15 Best Sit Up Benches For Sculpting Abs At Home

best sit up benches

Whether you want a chiseled six-pack or simply want to improve your core strength, a sit up bench is a fantastic option to help you reach your goals. 

Here at OriGym, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best sit up benches out there to take your ab workouts to the next level!

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What Is A Sit Up Bench?

Before we get into our list of the best fitness sit up benches on the market, you may be wondering, what exactly is a sit up bench? 

A sit up bench- also known as an ab bench, is simply a piece of gym equipment designed primarily for abdominal exercises. However, it can also be used for other exercises such as chest presses. 

It works by creating more resistance in your sit ups, meaning that it is more effective in toning your abdominal muscles than regular sit ups. It also has benefits in strengthening your obliques and hip flexors too. 

A sit up bench supports your back and typically has rollers that lock your feet in place. This allows you to complete ab exercises with more stability, increasing their effectiveness and reducing the risk of injury.

But to get the most out of any ab exercise, you should incorporate some ab stretches before and after your workout to promote muscle recovery and prevent injury!

Best Sit Up Benches

So, now that you know what one is and how it can enhance your ab workouts, here are our 15 best sit up benches in the UK for you to choose from. No matter your budget, goals or body type, we guarantee that you’ll find the best fitness ab bench for you!

#1 – AtivaFit Multipurpose Home Workout Sit Up Bench

Price: $139.99 (approximately £104)

The best sit up benches are versatile, durable, and compact- and the AtivaFit workout bench ticks all of those boxes. Made from durable steel and padded with thick foam for extra comfort, this sit up bench is incredibly comfortable as well as practical. 

Lie flat or turn it into an incline sit up bench with the 6 positions available – 4 inclined, 1 flat, and 1 even declined – to target your abs in several different positions. The razorback locks give this bench an extra element of safety, ensuring that the backrest doesn’t slip when it is inclined. 

With a maximum capacity of 330lb, or 150kg, this is an ideal sit up bench for just about everyone. 

It has some of the best ab bench reviews, which praise it for being easy to use and versatile. 

Once you’ve finished working out with your abs bench, you can simply pull the pins out of the frame to lie it flat and stash it out of the way. And this bench isn’t just for your abs – add in some dumbbells for weight training or connect resistance bands to the base to target your arms, chest, or legs alongside your abs!

#2 – Relife Adjustable Sit Up Bench

Price: $159.99 (approximately £119)

With 7 versatile backrest positions, the Relife adjustable sit up bench will be sure to become a firm favourite in your home workout routine. This bench is made from heavy-duty steel covered with 2” of foam for extra comfort and is upholstered with a sweat-proof fabric for an easy clean up. 

Able to support up to 400lb, you can also use this abs bench as a weight training bench to push your home fitness routine to the next level. Try out some different positions to target different muscle groups such as your legs, arms, and chest!

This can transform into an incline sit up bench as you need it, with multiple backrest positions to combine with 3 different seat and leg positions to help you target different areas of your body. At 49.21” long, this is a great choice for taller people who need extra space on the bench. 

At £119, it is on the pricier side of sit up benches, but is definitely worth the money for the high quality product you get. Durable, strong, yet comfortable, this versatile and adjustable sit up bench is a great pick for anyone looking for all the features of a gym sit up bench, but at home!

#3 – Kosport Foldable Sit Up Bench

Price: £119

With 5 adjustable back positions including a deep decline position, the Kosport bench can turn into either an incline or a decline sit up bench as you need it. 

Upholstered with EVA foam and created with incredibly durable Polish steel, anyone can easily use this sit up bench with minimal fuss. 

This sit up bench has a whole host of extra features, including non-slip feet for extra safety, and an extra deep decline position that is ideal for training abs. 

Starting from a flat position, the bench is 1.3 metres long, making it an ideal choice for taller people or those who want more space. The front leg is also adjustable with 5 levels, so you can tweak it in order to find the best position for you and your goals.

