27 Inspirational Vegan Personal Trainers to Follow

vegan personal trainers

There are dozens of vegan personal trainers out there for you to follow, each sharing their own plant-based recipes, workout inspiration, and tips for starting your own vegan lifestyle.

If you’ve ever wondered about the most popular plant based personal trainers, you don’t need to look any further!

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27 Vegan Personal Trainers to Follow

#1 - @nimai_delgado

vegan personal trainers

Followers: 672k

Kickstarting our list of the best vegan personal trainer Instagram accounts is Nimai Delgado, an American professional bodybuilder and athlete. 

Delgado is the CEO of Vedge Nutrition, a plant-based protein and supplement brand, as well as the founder of his personal training company, Vegan Fitness. 

As a lifelong vegetarian, Delgado took the plunge in 2015 by completely cutting out animal products from his diet. 

Since then, Delgado’s businesses have flourished. He now educates others on how to gain muscle and stay ripped while leading a plant-based lifestyle.

plant based personal trainers

As for his Instagram account specifically, Delgado’s page is packed full of inspirational content. 

From motivational quotes to snaps of his gym routines with the occasional video talking about veganism at conferences, you’ll never be bored of his stream of educational content. 

With over 2,500 posts in total, we guarantee you’ll find posts that truly resonate while also learning something new.

#2 - @hench_herbivore 

vegan personal trainers

Followers: 34.3k

Next on our list of the best vegan personal trainers to follow is Paul Kerton, also known as The Hench Herbivore. He is a qualified nutritionist and personal trainer, as well as a huge foodie. 

Even from just a glance at Paul’s Instagram, this is evident. He frequently posts his vegan evening meals with information on how his followers can recreate their own. 

He’s also an avid poster of his gym routines, each one including set and rep counts, tips on form and technique, and what muscles are being worked. 

This is especially useful for those new to the gym who want some insight into what constitutes a top workout. 

plant based personal trainers

His Instagram provides pockets of inspiring content to keep his followers excited about achieving their own goals. 

Followers can also gain access to Paul’s free vegan nutrition eGuide to kick-start their vegan journey. 

From there, followers can gain full access to Paul’s online vegan nutrition course for additional guidance on leading a plant-based lifestyle. 

If you’re on the hunt for the top online personal trainers that are vegan, Paul’s your guy!

#3 - @stellarose.wellness 

vegan personal trainers

Followers: 10k

At just 18, Stella is already a qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor. Currently training for her personal training qualification, she spends her time educating her 10k followers about leading a vegan and mostly gluten-free lifestyle. 

Her page is one of the most aesthetically pleasing we’ve seen on the platform. Every post has a visual purpose, whether it be her protein-rich breakfasts, inspiring transformation photos, or motivational quotes.

However, what makes Stella stand out from other vegan fitness instructors is her transparency. 

She admits cardio and aerobics aren’t her strong suit, and instead embraces this to comfort others who think similarly. 

vegan personal trainer

Her Instagram captions detail how her followers can go about gaining muscle, how they can stop worrying about the number on the scales, and how to change from viewing the gym as a chore to something you can truly enjoy. 

In her highlight reels, Stella has tagged a range of her favourite meals and divided them up into meal types. 

These include:

  • Breakfasts
  • Lunches
  • Snacks
  • Meals Out
  • My Vegan Meals

This means followers of Stella can use her page for vegan meal inspiration each and every day. At such a young age, Stella highlights how anyone can begin their journey as a plant-based fitness instructor

#4 - @torre.washington 

are there vegan personal trainers

Followers: 186k

Torre Washington has done it all! As an IFBB champion, certified fitness coach, and nutritionist, his Instagram is certainly trustworthy and educational. 

Washington has been vegan for 23 years, often posting about his experiences within the fitness industry while leading such a lifestyle. 

He uses his social media as a platform to raise awareness of veganism and encourages others to adopt the same beliefs. 

As for the content specifically, Washington frequently shares his muscle-gaining gym workouts to plant-based recipe ideas, highlighting how a vegan diet is anything but restrictive.

are there vegan personal trainers

Instead, Washington makes it known that a comprehensive workout routine, sleep and recovery are the main components that make up a successful bodybuilder and fitness instructor. 

With that, he regularly posts transformation photos of his physique with tips and tricks for how his followers can achieve the same.

