15 Best Running Water Bottles (2024)

soft running water bottle

Are you looking for a new running water bottle to see you through your journey? If so, then you’ll be pleased to know that we here at OriGym, have compiled a list of the 15 best running water bottles on the market today. 

Gone are the days of bottles that are hard to carry and leak all over your backpack, as the running water bottles featured on this list are top of the line and most definitely a must-have for any dedicated runner. 

In this list we will break down the benefits and pricing of each running water bottle and whilst they are all great in their own unique way, some may appeal more to you than others. This guide will cover:

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How Much Water Should You Drink Whilst Out on a Run?

soft running water bottle

Whether you’re a complete newbie or aiming to become a running coach, or have years worth of experience under your belt, the answer is rather simple and lies within our body composition.

To put it into context, the average human who weighs 150 pounds has just over 5 liters of water in their body. The more kilometres run, the more of this water is lost through sweating. In order to prevent dehydration, it is important to consume water whilst running in order to replenish the water lost through sweat. 

To stay hydrated it is recommended that for every 1,000 calories we burn from exercise, one litre of water is consumed. Of course, the calories we burn during exercise and the speed in which it takes us to do so differs from person to person, as it takes into consideration a number of factors; from our height, weight, metabolism and gender. Alternatively, an easier approach to staying hydrated is to simply drink when you’re thirsty. 

Now this may not seem like a groundbreaking revelation, but research conducted by Professor Tim Noake supported this. So, simply put, don’t ignore the signals of dehydration.

Good advice would be to carry your running water bottle with you at all times, and simply quench your thirst whenever the moment strikes you. However, the moment you start to feel thirsty, is an indication that dehydration is already taking place - so to be safe, fuel up on water before, during and after your run.

There are other ways to stay hydrated too, find our article on the best hydration tablets to fuel your body here.

What are BPAs?

running water bottle

Throughout this article, BPA’s are mentioned many times as a number of the running water bottles on this list are praised for not featuring them; but what exactly are BPAs? BPA, otherwise known as Bisphenol A, is a chemical that is added to commercialised products, such as: food, furniture and hygiene equipment. 

BPA can be found in products such as:

  • Canned Foods
  • Femmiene Hygiene Products
  • Sports Equipment
  • Glasses Lenses 
  • Dental Filling Salents 

It is a widely used component used in plastics and is shockingly linked to a number of health concerns, from diabetes to high blood pressure. For more information, scroll down to the FAQs section to find out why BPA’s are bad.

15 Best Water Bottles for Running

#1 Hydrapak | Skyflask 

running water bottles

Price: £22.00

If you’re looking for a running bottle that will keep your water cool and is easy to carry then you need not look further than the Skyflask.

Designed to carry 300ml of water, the Skyflask comes with an adjustable strap that you can place over your knuckles for easy transportation whilst out on a run. The flask’s inbound insulation will also prevent the transfer of your body heat to the water. 

This means that you’ll never have to worry about your water becoming warm as it naturally would during a prolonged period outside. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy a cold and refreshing sip of water while out exercising. 

This handheld running bottle is a soft water bottle, made of an ultra durable, abrasion resistant material that is designed to ensure resilience and elasticity. With these features, the Skyflask is perfect for transportation in bags and suitcases, simply scrunch the bottle up into whatever size you want and pack it away and take on all of your journeys.

The running bottle also shrinks as you drink, meaning you don’t need to physically squeeze it down to shape. Once you complete your run and finish your drink, the Skyflask should be at a size where you can carry it in your pocket. Also don’t worry about it not retaining its original shape, when you want the running bottle back to its regular shape and size - simply refill it with water.

Another great feature that the Skyflask boasts is its ‘Speed Fill’ capsule. Why waste time slowly twisting a lid on and off, when you can simply flip the lid open and close with the Skyflask, perfect for those seeking out spill proof quality.

The Skyflask has received great reviews online, many consumers enjoy its compression feature the most, as well as the strap that makes the flask easy to carry and transport. 

The pricing is a little higher than your average water bottle, but this is because it isn’t average by any means; infact, the Skyflask is a product that is top of the line in its overall market. 

#2 SPI | H2O Companion 240ml Water Bottle for SPIbelt

water bottle belt

Price: £10.99 

If you’re on the market for a small water running bottle, then the SPI H20 Companion is perfect for you.

The H20 Companion is the perfect small running water bottle that is highly recommended for activities such as hiking, running or just being out and about in your everyday life. There are many water bottles with handles for running on the market today, however the H2O Companion is designed so that the handles can clip onto any SPIbelt, with its ergonomic shape designed to contour to your body.

