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19 Best Virtual Running Challenges, Races & Events

We live in a world that’s becoming progressively more technologically advanced, and virtual running challenges form part of that huge leap forward. They’re easily accessible, always connected, and often just tick away in your pocket or on your wrist. 

But what are they, and how can you get involved if you don’t know the first thing about them?

Well, OriGym’s comprehensive guide hopes to answer all the questions you might have about virtual running challenges, whether that’s how you can get involved, what you need to do to get started, or even what a virtual running event is. 

We’ve selected our favourite virtual running challenges, and with such a wide variety, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone!


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What Is A Virtual Run?

virtual run medals

The likelihood is, if you’ve clicked on this article, you’ve got some familiarity with the idea of virtual running challenges. But, as this article will be discussing the best virtual running experiences, we thought it best to first define what we mean.

A virtual run is, as you might expect, a run that isn’t completed in person, or at a specific location or time. Many of the virtual runs we’ll be looking at actually have no timeframe for their completion, meaning they’re much more flexible than more traditional marathons or non-virtual running events.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re any less impactful - these virtual running races (UK and beyond) are often just as intense as any marathon or 10k run. We’d advise making sure you’ve got all the best running gear if this is your first experience with running. 

As we’ll get on to, there are lots of options for virtual run events (UK and worldwide), but how exactly do virtual running races work?

How Do Virtual Runs Work?

virtual treadmill run

Organisers have designed virtual running events to be easily accessible, customisable, and open to any and all fitness levels and abilities. 

They allow you to pick the running challenge yourself, and complete it whenever and wherever is convenient for you. Whether that’s doing laps of your local park, or jogging on a treadmill, you’ll simply need to run the distance you’ve signed up for to receive your reward.

One important thing to remember, though, is that you'll need to track your run, which is usually done through an app on your phone, through your data tracked on your smart watch (OriGym’s thorough report on the best running watches explores this capability in more detail). 

This evidence of your virtual run will then allow you to claim your reward. Some offer a well-deserved medal, others a certificate, and a few will even send out a commemorative t-shirt. 

Like regular running events, virtual run challenges allow you to choose from varying distances, including 5K and 10k races or even a half marathon challenge. 

What Are The Best Virtual Running Races?

#1 - RunThrough Virtual Monthly Mileage Running Event

virtual run challenge

Organiser: RunThrough

Price: £20 per run (regardless of distance)

Date: Anytime 

Distance: Between 50 and 200 miles

RunThrough’s Virtual Monthly Mileage event is one of the flagship virtual running events, and for good reason. 

You can choose your monthly mileage target, with the targets ranging between 50 and 200 miles, without affecting the price tag. While that may seem a huge distance, it’s important to remember that you have a whole month to complete your huge virtual running challenge - meaning 200 miles is only around a 7 mile run per day! 

When you first opt for RunThrough as your virtual running challenge provider, you’ll be prompted to sign up, and track your runs over 30 days. As you complete your run each day, you’ll send over your statistics to the race organisers, and they’ll tally up how far you’ve run over the course of the month.

And just for completing the virtual run, you’ll be awarded a unique RunThrough Virtual medal, along with a motivational postcard, a race number, and some post-run goodies! Couple those with a pick from our list of the best running accessories to take your running to the next level! 

#2 - Edinburgh Virtual Challenge Festival

treadmill virtual run

Organiser: GSi events

Price: £15 to £30, depending on distance

Date: 29-30th May 2021

Distance: Between 1.5k and 42km (26.2 miles)

Join in with one of the biggest virtual running challenges in the UK and challenge yourself! 

One of the most impressive parts of this virtual running event is that you can choose from multiple distances, starting from 5km up to a full marathon (26.2 miles or 42km)! This customisable challenge extends to the younger generation of virtual runners, too, with virtual running challenges for kids available up to 10km.

Upon registering, the organisers will send out your Edinburgh Marathon number, as well as providing you with plenty of virtual resources so you can have the best possible experience.

