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Strongman is quickly becoming one of the most popular extreme weightlifting events out there. But if you’re new to the sport, the huge range of equipment required for both training and competing in Strongman can be overwhelming. 

If you’re looking to buy Strongman equipment but don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to the best Strongman training equipment in the UK!

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What is Strongman? 

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Before we get into our list of the best Strongman supplies, you may be wondering, what exactly is Strongman? 

Strongman is a competitive weightlifting event that tests functional strength, cardiovascular endurance, and speed. 

There is, of course, a Strongwoman competition too! For the purposes of this article, all of the Strongman supplies that we mention are applicable to both men and women. If you’re looking for some motivation, have a browse of our list of the best female bodybuilders to give you some inspiration to become a Strongwoman!

The basic premise is that competitors lift a variety of extremely heavy objects either overhead or from one end of the room to another. A Strongman competition is made up of several different events. Although competitions can vary, most include the following events: 

  • Atlas Stone Throwing 
  • The Tire Flip  
  • The Car Deadlift
  • The Log
  • The Axle
  • The Super Yoke
  • The Farmer’s Walk
  • The Sandbag Carry

Throughout all of these events, the overall aim is to simply lift the heaviest or be the fastest! But there is much more to Strongman than just physical strength. 

Strongman is a mental challenge too. Competitors must be completely committed to consistent training, which requires huge amounts of dedication and motivation. During the event itself, lifting such heavy weights requires a lot of mental willpower, as well as the ability to withstand physical pain. In other words, strongman is definitely not for the faint hearted! 

Protein is essential to help muscle recovery after such high-intensity lifting sessions. Check out our list of the best low-carb protein powders for an easy way to up your protein intake. 

Where does Strongman come from? 

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You may be familiar with the classic ‘strongmen’ that used to perform in circuses in the 19th century. The concept of a ‘strongman’ started as a simple exhibition of strength!

In the 20th century, competitions such as the World’s Strongest Man and the Strongman Champions League started to become increasingly popular.

Now, Strongman is one of the most well-known extreme strength and endurance events in the world. There are even local strongman clubs, and there are more and more strongman competitions being run all around the world.

If you like the sound of extreme fitness challenges, have you ever thought about doing an ironman or triathlon? Our guide to Ironman and Triathlon distances explains all you need to know! 

What Strongman equipment do you need?

strongman training equipment

The following Strongman equipment is what you will use in an actual Strongman competition, so it is well worth investing in them!


A yoke is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of Strongman training gear. It consists of a short squat rack with a crossbar at shoulder height with weights attached at each end. 

Although a yoke is similar, if you’re looking for a standard squat rack, here is our buyer’s guide to the best squat racks

It is used in the Super Yoke event, where competitors lift the entire rack and bar off the ground and either hold it, or walk with it. It is undoubtedly one of the toughest elements of a Strongman competition.

GymHolix Yoke Xtreme Strongman 


strongman workout equipment

This yoke from GymHolix includes all the traditional features of a yoke, but with a modern, sleek design.

It comes with an 80x80x3mm solid chassis and a 70mm adjustable crossbar. The bars are coated in a powder matte black finish, making it easy to grip on to. 

The crossbar is also adjustable, so it is suitable for Strongmen and Strongwomen of all heights and sizes!

The frame itself is 85kg, or you can load it up to 500kg! It is therefore ideal for both trying to lift as heavy as you can, or loading it a bit lighter and walking with it. 


When it comes to Strongman lifting equipment, a Log should definitely be part of your collection. It is simply a log-shaped barrel that competitors lift off the ground and raise overhead. 

Although the movement is similar to a barbell clean and press, a Log Press is usually a lot harder due to the larger diameter of the log itself. 

Bulldog Gear Strongman Log 


strongman equipment cheap

Our favourite Strongman log has got to be this one from Bulldog. At a reasonable £165, it is ideal if you’re looking for some cheap strongman training equipment.

At 205mm, this Log has a smaller diameter than most, making it easier to lift as its centre of gravity is closer to the body. Plus, it has 4 neutral grip handles to help you grip the log better and to reduce the strain on your shoulder joints.

Another great feature of this log is that it is covered with Bulldog’s signature black powder coat, which also makes grip easier.

