13 Best Vitamins for Energy: Health & Purchase Guide

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Taking vitamins for energy is an effective way to boost your nutritional levels and fight back symptoms of fatigue; after all, no one wants to constantly feel tired and drained!

Here at OriGym we’ve constructed this practical guide so that you’ll gain plenty of information on which vitamins to take for energy, and we’ve even provided some top recommendations for related products to help with fatigue.

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What vitamins are good for energy?

There are a number of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body, yet not all of them are beneficial to combatting low energy and tiredness, and some are better at beating fatigue than others. 

We’ve listed 13 of the best vitamins for a lack of energy, and they all have their individual benefits and uses that contribute to better overall physical health. 

One thing that should be noted is that there are recommended daily amounts provided for all of these vitamins and supplements, and exceeding them can have negative side effects, so be sure to keep track of your daily intakes.

For more information on the best vitamins to take for fatigue and tiredness, see our handy FAQ section at the bottom of this article.

#1 - Iron 

Iron is one of the essential vitamins for tiredness and lack of energy as it supports the normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, as well as preserving your immune system, which is a huge factor in fighting fatigue.

Your body needs iron to produce haemoglobin, which is the protein molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen around your body. When you don’t get enough iron, your cells don’t get the oxygen they need, in turn making you feel tired. Along with fatigue, iron deficiency can also cause heart palpitations and breathlessness. 

A serious lack of iron in the body can result in a condition called iron deficiency anemia, in which case iron supplements for low energy and tiredness are needed to correct this. Loss of blood, for example during heavy menstruation, along with pregnancy, are often the biggest causes of iron deficiency anemia. 

Some good vitamins for energy that we would recommend for someone looking to boost their iron intake would be the capsules listed below from Holland & Barrett. If you suffer from heavy periods or are pregnant, then these are some of the best vitamins for tiredness and fatigue: one 20mg capsule a day taken with food will ensure that you get all the iron you need to keep your energy levels consistent, as well as support your normal cognitive function.

Holland & Barrett Gentle Iron 

Price: £10.89

best vitamins for chronic fatigue syndrome

#2 - Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that you need in order to maintain a good level of health, and it is one of the 8 vitamins that are essential to your cells when it comes to producing energy. B12 is a big contributor in the breaking down of glycogen into energy, which the body needs in order to function properly.

Vitamin B12 also has a range of other functions that the body requires to stay in good health, including the production of red blood cells, producing elements of DNA, and the regeneration of bone marrow to name a few. 

Having a deficiency of vitamin B12 can cause anemia, so it's important to maintain a healthy supply of this vitamin. The common symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency include:

  • Pale skin
  • Tiredness
  • Vision loss
  • Mental health problems such as depression and memory loss
  • Stomach problems such as diarrhoea, loss of appetite, constipation

If you have any of these symptoms then you should consult your doctor, as they will be able to refer you for blood tests to check your B12 levels and advise you from there.

Whilst B12 naturally occurs in animal products like meat and dairy, this isn’t helpful if you’re vegan or vegetarian and suffer from fatigue. Taking vitamins for energy and fatigue that contain B12 will help to alleviate the effects of this, especially if you take them alongside a healthy diet as this will allow you to absorb more of the vitamin. 

One of the best B12 vitamins for lack of energy is this product from Holland & Barrett. These timed-release capsules will deliver a slow-and-steady dosage of the supplement into your bloodstream, ensuring that you’ll have enough energy to get you through the day. These particular vitamins for fatigue and energy are also vegan and vegetarian friendly, and come in a set of 100 capsules.


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Holland & Barrett Timed Release Vitamin B12

Price: £14.69 

what vitamins are good for fatigue

#3 - B Vitamins

B12 isn’t the only important B vitamin for good health and increasing energy levels! The top ones for your body include:

  • Vitamin B1 (thiamin)
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 
  • Vitamin B3 (niacin)
  • Pantothenic acid
  • Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
  • Vitamin B7 (biotin)

The importance of these are stated in the Journal of International Medical Research:

“In particular, the B complex vitamins are essential for mitochondrial function and a lack of just one of these vitamins may compromise an entire sequence of biochemical reactions necessary for transforming food into physiological energy” (Huskisson, Maggini and Ruf, 2007).

