27 Best Skipping Ropes To Improve Your Fitness Levels (2024)

best skipping rope uk

So, you’re looking for the best skipping ropes in the UK? We don’t blame you, especially since they're a great piece of equipment that can be used at home, at the gym, or even outside. 

Skipping has a range of benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, leg strength, stamina, agility, balance, and more! 

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1.Gritin Rope

Price: £7.99

best skipping rope uk

There are plenty of fitness skipping ropes available online, but not many come with anti-slip lightweight handles. However, this rope from Gritin has a coating on the handles which will provide extra comfort when you skip.

It also has a tangle-free adjustable PVC coated steel cable. Just inside of the handles it has a cable adjuster and will allow you to quickly adjust the rope to your desired length. It’s a great tool to keep all your family fit and healthy. 

Within the rope, it has a premium 360 swivel rapid ball bearing to ensure a smooth spin making it one of the best skipping ropes for weight loss and calorie burning. 

You will be able to reach your peak fitness anywhere with this equipment as it’s lightweight and can be taken either outside or used at home.

2.Valour Strike Premium Weighted Jump Rope

Price: £21.95

best skipping rope

One of our favourite features of this product from Valour Strike is the fact that it comes with weighted handles (135g), as this provides more variation and enables you to progress further in your jump rope workouts. There is even the option to remove the weights if you want to use the product as a regular jump rope. 

Not just this, but you also receive two different skipping rope lengths with your purchase; 6mm and 8mm. The 80mm weighs 80g, and although this may not sound like a massive jump from 60g, we can assure you that it does make a massive difference if you’re looking to progress to a new level! 

The ball bearing system is incredibly smooth, and moves seamlessly when spun around. This is great news for those looking for a rope that won’t hinder their progress by catching as they jump; we know that this happens all too often with low-quality alternatives. 

The product has glowing reviews on Amazon, where it is hailed as an ‘excellent hidden gem of a jump rope’ by one customer. We would seriously recommend checking it out if you’re looking for an incredibly high-quality piece of kit for a great price!

3.Murgs Pro Rope Pack

Price: £24.99


best skipping rope uk

This product is durable whilst also being lightweight and flexible, making it the perfect tool for an effective jump rope workout. The handles are constructed from a solid piece of aluminium so you shouldn’t encounter any issues, even when you accidentally step on them! 

During the manufacturing process, Murgs have added high-speed bearings to the handles. This means that the rope is able to move as fast and freely as you need it to. Want to master double-unders before you head into your next CrossFit session? This product will help you to perfect your technique. 

One of our favourite features of this speed skipping rope is the fact that it comes with hidden allen keys that are secured within the base of each handle. We can’t tell you how many times you’ll need to adjust or change the cable once you’re frequently completing skipping workouts, so this is a must if you don’t want to lug your toolbox to the gym. 

It also comes with a spare cable, and an anti-tangle felt bag for easy transport, which will make it last even longer and protect it from the general wear and tear of carrying it around with you.

4.RDX Ropes

Price: £7.99

best type of skipping ropes

RDX is a well-known brand in the fitness industry for supplying a range of equipment to gyms and to the public. As a potential buyer, you know RDX will always supply good quality skipping ropes. 

This RDX rope is completely adjustable and all you need to do is click it to the appropriate length and skip away! If you are struggling to strengthen your core, why not combine the rope with an ab roller, and take your core exercises to the next level.

The speed skipping rope is 5mm thick so this would be great for even long cardio sessions. The rope has complete rotation, which offers a smooth swing when in use. 

The handles are so thin it would feel as if you’re holding barely anything! The contoured handles give you a decent amount of comfort whilst you are skipping and the thin handles will provide solid and sweat-free grip at all times.

5.Befekt Gears Ropes

Price: £5.99

what are the best skipping ropes

If you’re looking for a multifunctional rope then look no further! This would be one of the best skipping ropes for beginners because it has a simple design and no complicated mechanisms. 

The rope length adjuster is just inside of the handles so it can be freely adjusted to the length you want. 

If there is any excess wire, please ensure that you use a wire cutter before use. If your wires are too long then it could become a trip hazard. Befekt Gears understand the hazards so they’ve included a set of extra screws just in case! 

Premium rapid ball bearings are inside the non-slip handles to ensure a smooth and effortless spin making it one of the best skipping ropes for a workout. 

The rope comes with a carry case so you can take the rope anywhere with you, whether it's at home or outdoors.