Washington is one of the best plant-based fitness instructors to follow on Instagram. So, why not become one of his 186,000 followers?

#5 - @gergo_jonas 

are there vegan personal trainers

Followers: 10.1k

If you’re on the lookout for gym-based Instagram content, Gergo has you covered. 

Gergo, or ‘Coach G’ by his clients, is a strength and conditioning coach from Hungary who has been living in Brighton for the past 13 years. 

A self-proclaimed ‘body transformation specialist’, he is a PT who works with athletes to enhance their performance.

He found his love for fitness after losing 30 kilos as a teenager, resulting in him getting many questions as to how he did it. 

He has since become a qualified PT and started an established business with nationwide chain PureGym. 

vegan personal trainer

Gergo speaks openly about how varied each day is since each client's goal is different. This is perfect for any aspiring PTs who want insight into daily working life. 

However, his page is also accessible for fitness newbies thanks to his videos detailing how to use various gym equipment. 

In the series, he discusses what the exercise is, required equipment, muscles worked, details on form and advice on how many reps and sets to complete. 

With this in mind, Gergo’s Instagram functions as a how-to guide for those wanting to learn more about the gym. He also provides tips for gym anxiety, making it a space where his followers can feel comfortable and confident. 

He also works closely with vegan restaurants around Brighton, posting his favourite places to eat on his Instagram.

#6 - @luca_fithealth 

are there vegan personal trainers

Followers: 313k

Luca is the founder and CEO of Planty Gains, a personalised online coaching service designed to help people lose weight, maintain weight, or gain muscle. 

He’s helped over 1000 people achieve their dream bodies, showing Luca really knows what he’s talking about. 

His Instagram functions as both a page of motivation for gym and exercise lovers and as a true testament that his coaching services are worth every penny.

Almost all professionally photographed posts show off Luca’s ripped physique. However, this isn’t just a page dedicated to selfies. 

plant based personal trainer

Each of these posts are accompanied by informative captions, ensuring each and every one of his 300k+ followers learn something valuable from his page. 

This goes to show that regardless of your fitness goals, prior gym experience, or knowledge of nutrition, Luca knows plenty of useful information for all to see and learn from. 

For these reasons, we think Luca has one of the best vegan personal trainer accounts so go check it out for yourself!

#7 - @simpleexplorer 

top online personal trainers vegan

Followers: 8k

Want to discover more of the top online personal trainers that are vegan? Perhaps you’re looking for Instagram accounts that don’t solely focus on content surrounding the gym? 

If so, we think you should check out Simple Explorer, run by Evie. 

Evie is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, as well as a kettlebell instructor, marathon runner, and vegan - she truly does it all! She is also an avid traveller, conducting some of her PT sessions virtually and some in the gym in London. 

Since travelling is a huge passion of hers, Evie’s Instagram is nothing shy of stunning. It’s the perfect hybrid of candid shots in picturesque locations and photos of her running adventures.

vegan fitness instructor

Evie is also a woman on a mission to change the narrative that all vegans eat is lettuce. Every other post reveals a colourful vegan meal with a detailed caption of where her 8k followers can get their hands on their own. 

From vegan burgers to doughnuts, pies and pizzas, Evie is a personal trainer who opts to not restrict herself to protein and rice - contrary to what many believe a PTs diet consists of. 

Evie keeps her followers in the loop every 2 days and with over 600 posts to date, each is just as inspiring as the last. 


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#8 - @iluka_fitness 

top online personal trainers vegan

Followers: 7k

With the previous point in mind, if you enjoy varied and exciting Instagram content, we have another great handle for you. 

Iluka Fitness is a holistic health and fitness enterprise, focused on helping people around the world achieve their health, wellness, and fitness goals.

The brand’s founder, Cassandra Craddock, a gluten-free and vegan top online personal trainer, is on a mission to encourage others to adopt better exercise and food habits. 

However, aside from providing personal training and vegan advice, Ikula Fitness conducts yoga and Zumba classes, as well as being involved in various surfing schools around Australia. 

are there vegan personal trainers

So, when we say we have an Instagram page that offers varied content ready to excite and inspire you on a daily basis, we weren’t lying!

Each of her Instagram posts has a purpose. Food posts detail what it is and how to make it, transformation photos discuss exactly how that person achieved their physique, with Zumba and surfing promo instructing followers how they can get involved. 

