15 Best Sports Nutrition Books of 2022

sports nutrition books

When it comes to mastering sports-related nutrition, finding the best resources is vital. That’s why we’ve compiled the very best sports nutrition books to help you establish and maintain the optimal diet for competing.

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Best Books on Sport Nutrition

#1 - The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition

sports nutrition books

Published 7 September 2017

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: £16.55

This fully updated and revised edition of The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition features the most current and advanced research available on the topic.

Among the most important sections within the book is an in-depth look at how to properly calculate your unique, optimum levels of calorie, carbohydrate and protein intake.

This vital information can help you maximise your nutritional needs and balance a healthy relationship between competitive sports and dieting.

The book also specifically caters advice for women, children and vegetarians. This level of versatility makes this option a great pick for all nutritionists out there, as you’re able to share the knowledge with family and friends!

Featuring a wide array of meal plans, you can use this valuable resource to get into shape for any competitive event or sport, whether you want to pack on muscle or shred away fat.

The book even boasts sport-specific nutritional guidance, so whatever field you compete in you can be assured that this book has what you need to truly excel.

We definitely recommend picking this up, as it’s one of the best sports nutrition books money can buy! 

#2 - Sports Nutrition for Young Adults

sports nutrition and supplements book 4

Published 12 May 2020

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: £10.52

As they approach the physical peak of their life, it is more important than ever for young adults to think about their nutrition. So, that’s where books about sports nutrition like this come in!

Having discipline and dedication is great when it comes to training, but you need to take that mentality from the track, pitch or pool back to your plate.

Without a nutritional backbone to support your training, you can only get so far. That’s why tailored advice from a book such as this is vital to developing your skills as an athlete.

Providing meal plans is one thing, but this sports nutrition book takes the guidance a step further by offering specific plans for before, during and after your sporting activity.

This in-depth assistance will help to push the game of a young athlete to the next level! 


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#3 - Sport and Exercise Nutrition

best books on sports nutrition

Published 7 October 2011

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.4 Stars

Price: £39.21

This 1st edition textbook provides a whole host of studies, research and nutrition strategies to help you master the balance between your sporting performance and diet. 

At 400 pages long, this sports nutrition book certainly isn’t short on detail! This more academic style approach to sports nutrition is not only great for competing athletes, but for anyone wanting to brush up on their fitness knowledge.

Knowing how to balance sport and nutrition for the optimal outcome is imperative both as a participant and as a trainer/coach. So a highly detailed and extensive book like this one is a must-have.

The book is essentially split into 3 parts, each specialising in different aspects of the sporting and dieting relationship. Topics include:

  • Hydration, supplements and exercise fuels
  • Nutrition strategies for different types of training
  • Practical issues such as weight management and injury

Books about sports nutrition such as this aren’t usually this packed with information, so be sure to grab it if you’re looking for a more extensive read.

#4 - Eat Yourself Healthy

sports nutrition and supplements book

Published 19 September 2019

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: £12.69

If you want to reach your full potential in the sporting arena, you need to ensure that your nutritional intake isn’t harming you or your gut.

Eat Yourself Healthy is filled with valuable information on how to deal with IBS and bloating, making it one of the best books on sports nutrition for athletes suffering with these kinds of digestive issues.

The book also offers great advice on diagnosing food intolerance. You could be needlessly harming your gut without even knowing- and this book can help you realise it!

As far as sports nutrition books reviews go, Eat Yourself Healthy gets a strong 4.5 stars. 

Taking advantage of this resource to develop your digestive health and overall well being could improve your sporting performance drastically. So what are you waiting for, give it a read! 

#5 - Plant-Based Sports Nutrition

top sports nutrition books 2

Published 28 June 2019

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: £13.85

One problem you may run into if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan is that the majority of sports nutrition books cater to carnivorous diets. But not this one!

Now you too can reap the rewards of a healthy sporting and nutritional dynamic by diving into this book and discovering some of the inspirational stories from plant-based athletes featured within.

The book contains expert-level advice on how to maximise your nutritional intake through eating select meals at optimum times, allowing you to grow your sporting ability beyond just your training.

There’s some great guidance on diet variation here, too. For example, it includes some tips for mastering a keto diet. This means you can shake up your existing palette and widen your eating horizons to steer clear from dull, boring diet regimes.

This stands as one of the best books on sports nutrition, making it a great guide for your own or your client’s nutrition. 

