27 Triathlon Quotes to Keep You Motivated

triathlon quotes

Looking for some motivational triathlon quotes? Well you’re in the right place as we have all of the best ones that will give you that extra push, or laugh, on those days when you need it most.

So whether you’re getting ready for the big race day or are simply pulling on your tri-suit for a training session, we’ve gathered some of the best triathlon sayings that are sure to inspire you through your run, swim and cycle.

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27 Triathlon Quotes to Keep You Motivated


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As a 6-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Mark Allen certainly knows the right type of advice to give when it comes to triathlon inspiration!

Whether you’re running a 140 mile Ironman race or are simply completing a training session, triathlete quotes like this one force you to make a decision: are you willing to sacrifice all you’ve worked for just because you’re tired?

Keep this one in mind for when you’re sure that your legs can’t carry you any further and you’ll certainly be able to push through to that finish line.

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triathlon quotes

As quotes about triathlons go, this one is completely spot on! 

This is because the triathlon as a sport produces some of the best athletes in the world; it reveals the most resilient and courageous athletes, and separates them from those less dedicated to being the best that they can be.

So, if our motivational triathlon quotes have inspired you, why not sign up for a race today and discover something new about yourself?


triathlon quote

If you’re looking for inspirational triathlon quotes, then who better to listen to than British triathlete Alistair Brownlee?

It can be difficult to complete those last few miles when you’re exhausted from pushing your mind and body to the absolute limit. However, the best thing that you can do is to take a moment and remember why.

Whether you hope to rival Brownlee’s position as the only athlete to ever win 2 Olympic triathlon titles, or you just want to build your experience, this is a great triathlon quote for re-focusing your mind on your goals.

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ironman triathlon quotes

Retired US Navy officer turned Ironman triathlon founder John Collins offers some solid advice, in one of our favourite inspirational triathlon quotes here.

Something to remember is that even the best triathletes have moments of doubt that can seem impossible to overcome. However, pushing through these wobbles will not only make you a better athlete, but will also help you to become a stronger, more resilient person.

As Ironman triathlon quotes go, this is one of the best ones to remember in those times of discouragement.


triathlete quotes

You may have started a race badly, begun your training unable to run for more than a few minutes, or chosen the wrong sort of running shoes for your first event. 

Whatever caused your bad start, triathlon motivation quotes such as this one remind us that it’s never too late to be successful. 

As triathletes, and as humans, we fail sometimes! No matter how hard your start was, you should keep striving towards that finish line.

Not only will this resilience provide some much-needed confidence for yourself, but it will also act as some serious triathlete motivation for yourself and others!

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triathlon quotes funny

If you’re looking for some catchy tri quotes that you won’t forget easily, this one from Peter Zafra is a winner!

Whether you’ve fallen off your bike or failed to beat your PB, what counts is your ability to keep trying until you finally succeed.

We know that finding triathlon motivation can be hard when you’re struggling to achieve your goals, especially when the temptation to give up is lingering over your head. However, being able to push through these feelings are what separates the winners from the losers, and can make or break your success.

Keep this one in your bank of triathlon quotes for those moments when you need a helping hand to get you back up and going again.


triathlon quotes for fun

When you’re looking for some triathlon motivation, it can be easy to focus on the end goal and how you’ll feel once you’ve finally achieved your dreams.

Although this can be a useful source of inspiration, it’s also important to enjoy the process, as this triathlon quote suggests. You may be competing to win, but don’t forget that you’re also competing because you love the sport and achieving little wins along the way.


inspirational triathlon quotes

Although triathlons require athletes to compete at their best, it’s also important to know when to take a step back. 

Whether it’s because an injury has been sustained, there are extreme weather conditions, or another reason out of your control, sometimes a triathlon can’t be completed. In such circumstances you should not slip into the trap of feeling like you’ve failed, or lose that triathlete motivation you’ve spent so long building up.

Instead, keep tri quotes such as this one in mind for those difficult moments. You may not have been able to finish this time, but your courage to start in the first place means that you have the ability to try again!


inspirational triathlon quote

It’s common knowledge for athletes in any sport that failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

However, in a big event such as a triathlon you can’t plan for everything, as triathlon quotes such as this one express so clearly. Whether it’s something as small as breaking a shoelace, or something more serious such as suffering an injury, it’s important to be prepared for if and when things go wrong.

