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13 Best Treadmill Desks (UK)

Fed up of having permanent aches and stiffness from sitting around in your office all day? We hear you! Here at OriGym we know how long those work hours can seem, and we also know the ins and outs keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle - that’s where a standing desk treadmill or under desk treadmill can be the answer to all your problems.

Walk while you work, and improve your health whilst also increasing your productivity! Keep reading to discover our 13 best treadmill desk reviews and find one that will benefit two of the most important areas of your life. 

We’ve also answered a few FAQs at the end if you need some advice!

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#1 - Lifespan TR1200-DT5

Price: £1674.00

walking desk treadmill image

Beloved by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jimmy Kimmel, and featured by BBC News, The Telegraph, and Stylist Magazine, the Lifespan TR1200-DT5 is one of the best of the best treadmill desks you will find on the market. Like many treadmill office desks, it promises to fight heart disease by a 67% risk reduction, increase productivity by up to 27% and cut your chance of developing diabetes by 50% if used daily during your working hours. It definitely beats a bad back and tight muscles!

This stand-up work desk treadmill is suitable for 6 hours use per day, is fitted with a 2.25 HP Motor for "whisper-quiet" walking to jogging and runs at 0.6km per hour up to a maximum of 6.4km per hour, which is great if you are feeling particularly energetic! 

It’s one of the best walking desk treadmills as it has one of the highest weight capacities available of 158.7kg (348lbs) and its runway has 6 Independent Compression Shocks making it suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. 

Unlike cheaper walking treadmill desks the TR1200-DT5 incorporates LifeSpan's internal cable management system, whereby all cables are directed to the floor through the frame. As a 'Smart' desk it also includes Intelli-Guard, which ensures the treadmill only operates when you are actively walking, which is a great safety measure.

The Lifespan treadmill desk’s integrated console will also give motivation boosting readouts of cool stats including your walking time, distance covered, calories burned, steps, and speed, keeping you inspired and motivated throughout the day. This treadmill desk (UK) also has built-in Bluetooth, which will save your day's results and track how much you improve over time.

If you prefer a more physical way to monitor your fitness progress then take a look at our 15 best fitness journals article to really keep yourself motivated!

This treadmill computer desk is everything you could need to incorporate into your home or office to keep up your activity levels and prevent the potential health risks of an inactive lifestyle.

#2 - WalkSlim 630 WalkingPad Folding Treadmill

Price: £754.00

mini treadmill under desk image

Next on our list of the best treadmill desks reviews is the WalkSlim 630. Not only is this one of the best walking desk treadmills, but it’s one of the most cost efficient too. This treadmill desk price is moderate at £754, making it literally half the price of the Lifespan treadmill desk above. 

With a double folding frame and LED display, the WalkSlim 630 is a super-sleek mini treadmill that fits under your desk and reaches speeds up to 6km per hour.

One of the major benefits of this portable mini treadmill desk is that it weighs just 28kg and when folded measures 82.2cm x 54.7cm x 12.9cm: it can slide under a couch, be easily placed in a store room, or just propped up at the office, saving you a lot of space when compared to other more sizable standing desk treadmills. 

The 630 has one of the slowest starting speeds of 0.5km per hour so is a great choice for those with physical disabilities, joint problems, or for seniors that just want to stay active whilst watching Corrie - we’re not here to judge!

This standing treadmill desk (UK) comes with a 3 Year Warranty plus a 30-day money-back guarantee and a UK-based call support centre, in case you encounter any issues.

With its sleek aluminum design, the 630 can carry up to 120kg (265 lbs) in weight making it robust whilst being compact and is a great choice for anyone wanting to get their 10,000 steps in without the need to go to the gym or compromise their working day. 

The WalkSlim features a manual and automatic mode that can be controlled by remote or using the desk treadmill's intelligent adaptive speed control whereby speed is regulated by your walking pace. More features include a child safety lock, hibernation mode, LED display for calories, speed and time, and an anti-skid runway belt. 

This small under desk treadmill does not come with its own in-built desk: this could be a problem if you don’t have a suitable surface already to work on, but by contrast this could be an advantage for someone who want to take it to work or move it to different rooms in the house, that’s for you to decide!

#3 - Limepeaks Lightweight Foldable Treadmill

Price: £399.99

under desk treadmill review

If you’re looking for a more compact treadmill desk that won’t take 2 bodybuilders to move around then the Limepeaks Foldable treadmill desk might be the one for you. The built-in treadmill laptop desk folds down onto the main runway for easy storage.