Despite its length, it is still compact and space-saving, as the legs fold efficiently and it can be stored under a bed or in a cupboard until it’s next needed. As it was designed with both professional bodybuilders and fitness instructors, you can rest assured that this is a professional level sit up bench you would find in a gym or training studio. 

#4 – Gymenist Foldable Exercise Bench 

Price: $99.99

Supporting up to 500lb (approximately 226kg), this is one of the best fitness sit up benches for those looking for something both durable and adjustable. Not only can you adjust the back into 6 different positions with this sit up bench, but you can also adjust the legs 3 different ways to target your abs in the best way for you. 

Thanks to the many incline positions and weight bearing capabilities, this is the best fitness sit up bench to use with weights. Grab an adjustable dumbbell and push your crunches further, target your chest with a bench press, or get a great shoulder burn with seated shoulder presses.

For added comfort, the Gymenist sit up bench comes with a free cushion to give your back extra support where needed. The leg rollers are also padded to cushion your legs and prevent bruising when performing sit ups and crunches. 

Space saving and compact, this abs bench comes fully assembled so you can start using it right away. When you’re done, simply fold it up and slot it away wherever you have space! Easy to move and incredibly versatile, the Gymenist sit up bench will add an extra dimension to all of your home workouts.

#5 – Gorilla Sports Foldable Sit Up Bench

Price: £72.99

The Gorilla foldable sit up bench is the ideal bench for those short on space. Compact and simple, you can adjust this bench to ten different height settings, allowing you to target and tone your abs in a multitude of different ways. When you’re finished, it folds into a compact rectangle, with a handle for easy movement and storage.

The leg bars feature soft padding for added comfort and support when anchoring yourself in place for sit ups or crunches, and weighing in at a lightweight 8kg, you can move this abs bench to just about anywhere in your house without breaking a sweat. 

It’s a perfect addition to any home gym, allowing you to reap all the benefits of a gym ab bench from the comfort of your own home!

Just be wary that the maximum capacity of this sit up bench is fairly low at 150kg. If you feel that you need something that can support more than this, be sure to check out some of the other abs benches on this list!

#6 – Opti Sit Up Bench 

Price: £39.99

Affordable but effective, and still good quality, this is the best sit up bench in the UK for such a reasonable price. 

Some benches can be expensive and difficult to use, but the Opti bench is wonderfully easy and versatile. It can lie flat, on an incline, or decline as you need. 

A fantastic bonus of the Opti abs bench is that it can be used for a lot more than toning your abs. Try other targeted exercises such as leg lifts or even press ups to work your thighs, glutes, and chest.

The Opti bench also has some of the best ab bench reviews out there, with 4.5 stars and 225 reviews on the Argos website, and users praising how easy it is to assemble and use. 

Although this is an amazing adjustable sit up bench for the price, the maximum user weight for this product is very low at only 110kg, making it an ideal gym machine for beginners. Keep reading to find some sit up benches with higher weight capacities!

#7 – Pro Fitness Sit Up Bench

Price: £54.99

Ditch the sit up bench at the gym and instead grab this one by Pro Fitness. Simply adjust it to an incline or a decline and get crunching! 

With some of the best sit up bench reviews out there, it holds a 4.5-star rating on the Argos website, with users praising the design and quality in particular.

You can also use this sit up bench to do weighted exercises with the addition of dumbbells, such as chest presses or Bulgarian split squats. Clocking in at 148cm long, it’s an ideal abs bench if you’re slightly taller, but still manages to be compact. When you’re finished working out, just fold it up and stash it away until you need it next.

With a maximum user weight of 130kg, this is an efficient abs bench that will suit a majority of people. However, if you are looking to get into more advanced strength training, you will need a bench with a larger weight capacity. Fortunately, there are many more options on this list!

#8 – HOMCOM Sit Up Bench 

Price: £40.99

Cost effective and compact, the HOMCOM home decline sit up bench will be a great addition to your fitness routine. With a thickly padded backboard to add comfort when you’re crunching, the sturdy steel frame can support up to 120kg.

The backboard of this sit up bench is curved, which both helps with safety when engaging your core and also allows you to push your ab exercises deeper.