6.Multifun Ropes

Price: £18.09

best skipping ropes

Here’s something a little different to your usual rope. This rope from Multifun has a smart counter where you can track workout time, number of jumps, calories burned, and plenty more! If you’re looking for further insight about how you or your family members are burning calories, why not take a look at our ultimate list of heart rate monitors

The high-quality built-in ball bearings ensure fast and stable rotation as well as helping you build up speed during exercise. 

The anti-tangle steel skip rope is 2.8 metres long so it’s easy to adjust to the required length you need. Unlike the Befekt Gears where you have to use wire cutters, the rope can be adjusted with the supplied velcro band. 

There are grooves within the handles to ensure comfort at all times and with the digital counter installed, you’ll have endless hours of fun and exercise with this gym skipping rope.


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7.COMOmed Ropes

Price: £7.99

the best skipping ropes

If you’re looking for cheap skipping ropes then this product will be for you. It has steel wires within the durable PVC material so you can use this outside, at the gym, or at home. 

The total length of the rope is 2.8 metres but once installed with handles the 3.16 metres rope can be suitable for a range of people. The length of the product is completely flexible according to your height and your skipping habit.

COMOmed has gone the extra mile in terms of their customer service and will give a free woven skipping bag so you can take this adult skipping rope completely mobile!

8.ALINOU Ropes

Price: £7.99

best skipping ropes for beginners

This rope has a rotating ball-bearing system so the rope can rotate with ease without twisting and potentially causing injury to you. 

The full length of the weighted skipping rope can quickly be adjusted according to your height, it’s suitable for all ages including children! 

The PVC coating on the outside of the wire will ensure its durability during use. It also has foam handles with a breathable mid-layer so your hands will not slip when you are working out. 

9.UpAuto Ropes 

Price: £7.99

cheap skipping ropes

This product has a built-in fastener so that you can adjust the length of the rope with ease, and means that it's suitable for all ages. 

The high-quality ball bearings ensure rapid speed rotation, and will help you to avoid any twisting or winding. You could use this product as a boxing skipping rope, or you could use it for interval training. This rope paired with a punching bag will be the ultimate combo for a full-body boxing workout.

10.NOCHME Ropes

Price: £6.89

best skipping ropes for workout

This rope is one of the cheapest on our list. It's also tangle-free and adjustable so if you’re after skipping ropes for kids that don't break the bank, this is the rope you need to buy. 

The ball bearing installed provides a smooth and effortless spin and is anti-winding so you will not get a nasty sting if it does hit you. 

The handles are made out of memory foam and shaped to give you comfort as you exercise. The PVC coated rope is durable enough to be used anywhere so the choice is yours.

11. MEOREX Ropes

Price: £7.99

skipping ropes with weights

This rope has a strong braided steel wire rope and is PVC wrapped to avoid any injury. The PVC material ensures a smooth skipping experience even on uneven ground. The rope will give you peace of mind with its tangle-resistant properties to save you time and frustration. 

The gym skipping rope also features premium ball bearings for a fast and smooth spin at all times. Attention to detail is key to MEOREX as the handles are made of foam which reduces strain on your hands and makes skipping light work.

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12. Amazon Basics Rope

Price: £10.49

Speed skipping rope

You can get a great cardio workout from this Amazon Basics rope. The simple yet effective tool will make it easy to increase your heart rate. 

This rope can help tone your legs, glutes, shoulders, arms, and core. It’s also suitable for people of all ages and skill level. If you are lucky enough to have a home treadmill, this would be a great way to switch up your cardio routine. 

If you don’t have a gym membership, this product will solve your problem. The rope can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes without the need of too much space. This will be one of the best skipping ropes in the UK because of its year-round usage!   

Unlike other ropes on this list where you may need to cut the wire according to your height, the length can be easily adjusted by using a simple fold-over cable system.

13. THRfitPRO Ropes

Price: £11.99

best skipping ropes uk

If you’re after boxing skipping ropes, then this product will be perfect for you! The 2.8-metre rope can be adjusted to your desired length. It’s suitable for all ages as long as you adjust the rope correctly. 

The handles have built-in grooves for ultimate comfort and long-term use. This ensures it has a smooth and effortless spin whenever you decide to exercise with it. 

The boxing skipping rope comes with a stylish carry case so you can use it either indoors or outdoors. You could even put a number of accessories within the bag so it could be suitable for Crossfitters or any keen fitness person.

14. Fayscingo Ropes

Price: £11.99

best skipping ropes for fitness

You get 2 for the price of 1 for these weighted skipping ropes! There are also three options when it comes to the colour that you recieve, so you could give one to a friend or a member of your family. 

The product can be adjusted quickly, and the fact that it comes with 9 feet of rope means that it is suitable for all ages and levels of experience. 