After you make the decision to go for this UK virtual running challenge, you’ll be prompted to sign up for an account, which is where you’ll register your completion time. You can complete your challenge in one day or over multiple days, with the event spanning 2 days at the end of May. 

It’s also a virtual marathon with a charitable side, too - you can sign up to run for charity and make a huge difference by raising money. After finishing your selected race, you will be awarded a run medal, race t-shirt, and many other virtual goodies to keep you motivated!

This marathon (and its virtual counterpart, too) are a huge part of running history - we’ve handpicked a selection of our best running books that discuss the event’s impact and how its shaped modern running. 

#3 - The Amazon Ultra Virtual Challenge

london marathon virtual running challenge

Organiser: Ace Races

Price: £15

Date: Anytime

Distance: 230km

For anyone looking for a harsher, more challenging virtual run, the “Amazon Ultra” is arguably among the best virtual running challenges. 

It replicates the trail from the city of Manaus in Brazil, directly through the Amazon Rainforest, finishing at Novo-Aripuana on the opposite side of the dense jungle. This is perhaps one of the more subtle benefits of virtual running races - they offer you the opportunity to run in places you may never have the chance to visit!

However, there is a sense of urgency with this virtual run - the challenge needs to be completed in 30 days from the day you sign up. 

You can complete the race either out in the fresh air, or go for a virtual treadmill run if you’re not a fan of the outdoors. You could even use a rower in the gym, or cycle! Just make sure to adhere to all the rules and regulations with OriGym’s ultimate guide to gym etiquette.

Not only is this virtual running event great for your fitness goals, but this challenge also supports The Rainforest Trust UK in their quest to protect the most threatened tropical rainforests, saving endangered species through partnerships and community engagement. 

Your entry donates £2.50 to their chosen charity, which conserves a whole acre of rainforest through the Conservation Action Fund. Once your results are verified, the company does send your medal. You are participating for a good cause, getting fit, and receiving an award. These are just a few benefits you get upon participation!

#4 - MyPacer Mount Fuji Challenge

virtual run events uk

Organiser: Pacer Virtual Adventure Challenges

Price: £21.88

Date: Anytime

Distance: 24 miles (40km)

MyPacer offer a wide variety of virtual running challenges, but our personal favourite would have to be the idyllic Mount Fuji virtual run. 

This particular virtual run puts you at the base of beautiful Mount Fuji in the province of Honshu, Japan, and charts your progress up the spiralling giant. 

MyPacer not only provides the virtual running challenge, but at certain milestones along the way, you’ll receive beautiful photographs of the landscape you’re traversing, ranging from the banks of Lake Kawaguchi to the ice caves of Narusawa. 

Not only that, but this one of very few virtual running challenges that allows you to compete against friends and family. The MyPacer app tracks your progress in real time (whether that’s a quick walk to the shops, or your usual evening run), and ranks you all on a leaderboard.

This extra element of competition is not the only thing this virtual running event offers - you’ll receive a high-quality medal to prove you’ve conquered this mountainous challenge, as well as a virtual medal on your MyPacer profile. 

#5 - Run to the Beat Virtual 10k

nhs virtual run

Organiser: Run Nation

Price: £7.95

Date: 9:00am, 30th September 2021

Distance: 10km

Do you find yourself more motivated when moving to the beat? Love running with music? Well, Run Nation’s newest virtual running challenge could be ideal for you!

This unique virtual run experience sets your challenge against a backdrop of community-chosen running tunes that are designed to raise your heart rate and spur you on to that next milestone. 

Run Nation’s aim is to create a sense of community around your virtual running races, with all participants encouraged to submit a selfie alongside their chosen tune. This inclusivity means that you can gain that same feeling of fellowship that can occasionally be lost with a lot of virtual runs. 

The only thing you’ll need (aside from strong motivation and a competitive spirit) is the free Strava app, which allows you to track all your vitals and, most importantly, your final time for your virtual 10km run. 