This abs bench also comes with two hooks to allow you to attach resistance bands to add an extra dimension to your workout. Non-slip feet add safety and stability when you’re exercising, and the vinyl material allows for an easy clean-up after a sweaty workout. 

At 137.5cm long, this is a great sit up bench if you’re on the taller side and need some extra space to lie back. The adjustable thigh support is also able to support tall users, and the non-slip floor grips add extra stability and safety to the bench. 

#9 – FLYBIRD Adjustable Sit Up Bench 

Price: £99.99

Adjustable sit up benches can sometimes have a limited range of motion, but not the FLYBIRD bench. With 6 back positions and 4 seat positions, you can work your abs in a range of positions. 

The foam padding on the backboard is a whopping 4.6cm thick for added comfort – just remember that you have to use it to work out with, not to nap on!

The sit up bench itself only weighs 10kg, making it easily portable so that you can work out wherever and whenever you want. Despite its miniscule weight, however, this is an abs bench that can still support up to 600lb thanks to the strong alloy steel that it is made from. 

If product assembly isn’t your thing, you can get your sit up bench assembled for an extra £45. However, it is a very easy product to assemble, and you can tell yourself that it counts towards your workout! 

With over 12,000 ratings on Amazon awarding this sit up bench a total of 4.6 stars, it’s clear to see that it’s a high quality piece of gym equipment that will be an asset to your workout routine. 

#10 – DOMYOS Incline Sit Up Bench

Price: £69.99

Able to take a maximum weight of 220kg, this sit up bench also doubles as an effective weights bench, allowing you to shoulder press or chest press without fear of a flimsy bench beneath you. It’s also designed to be compact and yet sturdy, so you can fold up your bench in less than 30 seconds to stash it away until your next workout. 

You can turn this product into an incline sit up bench with the 4 adjustable settings, and adjust the seat if necessary for maximum comfort. The backboard is rigid to help you keep the best form, but comfortable foam cushions your back to reduce your risk of injury. 

This has been proven to be an excellent sit up bench, with one review praising it as the perfect versatile bench. In total, it holds a 4.34-star rating on the Decathlon website, with nearly 3500 reviews.

#11 – Adidas Adjustable Sit Up Bench 

Price: £109

Adidas is known for creating high-quality gym wear, and it’s no surprise that they also make a fantastic sit up bench too. Easy to use and effective, this bench is strong and sturdy, making a perfect addition to your home gym equipment collection. 

This adjustable sit up bench can incline or decline to target different areas of your abs and body, and comes with a thickly padded backrest for extra comfort during your workout. 

This abs bench is 1.1m long, which is a perfect mid-size that isn’t too short or too long for the average person. With a maximum user weight of 135kg, you can use weights on this bench as well, and stash your dumbbells on the storage rack underneath.

Something to bear in mind is that this sit up bench isn’t foldable, so if you struggle for space, take a look at some of the other foldable benches on this list!

#12 – Yoleo Adjustable Fitness Bench

Price: £49.99

The Yoleo adjustable sit up bench has a large weight capacity of 330lb, with a frame built from alloy steel, so you can add some weighted exercises into your regime without fear of the bench collapsing underneath you. 

Not only that, but with 7 adjustable positions and a padded backrest, you can work out in complete comfort. Once you’ve finished with your abs bench, you can easily fold it up and stash it out of sight, saving you space until your next workout. 

With over 3000 reviews on Amazon, this sit up bench holds a 4.4-star rating, with users stating that it is incredibly good value for money alongside being sturdy and durable. 

Just be aware that this sit up bench is on the shorter side, with a length of just 85.34cm, so if you’re tall or simply want some extra space, maybe check out some other benches on this list.

Or, if you’re really struggling for space, adding something like a resistance band into your exercises is a great way to take your home workouts to the next level! 

#13 – Rep Fitness Ab-3000 Adjustable Bench 

Price: $299.99 (approximately £222)

The Rep Fitness adjustable sit up bench is one of the best on the market. With a total weight capacity of a whopping 1000 lb, it is one of the most heavy-duty products out there. 

