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13 Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

If you’re searching for the best vegan meal replacement shakes in the UK, then you’re in the right place. 

Vegan meal replacement shakes are great for people who are constantly busy and have no time to prepare and make nutritious meals. 

If this sounds like you, OriGym has got your back! We have researched tons of vegan meal replacement shakes reviews and compiled 13 of the very best into a list below.

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Just before we jump into the list, we’re going to briefly explain what they are and how to use them!

What is a vegan meal replacement shake?

Vegan meal replacement shakes are designed to provide the sustenance of a meal but in liquid form. 

All of the shakes in the list below are high in protein and nutrient dense, allowing you to consume fewer calories without compromising these key aspects of your diet. 

Wondering what makes these meal replacement shakes vegan? Regular meal replacement shakes usually have a protein source that derives from whey. However, all of the shakes in the list below are made with 100% plant-based protein sources such as pea or soy protein.

These high protein vegan meal replacement shakes are still packed with protein, making them a great option for anybody looking to promote lean muscle mass whilst reducing body fat.

What’s more, the majority of vegan meal replacement shakes in the list below are filled with different vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling healthy.

How to use vegan meal replacement shakes? 

How and when you use your vegan meal replacement shakes completely depends on your individual preferences. You can pick any mealtime where you feel having a shake would benefit you most. 

You can either mix it with water or if you want a creamier texture, you could use a milk alternative, such as soy, rice, coconut… the list is endless! 

A great thing about vegan shakes is that if you’re on the go and want a quick snack, you can fill up on the equivalent of a nutritious meal and curb any cravings for unhealthy foods. 

Whether you choose to use this as a replacement for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you know that you’re getting a healthy and nourishing dietary supplement without investing time into cooking or preparing food. 

If weight loss isn’t a goal of yours, you can still use these shakes as they’re a great way to aid recovery pre or post workout. 

So now you know what they are and how to use them, let’s find out where to buy vegan meal replacement shakes! 

Best Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes (UK)

1. Nuut Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes 

Price: £55.00 

best vegan meal replacement shakes

If you’re completely new to taking meal replacement shakes, Nuut is a brilliant brand to start with. 

This shake comes in a handy sachet that minimises mess, making this a really easy way to have a meal replacement shake on the go.

Nuut doesn’t only cater to vegans but also people who follow paleo, keto, or intermittent fasting diets. 

Every Nuut sachet contains over 30% of your daily recommended mineral and vitamin intake to help you feel healthier overall. 

This shake comes in a creamy chocolate flavour and has multiple benefits, such as helping to assist with weight management and improving your gut health. 

With over 20g of protein per sachet, it even rivals the casein protein counterparts! 

Not only a delicious shake but it comes in fully recyclable packaging making it the perfect option for the environmentally conscious vegan. 

2. Free Soul High Protein Vegan Meal Replacement

Price: £24.00 

vegan meal replacement shake

This is a brilliant product formulated by one of the leading nutritionists in the UK. 

It has been designed specifically to meet women’s nutritional needs. This shake includes plenty of iron, a mineral that women at risk of being deficient in as a result of the menstruation cycle. 

Having low levels of iron can cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and it can negatively affect the quality of the hair, skin and nails.

The shake also contains Peruvian maca to help regulate the female hormonal balance and improve mood. Using this ingredient has shown to improve energy, focus and performance.

Available in flavours chocolate and vanilla, Free Soul's plant based vegan meal replacement has been designed to keep you feeling full.  

Free Soul's Dual-Use Meal Replacement shake packs a complete amino acid profile, each serving delivers 17g of protein from pea protein isolate and soy protein isolate. 

It offers both fast and slow-release amino acids, plus a vitamin and mineral complex of 25 essential micronutrients. 

It also contains a source of vitamins, minerals, and fibre with mild stimulants like Siberian ginseng and guarana for mental wellbeing.

Free Soul's Dual-Use Meal Replacement shake promises to keep you full for up to 3 hours using slow-release energy from gluten-free complex carbohydrates. 

Each serving comes in at around 250 calories which is perfect if you’re planning on using this as part of your weight loss programme. 

3. FUEL10K Vegan The Complete Meal Shake 

Price: £17.50

raw vegan meal replacement shake

Available in 'Vegan Vanilla' the FUEL10K's 'Complete Meal' range has been featured in 'The Sun', 'The Metro', and 'The Grocer'. 

The Complete Meal Shake promises a delicious shake packed with complex carbohydrates, whole grain oats, and flaxseed for healthy fats. 

Each 100g or 4 scoop serving contains over 26g of complete protein and has 411 calories per shake. 

The Complete Meal Shake's vitamin and the mineral blend provide 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamins A - E, this ensures this powerhouse of a vegan shake can help you feel full for several hours. 

