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12 Best Running Water Bottles to Keep you Hydrated (2019)

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So you're in search of the best running water bottle on the market, and you desperately want to make the right decision. There's nothing worse than purchasing a new piece of equipment, only to find out that the quality is horrendous and you've wasted your money...

We're here to ensure that this doesn't happen! We've listed 12 of the best water bottle for running suggestions, each of them tried and tested by members of our team. Carry on reading to find the perfect product for you!

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#1 - Ultimate Performance Runner's Bottle 

Looking for a water bottle with a handle to keep you hydrated during those gruelling winter runs? You’ve certainly found a match with this product, which has a convenient handle for those who don’t like to run with a backpack. 

The bottle itself holds 580ml, which is pretty good considering that it is hollow in the centre. Not all of us want to lug a huge bottle around when we’re just starting out, so this one having a handle makes it pretty practical and easy-to-use (at the same time as it carrying enough to keep you hydrated). 

It also comes in 3 different colours, which are blue, pink and clear, so there’s something for everyone! 

Price: £5.99

#2 -  Inov8 Race Ultra Running Bottle   

If you’re after a soft water bottle for running, then this could be your go-to for all future runs. 

Not only does the mesh fitting compress the bottle when it’s empty (handy for when you’re nearing the end of your run!), but it also comes with the ability to store your valuables. There is a key pocket, which is useful for those who run weekly from home, and can also double up to store other small valuables you may have to hand. 

Are you an avid user of running gels? If so, you’ll be glad to know that this product also comes with a gel storage pocket, making it easy for you to reach for energy stores when you’re on the go. 

The bottle itself holds 250ml, so it will certainly do as a small water bottle if that’s what you’re looking for. It fits snugly to your hand! 

Price: £17.95

#3 - Lava Activ Running Water Bottle Belt 

This product is pretty special in our opinion. Not only is it a running water bottle belt, but it does actually include 2 water bottles with the purchase! We can’t argue with that, especially for the modest price of £22.97 (and FREE delivery). 

The belt itself has an incredible design, and a fantastic reputation to match. It is made of neoprene which is water and sweat-resistant as well as being extremely lightweight. 

The product is a running waist pack with water bottle attachments, as there are two pockets, one on either side of the running water bottle belt. They make it easy to carry each of the 300ml water bottles.


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As well as this, there is a large storage pocket that fits most mobile devices as well as your credit cards, house keys etc. and an eyelet for earphone/headphone wires to be fed through. We can’t fault the design! 

So far, the product has 494 reviews of which 96% are positive. This is an incredible statistic compared to other running water bottle Amazon products and serves as evidence of how effective the product is for achieving its purpose.

Price: £22.97

#4 - Salomon Runners Water Bottle 

One impressive feature of this soft water bottle for running is that it holds up to  500ml as opposed to 250-300ml, which is the usual amount for a running water bottle of this kind.

Looking for a bottle that stores less than 500ml? You’re in luck because this design actually comes in a 150ml and  250ml version, which you can find here: SALOMON soft flask 150-250ml. It’s also classed as a #1 Best Seller on Amazon! 

It features an anti-leak valve, which is definitely a must when you’re setting out for a long run or even training for a marathon! As for how it functions, the water bottle contracts as you drink from it, meaning it’s not too bad storage-wise for the rest of your run.

In terms of reviews, this product performs pretty well. It has 87% positive reviews on Amazon to date (where it is also sold), with customers praising it for how easily it fits into running belts and backpacks, and for its simple yet effective design.  

Price: £15.95

#5 - S’well Water Bottle 

In search of something that’s a little more aesthetically pleasing than your average plastic running water bottle? We know you’ll love this product from S’well, which is a popular running water bottle on Amazon! 

To start with, it holds 260ml of water, so it’s ideal for those who don’t wish to carry a ton of water during their run. Not only this, but the bottle is therefore small by default and pretty easy to grip and carry. 

Due to its original stainless steel design, it’s also great for keeping your water extra cold. It’s made with a triple-walled construction, which will keep your water or juice cold for up to 24 hours. We can’t argue with this! 

The product holds 80% positive reviews to date on Amazon (where it is also sold online), many of which praise it for its water-cooling properties. 

Price: £40.00

#6 - Camelbak Performance Bottle  

Struggling to find a water bottle for running that carries more than 500ml? Look no further, as we’ve got the perfect product for you…

Meet the best running water bottle for storing water on our list, the Camelbak performance bottle. It has a capacity to hold up to 600ml of water, which is something we don’t often see on the platform! 

It is 100% BPA and BPS free, making it safer to drink from than a vast amount of other plastic bottles. Polypropylene is also used for the body of the bottle, so you shouldn’t get any nasty tastes blending with your water/energy drink! 

The cap shuts off water flow completely once twisted which makes for a secure anti-leaking experience during your run.