The log itself weighs in at 30kg but both sleeves are loadable, giving you the option to increase the weight of your lift. 

Car Deadlift Frame

This piece of Strongman equipment is exactly what it sounds like; a frame that allows you to deadlift a car! It is undoubtedly one of the most visually impressive Strongman events.  

But before you start lifting cars, why not work on your deadlift form with our guide to how to do the Sumo Deadlift

ERA-FIT Car Deadlift Frame 


buy strongman equipment

This Car Deadlift Frame is the perfect way to practice your car deadlifts in your own training space before a competition. 

With ERA-FIT, you can design the frame to suit your loading, making it a great customizable piece of Strongman gym equipment. The frame comes in a simple plain black finish, but you can also add sponsor decals for specific events. 

Simply drive the car onto the ramps of the frame and you’re good to go! The ramps are adjustable, making it easy to drive the car on and off the ramp. There are also two handle options at the front, so you can choose the grip that suits you best. 

Like all ERA-FIT products, this car deadlift frame is made in Britain from high quality, durable material. We think that this car deadlift frame is an investment well worth making! 

Atlas Stones 

Atlas Stones are simply large heavy balls made of concrete. Competitors have to pick them up and load them onto a platform or over a bar.

In terms of Strongmen gym equipment, Atlas Stones are one of the easiest to get hold of. There is a huge range out there, but these two options are our favourites.

Twisted Barbell Atlas Stones

Prices range from £35- £300 

strongman lifting equipment

Twisted Barbell have some of the best Strongman gym equipment in the UK, and these Atlas Stones are no exception.

They are available in a variety of sizes and prices from 20kg for £25 to 200kg for £300, so they are suitable for a range of fitness levels and budgets, making them a great option if you’re looking for cheap strongman equipment.

With Twisted Barbell, you can even customise your Atlas Stones with higher quality rubber grip coating or personalised colours to match the theme of your gym. 

As well as individual stones, you can also buy a selection of stones to kickstart your Strongman gym equipment collection. Choose from a Men’s Starter Set for £170 or a Women’s Starter Set for £120.

Boulton Strength Atlas Stones

Prices range from £19.99 to £109.99

strongman gym equipment

Boulton Strength also offers a huge selection of Strongman training equipment in the UK, including a great range of Atlas Stones at a reasonable price.

Weights range from £19.99 for 20kg to £109.99 for 150kg, making it a great option if you’re looking for cheap Strongman equipment. 

These Atlas Stones are made from structural grade concrete so they are extremely durable and able to withstand the wear and tear of training.

They have an old-school design, reminiscent of the original Strongman circus days! But if you want to give them a modern twist, you can get them in custom colours or add a personalised logo.

Tyre Flip Strongman Equipment 

In the Tyre Flip event, you simply have to flip a tyre over until you reach a certain distance. It is a test of sheer physical strength and stamina. 

The tyres used are usually giant tractor tyres that can weigh over 500kg! So although it may look like a simple enough movement, it is perhaps one of the heaviest pieces of Strongman workout equipment there is.

Escape Fitness ‘The TIYR’ 

Prices range from £780 to £1280

strongman training equipment uk

The TIYR from Escape Fitness is a high-quality piece of Strongman training gear that is well worth investing in if you want to practice the Tyre Flip.

It has all the benefits of a ‘real’ tyre, but is made from a material that is soft, strong and durable, making it super easy to train with. 

The handles are one of the best features of this tyre. They are made from a material called ‘CODURA’ - a super tough fabric that will withstand all the wear and tear you’ll put your tyre through! You can use the handles for lifting and carrying the tyre, as well as for attaching other pieces of Strongman equipment such as Battle Ropes.

The TIYR is available in a range of weights and sizes at varying prices, so there is something for everyone, no matter your fitness level or budget. Options range from a 40kg tyre for £780, all the way up to a 100kg tyre for £1280.

If you want even more choice, check out OriGym’s extensive list of the best gym tyres

Axle Press Strongman Equipment 

The Axle Press is another popular piece of Strongman lifting equipment. Also known as the ‘fat belt’, it is similar to a barbell, but the bar itself has a wider diameter. This makes it harder to get a comfortable grip and lift above your shoulders- which is of course where the challenge lies! 

