15 Best Squat Racks: Buyer's Guide (2022)

best squat racks

Are you looking for squat racks in the UK? We’ve got you covered!

Here at OriGym, we've done extensive research on the 15 very best squat racks down below, we have either used these products in the past or we are still using them at the gym today! 

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Before we jump right into the article, here are a few questions that we get asked a lot by people who are planning to buy a power squat rack now or in the near future. 

What is a squat rack?

Squat power racks are normally in gyms and can be seen as an intimidating piece of equipment. They are big, sturdy, and have a standard 20kg bar where you perform what it says in the name - squats. 

It may look intimidating but once you know how to you utilise it to its fullest potential, it’ll be your go-to for every leg session at the gym!

How much does a squat rack cost? 

As you will find out very soon, squat rack prices range from the extremely affordable to the more expensive. 

However, how much you pay is completely up to you and how much you want to invest in your home gym. 

If you have a limited budget but need to purchase other pieces of gym equipment, that's fine! There are plenty of brilliant the cheap options below.

If you’re someone who’s lucky enough to have an unlimited budget or you have a love for hitting those PB’s in squats, then one of the more durable options in this article will be best.

When it comes to budget, the more features a home squat rack has, the more expensive it’s going to be. Brands like Again Faster have additional add-ons for plates but bear in mind that this is going to cost a little extra.

Where can I buy a squat rack? 

You’re in luck here! If you click on any of the power squat racks titles down below, it will take you straight to the product page so you can place the order and get your squat rack delivered in a matter of days!

If you wanted to see the product in real life, many gyms across the UK are kitted out with some of the best squat racks around, so you could always head to your gym and try before you buy.

Now that we've answered your burning questions, let’s find the best squat rack in the UK for you!

1. Mirafit M1 Squat and Dip Rack

Price: £149.95

squat rack how to

Mirafit equipment is used by thousands of people around the world, and the company has a reputation for producing kit which is durable, high quality, and doesn’t break the bank. The M1 squat and dip rack is no different, and it holds an impressive 5-star rating on Mirafit’s website.

We love that this product is adjustable and can be tailored to the size of your weight bar. Plus, it can also be used as a dip station, adding a little extra value for money!

Mirafit has constructed this product with safety in mind, and you can add additional weight plates to the rear storage poles for added security, which gave us great peace of mind.

Want to add an extra challenge to your dips? Read OriGym’s article on the best-weighted vests you can buy today. 

This squat rack is suitable for either standard or Olympic bars, so we can guarantee that it will suit you regardless of your training style so if you're on the hunt for Olympic squat racks or just a regular one, Mirafit will certainly provide the goods. 

You can customise nearly every aspect of this product, including the width, rack height, and spotter height. It will see you through any workout, and it’s made from heavy-duty materials for increased safety and longevity. 

The price tag will please those searching for a cheap squat rack as this is certainly one of the more reasonably priced options on our list. 

We love the simplicity of this rack, so if you’re in the market for a no-frills, high-quality home squat rack, then the Mirafit M1 is perfect for you. 

Those in search of a fully adjustable squat rack will love it too, and the 30-day return policy is a big plus if you happen to change your mind.

2. Again Faster Squat Rack Package

Price: £300.00

squat rack how to use

This is one of the most space-efficient options on our list, but don’t be fooled, it’s still an incredibly versatile and robust squat rack.

You can definitely trust Again Faster as a company to buy your next squat rack, as evidenced by the impressive 4.8/5 Trustpilot rating (from a staggering 813 reviews!).

This is another brilliant free-standing squat rack that ticks all the boxes; it’s robust, safe, and will really help you build up your home gym.

The steel tubing on the rack is heavy-duty so there’s no sign of movement or instability, making this is one of the most stable racks that we tested. We were particularly impressed with the quality of the J hooks, too. They’ve been tested for up to 20 tons of pressure so you can lift safely in the knowledge that they can take anything!