Run Nation’s wide selection of virtual running challenges, and established track record of both virtual and in-person events, means you can rest assured that these events will always be of the highest calibre. 

#6 - Front Runner for Front Line Workers (NHS Virtual Run)

virtual 10k run

Organiser: FrontRunner Events

Price: £15 (+ fees)

Date: Anytime

Distance: At least 1km 

Front Runner for Front Line Workers is one of the many virtual running challenges that have been established to provide support and funding for the NHS. Now, as we’re sure you’ll agree, this is a very worthy cause, so let’s explore exactly what you’ll be doing.

This virtual running challenge is unique in the sense that you set your goals - you can aim for a distance as high as you feel comfortable completing, and there’s no time limit, meaning you don’t need to bust a gut trying to meet strict time constraints.  

You’ll then simply need to submit evidence of your completion (usually done through an app that tracks your running, we’ve selected some of the best running apps if you’re a beginner), and then your bespoke medal will be posted out to you! You’ll also receive a digital certificate to commemorate your achievement.

Not only that, but a significant portion of your entry fee will be donated to two different NHS charities - NHS Charities Together, and St. John Cymru Wales. 

This NHS virtual run is not only great for your own health, but your donations and entry fee go towards improving the health of others, and ensuring that we can all support each other. 

#7 - The Conqueror Mount Everest Virtual Challenge

lands end to john o groats virtual run

Organiser: The Conqueror 

Price: £24.95 (entry & medal) or £49.95 (entry, medal & exclusive tshirt) 

Date: Anytime

Distance: 40 miles (64km)

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts of any virtual running challenge is the opportunity to explore parts of the world that you may never have had the opportunity to before. That is most definitely true of the Mount Everest Virtual Running Challenge from The Conqueror. 

You’ll be tasked with completing the 40 miles that charts the climb up the tallest mountain as part of one of the biggest virtual running challenges, but don’t panic - you’ll not be expected to climb the colossal peak! 

Each step of forward movement - whether that’s walking, running, swimming, or cycling - counts towards your ascent of the towering summit. And you can customise your own timeframe for completion, too, meaning your goals are totally achievable and within your own fitness capabilities. Not only that, but you’ll also be improving your psychological health, too - OriGym’s report on the mental health benefits of running delves deeper into just how it boosts our brains.

This incredible challenge wouldn’t be complete without photographs from the area, and this is where The Conqueror excels - you’ll not only see your custom avatar on the map of Everest so you can track your progress in real time, but you’ll also receive postcards from along the way, beautifully depicting key locations from your route.

Not to mention that, as you reach certain milestones on your journey, The Conqueror will donate towards planting a tree, so you’re doing your part for the planet as well as completing one of our favourite virtual running challenges! 

#8 - Couch to 5K Completion Medal

what is a virtual run

Organiser: Virtual Racing UK

Price: £13  

Date: Anytime

Distance: 5km

You might already be aware of the Couch to 5k scheme, designed by the NHS and the UK government to get more people involved in outdoor exercise and general fitness. But did you know that you can earn a medal for that NHS virtual run?

Virtual Racing UK offers a medal to anyone who’s found the motivation to complete the NHS virtual running challenge, and for good reason! The 9 week training program can often be difficult, but with Virtual Racing UK’s scheme, you’ll receive a medal to commemorate your challenge completion too.

The idea is simple - you’ll sign up for the challenge when you first download the NHS Couch to 5k app, and then you’ll have 6 months to complete the final 5km run, before submitting your time and proof of your completion to Virtual Racing UK. This virtual running challenge is as easy as that!

Not only that, but this entry fee is among the cheapest on our list of the best virtual running challenges, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, then this could be the virtual running race for you! Plus, with all the money saved, you can grab yourself a shirt from OriGym’s report on the best running tops!