Some of the most lauded features of the Companion are: 

  • 240ml of water hold
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Constructed by non-bounce materials

The lid of the Companion is a screw top and comes with a no leak guarantee. So, whilst it may take a few extra seconds to fill up and empty; you can rest assured it won’t leak onto your body, or empty should it hit the floor. 

The Companion boasts a 5 star rating, with consumers being particularly happy with the functionality of the belt adaptable clip. One reviewer said that the clip didn’t only work on SPibelts, but regular belts too. So if you did want to carry the Companion around on non-running related activities, the option is available. 

For a small running water bottle, the Companion is great value for money. It is worth noting that if you’re someone who drinks a lot when running or hiking, then this may not be the product for you, however. if you need a quick hit of water that’s easy to carry on your belt, then we can guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with the companion. 

#3 Veloforte Hydro-Light Water Bottles | FLY ELITE Bottle

water bottles for running

Price: £6.99

When it comes to naming the best running water bottles, the FLY ELITE bottle makes a promising claim to that title. The award winning bottle comes in two different sizes and can hold up to anywhere between 550-750ml of water. 

The FLY ELITE brags the title as the lightest water bottle for running and other sport related activities, weighing an impressively light 54g. This running bottle is considered to be 30-40% lighter than the other leading bottles currently on the market. 

For those of you who are interested in an environmentally safe water bottle for running, you may be interested to know that this handheld running water bottle is 100% recyclable. The company behind the product Veloforte also ensures that they stay as environmentally conscious as possible, by reducing all postage packing. 

This offering from Veloforte has a compact design that is easy to clean either by hand or in a dishwasher. Further, the FLY ELITE running bottles are made of innovative materials that are completely odorless. 

With its chique design, multiple unique functions and cheap price; it is easy to see why the FLY ELITE markets itself as one of the best water bottles for running out there today. 

So if you’re looking for high quality running bottles, for a very reasonable price, the FLY ELITE is a great choice. 

If you ever find yourself feeling cold while out on a run, you can browse the best fleece lined leggings here.

#4 Ospreyeurope | Hydraulics™ LT 1.5L Reservoir

small running water bottle

Price: £32.00

The Hydraulics is perhaps one of the more unique designs for running water bottles to feature on this list.

The soft running bottle is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, carrying up to 1.5 litres of water. The combination of the pour shield, slide and seal also allows for easy access when filling and emptying the Hydraulics. 

This is the perfect trail running water bottle, thanks to its flatpack design that can fit perfectly into any backpack or jacket. This design will stop and leakages or spills when you’re exploring rough terrain. 

This design of the Hydraulics also features a bite valve, which can be magnetically opened and locked. Think of the bite valve like a long straw, that can be used when carrying the running drinks bottle in a backpack or bag. 

Another great feature of this soft running bottle is that it’s design can withstand both freezing cold and hot weather. So whether you're storing water in the freezer, or have been carrying it around all day - you won’t need to worry about any sort of temperature change. Simply drink and enjoy!

This product is a little more expensive than other running drinks bottles on the market today. However, the reviews for the product are on the whole positive, with an overall rating of 4 stars on the company site suggesting good value for money.

#5 Liewood Neo Water Bottle

Price: £28.95

eco-friendly running water bottles

Next on the list is this running drink bottle, which can hold up to 500ml of water and comes in a range of exciting patterns. The unique selling point of this bottle is of course that it comes from Liewood, a sustainable brand with an ethos “to advocate slow living – creating products that will last for generations”.

Made of high-quality 18/8 steel, this bottle is durable and designed to last. Whilst the outside design is made up of a powder coating and a water based paint, there are no coatings on the inside of the bottle to ensure that your water is free from any chemicals or flavours. Furthermore, this bottle is also completely BPA-free.

We love that this running bottle has a thermal function to keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. The bottle even keeps hot drinks at temperature for upto 12 hours should you want to use it for your morning coffee too!

Sustainability really is at the heart of this product, with the brand delivering both a sports lid and a steel lid with every bottle so that it can be used for running, but also for commuting, in work, and wherever else you like. 

If you’re looking for wholly unique handheld running water bottles, then this product is a brilliant option. 

Just remember to wash and dry the bottle by hand to avoid damaging the aesthetic or compromising the thermal function.

The product may seem a little pricey, but when you think about just how long it will last, and how much use you can get out of it, the price is very much justified.