Craddock’s page is intentful and honest, determined to teach her 7k followers how to make healthier choices.

Craddock has also conveniently crafted a series of highlight reels where her followers can quickly find what they’re looking for. 

From surfing to personal training content, chats about nutrition, and client testimonials - whatever you want to find, you can do so with ease. 

#9 - @miss_meatless_muscle 

top online personal trainers vegan

Followers: 38.7k

Brooke Sellers is a vegan weightlifter and online personal trainer who has helped coach hundreds of vegan women all over the world to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Sellers decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle in 2018 after feeling tired, out of shape and struggling with body image issues. Since then, her confidence has sky-rocketed in her personal life, at the gym and in her career - her Instagram is a testament to this. 

Over at the Miss Meatless Muscle Instagram page, Sellers shares strong and confident full-body snaps, showing women around the globe what they can look like with Sellers help. 

plant based personal trainers

Sellers is a personal trainer who enjoys reminding her following how far she has come in her fitness journey, regularly showing photos of her previous physique. 

Many followers comment how comforting it is to see the ‘before’ photos as it keeps them determined and inspired. With these photos, Sellers posts additional content detailing how she achieved what she has so that others can follow suit. 

Another great feature of Sellers’ page is that she frequently answers some of the fitness industries most-asked questions, providing answers to questions like:

  • Do you really need protein powder?
  • How does eating plants improve muscle efficiency?
  • Why do we lose weight and put it back on?

These reasons are why we’ve ranked Sellers highly on our list of the best vegan personal trainers on Instagram, so why not go and see what all the fuss is about? 

#10 - @lianafruitking

top online personal trainers

Followers: 4k

Next on our list of the best vegan personal trainers accounts is Liana Kings! With her best friend, King is the co-owner of a new and upcoming vegan food plan company - Plant Powered Nutrition Plan.

The food plan's aim is to change the idea that a vegan diet is all lettuce and granola

This is evident from just a quick glance at King’s Instagram page where she frequently posts videos of her plant-based creations, each of which details the calories, vegan protein content, and provides a food list. 

top online personal trainers vegan

King then cooks the dish with easy-to-follow steps so her 4k followers can create their own at home. 

As for her other posts, she regularly posts physique updates with empowering captions discussing her progress, drawbacks, and plans for the future. This helps to inspire others to kick-start their own fitness goals or to keep pushing.

King also notes the various mental struggles many experience while working towards their fitness goals. 

Whether it be the weight isn’t coming off quickly enough or food cravings are making consistency difficult, King lends a helping hand to others experiencing the same issues. 

From this, King’s Instagram page is a comfortable, judgement-free zone, and one we’d recommend for fellow fitness enthusiasts who want motivating daily content. 

#11 - @tomi_jessen

vegan fitness instructor

Followers: 23.5k

A few years ago, Jessen didn’t have a clue about nutrition and what leading a healthy lifestyle meant. He drank alcohol excessively, smoked cigarettes, constantly chose junk food over a healthy option, and rarely engaged in any exercise. 

With this came fatigue, weight gain, bad skin, and declining mental wellbeing. So, Jessen decided to make a change. 

Now a fully qualified online personal trainer and nutrition coach with a certificate in plant-based nutrition, Jessen is determined to help others achieve their own health and fitness goals just like he did. 

are there vegan personal trainers

Jessen’s Instagram is a platform designed to show others that just because you don’t know anything about healthy eating or fitness programmes doesn’t mean you’ll never have a body you’re happy with. 

Most posts include physique updates and vegan meal recipes, with the occasional TikTok trend such as ‘What I Eat in a Day’ clips.

For those who aren’t sure where to begin, Jessen often refers to his online coaching service which he offers to new clients free of charge. 

If you’re searching for the best plant-based personal trainers on Instagram and want to take advantage of a free consultation to kick-start your fitness goals, Jessen is an excellent option. 

#12 - @fitveganchef

vegan fitness instructor

Followers: 86.3k

Next on our list is professional Bikini athlete and vegan chef, Natalie Matthews. Raised on the island of Puerto Rico, Natali began surfing professionally at the age of 16. 

This athleticism and commitment is what sparked her interest in eventually adopting a vegan lifestyle. Although a vegetarian since childhood, her addiction to dairy often left her with other health issues such as hypoglycemia and severe acne.

