13 Best Running Watches of 2022

best running gps watches

Running watches are designed to optimise and personalise your training to help improve your performance, but gone are the days that meant a basic step count and not an awful lot more. 

The latest running watches seem to include more technology than Apollo 11, so we fully understand how it can be overwhelming to choose which one to purchase. 

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our most highly recommended running watches that are available right now - that way it saves you the hours of research and you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Further down towards the end of the article, you’ll find a more detailed explanation for what to look for in a running watch if you need a little more guidance on identifying what will best benefit your goals.

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The Best Running Watches of 2021

#1 Coros Pace 2

Price - £179.99

Best For: Those looking for the lightest GPS watch in the world

Weight: 29 grams

Case Material: Fibre Reinforced Polymer

Water Rating: up to 50m

Display Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels

Battery Life: 20 days of regular use and 30 hours in full GPS mode.

Boasting a plethora of impressive features, such as measuring running power on the wrist, an exceptionally long GPS battery life, and a variety of data to analyse of the newly updated COROS app, the Coros Pace 2 is hands down one of the best running watches on the UK market today, especially for those runners who want all the high-end features for a fraction of the price of other brands offerings.

COROS has long been at the forefront of running gadgets of the market, with the brand regularly compared to and rivalling Garmin products to reach the top spot of running watches. COROS products have always aimed to deliver that little bit more in terms of product features, for that little bit less than the corresponding Garmin watch models.

In regards to the Pace 2, which is said to rival the Garmin Forerunner 45, the Pace 2 offers a much longer battery life, a lighter body, as well as a larger display, and sits within the same price bracket. So if you're looking to get more bang for your buck, then COROS Pace 2 might just be your best running watch option.

And for those more advanced runners, they’ve come out with easily the most comprehensive built-in support for the Stryd running pod.

We understand that the best running watches will offer users the security of a long battery life, as many people not only wear running watches to improve their running performance, but their quality of every day life also.

Thanks to the efficiency of COROS GPS battery technology, this top running watch offers 30 hours of full GPS battery life - an increase of 20% from the original COROS PACE. Whatsmore, if you need your battery to stretch that bit further, switch over to UltraMax for nearly half the battery consumption.

Outside of GPS usage, the Pace 2 offers users an impressive 20 days of measuring heart rate, sleeping and steps, notification updates, triggering backlight, and daily alarms before it will rwquire charging. Meaning you can leave the charger at home for breaks away and make more room for your running gear.

On top of the all the impressive technical features, the Nylon watch band of this running watch is more breathable and offers new color options, giving you endless opportunities to make the Pace 2 your own by injecting your personality into it. The Nylon bands also allow for a more comfortable and snug fit, which should improve the accuracy of the already strong heart rate monitor, especially on those warmer days where we're all prone to being that bit more sweaty.

With all these features combined, there is no question as to whether the Coros Pace 2 deserves its leading spot as one of the best running watches in the UK.

#2 Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

Price - £599.99

garmin fenix 6 fitfit charge 4 Best running watches with gps

Best For: Music loving athletes and overall sports watch for running

Weight: 49 grams

Case Material: Titanium

Water Rating: up to 100m

Display Resolution: 260 x 260 pixels

Battery Life: up to 14 days

Looking for GPS sports watches for running? What about running watches with a heart rate monitor? Or maybe running watches that measure distance?

Who says they have to be separate products? With the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro you can get all of that, plus so much more, in one watch.

Designed for any weather, this series of new running watches has been tested to U.S military standards for thermal, shock and water resistance, making it one of the strongest, most durable products on the market.

With space for up to 2000 songs, the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro can store more of your favourite songs than any other watch for running. It enables you to stream music from services such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music, so simply choose your workout playlist, pop in some wireless headphones and enjoy your music without having to bring your phone along.

Need your phone to view important emails, texts or other notifications? No need, as you can do all this from your Garmin running watch and what's more, is the Fenix features the Garmin Pay contactless system that allows you to make payments up to £45 right from your wrist - this really is one of the top running watches on the market.