So it is vital to ensure that your body has the right levels of these vitamins in order to function properly!

The B vitamins all have their own purposes. Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and Pantothenic acid help to break down food and produce energy, and vitamin B2 and B3 also contribute to maintaining the health of eyes, skin, and the nervous system. Vitamin B6 contributes to the use and storage of energy taken from protein and carbohydrates, as well as aiding in the formation of haemoglobin which is needed for transporting oxygen around the body. B7 is used to make fatty acids. 

In terms of which are the most relevant B vitamins for energy and tiredness, B1, B2, B3 and Pantothenic acid are the biggest contributors, so investing in supplements for more energy with a combination of these B vitamins will be most effective.

These Berocca Orange Energy tablets contain the best vitamins for mood and energy, including B1, B2, B5, and B12 to help keep you going. The tablets have an orange flavour, are free from caffeine and sugar, and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

For other ways to up your intake of vitamins for energy and for weight loss, read through our list of meal replacement shakes that can really help you to lose weight in a healthy and gradual way alongside a nutritious diet.  

Berocca Orange Energy Vitamin 

Price: £13.00 

vitamins for chronic fatigue syndrome

#4 - Magnesium

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the human body and plays a vital role in ensuring the health of your brain and body, as every organ needs magnesium to function properly.

One of the most important processes that it aids is sleep, and when you get a good amount of sleep you have more energy. Magnesium balances neurotransmitters and melatonin in the brain and in the nervous system, producing signals and ultimately regulating the sleep-wake cycles of your body. 

Sleep medication is often formulated with magnesium due to its effectiveness in helping to calm the nervous system, and therefore inducing sleep.

Not only does magnesium aid sleep, prevent migraines, and fight depression, but it also helps to convert the food you eat into energy, giving you a much needed boost. It also helps to create new protein within the body and repair your DNA. 

Overall, it supports hundreds of chemical reactions in your body, so it’s important that you have plenty of it, making it one of the best vitamins for energy and mood! 

NutraVita’s Magnesium Citrate is perfect for anyone looking for supplements for more energy. A daily serving (2 capsules) of NutraVita’s supplement will provide you with 440mg of much needed elemental magnesium to keep you fit and healthy. Each bottle comes with 3 months worth of capsules, which are all vegan friendly and GMO free. 

NutraVita’s magnesium supplement is a great option for people shopping for vitamins for depression and fatigue! 

NutraVita Magnesium Citrate 

Price: £16.99 

#5 - Creatine

Creatine is often considered one of the best supplements for improving athletic performance with numerous studies showing that it increases lean muscle mass, improves your strength, and helps muscles to recover quicker during exercise. 

Creatine supplements also increase your muscle’s phosphocreatine stores. Phosphocreatine assists in the formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a key molecule your cells use for energy. Since your phosphocreatine stores are boosted when you up your creatine intake, you’ll be able to create more ATP energy to fuel your muscles! 

Creatine is also useful in other ways too, such as in improving your brain function and speeding up your muscle growth. It can reportedly improve brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, and spinal cord injuries among others due to it’s ability to increase ATP stores in your brain. Creatine can naturally be found in foods such as fish and meat.

For Creatine vitamin supplements for energy we recommend MyProtein’s Creatine Monohydrate Powder. This creatine supplement by MyProtein is ideal for use in power based sport and will give you that extra energy boost that you need! This is easily one of the best supplements for energy and concentration and will give you the much needed boost in ATPs.

MyProtein - Creatine Monohydrate Powder 

Price: £7.99 

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#6 - Melatonin

Melatonin is a natural hormone released by the pituitary gland that is often called the ’sleep hormone’, as high levels of it can help you to fall asleep. Melatonin itself won’t put you to sleep, but it’ll let your body know when it's nighttime so that it can start to relax. 

One condition that Melatonin helps significantly with is chronic fatigue syndrome. Unfortunately, it’s not known what causes this condition, but it has a wide range of symptoms with the most common of them being extreme tiredness. Tiredness can deplete your energy levels, lower your productivity and increase the risk of you getting diabetes and high blood pressure.

For people with chronic fatigue syndrome, melatonin has been proven to improve energy and concentration levels, whilst also reducing fatigue. Melatonin has also been linked with being a good vitamin for cancer fatigue too.

