Top 19 Spotify Yoga Playlists of 2021

Finding the best yoga playlist for your needs can be tricky, you may think you’ve found the perfect yoga playlist for relaxation, and then your concentration is shattered by an impromptu electronic number. Or you are in the middle of an upbeat yoga flow class, only to be interrupted by Mozart or Bach.

Thankfully, Spotify is one of the easiest places to find popular yoga music playlists to suit all taste preferences. So, whether you are looking for music suitable for your class, or for an upbeat workout booster, OriGym has you covered with our list of the following playlist variations: 

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The Benefits of Listening to Music While Doing Yoga

Studies have shown that when music is synchronised with exercise routines, it can have positive effects on both your psychology and physiology. Yoga music in particular has been shown to promote active meditation, by bringing your mind to focus and towards the present. 

As this music plays your brain lights up in many areas, especially in the language and motor center;  essentially you’re exercising your brain and body at the same time. 

Another way in which yoga music benefits your practice is through the brain's relationship with the body. As the music plays during exercise, the brain has also been known to react by secreting natural endorphins, which in turn reduces any strenuous pain caused by the poses and stretches. 

Whatsmore, music has been known to reduce the anxiety and stress surrounding exercise. This is incredibly beneficial for yoga in particular, as it puts the participants in a relaxed state and helps them to gain better control over their breath.

How To Find The Right Yoga Playlist

Finding a good yoga music playlist that caters exactly to your preferences can be a challenge, let alone trying to come up with your own one!

The most common variations of yoga music you expect to find within these playlists are instrumental, often encompassing a wide range of Indian and Western instruments, with sounds of nature commonly being mixed into the score. Lounge or ambient music are also popular choices due to their steady beat patterns, and relaxing tone. 

When searching for a playlist, the first thing you need to consider is what sort of session you want to have. Do you want a modern yoga music playlist to go with an upbeat intensely physical session, or are you looking for a yoga music relaxation playlist for a calmer, more mindful session? 

However, creating a playlist is not always about mood and atmosphere, sometimes you have to take the class's participants into consideration too. For example, the best yoga music playlist for prenatal yoga would consist of soothing music as it has been found to reduce back pain, nausea, headaches and shortness of breath. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Spotify has hundreds of free yoga playlists for you to choose from, making this playlist decision easier than ever.

So, without any further ado, let's jump into the best free yoga music playlists of 2021, for the added benefit of all yogis we have separated this list into multiple categories. 

Best Vinyasa Yoga Playlists

#1 - Yoga Girl: Playlist Of The Month 

Great For - A session focused on relaxation and meditation

This popular yoga music playlist has been handpicked to help listeners ease the body and mind into a relaxing session of vinyasa yoga. With a mixture of instrumental and indie sounds, including music from the likes of HIAM and Ben Howard, the Yoga Girl: Playlist of the Month is an excellent example of a yoga playlist designed to benefit your practice and integrate popular music.

Yoga Girl, aka Rachel Brathen, boasts an impressive 2 million followers across social media and receives more than 85k monthly listeners on her Spotify page. Rachel has built a name for herself online, which means she is one of the go-to places for yoga content and instruction.

For the more popular yoga channels, check out OriGym’s list of the 18 Best YouTube Yoga ChannelsRachel’s career as Yoga Girl took off in 2010, after she moved to Aruba and began teaching yoga full time. Her classes are centered on vinyasa flows, but she also incorporates holistic therapies such as active listening and journaling in order to encourage heart healing. Rachel’s classes aim to deepen the connection to not only ourselves but to the people around us as well.

The Yoga Girl ‘Playlist Of The Month’ currently has over 250k likes and is updated regularly each month, while all her previous free yoga music playlists are available on Spotify at all times for you to peruse.

If you’re after a popular yoga music playlist for your soothing group or personalised session, you simply must check out this playlist using the link above. Alternatively, visit Rachel’s Instagram for further information relating to her practices.

#2 - Mathieu Boldron: Yinyasa

Great For - An upbeat session, dedicated to pushing limits and endurance levels.