If you’re bored of running the same routes every day, or maybe you’ve just moved town or visiting somewhere new, just input a desired running distance into the Round-Trip Routing feature and the app creates a circuit that will land you right back to your front door.

Introduced with this model was the new PacePro feature that helps you pace any event you enter to perfection. Once set up in Garmin Connect, PacePro will give you target times for each individual split, taking into account any hills within that section and your overall time goal.

For those attracted to a larger product, this large face running watch features one of the biggest screens you’ll find on a fitness tracker, and with that, the Fenix 6 Pro is able to show you up to seven different metrics on a single display. 

It also meets the needs of those looking to buy a running watch with maps, and coloured ones at that! With map overlays and turn-by-turn directions, this series of top rated running watches will ensure you won't get lost on any new routes or new cities.

So, sure, a bit of a heftier price tag, but we guarantee this is the best watch for running in the UK right now and well worth every penny.


Price - £439

Polar Vantage v Best watch for running

Best For: Long distance running and trainin

Weight: 66 grams (with wristband)

Case material: Stainless steel

Water rating: up to 50m 

Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels

Battery life: up to 40 hours in training mode

A name famous in the running community and beyond, Polar has been in the heart rate monitor business since the 1970s, so it is safe to assume they know a thing or two about effective sports watches for running.

If you like to stay up to date with the latest gadgets, then say hello to this series of new running watches on the block.

The Polar Vantage V is everything you need in a watch if you’re a runner; GPS, distance, heart rate monitor, pace, etc., but what's more, for the Vantage V Polar has introduced a brand new Running Power feature. Using Bluetooth Smart, your data will transfer over to Polar’s Flow app for smartphones and there you are able to replay your run as well as analyse your statistics - an exciting feature for runners to enhance training and motivate yourself.

On top of that, the Vantage V has all the fitness tracking features you could ever need, including: Nightly Recharge (which shows you how your body was able to recover from stress or training), Serene (guided breathing exercises), sleep stage tracking, steps and activity tracking.

When it comes to display, Polar falls second to none. Popular to those who like large face running watches, the detailed display is securely hidden beneath a Gorilla Glass lens, ensuring a thin and light face that still provides a damage-resistant guarantee, as well as no less than nine sensors on the back to promise the most efficient use. 

Like most other Polar running watches, the Vantage V focuses significantly on recovery. Its Training Load Pro feature measures cardio, muscle and perceived load activity, all whilst strapped to your wrist, meaning you can avoid any external straps or devices as this running smart watch will do it all for you. For more information on recovery and the importance of rest days, don't forget to check out our guide after finishing up here.

Unlike other running watches with GPS trackers on the market, this Polar multi-sport watch boasts a much more attractive appearance. Encouraging you to stand out from the crowd, the Vantage offers you more than the usual options of black and grey straps, instead you can choose from vibrant blue, bright orange, and white.

Polar doesn't want you to blend in, they want you to be seen.

#5 Suunto 9 Baro

Price - £432.75

Suunto 9 Recommended running watches

Best For: Best running watch for long distances and off-road

Weight: 81 grams

Case material: Glass fibre reinforced polyamide

Water rating: up to 100 metres

Display resolution: 320 x 300 pixels

Battery life: up to 5 days

When it comes to long distance running, arduous training and extreme adventures, you need a watch that can go the distance with you.

Though many running watches advertise a long-lasting battery, once you begin to actually utilise their functions, that life span can begin to drop rapidly - not with the Suunto 9. 

With up to 120 hours of continuous exercise tracking, this is a running smart watch built to last – just like you.

A top pick for running watches with GPS, the Suunto 9 was designed and built with athletes in mind. Offering an intelligent battery life management system, the watch sends out smart reminders to keep you alert of its life span and ensure it won’t give in on you when you need it most.