Better still, those hooks come with plastic guards, so your barbells will never be scratched or damaged. The single-piece design of the rack grants unprecedented levels of stability, and there’s a brilliant 450kg weight capacity. Even the tubing holes are laser cut, so you’ll get perfect alignment and weight adjustment.

Again Faster suggests these adjustable squat racks are ideal for either home or commercial use, and it’s difficult to argue with them! 

This product is the perfect all-rounder as it's stable, constructed with care, and still a lot cheaper than some of the other racks on the list. 

If you’re hoping to buy a squat rack but don’t want to pay all at once, Again Faster offers 0% finance on their home squat racks, so you won’t be hit with a massive outlay.

#3 - Strongway Olympic Squat Rack Set (With Weights and Bar)

Price: £389.95

squat racks cheap

When you’re looking for the right squat rack for home use, getting the full set can make the whole process a lot easier which is part of why this package from Strongway is a great purchase!

Alongside the heavy duty squat rack this product includes a 7ft Olympic barbell and various weights - in fact there are 3 weight levels to choose from that will affect the overall price. Buying your weights, barbell and squat rack at the same time can work out cheaper in the long run, and you can be sure that everything will fit together properly.

The best squat racks are strong, durable and preferably adjustable so that you can get the most out of the product. Strongway have recognised all three of these qualities and incorporated them into their Olympic squat rack. 

Strongway have used high quality steel tubes in their construction to make this squat rack strong and safe to use, and capable of withstanding a massive 385kg (850lbs) so you can train confidently knowing you’ll be supported by your squat rack.

The barbell supports are thicker for extra stability and safety, and the anti-slip feet will stop the whole rack moving whilst protecting your floors from scratches. You’re able to adjust both height and width of this squat rack to perfectly customise it for your use.

It’s also worth noting the practicality of the design; it can be easily stored against a wall or out of the way, making it a great gym squat rack or for home use.

4. Again Faster Wall Mounted Foldable Squat Rack

Price: £320.00

portable squat racks

A wall squat rack has a lot of benefits, mainly because of its space saving credentials.

A wall mounted squat rack takes up far less space than its freestanding counterpart, and you can feasibly put it anywhere with a free wall, be that in your garage, home gym space - the choices are endless!

Again Faster has added another layer of convenience by making this a folding squat rack. When you’ve completed your workout, it’s easy to fold away using the movement handles and pin locking system. This is, without doubt, the best squat rack for anybody short on space, plus it comes with quite a few other benefits, too. 

Portable squat racks might have a reputation for being a little flimsy, but the specially engineered hinges on this model minimise sway to the point of it being negligible. The frame is made from heavy duty, 11 gauge steel, and laser cut holes help bolster structural integrity while it's in use. 

This is one of the top squat racks we’ve used, it's robust so there’s no need to worry about compromising on stability for space. If this squat rack isn’t enough for you in terms of working out your whole body, take a look at OriGym’s buyer’s guide to the best power towers! 

The wall squat rack is simple to put up too, you’ll have no trouble with the 3 step set up even if you’re not particularly adept at DIY. It's a one person job, too. 

That said, the rack doesn’t come with any wall mounting hardware or equipment, which you’ll have to purchase separately. This is a little disappointing, but there’s so much to commend elsewhere that we can’t complain too much considering if you're on the hunt for cheap squat racks for sale.

5. Profile Squat and Pull Up Rack

Price: £619.52

cheap squat racks

If you're after squat racks with pull up bars then the Profile Rack sells itself on helping you to exercise big in a small space and the inclusion of a Kipping Bar really does elevate this rack above much of the competition. 

This rack was pitched on ABC’s Shark Tank (UK viewers will be familiar with the format as it’s similar to Dragons' Den), and we’re not surprised that it went on to be a global bestseller. 

The Kipping Bar is obviously the biggest draw, so if you’re in the market for a squat and pull up rack you can’t do much better than this. The bar opens up a whole range of other exercises, including intense Kipping manoeuvres which will really boost your workout and put you through your paces. 

If you need more information about squat racks and CrossFit, read our step-by-step guide on how to get better at CrossFit!

