19 Best Sports Nutrition Brands to Support Your Workouts

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Whatever your fitness regime is, it can be a minefield deciding how to support your workouts with the best sport nutrition brands. 

By the end of this list you will feel confident about who to trust, what products to invest in, and what the best options are for you.

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17 Best Sports Nutrition Brands to Try

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the 17 top sports nutrition brands!

1. NGX - Nutri Genetix

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Nutri Genetix is one of the only sports nutrition brands in the UK that use your genetics to meet your goals. Hugo and Jeremy, the co-founders, started the company to create products with exact, DNA-specific nutrition. 

Everyone’s bodies and goals are different, and everybody’s workout varies based on those things. So, even though NGX focuses solely on drinks powders, they’re one of the top brands for tailor-made products. 

Our genes affect how we metabolise, process, use, and store nutrients. Even if we’re following a balanced diet, our genetics can mean we struggle to absorb certain elements from our food. 

This can then lead to deficiencies and reduced physical and mental performance. So why not take NGX’s DNA Nutrition Test first? 

This unique approach makes NGX one of the best sports nutrition brands in the UK for shakes and drinks. 

There’s no lock-ins to their subscription service, you can pause delivery whenever you need to, and you will get a delivery every four weeks, working out at just £2.12 per meal!

2. Huel

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Huel was started by Julian Hearn, in 2015, with a mission “to make nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food, with minimal impact on animals and the environment.” 

This makes them one of the best nutrition companies foregrounding health and sustainability with a long shelf life, less packaging, and a lower carbon footprint. 

Good for all you vegans out there too as there’s zero animal products or palm oil. Most of their products are even free of allergens like nuts and soy that normally crop up in protein bars!

All of their meals contain 26 essential vitamins, minerals, protein, essential fats, carbs, and phytonutrients. 

Having trouble picking just one? Huel’s holistic range of products can also be bought together in one of their bundles. 

Their top products also include powders, drinks that are naturally gluten-free, and high protein snacks that are low calorie, affordable, and have more essential amino acids per gram than whey protein. If you're looking for more gluten-free protein snacks, check out our article here - '15 Best Gluten Free Protein Bars'.


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3. Nourished

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Founder and CEO of Nourished, Melissa Snover, started off avidly buying vitamins herself. Soon, however, she got sick of taking multiple pills from different existing nutrition companies. 

She thought there must be a better way to get the best supplements available? And the rest was history: Nourished was born!

These high impact, stacked vitamins are vegan, sugar free, their packaging is plastic free, AND they’re 3-D printed to provide optimum design and nutritional value. Pretty cool right? 

There is a range for adults, as well as kids, and different packs available to suit specific needs. They’re one of the top sports nutrition brands offering tailor-made vitamins for any kind of workout. 

Their Inner Strength Stack improves endurance and stamina, boosts your energy, supports recovery, and contributes to good muscle and bone health. 

Or, if you’re looking to lose weight, their Shape Up Stack prevents carbohydrate absorption, supports your digestive health, and naturally boosts your metabolism. 

Can’t choose? Fear not; catering to you is what Nourished do best. You can take a quiz on their website to personalise your own stack suited to your lifestyle, goals, and particular activities.

4. Grenade

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Grenade was built with a simple mission: to create weight-loss products that would make them the best sports nutrition brand. 

Flash forward and they cater to everyone from athletes to the military, to everyday people fitting their workouts around work, family, and hectic schedules: so there is something for people at all levels!

You may already be familiar with Grenade’s power bars, high in protein and low in sugar, especially their best-selling “Carb Killa”. 

Available in over 10 flavours, this bar is designed to feel indulgent without compromising on health. They can be enjoyed any time of the day but are perfect for a post-workout boost!

Grenade doesn't only offer power bars though. You can shop on their website by product or by goal: do you need an on the go healthy snack? To boost your energy levels? Or supplements and powders for recovery or weight loss? 

They’ve got you covered! There’s a bit of everything from BCAAs to glutamine.

5. Maximuscle

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Focusing on protein, Maximuscle is another one of the workout supplements brands dedicated to diversity in their products. With its “goal selector” you can answer some basic questions to receive the perfect products for you. 

Whether you want to lose weight, bulk up, tone up, or increase your strength there’s a different set of products available.

Boasting a list of ambassadors ranging from personal trainers to professional athletes, Maximuscle has a firm connection to the upper echelons of sport and fitness. 

So, if you’re an athlete and you’re wondering which nutrition brand and product is best for you: take a look at the ambassadors’ favourites.