For those of you looking for an upbeat yoga music playlist, we can highly recommend Mathieu Boldron’s - Yinyasa.

This yoga playlist is great for those of you who like to take part in endurance sessions, with a focus on electronic and house dance music. Let the beat of the sound hype you up for the session ahead, we promise there will be no slacking once you’ve hit play.

For more upbeat playlists, click here and read our article on the definitive workout playlist all of which are sure to have you moving at the gym or at home. 

If you want to learn more about the man behind this upbeat yoga music playlist, Mathieu Boldron is a traveling yogi who teaches his workshops around the world. He currently has more than 40k followers on Instagram and has an impressive 28k views on his YouTube channel. 

His website boasts ‘on demand’ yoga sessions which contain online classes ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The sessions featured on this site are suitable for both beginners and experts, perfect for those of you looking to train with friends. 

Mathieu has a passion for yoga that is infectious, so if you’re struggling to get started or feel like you’re in a rut, he’s a teacher to go to! One of the core beliefs at the center of Mathieu’s yoga is that yoga can help you process painful experiences, be they physical or emotional.

Mathieu wants to help people reach a higher level of sensitivity and consciousness, and his upbeat yoga music playlist is just the tip of his teaching iceberg. If you’re interested in learning more about the ‘Yinyasa’ process, click here to visit Mathieu’s Instagram

#3 - James Rafael: JRYVinyasa June 

Great For - Feeling strong and empowered for a sculpting session

James Rafael’s JRYVinyasa is an example of a yoga sculpt playlist, which encourages listeners to connect their bodies through the sound. Shut out the world and all distractions, and let the music gently guide you from pose to pose. 

Many of James’ teachings surround the idea of alignment and effortless flow, this is reflected in a whimsically instrumental focused sound, with elements of Indian culture woven in. If you’re after a yoga sculpt playlist, there is arguably none better than James Rafel’s JRYVinyasa.

As a yoga instructor, James Rafael is based in London, England, has over 10k followers on Instagram and over 126k views on his YouTube channel. Each month he uploads 3 playlists to Spotify, dedicated to a different form of yoga (qigong, vinyasa and hatha) – however, the most popular of these are undoubtedly his yoga sculpt playlist.

James typically teaches fluid sequences, which focus on the link between breath and attention. As an alignment-focused teacher, there is more focus on staying in poses for longer, breathing deeply and finding optimal healthy alignment. 

For an example of James’ teaching style, we can look at individuals with ‘type-A’ personalities, who may be drawn to stronger athletic practices. His teachings believe that yoga is the most beneficial practice for these people, as it is restorative and seeks to balance an already wired nervous system. 

Likewise, a person feeling unmotivated or stagnant would benefit most from a stronger physical practice. Therefore, if you fall into this category perhaps a more upbeat yoga music playlist will be better suited to you, for this we can recommend James’ ‘intense’ playlists. 

If you’d like to learn more about the vinyasa yoga style, OriGym can recommend reading our article dedicated to comparing hatha vs vinyasa yoga

Best Hatha Yoga Playlists

#4 - Sol Rising: Yoga Playlist Of The Month

Great For - Gentle beginning and end, more energetic in the middle.

Sol Rising’s Yoga Playlist of the month is the perfect modern playlist, for those of you who are looking to be gently soothed into your session. With gentle instrumental sounds, these frequency-inspired tracks will take you to emotional highs and lows, as you alter your positions. 

Many of the tracks to feature within this playlist come from Sol Risings’ own instrumental album ‘Gratitude’,  which accompanies work from other artists to perfect this layered modern yoga playlist. 

On it’s own the album Gratitude can act as the perfect yoga music relaxation playlist, with incredible ensembles which include strings, flutes, mandolins and pianos, melding together to produce lo-fi style beats. 

The man behind the playlist is Sol Rising, a music producer and DJ who specializes in creating yoga music, with his signature chilled-techno sound. His soundscapes are designed to inspire and relax, mixing ambient, lo-fi, and mid-tempo beats to invoke a feeling of bliss, perfect for yoga practice and sessions of prolonged meditation.

