13 Best Slam Balls in 2022 (UK)

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Looking for the best slam balls to use for your workout? Here at OriGym, we’ve got you covered!

Below you will find reviews of each of our 13 favourite slam balls to use in the gym or as part of a home workout routine.

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#1 Phoenix Fitness No Bounce Medicine Slam Ball

phoenix slam balls

Price: £16.99 RRP

Starting with the smallest out of all the slam balls on our list, this ball by Phoenix Fitness is a fantastic choice for younger or smaller people, or it could also be a great option for fitness beginners who have never used them before. 

The ball comes in one size: 3kg, and is roughly 15cm in diameter. It really is smaller than average slam balls, but the small size makes it an easy to handle peripheral for abdominal exercises, and it encourages a fast and explosive overhead slam. 

The durable outer rubber is textured to provide better grip and control during exercise. Advertised as ‘no bounce’, the dense weight of this product ensures that it will not bounce back after it leaves your hands.

The appearance of this product is easily one of the best on this list, coming in a bright and attractive orange colour, which means it would be hard to lose track of it, even despite its small size!

If you are looking for a slam ball that is discrete in size but not design, the Phoenix Fitness slam ball should be the one for you.

#2 Valhalla Fitness Valkyrie Slam Ball

gym slam balls

Price: £19.99 - £46.99

If you don’t want to take a gamble on your purchase, then you can look at the high customer reviews and trust that one of the best slam balls on Amazon is the Valhalla Fitness Valkyrie series. 

They range in weight from 2kg to above 10kg, so could be bought as part of a set, allowing you to completely tailor a functional workout.

Inside the ball is a mix of a sand and iron core, ensuring no bounce when it hits the ground. 

Plus, the exterior is a tough and textured PVC vinyl cover to help you grip the ball and keep it from tearing easily. 

As the weight comes from what’s inside the slam ball as opposed to the overall size of it, the different weights are all roughly the same size with a 25cm – 30cm diameter. 

However, the stylish branding sticker very clearly states the weight on each ball, ensuring that if you buy the full set you will never be surprised by picking up a heavier weight than you were expecting.

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heavy slam balls

Price: £34.99 - £49.99

The POWER GUIDANCE slam balls are again another great slam ball set to consider. 

Whatever your fitness level and regardless of your experience with this kind of product, you will find one suitable for you from POWER GUIDANCE.

Their weight ranges from 3kg – 15kg, with the smaller weights measuring a 23cm diameter and the heavy slam balls (12kg and 15kg options) measuring a 28cm diameter. 

The hard and tough outer rubber of the product features an alternating tread pattern designed to ensure grip when lifting. 

Not only does this make your workout more effective but also keeps you safe as you have less chance of dropping the ball by accident.

Aside from the alternating tread pattern, this slam ball features a circular logo and weight label with a splash of bright yellow and white, adding a little bit of personality and style to your equipment, without being too overstated.

#4 BodyRip Medicine Slam Wall Ball

slam balls uk

Price: £14.99 - £64.95

If you are a beginner and you are looking for a brand with the option of precision scaling as your skills improve, then BodyRip’s slam ball set will be a great choice for you.

Other slam ball brands usually skip a few weights while on the lower end of the scale, but BodyRip do not. 

From 1kg to 10kg, BodyRip have got you covered. This can be amazing for families who want to workout together but have members of various fitness levels, ensuring that nobody gets left out of the workout! 

Being able to gradually work your way up by 1kg also makes these gym slam balls great if you are recovering from an injury and want to slowly regain your functional fitness levels.

The design is simple – all black with white logos and a sticker highlighting the weight of the ball is large and clear. 

While it may not contain any prominent treads or patterns, the hard rubber exterior is textured and with a few ridges circling around the product for grip.

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#5 - DTX Fitness

Heavy slam balls uk

Price: £12.99 - £49.99

You can probably tell from this list so far that there are two popular designs for slam balls for sale: raised tread patterns across the whole surface of the sphere, and textured rubber/PVC material that look smoother but still have a few ridges around the surface to provide grip. 