This portable treadmill desk comes pre-installed with 12 different programmes to get you started on your office fitness journey, and the Limepeaks Lightweight Foldable Treadmill also comes with a 12.7cm (5" inch) blue LCD screen and control pad built into the desk for optimal use. More portable than most desk treadmills, the Limepeaks offers key functions such as a heart rate monitor, speed, calories burned, time and distance walked/ran.

If you need more tech to really track your fitness then check out our article on the best running watches to really invest in your progress!

Lightweight for its size, the Limepeaks office treadmill desk only weighs 29kg, which is great if you need to rearrange your office space! It has a 1.5 HP motor, and a belt size of 120cm x 42cm (47" x 16.5" inches). The treadmill comes with a tablet holder, added shock absorption to reduce the impact on your joints, and transport wheels and locks to secure the treadmill folded or upright. Speeds go up to 14km per hour allowing you to set your own pace and build up your strength. 

The Limepeaks Lightweight Foldable Treadmill is easy to assemble, comes with a 12-month warranty, and is a great addition to an office or home working space for maximising cardiovascular health.

#4 - DESKFIT Treadmill for Desk by SportsTech

Price: £479.00

lifespan treadmill desk cost

Most walking desk treadmills, whilst practical, are usually designed in a modern yet bland way. If you’re looking for some innovative equipment that will compliment your office interior then this Deskfit under desk treadmill review (UK) will definitely catch your eye. With a suave wooden finish available in dark or light brown, the Deskfit is a small under desk treadmill that will revamp both your health and your working environment. 

With a low starting speed of 0.7km per hour which accelerates up to 7.1 km per hour you’ll definitely find a pace that’s comfortable but gets your blood pumping. It has a weight capacity of 110 Kg (242lbs), and the Deskfit also includes built-in feet and wall fixation to safely store the treadmill upright if you don’t want to slide it under your couch.

The Deskfit is fitted with an adjustable tablet holder so you can track your workout as you work, it comes with a remote control for quick and easy speed adjustment and pause and stop functions, and a wide metal strip across the underside for increased stability.

Alongside the office desk treadmill you get access to the Bluetooth linked fitness app for tracking your stats: distance, steps, speed, and calories burned. Deskfit's app allows you to save and compare your sessions so you can easily track your progress and plan future workouts.

This under desk walking treadmill is fitted with transport wheels for "lift and roll" portability, an extra-wide frame built to be stood on in case of an emergency stop, and the option to additionally purchase a handle for the treadmill for added safety.

The Deskfit Treadmill has quick assembly and with its modern, elegant design is a fantastic addition to any working environment for improving your general fitness and overall cardiovascular health.

#5 - MoMi Foldable Treadmill Walking Pad

Price: £477.99

treadmill at desk treadmill reviews

For those looking for the most compact treadmill possible, take a look at MoMi's Foldable treadmill or "Walking Pad". This under desk walking treadmill can be folded in half making it one of the best desk treadmills for anyone with a little less storage space, whether at home or in the office.

If you're looking to upgrade your workout space then we've got a handy guide on how to build a home gym that will really motivate you back into training!

The Walking Pad has 2 rollers at the bottom for smooth and easy moving, allowing you to lift one side of the office desk treadmill and move it to your favourite workout or working area - you can switch up your treadmill location with ease throughout the day to really break up those long working hours! 

The MoMi Foldable under desk treadmill slides easily under your desk and has two operation modes: manual and auto. Manual mode is operated by the included remote control where you choose and set your speed from the remote, while auto mode adjusts the treadmill speed according to the pace of the user's footsteps via a high precision pressure sensor.

The quiet treadmill desk’s belt is wear-resistant and anti-slip with a multilayer structure to pad footsteps and limit noise, making it perfect for the office or even at home during those dreaded Zoom calls - you won’t disturb your colleagues with your improved fitness! 

The MoMi Foldable Walking Pad can support a maximum weight of 99.7kg or 220lbs, has a child protection lock, overload protection, automatic standby, and a speed limiting function for users new to treadmills. Regardless of mode this small treadmill under the desk has a minimum speed of 0.5km per hour and has a maximum speed of 6km per hour. 

The MoMi Foldable is a great mini treadmill under desk for anyone who is looking for a sleek, compact design that won’t overwhelm their working space but will still get their body moving.

