can be used as as a bandana, hat, neck tube as well as a traditional snood.

Being offered in four colourful combinations and designs, each is reversible so you have multiple ways of wearing this snood to suit your style. 

Additionally, not only is this neck warmer for running lightweight, it is also another option that is made of polyester so that it offers all the benefits of a breathable fabric. It is easy to pack away in your bag or wear on your wrist when you’re not using it, and is an easy access staple of a runner’s wardrobe.

If you love all things running you simply must check out our article dedicated to the 13 best running watches on the market today.

Boasting 5* reviews on their website from buyers, it is fair to say that others agree in our decision that this entry from inov-8 is worthy of a place on our shortlist of the best running snoods. 

inov-8 has also confirmed that their running snood is suitable as a part of mandatory kit for races where you need a hat, making it a great - and more importantly light, weighing just 30g - piece of clothing for serious racers.

#11 Fractel Multiuse Band

Price - £17.00

If you’re looking for something simple yet functional to complement your running gear, the Fractel Multiuse Band running neck gaiter is ideal.

This unisex running snood comes in a variety of colours, patterns and designs for you to pick from, but remains mostly simple enabling it to go with the remainder of your running gear. The rich colours can add vibrancy and flair to your usual running outfit, as well as enhacing your personality.

This running snood is made from 100% microfiber polyester, giving you all the comfort without sacrificing any mobility and making it perfect for workout gear. And despite the advanced technology packed into it, this is stil one of the best lightweight running snoods, weighing just 33g.

The polyester is designed to be sweat wicking and quick drying, meaning you can stay cool and dry as you go about your runs. You will also benefit from a UPF 30+, keeping your skin protected from harmful UV rays. While it only comes in the one size, the Fractel running neck warmer features top quality stretch fabric that allows it to be the perfect fit for all adults; adjusting itself to fit your head.

Displaying 10 different ways that you can wear it, the Fractel running snood offers practical uses that make this a staple item for your running gear all year round. Whether you want to protect your head from the beams of the sun, keep your neck warm during the colder months, or even tie your hair up and remove it from out of your face; this is a product that offers a number of benefits to all individuals. 

While this does make as an effective cap to protect your head from the sun's rays, if you would prefer to invest in a hat that can benefit your sight during a run, then we think you'll find our guide on the best runnings caps for men and women highly useful.

#12 Waring Brooke Personalised Monogram Pattern Snood

Price - £30.00

Whilst this is another option on the more expensive side, this snood by Waring Brooke is more than worth the expense, definitely cementing a place as a top thermal running snood.

Being made of 100% merino wool, Waring Brooke have married luxury with practicality to create one of the best running neck warmers on the market in terms of comfort and feel. 

Merino wool is thinner than regular wool, making it softer and a great choice to have close to the skin. It has excellent sweat wicking properties, and is naturally able to cancel out odours so you can sweat with confidence. Merino wool is also a natural thermo regulator, helping to keep you at a comfortable temperature regardless of your surroundings.

Additionally, this is a great choice as a gift - for yourself or another because you can completely personalise the design. Waring Brooke have left the option to add 2 initials, tailoring your running snood to you and making it a unique statement to wear on your runs. Plus it’ll be very hard to lose it or confuse it with another!

With 11 colour combinations, including green & black, red & taupe and baby blue & white, you’re sure to find one to suit the style you want to project.

With all this in mind, we think its higher price point is more than justified and one we'd be more than happy to pay.


Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more we think you’ll find useful:


#13 Newt Aubergreen Neckwarmer Snood

Price - £18.00

Another option for the environmentally conscious, the Newt running neck warmer is made from 100% recycled plastic, so you can enjoy this purchase knowing you’re being eco-positive. 

If you’re looking particularly for a running snood from the UK, Newt are a London based company so your purchase may not have far to travel, which can only help improve your carbon footprint.

The design includes a discreet adjuster at the back to help it fit better to your head shape and adjust it to a size most suitable to you, which makes it more wearable for everyone. The adjuster toggle is small and made of rubber so it won’t be a hindrance in a helmet or other headgear.

Though we highly advise this as a product that all runners should invest in, its ultra-comfortable design and thicker fabric make it great for daily leisure-wear or running, cycling, skiing, hiking and any sporting activities. It is suggested to make for better use during the winter months, so you may want to consider investing in a lighter weight option additionally to swap over during the peak of Summer.

As mentioned, alongside running, snoods are a great item that should be incorporated into your sporting gear for a number of different sports, cycling particularly. In our guide on winter cycling, we go into detail on how you can nail your routine, including tips on clothing, routes and prep for the ultimate experience. 

While we have specifically selected the aubergreen purple running snood from Newt, the company do have lots of different colours and designs so that you can find a style to suit you.

