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15 Best Water Rowing Machines

Are you looking to buy the best water rowing machine in the UK? This article has you covered!

We know how difficult it is to sift through hundreds of online reviews and that’s why we’ve decided to compile a list of the best 15 you can find online.

Using a rowing machine is excellent for burning calories, and it's a great way to do a full body workout even if you’re a complete beginner to exercise.

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What is a water rowing machine?

Before we jump straight into our water rowing machine review guide, let us quickly explain what exactly a water resistance rowing machine is and how it works.

A water rowing machine has a large water tank either at the front of the machine or underneath. This water tank acts as a resistance as you pull the handle back to row. 

The machine will create a stronger resistance the harder you row, so you can be rest assured you’re up for a tough workout. 

Using this type of machine will create a similar experience to racing against someone else on the water. 

The big debate of a water vs air rowing machine is still on many people’s minds when they look to buy a rowing machine for their home gym, but what is the main difference?

The main difference between the two is the noise levels, the air rowing machine produces a loud “whoosh” every time you perform a stroke which can be an issue if you’re trying to workout in the early hours of the morning!

Meanwhile, the water resistance rower machine does make noise but is far quieter and a lot more soothing compared to the air rower. 

Best Water Rowing Machines (UK)

#1 – WaterRower Classic with S4 Performance Monitor

Price: £1275.00

water rower uk

This company is the market leader and even has a partnership with British Rowing, the governing body for both indoor and outdoor rowing in Great Britain. This shows their reputation within the industry.

Widely regarded as the best water rowing machine in the UK, the WaterRower Classic demonstrates years of positive progression built on top of the WaterRower Original Series quality. 

Over time, WaterRower has evolved its products while staying true to the quality foundations laid by The Original in 1988. 

This means offering rowers a durable and visually pleasing product that can effectively simulate the conditions of rowing on the water in the comfort of your own home, and the WaterRower Classic offers these features, with three decades worth of innovation included.   

The machine’s core is the WaterFlywheel, which controls the stroke feel and mimics the water rowing.

You can add more water into the tank to simulate rowing a heavier mass and remove water to simulate rowing a lighter mass. This makes it a useful training machine for both children and adults alike. 

The machine’s body features a natural hardwood design that is a staple of WaterRower’s products. When not in use, the flywheel acts as an anchor that lets you safely store your indoor water rowing machine upright.

The machine’s interface is the S4 Performance Monitor and can display stats such as distance, duration, heart rate, intensity, and much more. 

You’ll find the WaterRower Classic available in a range of hardwood finishes such as Ash, Cherry, Oak, and Walnut. 

If you want to buy a rowing machine that uses water, you can’t go wrong with the brand that started them all, WaterRower.

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#2 – Skandika Water Rowing Machine Nemo IV

Price: £799.00

water powered rowing machine

If you want the best stroke ‘feel’ while you row indoors, then you may want to invest in the Nemo IV series of water rowing machines by Skandika. 

Their unique water tank technology means that their water tank is held 45 degrees rather than parallel to the floor. Therefore the paddles have more vertical movement through the water, thus mirroring water more closely than other water rowing machine models. 

On top of their innovative water tank design, the machine also comes with a large Bluetooth ready LCD display capable of showing all relevant training data and streaming content to watch while you exercise. 

The train rail features Skandika’s double rail technology, increasing durability and making it suitable for people with longer legs, supported by a frame length of 2 meters.

As is typical with most water resistance rowing machines of this length, the rail can lift so the equipment can be stored vertically, freeing up plenty of space when the equipment is not used. It is also easy to transport due to the wheels attached under the water tank, so you don’t have to constantly position your equipment.

Skandika has one of the best mid-range water rowing products with the Nemo IV, and you won’t regret it if you opt for this option. 

#3 – Stil-Fit Rower Flow One

Price: from £2349.00

rowing machine with water wheel

Winner of the iF Design Award 2020, the Flow One results from a partnership between Stil-Fit and WaterRower. With parts borrowed from WaterRower UK, you can be sure that this rowing machine will be top-class and reliable. 