On longer distance runs, the battery life of your running tracker watches is often the limiting factor for recording distance and track accurately. Thanks to Suunto’s unique FusedTrack algorithm, it combines GPS and motion sensor data to improve track and distance accuracy, allowing you to extend battery life by lowering GPS power without significantly compromising accuracy.

It is important to note that though your battery life may seem unlimited, your fuel is not; ensure you're keeping your body hydrated and energetic with our list of the must-have running supplements

For running watches that can inform you on weather insights, this is the one for you. Exclusive to the Suunto 9, you can follow weather insights and warnings during your run, such as storm alarms, measuring water temperature and be informed that your run/hike is going past sunset.

Finding running watches with interval timers is, naturally, an important feature for athletes and regular runners. The Suunto 9’s Sprint feature automatically tracks sprints whilst you’re running to see the number, distance and time of each interval whilst you’re training which can be viewed on the Suunto app following your session.

The app also allows you to track all your adventures, as well as follow your long term trends, including daily activity and sleep and can advise you on popular routes and starting points for your next adventure.


Price -  £249.99

garmin 245 best running watches

Best For: Music

Specs: Weight: 38.5 grams

Case material: Fiber-reinforced polymer

Lens material: Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Water rating: up to 5 ATM

Display resolution: 240 x 240 pixels

Battery life: up to 7 days in smartwatch mode

When it comes to the best technology, Garmin are one of the forerunners for the highest quality watches, GPS products and equipment. They don’t just make good running watches, they make the best.

Making more running tracker watches than any other name on the market, with options to suit all needs and budgets, it comes as no surprise that they take up multiple places in our best running watches guide.

The Garmin Forerunner 245 tracks a broad range of sports, however it particularly excels as a running watch due to featuring pretty much every detail and application you can think of that will benefit your run, whether that's on a treadmill, track, trail or road. 

This Garmin running watch represents a good balance between price and functionality and is versatile enough for runners of all abilities as well as being powerful enough to satisfy stat-hungry semi-pros as well.

For many runners, their soundtrack can make all the difference to the success of that run, so to ensure you’re bringing your A game, the Forerunner 245 features a built-in music player that allows you to transfer your own music or playlists over from your favourite streaming services (such as Spotify). 

Holding approximately 500 songs, once paired up to some Bluetooth headphones, just leave your phone at home and you’re ready to go.

Though, this running smart watch is not just about the music. 

This line of stylish running watches has everything you'll need to enhance your training and overall running experience, including GPS and a built-in heart rate monitor, and despite its much lower price tag, still brings users many of the advanced running analytics found on more expensive Garmin watches. 

It leverages the optical heart rate sensor to take VO2 Max readings – which is then turned into insights on your recovery, including: Training Load, Training Effect and Training Status, which are all determined by analysing post exercise oxygen consumption and heart rate variability.

For a more detailed review that specifically focuses on heart rate monitors that track your data, check out our product list for those!  

Featuring Garmin's PacePro feature, this is an intelligent element that uses GPS data to pace your races and runs to your desired finishing times – even taking into account hills and other compromising factors.

It does lack the addition of any payment features, however, all in all, it's one of the best running watches with GPS, especially for those prioritising music features and a lower price point.

#7 Amazfit T-Rex

Price - £140.99

Amazfit trex best running watches

Best For: Military standard sports watch

Weight: 58 grams

Case material: Stainless steel

Water rating: Up to 50m

Display resolution: 360 x 360 pixels

Battery life: Upto 20 day

With 12 Military certifications and a perfectly crafted rugged body, this cool running watch has been put through the tests to ensure its robustness and resistance to harsh environments - making this one of the best sports watches for running for outdoor training that there is.

The best running watch for extreme weather conditions, the Amazfit T-Rex is resistant to temperatures from up to 70 degrees celsius, right down to minus 40 degrees, meaning there are not many environments that it couldn't survive in.

For those looking for running watches with a long life battery, the T-Rex is your answer. Amazfit wanted to take the worry and inconvenience of regular charging out of your hands and therefore added in an advanced low power-consumption chip and a deep power optimization that gives the watch a battery life of an impressive 20 days.