Setbacks can be difficult to deal with both physically and mentally, but using simple yet informative triathlete quotes such as this can help to guide you through.


motivational triathlon quotes

Performance is everything when competing in a triathlon, so you need to ensure that you’re fueling your body correctly if you hope to train like an athlete!

Whether you’re just starting out in the sport or you’re about to compete in the World Triathlon Championships, having both good nutrition and training plans are crucial if you hope to succeed.

This is therefore one of the most important motivational quotes for triathlons, as it reminds us that running, swimming and cycling are more than just sports that we do for fun- they're a lifestyle!

The idea of triathlon training can seem intimidating with all of the different rules, so get prepared with our article on the British triathlon age groups explained.


motivational quotes triathlon

Finding triathlon motivation can be difficult if you fail to build up the mental resilience to push yourself to keep going when things get tough.

This is one of those great triathlon and ironman motivation quotes for encouraging athletes to not only embrace their insecurities, but use them as fuel to keep pushing onwards.

Don’t let your brain become consumed by your fears; you have the power to achieve your goals!


ironman triathlon motivational quotes

The play on words certainly makes this one of the more funny triathlon quotes on our list.

There are several potential obstacles that you may encounter when completing a triathlon; many of which are out of your control. However, something that is in your control is your ability to persevere, dig deep, and find that triathlete motivation we know that you have. 

The more you persevere, the stronger you will become, so keep this in mind as one of your triathlon quotes to repeat when times are tough!


ironman motivation quotes

As triathlon sayings go, we think that 4-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington has hit the nail on the head with this one!

Whether you’re looking for some Ironman triathlon motivational quotes, or just some words of wisdom; this quote is great for reminding us that you’re not going to be able to perform at your best 100% of the time.

Making continual progress when training for any sport isn’t always possible, in fact you’re likely to encounter a few bumps in the road along the way, which may set you back. However, it’s how you deal with these setbacks that counts, and can even help you to come back better and stronger than ever.

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ironman motivation

Although this makes it as one of our funny triathlon quotes, it doesn’t make the words any less true!

Not only does triathlon require a high level of fitness, a tough sense of discipline and great enthusiasm, but a strong source of motivation is also essential. Ironman triathlon quotes such as this one may seem extreme, but it definitely provides that boost of motivation to keep you going through all three sections of your race!


triathlon sayings

It’s common knowledge that competing in a triathlon is completely different to competing in a running, cycling, or swimming race. You may be a strong runner, but have you got what it takes to run on tired legs after completing a swim and a cycle? 

Sometimes triathletes have to dig deep to find their inner strength, in order to complete those last few miles. Therefore, as triathlete quotes such as this one so eloquently convey, what really makes a great triathlete is this resilience to keep going, even when your legs are screaming at you to quit!


triathlon inspiration

If you’re looking for some triathlon inspiration, then look no further.

For some athletes, the biggest challenge may be finding the courage to get to that starting line. For others, it may be to finally achieve that personal best. Whatever your goal is, there’s something exciting about putting your body to the test and seeing what it can really do.

Tri quotes such as this one remind us to appreciate our bodies for allowing us to push ourselves beyond what we ever believed was possible!

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quotes about triathlons

This one is a pretty niche triathlon quote for those of you looking for some serious Ironman motivation.

Endurance sports writer Matt Fitzgerald has taken his inspiration from triathlete Dave Scott, who was so intent on winning an Ironman competition that he rinsed his cottage cheese to remove any excess fat before eating it!

Now we’re not suggesting that you do anything so extreme, but if you’re looking for some extra Ironman motivation to keep you on track with your next triathlon, this quote certainly provides that.


triathlon motivation

Speaking of keeping you on track, Abraham Lincoln offers the perfect source of triathlon inspiration for those who are struggling with the discipline required to be a successful triathlete.

You may be finding it hard to stick to a training schedule or your nutrition plan, but as Lincoln suggests here in one of our favourite quotes about triathlons, it’s important to look towards the future.

If you’re struggling, try setting yourself some goals that will keep motivating you to give triathlon training your all.


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As an ultra-endurance athlete turned inspirational speaker, David Goggins is the perfect person for providing us with some triathlete motivation.

For triathletes, the most important thing that they can do during a race is to keep going; through the tiredness, the muscle cramps, and even through the bad weather! It may be difficult, but it’s worth it to feel that sense of joy and elation once you’ve crossed the finish line.