After meeting her husband George, who was eventually advised to eliminate dairy products to help with chronic sinus problems, the two became vegan. Within a year, they were both free from illness and thriving.

Graduating from the Living Light Culinary Institute in 2016 and with her own Puerto Vegan Cookbook, Natalie’s recipe posts aren’t to be missed!

Her dedication to helping inspire others to live a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle, as well as a lifetime dedication to health and fitness, is the reason why she has an impressive 86,000 followers.

#13 - @julianhierro 

vegan fitness instructor

Followers: 60.9k

Julian Hierro has one of the best vegan personal trainers Instagram accounts out there. 

But before we delve into the page itself, let’s introduce you to the man himself. 

Julian Hierro is the founder and CEO of Jacked Vegans Academy, a CrossFit champion and highly sought out vegan fitness expert. His services aim to help “vegan men and women shed fat, build muscle, and look great naked.”

plant based fitness instructors

He has helped over 1000 people achieve their health and fitness goals and regularly posts about their success stories, reviews, and before and after photos to encourage others to get involved too. Hierro is also an avid poster of all things vegan, determined to change the stigma that vegans can’t gain muscle and be strong.

Instead, each of Hierro’s posts has gripping, matter-of-fact captions to ensure each and every one of his 59k followers learn something new from his content. 

Each of these posts will prove to be incredibly useful for those considering adopting a vegan lifestyle and who enjoy motivational posts to keep going.

This is why Hierro is on our list of plant-based fitness instructors accounts for you to follow. 


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#14 - @veganmacros101 

vegan fitness instructor

Followers: 4k

The Vegan Macros 101 Instagram account is run by Vicki, a fat loss coach, vegan nutritionist, and personal trainer. 

Her page is dedicated to teaching fellow vegans how to hit their protein goals, track macros, and lose fat while on a vegan diet. 

Vicki’s Instagram offers a wealth of vegan tips, tricks, and recipe ideas. It also includes vegan Q&A sessions to educate her followers about all things nutrition.

However, she doesn’t solely target her content towards existing vegans but instead creates content that will benefit those considering incorporating vegan dishes into their diet. 

She does this by posting what she calls ‘Simple Vegan Swaps’, which offers her followers a range of vegan alternatives. 

These include alternatives to:

  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Cheese
  • Egg
  • Honey

Vicki is also an avid cook and can be seen regularly posting vegan protein recipes with easy-to-follow videos explaining how she makes them. 

top online personal trainers vegan

She is also one for updating her followers on what she eats in a day to show how a vegan diet is far from boring or restrictive, contrary to common belief. 

With these updates, she runs through her daily calorie intake while also breaking down her macros (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) for others to take inspiration. Each macro split post provides insight into macros as a concept for those who would like to learn more. 

With this in mind, Vicki’s Instagram offers more nutrition-based content than most other vegan personal trainers discussed so far and for this reason, makes her worthy of a follow.

- - - - 

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#15 - @conscious_muscle 

vegan fitness instructor

Followers: 173k

The Conscious Muscle Instagram account is run by Coach Jordan, a vegan nutritionist and personal trainer who offers 1-to-1 support and training programmes for those wanting to build muscle, burn fat, and get shredded.

Jordan’s approach to teaching is with a no-excuses mentality. He believes being consistent and accountable is vital for anyone wanting to achieve any fitness-related goal. 

He is a transparent fitness coach and this is most certainly reflective of his Instagram feed. 

His platform is a place that doesn’t sugar-coat training, noting whatever the obstacle, a solution must follow - especially when it comes to achieving dreams.

plant based personal trainers

Jordan offers actionable advice. He is a coach that tells his followers exactly how he attained his physique and provides insight into different workout ideas to help others to get on the right track. 

As mentioned earlier, Jordan is a vegan nutritionist which is also a big part of his platform. He is shown discussing his favourite vegan protein powders, the best vegan restaurants to try, and documents his favourite homemade meal ideas.

The Conscious Muscle notes the importance of having a vigorous workout regime and a balanced diet, which is truly reflective in his feed. 

It’s the perfect balance between gym and nutrition-based content to keep his followers as informed as possible. 

#16 - @gabriellabarrios 

plant based personal trainers

Followers: 5k

Seeing photos of strong physiques is one of the best ways to keep working towards your fitness goals. They continually remind you of what you can achieve with consistency and dedication.