This advanced fitness watch for running boasts a range of smart functions, including: app notifications, weather forecast, event reminders, call reminders, and more, offering a variety of practical tools to facilitate your daily work and life.

What's more, the T-Rex uses a 1.3-inch AMOLED color screen which supports an ‘always-on’ display, making important information accessible to you, simply by raising your wrist. It also offers a variety of attractive watch faces that allow you to fully express yourself - an important factor if you’re looking for the most stylish running watches around.

This is a great option for those looking to buy the special runner in their life a gift. For more ideas on what to buy someone for a special occasion, have a look at our useful gifts for runners guide.

For just £140.99, you’re gaining a top quality product that shares multiple Garmin products, simply for a fraction of the price - this is definitely one of our favourite cheap running watches available.

#8 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 

Price - £224.99

samsung galaxy active Best budget running watch UK

Best For: Apple Watch dupe

Weight: 30g / 42g

Case Material: 42g - Stainless Steel, without strap / 30g - Aluminum, without strap

Water Rating: Up to 50m

Display Resolution: 360 x 360 pixels

Battery Life: Up to 48 hours

Samsung’s newest Active gadget is one of the most stylish running watches on the market, and one of the most practical at that.

Leave your phone at home and enjoy a weightless run with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2; as you can take calls, receive messages and make payments all from your watch.

Though it lacks some features that a specialist sports watch has, this impressive smart watch for running comes equipped with a Virtual Trainer to help with your pacing, automatic activity detection, and accurate heart rate monitoring that sends you warnings of any abnormal changes. 

Through the use of multiple sensors that analyse real-time data, the real-time Running Coach, that comes fully setup with your watch, allows you to set goals and targets and then prompts you to keep on track.

Samsung wanted to ensure that any improvements suggested from their previous model were addressed to guarantee users the ultimate experience from their newest creation, therefore the Active 2 was designed with a digital rotating dial that makes controlling it on the move much simpler than tapping at a touchscreen. 

Another great pick for those looking for the best running watch on a budget that doesn't sacrifice the practicality - this running watch now sits at just £224.99. Since its release, the Active2 has seen subsequent price drops, making it much more affordable for runners looking for a sports watch that is also formal enough for work.

Samsung encourages people to customise their watch to best reflect their personality, and therefore offers a range of colours and comfortable materials that will make you never want to be without your wellness partner.

#9 Polar Grit X

Price - £383.49

Polar Grit X Latest running watches

Best For: Ultra-marathon running watch

Weight: 64 grams

Case Material: Stainless steel

Water Rating: up to 100m

Display Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels

Battery Life: up to 40 hours in GPS mode / up to 100 hours with GPS switched off

No list for the best running watches (UK) is going to be complete without including at least a couple mentions of Polar watches - and that’s simply because they are some of the best watches for running available.

Polar never fails to build the best watch for running long distances - and the Grit X is no exception. Designed with a lightweight but rugged body that, after being put through rigorous testing, meets US military standards for toughness, this is the ultimate running watch for endurance and ultrarunning - and the battery life of up to 40 hours in full training mode is just an added bonus!

It also comes loaded with other features that’ll make running distances beyond a marathon that little bit easier; the most notable being FuelWise.  

FuelWise is a smart fuelling assistant that helps you find the optimal way to refuel your body during long running sessions, ensuring you can keep going and perform at your best. It also monitors your energy expenditure during your session and adjusts the automatic fuelling reminders to match your carbs consumption so that you’ll feel energised all the way to the finish - as well as an extensive range of other functions.

For those looking for the best running watch with directions, the Grit X offers turn-by-turn navigation; not directly in the form of full maps, but simple trails instead. 

The Polar Grit X still comes fully kitted out with Polar’s more standard features, such as general sports tracking and training analysis, but even this has been given an advanced boost. With the Grit X, you gain detailed sleep tracking, with a focus on recovery, and workout recommendations each day based on how well you’ve recovered overnight.