#14 Berghaus Mountain Neck Gaiter 

Price - £20.00

For the fashion conscious amongst you, this Berghaus Mountain Neck Gaiter has a simple but beautiful design that will work with and complement most other pieces of running gear, as well as add a touch of style to your overall look. This is also sold as a unisex product, meaning all genders are enouraged to benefit from this stylish running snood.

The material of this snood for running is a 100% polyester jersey fleece, meaning you can get the best of both worlds; it will be soft and comfortable, as well as warm and breathable. Jersey fabrics are soft to the touch whilst also being quite durable, so you will be able to get a lot of use from your purchase.

With 13 different ways to wear the Berghaus Mountain running neck gaiter, all with the aim to protect your neck/head/face, this is an extremely versatile product that can be integrated into your running gear in a variety of ways that accomodate for the seasons all year round.

Whatsmore, if you like to spend your time in the outdoors and often find yourself purchasing new attire to accomodate your ventures, by purchasing a discount card at Go Outdoors, it opens you up to a number of brilliant discounts, including one that brings this running gaiter down to just £10.00!

The unisex design means that whether you want a men’s or women’s running snood, you’ll be able to incorporate this snood into your own style; and with 2 different colour combinations, this minimal running snood is sure to add a hint of personality to your runs.

#15 Peter Storm Compass Chute

Price - £11.00

The Compress Chute from Peter Storm snood offers a great option for those looking for a more unique design in their running gear, and definitely ranks up there with the best neck gaiters for running. 

The running neck gaiter comes in a dark grey colour that features a compass design printed all over it, adding a stylish twist that is unlike no other product on this list.

Made with polyester microfibre, it is breathable and quick drying, perfect for sweaty days under the sun. though the brand themselves highly recommend it as a way to keep warm in the winter, ensuring you won’t have to worry about the wind biting at your skin. 

For more advice on forming the perfect sporting wardrobe for the colder months, check out our guide - Running Gear: The Essentials For Running in Winter.

Recommended particualrly for running, walking and hiking uses, the Compress running neck gaiter comes in at a very reasonable price, meaning you get value for money along with functionality. It is perfect for everyday wear for those who opt to wear a face mask whilst they're out and about, that can then become part of your regular running gear.

Similarly to the above product, the Compress Chute running snood is also available to buy with a Go Outdoors discount card, taking this from £11.00 down to just £3.50, making it one of the cheapest running snoods on this shortlist.

#16 North Ridge Thermal Band-It

Price - £14.99

The North Ridge Thermal Band-It offers only a fun name, but a great thermal running snood due to its designed specifically crafted to insulate heat as well as be soft to the touch.

The main body of the Band-It is made from soft-touch 100% polyester micro jersey, with no seams so it will sit comfortably however it is worn. 

For extra insulation, warmth and wind protection, the running snood also has an attached 200gsm microfleece band, giving you more warmth and snugness, but not sacrificing any of its versatility. The design is seamless so the stretch can go evenly all the way around the snood, resulting in maximum comfort and no risk of seam lines on your skin.

The polyester works to absorb your sweat, and it is also quick drying, so will not weigh you down or keep the sweat lingering around your body.

The North Ridge running gaiter can be worn in any style you can think of - for example as a beanie, a scarf, headband, wristband, neckerchief, suncap; however you need to wear it for any trek or trail you're due to combat. And with a Go Outdoors discount card, you can pick this running snood up for just under half price!

Trail running is the activity of running in the heart of nature; either in wooded areas or mountain terrain - essentially, a location where there is no visible pavement. It is a great alternative for those who love the outdoors and want to challenge themselves with a new form of running and tougher locations and terrains. Our beginners guide sets out to provide newbies with all the tips and tricks for staying safe on their trail venture.

Overall, this is one of the best running neck gaiters in the UK, with a style and functionality that won’t break the bank.

#17 Nike Strike Winter Warrior Snood 

Price - £12.00

The Nike Strike is ideal for those of you who want a more fitted men’s running snood. What you may lose in versatility, you make up for in a better fit over the mouth and nose which can add to the overall comfort.

This snood comes with an adjustable drawcord at the back for a better fit around the head, so it will stay up well during a high impact workout or vigorous exercise.

It is also made of polyester so you benefit from breathable, comfortable material that will stay soft against your skin. The Dri-FIT moisture wicking technology which Nike is notable for in its sportsgear will stop you getting a sweaty face, so you can exercise without worry or having to cut your workout short.

There is a mesh mouthpiece, making easier to breathe whilst wearing it. This makes it perfect if you’re a bit nervous about wearing something over your mouth, because the mesh will make it so you barely notice it’s there. Whatsmore, unlike many other options, the fabric on this running neck gaiter locks over your ears for a secure fit at full speed.