#6 Lifeventure |  Flip-Top Water Bottle

running bottles

Price: £12.99

The next entry on our list of running bottles is the Flip-Top water bottle by Lifeventure. This bottle can hold up to 750ml of water at a time and comes in 6 different colours.

When researching drink bottles for running, an important factor to take into consideration before purchasing is leakages. The Flip-Top water bottle boasts a watertight lid, and is made from an impact-resistant Tritan co-polyester. This means not only will the bottle not leak, but should you ever drop the Flip-Top whilst running, it won’t be damaged. 

The handheld running water bottle comes with an easy to hold finger loop, this makes the bottle perfect for long runs when you should be staying consistently hydrated.

As a result of these features, the Flip-Top bottle is also recommended as the best running water bottle for people participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. You can hold a lot of water inside the bottle, it is lightweight, travels well, and you never have to worry about unwanted leakages.

So if you know a young person that is about to start their bronze, silver or gold awards, then why not treat them to one of the best water bottles for running, walking and hiking and on the market.

Reviewers for the product applaud the amount of water the bottle can hold, as well as its easy to grip outer layer. However, some of the negative reviewers have reported that the colouring can be damaged after washing the bottle by hand. However, it is worth noting that the positive reviews for the product far outweigh the negative ones. 

Considering the fact that Flip-Top is a highly respected product and is endorsed by a charity that specialise in outdoor activity, the pricing of £12.99 is reasonable. A lot of the products in this list are a little more expensive and don’t have the same high profile endorsements. 

#7 Sundried |  Sundried BPA Free Water Bottle

best water bottles for running

Price: £9.50

This 750ml reusable bottle from Sundried is the next to feature on our list of water bottles for running, for good reason too. 

This Sundried bottle was designed specifically with the environment in mind - to combat plastic pollution. It is made out of advanced Tritan plastic, this hardwearing bottle also features a silicone mouthpiece which forms a leak proof cap. 

Naturally, as the name suggests the bottle is BPA free, meaning that you can enjoy your water resting assured that you’re drinking safer and cleaner water, compared to the likes of disposable plastic bottles.

This product also has the great feature of being a handheld water bottle, and whilst it doesn’t come with a strap or handle; the light-weight design and small frame allows for easy grip and transportation. 

Like many of the other bottles that feature on this list, this running drink bottle is completely shatter-proof. So, whether you drop it out of your hands while running, or off your bike when cycling - nothing will be breaking this bottle.

The reviews for the Sundried product are overwhelmingly positive, with it boasting an amazing 5 stars on the company's website. A lot of the reviews applaud the running water bottles' simplistic design and durability when being dropped. 

Every bottle also comes in its own gift box, making it the perfect gift for anybody close to you who is an avid runner. 

#8 Lava-activ | Hydrabelt 2.0

drink bottles for running

Price: £23.97 

When thinking about how you’d carry your running water bottles, a waist bag may not be what is immediately envisioned. But the next entry on our list is the innovative pairing of a water bottle holder and a waist bag, behold the Hudrabelt 2.0!

If you’re looking for trail running water bottles, this is a must have piece of gear. Not only does the Hydrabelt provide you with two bottles, but also has multiple functions that will assist you on your run.

This product is much more than an average water bottle with handles for running, as it operates just like your typical waist bag. With two sets of straps on the back of the product, you can comfortably secure it to your body - as well as taking advantage of the ziplock pouch for any valbules you wish to carry. 

The product also comes with two 300ml soft water bottles for running, that fit comfortably either side of the pouch. The design also features a loop where you can hold any gels that you’ve brought along with you. 

The product is conscious of your safety and has multiple safety reflectors located throughout the bags design. The Hydrabelt now comes with an extender clip as standard and can hold an excess of 40 inches in width.

This running water bottle's waist bag is the perfect accessory for any long distance or marathon runner. Reviews seem to agree with this statement too, as the Hydrabelt currently has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon. Many of the reviews compliment the bags design, the bottles ease to carry weight, and the overall size of the product. 

One review in particular and provided key information. To find your optimal wearing style, you can place the bottles in the front or rear of the bag. The reviewer however claimed that personally, there was too much bounce when keeping them in the back of the bag, and having the bottles in the front felt more comfortable with their running rhythm.

So we’d recommend that you test both out and see which one works for you and your style of running.

#9 Nalgene | 32oz Wide Mouth Tritan Water Bottle

the best running water bottles

Price: £13.99

The next entry on our list put the company Nalgene on the map, and is regarded as one of the best water bottles for running. The Mouth Tritan water bottle can hold up to 32oz of water and is expertly crafted to avoid any and all leaks.