Though these products are popular with athletes, you don’t have to be a professional to make the most of them! 

Even if you’re just looking to build yourself up, have a healthier lifestyle, or increase your fitness on the whole, you can find the protein powder or protein rich snack bar for you!

6. Sunwarrior

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Though Sunwarrior is not a UK based sports nutrition brand, they are readily available in health shops like Holland & Barrett and independent ones in your local area. 

In fact, Sunwarrior started off in the back of one of these health food shops themselves! The two friends who started the company wanted to reject the synthetic, unhelpful, or even unhealthy ingredients that can be in some protein powders. 

Their motivation to create products with the top plant-based, organic ingredients makes them one of the best workout supplements brands for vegans. They also prioritise sustainability with packaging that is both recyclable and used from recycled materials. 

Based on the philosophy that plants provide the cleanest and most powerful nutrition, they specialise in powders rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and phytonutrients often missing from other protein powders.

7. Lyma

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After Lyma’s founder, Lucy Goff, suffered from septicaemia, she realised how many supplements and nutrition products don’t deliver the benefits they claim to. This is what led her to create one of the top UK based nutrition brands.

With scientific rigour, and dedication to testing, Lyma’s vitamin pill provides a one-stop-shop for preventing inflammation. The root course of so much disease and ageing, this is also key to your sports and exercise regimes. 

This supplement contains nine powerful ingredients all designed to promote your immune system, your performance in exercise, sleep hygiene, beauty, and help to prevent anxiety.

The nine powerful ingredients are: vitamin D3, beta glucans, ashwagandha root extract, citicoline, turmeric extract, lycopene, vitamin K2, keratin, and saffron extract. 

Some of these you might have heard of already and some of them may be new to you, but Lyma’s formula are patented versions all designed to target the aforementioned benefits! 

This is a very high end product so it’s not the cheapest. However, if you’re looking for the best sports nutrition supplement available, this may be worth the extra monthly amount. 

8. Udo’s Choice

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So, what is the best nutrition company in the world? Obviously, this may feel impossible to answer. Udo Erasmus though, the founder of Udo’s Choice, started with the mission “to provide you with the best and most effective health support in the world”. 

Pretty good start, right? 

Udo is an expert in healthy fats and nutrition. The range of products from Udo’s Choice tackle some of the most neglected areas of our diets: greens, microbiotics, digestive enzymes, and “good” fats (essential fatty acids). 

According to research omega oils are good for exercise, especially strength training, because they’ve been shown to help the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Their anti-inflammatory properties help fight against muscle damage.

In some studies, these supplements, taken before bicep curls, lead to more repetitions, better range in motion, and lower levels of a particular inflammatory!

Udo’s Choice’s bestsellers include vegan “Beyond Greens” powder and “Ultimate Oil Blend” (in both oil and capsule form). 

This oil offers a plant-based, vegan source of Omega 3, Omega 6, B12 and Iron. They’re affordable too, starting at £13.99 for the oil and £16.99 for capsules.

All this makes Udo’s Choice one of the best supplement companies providing support for when you exercise!


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9. Optimum Nutrition

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Helping performance athletes in particular, Optimum Nutrition is one of the top sports nutrition brands in the UK for every bit of your workout. 

Based in Middlesbrough they ship globally providing everything from powders and protein shakes, to creatine and protein bars.

Optimum Nutrition boasts being the preferred performance nutrition supplier for huge sporting organisations such as England Rugby, The English Institute of Sport, and England and Wales Cricket Board. 

Want to see for yourself? Like Maximuscle, this brand has a list of credible athlete ambassadors on their website.

Like some of the other brands on our list, Optimum Nutrition offers shopping by goal or by product. They even offer bundles, designed specifically for specific goals, making them one of the best sports performance nutrition brands. 

Their range of Essential Amino Energy products is also something that helps them stand out. Amino acids are one of the best supplements for bodybuilding, increasing muscle growth and improving recovery time, as well as helping minimise fatigue.

10. bulk

which best sports performance nutrition brands

Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, want workout accessories, vegan supplements, food, or you just want to holistically boost your wellness, bulk has a little bit of everything! 

Starting in a spare bedroom in 2006, two passionate gym-goers Adam Rossiter and Elliot Dawes started bulk, dedicated to creating products to accommodate everyone. 

There’s familiar top sports supplements and vitamins, in tablet or powder form, alongside an array of different snacks. 