The FUEL10K uses a Vegan Protein Blend formulated with pea protein, sunflower protein, rice protein, and potato protein.

It tastes great and if you subscribe for two bags of FUEL10, it includes a free shaker so you can take it and drink it wherever you want to. 

As well as replacing the meals with shakes, you will need to top up the loss of fluids after your workout, take a look at OriGym’s buyer’s guide to electrolyte drinks for more information. 

4. Vitally Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

Price: £34.95 Starter Pack

vegan meal replacement shakes uk

With a brand ethos of 'Ethical Living', Vitally Vegan specialises in plant-based protein powders and meal replacement shakes made with added superfoods and 100% the RDI of vitamin B12. 

Vitamin B12 is often found in animal products like dairy, eggs, and meat. Of course, vegans can’t eat any animal products and as a result, rarely get enough B12 in their diet. 

Not getting enough vitamin B12 can lead to symptoms like a sore tongue and a yellow tinge to the skin. For that reason, these Vitally Vegan shakes are a great option for anybody on a plant-based diet.  

This starter pack is sustainable and eco-friendly, and we love that the company offers paper bag refills for shake re-orders. If that wasn’t enough, every time you order from Vitally Vegan, donations are made every 3 months to The World Land Trust, a UK registered charity that has raised over £25 million in efforts to protect endangered species. 

Their starter vegan shakes for meal replacement contain 28 essential vitamins and minerals, pea and hemp-based protein, and superfoods such as acai berry, flaxseeds, and sea greens.

This product, in particular, is free from dairy, soy, gluten, and hormones and it contains no artificial sweeteners.

Each 60g shake has 280 calories and a good 22g of protein, that’s half the recommended daily intake! We were impressed with Vitally Vegan as they rivalled whey protein meal shakes in the amount of protein per serving. 

Using pea protein isolate and white hemp as their protein base, each shake is rich in iron and BCAAs.

White hemp is a source of vitamin E and B6 and has a complete amino acid profile of all 9 essential amino acids. This is perfect as these amino acids are not made within the body and as a result must come from our diet.  

This shake will help you to feel fuller for longer thanks to the slow-release carbohydrates provided by the gluten-free oats.

The flaxseeds deliver omega-3s for improved brain function and the shake also includes maca root which delivers antioxidants that help reduce the risk of diseases. 

All of the shakes produced by Vitally Health are sweetened with stevia and fruit powders, such as freeze-dried blueberries.

Vitally Vegan's starter pack includes a storage jar, a compostable coconut husk scoop, and 1 refill bag. This is perfect for vegans who want to reduce the use of single-use plastic. 

5. MyProtein Whole Fuel Blend

Price £29.99

vegan protein meal replacement shakes

From the massive supplement brand MyProtein, this Whole Fuel Blend meal replacement shake is vegan and boasts a perfect ratio of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  

Whole Fuel Blend contains 30g of vegan protein from pea protein isolate, brown rice protein and oat flour. 

It is also high in fibre and contains a fantastic vitamin and mineral blend.

The key ingredient is oats, making up over 40% of the meal, meaning this shake is packed with fibre and slow-releasing carbohydrates.

Three scoops of the MyProtein Whole Fuel Blend, which is around 100g, packs 423 calories. Now, you might be thinking that’s a lot of calories for a shake, however, this will make you feel fuller for longer in comparison to some of the other meal shakes on this list. 

The MyProtein Whole Fuel Blend is available in flavours vanilla raspberry, vanilla, and chocolate.

If you’re thinking of maximising in what you eat and how to train, take a look at some of the articles we have written especially if you are thinking of starting or are on a plant-based diet:

6. Purition Wholefood Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes

Price: £22.95 

vegan meal replacement shakes for weight loss

Purition's vegan protein meal replacement shake is packed with fibre and contains 14.2g of protein per serving.

The Purition shake contains all natural ingredients like pea, brown rice, hemp, linseed, and sunflower kernels. You can rest assured that each sip will be both nutritious and delicious. 

It also contains healthy plant-based fats such as chia, pumpkin, flaxseeds, coconut, and sesame seeds. 

With an impressive combination of vitamin E, B6, and B1, and minerals such as magnesium, copper, and iron, this is one of the best vegan meal replacement shakes you can find online today! 

Every single serving has under 200 calories which is less than a standard cereal bar, so if you’re looking for a weight loss vegan shake which will help keep hunger at bay, this should be your go to choice. 

Approved by both The Vegetarian and The Vegan societies, Purition is available in 13 flavours including 'Vanilla', 'Almond', 'Chocolate Orange', 'Coconut', 'Coffee & Walnut', and 'Pistachio', and Purition manufactures their products using only renewable energy.