#9 - Fly 5k

best virtual running races

Organiser: Fly 5k

Price: Free 

Date: Every Saturday 

Distance: 5 km (3.2 miles)

Considering how to spend your weekends more productively? Interested in incorporating virtual running challenges but unsure how to? Fly 5k could be ideal for you!

Taking place every single Saturday, no matter the weather, you’ll be challenged to run 5k between 8am and 12pm, before submitting your final time to the highly contested leaderboards. Just make sure you’ve packed your best waterproof trail shoes if you’re attempting this on a rainy day!

This is where Fly 5k thrives - because of the non-existent price tag, and the prevalence of running (especially in warmer months) as a form of exercise, these virtual running challenges attract a substantial amount of competitors week on week, and have an active community on social media. 

It’s also a great motivator - seeing fellow runners doing well in the weekly charts means you’ll be more likely to squeeze that extra bit from your virtual running challenges, and continue to push yourself on your fitness journey.

Not to mention that, unlike many other virtual running races, it’s completely free to enter and compete - you just need an app or smart device to track your run, and then submit your time to the leaderboards! 

#10 - Land's End to John O’ Groats Virtual Challenge

virtual running challenges uk

Organiser: End to End

Price: £29.99 

Date: 1st March 2021 until 28th Feb 2022

Distance: 874 miles (1,406 km) 

Arguably one of the most formidable virtual running challenges in the UK, the Lands End to John o Groats virtual run sees you attempting to run the entire length of mainland Britain (virtually, of course) over the course of an entire year.

While this may seem incredibly difficult, it only equates to approximately 3 miles of running, walking or cycling per day. You can even opt for a treadmill virtual run, meaning you’d never have to leave the comfort of your own home or your local gym.

This virtual running race is all about motivating those who might not necessarily feel confident in their fitness abilities, and showing that you can accomplish a distance that might, at first, seem impossible, just by doing a little more each time. 

Upon completion of this mammoth virtual run (UK), you’ll not only receive a bespoke, high-quality medal to certify your incredible performance, but you’ll also receive a personalised message and a t-shirt that further commemorates your fantastic achievement. 

As with many virtual running events that we’ve already looked at, this Lands End to John O’ Groats virtual run has postcards and photographs along your route, so you can track your progress in real time, and seek out some of the hidden gems the UK has to offer. What more could you ask for?


Enjoying this article so far? Here’s 3 more we think you might find useful:


#11 - Paw Runner 100 Mile Challenge 

virtual running challenges for charity

Organiser: Paw Runner

Price: £14

Date: Monthly

Distance: 100 miles (161 km)

Looking to complete virtual running challenges in 2021 with your four-legged friends? Look no further than Paw Runner’s virtual running events!

The event we’ve picked out is their 100 mile challenge, as we feel that best encapsulates what they’re aiming to achieve with their virtual running challenges. 

But, if you feel as though that’s too much, or perhaps not enough, for you and your furry companion, then they have options that range from 10 miles up to 200 miles in a month! And with such high distances, you’ll definitely need the right footwear - OriGym’s comprehensive guide to the best long-distance & marathon running shoes has all the sturdy shoes you’ll ever need!

This flexibility sets Paw Runner apart, we feel - their wide array of virtual running challenges means there’s something to suit all fitness levels and abilities (both human and canine). 

Not to mention you’ll also receive a customised dog bandana for entering and completing one of their virtual running challenges, meaning you can accessorise your running buddy with only the best.

Paw Runner’s mission is noble, too - they charge a small price to ensure that everyone (and every dog) can be involved, and feel as though they’ve accomplished something, as well as promoting overall good health and fitness. 

#12 - The Virtual London Marathon

virtual running challenges 2021

Organiser: Virgin Money

Price: £28

Date: 3rd October

Distance: 26.2 miles (42 km)

Perhaps the best known marathon in the world has now gone virtual! With the London marathon virtual running challenge, even those who are unable to get to the capital can be involved in the event.