As well as a huge variety, bulk has a specific ‘sports nutrition’ page with products to support everything from intensive sports to running, weightlifting and more. 

It is also one of the best sports performance nutrition brands with a selection of products specifically designed to boost performance in your workout!

bulk may showcase a huge range of products but it’s also one of the best brands in terms of value for money. They offer 25% student discount and £10 for recommending to a friend, as well as the affordable prices of the products themselves!

- - - -

For some more great resources on nutrition and related career opportunities, read our articles below:

11. Myprotein

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Myprotein is one of the best sports nutrition brands in the UK. Based in Manchester, they also boast offices and operations in over 70 countries with a diverse team of influencers, athletes, and staff. 

So what makes Myprotein unique? They combine a broad selection of products, at great value, with a speciality in a range of dietary needs. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free, each customer is catered for! 

They are also one of the best UK based sports supplement brands offering vitamins for weight loss, omega oils, amino acids, not to mention staples like protein powder

Don’t worry though: if you’re after must-have snacks for training they’ve got plenty of protein bars, wafers, and cookies too. 

They also produce everything in-house to cut down on third-party costs; a saving that they extend to you with their affordable prices. 

12. Matrix Nutrition

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Another UK based sports nutrition brand, Matrix Nutrition specialises in workout supplements. Whether you’re aiming to remain lean or bulk up and add huge muscle mass, these are one of the best providers of supplements for bodybuilding.

Their bestsellers include Matrix Anabolic Gold, a powerful supplement designed to add huge amounts of muscle mass with 86% protein, whilst being low on sugar and saturated fat! 

Matrix doesn't just cater to bodybuilding however; products like Night Shredder is both a weight loss supplement and an aid to rest and recuperation, for body and mind. 

Their mission is to provide the best sports supplements available even if what you’re aiming for is just general health and wellbeing. They’re super affordable and have a discounts section on their website for deals and reductions.

Their wellness range also contains multi-vitamins, to take alongside their protein powders and other supplements, to support specific goals. Find out more about boosting your energy with natural vitamins by reading our article '13 Best Vitamins for Energy: Health & Purchase Guide'.

13. Neat 

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Neat Nutrition’s simple purpose is to provide a collection of plant-based supplements to support modern living, from managing stress to boosting immunity, and to be one of the best nutrition companies to promote recovery.

Founders Lee and Charlie met 20 years ago as members of the British Swimming Team, and hung up their respective goggles to focus on supporting others’ wellbeing and fitness goals. Now they’re one of the best supplement brands in the UK combining attention to fitness with holistic support.

Neat specifically promotes their plant-based products as being for everyone, not just the vegan community. 

If you’re environmentally conscious, this nutrition brand uses plant-based products because they use far less water, and emit less greenhouse gases, than animal products. 

As well as protein powders they also provide nootropics designed for focus and sleep, containing vital ingredients for improving cognitive function and concentration. These help maintain good sleep hygiene and properly restorative sleep. 

This may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking for sport nutrition brands. However, both focus and sleep are vital to reducing biological stress, combating fatigue, and making sure you’re maintaining optimum overall wellbeing!

14. Science in Sport (SIS)

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If you’re looking for sports performance nutrition brands foregrounding science then look no further! The clue is in the name: Science in Sport aims to provide optimal performance focusing on energy, hydration, and recovery. 

Through their research and innovation programme they formulate evidence-based products for the best results.

Though they cover a little bit of everything, SIS is one of the best sports nutrition brands for runners. They offer affordable gels in a box, either in mixed or single flavours, protein bars, and vitamin gummies. 

To support your run however, go for GO electrolyte. This product is the perfect on-the-go drink to maintain endurance and protect against cramps. Available in three flavours, and low calorie to boot, this is a great product to support your regime.

Don’t just take it from us though! SIS is another one of the best sport nutrition brands backed by official partners and ambassadors. Since 1992 their products have been used by olympians, world record holders, and world champions across different sports.

15. OTE Sports

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OTE is one of the top sports nutrition brands in the UK simply because they’re made by athletes for athletes. Free from artificial sweeteners and colours, in plenty of flavours, you can also search OTE’s unique products by specific sport.

Maybe you’re a runner looking for a gel, a cyclist looking for recovery drinks, or need super carbs for your triathlon training? Whatever sport you do, OTE has a huge range of products to support your performance in the best way possible.

This sport nutrition brand is perfect for cyclists. Their soya protein drinks, in particular, are designed to help repair and rebuild muscles, speeding up your recovery after exercise. 