Many of Sol’s most popular songs and albums have been hyped by the yoga community, he has released an impressive collection of 16 albums and boasts well over 42 million streams. If you’re on the search for yoga class music playlists with a mainstream appeal, then check out Sol Rising’s Yoga Playlist of the Month. 

If you want some yoga class music playlists, check out his profile! Sol can be found on Instagram. Furthermore, more information relating to 24 distinct types of yoga style can be found on our blog.  


#5 - Marcela Marin: Hatha Yoga Indian style

Great For - 45-minute traditional hatha practice.

The next free yoga music playlist to appear on our list comes from Marcela Marin and is heavily inspired by Indian culture. Containing everything from instrumentals to soothing ballads, this playlist is perfect for those of you looking to practice with Hatha yoga. 

Hatha yoga is all a soothing practice centered around gently moving from one pose to another, which is reflected in this gentle modern yoga playlist. 

Marcela Marin herself is a yoga instructor based in Campinas, Brazil, with over 10 years of practice in Ashtanga, flow, restorative, and yin yoga. Marcela currently has more than 1k followers on Instagram, where she frequently posts about yoga, pilates and her journey as a new mother. 

Additionally, her website offers on-demand and live classes for yoga, barre, and mindfulness. Each of which differs from the other and contains themes centered around the elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air using the ‘Fringe . Yoga’ method.

If you’re interested in the best yoga music playlist for Hatha yoga classes, click on the link above and give Marcela Marin’s a listen. However, if this particular one doesn’t interest you, Marcela has 18 other yoga playlists to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.  


#6 - Martina Holistguiden: Hatha Yoga Flow 75 min

Great For - Holistic and spiritual practice

Featuring the likes of Bob Marley and Garth Stevenson, the Martina Holistguiden: Hatha Yoga Flow playlist encourages you to find inner peace with soft melodies, which will ease your mind, body and soul. 

This is arguably one of the best yoga music playlists to feature on our list, as it is incredibly adaptable to all forms of yoga. We chose to include it within this section, as we felt it was best suited for the gentle flow of hatha yoga, however, you could easily incorporate it into your rocket or vinyasa classes too. 

75 minutes of yoga can be somewhat challenging, and if you’re someone who likes to approach this head on we can also recommend 16 of the best yoga challenges for 1 & 2 people

Martina Holistguiden, aka Martina Davitkova, is a dietician, yoga teacher, and mystic based in Sweden, with over 1.5k followers on Instagram. Martina also has a podcast on spiritual awakening, mystery, magic, and personal development, which has hundreds of listeners every episode. 

Martina’s approach to yoga is holistic, and she values the connection that health has to mental, physical and spiritual aspects. She believes that science and spirituality go hand in hand, and aims to create a deeper meaning and zest for life for her clients. 

This belief is very much captured in the essence of the playlist, with just one quick listen you’ll find that each track will ease your mind, and soothe your body.

#7 - Terry McBride: Yoga Studio Playlist

Great For - Strong, dynamic practice which incorporates mantras

Terry McBride is the CEO of the Nettwerk Music Group, which has worked with artists like Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, Dido and Sarah McLachlan. Recently, they have specialised in devotional chant music, world music and mantra music, and have grown to become Canada’s largest corporate-owned yoga company. 

Terry McBride’s Yoga Studio features some of the best yoga music that encapsulates a folk-indie sound. Many of the songs included in this list rely heavily on instrumental beats, with the likes of piano and guitar ballads appearing frequently throughout.

But what makes one of the best yoga music playlists is that the songs both relax you, whilst filling your mind with hopeful inspiration.  If you are somebody who requires music to drive them forward, OriGym would strongly advise hitting play on Terry McBride’s playlist the next time you roll out your yoga mat. 