If this is something you’d like to see on your feed, Gabriella Barrios’ page may be right up your street! 

Barrios is a vegan personal trainer, expert selfie taker, and mother of two. She’s great at juggling it all, which is why her Instagram feed is truly inspiring. 

She offers her 5k followers beautiful shots of her muscular build with captions each person will resonate with.

plant based personal trainer

Whether it’s a motivational message about keeping consistent, not beating yourself up over a cheat day, or ways to exercise mindfulness, Barrios’ page offers a plethora of mood-boosting content as well as aspirational physique pics. 

Another great reason why you should give this account a follow is that Barrios posts daily, which is handy to know if you’re wanting small pockets of motivational content to keep you moving. 

#17 - @sexyfitvegan 

plant based personal trainers

Followers: 10.6k

Sexy Fit Vegan is an Instagram and podcast run and hosted by Ella Magers, a transformational coach of over 15 years and vegan for 23 years.

She is the author of The Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan and has been named among Shape Magazine’s 50 Hottest Trainers in America, in which she was called an expert on veganism, wellness, and fitness. 

Magers is one of the best plant-based personal trainers out there and her Instagram page does well to convey this.

are there vegan personal trainers

She uses her platform to talk about being vegan while working in the fitness industry and how many still seem to believe you can’t gain muscle and get shredded while eating a plant-based diet. 

The Sexy Fit Vegan Instagram also includes photos of Magers toned abs while she works out at the gym, at home, and during yoga practice. 

Whatever the workout, she makes sure she accompanies the benefits each type of workout has on the body, inspiring others to follow suit. 

Magers also often discusses the benefits veganism has on the mind, body, and planet both on her Instagram and on her podcast, Sexy Fit Vegan. 

The podcast is especially valuable for those wanting to learn more about what vegan personal training is like as it includes special guests to discuss topics in more detail.

#18 - @luckiesigouin 

plant based personal trainers

Followers: 27.9k

Are you someone who enjoys looking at transformation photos? They can be relatable, incredibly inspiring, and useful for identifying your own health and fitness goals. 

If you’d like to see this content on a daily basis, Maxime’s Instagram account may be right up your street. 

But, before we delve into why, let’s first introduce you to the man behind the account. 

Maxime is a personal trainer who helps vegan women lose weight, tone up, and get energised. 

plant based fitness instructors

He has worked with over 300 women to achieve their dream body without having to cut carbs, count calories or do any fad diets

Maxime’s Instagram functions as a portfolio where he frequently posts insane transformation photos of the women he’s helped. 

Each ‘before and after’ shot is partnered with some insight about the client, their fitness goals, the programme they worked on, and their start and end weight. 

Doing so will ensure his followers find a client they can relate to, thus pushing them to get started on their own goals.

Maxime also posts several vegan recipe ideas each week, keeping his followers eating well. Every recipe comes with measurements for each ingredient, along with simple steps for making the dish. 

This Instagram account strikes the right balance between keeping his followers pumped with actionable tips on maintaining progress. 

#19 - @sarah.zidekova 

plant based personal trainers

Followers: 11.6k

Sarah Zidekova is a vegan personal trainer based in Rhodes whose Instagram is packed full of beautiful selfies, body updates, candid shots in beautiful locations and food inspiration. 

On her page, you’ll find snaps of her workouts and how she’s trained that day, each of which is nicely presented through the use of delicate filters.

As for the food shots, Zidekova loves to talk about the benefits a vegan diet can have on the mind, body, and soul. 

She regularly posts her favourite smoothie and meal ideas, each rich in colour, adding a nice contrast to the rest of her feed.

vegan personal trainer

Zidekova does a lot of model work for GymBeam, a health and fitness lifestyle brand. Her Instagram features the brand frequently, helping her followers get some apparel inspiration on the side of workout and recipe ideas. 

As you can probably tell, there are so many vegan personal trainers on Instagram. However, there are few that have pages as pretty as Zidekova, which is why we think you’d enjoy her content. 

#20 - @amandaroseofficial 

plant based personal trainers

Followers: 25.8k

Next up we have Amanda Rose - an ex-personal trainer, full-time mum, vegan, and fitness blogger based in Australia. 