The Tritan water bottle comes in 20 unique colours and is customisable down to the last detail, with the option to even buy other lids such as ‘the easier sipper’ on top of your purchase.

The bottle is made of BPA/BPS free plastic and will ensure that your water stays tasting fresh and great. Not only this, but because of the bottle's size and diameter, you can fit ice cubes inside too. So if you’re someone who enjoys ice cold water on your runs, then this is the product for you.

The product is also incredibly durable and dishwasher safe. Naglene even guarantees that this is a purchase for a lifetime, you will never be able break or crack the Tritan water bottle. So, if by some chance your bottle does break, Naglene will offer you a lifetime guarantee and will replace the bottle free of charge. 

As we have already discussed, when looking at water bottles for running the reviews can make or break a product, and with a tagline such as ‘A pioneer, for pioneers’ the Tritanis expected to be of incredibly high quality. 

The reviews for the product certainly paint it in a positive light, with a perfect 5 star rating. Many of the reviewers applauded the running hydration bottles' portable size, unique design and of course it's durability.

Many of the bottles reviews have commended how long the product has lasted for, with one user even commenting how quick Nagelen were to uphold the lifetime guarantee when a freak accident broke their bottle.

The Tritan water bottle is therefore worth every penny. Whilst it may be a little more expensive than you expected, it is important to remember that you will effectively have a water bottle for life. However, those of you outside the US will also have to factor in shipping prices before committing to the purchase. 

#10 Bubi | Bübi bottle 22 oz (650 ml)

running drink bottle

Price: £18.07

If you’re looking for a soft water bottle for running, the Bübi bottle may just be the product for you. The environmentally safe bottle can hold up to 650ml of water and comes in 10 unique colours. 

The Bübi bottle can withstand more than just your washing machine. In fact it can withstand heat up to 600ᵒF/315.5ᵒC! This makes this soft water bottle excellent if you run into an instance of needing to purify water. 

Another impressive feature that the bottle holds is that it is completely mold resistant. Many people are somewhat skeptical of silicone based products, they’re easily tearable leaving the product susceptible to mold or mildew growing. However, the Bübi bottle promises to avoid this, by turning the bottle inside out you will be cleaning all the areas that are at risk from mold. 

Who says drink bottles for running are solely for humans? The Bübi bottle is also completely safe for pets, and for an extra £9.00 you can purchase a small portable silicone bowl. Allowing you and your four legged best friend to stay hydrated together!

This soft water bottle for running is BPA free and is made to be easily transportable. Designed using medical grade silicone, you can roll the bottle up or even flatten it will still retain its shape. The material makes the Bübi bottle super easy to clean, you can simply flip the bottle inside out and scrub either manually or place it in the dishwasher. 

The Bübi bottle has an impressive 5 star rating; reviewers love it's easy portability, stylish design and its overall durability. The product is very well respected within the running world, and if this size of the bottle is too big or small for you then the Bübi site has plenty of other options to meet your needs. 

For those of you looking for running bottles in the UK, then this may be somewhat pricey as you will also have to factor in shippings. However, for our international readers in the US then this may be the perfectly priced treat for you or any other runner in your life.

#11 Corkcicle | STAR WARS™ × CORKCICLE

best running bottle

Price: £28.00

Now for something with a little more personality. 

Are you looking for a running water bottle to match your undying love for Star Wars? Or maybe you simply like the sleek style of the bottle. Whatever it may be, the Star Wars collaboration with Corkcicle may be the running bottle you’ve been dreaming of, but is it any good?

The bottle can hold up to 16oz of water and comes in unique designs; as well as this, it’s a running water bottle that’s made with BPA free materials - which are also completely leakproof. 

The bottle’s lightweight frame also makes it one of the most perfect handheld running water bottles on the market today. So you can take this running bottle out exercising, either carrying it or in your backpack, without the fear of it leaking on any valuables. 

Another great feature that this running water bottle has is its capability to keep liquid cool or hot for up to 25 hours! Its extra wide mouth also allows you to add ice cubes easily, without any added force. So if you’re someone who likes a cool refreshing drink as you run, then you won’t have to worry about the potential transfer of body heat.

However, if you’re in the market for small water bottles for running, then Corkcicle may have something for you too. The site also offers a small running water bottle that can hold up to 12oz of water.

