21 Running Supplements to Fuel Your Run (2020)

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Do you need that extra boost when you go for a run? Not to worry; OriGym have created an in-depth list of the best running supplements to help you push that little bit further.

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Pre-running supplements

It’s important before any workout or exercise to ensure that you have enough energy.

You will need to consume enough carbohydrates to fuel your run, and drink enough fluids. 

Below is a list of supplements for running that can help you feel truly energised!

1. Beta Alanine - MyProtein

 Price: £14.99 for 250g 

Beta alanine as a hydration supplements running

The lactic acid that builds up in your muscles whilst running can be incredibly uncomfortable, and lead to poor overall performance. 

You’ll be glad to know that beta alanine prevents this. Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid present in this product, and due to the fact that it is unflavoured, it can be used for an additional boost to your shakes in the morning before you go for a run. 

As one of the go-to pre-running supplements, this product is not just designed for the ultra marathon runners, and can be used at any fitness level. 

Through this product, MyProtein ensure that you get the amino acid boost you require. When you take beta alanine like other amino acids, it will support the growth and maintenance of your muscle mass. 

What is interesting about this product is that it’s gluten free and is suitable for individuals who are vegetarian or vegans. Therefore it is great for those individuals who follow a plant based diet. 

2. Creatine Monohydrate - Precision brand 

Price: £12.49 for 510G

running endurance supplements is creatine

Creatine is naturally found within the liver organ. When you increase your natural levels of creatine, this will in turn help improve levels of exercise performance. 

It can be used at any fitness level, and helps with increasing the water content within your muscles. 

It’s one of the best supplements for running as the ingredient can help increase power. This would be perfect for individuals who do short distance runs. It also helps individuals who want to have it with a shake before a run as it’s easily soluble. 

Creatine also is absorbed by consuming meat and fish. What is good about this specific product is that it’s vegan friendly! This is perfect for individuals who follow a plant-based diet and a great ingredient as one of the best energy supplements for running.

3. Citrulline Malate - Bulk Powders 

Price: 9.99

supplements to improve endurance running bulk powders

Citrulline is an amino acid which is also produced naturally within the body. This product from Bulk Powders helps increase your levels for the benefits of exercise performance. 

If you’re looking for one of the best supplements for running endurance, taking citrulline would increase blood flow to body tissues. This would be especially important when you go for runs as your muscles need oxygen and nutrients in order to perform well. 

Another benefit from using this product would be reducing any muscle soreness after your workout.

It’s important to note that Citrulline malate can be used for weight training as well as for running. There are two forms of these running stamina supplements that you can take. There is L-citrulline which can be taken as a 6 gram dosage and citrulline malate can be consumed as an 8 gram dosage. 

What’s fantastic about this product is that it’s suitable for vegetarians and is free from dairy, lactose, gluten, soya and GM free. 

It’s also great for individuals who want to boost their amino acids. You can add it to a pre-workout drink before you head out on your run! 

4. Sodium Bicarbonate - Boots

Price: £1.60

sodium bicarbonate as one of the best running energy supplements

When you think about sodium bicarbonate, you normally think of it as a household product. In fact, it can have a number of health benefits.

This product by Boots can be consumed mixed in with warm water. Sodium bicarbonate acts as a buffering agent which means it’ll fight any acid build up in the body and has to be considered as one of the best supplements to take for running. 

When you are going for a run, you may feel a burning feeling in your muscles. That burning sensation is the acid that is produced due to the intensity of your runs.

If you are looking for endurance supplements for running then sodium bicarbonate may help reduce fatigue when you are working out. This product would be especially important if you are doing any sprint training.

With the price being only £1.60 for a tub, it’s a cheap running supplement to purchase! 

5.Beet it Beetroot Juice - Waitrose 

Price: £2.70 - 1 Litre 

Beet it supplements before running

Beetroot juice is one of the up-and-coming juices in the fitness world due to its many health benefits, some of which come from nitrate (which your own body produces in small amounts). 

Nitrate is found in various vegetables such as spinach, turnips and beetroot. Drinking beetroot juice is great for increasing blood flow which would help you go that extra further without feeling fatigued. 