Often described as one of the running events of the year, the London marathon needs no real introduction, but this recently founded virtual running challenge is an excellent component of the fitness phenomenon.

Now, one major caveat to this event is that all the tickets for individual participation have sold out, but the reason we’ve included it on our list of the best virtual running challenges is that you can still enter for charity.

This list of charities supported by the London marathon is extensive, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to find a good cause that you feel comfortable running for. We’d also recommend that you brush up on the ins and outs of marathon running - we've taken it back to basics in our guide on how to train for a marathon.

Virtual running challenges for charity don’t come bigger than the London marathon, and not only that, but you’ll also receive a coveted medal and complimentary tshirt upon completion of the virtual running event. 

#13 - Bridges of London Virtual Run

virtual run uk

Organiser: World’s Marathons

Price: £21.19 

Date: 10th October 2021

Distance: Between 5k and full marathon (26.2 miles/42km)

Another of our virtual running challenges (UK) is the Bridges of London virtual run. This scenic virtual running race takes in the multitude of beautiful bridges that cross over the Thames and zigzag across the UK’s capital.

Organised by one of the most recognised and respected authorities in marathon organisation, this virtual run is a beacon of quality when it comes to virtual running challenges for 2021.

Customisability is key here - you can choose your distance, with options as low as 5k all the way up to a full marathon of over 40km!

Their online community provides constant support and guidance, too, on everything from tips for training and getting started, to choices for the best cushioned running shoes

But where this particular virtual running race really excels is its price point and what you get for completion - a high-quality tshirt, plus a bespoke Bridges of London medal for completion, regardless of the distance you choose to run.

With all that, plus the reassurance that you’re in great hands with World’s Marathons, this is definitely among the best choices for virtual running challenges.

#14 - Paris Feel the Spring

virtual running event

Organisation: Virtual Runners

Price: £22.00

Date:11th April

Distance: Between 5k and full marathon (26.2 miles/42km)

Moving across to continental Europe with our virtual running challenges, the Paris Feel the Spring marathon takes in the sights and sounds of the vibrant French capital.

Starting on the 11th April to coincide with the advent of spring across Europe, this virtual running race is customisable, meaning you can choose to do 5km, 10km, a half marathon or, for those who really want to push themselves, a full, 42km marathon!

This follows a similar format to many of the other virtual running events we’ve looked at - you simply track your run using your running app or tracker of choice, and then submit your data after you’ve completed your chosen distance. As simple as that!

And once all that’s done and dusted, you’ll be awarded with an amazing medal featuring one of the most famous Parisian landmarks - the Eiffel Tower. 

Not to mention the online support you’ll receive throughout your training, marathon day, and afterwards, too - the dedicated online community will provide tips and tricks on everything from the best Bluetooth running headphones, to dealing with sprains and stiffness.

#15 - May The Fourth Virtual Challenge

virtual running event uk

Organiser: The Running Bug

Price: £10

Date: 4th May 2021

Distance: 4 miles (6.4km)

Whether you’re a Sky-walker or runner, the next entry on our list of the best virtual running challenges for 2021 is sure to satisfy both Jedi and Sith alike!

The idea behind this Star Wars-themed virtual running race is simple - move 4 miles on the 4th May, or what some have come to affectionately refer to as an unofficial Star Wars Day.

Whether that’s running, jogging, walking, or simply strolling around your local park, all it takes is a free tracking app on your phone (such as Strava or MapMyWalk) and submitting your data via Running Bug’s website. 

And that’s all it takes! After that, you’ll receive a personalised certificate via email, as well as a unique medal to commemorate not only your achievement, but the day itself, so it’ll no doubt be out of this world!

Furthermore, Running Bug have already advanced with technology, setting up their own Strava group that you’ll be invited to join as soon as you sign up for one of their vast range of virtual running events. 