This feels like a serious piece of kit designed for those who want to take their workout to the next level, but it is space efficient and, because it's multipurpose, you won’t have to waste as much space on separate equipment.

It folds away beautifully, and takes up only 4 inches of wall space when not in use! It's much more than a standard pull up squat rack, and you might consider it a home gym in its own right.

It comes with all the mounting hardware and brackets that you’ll need to get it up and running, and the steel uprights are 11 gauge. You won’t have any problems with stability, and we loved the plastic footplates, which will spare your floors from scratches or damage so if you're looking to buy squat rack with platforms then this will be the answer. 

This might just be the best power squat rack on the market, and a perfect 5/5 star rating from 219 satisfied customers is proof of quality.

6. MiraFit M100 Squat Power Rack (with Weights and Bar)

Price: £699.95

the best squat racks

Depending on your budget you may want to consider buying this squat power rack from MiraFit as the basis for your home gym, with an eye towards easily expanding when you want more workout equipment.

This heavy duty squat rack does come with a heavy duty price tag, but you’re getting a whole lot for your money including; a squat power rack, Olympic weightlifting bar, collars and 100kg split across 4 pairs of weight plates. 

The top of this squat rack is formed from multi-grip pull up bars, so you’re getting extra equipment for your money. You even have the option of fitting this upside down to reduce the overall height if necessary.

If you’re intending on setting up squat racks for home use this product comes with the option to bolt down the base for added stability (to be purchased separately) - although you’ll need to make sure you’re sure of the space layout so you won’t need to move it later.

The spotter bars are solid steel so they’re incredibly sturdy and will be able to withstand a lot of force. They’re also fully adjustable so you can easily move them where they’re needed.

For those of you looking for a bench press and squat rack, this M100 model is compatible with a wide range of other MiraFit products, including benches, cable systems and landmine attachments for a fuller workout routine.

7. Technogym Squat Rack

Price: Request for quote

body solid squat rack

If the other entries have been mainly functional, this offering from Technogym injects a little style to proceedings. 

Aesthetics probably isn’t that high on the list when you think of gym equipment, but if you’re looking for a home squat rack it’s good to know that you can find one with some real design flair.

The Technogym squat rack has an undeniably futurist appearance and would look great in any modern home.

We loved the curved lines and space grey colour, and the rack has the look of a genuine piece of furniture, rather than your usual home squat racks.

Of course, there’s plenty of substance beneath the stylish facade, and Technogym has put comfort and safety at the heart of their agenda. There are 5 different bar catch heights, so users of any level will feel right at home, and the 8 weight storage pegs let you store a variety of plates. The rack stands on its own and isn’t a wall mounted squat rack, but with its stylish look, we don’t think you’ll mind it taking up a little extra space.

Plastic safety guards are a neat addition, plus they prevent excess wear and tear on the rack!

This product is designed to last for a long time and is made of heavy duty materials that are extremely stable. This is a squat power rack that UK shoppers can easily get their hands on as Technogym ships worldwide with reasonable rates.

If you’re looking to buy squat racks that are also robust and brilliantly functional, then we certainly recommend giving Technogym a look. 

#8 - Strongway Adjustable Barbell Squat Rack

Price: £64.95

folding squat rack

For more flexibility in your home set up you might want to consider buying a squat and bench press rack because you can train more muscle groups safely and easily; with one piece of kit you’ve basically got a full body workout.

This bench and squat rack from Strongway is one of the more budget friendly options on our list of squat racks at a comparatively modest £64.95 - but this doesn’t mean you’re missing out on quality.

Strongway have obviously considered a lot of factors during the design phase of their squat racks. For example this bench press and squat rack is made of strong and durable steel that can withstand heavy and repeated use, whilst the feet are covered in anti-slip rubber so you can train safely without worrying about the bench moving from beneath you.

The bench itself is made with thick padding for maximum comfort, whilst the hard-wearing synthetic leather is very practical for extended use and for keeping clean. 