When using a barbell to lift any kind of heavy weight, you should always use a barbell pad to protect you and keep you comfortable. With so many different ones out there, OriGym’s list of the best barbell pads is a great place to start. 

Mirafit Classic 7ft Strongman Axle Bar


strongman accessories

This classic axle bar from Mirafit is a great addition to any Strongman training equipment collection. 

The bar itself has a 5cm diameter, so you can get used to lifting with a wider grip to improve your forearm strength

It is made from heavy-duty steel and weighs in at approximately 20kg, but if you want to add more weight, it is compatible with most 2 inch Olympic weight plates and can be loaded up to 320kg!

Plus, the bar is coated with a matte black powder finish without knurling. This is beneficial for your training as it means that you won’t rely on knurling to keep hold of the bar. 

Sled Drag Strongman Equipment 

The Sled Drag is a classic Strongman event that is great for increasing functional strength, power, cardiovascular endurance and conditioning. So if you’re looking to buy Strongman equipment that can be used for a variety of workouts, a sled is the ideal choice. 

A Sled Drag simply involves dragging a ‘sled’ across a large open space. It is particularly beneficial for building strength in your legs, hips and arms. The Sled Drag really is an all-body workout! If you’re new to this exercise, we have a handy guide to how to do the classic sled push here.

Strength Shop Elite PushPull Sled - Prowler


strongman accessories uk

This Elite Sled from the Strength Shop is a versatile and high-quality piece of Strongman gym equipment. 

The sled itself weighs 32kg and the poles can be loaded with Olympic size plates. You also have the choice of using the high or low handles to push it.  

A sling and shackle can also be added to the load, so you can really adapt this sled to your own personal training needs and fitness level. 

With a plain black finish that gives a sleek and simple design, this sled is both functional and looks good!

Farmer’s Walk Strongman Equipment 

A Strongman competition is arguably not complete without a Farmer’s Walk. This simple yet challenging exercise requires extreme all-over strength and resilience.

The most basic form of a Farmer’s Walk consists of holding weights in each hand- usually in the form of dumbbells or kettlebells. If you want to practice your Farmer’s Walk with kettlebells, we’ve compiled a list of the best kettlebells on the market. 

However, the Strongman version takes it to the next level! Strongman competitors lift a frame made of thick metal bars and a handle in the middle. They then have to walk as far or as quickly as possible.

Most Farmer’s Walk Strongman workout equipment allows you to load plates for an extra challenge, making it ideal for both beginners and pros. 

Check out the Farmers Walk Benefits in this OriGym blog post!

Mirafit Standard Black Trap Bar With Stand


strongman gear

When it comes to Strongman gym equipment, you can rely on Mirafit to provide only the highest quality products at a reasonable price. This trap bar is no exception! 

It is perfect for practicing your Farmer’s Walks but can also be used for deadlifts and shrugs. It is therefore a great multi-functional piece of Strongman training gear. 

It includes a built-in stand so you can pick it up easily, as well as two quick release snap collars. The bars are made from a heavy-duty steel and can be loaded up to 180kg with standard 1 inch weight plates.

Plus, the innovative design of this frame eliminates contact with the upper thighs and torso. This means that you can really focus on upper body strength. 

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What Strongman accessories do you need?

As well as the core pieces of equipment, Strongman accessories such as straps, sleeves and clothing are equally important if you want to take your Strongman training seriously!

With such a wide range of options out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best Strongman accessories in the UK! 

You may notice that one thing missing from this list is a belt. But don’t worry, we’ve already got a whole guide dedicated to the best weightlifting belts here!

Interested in accessories for other sports? Why not check out our list of the best running accessories and see how they can enhance your next workout! 

Wrist Wraps 

Wrist straps are essential for any kind of pressing event in a Strongman competition as they help protect the wrist joints from strain.

Just like weightlifting gloves, a good wrist strap should therefore be not too soft, and be big enough to cover a fair amount of your wrist and forearm.

Tuff Wraps Villain Wrist Wraps 24 inch in black/gold 


strongman supplies

These wrist straps from Tuff Wraps are undoubtedly some of the best on the market. They are high quality, durable and look good too!