NowFoods Melatonin supplement is perfect for anyone looking for vitamins for chronic fatigue syndrome. One 1.9mg tablet of this melatonin supplement before bedtime will see you start to get longer, better sleeps, meaning you’ll be waking up with so much more energy than you did before. With 60 capsules in one package for just £9.60, this is excellent value for money for a vitamin that will help you fight fatigue and insomnia! 

Anastore Melatonin Supplement

Price: £9.60

vitamin for energy

#7 - CoEnzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a compound naturally made by the body and is found in all cells in the body. CoQ10 plays an important role in the creation of ATP, the molecule that helps to distribute energy to all the other cells in your body, as discussed in Alternate Medicine Review:

“The primary biochemical action of CoQ10 is as a cofactor in the electron-transport chain, the series of redox reactions that are involved in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP; the body’s major form of stored energy). Since most cellular functions are dependent on an adequate supply of ATP, CoQ10 is essential for the health of virtually all human tissues and organs.” (Gaby, 1996)

When your CoQ10 levels deplete, it means that your cells can’t get the energy they need to stay healthy, which in turn contributes to fatigue.

Unfortunately, as we get older we become less able to produce the necessary amounts of CoQ10 to function efficiently, so taking supplements will be worth it for older people. It can be found in foods such as nuts, meat, and fish, but not enough to significantly increase the levels in your body.

If you’re looking for vitamins for low energy levels, take a look at this product by Holland & Barrett. These rapid release soft gel tablets are an alternative source of CoQ10 and will ensure that your body gets the energy it needs to keep working. Just one 120mg capsule a day will be enough to give you that much needed energy boost! Admittedly, it is a little pricer than some of the other supplements on this list, but it's easily one of the best vitamins for tackling a lack of energy.

Holland & Barrett - CoEnzyme Q10 

Price: £22.49

vitamins for adrenal fatigue

#8 - Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has a powerful effect on several different systems in your body. Vitamin D is produced within the body but remains dormant until a chemical process called hydroxylation occurs: this can happen either in the liver where vitamin D is converted into calcidiol, or in the kidneys which convert it into calcitriol. Calcitriol is a hormone that has strong anti-cancer properties, while calcidiol is a pre-hormone that determines the levels of vitamin D in the body and then becomes calcitriol in the kidneys. 

Vitamin D is hugely important: it stimulates calcium absorption in the stomach, enabling sufficient bone mineralisation, preventing involuntary muscle cramps and spasms, and promotes growth and remodeling.

A lack of vitamin D can see you getting sick easily and suffering from fatigue and tiredness, as well as developing brittle bones and even conditions such as Rickets. The recommended daily intake is between 400-800 IU, but experts say you should get even more than that. 

Exposure to sunlight is one of the best ways to get vitamin D, and foods such as oily fish, egg yolks, and red meats provide some amounts of this important vitamin as well. Supplements containing vitamin D are another great way to boost your vitamin levels. 

One product that we recommend is Vita Premium’s supplement which will ensure that your daily intake is 4,000 IU, giving you a huge dose of the 'sunshine vitamin’ that your body needs. There are 365 soft gel capsules in this package, so you won’t have to worry about running out anytime soon, and taking one a day will ensure that you get all the vitamin D that you need to fight back fatigue and give you the energy that you need.

Vita Premium - Vitamin D3

Price: £9.99


#9 - Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid that your body produces naturally. It’s very important for producing neurotransmitters, the chemicals that send messages to your brain. When you take part in physically and mentally demanding activities, these neurotransmitters decline, affecting your concentration and energy levels. Increasing your levels of tyrosine is said to improve mental performance. 

It’s naturally found in foods that are high in protein, such as chicken, eggs, and dairy products, and others such as bananas, avocados. Whilst taking tyrosine supplements is generally safe, they can interfere with some medications, so be sure to check with your doctor if you’re unsure. 

For some of the best supplements for energy and concentration take a look at Bulk Powders Tyrosine product. The point of the Bulk Powders Tyrosine supplement is to help rebuild those neurotransmitters, which in turn will give you an energy boost and improve your mental cognition. It’s most effective being taken before a workout as it is also a precursor to adrenaline. 