Honestly having a bench and squat rack offers you loads more options for your workout, from bench presses and dips to elevated push-ups and split squats so you’re getting much more for your money.

Finally, the space saving design makes this one of the best squat racks for home use as you simply fold up the bench and store against the wall to keep it out of the way, which is perfect if you have limited space available.

9. Rogue S-2 Squat and Bench Rack

Price: £329.23 - £1690.25

squat rack uk

We love Rogue because they offer such a great range of customisation on your order. You can purchase the Rogue squat rack on its own (which is still a fantastic choice) or you can add in some optional extras. 

With customisation, you can transform the S-2 into a hybrid rack or order a combination of a squat rack and weights.

Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed. The S-2 is incredibly stable, possibly the most stable rack on the list. This is due to the Monster Lite squat stands, which are bolted triangular plates on the bottom of the unit, holding it in place securely. 

The Rogue Squat Rack S-2 is heavy duty and weighs in at an impressive 146lb, so there are no problems with sway or general instability so if you're on the hunt for squat racks for CrossFit, this would be the perfect answer. 

You can choose between fat and skinny pull up bars, there’s Westside precision hole spacing, and the j-cups have protective plastic liners.

Everything has been built to last, and if you go with the squat rack and bench combination then you’ve got a home gym setup that will last for years. If a pull up bar is all you are looking for, luckily for you we have written an article on the ultimate guide of pull up bars you can buy online. 

We recommend the weight bench with a squat rack option to get the full experience, but whatever you choose Rogue is a fantastic choice. Once you take the leap with their squat stand you’ll find that they offer loads of other compatible accessories like Safety Spotter arms and the brilliant Rogue Landmines.

This squat rack and bench are fantastic in its own right, but the support from Rogue, the level of customisation and array of available accessories, elevate it high above the competition.

10. Marcy Half Cage Rack

Price: £318.61

commercial squat rack

The Marcy half squat rack makes the list due to its impressive robust steel frame which offers fantastic stability, and an assortment of small features that make a big difference. 

It’s also easy to assemble, and you’ll have it up and running in around 45 minutes. Marcy is another great brand with a long history, so you can be sure that this rack won’t let you down especially if you're after half squat racks.

It comes with two Olympic plate storage posts, making it easier than ever to organise your weights. Safety and bar catches are easily adjustable, and there are anchor points for straps and bands.

You’ll be able to diversify your workout, as the pull up bar can accommodate 6 and 7 foot Olympic Bars. Ideal, if Olympic squat racks are what you're after.

Due to its adjustable safety bar catches, and the durability of the Marcy squat rack itself, we think this would make a perfect outdoor squat rack if you prefer your workouts in the open air. You won’t feel constricted, as there’s a spacious 42 inches inside the cage. 

That said, size comes with a compromise on space, and since the pull up squat rack isn’t foldable it will take up a little more room than some of the others on the list. 

If you’re space conscious and you’re working out in a smaller space, you may want to take a different approach to squats, read and invest in a pair of adjustable dumbbells! Yes, you may not be able to hit those PB’s but the movement of the exercise will be the same! 

A half squat rack of this quality with so many thoughtful features is difficult to find. The attention to detail is commendable, and Marcy has delivered yet again. 

If you’re looking for half squat racks then this is a strong all round performer which still comes in at a reasonable, mid range price, then the Marcy squat rack might just be the rack for you.

11. Body-Solid GPR370 Commercial Squat Rack

Price: £469.00

 weight bench with squat rack

A heavy duty offering from Body-Solid, the GPR370 brings some serious weight, packs a strong punch, and is designed for people who are committed to their workouts. 

It’s strong and solid and can hold up to 1000lbs. Anyone looking to take their workout to the next level could do much worse than giving this rack a try.

Some of the best features include the 14 position gunrack, the extra-wide 4-point stance, and the 7 degree reverse pitch of the mainframe uprights, which accommodate the body's natural lifting path. This makes the rack one of the most comfortable and easy to use on the list, so you can concentrate solely on your workout.