Beetroot juice will help improve exercise performance by reducing the amount of oxygen needed during runs, and is certainly one of the supplements for running endurance that you should consider trying. 

This particular product is suitable for vegetarians and would go fantastically well with apple juice as a pre-workout drink!

Beet it Beetroot Juice is completely organic and has no artificial preservatives or additives so you can rest-assured that it is super healthy. 

6. Caffeine Supplements - Bulk Powders

Price: £15.99 - 500G

bulk powder running performance supplements

Caffeine is one of the most popular supplements for any pre-workout drink. It can be found in various foods and drinks such as coffee and tea. Caffeine stimulates parts of the brain to increase alertness and will make you feel less tired. 

Caffeine as one of the pre-running supplements is great as you are able to increase your power and produce force quickly. This is an ideal supplement for anyone who wants to do sprints within their run. 

If you are a long-distance runner, caffeine also contributes to an increase of endurance performance and capacity. 

If you’re looking for one of the best running supplements which is vegetarian and vegan friendly then this is it! This is perfect for individuals who follow a plant-based diet. It’s also free from gluten, dairy, lactose and soya! 

It’s important to note the daily recommended consumption is 200mg per day, so do not exceed this. 

What is interesting about this product from Bulk Powders is that it comes in powder form. This means you will be able to accurately measure how much caffeine you will need to put in. 

7. BCAA Tablets - Matrix Nutrition 

Price: £9.99

BCAA tablets supplements for long distance running

The Matrix BCAA tablets consist of three very important molecules: Leucine, isoleucine and valine. It’s one of the running stamina supplements to help overall performance you should definitely buy! 

These amino acids make up a large proportion of your skeletal muscle in the human body. This is why it’s important to have this supplementation for muscle growth. 

The amino acids can often be found in items such as meat, eggs and dairy. However, the Matrix BCAA tablets are a versatile supplement. This is often used to help preserve and build lean muscle mass. 

They are also used to accelerate muscle recovery after intense training. However, it can still be used to preempt any muscle fatigue. This is especially useful from preventing delayed muscle soreness.

These BCAA tablets from Matrix Nutrition enables you to have a good foundation for lean muscle development and most importantly, improved body composition and has to be one of the best supplements for running on the market. 

BCAA’s assist endurance performance and reduce fatigue. This is ideal for people who like to run long distances. 

Supplements that can be taken on runs 

Supplements on the go are vital to help you push that little bit further. Of course you do not want to be distracted for when you are focused and running especially if you are doing a race. Therefore, you will need products that will be easy to open. 

It’s important to make sure if you decide to go for a long run or you have entered in a race to fuel up on slow releasing energy carbs 3-4 hours before any run or event. 

Before any race day, make sure you experiment on what type of supplement you can eat or drink. If you do a trial run before your actual race day or long run, it will give you an indication on what will work best for you. 

Never do anything new when it comes to a race day as you would not know how your body will react to the change. 

Below are the best running supplements for intra-running. 

8. Coconut Water - Bulk Powders 

Price: £15.99 - 500G

bulk powders supplements for distance running

This fantastic product from Bulk Powders is the first flavoured coconut water powder on the market. Coconut water has seen a meteoric rise by consumers across the world and has been considered one of the vital supplements for running endurance. 

In truth, there have been a number of unflavoured coconut water products on the market that didn’t taste great. Many people have been put off by these products, but this product from Bulk Powders is made out of fresh coconuts which are then spray dried to a fine powder. This ensures that when the powder is mixed with water, you will still reap the benefits of regular coconut water.

It contains no artificial flavours or colourings, which makes it the ideal natural hydration drink. 

It contains one of the most important electrolytes, potassium. This ensures that this key electrolyte will be easily replaced on your run when you use the product. This has to be one of the best supplements to take for running!

This coconut water powder is an ideal for individuals participating in high-intensity exercise. This would equally be useful for anyone who is a casual runner who is looking for a natural source of potassium. 

9. SIS GO Electrolyte Powder

Price: £17.00 - 1KG

SIS electrolyte running performance supplements

This product from SIS is the perfect on the go drink especially if you are running for a significant amount of time. 