Work with a combination of 7 different backrest angles and 5 different seat angles to target your abs effectively and thoroughly with just this one piece of equipment. 

With thick, 2.5” padding, you can bench press and crunch in total comfort, and the vinyl material makes it easy to clean after a particularly sweaty session.

You can jazz up your fitness routine by choosing from a range of colours! Pick up your sit up bench in red, blue, glossy black, or chic matte black. This sit up bench is also remarkably easy to assemble, so you can start using it as quickly as possible.

Something to bear in mind with this sit up bench is that although it ticks every box, it is incredibly heavy, weighing in at 95lb. 

While it is on wheels to help with mobility, if you think you’ll struggle with moving it around, maybe take a look at some of the other products on this list. Or, opt for something like an ab roller, which is a lot more portable but still effective in toning your abs!

#14 – Finer Form Gym-Quality Sit Up Bench

Price: £99.99

This decline sit up bench is different from the others we’ve seen so far on this list. Instead of being adjustable, it has a curved design that challenges you to push your sit ups further. 

With a length of 1.04m and a maximum weight capacity of 300kg, this is suitable for everyone looking for a bench exclusively for ab work. 

The padded rollers on this sit up bench make it extra comfortable to hook your legs under to anchor you in place. Combined with the upholstered backboard, your back and legs will be well cushioned to prevent injury.

A unique feature of the Finer From sit up bench is the reverse crunch handle at the higher end, which gives the bench a certain versatility that others don’t have and gives it some of the best sit up bench reviews out there. 

However, one downside of this bench is that it isn’t very multifunctional – you can only use it for sit ups and crunches, rather than some of the others which can double as weights benches too.

#15 – Dripex Ab Exercise Bench

Price: £99.99

This is a handy sit up bench that features an incredibly sturdy alloy steel frame that can support up to 330lb. 

The leg support is also adjustable to be able to support people of all heights. So if you’re extra tall, you won’t have to worry about falling off this bench! 

Although this is primarily a decline sit up bench, you can still adjust the level of the decline to suit all levels of fitness. And you’re not just limited to sit ups! Use the handles to perform crunches, leg lifts, and even press ups. Combined with one of these leg press machines, you’ve got yourself a gym-style workout at home!

Once you’ve finished using your sit up bench, it folds away neatly to be stored in a corner out of the way to give you extra space, despite having 4cm of comfortable upholstery to protect your back when exercising. 

An amazing feature of this sit up bench is the LCD counter, which tracks your reps and gives you an estimate of the calories burned during exercise. Complete with non-slip feet for extra stability when exercising, this is an abs bench that gives you everything you need and more.

How To Choose The Best Fitness Sit Up Bench 

When choosing the best fitness ab bench for you, there are some important factors that you should consider before making your purchase.


When finding the best sit up bench for you, make sure to check how adjustable it is. How many levels does it have? Can you turn it into a decline sit up bench, or does it only incline? Can you adjust the seat as well?

Depending on what you want to use it for, you may not need a sit up bench that has a ton of levels. If you just want to use your bench to train abs, you could get away with using a cheaper model that has only a few levels or is permanently on a decline. 

However, if you want to use weights with your bench, it could be better to find a more advanced bench with several levels so that you can push your workouts further. 

Adjustability is an important factor to consider when buying any gym equipment, especially things like squat racks

Weight Capacity 

When you’re choosing the best fitness ab bench to add to your fitness routine, it’s important to see how much weight it can hold. Consider not only how much you weigh, but if you’ll be wanting to use this bench with weights as well, for exercises such as bench presses. 

If you bench press quite heavy, don’t opt for a sit up bench that has a lower weight capacity, as it could break, and you could be injured. If you aren’t sure if you’ll need one with a large weight capacity, opt for one with a medium sized capacity, such as around 300lb. 

There are many sit up benches that have a very large weight capacity. Double check the product specifications when you’re buying, and consider investing in a more expensive, high quality one that will be more durable than a cheaper model. 