There is no doubt that this is a worthy entry for the best running snoods in the UK. If you're reading this article with the intention of just beginning running as a hobby, it may be of interest for you to learn of the plethora of benefits of running. Here we set out all the mental and physical advantages that come with this highly popular form of exercise.

#18 Luxe Bamboo Neck Tube

Price - £18.00

If you’re looking for something made from natural fibres, the Luxe Bamboo neck tube may be for you. 

The Luxe running snood does only come in the one colour option of black, however it is clear the priorities for its production have lay in ensuring it is kitted out with the best technology there is.

As advertised, this running neck warmer is made from bamboo, which is a natural fibre like cotton but with more benefits. Bamboo dries quicker than cotton, meaning your sweat won’t linger or make the material heavier. 

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, allowing you to feel cleaner whilst wearing it, which is especially important if you’re looking for a face mask in addition to a running snood.

It is also thermo regulating and breathable, much like the synthetic options but without the plastics needed to produce them. 

What's more interesting is that as a result of this product, in turn you can take solace in knowing 719.5 litres of water are saved, 0.7 kg CO2e of emissions are avoided and 171.0 mgs of pesticides avoided also.

Additionally, bamboo is much more environmentally sustainable. As said above, it needs less time to grow to maturity, meaning it is better suited to meet consumer demand. Bamboo also needs a third of the water that cotton does, and has no need for pesticides to keep it growing, making it a more eco-friendly option over cotton or mass produced plastics.

#19 Protexa Neck Gaiter Snood with Filter Pocket

Price - £7.99

Bringing our shortlist of the best running snoods to a close is the Protexa Neck Gaiter Snood. This is a great value running neck warmer from the UK, because you’re getting a lot for your money. 

This is unlike any other product on this list due to its addition of a filter pocket, making this an excellent option to keep dust or dirt out of your mouth on your runs.

This 7-layered running snood is stretchy and lightweight, made of multiple layers of breathable fabric to keep air circulating around your body. 

It is also a perfect alternative for a face covering, and one that will be better for you when running inside or outside. An added benefit of purchasing the Protexa Running Neck Gaiter is it comes with 2 free filters already, so you can get running as soon as it arrives. 

Sold in a washed blue colour, it is sure to add a pop of colour to the attire of both female and male runners.

The Protexa arrives in biodegradable packaging, so you don’t have to worry about waste plastic with your purchase, making it more eco-friendly - a movement which has saw a massive push in recent years. 


Are Neck Warmers for Running worth it?

In short, yes, running snoods are most definitely worth all types of runners trying out. As we have said within the article, they work to effectively protect your body from most types of weather so that you can train or exercise safely and unbothered.

Some have suggested that a running snood is particularly useful in the winter when the air is cold, because the shock of cold air can cause the lungs to constrict and therefore damage your running breathing technique, which is essential to your success. Having a thermal running snood over your mouth means you don’t get the initial shock of cold air and you’ll be able to run for longer. 

They also protect from the sun by covering your skin, and you can worry less about remembering to apply sun cream whilst your training outside.

What is the Best Material for a Running Snood?

This is explained in more detail at the start of the article, but just to reiterate, the best materials are always going to be those that take the sweat away from your body quickly and don’t stay damp for too long so that they don’t weigh you down.

As well as not weighing you down, having a running snood which is heavy can also cause inconvenience by either falling down regularly or placing too much fabric across your mouth and/or nose, in turn affecting how well you can breathe.

Whether you prefer a synthetic material or natural fibres, there are several options out there (and indeed mentioned above) for you to choose the best option for you.

When Should you Wear a Running Snood?

To get the most out of your purchase, you should be wearing your running neck gaiter come rain or shine, all year round. 

The lightweight materials mean that you shouldn’t overheat in the summer, and removing the sweat may actually help to keep you cooler. Many running snoods on the market are also crafted with SPF into them, providing you a permanent sunscreen for those summer runs. This is a highly beneficial feature that will save you time as well as prevent you having to stop to apply suncream which you may have to do if you're partaking in a longer distance run.

In the winter, you need to make sure that you are appropriately dressed for the cold, even if you are exercising, so a thermal running snood will only benefit your training, as well as protect your face from damaging weather conditions such as sharp wind, heavy rain and cutting temperatures which could otherwise hinder both your performance and the time you spend outdoors.

Before You Go!

There are a lot of different factors to consider when you are choosing a neck warmer for running - from price to style, to whether you opt for synthetic stretch fabric or natural wool. Each choice has its own advantages you need to be aware of when making your decision.

We hope we have given you plenty of options because whichever you choose, the running snood is a great piece of year round gear!

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