The overall length is 28 inches and they are fastened with double Velcro for a super secure and supportive fit.

Unlike some shorter wrist wraps, these are suitable for Strongman training as they are rigid and help keep your wrists stable during press events. 

At such a reasonable price, this is a great piece of cheap Strongman equipment that will help keep your wrists safe during both training and competitions.

Stone sleeves

Like wrist wraps, stone sleeves provide support when lifting the extremely heavy weights involved in Strongman. More specifically, they are designed to protect your forearms during stone lifting. 

Stone sleeves are perhaps one of the most overlooked Strongman accessories. But if you’re lifting Atlas stones, supporting your forearms is vital if you want to prevent injury. 

BTB Stone Sleeves  


strongman gear uk

These stone sleeves from BTB are custom made to your personal measurements, making for a guaranteed perfect fit. 

Made from a durable and high quality leather, they are more than able to withstand the wear and tear of Atlas stone lifting. It also provides a perfect surface to apply tacky. 

The sleeves are secured by a sturdy Velcro fastening and a solid steel buckle, helping to maintain a secure tight fit on your forearms. The straps themselves are also made from a lightweight webbing material, so there’s no excess unnecessary weight holding you down. 

Plus, these stone sleeves are available in a huge range of different colour combinations! 

Serious Steel Stone Sleeves

Prices range from $59.90 to $79.90 (approximately £42.30 to £56.40) 

strongman equipment sleeves

Another great set of stone sleeves is this offering from Serious Steel. Made from cowhide leather, they are one of the highest quality sleeves on the market. 

Instead of Velcro, these sleeves fasten with 3 belt and loop brass buckle fastenings. The anti-slip material on the inside also gives these sleeves a super secure fit that will stay put throughout your stone lifting session. 

Sizes range from XS to XXL, so you’re sure to find a pair of sleeves that fit you! Plus, there is a handy measuring guide on the Serious Steel website, so you can be sure that you get the perfect fit.

The classic black leather and brass buckle fastenings give these sleeves an old-school look reminiscent of the original circus Strongman! So if you’re looking for Strongman accessories that are both functional, supportive and stylish, then these are for you. 

Knee sleeves

The sheer amount of lower body strength involved in Strongman events naturally puts a lot of strain on the knee joints. That’s why a good pair of knee sleeves are an essential Strongman accessory! 

Knee sleeves should be supportive, but not too tight! You should still be able to reach your full range of motion without feeling restricted. 

Knee sleeves are a great addition to any lifting routine, not just Strongman. If you feel like you could do with some extra knee support, why not also check out our list of the best knee compression sleeves for general fitness and sports like running? 

Ultra Fitness Double Ply Knee Sleeves 


strongman gear sleeves

Made from a super heavy Double Ply material, these knee sleeves from Ultra Fitness are both affordable and high quality.

The selection of sizes range from Small to XXXL, you can be sure to get a pair of knee sleeves that fit you perfectly. 

Plus, they have a handy elasticated fitting, so you still have plenty of movement as well as support. 

Knee wraps 

Like knee sleeves, knee wraps are important for giving your knees extra support whilst squatting or lifting heavy loads. They are particularly useful for Strongman events such as the Farmer’s Walk or the Yoke. 

A good pair of knee wraps should be able to support your knee joints, but also be flexible enough to allow you to move. Especially when doing something like the Farmer’s Walk, you should be able to bend your knees so that you can move quickly! 

Knee pain is one of the most common weightlifting injuries, but supporting them with knee sleeves and wraps is a great way to prevent it. 

Cerberus Performance Knee Wraps 

Prices range from $26 to $32 (approximately £18.35 to £22.58) 

strongman equipment straps

The Performance Knee Wraps from Cerberus are an excellent piece of Strongman training gear. They offer the perfect balance between support and flexibility. 

They are lightweight and comfortable, meaning that you can focus on lifting heavier weights without worrying about injuring your knees. You can choose from either 2m or 2.5m long wraps, depending on your size. 

Although they have made it to this list of the best Strongman accessories in the UK, they are equally useful for general bodybuilding, powerlifting and Olympic lifting. At such a reasonable price, it is an essential piece of Strongman gear that you can use in all aspects of your fitness routine! 