This product contains a combination of carbohydrates and electrolytes which help with loss of fluids. When you drink this product with water, this will enable you to absorb water more efficiently when you exercise. This will help your endurance performance and prevent cramping to an extent. 

When you are on a run, it’s only natural that your carbohydrate and dehydration levels will cause fatigue in endurance exercise. As mentioned earlier, it’s vital to have an appropriate amount of carbohydrates before a run and not have too much or too little. 

When you have inappropriate concentrates of not taking carbohydrates, it could lead to poor performance when running or internal issues when you are on the run. 

If you’re looking for one of the best energy supplements for running on the market, this product contains 36g of the fast absorbing carbohydrates and would deliver the needed fluid and carbs to offset any dehydration on your runs.  

What’s interesting about this product is that it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so it’s great for individuals who follow a plant based diet. 

This product is also free from: Lactose, Wheat, Nuts, Soya and Gluten. For the price of £17.00 it’s definitely one of the best products to consider when making your purchase. 

10. Aptonia Electrolyte Tablets 

Price: £4.99

Aptonia supplements for running a marathon

This product from Aptonia is fantastic for individuals who do not want to carry a big tub of electrolytes. These electrolyte tablets are fantastic for those who just want to bring something small and compact.

These electrolyte tablets contain vitamins B6 and B12 which helps reduce fatigue. This would be especially useful if you run within an hour. The tablets also contain Vitamins B2 and C which help protect cells from any oxidative stress. 

It’s important to note if you decide to go for a run, this product would not be suitable for individuals whose workout would last longer than an hour. 

The tablets do not contain carbohydrates so it would not give you those essential carbs needed to push through the workout. It would be advisable to get an energy bar or running gels to boost your energy. 

In terms of price, for a pack of 20 tablets for £4.99, it’s definitely one of the best supplements for running for its price!  

11. Torq Running Gel 

Price: £20.00 - £20.85

Torq gels as best supplements for endurance running

This torq running gel product is one of the best supplements to take for running. It comes in 6 flavours which will give you a chance to pick your favourite. 

This product also has a blend of maltodextrin which is a long chain complex carbohydrate and also contains fructose which means it’s very easy to absorb in the body and can be easily digested. 

It’s the optimal carbohydrate blend which contains all 5 electrolytes. This means that you are able to take on the essential carbs that are needed to replenish what you have lost on your run. 

These products do not contain any colours or artificial sweeteners. These supplements are also free from dairy, wheat and gluten. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 

In terms of price, it depends on flavour however, with 15 sachets, it’s definitely worth while if your performance has dipped due to not filling up on Torq gel sachets! 

12. Gatorade Flavoured Sports Drink Powder 

Price: £10.00

Gatorade supplements to improve running endurance

This product from Gatorade is fantastic as you are able to improve your endurance whilst going for runs. 

This product is a carbohydrate electrolyte drink to maintain your endurance whilst improving endurance performance to any keen runner. 

If you’re looking for running stamina supplements, this product is ideal as you can prepare your drink at home and use it with your favourite water bottle to take on your run. 

The powder is actually a more cost-effective way compared to buying individual bottles, which can be very expensive if you are regularly using Gatorade. 

This sports drink is a great way to lead a varied and balanced diet whilst living a healthy lifestyle. The Gatorade product will provide you with the necessary carbohydrates when you are running long distances. 

As the price is only £10.00, it’s definitely one of the best energy supplements for running on the market and it’s very affordable! 

13. Wiggle Nutrition Energy Bars

Price: £12.00- £20.00

endurance supplements for running wiggle energy bar

This energy bar from Wiggle has a mixture of oats and fruit pieces. These energy bars are super easy to eat and provide an amazing 45G of carbohydrates which is ideal for runners who go long distance. 

There are a number of flavours to choose from such as Apple, Coconuts and Berry which would help you get that boost whilst intra-training. 

As the energy bar is low in both salt and fat, you’ll be able to enjoy it as a great tasting and convenient snack. These energy bars are not only good for sports but they could also be used as a healthy snack and one of the best energy supplements for running.  

The price of the bars is definitely value for money especially the coconut flavour as it’s currently on offer for £12.00 (as of February 2020). 