#6 - NSCA’s Guide to Sport and Exercise Nutrition

sports nutrition and supplements book 2

Published 1 December 2020

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: £33.69

Written by the world’s leading organisation in sports conditioning- the NSCA, you can certainly trust the advice given in thistops sports nutrition book.  

Whether you’re a personal trainer or an athlete, this guide can help you to be at your best on and off the field, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application.

The book consists of helpful sections that are absolutely packed with the latest in nutritional research, helpful for anybody wanting to get the most up-to-date information on all things food and sport.

Plus, if you’re studying for a sports nutrition qualification, then this guide is ideal to help you revise and achieve the best grade possible. There simply isn’t a better resource to draw on! 

#7 - Advanced Sports Nutrition

top sports nutrition books 3

Published 28 July 2020

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.8 Stars

Price: £23.16

This advanced sports nutrition book has all the knowledge you need to further your career in nutrition. 

Written by the national team nutritionist for USA Gymnastics, Dan Bernadot, all of the knowledge presented in the book comes from a place of experience.

It’s helpful to know that what you’re being taught about sports nutrition is trusted by some of the best athletes in the world, too. The track record of this book’s author speaks for itself, and is guaranteed to help you or your clients achieve your full sporting potential. 

The book is great at helping you to digest complex scientific theory into actionable, practical knowledge. Finding a balance between transferring the best possible information in an easily understandable way can be tricky, but this book does it well! 

At a remarkable 432 pages long, you can be sure to receive extensive, in-depth nutritional knowledge that you’ll need to elevate your sporting performance.


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#8 - Peak 

sports nutrition book

Published 28 May 2019

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: £16.50

Peak attempts to cut through the noise of fitness industry myths to do with sports nutrition by providing nutritional advice that you can trust. 

This sports nutrition book explores the fundamental nutritional knowledge you need to remain consistent in your dieting, allowing you to achieve a steady growth in performance over a long period of time.

With plenty of detail, the guide emphasises the relationship a healthy sleep schedule should have with your digestion- a key area to control to help you excel in your sporting field.

You can also learn the ins and outs of how elite endurance athletes fuel their bodies for extremely strenuous activities. 

Finally, the book also offers a range of personalised nutrition plans relevant to any sport you may compete in. You can find plans to help you:

  • Build muscle
  • Lose fat
  • Make weight 

No matter the sport and no matter your goals, here you can find a process to support your path to victory, making it one of the top sports nutrition books around.

Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more that we think you’ll love:

#9 - Food for Fitness

books on sports nutrition

Published 24 April 2014

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Price: £16.55

As a 4th edition, this guide on sports nutrition is packed with the latest in advanced dieting techniques.

If you need inspiration for specialised dishes, then look no further. With an array of recipes, meals and menus, you can enhance your nutrition with easy-to-make foods and take your performance to the next level.

With over 60 recipes included, you’ll never wonder what to cook again!

The tailored meal plans in this sports nutrition book are organised by sport, to optimise specific needs for different activities. 

Whether it be swimming, team sports or even a triathlon, you’ll find specialised meal plans in this sports nutrition guide. It’s important that you don’t generalise when it comes to nutritionally preparing for a sport, as something that’s beneficial for cycling, for example, may not be optimum for weight lifting. 

This level of specificity is what makes it one of the top sports nutrition books out there!

#10 - Fuelling the Gaelic Athlete

sports nutrition book 2

Published 28 November 2021

Available at Amazon

Rating: 5 Stars

Price: £14.99

Next up on our list is something a little bit different. If you’re a Gaelic athlete, then this sports nutrition guide is the ultimate tool to get your diet on track and enhance your performance on the pitch.

The book features sections dedicated to helping you figure out your ideal daily calorie intake and how to track macros for your individual body composition. This makes it easy to assess what you’re currently consuming and where you need to improve to meet your goals. 

Whilst covering the basics such as the amount of sleep and daily hydration requirements, the book expands into further detail, particularly regarding what to eat on your training days and your rest days.

This kind of 7 day dietary coverage is essential in maintaining a consistent, nutrient-rich diet that’ll enhance your game in the short-term and the long-term.

The book also breaks down the use of supplements in sports; more specifically, what you should or shouldn’t be using before competing. This makes it one of the best sports nutrition and supplements books, as you need to be sharply aware of the effects of compounds like pre-workouts can have on your sporting performance. 

When it comes to sports nutrition books reviews, this ranks as the highest on our list. So be sure to get a copy of this sports nutrition and supplements book if you want to elevate your sporting performance!