Not only is he a legend within the music industry, but in 2004 Terry became one of the founders of YYOGA – a chain of wellness centers in Vancouver. Through the YYOGA site, you can book workshops and teacher training events, as well as join their social impact program ‘We Move Together’, which is dedicated to supporting local communities.

If you’d like to follow in Terry’s footsteps you can, read our guide on How to Become a Yoga Instructor for further information, relating to how you can get started in the yoga industry. 

At the heart of Terry’s philosophy is the desire to create community spaces for people to connect authentically to themselves and others. He wants yoga to be accessible for everybody,  but don’t take our word for it, check out Terry’s philosophies via his Twitter account. 

Best Modern Yoga Playlists

#8 - Dianne Bondy R&B Yoga 

Great For - Grooving and moving throughout the whole session

Dianne Bondy is a social justice activist, author, and yoga teacher with an emphasis on accessibility – her inclusive approach means anyone can practice, regardless of their shape, size, ethnicity, or level of ability. 

Her yoga song playlist includes well-known artists such as Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan and Diana Ross and is sure to make your class one to remember. Get into the groove and embrace the upbeat sound, whilst you work up a sweat. 

For over 20 years, Dianne has been leading a yoga revolution; empowering students and educating teachers on the need for inclusivity in yoga, striving for systemic change within the yoga industry. 

Dianne has found huge success on social media, with more than 80k followers on Instagram, and more than 199k views on her YouTube channel. On her platforms she shares ways in which she’s looking to modernise yoga, stating that incorporating popular songs into her teachings is just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you loved Dianne’s Instagram account then you’re sure to love all of the fitness influencers to feature on OriGym’s list of the 17 best yoga instagram accounts. 

Dianne also has ties to Yoga International, who help to provide extensive resources about yoga and medication to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. If you’re on the hunt for an upbeat yoga playlist, that will fill your day with happiness you simply must check out Dianne Bondy’s. 

#9 - Yoga Journal: Sculpt Yoga Playlist

Great For - High power, energising practice, when you want to mix it up

Yoga Journal is an association founded by the California Yoga Teachers Association in 1975, and with over 40 years of expertise, they are considered the leading authority on the yoga lifestyle. Their website provides information on sequences, guided meditations, and yoga pose instruction for both beginners and experts.

The free yoga playlist has been curated to inspire listeners, driving them forward with motivation when sessions are feeling too hard. With a heavy focus on pop/techno music, this playlist features the likes of Selena Gomez and Calvin Harris, with a selection of sound that will get your blood pumping. 

Currently, Yoga Journal has over 1m followers on Instagram alone, more than 7.7m views on YouTube and their Spotify account boast over 18k followers. The Sculpt Yoga playlist alone has more than 500 likes, proving how well the popular yoga music playlist has been received.

As the leading online magazine for health and conscious living, OriGym can guarantee that Yoga Journal has some of the best resources and advice out there. So, allow your body to fully trust their curated playlist and you'll feel the results.


#10 - Christoph Blomquist: Jivamukti Yoga 

Great For - Jivamukti session followed by meditation

Any yoga song playlist that features the legendary Fleetwood Mac is sure to be a popular one, and Christoph Blomquist: Jivamukti Yoga has proven to be a hit with yoga lovers across the world. 

Jivamukti yoga combines the intense structure and physicality of vinyasa yoga, with meditation and Hindu spiritual teachings. These seemingly polar opposite experiences are perfectly encapsulated in the playlist, which vacillates between electric ethereal beats, to a softer melancholic sound. 

The transition from your intense class to a meditation session with this yoga workout music playlist. As the playlist progresses, you will notice that the tone of the music changes, beginning with upbeat tempos and ending with soft indie vibes. 

For lovers of meditation, we’d also recommend reading our guide on the 13 benefits that meditation can provide

Chris is still relatively new within the public yoga scene, but boasts an impressive 1K followers on Instagram. His modern yoga playlist is unlike any other to appear on this list, we promise you won’t experience anything like it. 

Best Yoga Playlists to Wake Up To

#11 - Kalyn Nicholson: Morning Yoga

Great For - Speedy Sunshine Stretches.