In assistance to this intelligent running watch, take a look at our detailed guide containing other tips and tricks on how to train for a marathon.

In comparison with its rival brand for the best running watches with GPS, Garmin, we’d go as far as saying we think the Polar Grit X takes first place, especially in the price department.

#10 Coros Apex 46mm 

Price - £269.99 - £363.99

Coros Apex Best gps running watches

Best For: Impressive battery life of up to 100 hours

Weight: 42mm - 49g / 46mm - 55.3g 

Case Material: 42mm: Stainless Steel / 46mm: Titanium Alloy

Water Rating: Up to 100m

Display Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels

Battery Life: Up to 100 hours

A top choice for those looking for the best watch for running longer distances.

Coros may not be the most prominent name in the running community right now, but it's likely to make its way there in no time thanks to their feature-rich, advanced technology, attractive running watches with long life battery.

The Coros Apex has built up credibility and popularity rapidly as one of the best GPS running watches around, mainly as a result of its incredible battery life that lives up to 700+ hours in normal watch mode, 100 hours in low GPS mode and 35 hours in normal GPS mode - this is off the back a full charge that takes just two hours.

Navigation is made simple in this lightweight, water-resistant running watch, as it's designed with two buttons to navigate through menus and data screens with ease on the move.

As well as its incomparable battery life and attractive appearance, this GPS running watch also sets out to compete with some of the more advanced technical running watches out there. The Coros Apex provides a barometric altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, as well as a built-in heart rate.

Finally, how will it benefit you as a runner I hear you ask? Well this running watch also brags an outstanding lineup of training features that will benefit every type of runner. Ranging from straight-forward pace and distance tracking to a stamina score that analyses your effort and shows you how hard you’ve worked.  

There are also recovery time recommendations and even an estimate for your threshold pace (the speed at which you can maintain for a prolonged period of time without breaking down). 

For the seasoned long distance runners, we always encourage investing in a high-tech running watch to enhance your performance; but as well as that, it is crucial you care for your feet with the correct running shoes. Check out our guide on the best cross-country running shoes for juniors, men and women.

For as little as £269.99, we personally think this is one of the best sports watches for running around and easily competes with models double its price.


Price - £519.99

GARMIN FORERUNNER 945 New running watches

Best For: Light yet versatile multisport watch with excellent sensors

Weight: 50 grams

Case Material: fibre-reinforced polymer

Lens Material: Gorilla Glass

Water Rating: up to 50 metres

Display Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels

Battery Life: GPS mode with music – up to 10 hours, GPS mode without music – up to 36 hours, Smartwatch mode – up to 2 weeks

We were not exaggerating earlier when we said Gamin creates the best watches for running.

With a higher price point, comes a higher quality product, and we don’t believe there are many watches out there that could compete with the Garmin Forerunner 945.

Undoubtedly, the most feature-packed of Garmin running watches yet; as well as tracking every skip, step and jump you make and your heartbeat as you sleep, the latest Forerunner watch also includes music playback that has the capacity for up to 1,000 songs.

Equipped with on-board color maps - previously an exclusive feature to Garmin’s Fenix watch range -  are another beneficial function for all runners. Displayed on the 1.2” watch face (granted, not as detailed as your phone screen) however, this element allows you to break away from your phone and access everything you will need for a successful run all from your wrist. 

With this new range of Garmin watches comes the new Elevate optical heart rate sensor, which is more accurate than any other product from Garmin, even underwater.

Despite all of its fancy features, don’t be intimidated if you’re simply seeking the best GPS running watches minus the technology jargon, as this Garmin running watch has installed a GPS chip that manages battery life and it is more accurate than its previous model also. Ensure your watch doesn't outlast your energy by checking out our guide on the best hydration tablets to keep yor body fuelled along the way.