#11 - The Runner’s Cookbook

best sports nutrition books

Published 28 December 2017

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.7 Stars

Price £11.41

This sports nutrition book is specialised around runners- whether you’re a sprinter or training for a marathon, this one’s for you! 

Here you can find a whole host of meals and dishes designed around optimising you for a series of different length runs. With over 100 options to choose from, your runs will be fuelled by a wide variety of nutritional flavours.

It’s often the case that meal plans can be bland and monotonous- but not here. There are meal options for:

  • Snacks 
  • Salads
  • Breakfast
  • Dessert

With this variety, you’ll be extra motivated to nail your nutrition outside of the running track.

The book also contains helpful eating advice for before, during and after your run, to maximise both performance and recovery. 

Be sure to pick this one up if you’re a runner who could reach their full potential with a little nutritional guidance. 

When it comes to sports nutrition and supplements books, this has every dietary base covered!


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#12 - Nutrition for Top Performance in Football

sports nutrition and supplements book 3

Published 31 December 2021

Available at Amazon

Rating: 5 Stars

Price: £16.29

If football is your sport, then this is undoubtedly one of the best books on sports nutrition. Featuring in-depth reports into the diets of professional footballers, you can learn how to eat like the best in the game!

This is more than just a book about sports nutrition- it delves into the psychological aspect of competing at a professional level in football. It relies on the idea that extreme discipline is required to maintain the nutritional requirements to be at the top of your game. 

In other words, you’re taught how to strengthen your mind and be vigilant with all aspects of the sport, on and off the pitch.

Following the guidelines of the UEFA 2020 nutritional consensus review, the book is packed with the latest facts and figures relating to all things nutrition.

You’ll also find meal plans for game days, training days and time off within, so you can make your diet work around your schedule.

#13 - Strength Training Nutrition 101

sports nutrition books reviews

Published 28 June 2017

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.3 Stars

Price: £11.99

Half of the battle when it comes to strength training happens not on the gym floor, but on the dining table.

It’s vital to pay attention to your nutrition when training to gain strength, as you need to quickly bulk and gain muscle mass to retain lifting power.

With Strength Training Nutrition 101, you can get all of the basics down- and then some.

The important thing with nutrition, as always, is consistency. You could very easily bulk up quickly on your own, but you run the risk of over-eating and rapidly declining into a state of unhealthy being.

Many rapid bulking methods that you may have come across are just unsustainable over long periods of time.

But using this book, you can take advantage of expert techniques for gaining muscle mass in a healthy, maintainable way over time that’ll enhance your lifting game.

You can learn what’s best to eat and the best times to eat it, fully capitalising on the hard work you put in at the gym with a nutritious meal or snack. 

Delivering complex information in an easily-digestible way, you’ll be on track to maximising your strength training with this top sports nutrition book.

#14 - The World’s Fittest Cookbook

books about sports nutrition

Published 6 January 2022

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: £10.00

With the World’s Fittest Cookbook, you can optimise your nutritional intake for any sport that you compete in.

With over 100 recipes awaiting you, you can show off your creative flair in the kitchen and craft a variety of meals to eat before, during or after your workouts.

There’s a real range of eating styles to choose from- whether you’re after a meal on the go, or you’re serving up a 3-course meal.

All of the dishes in the book have been tested on top-performing athletes around the world in a variety of different sporting fields, all of which showed improved results in recovery and performance.

Having this professional backing is a great sign- if it works for the pros, it’ll certainly work for you! 

No matter your taste, there are dishes and cuisines from all different cultures around the world included here. From Brazilian bean stews to English crumpet melts, there’s something for everybody! 


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#15 - The Fighter’s Kitchen

top sports nutrition books

Published 4 June 2019

Available at Amazon

Rating: 4.6 Stars

Price: £13.62

With recipes from the world of boxing and MMA, The Fighter’s Kitchen will help you get into fighting shape. 

These athletes are among the fittest in the world, with a nutritional foundation allowing them to be faster, stronger and leaner than any amount of training alone can provide.

Whether you’re training in the field of combat sports or just seeking to get into great shape, this sports nutrition book is for you! 

It also provides insight into weekly meal plans, enabling you to optimise your dietary habits to grant you as much energy during training and competition as possible.

One of the problems many athletes face is that they either feel too full and bloated, or completely famished when training or competing. Sound familiar? Well, with this sport nutrition book, this will be an issue of the past!

Filled with general tips to help you in your day-to-day activities, this book is a must-have if you want to use nutrition to reach your full potential!  

Before You Go!

So, we hope that our list of the best sports nutrition books will help you step up your fitness game!

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