Kalyn Nicholson is a yoga instructor, writer and motivational vlogger, who currently boasts an audience of over 200k followers on Instagram and more than 1.4m subscribers on YouTube and over 55m views. This following has been amassed from posting weekly yoga vlogs, plant-based recipes and mental health advice. 

This free yoga music playlist is filled with gentle songs, which will start your day on a soft and sunny note. When you have just woken up, the last thing you want is loud aggressive music, which will do nothing but irritate you, so start your day on a positive note with this entry on our playlist. 

Kalyn has not only created an active community of health and yoga fans, but is also the owner of a popular virtual coffee shop ‘All Things Koze’. Within this store, customers can expect to find everything from workout clothes, to Kalyn’s own personal book of poems ‘Dancing With Elephants’.

If you want to learn more about Kalyn Nicholson: Morning Yoga, you can check out this free yoga playlist using the link adobe and join her 65,000 followers and listeners. 

#12 - Venancio: Kundalini Yoga

Great For - Morning mantras and Shabads for kundalini yoga practices

Kundalini yoga is a practice that centers around chanting, singing, and meditation. Many of the songs to feature on this playlist are examples of authentic yoga music, which has been included to encourage participants to chant along.

If you’re looking for authentic yoga playlist ideas this is a great resource to look at. You won’t find any pop music here, only melodies which have been recorded with the yogis in mind. 

Venancio Filho himself is a kundalini yoga teacher, who primarily teaches via one-on-one zoom classes. With regular updates to his YouTube channel Venacino has curated a subscriber base of over 7k. His videos explore mediation, heart-centered yoga techniques, as well as reflections and mindfulness techniques. 

Mindfulness techniques are frequently taught in retreats, where yogis go to relax and reconnect with themselves. If you’d like to learn more about the 13 best yoga retreats in the UK, click here and read OriGym list for more information

If all of this interests you, then we’d recommend following Venancio on Instagram, where you’ll be able to find advice on everything related to Kundalini yoga, from chanting and mantras to concepts of morality. Venancio even offers yoga playlist ideas for new teachers, making his socials a valuable resource for beginners and experts. 

#13 - Young Jing: YOGA FLOW Best Yoga Music 2021

Great for - Slow paced to clear away the cobwebs

Young Jing is a South Korean musician and music producer who has created one of the most popular yoga music playlists, on the Spotify platform to date. With 150K monthly listeners and over 70k likes, Young Jing’s Yoga Flow comes highly endorsed, from Yogis across the globe.  

The first song you will find on this playlist is a low-fi ethereal dream, recorded by Young Jing himself dubbed ‘Sunset’. This song incorporates relaxing beats, with a dream-like voice that echoes in the distance, making it the perfect introduction to a brand new day. 

The vast majority of the artists to feature on this playlist are singers of Korean descent. If you’re a fan of K-Pop stars and are looking for yoga playlist ideas, for moods that are less dancy and more soothing, OriGym would strongly recommend checking out this set - we promise you won’t regret it.

When he’s not making music or crafting popular yoga playlists, Young Jing is actually a yoga instructor who has been known to teach a variety of practices and methods. With a personal love of yoga that relaxes the body and mind, Young Jing shares his passion on his Instagram and YouTube channel, which are readily available at your fingertips.

#14 - Paola Idinipi: Anusara Yoga

Great For - Mental clarity and increasing energy

Anusara Yoga is the American successor of the popular Hatha yoga method, which was first brought to western audiences in the late 1990s. If you are someone who engages within this practice, the Paola Ldinipi playlist is sure to be one of your new favourites.

Despite being one an ‘American-ised’ version of yoga, this is a good yoga music playlist that honours the practices Indian roots. Here, you will find songs that place Indian culture at the forefront, with great instrumental and vocals throughout.

If you’re looking to connect to the practice's roots, why not treat yourself to an Indian holiday. You can find many location suggestions on our list of the 23 best yoga holidays and escapes across the world. 