Safety is obviously a major concern with any rack, and the Body-Solid squat rack has got you covered. A series of oversized 17 inch safeties are made from 11 gauge steel, and there’s even the ability to “walk” an Olympic bar up and down, rather than replacing the weight plates. 

That’s absolutely perfect if you’re hoping to make your way up to Olympic levels, but are feeling a degree of trepidation at the prospect. 

If you’re searching for a commercial squat rack capable of taking anything that’s thrown at it, then you can’t go far wrong with the GPR370. It’s rugged, durable, and a genuine powerhouse. 

Body-Solid believes in safe muscle management, and everything about the GPR370 has been designed to work in tandem with your body. 

As mentioned earlier Olympic lifting can be dangerous and if a career in rehabilitating people is something you’re after, take a look at our Level 4 Lower Back Pain Management course as it’s a rewarding yet lucrative career!

12. Jordan Premium Heavy Duty Squat Stand

Price: £615.30

squat rack cheap

Another heavy duty offering, this free standing squat rack makes the list partly due to the high level of customisation available, and partly because it's so space economical. This is the perfect home squat rack. It’s compact, colourful, and functional enough to form the centrepiece of any home gym setup. 

When you unbox the rack for the first time it might seem incredibly small, but this versatile piece of kit adjusts horizontally and vertically using a simple screw system. 

Jordan offers over a hundred different colour schemes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your home’s design. Before you press purchase you have a huge number of customisation options at your disposal.

The stand itself is made from super durable oval steel tubing, which gets an added layer of protection from a matte finish. It’s made of weighty material so you won’t have to worry about any instability.

In fact, the stand can be used with a full length seven foot Olympic bar, which is testament to its strength. Do you need extra assistance when you lift? OriGym have listed the best weightlifting belts for you to help you along your fitness journey! 

This is a great piece of standalone kit, but if you’re looking to build your own home gym it also works great with a bench or weightlifting platform. We think it’s a brilliant foundation piece for anybody who doesn’t own much gym equipment but wants to start their own at home workout station from scratch.

Better still, Jordan offers free UK delivery, and with 69 glowing reviews on Trustpilot, there really is little reason not to give this most versatile of squat racks a try.

13. Gorilla Adjustable Squat Rack

Price: £159.00

york squat rack

Gorilla’s motto is “professional gym equipment for everyone,” so you already know what you’re getting. 

The company prides itself on making equipment accessible to all and ensuring that anybody, regardless of circumstance, can maximise their workout and health potential. It’s an admirable aim, and the Gorilla rack is great if you’re looking for a reasonably cheap squat rack that still comes with a few additional features.

Of course, the ability to incorporate barbells into your workout is the biggest draw here, and this barbell squat rack does a great job of combining several features on one piece of kit. It has a maximum load capacity of 250kg, which might not be the biggest on the list but is certainly enough for the average workout. 

Barbells are great for working out a range of different muscles, we recommend the reverse grip barbell curl as it targets the forearms and biceps, check out how to do it and give it a try! 

The rod support stands at 95-133cm, and the height of the safety rests is 49-74cm. The stand width is adjustable in increments of four, so you can tweak it for each workout. As you might expect, the rack is made from durable steel, and we didn’t detect any shake or instability. 

It’s nice and easy to build too, and unlike other squat racks, everything you need is included in the box. Plus, the task of assembling it is a one person job! 

All in all, we think if you're looking for cheap squat racks then Gorilla has done a great job of following through on its company goals. This really feels like a piece of professional kit, the type you might expect to find in a higher end gym, but it comes at a fraction of the price.

14. Gym Master Heavy Duty Half Power Cage Squat and Bench Rack

Price: £399.99

hammer strength squat rack

This squat power rack makes the list due to the sheer number of exercises it facilitates. It’s obviously fantastic for bench presses and squats, but you’ll also find that it’s perfect for dips, weighted pull ups, and other similar manoeuvres. 

If you feel a bench press is a monotonous exercise, try out this variation to target your chest muscles called the landmine press. 