DTX Fitness are part of the former. The direction of the raised treads alternates which provides plenty of grip even when you’re sweating midworkout. 

Their products come in four sizes: 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 15kg which makes their slam ball set appropriate for people of different fitness levels and abilities. 

Their brand logo is a slick black and white, also denoting the weight of the ball, making it more discrete - perfect if you want to take it out with you for an outdoor or gym-based exercise.

#6 – Physical Company Slam Ball

slam balls image

Price: £17.11 - £44.09

Physical Company’s gym slam balls are ranked as the #1 best seller of the range of slam balls Amazon has to offer. 

Their products have been tried and tested by tons of other customers, so you know that if you make an investment in a product from Physical Company’s range, it will be sure to satisfy. 

As well as this, their 10kg slam ball is the cheapest on this list compared to other 10kg options, currently only costing £29.57. 

Looking for a heavy slam ball? Even their 15kg product is the cheapest amongst the competition!

According to the reviews, the equiptment from The Physical Company are praised for their durability and usability. 

The thick outer rubber protects the weighted sand interior from leaking after intense workouts, and at the same time it provides added hand stability and grip thanks to the raised tread design. 

This design, combined with the dark and understated logo and sharp font for weight display, makes the product look super stylish. So not only is this a bargain, and the best reviewed slam ball for sale in the UK, it is definitely one of the cooler looking ones on our list, too.

#7 – METIS Fitness Slam Ball

best slam balls image

Price: £14.99 - £43.99

The METIS Fitness range of slam balls caters for people who want to use the smaller weights, but they do have larger increments between sizes.  

They do stock balls from 3kg upwards, but unlike some of the brands we discussed earlier, METIS stock heavy slam balls - upto 20kg!

The 3kg-9kg weight options are roughly all the same size, whilst the heavier products from 12kg upwards are slightly bigger.

METIS Fitness also goes with a tread pattern for grip, yet the design is a little more unique than some of the other brands. 

The raised treads are smaller and more frequent, helping you to grip the weight easier whichever way you hold it. 

The branding logo stands out in an complimentary orange to the tough black rubber exterior.

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#8 – BodyMax Slam Balls

gym slam balls uk image

Price: £11.99 - £39.99

BodyMax Slam Balls, made for functional and intense exercise, are among some of the best slam balls from online providers.

Their range goes from 5kg – 20kg, and they stock certain weights that are uncommon among other suppliers, such as 18kg. On top of this, their products are super affordable.

Rather than having any raised edges on the outside of the ball, the design is a lot smoother looking, made up of black outer rubber that is subtly textured and contains a few ridges for grip. 

One great thing about this particular slam ball set is that BodyMax also provides a 12-month home or commercial warranty with all of their products, something which is rare among cheap online suppliers.

The commercial warranty applies to anybody using this kind of equiptment as part of a business, say, if you are a personal trainer for example. 

Keep in mind that you must have used the slam ball on adequate floor/wall material and not anything hard or sharp that will damage the rubber exterior if you want your warranty to be valid.

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#9 – We R Sports No Bounce Slam Ball

best slam balls product image

Price: £29.99 - £59.99

Another great choice of slam balls for the whole family are the We R Sports range.

Their smaller weighted options come in fun, bright colours, as these very low weights are understandably marketed more towards beginners and younger people. 

Functional training for kids can be a great way to get them moving without putting their bodies under the stress of lifting large weights. 

Adding a low weight slam ball to their movements is a pressure-free way of encouraging in them a healthy lifestyle and a sense of achievement and progression.

But this range isn’t exclusive to light weights for children and beginners, We R Sports have a huge range of products, with their range of heavy slams balls extending up to 23kg!

The average diameter for the We R Sports balls is 9 inches, which tends to be the best size for a wide range of functional exercises, giving you the best of both worlds when compared to smaller or larger options.

Don’t just take our word for how great these products are, see it for yourself! When looking at their range of gym equiptment on Amazon, they have some great reviews.