This yoga music relaxation playlist has been curated to promote mental clarity and increase energy. This makes it arguably the best playlist for all yogis to start their day with, brush off the cobwebs and allow yourself to feel revitalised, ready to take on the day. 

Modern yoga playlists are great, and hold a very important place in the current teachings. However, if you’re someone who is looking for something a little more traditional, we strongly recommend checking out Paola Idinipi: Anusara Yoga playlist - alternatively, check out their Spotify account for other playlists. 

#15 - Lau La Cour Bennedsen: Ashtanga yoga

Great For - Powerful and energising start to the day

Alternatively, if you’re searching for a yoga class music playlist that will start the day with a bang, we can recommend Lau La Cour Bennedsen’s Ashtanga Yoga mix. 

By blending a unique mix of traditional Indian-inspired yoga melodies with low-fi techno music, this modern yoga playlist fits perfectly with the practice of Ashtanga, which itself incorporates heavy movements with synchronised breathing. Allow your breath to guide your body through the beats of the songs, as they gradually increase in tempo and excitement. 

The man behind this playlist is Lau La Cour Bennedsen, an architect from Denmark, who shares his passion for all kinds of yoga online. For somebody who only practices yoga as a hobby, Lau has gained himself quite the following, with dedicated listeners who frequently make his playlist popular commodities in the yoga world. 

If you’d like to check out this, or any other examples of Lau La Cour Bennedsen’s curated playlists, check out his Spotify profile.

Best Yoga Playlists For Reducing Stress

#16 - Jess Loren Snell Quinn: Prenatal Yoga – Khruangbin

Great For - Prenatal yoga sessions

Prenatal yoga has become an increasingly popular method of exercise for expecting mothers, classes often involve teaching said students to stretch and pose in ways which are comfortable for their changing bodies.

The Jess Loren Snell Quinn: Prenatal Yoga playlist is filled with gentle tunes, which will encourage all mothers to move at a safe, and comfortable pace. If you’re a fan of folk/country music, then we think you’ll fall head over heels in love with this particular yoga music playlist. 

Jess Loren Snell Quinn  is a birth and postpartum doula based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, who currently has over 1k followers on Instagram. After being introduced to yoga when she was just 21, Jess has said that the practice has helped her to understand and connect with herself on a deeper level. 

As a doula, Jess also believes her role to be one of empowerment for the family, roots herself in mindfulness, wellness and inner peace. She strives to be a support system for the expecting family, providing information, be it emotional, psychical, before or post birth.

If you’re currently pregnant it’s so important to incorporate folic acid into your diet. For advice on how you can do this, read our article on the benefits and side effects of folic acid heavy foods. 

#17 - Metr: Yoga Music 2021 Yoga Flow & Relaxation

Great For - Electro-acoustic chillout

Metr: Yoga Music 2021 is a good yoga playlist for those of you who are looking for an electro-inspired take on acoustic music. Allow these low-fi beats to merge with your yoga flow, as you effortlessly transition from one position to another.

This modern yoga playlist specialises in soundscapes and instrumental melodies, with an array of piano and guitar-centric songs to soothe your stress levels. At OriGym we consider this playlist to be the perfect accompaniment to a post-work yoga session. 

Metr is a London-based music label that showcases new contemporary, electro-acoustic and ambient music. Whilst still in their infancy, since being founded in 2020 they have gained over 500 followers on Instagram and their Spotify yoga playlists reach over 3k likes consistently.

Metr has worked with small artists like Kams, Caphas Teom, and Pedro Tomas, and aims to help them gain traction in the alternative music industry. Metr can be found on Instagram, check them out to stay updated on all the latest from their artists. 

#18 - Alejandra Avila: Kundalini Yoga Mantras Sat Nam

Great For - Finding Inner Happiness

When looking for yoga music playlist ideas, many yogi’s want songs that will help to center their focus, allowing them to engage with their present-day reality. The Alejandra Avila: Kundalini Yoga playlist achieves just that, thanks to the music included. 