If you like lifting heavy and teaching others, a career as an Olympic weightlifting coach could be for you!


A good indicator of just how durable your ab bench is can be the maximum weight that it can take. Being able to take a lot of weight is an indicator that the bench is made out of good quality materials and that will last for a long time!

However, this isn’t to say that sit up benches with lower weight capacities are bad. If you won’t be using weights and will simply be using it as an ab bench, you won’t need one that can take hundreds of kilograms. 

Instead, just make sure that it is built of good quality metal, and you’ll be sure to find a sit up bench that will last for a long time.

Durability is something that you will most likely find out about when reading sit up bench reviews- so be sure to check them out before you buy! 


We’ve covered abs benches for all budgets in our list, but it’s always good to consider whether you’re getting good value for money before you make a purchase. The most expensive bench you can find might not always be the best, so consider all of the benefits before you buy.

For instance, if you want a sit up bench that is gym quality and can handle a lot of weight, has many adjustable levels, and is ideal for tall people, you might have to be prepared to pay more for it. But it will be good value for money, as you get so many features. 

Sit up benches that can double as weights benches are of great value as they are both multifunctional and durable, as they need to be able to take a lot of weight. 


Are you on the taller side? Then you’re going to need a sit up bench that is long enough for you. Some benches can be fairly short, so be sure to check the dimensions of each bench so that you know there will be enough room for you to work out properly.

Another thing to watch out for is the leg and thigh supports that you hook your legs or feet through to anchor you to the bench. These can be adjustable to accommodate taller people and make using a sit up bench far more comfortable. 

When thinking about length, it’s also worth taking the width into consideration, especially if you have a broad back. You should therefore check that your sit up bench will support you properly and isn’t too narrow and uncomfortable. 


Are sit up benches effective at toning your abs?

Yes! Sit up benches not only help you to tone your abs by helping you perform crunches and other ab exercises such as Russian twists, but you can also push your ab workout further with a bench. 

For example, with a decline sit up bench, it will be much harder to sit up, and therefore your abs will be working harder against more resistance with each rep to get more toned.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that simply having an ab bench won’t get you toned abs – you have to use it too! Consistency is key with any goal that you have, so set yourself a target for each day or workout. Maybe you want to complete 100 crunches, or 15 decline sit ups after each set of your other exercises. 

Just bear in mind that using a sit up bench won’t burn your belly fat, no matter how many crunches you do. You can burn fat by both exercising and staying in a calorie deficit, and using your abs bench can help you reach your goals if you want defined stomach muscles. However, it definitely won’t do all the work for you!

What is the best technique to use on a fitness ab bench? 

Having an ab bench is all well and good, but if you don’t observe the proper form you won’t be getting the best results. 

Start by lying back with your hands either interlocked behind your head or just touching behind your ears. Bend your knees and plant your feet firmly on the floor. With your sit up bench, you’ll be able to hook your feet under the pads for extra stability.

Making sure you’re engaging your core, lift your upper body until you’re sat fully up, and then slowly lower yourself back to lying. Don’t swing your arms or use them to pull your head up, as this reduces the effectiveness of the exercise. 

After mastering the basic sit up, there are many variations that you can try to target different areas of your abs. Try adding a twist to your sit up to work your obliques, by tapping your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa. You can even hold a dumbbell to add extra resistance for a bigger challenge.

Are sit up benches bad for your back?

If done correctly, no! 

Sit up benches can enhance your sit up technique by helping to anchor you to the bench and engage your abdominal muscles. To prevent injury to your back, good technique is crucial, and without it, could possibly lead to a back injury. 

Research published in 2005 suggested that sit ups damaged the spine by putting too much stress on the spinal discs, leading to back injuries. 

However, the risk of back injuries has also been found to rely quite heavily on genetics rather than exercise, so if you struggle with back problems, maybe skip the sit ups or try other core exercises instead.

Before you go!

Now that you know all about sit up benches, how to choose one and how to use them, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get the abs of your dreams!

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The surprising downsides of sit ups. Claudia Hammond. BBC Future. April 2016. 

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