Like with the THRfitPRO rope, the weighted skipping rope has memory foam grooves within the handles for an anti-slip feel and extra comfort as you exercise. 

The steel wire is braided and coated with PVC to ensure durability and avoid cracking or breaking of the rope. It’s tangle-free and has ball bearings to ensure a stable and relaxed rotation when in use. This rope can be used for interval workouts, providing a really good upper body workout. 

15.MEOREX Ropes 

Price: £7.95

best skipping ropes for weight loss

If you’re experienced and after professional skipping ropes in the UK, this product will be the perfect option! This version includes a weighted exercise bar. You’ll be able to use it anywhere to help build stamina and most importantly, achieve your fitness goals at home. 

The handles are foam-based and have anti-slip properties to ensure a comfortable and smooth grip. They will also help you to maintain consistency while you are jumping.

The rope has a 360 swivel ball bearing for a rapid spin. This would be great for interval training to help increase your heart rate in no time. 

Unlike some adult skipping ropes, each handle has length adjusters so you can adjust the rope to your height in minutes.

16.TechRise Ropes 

Price: £7.99

counting skipping ropes

If you’re looking for speed skipping ropes in the UK then here is the answer! It's an Amazon’s Choice product, and is equipped with anti-slip lightweight handles that are wrapped with memory foam for extra comfort and ideal for prolonged usage. 

The rope can be adjusted with ease due to the length adjuster mechanism that is inside each handle. This will be suitable for any member of the family who is looking into buying a rope. 

It features a high-quality premium ball bearing to ensure a smooth and effortless spin at all times. Thinking of building the ultimate home gym? Use speed skipping ropes as part of it!

17. OOTO 2 pack 

Price: £14.99

adult skipping ropes

This 2 pack product from OOTO has steel wires within the rope to ensure good wear resistance. You have the ability to adjust the rope to your height or skipping habit. 

The handles are well designed for your safety and convenience. The handles have grooves which makes the rope easy to hold. It also has anti-slip and moisture-wicking features to keep your palms dry, making your workouts safe and comfortable at all times. 

It has built-in ball bearings which provide you with a smooth experience as you jump. This speed skipping rope will also protect you from any potential tangles during exercise. 

As there are two ropes in this pack, you can give one of those to any members of the family who want to take on skipping as part of their cardio exercise.

18. HITOP Ropes

Price: £6.56

speed skipping ropes uk

This rope is one of the easiest to install and you’ll be able to start skipping within minutes. All you need to do is undo the rope from the clips at the end and you don’t even need to cut the rope. 

It also has a built-in counter so you can analyse how many jumps you have done and this would be one of the best skipping ropes for boxing or regular cardio activity. Combine this product with push-up bars for a great HIIT session. 

The handles of the rope have grooves to ensure optimum grip and it will prevent any slipping if your hands are tired or sweaty.

19. Luxpress Ropes

Price: £10.99

skipping ropes for kids

This rope comes with breathable memory foam handles and anti-slip technology, which is perfect for long sessions and prevents any wear or tear on the rope. 

The tangle-free heavy-duty PU coated rope will allow maximum flexibility and speed when you are jumping. The 3.2 metre retractable rope allows all members of the family to use it safely. 

The 360-degree ball bearing technology will not only increase your speed but it will create a stable swing as you exercise. 

With every purchase, you will receive a free high-quality velvet travel pouch so you can take the rope anywhere with you whether it be outdoors or indoors.


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20. Faneam Rope

Price: £15.90

weighted skipping ropes

This is one of the only counting skipping ropes that comes with a high-definition LCD display. This accurately shows weight, the number of jumps, time, and calorie burn. The data can be clearly displayed no matter the light environment. This will help to prevent the annoyance of losing count in your head and will allow you to focus on skipping alone. 

The rope adopts magnetron induction technology with a built-in smart chip. This will help with accurate data collection, ideal for those who want more insight into their skipping performance.

There’s also a handy one-click setting for minute countdowns during interval training. Once the countdown has stopped, there will be a sound reminder to ensure that no cheating is involved! 

The anti-breaking steel rope is strong and resistant so you can use this equipment for years to come. 

The top of the handle rotates at 360 degrees to prevent any winding, and this will help you to swing smoothly and safely. 

The handles are made of wood and have non-slip properties so even in interval training where you might need to go as fast as possible, the rope will not slip from your hands.

21. WhenMing Rope

Price: £9.99

fitness skipping ropes

This rope, like with many others on the list has a tangle-free design. The rope can be fully adjusted from the 9.8 feet of rope to any length you want within a few minutes.