With essential protein and carbohydrates, this drink specifically takes care of the refuelling process by adding electrolytes, and aiding rehydration, with no excess calories. 

It will even boost your immune system with essential vitamins, speeding up your recovery even more!

For a natural way you can boost your immune system, have a read of our article 'Can Happiness Boost the Immune System?'


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16. Youth Sport Nutrition

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YSN has the market niche of being one of the only sports nutrition brands aimed specifically at younger athletes. Young adults, especially athletes, have heightened nutritional needs. The founders were working in top tier professional football when they realised that there was a huge gap in the market - there was little to no sports performance nutrition to tackle the specific barriers younger athletes face!

So what are those barriers? Youth athletes are more likely to develop nutritional deficiencies with their bodies changing all the time. 

With rapid periods of growth and inconvenient meal schedules, on top of the high demand of their sports, it can be difficult for young adults to get exactly what they need. 

Though they believe in a ‘food first approach’ YSN know as well as you do that there are several barriers to youth athletes achieving optimal nutrition. 

From gaps in education, the time constraints of parents juggling their own responsibilities, and the often fussy eating of younger athletes, YSN’s products are specifically designed with these obstacles in mind.

If you’re a parent looking for the best sports nutrition brand for your child: YNS and their PRO-TEEN shakes may be the answer! 

17. Tribal Active Nutrition

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If you’re wondering why this is one of the best nutrition brands specifically designed for sports: it’s all down to the Baobab. 

Whether you’re gym-based, or take your workout outside with hiking, surfing, or cycling, this magical ingredient might just give you that extra edge! 

The African superfruit is the centre of all of Tribal Active’s products. Great for pre-workout, during exercise, or post-workout, it can reduce negative effects as well as promoting positive ones. 

High levels of vitamin c (more than its equivalent serving of fresh oranges), 50% more calcium than spinach, and plenty of potassium; the list goes on. 

As well as improving adrenal gland function, helping to prevent muscle breakdown, it actively promotes fast regeneration and recovery, can improve skin elasticity, support weight loss, and improve cardiovascular health! See? We did say superfruit.

Whether it’s a protein or energy boost you’re looking for, Tribal Active smoothies are the perfect sports nutrition product to supplement your workout!

18. Tribe

sports performance nutrition brands uk

Tribe started, and is still driven by, a simple mission: to lead a plant revolution. Packed with natural plant based energy these snacks are an ideal accompaniment to any workout (as well as just your everyday health, wellbeing, and performance!)

Like some of the other best sports nutrition brands on our list, Tribe offers a subscription service which you can pause, cancel, or update anytime. You can buy a 12 pack of bars and bombs, a 16 pack of bars, or build your own and mix and match! 

The range also includes protein shakes if you want a vegan, plant-based alternative to some of the other products we’ve featured here.

These vegan protein snacks range from bites to bars in a variety of flavours from choc peanut to vegan honeycomb. They aren’t just good for on-the-go snacks though. 

One of the attractions of this company is their range of breakfast products! All based on an oat formula that’s full of protein, vitamins and minerals, and probiotics, you can get a taster bundle, a pot, or a pouch of their pure active oats+. Yum!

19. Myvitamins

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Last, but certainly not least, is Myvitamins, one of the best sports supplement companies for products with raw, high quality ingredients backed by science. Their vitamins are ideal for supporting exercise with everything from ZMA, to omega oils, to pure caffeine. 

You don’t just have to be in the market for tablets though! Looking for something easier to incorporate on-the-go? Their Recharge Sparkling Vitamin Water is designed to support your electrolyte balance throughout the day and provides essential daily nutrients.

These include vitamin c, B vitamins, and chromium. All of these things help to support your immune system, prevent cells from oxidative stress, and help maintain normal blood glucose levels. So it’s the perfect drink for any time during, or after, your workout!

They’ve also got energy bites that are high in both protein and fibre. The benefit of this sports supplement brand? You know your snacks will be chock full of the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients, because that’s what they specialise in. 

Their snacks are formulated to privilege not just taste, but the vital B vitamins that help prevent fatigue during your regime. For more information on this, check out our list of '13 Best Vitamins to Combat Tiredness & Fatigue'.

Before You Go!

That concludes our list! We hope that it has left you feeling clued up on not only the range of products available, but which nutrition brand is best for you and your individual goals.

Remember, if you’re interested in nutrition, check out our Level 4 course in advanced sport nutrition! Or you can browse our downloadable course prospectus to see which career in fitness suits you best!

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