#16 - Run London Virtual

virtual running races

Organiser: Virtual Marathon Series

Price: £25 - £35

Date: Anytime

Distance: 26.2 miles (42km)

Always fancied completing the London marathon, but never in time to get a ticket? Run London Virtual offers an identical experience, for a fraction of the cost, and all year round, too! Just make sure you’re wrapped up in your winter running gear if you’re planning your run in December!

Of all the virtual running challenges we’ve looked at so far, this is arguably one of the more flexible ones, in that it offers multiple different ways to complete the full marathon distance. 

You can choose to complete your 42km all at once, or spread it over the course of a month, meaning you’d only need to run around 1.5km per day! Or you can even enter as a team, and split the virtual run distance between up to 25 team members. 

This monumental run isn’t without its prizes, though, and this is perhaps where this virtual running event goes above and beyond. With hotly contested leaderboards, the organisers sought to capitalise on that, and now the Top 5 competitors receive prizes through their exclusive partner RunThrough. 

#17 - St George’s Day Half Marathon, 10k, 5k & 1k

virtual run

Organiser: Nice Work

Price: £8.90 (1k), £16.60 (5k, 10k, Half Marathon)

Date: 17th - 25th April

Distance: 1k - Half Marathon (13.1 miles / 21km)

When it comes to virtual run events in the UK, there’s very few that are better than the St. George’s Day challenge. 

First and foremost, it’s important to consider flexibility and adaptability, especially when it comes to virtual running challenges, UK or otherwise. This is perhaps where the St. George’s Day challenge excels.

With multiple options for distance, as well as a whole week in which to complete your chosen challenge, this virtual run (UK) really sets itself apart from the rest. It’ll also mean you can look at how best to smash through your time, whether that’s with more intense training, or by using the best running supplements.

This is also ideal if you’re someone who’s seeking virtual running challenges for charity, too - the organisers have declared that they're supporting both the Alzheimer’s Society and the British Heart Foundation, two charities which are instrumental in society with the services they provide for those in need.

And not only will you have a sense of pride and accomplishment when you complete your chosen distance, but you’ll also receive a custom-made medal just for completing, as well as prizes for the best competitors! 

#18 - Cheltenham Challenge

virtual running

Organiser: CCP

Price: £16 (5km) - £36 (half-marathon)

Date: 22nd - 23rd May

Distance: 5km - half marathon (13.1 miles / 21km)

Interested in virtual running challenges for charity? How about a customisable virtual running event experience? Well, the Cheltenham Challenge has both those things, and many more besides. 

The Cheltenham Challenge, similar to many other virtual running challenges on our list, was originally done in person, over the foothills and rough terrain of the Cheltenham countryside, meaning you’d need your best cross-country running shoes.

But, with the move to a more virtual running event, more people are able to be involved, and contribute, both towards charity and to the overall reputation of the event. Your entry fee will go towards sustaining and improving services for people in the local area. 

Should you choose to compete in this virtual run (UK), you’ll not only be benefiting the CCP (who provide key services for those in the Cheltenham area and beyond), but you’ll also be the proud recipient of a sleek tshirt and a competitors medal, just for completing your chosen distance.

#19 - May Challenge Planet Earth

virtual running challenges

Organiser: Virtual Runners

Price: £22

Date: May1st - 31st 

Distance: Between 100km and 200km

Our last entry on the list of the best virtual running challenges is certainly not least. This virtual running event aims to challenge runners of all fitness levels and abilities to complete over 100km in a single month.

Now, while that may sound intimidating, we’ve done the maths, and that equates to approximately 3.5km per day, which you may even do already as part of your workout at the gym, or just walking your dog!

Of course, that approximate amount will increase if you decide to really challenge yourself and opt for a higher distance, but we’d always recommend going for something that’s achievable for your fitness level. 

This virtual running race is part of a larger collection of challenges offered by Virtual Runners, where you can complete all 9 of the planets across each month, and earn a medal for each, too! We’d recommend stocking up on the best running gels if you do decide to go for all 9 challenges though.