7. THE PROTEIN WORKS Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

Price: £21.49 

best vegan meal replacement shake

This Protein Works Vegan Meal Replacement shake delivers 245 calories per shake. 

This product is packed with 20g of protein and has a fortified vitamin and mineral blend which includes calcium, potassium, zinc, and essential vitamin B12. 

The Protein Works have gone the extra mile with this fortified blend, we love that it includes plenty of calcium for strong and healthy bones. Calcium is typically found in dairy so finding a vegan meal replacement shake that has calcium added to it is always a bonus. 

The Protein Works shake is an optimal way to fuel you throughout the day and supplement essential vitamins and minerals with a single drink. 

The Protein Works use a core blend of 5 plant-based ingredients to help support satiety plus a slow-release soy protein for a drip-fee of essential amino acids for the body to use as needed.  

The fast release pea protein is easily digested, quickly bioavailable and a brilliant plant-based source of vitamin K.

The ultra-fine oats packs complex carbohydrates and the golden flaxseed is designed to promote a healthy heart. 

It also contains brown rice protein, hemp protein and sunflower protein, a combination makes it stand out from similar products. 

These shakes are available in 'Banana Smooth', 'Salted Caramel', 'Chocolate Silk', 'Strawberries and Cream', 'Vanilla Creme', and 'Choc Hazelnut Heaven’, perfect for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

8. Huel v3.0 Vegan Meal Replacement Drinks

Price: £45.00

best vegan meal replacement shakes uk

This 100% vegan product from Huel is one of the best vegan meal replacement shakes available in the UK. 

Huel v3.0 packs 29g of protein, three quarters the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of protein for an adult female. It’s complete with complex carbs, essential fats, and fibre. 

It includes 26 essential vitamins and minerals and sources of B vitamins and vitamin C with added pre and probiotics.

If you’re on the hunt for more healthy foods in your diet, read our article on the 23 super fruits you need to try today! 

This shake is made from wholefood staple ingredients such as oats, rice, peas, coconut, flaxseed and sunflower, all of which are sustainably sourced - something you would struggle to find elsewhere! 

Each Huel v3.0 shake is around 400 calories per serving and has the perfect macro split, 38:25:30:7 (carbohydrates, fats, protein, fibre), something that is rarely achieved in a supermarket or even homemade meal.

Each shake has an impressively low GI of just 16. 

If you haven’t heard of GI before, this is what’s known as the Glycemic Index (GI), and is based on how slowly or quickly a specific food can be digested.

Having a lower score means it takes longer to digest but releases energy slower which is a positive thing!

The higher the GI score, the quicker the food can be digested, for example - white bread has a high GI score due to how fast it can be digested in the body. 

All of the flavour varieties are high in fibre, rich in omegas 3 and 6, and contain fat-burning MCTs from coconut. 

It’s also low in salt, nut-free, lactose-free, palm oil-free, and GMO-free, perfect if you follow a plant-based diet and are conscious about the environment. 

If you’re looking for a cost effective option, buying Huel in bulk is a great idea. Depending on how many packets you purchase, each shake can cost as little as £1.10.

Huel v3.0 is available in vanilla, banana, chocolate, berry, mint chocolate, and coffee.

Huel also offers their ‘original’ flavour with a taste similar to porridge oats and an unflavoured shake which allows you to add your twist on flavours.  

A few customer reviews have suggested pairing these shakes with matcha, camu camu berry, or green juice powder for an even bigger nutrient boost.

9. SATURO Vegan Meal Replacement Drinks

Price: £21.85

vegan shakes meal replacement

Marketed as a 'Sip-Feed' this SATURO shake comes pre-mixed, making it perfect for those in a hurry, on the road, or wanting to stay on plan whilst travelling. 

This shake provides all the benefits of a nutritionally-balanced meal whilst cutting out the time and stress of searching for a healthy and plant-based meal to eat on the go.

Each bottle contains soy protein isolate with essential amino acids. It also contains isomaltulose, a part glucose and part fructose mixture that can help stabilise blood sugars. 

This vitamin and mineral complex contains an amazing 26 essential vitamins and minerals in just one serving.  

Thanks to SATURO’s vitamin and mineral complex, each bottle helps you with a boost of vitamins from A - E so you will feel energised and ready to take on the day! 

Each bottle packs 330 calories which SATURO promises will keep you satisfied for up to 3 hours. 

This drink can be stored for up to 12 months unchilled, making it a brilliant option to have tucked away in your running backpack.

This shake is available in vanilla, chocolate, banana, and strawberry. If you want to try all of the flavours out, Saturo offers a pack of 8 drinks for £64.85.

10. USN Diet Fuel Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

Price: £19.48 

vegan gluten free meal replacement shakes

This product is a blend of pea, soy, and rice protein with added B12 and iron. The Diet Fuel shake by USN is available in flavours strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. 