The hollow handles and ball bearings provide a smooth jumping experience. The two ball bearings within the handles ensure the rope can glide smoothly and easily without the hassle of constantly adjusting your position. This makes the rope one of the finest weighted skipping ropes on our list. 

The handles are covered with a layer of memory foam that makes the rope comfortable to use as well as absorbing sweat. This means that it will keep your palms dry for ultimate performance.

22. MUEUSS Rope 

Price: £19.99

speed skipping ropes

The MUEUSS speed skipping rope is self-locking and screw-free. This means that you don’t need to cut the wire, which normally wastes time. All you need to do is to press the handle for the wire to retract or extend to your preference. The maximum adjustment with this rope is 14 inches, which is plenty of rope for all ages. 

There’s a 360-degree double ball bearing system to ensure a smooth and fast spin at all times. This rope will make you swing faster and smoother without the annoyance of any tangling. It is built for speed which would be ideal for techniques like the double under, or even the triple under. 

The handles are made out of lightweight aluminium and have a cross pattern design to allow you to hold your rope without slipping. The rope itself is made out of stainless steel metal and comes with an additional 10 ft rope cable.

23.TOQIBO Rope

Price: £12.99

skipping ropes with counter

Skipping ropes with a counter aren't often seen online, and we haven't stumbled across any others of this type that are also cordless! This product is actually a 2 in 1 design that allows you to switch between a rope and cordless jump. 

In cordless mode, you’ll be able to enjoy a skipping workout wherever you wish. It’s a very good option if you’re after skipping ropes for kids because its rope-free, and this can certainly help to avoid any accidents.

It’s designed with a timer, calorie counter, and jumping counter to give you an informed insight into your progress, and therefore is one of the best skipping ropes for fitness on this list. 

It’s easy to adjust the product to your required length, which also makes it suitable for any age group.

24. Vetoo 2 Pack Ropes

Price: £13.99

Boxing skipping ropes

Next on our list are these good quality skipping ropes from Vetoo. They're ideal for boxing, speed training, and other sports as they help to build strength in your wrists, arms, and legs as well as helping you to build up your cardiovascular endurance. 

Similar to many of the other products on our list, the length of the rope can be easily adjusted. Once you have found the ideal height, all you need to do is cut off the excess rope. 

These products are constructed with lightweight handles and PVC embedded wire rope which will not tangle when the rope falls to the ground. The rope is designed to avoid any twisting, winding, or bending. 

As there are two in this pack, you can give one to another family member or potentially gift it to someone who wants to take up skipping.

25. Beast Gear Aluminium Skipping Rope

Price: £24.97

rope skipping ropes

If you’re looking to upgrade your rope then this may be for you! The precisely engineered ball bearings bring the perfect level of control, speed and whip. One of the best skipping ropes for a workout!

This elite rope will be for anyone who wants a more consistent skip at speed, ideal for athletes who want to take skipping to the next level. 

The premium speed skipping ropes have been tuned with the optimum weight, length and balance. Beast Gear has gone the extra mile and included industrial strength aluminium for the ropes and specially designed grips for the handles.

26. Acerd Rope

Price: £8.99

professional skipping ropes uk

This product is made out of steel wires that are coated with strong PVC material, meaning that it is built to last. 

The length of the rope can be adjusted according to the user’s height. The handles are also designed with the user in mind as they're covered in a soft sponge, which gives them added comfort. The handles are also anti-slip and moisture-wicking which will help keep your palms dry. 

Due to its lightweight design, this rope can be taken anywhere with you whether it be indoors or outdoors.

27.KK Ropes

Price: £8.99

best skipping rope uk

The final product on our ultimate list is from KK Sport. Unlike other cables which are encased with PVC material, this one is wrapped around with leather. 

This rope is still made with a premium steel wire core and a 360-degree rotating ball bearing mechanism in the handle for a smooth and efficient spin.

The soft grip handles are made of memory foam so that you'll be comfortable when using the rope, even if it’s for long cardio sessions. 

The rope is still lightweight and portable so you can still take it anywhere with you for a great cardiovascular workout.

Before you go! 

We hope you found our ultimate list of the best skipping ropes insightful. From cheap skipping ropes to the more expensive products, we've listed 27 for you to choose from. This may seem like a lot, but if you have a concentrated range of the best ropes to choose from, you'll be able to find one that is best suited to your needs. 

All of the ropes on this list have tangle-free wires to prevent you from tripping up whilst you are exercising. This was one of the key points that we kept an eye out for when we were researching the products, so you can rest-assured that you'll be safe at all times. 

If you want to kick-start your fitness career, be sure to check out our L3 PT Diploma or download our FREE prospectus before you go!

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