Speaking of virtual run medals, these medals are of the highest quality, and come in three different finishes to denote how many kilometres you completed as part of your monthly challenge. 

How Much Does It Cost To Enter A Virtual Run?

virtual 5k run

Now, as we’ve already explored, this can vary. Some are completely free (such as the Fly 5k), but others can cost as much as £36, and of course, it’s all dependent on the rewards you get from your virtual running challenges. 

If you simply want a challenge and leaderboards, then it might be worth going for a virtual run that doesn’t have an entry fee. But, if you’re the sort of person who wants a medal or certificate as recognition of your accomplishments, it’s best to go for a virtual running event that offers that.

Our comprehensive list above has information about pricing, distances, and exactly what you’ll receive upon completing your virtual running challenges.

Some virtual running events also vary their pricing depending on the distance you’re running, too. We’d recommend checking out their website and choosing the option that’s not only right for your fitness level, but also for your budget.

What Do I Need For My Virtual Race Challenge?

virtual marathon

To start with, your registration for the event is essential. The vast majority of the virtual running challenges we’ve looked at have a sign up page, or a dedicated portal on another website that allows you to book your spot.

Certain virtual runs (specifically the London marathon virtual running challenge) may also book up very quickly, and either not allow you to enter, or only allow you to represent charity as opposed to being a solo runner. 

Regardless of which virtual running race you’re planning to enter, we’d recommend booking quickly to avoid disappointment!

Also, it’s important to remember you’ll still be completing rigorous cardiovascular exercise, so you will need to remember everything you’d normally have for exercise - a bottle of water (we’ve compiled a comprehensive report on the best running water bottles), comfortable clothes, sturdy trainers, and a set of headphones would be our recommendation.

For the vast majority of these virtual running challenges, you’ll also need your smartphone with a running tracker app (such as Strava) to ensure you collect all your data to submit as part of your run. 

It’s also important to be aware of any other, more specific prerequisites - Paw Runner, for instance, will ask you to run with your dog, and awards you with a bandana for your furry friend!


Can I Do My Virtual Run With Others?

virtual half marathon

You absolutely can, and honestly, we’d recommend doing so!

In some virtual running events, you can join an existing team by receiving a unique code created by another person. This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of virtual running challenges, the ability to compete with friends and family, regardless of where in the world they are. 

This leaderboard extends to other virtual running challenges, too, particularly those who explore real-world locations through photographs and postcards (the MyPacer Mount Fuji Challenge, for instance), as it allows you to track and see your friends’ progress in real time, and compete against each other. 

Having this extra element of competition can be a great motivator, too, spurring you on to achieve more and push onwards to that extra mile or kilometre to meet your next milestone. OriGym’s thorough research into the benefits of group exercise explores this phenomenon in greater detail.

Before You Go!

We hope our guide to best virtual running challenges has given you some insight into what’s right for you. There’s so much flexibility and choice when it comes to completing a virtual run that we’re certain there’s an event out there for you.

Fitness is an integral part of what we do here at OriGym, and part of that is finding the right exercise for people of all fitness levels and abilities.

But if you feel as though you’re already at the peak of your fitness game, then perhaps a career as a personal trainer might be your next step. 

OriGym’s REPS and CIMSPA certified personal training courses offer unparalleled flexibility and support for you and your newfound fitness career.

Sound interesting? Download our FREE comprehensive prospectus, and read more about what we offer, plus how it could be right for you.

Written by Chris Allsobrook


Chris is a former English teacher, turned content editor. He holds a first-class honours degree in English Language and Creative Writing from the University of Central Lancashire, before going on to complete his teacher training, and obtain a PGCE at Liverpool John Moore’s.

Chris is a keen runner and is currently undertaking both his fitness instructing and personal training qualifications here at OriGym. 

Outside of fitness, you’ll often find him gaming, watching the football, cooking, or spending time with his family.

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