This has made it a very popular pre-workout ingredient. Bulk Powders have three sizes available, including 100g, 500g, and 1kg, and it's all 100% pure L-Tyrosine powder, making it one of the best vitamins for energy and stamina for you to consume!


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Bulk Powders - Tyrosine 

Price: £17.99 

men's vitamins for energy

#10 - Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning your body can’t produce it. However, it plays a range of vitally important roles and has been linked with a huge number of health benefits. 

This vitamin is essential for supporting normal collagen formation for the function of bones, teeth, skin, gums, and blood vessels. Collagen is essential for rebuilding connective tissue, which means healing cuts and wounds to the skin. It is also an antioxidant, helping prevent damaging effects of free radicals which can cause cancers and cardiovascular diseases. It also contributes to the normal function of the immune system, normal energy yielding metabolism, and the reduction of fatigue and tiredness.

Vitamin C is present in a lot of fruit and vegetables, including citrus fruits (e.g. oranges), broccoli, potatoes, strawberries, peppers, and more. The body only needs 40mg of Vitamin C a day and taking too much (over 1000mg) can actually cause uncomfortable side effects such as stomach pain. 

Some of the best vitamins for energy are Holland & Barretts’ Vitamin C supplements. These have a timed release formula, which means that they’re designed to provide longer lasting action as the nutrients are released into your bloodstream over a prolonged period of time.

The capsules are easy to swallow and are completely vegan and vegetarian friendly. At a cost of just £8.99 for 100 capsules, it makes it an excellent value for money. Vitamin C is definitely one of the best vitamins to take for energy out there! 

Holland & Barrett Vitamin C 

Price: £8.99 

best natural vitamins for energy

#11 - Caffeine

Caffeine is well known for being a natural stimulant and has been proven to improve endurance performances. 

Some benefits of caffeine include improved focus, increased alertness and concentration, and of course, increased energy levels, making this one of the best supplements for energy on today’s market. It does this through blocking the compound adenosine which is responsible for relaxing your brain and inducing tiredness. 

Adenosine levels increase throughout the day, hence why you feel more tired later on in the day. Caffeine blocks adenosine by attaching to the adenosine receptors in your brain which ultimately reduces tiredness. 

As supplements for more energy go, they don’t get much more effective than caffeine. If you’re looking for a convenient, accurately dosed source of caffeine, then this supplement by Bulk Powders will be the best option for you. Bulk Powders caffeine tablets come in 200mg capsules, giving you an accurate dosing of caffeine that will see your focus and energy levels increase. 

Caffeine tablets are a very popular pre-workout ingredient as they contribute to an increase in endurance capacity and performance. 100 x 200mg tablets will only cost you £5.99, making this supplement for energy and concentration excellent value for money as well.

Bulk Powders - Caffeine Tablets 

Price: £5.99 

best energy supplements for chronic fatigue

#12 - Panax (or Asian) Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is a herbal medicine for its various health benefits. The best Ginseng supplements have a high potency of the active ingredient ‘Ginsenosides’, which contribute towards improved thinking, concentration, memory, and work efficiency. 

Ginsenosides may also improve brain function, the immune system, lower blood sugar, and more importantly in the context of this article, fight tiredness and increase energy levels. 

If you’re after herbal supplements for an energy boost then this supplement could well be the one that you need. This supplement by Love Life contains 20% ginsenosides, meaning its very high strength. The capsules contain 300mg each, so you’ll definitely be getting all the energy you need from taking these supplements. At just £14.95 for 120 capsules, making this a great value for money, it’s also an excellent choice if you’re shopping around for natural supplements for energy increases. 

Love Life Supplements - Panax Ginseng 

Price: £14.95 

#13 - Zinc 

Zinc is an essential mineral that is vital for many of the body’s natural processes, but isn’t made in the body so must be ingested through diet or supplementation. 

Zinc plays a huge role in the body, with input in processes such as helping to make new cells and enzymes, DNA and protein synthesis, support of growth during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence, processing carbs, protein, and fat in foods, and helping to heal wounds. Interestingly, it also plays a role in humans being able to smell and taste properly!