#6 - COSTWAY 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill

Price: £398.95

stand up work desk treadmill uk

If you want the option of both a standing desk with a treadmill and a smaller treadmill for under your desk, then the Costway 2-in-1 Folding treadmill desk is the best option for you, and it comes at a more reasonable price than some of the other options on this list. 

Available in red, silver, and blue, the Costway 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill is a space-efficient model with a modern, sporty design that can easily be adjusted to slide under an adjustable height desk. It has built in transport wheels so you can move it around whenever you want without the process becoming an upper body workout itself, and the Costway 2-in-1 comes ready to get walking straight from the box.

This workplace treadmill desk has two modes: when the handle is collapsed down it functions as a walking treadmill which can be placed under a desk with speeds of 1-4km per hour; when the handrail is raised, the Costway 2-in-1 functions as a normal treadmill with running speeds up to 12km per hour. The 650W motor is ultra-quiet and the treadmill's non-slip belt has a multi-layer shield design for shock-absorbing to protect joints and noise-reduction so you can set your pace without upsetting your co-workers. 

Built with Bluetooth speakers for taking calls or listening to music, and an LED display, the Costway 2-in-1 also comes with a phone holder, can be connected to your devices via Bluetooth, comes with a remote control to adjust speed, and the LED display monitors your progress and stats in real-time. The computer desk treadmill also includes a safety key to shut down the treadmill immediately in an emergency. 

The Costway 2-in-1’s innovative folding design makes this one of the best treadmill desks: an all-in-one walking and running treadmill with a good-looking design and a great price.

#7 - Office Fitness Desk Walker GX Treadmill 

Price: £298.80

office fitness treadmill desk

Want a cheap treadmill desk but still want cutting-edge features and a sleek design? Then the Office Fitness Desk Walker GX treadmill desk could be the one for you!

With no complicated assembly required, the Office Fitness GX Treadmill is ready to go straight from the package. Office Fitness' newest model is quieter running with a low noise 600W motor, is easier to operate with an LED monitor display showing speed, distance, time, and calories burned, and is waterproof. 

Their newest treadmill desk has a wider belt than previous versions with a length and width of 85cm x 40 cm (33.4" x 15.7" inches) within an aluminum frame. However, the Walker's belt is still narrower than most other under-desk treadmills: this is an intentional design feature by Office Fitness as part of their smart, space-saving concept.

The Office Fitness treadmill desk workstation has speed options from 1km per hour up to 6km per hour and requires minimal maintenance (with the exception of belt lubrication), and weighs 28kg (61.1lbs). This under-desk treadmill comes with a safety cord for emergency stops and will stop after 1 hour with a small beep as a warning.

With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon UK, the Office Fitness Desk Walker GX Treadmill delivers everything you could need: from a small under desk treadmill to a high quality treadmill with desk workstation, this equipment will lower your health risks of the typical sedentary office lifestyle and improve your overall cardiovascular health.

#8 - Confidence Fitness Under Desk V2 Treadmill

Price: £299.99

quietest treadmill desk price

A great choice for a simple treadmill for under desks with specific walking speeds, the Confidence Fitness Under Desk V2 Treadmill delivers great health improvements with quality machinery.

Displayed at the head of the treadmill are large, clear LCD displays that mean you can quickly check on your speed, time, distance, and calories with just a cursory downwards glance. Speed is controlled by a handy wristband remote and ranges from 1km per hour to 6km per hour. 

The V2 gives you the option to set goals for your stats (time, distance, or calories burned), has preset walking modes, and will stop automatically after 60 minutes so you’re not at any risk of either overexerting yourself or overheating the equipment. Built with a robust steelcase, this treadmill desk is light enough to be moved with ease but also sturdy and durable. 

This affordable treadmill desk comes ready assembled, has a quiet 1.0 HP motor, weighs 24.04Kg (53lbs), and has a runway size of 110 x 40cm (43.5" x 16" inches). 

A straightforward LCD display, great storability, and sleek design: the Confidence Fitness Under Desk V2 stand up desk treadmill will get your work productivity up and running again in no time!

#9 - CITYSPORTS Treadmill 440W Motor

Price: £299.00

buy treadmill desk UK

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Amazon UK, the Citysports Treadmill 440W Motor is an under desk treadmill (UK) that will deliver top fitness results from a reasonably priced, good quality machine.  