Along with all of its new and improved features, the GPS running watch still comes rigged with many of Garmin's most beloved features, including: PulseOx (used to measure the saturation of oxygen in the bloodstream), Live Event Sharing (a feature that allows you to share running routes with your family and the can track your progress - the Live Event Sharing will also texts them estimated finish arrival times), accident detection and assistance, Training Load Focus and much more. 

This is a watch for serious runners and athletes who want to enhance their training and push towards their goals. The Garmin running watch is a great compromise between the most advanced technology and price, whilst not being a compromise at all.

#12 Apple Watch Series 5

Price - £429.00

apple watch series 5 Gps running watch

Best For: Every day, casual smartwatch suitable for joggers and runners

Weight: Aluminum: 30.8g / Stainless Steel: 40.6g / Titanium: 35.1g/ Ceramic: 39.7g

Case Material: Available in Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Ceramic

Water Rating: up to 50m

Display Resolution: 44mm - 368 x 448 pixels / 40mm - 324 by 394 pixels

Battery Life: up to 18 hours

The latest running watches from Apple have just dropped, and they’re definitely worth the attention, especially for those searching for running watches with a long life battery.

Though similar to other Apple Watch series, the new Series 5 comes crafted with a large screen that flaunts an “always on” screen feature so you can see the time, your run metrics or be updated with notifications with just a quick glance - as opposed to twitching or raising your arm.

When put up against the other best GPS running watches, it was found that the Series 5 competes just as equally in terms of accuracy, despite being a fraction of the price.

The Apple Watch boasts the best range of devoted running apps of any smartwatch too, including all the fundamentals you can find on your iPhone, such as: Strava,Nike+ Run Club and Runkeeper.

These features exist alongside the Apple favourite, the cellular connectivity - an element that sets Apple watches aside from the rest by giving users the ability to take phone calls or stream music while leaving your iPhone at home.

The Series 5 is another great option for people who prioritise music features in a running watch, as with this device, you’re able to stream your Apple Music account to wireless headphones, so there's no worry of having to bring your phone along.

With the addition of the automatic exercise detection, Apple didn’t want the Series 5 to be like any other running training watches, it wanted to bring you a motivator and fitness companion too.

#13 Fitbit Charge 4

Price - £129.99

fitfit charge 4 Cheap running watches

Best For: Accuracy and a lightweight wear

Weight: 30g

Case Material: Plastic resin

Water Rating: up to 50m

Display Resolution: 160 x 100-pixel

If you’re looking for top quality, but more basic running watches, then you need to look at the Fitbit Charge 4.

Fitbit have long been fitness favourites when it comes to running watches with a calorie counter and overall health trackers, but when the fitbit decided to compete with the more premium products on the market and introduce the Charge 4 as a GPS running watch - it raised its game significantly.

Through the addition of GPS, runners now receive much more accurate and reliable distance tracking data, making the Charge 4’s credibility rival to all. The GPS mode allows you to see your pace and distance, then later see a map of your workout in the Fitbit app. 

The Charge 4 also brings all the usual Fitbit benefits to the table, such as contactless payments with Fitbit Pay, exceptional sleep and activity tracking, personalised heart rate features, and the new Active Zone Minutes which encourages you to achieve 150 minutes of activity a week in line with NHS guidelines.

Not everyone wants a big, bulky watch with a large, mechanical looking face and Fitbit completely understands. They build training watches for running that accommodate smart everyday use, even providing you essential daily features such as the weather forecast and giving you access to your personalised calendar.

Obviously, as the winter approaches you're likely to start kitting yourself up with warmer gear, such as gloves that can restrict your use of touch screen gadgets. Ensure this isn't the case by checking out our guide on the best running gloves that feature touchscreen compatibility.

Part of a Fitbit’s attraction for many runners is the fact it comes in the form of a band as opposed to a watch, and with the Charge 4 offering four different colours and straps (that’s not including the array of other options you can buy separately), it has never been as personal.

In addition to all of this, the Charge 4 also competes on the music front, as with this Fitbit, you have the freedom to stream your motivation workouts and playlists from the likes of Apple Music and Spotify.