When looking at water bottles for running, the reviews can really sell a product, and the reviews for the Corkcicle x Star Wars collaboration are resoundingly positive. Many reviewers seem to be highly impressed with the handheld running water bottles designs in particular. 

They also applaud the bottles ability to keep their drinks hot and cold for a significantly long period of time, as well as its overall performance. 

The only downside for UK buyers is the shipping fee, but any avid runner, Star Wars fan or both will make the exception. So, if you’re looking for a sleek design with all the features of a top notch running water bottle, this is for you.

However, for those of you who are still interested in Corkcicle but don’t want to spend too much they also have a section of their own designs. Most of which will be significantly cheaper than the branded Star Wars. 

#12 Dopper | Dopper Original

running bottle

Price: £11.00

The next entry on our list is yet another soft running bottle; the Dopper Original can hold up to 450ml of water and comes in 26 eye popping colours. 

Dopper’s collection comes in a variety of sizes, so if you’re interested in small water bottles for running, there are options that store 350ml of liquid. Likewise, if you’re looking for something larger, Dopper provides bottles that can hold up to 800ml of liquid. 

These running hydration bottles come with a screw top lid, with the ability to be doubled up as a separate cup; not only this, but the Dopper bottles were designed with the hope of reducing plastic waste. The company behind the project created the Dopper in order to encourage people to drink more tap water, and spend less money on one use water bottles. 

The Dopper Original is BPA free, and is made of a combination of polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, thermoplastic elastomer. It’s super easy to clean and is 100% dishwasher safe. 

This product is not only one of Europe’s best drink bottles for running, but it is also the perfect gift. When purchasing the soft water bottle, there is the option to send a little message in the bottle. So, if you’re looking to buy a water bottle as a gift, why not go the extra mile and let someone know how much they mean to you too. 

Naturally, because you’re shipping the product from within Europe you will have to pay extra in delivery fees. However, it is a better option than the American bottles featured on this list.

#13 Oceanbottle | Ocean Bottle 

best bottles

Price: £35.00

Lauded one of the best running water bottles the UK has produced, the award winning Ocean Bottle can hold up to 500ml of water and comes in 6 dynamic colours. 

The Ocean Bottle is one of the most versatile bottles on the market today. It’s stainless steel coating will not only keep your drinks at optimal temperature for up to 18 hours, but also allows for easy cleaning either by hand or with a dishwasher. 

Additionally, the running bottle lid is not only completely leak-proof, but it does have a dual-action function allowing it to act as a regular water bottle as well as a drinking cup. 

Much like some other entries on this list; this running drinks bottle is completely BPA free and is made up of silicone rubber and ocean-bound plastic. A great aspect of this bottle is that it’s made of recyclable materials, so if you ever wish to get rid of or replace your bottle, it won’t end in polluting oceans. 

The Ocean Bottle also comes with added benefits too, as the company behind the product vows to keep you in the loop with their mission statement; which is to work alongside coastal communities in order to keep plastic waste from polluting their waterlife. 

The company also promises to send you spare parts for your running bottle, for the rest of your life. To get these features you merely have to connect your phone to the bottle's smart chip, which is embedded within its base.

WomensHealth also commended the company's eco-positive outlook, informing its readers that the Ocean Bottle is an eco no-brainer, to upgrade, and do some good in the process. 

Whilst many drink bottles for running are made up of ecologically friendly materials, it is very rare for companies to actually use their profits to the benefits of others. Whilst this product may be a little more expensive than other running drink bottles, much of the profit goes to help charity. 

So if you do choose to purchase the Ocean Bottle, rest assured your money is going towards communities who need it. 

#14 Decathlon | Flexible Running Flask 250ML

water bottles with handles for running

Price: £7.99

This next entry is perfect for all those who need a portable and flexible water bottle on your run; the decathlon flexible running flask is perfect for storage, and to fold away into your bag after a run.

This is one of the running water bottles that is versatile and reduces any risk of leakage; infact, it has a lockable teat to ensure it adheres to its leak prevention. They pride themselves on a compact design and recommend squeezing it as you drink to occupy less space.

It is amongst the small water bottles that is comfortable to carry, alongside the ease of the opening and closing mechanism by simply twisting the mouthpiece. As well as this, the flexible running flask boasts a quiet transportation with no sounds of sloshing water as you run.

The small running bottle has accumulated a number of reviews online, with one specifically complimenting that it is a good fit for their running vest and have experienced no issues. However, among the good reviews, there was a slight complaint about the water warming up.