Much like many other entries on our list,  this Spotify yoga playlist pays homage to the Indian roots of yoga, with music that is heavily influenced by Indian culture. The music featured within this playlist will help you tune out the wider world, focusing only on your current practice. 

Alejandra Avila, aka Kandy Disenos, is a kundalini yoga instructor based in Spain, who has a passion for meditation, crystals, and healing. She currently has over 1.5k followers on Instagram, and a highly successful Etsy shop, where she sells mala bead necklaces, bracelets and other chic jewelry. 

To learn more about the importance of mala beads, click here and read our list dedicated to 17 yoga symbols and their meanings. 

Kundalini yoga is a specialised practice, which is rooted in the belief of feminine energy located at the base of the spine. These teachings encourage women to unlock their inner Goddess, through daily meditation, energy healing and inner growth. 

If you want a practice that will help you find inner peace, then we’d strongly recommend engaging with Kundalini yoga and the playlist provided above.  

#19 - Breathe and Flow: yoga playlist of the month | breathe and flow

Great for - Gentle mindful flow for de-stressing

This modern yoga music playlist primarily provides beat-heavy songs, with powerful peaks for an upbeat vinyasa yoga session. But the Breath and Flow: yoga playlist isn’t a one trick pony, as the tracks progress you’ll notice the tempo of each song is increasing before gradually slowing towards the end of the list, this is to ensure you have a relaxing end to your class. 

Breathe and Flow, aka Bre and Flo are yoga instructors currently based in Sayulita, Mexico. They have been embarking on a trip around the world, learning new yoga techniques to incorporate into their own teachings as they go.

After quitting their corporate tech jobs in Silicon Valley, both Bre and Flo decided to pursue the yoga lifestyle on a professional level. They now run workshops, lectures and retreats for yogis of all skill levels. 

This upbeat yoga music playlist is a mere example of their vast knowledge, if you’d like to learn more about the Breathe and Flow brand, check out their Instagram profile. 


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#1 - What is the best way to listen to music during yoga?

There has been no research to support that one method of listening works better than the other. It’s all down to personal preference, you should listen in a way that benefits your specific practice.

If you’re looking for general advice, OriGym advises playing music from a speaker when teaching a class. This will allow you teachers to talk over the music and engage with their students to ensure their poses are correct. 

However, if you’re practicing alone then we’d advise using headphones. This will allow you to block out any distractions and focus on engaging with the music, and fixing your form. 

#2 - Can You Put Music on Shuffle For Yoga?

This will vary from playlist to playlist, some will be a lot more adaptable and won’t require you to listen in any specific order. However, some playlists may intentionally set songs in a specific placement for teaching purposes. 

For example, it may begin upbeat but slowly transition into softer beats, to mimic the transition into meditation. 

These playlists will typically have a short biography, which will give you instructions to listen to the playlist in chronological order. 

Additionally, some playlists run for a set amount of time, and will be specifically designed for complete sessions. Once again, if this is the case then the Spotify biography will clarify this. 

#3 - Does Music Make Yoga Easier?

Technically speaking music doesn’t make yoga easier, however, it has been known to make your natural flow smoother. This is due to the fact that you can breathe, and transition to the beat of the music. 

Follow the beat with your breath and pose transitions, and you will enter a somewhat meditative state. The music may not make the practice miraculously easier, but it may help to think of this practice as a sort of training wheels, which will help you to learn and develop as you go.

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Before You Go!

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there will be a yoga playlist to suit your needs. When looking for these playlists, OriGym advises to keep in mind how long you want the session to be, and what the goal of the session is: flexibility, mindfulness, personal discipline, or something completely different. 

Thinking of these factors will help making the decision process easier, allowing you to not waste any extra time on needless searching. Here at OriGym we hope our article has made this process easier, and we wish you the best of luck in your yoga journey. 

If You have enjoyed this article and have ever wanted to be a personal trainer why not take a look at OriGym’s personal training courses

Alternatively, download our course prospectus for information regarding all of the other courses we offer here at OriGym.


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