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#10 – Mirafit Tyre Tread Slam Ball

best slam balls uk

Price: £15.99 - £79.99

Mirafit are another great fitness company that have slam balls for sale at many increments in the lower weight range, yet, they also stock some heavy slam balls, going even further in weight than most other suppliers.

This makes them a great choice for families who need a range of products in different weights so that they can be suitable for different individuals while also providing room for steady improvement.

Their 12kg ball up to the 30kg option all have a 30cm diameter, and those that are 10kg or below have a 22cm diameter. Definitely bigger than the Phoenix Fitness slam ball that we touched on at the start of this article! 

Rather than rubber, their products exterior is a durable black PVC with tyre tread grip patterns, with an interior of sand to make the weight of your choosing.

In terms of aesthetic, they look very professional with their black and orange colour combination.

#11 – Rogue Echo Slam Balls

heavy slam balls uk image

Price: £24 - £79 (priced in Euro)

Rogue is one of the best brands worldwide for CrossFit and other functional training equipment right now, so it should be no surprise that their CrossFit slam ball has made this list!

They have two store options, one in Europe and the other in America featuring some of their ‘made in USA’ products. 

Rogue slam balls come in their Echo range, and are measured in pounds rather than kilograms. 

They range from 10lb - 50lb, or 4.5kg - 22.7kg. The diameter of this product varies slightly depending on weight, with the 10lb – 30lb slam balls measuring a 9” diameter and the 35lb to 50lb heavy options measuring a 10” diameter. 

All sizes come in Rogue Echo’s signature bright red and feature a textured rubber exterior with a few circumferential ridges that help you grip the ball even after an intense workout session.

An advantage of going with a well-known brand such as Rogue is their warranty system. 

Each of their crossfit slam balls comes with a two-year warranty, during which time Rogue will replace your slam ball if it happens to break or become damaged.

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#12 – Primal Strength Anti – Burst Tyre 

slam balls uk

Price: £8.99 - £119.99

Now we’re really approaching the big ones. 

Primal Strength’s Anti – Burst Tyre Slam Balls come in two ranges: their newly updated design is featured on their smaller products from 3kg – 30kg and their larger options feature a classic design with a raised tread pattern for grip.

The smaller options don’t look too dissimilar to a basketball but make sure you don’t get them confused as these slam balls definitely won’t bounce! 

They also come with a 12-month warranty for commercial users, so if you are buying this to use with clients, you can do so without worrying about damaging your goods.

Their heavy weights, range from 35kg – 70kg, and they come with a six-month commercial warranty.

Plus, they are a really good price when considered next to the competition. For example, their 40kg slam ball is priced at £71.99, a great price when it’s not uncommon to find some selling for over £100!

It is important to note that their commercial warranty only applies if the product has been used in an approved surface such as foam or another soft material; slamming on concrete or an abrasive surface is a big no-no.

#13 - UK Supreme Fitness Heavy Slam Balls

heavy slam balls image

Price: £60 - £120

Heavy slam balls from a UK brand and manufacturer don’t come much better than those from UK Supreme Fitness. 

Their sleek black textured rubber design ensures safe handling without the clunky look of raised tread patterns.

These gym slam balls range from 30kg – 70kg. When you’re using weights this big, it is common for their shape to warp – but don’t panic. This is completely normal when a soft material is supporting a heavy weight, they will still be safe to use.

If buying a heavy weight outright isn’t ideal for you due to their high cost, UK Supreme Fitness offer finance deals so you can workout straight away and pay your bill over time. 

Although it is worth noting that their full price payments are definitely more affordable than others out there, with their 50kg slam ball at £84 and their 60kg slam ball at £108.

UK Supreme Fitness don’t just sell the best slam balls, they sell a whole range of fitness equipment suitable for a full gym suite or fitness floor. 

In fact, that is a service that they provide. 

So if you are setting up your own franchise gym or independent studio, you can get in touch with UK Supreme Fitness by email and get a quote to outfit your whole facility. 

On top of this, they also offer finance options for this too, so you don’t have to pay for everything outright.

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