This is by no means one of the cheap squat racks for sale, but it’s not the most expensive either, and considering you get so much for your money, we actually think it represents great value.

The two full length safety bars feel incredibly robust and secure so you can work out with peace of mind, plus there are two barbell rests for added comfort, too.

We loved the chrome design of the bars, and we think this is one of the more stylish offerings on the list. It certainly has a subtly futuristic aesthetic which is a welcome difference from some of the other more plain, purely function racks.

With 50mm heavy duty reinforced steel tubing, there’s no trace of structural instability. Gym Master has put a great deal of emphasis on safety with this rack, and we love how strong everything feels. 

The maximum load of 200kg is high enough for most workouts, and the 20 x 5cm increments on the front, plus 26 on the rear, will be perfect for anyone.

Due to its size, we think this would make a brilliant outdoor squat rack, and we can easily see it as the centre piece in a much larger, garden gym. 

It’s strong enough to withstand the elements, and since the frame is so robust you’ll have no problems working out in the open air, even in a strong breeze.

15. Again Faster Squat Rack Package

Price: From £560.00

Life fitness squat rack

This squat rack with weights package from Again Faster is one of the more unique products on our list because it comes with everything you need right out of the box. 

You won’t have to go searching for weights, because they come with the rack. Throw in a brilliant 35kg bench and all of a sudden you’ve got a package deal attractive enough to entice bodybuilders of any level. 

Following bodybuilders on social media for inspiration really does give you that extra push sometimes as they can provide insight in the world of bodybuilding and fitness.

If you’re stuck at home or want something to watch whilst exercising on the treadmill, read our article on the best fitness YouTubers of 2020! 

Even without the accompanying weights, this is a fantastic rack. The stand is made from tough 11 gauge steel and it’s heavy duty, so you can expect unwavering stability. 

The bench and squat rack come with 6 adjustable back positions and 3 seat positions, and it has a maximum capacity of 450kg and the padding offers the perfect blend of comfort and support. 

You’ll be able to choose your own Bumper Plates, and there’s a great range on offer. As you might expect, they’ve all been made using high quality materials so if you're looking for adjustable squat racks that are great value for money, this will be it. 

The bench styles are customisable too, so you’ll be able to pick from a range of colours and styles, safe in the knowledge that whatever you choose comes with Again Faster’s state of the art padding. 

This squat rack is the complete package and represents the perfect starting point for anybody who is looking to build their own home gym but isn’t sure where to begin. 

It comes with everything you need and requires very little assembly time. 

Again Faster have put huge amounts of effort into safety and comfort with this rack, so you’ll always have peace of mind as you workout. If you’re looking for both a squat rack and weights, this is definitely the best option for you.

So now you know what types of squat racks are out there, how do you set them up?

How to set up a squat rack? 

So you have bought your home gym squat rack and you have successfully built the frame and you’re ready to start having a go at squats, but wait! How do you set up a squat rack if you have never done it before? Don’t worry, OriGym will teach you how to!

Follow this general guide but a disclaimer, all racks are completely different to one another so always refer to the manual to see the correct way of how to set up a squat rack in your own one. 

Here’s how you do it:

  • Strip all the plates if there are any on the bar.
  • You will need to consider the position of the bar next, this is vital to have the rack height right. 
  • Look for adjustable parts on the rack and have the parts at shoulder height. 
  • Safety bars on the rack should always be used, even if you’re an expert at squats. Ensure the bars are at an appropriate height based on how low you squat. 
  • Once you have completed your reps and sets return the bar back to the rack and strip the weight so you can use it again for your next session. 

Before you go!

We hope you found the perfect rack for your home gym. As mentioned earlier in the article, if a space saving option is what you’re after then we recommend going for a folding squat rack. 

If space isn’t an issue and you have space in your garden, you could always invest in an outdoor squat rack because it’s always fun working out outside.

If building your own home gym has inspired you to take up a career in the health and fitness industry, take a look at our REPs accredited Level 4 Nutrition For Sport Course and download our FREE prospectus for more information.


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