14. Holland & Barrett Dates 

Price: £3.09 for 500G

Holland and barrett dates running vitamins supplements

Dates are one of the superfoods of the world and one of the key supplements for running, the calorie content of these dates are far higher as they are dried. Dates are also high in antioxidants which contributes to health benefits. 

Dates are very easy to eat and can be carried as an instant energy boost when you go for your long-distance runs. 

Dates are naturally low on the glycemic index due to containing natural plant fibre. This means it will slow down sugar absorption in the body. This is perfect for running as you will not get a straight sudden burst of energy, instead, it’ll be a steady release of energy without the crash. 

If you’re looking for one of the best supplements for running endurance, you don’t have to just eat it by itself, you can mix dates up in delicious recipes as it’s a great addition to any homemade energy bar for on the go. 

A benefit of having dates during your run is their ability to refill your body’s glycogen with the high volume of carbohydrates that are within them. This is the source of energy that is used during any strenuous activity. 

Dates are also naturally high in potassium and eating dates will also replenish lost electrolytes through sweat.

15. Sainsburys Bananas 

Price: £0.85/KG

Bananas running supplements uk Sainsburys

Bananas have been one of the go-to fruits as a source of energy for runners. They are very portable and help fuel your run and recovery. 

Bananas are great as running supplements as these fruits as they can be easily digested. This simple fruit can just be as effective as any carbohydrate filled drink as it has the same performance in assisting with blood sugar and oxidative stress.

Eating a banana would provide the necessary carbohydrates to fuel any long run. Bananas are well known for having a high content of potassium. Potassium in fact has a key role in muscle function. If you do not have sufficient levels of potassium, this often leads to discomfort and cramping whilst running. 

Bananas are also high in manganese, this plays a role in bone development and assists with protein metabolism. This is very useful for boosting performance if you are going for a long run and perfect supplements for running endurance.

16. Ella’s Kitchen Banana Baby Brekkie 

Price: £1.09

running food supplements ella's kitchen

Right, you may be thinking, why baby food? However, this product from Ella’s Kitchen ensures you will get the significant energy boost that you need whilst running. With its handy screw cap you’ll ensure that you do not need to spend time unpacking cutlery and eating it out of the jar. 

Baby food is very easy to digest and it’s most importantly portable. The mashed up consistency means that part of the work of digesting is already done for you. 

Baby food is a good way to intake the natural sugars from this banana flavoured product without losing any of the key nutrients you may lose if you decide to juice it.

It may be a slightly more expensive product however, an alternative could be using a steamer or a microwave in order to soften fruit and vegetables whilst preserving all their vitamins. 

You would be able to put these in a food processor or you could potentially mash it by hand to get the same consistency. 

Post-run supplements 

After a long run or even if you do sprints or something strenuous, it’s vital for you to replenish necessary nutrients and fluids that have been lost after exercise. 

The supplements that have been taken before your run were there to energise you and the running supplements that were taken during was to give you the extra boost that was needed for when you were struggling. 

Below are some supplements which will help you to replace the missing carbohydrates that you lost but to speed up your recovery time and be ready for the next workout.  

17. The Protein Works - Whey Protein 360 

Price: £17.99 - 600G 

The protein works running supplements recovery

This product from The Protein Works is a premium protein shake which helps with recovery from any long running session. It’s one of the best supplements for running recovery on the market!  

This product especially has a blend of 5 protein sources which consists of: milk protein, soy protein, hydrolysed whey protein, whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. All of these proteins have different stages of releasing slow and fast which will enable you to recover quicker and help repair those muscles. 

The flavours that you get from this product from The Protein Works are second to none. From Chocolate to Vanilla and even Chocolate Mint Brownie, the choices are endless! 

There are some protein shakes on the market that do not mix well, and where large lumps tend to form at the bottom of the shake. This won’t happen with this protein shake! The Protein Works promise instant mixing whether it would be with water or milk, there would not be any grittiness in taste. 

18. Myprotein Clear Vegan Protein

Price: £24.99 

running protein supplements clear vegan protein

Of course we won’t forget people who follow a plant-based diet. MyProtein have revolutionised the game of protein powder as last year they have previously released the first Clear Whey Protein. In 2020, they decided to go one step further and release a clear vegan protein. 