Featuring built-in speakers, an LCD screen, and real-time calorie counter, the Citysports Treadmill is ultra-thin for sliding beneath a standing office desk. It has everything you’ll need to track your fitness progress: it allows you to monitor calories, the number of steps taken, time,  and distance traveled. Integrated speakers allow you to take important work calls and listen to music with the treadmill being able to connect to any Bluetooth device. 

The Citysports Treadmill has speeds ranging from 1km per hour up to 6 km per hour which is adjustable by the remote control. The under desk treadmill comes pre-lubricated and gives prompts when further oil is needed with a red refueling display at around every 100km, and comes with transport wheels for easy moving and storage. Simple yet efficient!

If all those features haven’t convinced you that this is the best treadmill for a standing desk then perhaps the additional fact that the motor and belt allow for almost silent exercise - meaning no disgruntled colleagues judging you from afar - will finally get you to run and grab your debit card! 

#10 - WalkSlim 470 Foldable Motorised Home Treadmill

Price: £424.90

steelcase treadmill desk workstation

Perfect for under-the-bed storage, smaller apartments, and minimal office space, the WalkSlim 470 Foldable Motorised Home Treadmill is another top contender for best treadmill for standing desks due to its compact design and added safety features.

This under desk treadmill is equipped with a detachable handle and a safety cut-out cord for increased safety measures: the handle allows for increased comfort as an arm rest or just for extra stability, whilst the cut-out cord means you can immediately cut the power in case of an emergency, preventing further injury or damage. 

With workout speeds ranging from 0.8km per hour up to 6km per hour, the WalkSlim 470 has features that are perfect for tracking your fitness progress: an LED touchscreen for monitoring calories burned, speed, time and distance, and the speed can be controlled via the touchscreen or with the included remote. The unit folds for easy storage and also features wheels for extra portability around your working space.

As a little added bonus the package also includes a bottle of silicone oil to keep the treadmill desk’s runway sufficiently lubricated and a spanner for any treadmill adjustments if necessary. The WalkSlim 470 also comes with a 3-year warranty, a UK customer support centre, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

As far as walking treadmill desk reviews go, this under desk treadmill is definitely worth the investment. Compact, easily stored, with an innovative and modern design, the Walkslim 470 will get you where you need to go in no time! 

#11 -  CITYSPORTS Folding Treadmill

Price: £339.00

small treadmill desk uk

Another great quality walking desk treadmill (UK) from Citysports, the Citysports Folding Treadmill is fully equipped and features a modern and striking design that will support you all the way to peak fitness and a healthier heart. If you really want to track your cardiovascular health then why not invest in one of the 11 best heart rate monitors to really keep an eye on your progress!

Weighing only 26.2 kg, this treadmill workstation desk has an LED screen display showing your stats on time, calories, speed, and distance, and has speeds from 1km per hour up to 6km an hour which can be adjusted by remote control. It is also available in a similar model that has an added foldable handrail if you want a little extra support.

The Citysports under desk treadmill incorporates a newly upgraded 500W brushless motor with added noise reduction. The treadmill comes with feet and pivoted back support so it can be stored upright, it’s self-lubricating, can hold a maximum weight of 100kg (220lbs) and measures in at 22.9cm x 59.0cm x 14.5cm (9.0" x 23.3" x 5.7" inches) when folded, making for a compact, easily stored under desk treadmill.

With some of the best treadmill desk reviews on Amazon UK, the Citysports Folding Treadmill is a great option for a stand up desk treadmill with a great array of features built into a compact and slick machine. 

#12 - Confidence Adjustable Walking Desk and Treadmill

Price: £359.99

inexpensive treadmill desk price

An office desk and treadmill in one, the Confidence Adjustable Walking Desk and Treadmill is the perfect choice if you don’t want to buy a treadmill and a standing desk separately, and this standing treadmill desk will definitely be a cheaper option.

With 8 adjustable height settings to find the perfect desk height, and a desk size of 34cm x 71cm (13.3" x 27.9" inches), this treadmill workstation desk also features a built-in tablet and phone stand, 2 cup holders, and 3 wheels for increased portability - an all round great working and fitness environment!

The treadmill laptop desk includes a large LCD display to monitor your daily progress including distance, time, speed, and calories. The Confidence Adjustable treadmill computer desk has speeds going from 1km per hour up to 6km per hour with the speeds being remote controlled. 