Her posts are varied which helps her 25k followers stay engaged. Some posts are of her children, Morrison and Ziggy, while others are of her cooking delicious-looking vegan dishes, and doing some light workouts. 

vegan fitness instructor

You can also find posts of Amana immersing herself into Australia’s stunning nature reserves, flaunting her toned physique with her family. To still look as fit and healthy as she does after two children is inspiring to say the least.

Amanda’s Instagram also presents small pockets of information about her fitness blog. Some post examples that we think you’d enjoy include:

So, if you started out this article wanting to find more plant based personal trainer accounts to follow, but perhaps want to follow more stripped-back accounts too, Amanda’s account is one we’d recommend. 

#21  - @karinainkster 

vegan fitness instructors

Followers: 3k

Karina Inkster is a certified personal training specialist, nutritionist, and founder of the KI Healthy Living Academy, a PT brand that teaches people how to lead a healthy, active, plant-based lifestyle. 

She is also the author of 4 fitness books and a podcast host at The No-Bullsh!t Vegan Podcast. She works tirelessly to motivate her personal training clients and the world to get fit and keep moving while being vegan.

vegan fitness instructor

This is certainly reflective with her Instagram page too, an educational tool for anyone thinking of transitioning to veganism while also functioning as a motivational page for existing vegans. 

Karina is also an avid food photographer as well as a fitness fanatic. She regularly posts her delectable plant-based dishes, each of which is accompanied by an easy-to-follow recipe. 

This vegan personal trainer explains in her captions why each dish is special to her and the benefits it can bring for the mind and body. 

On the topic of food, Karina enjoys debunking various nutrition-based myths. This ensures anyone who is hesitant about leading a vegan lifestyle can rely on Karina for the facts. 

She also posts snippets of upcoming podcast episodes with candid shots of special guests and what topics will be covered. She conveniently notes where her followers can access each episode, making her Instagram informative and user-friendly. 


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#22 - @chloe_gets_results

vegan fitness instructors

Followers: 1k

The Chloe Gets Results Instagram page is run by Coach Chloe, a vegan personal trainer who specialises in injury rehabilitation and strength training.

She conducts both in-person and online personal training sessions, perfect for those based either in her local area of Reading, UK and also those based elsewhere.

Chloe has two Instagram pages where she frequently posts content: 

We think the latter will help users feel inspired and consistent with their own fitness goals. 

plant based personal trainers

Seeing client testimonials on a daily basis will benefit those undergoing their own journey to envision where they could be with hard work and dedication. It’s also super easy to find clients to relate to when there are pages like Chloe’s that offer a wealth of success stories.

We at OriGym believe following at least one Instagram account that only posts transformation photos is an incredibly effective way to keep on top of your programme and work towards your fitness goals. 

If you see others doing it, you will begin to ask ‘well, what’s stopping me?’

#23 - @stefanovegancalisthenics 

vegan fitness instructors

Followers: 13.4k

This next Instagram page offers something a little different compared with the accounts discussed so far.

Stefno, a vegan personal trainer, instructs his coaching sessions with callisthenics. 

Callisthenics is a form of strength training that consists of performing movements that exercise large muscle groups. Exercises are often performed rhythmically and with minimal equipment. 

Stefano believes callisthenics is a great way to improve strength, build muscle, and burn calories, which is why he’s opted to teach others how to do the same without needing a gym membership. 

Stefano’s Instagram page is quite varied but largely presents him exercising outdoors in his hometown of Granada, Spain.

vegan personal trainers

From posting videos of him performing calisthenic exercises to discussing the best post-workout stretches, he also has a healthy range of funny fitness memes to provide his 13k followers with laughs and educational content. 

He’s also determined to change the narrative surrounding veganism, arguing how a plant-based diet can help build muscle. 

So, while unconventional, Stefano’s vegan personal trainer Instagram page is inspiring nonetheless and offers a fresh take to keeping fit without using gym equipment and machines. 

#24 - @jules_pro_figure

vegan fitness instructors

Followers: 10.3k

Next up on our list of the best vegan fitness instructors is Julia Hubbard.

Hubbard has a wealth of experience from working and competing in the fitness industry. She is a personal trainer, 3 x Miss Olympia Champion, author of The Strong Vegan, online coach, and a plant-based nutritionist. 

Hubbard was a vegetarian from the age of 15 and transitioned to full-time vegan at 39. 

She has experienced the vast benefits a vegan lifestyle has brought. 

This includes:

  • Having more energy
  • Finding it easier to gain muscle and lose fat
  • Positive mental effects

She documents all these effects on her instagram page.