Naturally, zinc can be ingested in foods such as red meat, chicken, beans, whole grains, seafood, and dairy, so most people will get a sufficient amount in their everyday diet. However, a zinc deficiency causes low energy levels, as well as loss of appetite and reduced cognitive function. Zinc deficiency is often associated with other health conditions, so consult a doctor for advice if you’re concerned about your zinc levels.

Our recommended vitamin supplements for low energy and a zinc boost is the Alive! Women’s Energy Multivitamin Gummies. Not only are these a good source of zinc but Alive’s product also contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that your energy levels remain consistent, including vitamins B6 and B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, Biotin, and Zinc, to name but a few. 

These women’s vitamins for energy also come in orange and berry flavoured gummies which are vegetarian friendly. This is not only a great supplement for low energy, but also a great supplement for supporting your immunity, fertility, and bones! 

Alive! - Women’s Energy Multivitamin Gummies 

Price: £13.99 


How do vitamins for energy work?

Each individual vitamin or nutrient works in its own specific way within the body, but all contribute to essential processes that the body needs to function in a healthy way. 

We’ve given more in-depth descriptions for each vitamin’s uses within the sections above, so check those out for clear information how they work.


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Do vitamins for energy work?

herbal supplements for energy boost

The bottom line is, yes! Our bodies are made up with vitamins and minerals which allow everyday bodily functions and processes to happen, so without them we can start to feel unwell or fatigued. If you’re not getting enough of any of these vitamins in your diet then using supplements for more energy can help top them up and keep your body functioning. 

How effective the vitamins or supplements you take will be depends on how much of a deficiency you really have: if you’re getting the right amount in your diet then you won’t see much of a difference when taking additional supplements.

Do I need to take vitamins for energy?

This all depends on how much of each vitamin you’re getting from your diet already: the majority of people won’t need to take additional vitamin supplements for low energy as their food and drink will provide enough to be healthy. However, if you’ve read through our guide on the best supplements for energy and some alarm bells are ringing from specific vitamins, then it’s best to consult your doctor for proper advice and tests.

Important to note is that vegetarians or vegans can be more susceptible to vitamin deficiencies due to dietary restrictions, so people that follow this diet will be more likely to need or benefit from taking vitamins for energy and mood. Similarly, some certain health conditions and diseases require changes in diet or even cause issues related to nutritional values, but again, a doctor will be able to provide specific recommendations for your health.

How to take energy supplements (for men and women)

The general rule for most vitamin supplements for energy is to take one tablet a day, either with a glass of water or with a meal.

How many vitamins for energy to take per day

vitamins for menopause fatigue

Most supplements for low energy only require one tablet per day to make a difference and top up your vitamin levels. For the best advice follow the instructions stated on the individual product that you buy as this will be the right amount to take for maximum effectiveness. 

It’s also important to recognize that exceeding the recommended daily intake of some types of vitamin can have detrimental effects: this usually only happens in rare cases but it’s best to be safe, so keep an eye on your daily intakes if you’re regularly supplementing vitamins.

Are vitamins for low energy safe to take?

Vitamins are completely safe to take as long as you follow the instructions and recommended dosage. Of course, if you’re following specific dietary guidelines or restrictions then be sure to check the ingredients before you purchase them (for example not all supplements are vegetarian or vegan friendly).

Where to buy vitamins for energy

best supplements for energy and concentration

Vitamins for tiredness and fatigue are quite a commonplace product these days, and regular supermarkets and certain high street shops often sell a good variety of supplements and vitamins, including own-brand products which are often a cheaper price. 

If all else fails or you prefer shopping in the comfort of your own home, then you can easily buy vitamins for an energy boost online. This includes many supermarkets online shopping, as well as the likes of Amazon UK.

Before you go!

Hopefully after reading through our guide you’ve got better knowledge on which vitamins are needed for energy and which supplements can help improve your fatigue and tiredness. Ensuring you’re getting enough of these essential nutrients is vital for everyday health and wellbeing, so don’t delay in getting your energy back up to speed

If reading about the importance of nutrients and a healthy diet have inspired you to learn more, check out ourLevel 4 Nutrition Course (UK) and see how you could become a qualified nutritionist now. 

Be sure to download our latest course prospectus for more information!


  1. Gaby, A.R. (1996). The Role of Coenzyme Q10 in Clinical Medicine: Part I. Alternate Medicine Review, 1(1), pp.11–17.
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