The Confidence Adjustable Walking Desk and Treadmill comes in a steel frame for strength and can handle up to 100kg or 220lbs. The full unit measures 150cm x 58cm x 11.5cm (59.0" x 22.8" x 4.5" inches) and weighs 24kgs (53lbs), with the motor coming with a 1-year warranty. 

The Confidence Adjustable Walking Desk and Treadmill is the best treadmill for desk walking and simultaneous computer working, with fantastic features encased in a sleek black design that will undoubtedly compliment your office decor. Increase your fitness and increase your productivity with Confidence! 

#13 -  CITYSPORTS Office Treadmill Desk

Price: £339.00

treadmill stand up desk treadmill

Another great option from Citysports, the Citysports Office Treadmill Desk is the best treadmill for standing desks with varying incline levels, a feature not seen in many of the treadmill desk reviews on this list! 

Firstly, the most important feature of the Citysports Office Treadmill Desk: an adjustable incline with 3 levels which can be manually chosen by you to give your office run that extra intensity. You’ll definitely boost your fitness and health significantly with this innovative machine.

This office desk treadmill is built with a 1.5 HP 500W motor which is low noise so you should be able to walk without causing any office drama! The motor has a speed range of 1.0km per hour up to 6.0km per hour, so either a gentle pace for when those spreadsheets really need your concentration, or all the way up to a jog when you're ready to reach your 10000 steps a day a bit quicker. 

The Citysports Office Treadmill offers 3 different speed modes: 1-2 km per hour for a light stroll, 2-4 km per hour for an average walking pace, and 4-6 km per hour for jogging. The treadmill is self-lubricating, includes cushioning for ankle, back, and knee support, and comes with an LCD display for tracking your time, calories, and distance. 

This standing desk treadmill review provides the perfect option for those office aficionados that want to push themselves with the extra intensity from an incline instead of just walking at a normal pace.

Cost of a Treadmill Desk

As you can see from this list the cost of a treadmill desk varies from around £300 all the way up to Lifespan’s treadmill desk price at £1674. Well-known brands will obviously come at a higher cost as they’re generally more reliable with better customer service, while the lesser known companies will offer the cheapest treadmill desk but maybe skimp out on quality. The treadmill desk cost should also include maintenance such as purchasing oil if the runway needs relubricating at any stage. 

How to use a Treadmill Desk

treadmill desk image

Using a treadmill desk may sound a little complicated but in reality they don’t tend to differ too much from your regular treadmill. They mainly just have less complicated features and buttons. Under desk treadmills won’t have the tall console - they’re usually just a flat machine with a small screen situated above the runway - and sometimes come with a remote to control speeds without you having to crouch down to press buttons. A stand up treadmill computer desk is similar but has a tray with a screen in place of the intricate console. Some work simply by walking on them, whilst others have set speeds or require a remote to start up.

Why use a treadmill desk?

There’s a huge list of benefits of a treadmill desk: increased productivity, reduced stress, improved cardiovascular health, lowered blood pressure, reduced risk of type 2 diabetes, improved posture to name a few! But, before you ditch your traditional desk and splurge on one of the best treadmill desks on this list you should know that treadmill desk benefits are implemented only with regular use, and that walking during work shouldn’t replace your usual exercise. So whilst the benefits of a treadmill desk are huge, they also need a lot of work and maintenance to make a difference.

If you feel like you need a little extra motivation then check out our article on the best fitness motivation twitter accounts to really get inspired.

Where can I buy a treadmill desk? 

There are a variety of online treadmill desk specific retailers, such as The Treadmill Desk Store and Lifespan Fitness, but if you want to shop around then Amazon UK will provide you with the best variety (and the majority of products from our best treadmill desk reviews can be found on Amazon!). There are also retailers such as Argos and Costco that sometimes sell walking treadmill desks as well.

Before you go!

We don’t know about you, but these workplace treadmill desk reviews have got us inspired and ready to throw our normal desks right out of the office window! Being able to work efficiently, exercise, and improve our general health all at the same time sounds like a win-win situation. Make sure you check measurements and features to ensure that the best treadmill desk for you will fit in your office and (hopefully!) not distract your co-workers too much.

If these treadmill desks have inspired you to get fit and become a workout expert then why not take our level 4 personal training course to combine your passion with a great career? You can download our course prospectus here as well to find another great course for you!

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