This may be one of the shortest, most simple triathlon quotes, but it certainly fills you with motivation.

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triathlon motivation

Did you know that athletes can burn over 5,000 calories during a single Ironman triathlon race? No wonder it is considered one of the hardest one-day sporting events in the world!

It may seem impossible to most but, as suggested by ironman triathlon quotes such as this one, everyone has to start somewhere. Even the most experienced triathletes began their lives not being able to run, swim or cycle very far- it's their hard work and dedication that got them to where they are today.

So, next time you find yourself doubting your abilities, keep this quote in mind for some triathlon inspiration.

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triathlete motivation

There’s no better feeling than approaching the finish line and hearing the support from the crowd, followed by the cheers and congratulations as you finally cross.

It’s an even better feeling when you know that you’ve put your absolute all into preparing for that moment. As one of the most motivational triathlon quotes, this one is a great reminder to keep your head down, train hard, and enjoy your success as a result!


ironman tri quotes

As we’ve already discussed, the biggest obstacle to overcome when taking part in a triathlon is not always the race itself, but your own mind.

If you’re feeling any level of self-doubt, then reading inspirational triathlon quotes such as this one is a great method of boosting your confidence. It also helps you to remove the barriers that prevent so many from becoming truly great triathletes and paves your way to success!

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ironman race motivation

If training is particularly difficult and you find yourself in need of some inspirational quotes about triathlons, then this is one for you.

Although triathlon as a sport is open to everyone, not everyone will be open to a triathlon. Why is that? Well its reputation as one of the most brutal sporting events puts many people off.

However, as triathlon quotes such as this one suggest, its difficult nature is what makes triathlon so fulfilling, and what keeps athletes coming back for more!


triathlon quotes for motivation

German triathlete and winner of the 2014 Ironman World Championship hits the nail on the head with this one, perfect if you're looking for ironman motivation quotes.

Training hard and fuelling your body with good food is vital, but it’s your level of mental resilience and dedication that is the real key to success in triathlon. 

As this triathlon quote states, your body can only carry you so far; so make sure that you keep your mind healthy too!

If it is a hot day during your triathlon, take caution and read our article before you set off: running in hot weather: tips and precautions.


triathlon race motivation

When you’re on the last leg of a triathlon race and the finish line seems like an eternity away, you sometimes have to dig a little deeper. 

As Australian triathlete and 2-time Ironman World Championship winner Chris McCormack puts it in one of our favourite triathlon quotes, that’s when you enter the ‘hurt locker.’

At the time you may not be able to see past the tiredness and agony you’re experiencing but, looking back, you’ll realise that pushing yourself to the limit is actually the best feeling in the world!

Ironman triathlon motivational quotes such as this are sure to keep you going towards and right through that final hurdle.


ironman race day motivation

As well as providing us with triathlon quotes, funny ones at that, Robert Strauss provides a great analogy for you to consider when you’re in need of some inspiration.

You may not see many gorillas running triathlons, but you’ll definitely be racing against some other amazing athletes who are just as driven, determined and resilient as you! When you’re feeling tired, remember how hard you’ve trained and use this triathlete motivation to keep yourself going right until that finish line!


ironman and triathlon motivation

Last, but certainly not least, in our selection of the best motivational triathlon quotes is one that celebrates what is considered to be the most difficult form of triathlon: the Ironman.

Knowing where to begin when training for an Ironman triathlon can seem overwhelming because of the sheer distance competitors are expected to cover. 

However, whether you’re entering as a beginner or a previous champion, this quote reminds us of the importance of starting with a good, open and determined mindset. After all, if you have the Ironman motivation, you’re sure to have Ironman success!

Before You Go!

We hope that you found plenty of inspirational triathlon quotes from our selection, to give you the boost of motivation that you need for your big race.

From Ironman motivation quotes, to some simple life lessons, we’ve provided you with a range of sayings that will help all triathletes; whether you’re a beginner or are standing on the World Championship podium!

Overall, the key message to take away from all of our triathlon sayings is that if you can break through your mental barriers, then you can achieve anything. If you want to carry this attitude into the fitness industry, you would be perfectly suited to a career as a personal trainer. Enquire about our level 3 personal training course now or sift through all of our fitness courses here in our prospectus.

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