After noticing these benefits, Hubbard chose to start her own personal training business to encourage others to do the same. This has transpired to her opening her own gym in her hometown of Scarborough, UK. 

Her Instagram documents Hubbard’s wins both at the gym and at competitions. She enjoys posting her ever-improving deadlift and squat personal bests, with snaps of her ripped physique at bikini competitions.

are there vegan personal trainers

Her page is also a platform to praise other women at competitions, detailing their own stories and achievements. 

Therefore, the Jules Pro Fitness account isn’t just a space to brag about her own successes, but a space to celebrate women working in the bodybuilding fitness world. 

#25 - @that_vegan_bodybuilder

plant based fitness instructors

Followers: 3k

The mind behind the That Vegan Bodybuilder Instagram account is Hawys, a vegan fitness coach from Cardiff, UK.

Hawys creates TikTok inspired videos about all topics of fitness, educating her followers in a fun and unique way. 

vegan fitness instructor

This helps those who don’t have much experience in the gym to access the relevant information to begin.

Some examples of Hawys’ videos include: 

  • How to log progress to get your dream body
  • What happens to your metabolism after years of under eating and overtraining
  • How to set attainable and realistic goals
  • Ways of dealing with a fat gain during a bulk

Each of these videos is accompanied by detailed captions explaining her thoughts behind the video to better educate her audience. She provides actionable advice, drawing from her own experience and what her followers can do in the future. 

She acts with a ‘door is always open’ policy, encouraging anyone with any questions to reach out. 

Hawys uses her platform as a space to help and empower others, which is why she’s one of the best plant-based fitness instructors in the UK. 

#26 - @mitchkahnfitness

plant based fitness instructors

Followers: 8k

This next Instagram account is run by Mitch Kahn, a 61-year-old personal trainer and nutritionist who turned vegan 11 years ago and has never looked back. 

When Kahn transitioned to eating a vegan diet, he found he started to lose weight. Curious as to where he could be in a year's time, Kahn started working on an exercise regime, transpiring to him losing a total of 75 pounds - something he’s kept off.

vegan personal trainers

From then, Kahn has been on a mission to help others who are curious about veganism and want to form long-lasting exercise habits. He obtained his personal training qualification in 2020.

Kahn’s Instagram consists of motivational quotes, facts and figures to support existing clients through their journey and ways to inspire others working towards their fitness goals. 

He frequently discusses the benefits of working with vegan coaches vs regular coaches and the wealth of perks a vegan diet has on the mind and body. 

You’re bound to discover something new about the weight loss process with Kahn’s Instagram account, especially since he posts at least once per day.

He’s determined to equip his followers with the right tools to achieve their dream body, which is why we think he has one of the best vegan personal trainers Instagram accounts out there. 

#27 - @bestveganfitnesstips

plant based fitness instructors

Followers: 14.1k

Finishing up our list is something slightly different. This is an Instagram account run by a group of fitness coaches and vegan nutritionists who post informative and educational content several times per day. 

The account is more of a holistic vegan fitness account, sure to teach you a new workout and vegan recipe ideas with the occasional motivational post to keep followers inspired. 

vegan personal trainers

This account also features a range of vegan personal trainers in the industry, discussing their own ideas. One of these people is Mitch Kahn (@mitchkahnfitness) who we have previously mentioned! 

Brooke Sellers over at @miss_meatless_muscle also regularly does story takeovers on this account where followers can send in their fitness questions for her to answer. This is great for followers who enjoy user-generated content.

Moreover, featuring other professionals within the industry helps fitness newbies branch out and discover more inspirational figures as well as being able to learn the ropes to facilitate their goals. 

This is a great account for those who want to obtain relevant health and fitness information in one place. 

Before You Go! 

Well, there’s our list of the best vegan personal trainers you can follow today! 

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Written by Emily Evans

Content Writer & Fitness Enthusiast

Emily studied English Language and Literature at the University of Sheffield, graduating in 2021 with a 2:1 BA honours degree. Alongside her degree, she also gained experience in student publication as Forge Press’ Lifestyle Editor and Deputy Editor for Post-Production. This is where her love for content writing stemmed from, which also led her to OriGym. Outside of her work, Emily will either be found on a long hike, at the gym or making a mess trying new healthy recipes in her kitchen!

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