If you’re looking for running recovery supplements, you’ll probably be put off by the fine protein powders which are a bit too sweet and sickly. However, this product is delicious and definitely a running supplement to consider if you want to avoid the sickly taste of other products on the market.

Myprotein has engineered a pea protein isolate, infused with real fruit and has added B vitamins to their products. 

In fact with just a scoop of the myprotein vegan protein contains half of your daily vitamin B intake. The B vitamins include B6 which helps with regular cognitive function and helps with tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin B12 supports your immune system and the regular function of your nervous system. 

Even though the protein amount may be a little lower at 10G Per serving, it’s still a great addition for individuals who follow a plant based diet to help grow and repair muscle mass which is ideal as part of the running recovery supplements. 

19. Healthspan Cod Liver Oil 

Price: £6.95 - 120 Capsules

Cod liver oil as supplements for running recovery

If you’re looking for one of the best supplements for running recovery then this product from healthspan ensures that you will get the required omega 3 to help any recovery after a long run. 

Taking omega 3 helps reduce inflammation. This is significantly important as it reduces joint pain and stiffness. The anti-inflammatory properties ensure that your recovery time will be significantly reduced. 

Cod liver oil is rich in vitamins A and D which is beneficial for your sight, bones and immune system. What is good about the Healthspan Cod Liver Oil is it’s sourced sustainably.

Often the smell and taste may put you off cod liver oil however, Healthspan have refined the capsules and have added citrus flavouring to ensure any smells are prevented. 

20. Labrada L-Glutamine

Price: £10.01 - 250G

glutalean as post running supplements

This product from Labrada is a recovery drink which is focused on refuelling your body with glutamine. 

This product will aid you to increase protein synthesis within your body and help boost your energy stores. L-Glutamine also helps with insulin secretion and neurological activity. Even though this amino acid is abundant in your blood and muscle cells, even after a long run, your body may need a top of Glutamine. 

If you do not have sufficient levels of glutamine, this can lead your body to breaking down the muscle tissue to supply glutamine which could be detrimental to your running goals. 

This product from Labrada reduces muscle soreness by repairing muscles and help ensure your muscle cells become enlarged and swollen. This means that your muscles are hydrated which will with cell volume. This will all help with recovery time and reduce fatigue. 

This running supplement can normally be found in meat and dairy produce. This product is completely vegan so it’s ideal for individuals who do follow a plant based diet. 

This product is a very affordable product and at £10.01, it’s definitely one of the running recovery supplements to purchase! 

21. Gu Roctane Energy Drink Mix

Price: £38.00 - £40.00

GU supplements for running recovery


Whether it be high-intensity or demanding activity such as running, this running supplement  product will ensure that you will get all important fluids and nutrients back in your system.

This energy drink mix is a solution that will help you keep feeling strong and energised. This has a precise blend of complex and simple carbohydrates which will fuel you post workout which make you feel good for longer. You are still able to have this as a drink during your workouts as well, it’s entirely up to you! 

There are a number of ingredients which ensure the best recovery. The first one would be carbohydrates, which are a mixture of both maltodextrin and fructose. This mixture ensures that you would get the energy quickly but will not make you crash. Therefore this has to be one of the best supplements for running recovery!  

The next ingredient would be sodium which of course is the first electrolyte that you would lose through sweat. This would be replenished and help balance out your fluid within your body. 

BCAA’s are also within the drink mix which will help reduce fatigue and assist with recovery as soon as you finish. 

Beta alanine, as mentioned earlier can be used a pre workout mix, as a post workout drink, it will delay fatigue after high intensity workouts. 

The last one would be Taurine and this would be used to help cardiac output especially during long-duration exercises. 

This product may be a bit on the pricey side, however due to the amount of ingredients that would help prevent and muscle fatigue and soreness. It’s definitely worth the investment. 

In fact you would be able to choose from either the canister, or 10 individual sachets. Also you would be able to choose up to 4 different flavours. 

Before you go! 

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best running supplements on the market! If you are wanting to turn your running hobby into a potential career path, why not download our prospectus or enquire down below! 

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