Smelling Salts

When it comes to Strongman accessories, smelling salts are by no means essential. But, they are very popular amongst weightlifters, powerlifters and indeed Strongman competitors as many find that they enhance performance. 

The main ingredient is ammonia carbonate which when inhaled, triggers an involuntary inhalation reflex that increases your breathing rate and your heart rate. This then turns on your sympathetic nervous system- or your ‘fight or flight’ response, which releases hormones such as adrenaline. 

This sharp increase in adrenaline is beneficial for most strongman events as it optimizes motor skills like lifting and running. So taking a whiff of salts before a big lift can help you lift heavier than you might normally!

However, some Strongman competitors find the rush of adrenaline too much, or simply distracting. It is therefore advised to try a bit of smelling salts whilst training rather than using them for the first time at a big event. That way, if you don’t take well to them, it isn’t going to ruin your competition. 

If smelling salts aren’t for you, there are other ways to get a burst of energy before a training session or competition, such as a natural energy drink

Big Ben’s Nose Napalm 


strongman equipment uk nose

If you think you want to give smelling salts a try, this nose napalm from Big Ben’s is one of the most popular out there. 

At such a reasonable price, it is definitely one of the best cheap Strongman accessories in the UK. Not only is it reasonably priced, but it is also one of the strongest ammonia smelling salts you can get! 

The container also has a child-resistant cap, which will give you peace of mind if you accidentally leave it lying around at home! 


When you’re lifting weights as heavy as in Strongman, clothing may not be your first thought. But wearing a weightlifting-specific singlet can actually make a huge difference to your comfort and performance. 

Below are our favourite singlets for both strongmen and strongwomen, but why not also check out OriGym’s guide to the best weightlifting shoes to complete your training kit!

Kumi Women’s Weightlifting Singlet 

$105 (approximately £74)

strongman equipment uk singlet

This women’s weightlifting singlet is both stylish and practical. In a simple black colour with a print Kumi logo, it is a great choice for Strongwomen who want to make a simple yet bold statement in both training and competitions.

It is made from 90% Micropoly and 10% Spandex, which is a wet-wicking, breathable fabric. So no matter how much you sweat, this singlet has got you covered. 

A great feature of this singlet is that it has rubberized elastic in the leg holes, so they won’t budge when you lift. 

Gone are the days of waiting for your kit to dry; this Kumi singlet is also super quick drying! 

It is available in a good range of sizes, from XS to XL, and there is a handy size guide on their website to help you get the perfect fit.

Warm Body Cold Mind Weightlifting Compression Men’s Singlet S-1

€79,90 (approximately £67) 

buy strongman equipment uk

If you’re looking for some high-quality Strongman gear at a reasonable price, this men’s singlet from Warm Body Cold Mind is definitely worth considering. 

Made from their own special material called Supplex Sport, it is super durable as well as breathable. This means that those areas that make contact with the bar or other pieces of Strongman lifting equipment won’t wear down quickly. 

The design of this singlet is simple yet stylish. It is all black, but with blue side panels for a bold pop of colour. The panels are also printed with a sublimation process, so the colours will stay bold and crisp even after several washes. 

These singlets are available in a range of sizes, from Small to XXL, so you can be sure to find the right fit for you. 

Unbroken Designs Stars and Stripes Men’s Singlet 

$125 (approximately £88)

strongman accessories uk 2

This men’s singlet from Unbroken Designs is another high-quality piece of Strongman gear that is perfect for both training and competitions. 

With a unique black and white American flag design, you’ll make a subtle yet stylish statement with this singlet! 

But this singlet doesn't just look good; it is super durable and long-lasting too. Made from a blend of Meryl and Lycra, it is incredibly soft, flexible and breathable, providing you with both support and comfort when you lift. 

The leg holes are fitted with elastic, making for a secure fit around the legs even when you move. There is also an impressive selection of sizes available, ranging from XS to XXXL. 

Before you go! 

So, now that you are familiar with all the different types of Strongman equipment and accessories, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been looking for a sign to start training for Strongman, this is it!

Feeling inspired? Why not check out OriGym’s range of personal training courses and start your career in the fitness industry! Or, you can browse the full range of courses in our prospectus which you can download for free here

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