So, if you’re a short distance runner who likes portable, ease of use - this may be the one for you. However, for long runs with a higher volume of water available, this is best for you.

#15 Water-to-Go | 50cl Bottle 

water bottle for running

Price: £14.99

The next entry on our list of running hydration bottles comes from Water-to-Go, with their signature 50cl bottle. What separates this bottle from the rest of the running drinks bottle herd is its unique filter - designed to keep out 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. 

The technologies used in the Water-to-Go bottle are:

  • Mechanical Filtration - With its very small pores, the filter inside the bottle is the component that stops all the contaminants from passing through and infecting the water. 
  • Electrical - With a positive charge, the Water-to-Go technology reduces the pore size of the filter even further and attracts the contaminants like a magnet. This leaves all the bacteria locked in the filter for up to 260 days.
  • Activated Carbon - The filters use activated carbon without using other adhesives which would reduce its efficiency. Instead, this activated carbon is contained within the filter membrane. This is the feature that will further reduce the water’s contaminants whilst also ensuring that there is no bad taste or odors.

As mentioned above, the filter lasts for up to 260 days at which point, it is recommended that you grab yourself a replacement for health and safety.

The Water-to-Go’s filter is great for when you’re travelling, running or hiking, so if you tend to be out and about, this is one for you. 

If you’re looking for the best running water bottles that will protect you from contamination, wll that is also covered with this offering from Water-to-Go. No matter where you get your water from, be it a tap, supermarket or river, the filter will stop any unwanted contaminants from getting into your system.

This running drink bottle also comes in 5 unique colours, so you can get a bottle that compliments you as a person, as opposed to a standard product that clashes with your running gear!

At £15, the Water-to-Gois a fairly average priced running drink bottle, with its unique filter qualities being the thing that sells it as a distinct product.


Why are BPA’s Bad?


The BPA compound ( bisphenol A) was discovered in the 1980s and was initially thought to be harmless. However, it is now known to be somewhat dangerous. 

In 2005, a study found that women who were intertfile had 3 times the amount of BPA in their system compared to fertile women.

Other known negative side effects of high BPA levels are hyperactivity, links to heart disease, obesity and diabetes type-2. 

You should try and limit your BPA intake as much as possible, you can do this by:

  • Purchasing products that are labeled BPA free
  • Avoiding tinned foods
  • Not microwaving plastic
  • Drinking from glass bottles or BPA-free plastic 

We advise to take this very seriously, when a product is labelled BPA-free it is advertising itself as a safe product for you to use. Which is why we have included it as a key benefit of a product wherever it is relevant. 

What Should I Look for When Buying a Running Water Bottle?

running drink bottle

The list of running water bottles above have covered the key features to look out for when shopping around. Of course, BPA free bottles are the best option due to the aforementioned risks that come with BPA. 

These features include: 

  • Size
  • Portability 
  • Is it collapsable?
  • BP free
  • Increased water volume

Always take into consideration your style of running, if you’re running long distances for example; a bottle that keeps your water cold for the longest period of time, is the best option. But if you want to stay compact and want to avoid carrying around a large bottle - the bottles with options of shrinkage are best.

What is a Reasonable Price for a Running Water Bottle?

running bottle

Overall, this is completely dependent on the bottle and its features. Some running bottles mentioned in this list come with a lifetime warranty - this kind of commitment allows for a higher price point.

Though for a relatively basic running water bottle, with no consideration of practicality of exercise, the average price usually falls between £5-10. However, those that do provide consideration of runners equipment and practical implications, are worth the extra couple of pounds on the price tag. 

So, you can expect anything from £10 all the way up to £30 or more, of course depending on how advanced you want your running water bottle.

Before You Go!

We hope our list of the 15 best running water bottles has made your purchase decision a little easier. We have covered a variety of different bottles, all of which are brilliant products that are tailored to fit multiple needs.

But the decision is ultimately yours to make, now you’ll hopefully be able to buy a product with confidence that it is the right bottle for you, and is safe - while fitting your running style. 

One more thing, if you’re interested in a career in fitness you might just want to take a look at our personal training diploma on offer here at OriGym; Or, if you’re already a personal trainer, you can expand your knowledge with our range of CPD courses here.


  1. Tim Noake. (2002) The Lore of Running, Human Kinetics
  2. Mayumi Sugiura-Ogasawara , Yasuhiko Ozaki, Shin-ichi Sonta, Tsunehisa Makino, Kaoru Suzumori. (2005) Exposure to bisphenol A is associated with recurrent miscarriage. Pub Med

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