Each serving comes with 26g of protein and packs just under 210 calories, making this the ideal meal replacement shake for anyone looking to lose weight.

USN has even added a vitamin and mineral complex with vitamin A, iron, copper, B12, potassium, biotin and more. Perfect for that plant based boost you’ve always wanted!

USN recommends substituting their vegan Diet Fuel for 1-2 meals daily alongside an energy-restricted diet.

Serious about staying on track with your new diet? Check out the best meal prep bags to store your food and drink for the day. 

11. Vivo Life Perform Raw Vegan Meal Replacement Shake

Price: £40.99

vegan meal replacement shakes reviews

One of the best vegan protein meal replacement shakes money can buy, Vivo Life uses both raw bio-fermented yellow pea protein and hemp protein. 

Hemp protein is great because the body can use almost all of this protein to repair tissue, build new cells and maintain normal body function.

These vegan gluten free meal replacement shakes are also ideal for individuals who are gluten intolerant or celiac. 

Each shake packs 25g of plant based protein, 6g of BCAAs, and is 132 calories per serving. 

If you haven’t heard of BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids) before, they are a group of 3 essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

Leucine is the most important amino acid as it helps stimulate protein synthesis within the body. Leucine diminishes during exercise so it must be replaced in your diet to help the body to build more muscle. 

Isoleucine is essential to help the production and formation of haemoglobin and the production of red blood cells. Finally, Valine helps promote muscle growth and tissue repair and supports both Leucine and Isoleucine. 

BCAA supplements work to help with muscle growth and decrease muscle soreness, making this the ideal shake to drink before or after the gym!

Each serving is filled with superfoods, such as reishi mushrooms, known as the ‘elixir of long life’ in traditional Chinese medicine. 

The Vivo Life vegan meal replacement shake is enhanced with turmeric, a natural antioxidant and freeze-dried acai berries which has anti-inflammatory properties! 

Vivo Life also includes a digestive enzyme complex with ginger extract and fennel seeds. They both support the body in breaking down protein and help you to avoid the side effects of excessive protein consumption.  

These vegan meal replacement shakes are available in 'Salted Maca Caramel', 'Raw Cacao', 'Banana & Cinnamon', 'Acai & Blueberry', and 'Strawberry & Vanilla'. 

Vivo Life has even offered a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a no questions asked refund policy should your expectations not be met. 

12. Protein World The Vegan Vanilla Slender Blend

Price: £15.99

 healthy vegan meal replacement shakes

This vegan version of Protein World's best selling meal replacement shake, The Slender Blend, replacing one meal a day with this shake is said to aid weight loss.

This particular shake is available in multiple delicious dessert flavours such as 'Vanilla Ice Cream', 'Salted Caramel', 'Milk Chocolate', and 'Strawberries and Cream'. 

Each shake is diabetic-friendly, gluten-free, lactose-free, and soy-free. This Protein World product uses a blend of pea protein, quinoa protein, and hemp protein. Together, these ingredients deliver 24g of plant-based protein per shake. 

Each shake packs 26 different vitamins and minerals with over 30% the RDI of vitamins A - E. A great way to get those important vitamins with no fuss!  

Alongside their vitamin and mineral blend, Protein World has supplemented each shake with additional pre and probiotics. 

A single serving will deliver around 200 calories, making The Vegan Blend a great option for anyone interested in losing weight effectively.

This really is a brilliant vegan meal replacement shake from an outstanding brand.

13. Slimfast Meal Replacement Shake Vegan

Price: £14.85

meal replacement shake vegan

If you’re looking for meal replacement shakes for a vegan that is gluten-free, high in fibre, and packs 20g of plant-based protein per serving, Slimfast's Vitality is your answer. 

The vegan alternatives to their popular meal replacement shakes are available in 'Intense Mint Chocolate' and 'Strawberry and Blueberry Burst'. 

Slimfast uses soy protein isolate as their protein source and has a fortified vitamin and mineral complex. 

Their 'Strawberry and Blueberry Burst' has added green tea extract which boosts metabolism by up to 40%. This shake also includes a selection of 23 vitamins and minerals to help battle fatigue - something which is essential when reducing your calorie intake. 

If you want to use this product but you have no shaker with you, do not worry! Read our article on the best protein shaker to help you drink it with ease! 

Before you go!

These are the best 13 vegan meal replacement shakes for weight loss you can find online today!

Whichever one you choose, we are sure you’ll enjoy the flavours and get all the nutrients and vitamins you need in each shake. 

Each shake will have its unique protein blend so be sure to read what vegan protein it includes. 

If this article has inspired you to take the next step to start a career in the fitness industry, take a look at OriGym’s REPs accredited Personal Trainer Course packages!

Otherwise, download our free prospectus for further information. 

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