If you’re looking for best watches for running with a calorie counter, then for £129.99 you get just that, and so much more.

#14 Polar M430 

Price - £129.40 - £250.99

polar m430 Best running watches UK

Best For: Value for money

Weight: 51g

Case Material: high-quality silicone

Water Rating: up to 30m

Display Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels

Battery Life: up tp 30 hours

Our top pick for the best budget running watches in the UK, the Polar M430 is a top-level watch specifically targeted towards runners who want more for less.

Incorporating many of the features its most expensive siblings have, such as: a wrist-based heart rate, advanced running features, Polar Running Programme and Polar Sleep Plus, you’re still gaining one of the most intelligent and reliable running training watches on the market in it’s small price.

If you’re looking for a marathon running watch, then the M430 is kitted out with features specifically for you. Polar’s Running Programme offers you a personal and adaptive training plan that fits you and your goals.Train for a running event with a personal and adaptive training plan in Polar Flow. Choose from four different targets, 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, and get a training plan that fits you and your goals.

Through monitoring your nighttime patterns, the Sleep Plus feature equips you with tools to sleep better every night in order for you to achieve maximum recovery and improved results.

Crafted to benefit both outdoor and indoor runners, you never have to worry about your pace and distance data being lost or unobtainable. When outside the watch's integrated GPS has you covered, whereas when indoors, it’s the wrist movements that capture your pace and distance.

As well as that, the Polar M430 is a running watch with a calorie counter built in which allows you to keep track of the calories you’ve burned during each training session and for the whole day.  


What To Look For in a Running Watch?

Good running watches are so much more than an everyday step counter. The fitness watch for running you choose will depend on your training goals and budget, nonetheless, with so many types of new running watches on the market, it’s hard to know what to look for when it comes to purchasing one. 

From fitness trackers and GPS running watches, to heart rate monitor watches for running and muti-sport watches - it’s overwhelming, so let us explain:

Fitness trackers: Tend to offer the most basic running data; a step count, calories burned, and distance - with more advanced fitness trackers monitoring your sleep and heart rate too.

GPS running watches: In addition to providing you with everything that a fitness tracker does, GPS running watches use global position technology that accurately records your route so you can later analyse your pace, cadence, and elevation to optimise your training.

Running watches with heart rate monitor: Deemed the next level for a running smart watch, with the inclusion of a heart rate monitor, it gives the watch the ability to record your heart-rate, either through a built-in monitor on your wrist or an external chest strap. Through monitoring your pulse and beats per minute during exercise allows this type of watch to offer a much more tailored training plan.

Multi-Sport watches: Along with the ability to do all the above mentioned, multi-sport watches are much more specific to the type of sport you’re doing and apply the data much more personally to that activity. They usually feature much more advanced technology, including coloured maps and additional apps, as well as more often than not being waterproof.

What is the Best Running Watch? 

You could say that depending on your goals and intended use for your new running watch would depend on which one you choose, however, when it comes down to it, we have an overall winner that every runner would benefit from.

This was a hard decision as with so many tech-loaded smart watches for running on the market today, finding one that stands out from the rest is not easy. But after days of thorough research, we decided that the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro one of the top running watches out there. 

Garmin produces the most intelligent, stylish running watches around, with technology way ahead of its time. We provided you with a more detailed review about the features and benefits of the Fenix 6 Pro at the start of the article.

Before You Go!

We hope you found our Best Running Watches (UK) guide insightful during your search and you’re no longer wondering how to choose a running watch. 

Understandably, getting your head round so much new technology and the latest features can be overwhelming, but we hope you now have the knowledge to know what type of watches for running will best match your needs and goals; whether that be a running watch with a music player, one that aids your recovery or one that includes everything plus more.

Before you go - why not start an exciting new career in the world of health and fitness. Enquire about one of our REPs accredited personal training courses or download our FREE course prospectus.

Written by Annie Williams

Fitness Content Executive, OriGym

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