Price: £15.99

#7 - Oscaurt Hydration Backpack 

A little different to the other products on our list is this running water bottle backpack from Oscaurt. Having tried this product out for ourselves despite worrying whether a backpack would get too heavy, we couldn’t leave it out!

To start with, the product can carry up to 2L of water, which is incredible for a product of its price (especially seeing as though it comes as a backpack too). The ‘bladder’ that the water is stored in is BPA free, completely leak-proof, pressure-tolerant and can be replaced easily after time!

Aside from its undoubtedly fantastic water storage capabilities, the backpack itself has multiple storage pockets so that you can store your valuables and the essentials that you would need for a long run. It even fits a cycling helmet! 

In terms of safety, the backpack also has reflective strips as part of the design to keep you visible in the dark, which is definitely handy for running in the winter

Price: £21.19 (was £61.83)

#8 - Camelbak Classic Hydration Pack

Following suit from the previously mentioned product, we had to throw in an extra running backpack with a water bottle for good measure. We’ve found them incredibly helpful when out on long-distance runs ourselves, and can’t seem to get enough of them!

This product actually holds 2.5L, which makes it the best water bottle for running in terms of the amount of fluid that it holds.

One nice feature that ties in more with aesthetics is that it comes in 4 different colours, which are:

  • Racing Red/Silver
  • Black/Graphite 
  • Carve Blue/Black
  • Lime Punch/Silver

It’s definitely a nice little touch to be able to customise your purchase!

The large pocket that is visible on the back of the backpack is great for storing your running essentials or valuables such as your credit cards, house keys etc. and can be securely zipped to ensure their safety. 

Price: £54.99

#9 - KALENJI Running Water Bottle Belt

kalenji running water bottle belt

Like the look of the previously mentioned running water bottle belt on our list, but want something a little lighter? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered no matter your criteria!

This running waist pack with water bottle attachments includes 2 x 250ml water bottles, which adds up to just 500ml in total. This is ideal for those looking to stay hydrated whilst travelling light, as we know how frustrating it is to carry excessive amounts of water when you can manage on the bare minimum. 

It comes with a secure zipped pocket that can be used to store your valuables and running essentials, like energy bars or gels. Also, there is a hole for earphone and headphone wires, meaning you don’t have to splurge on wireless earphones if you don’t already own them! 

There is a reflective tab on the pocket which is pretty handy for nighttime runs, although we would suggest wearing a headlamp or reflective jacket alongside this to be on the safe side. 

Heading into a marathon or triathlon anytime soon? You’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the best running water bottle belt products we’ve seen for sporting events, as it comes fitted with removable with race bib strap toggles that are designed to hold your race number! 

Price: £14.99 

#10 - KALENJI Soft Running Water Bottle

soft running water bottle image

Returning to another handheld running water bottle that is also soft and collapsible, we have the Docooler soft water bottle!  

The valve that you drink from is a rotatable bite valve, meaning that the bottle is leak-proof and not as messy as some of its counterparts. It’s also extremely useful for staying hydrated on the go, as it is compressible and decreases in size as you drink. 

Its TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) content means that it will hold up against the elements, and remain durable and flexible in the long-run. It’s reusable and BPA-free, which is always a plus for a cheap running water bottle. 

Price: £7.99

#11 - HIGH5 Running Bottle 

high 5 water bottle for running image

This is an incredibly cheap running water bottle, especially considering the fact that it is made by HIGH5, one of the leading fitness brands on the platform. 

You get 350ml capacity for £3.99 which is astounding! And for a water bottle with a handle, this is pretty impressive. 

It’s great for those who want to swerve using backpacks for running or avoid carrying excessive amounts of water when they only require a small stock. 

The bottle is BPA-free, making it safe to use for almost anyone (apart from very small children), and it has fantastic leak-proof qualities. It's 80% positive reviews back up this claim, and many customers praise it for how effective it is for the price. 

Price: £3.99

#12 - Nike HyperFuel Water Bottle

nike hyperfuel water bottle for running

Last but not least on our list of the best handheld running water bottle products out there is this incredible product from Nike. 

Are aesthetics important to you when it comes to purchasing sports equipment? If so, you’ll love this product. It may only come in 2 colour options, Clear/Black and Anthracite/Black, but the design is outstanding and far outdoes its competitors. 

The bottle also comes with a water-storage capacity of 710ml, which is nice to see coming from a handheld running water bottle product. 

One-handed use is also no issue with this water bottle for running, as the cap has a fast-flowing, leak-proof valve that works as a ‘lock’ to prevent any spillages.

Price: £11.95

Before you go!

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our running water bottle reviews and you’re ready to make the best purchase for yourself.

Do you know of a best water bottle for running that we’ve missed out? Give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook to let us know!

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