As you may have guessed by the price, some unmatched features on the Flow One, such as the Flow X touch screen display and an upholstered seat.

The Flow X comes with several built-in training programmes such as sprints or virtual opponent races to challenge you to bring your best with every workout. 

The Flow One also comes with a POLAR heart rate receiver, compatible with all chest straps at a frequency of 5kHz, so you can accurately and effortlessly monitor your heart rate during exercise.  

An ergonomic handle and adjustable footrest combine with a comfortable seat, positioned quite high, to make for the optimal, trouble-free workout. As well as this, the seat is designed to make minimal contact with the rails, and when considering water rowing machines are already very peaceful and quiet machines, you are left with a machine that is zen-like in its design. 

This award winning rowing machine has some of the best reviews from fitness and design companies, and for a good reason, it is a stunning piece of kit to look at and would be the envy of any workout space. 

#4 – Capital Sports Flow M1 Water Rowing Machine

Price: £749.99

water rowing machine for sale

Capital Sports offer a range of fitness equipment specialised for home use, and their Flow M1 water rowing machine is one of the best pieces of home workout kit on Amazon at the minute. 

The machine has a strong steel frame, capable of supporting up to 150kg of weight. As well as this, the water tank is made of ‘unbreakable’ plastic, so you won’t have to worry about an unfortunate water spillage in your home!

Rather than a simple LCD screen, the Flow M1 comes with its microcomputer powered by two AA batteries. This computer can monitor all your training statistics and can also be linked to a pulse belt to receive and display pulse information. 

On top of this, you have an included tablet-support frame that can be used to hold your tablet in place so you can watch your choice of entertainment while you train. 

One of the selling points for Flow M1 is the space saving design. The water tank for this rowing machine is located underneath the seat rather than at the end of the footboard. This results in a length of only 156cm. 

So, if you are struggling for space and can’t manage some of the 2+ meter long choices on our list, then this may be the best water rowing machine for you!

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#5 – JK Fitness JK5074 

Price: £658.47

water rower machine

If you liked the 45 degree water tank from the previous model but want to save a bit of money, JK Fitness’ JK5074 water powered rowing machine is another product that offers an angled water tank for an improved stroke feel. 

Rather than being 2m long, this product measures in at only 120cm in length. This is still suitable for most people, plus it takes up less space while in use. 

It isn’t as long as some of the other machines on our list, which may make it less desirable for you. This isn’t necessarily a problem, different strokes for different folks!

The JK Fitness JK5074 comes with four purifying tablets for the water tank. This is because rowing machine water needs to be clean to ensure there’s no build-up of algae. 

With a water tank rowing machine, you’re also advised to fill them with tap water rather than bottled water to protect your water tank. Still, your safest bet is to use the included purifying tablets included in your purchase. 

Finally, the JK5074 also includes an LCD screen capable of measuring your heart rate and providing you with an in depth look at your workout statistics.

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#6 – Xterra ERG600W Water Rowing Machine

Price: £599.00

water rower review

Another one of the cheaper water rowing machine models on our list is the Xterra ERG600W. This is one of the best options on our list, packing some great-quality features that offer great value for money. 

The 2 meter long solid steel frame features dual aluminium slide rails to ensure a smooth pull action, making your home workout as enjoyable as possible. The frame can also be stored vertically when you want to put it away. 

It also comes with some admirable features such as a specialised ergonomic handle, contoured seat, and adjustable flex pedals to ensure your equipment is the right fit for you.

The display comes in the form of a 5.5 inch LCD monitor. You can use this to check on your workout data and monitor your heart rate with a compatible heart rate monitor (sold separately). 

As well as this, you can also programme settings to make your workout more entertaining if you need that little bit of motivation. These settings include the option to race against the computer mode and several other countdown features.  

Inside the water tank, you’ll find the durable, multi-bladed Xterra impeller. By filling the tank up to any designated 6 fill lines, you can adjust your workout’s feel.

Honestly, this indoor water rowing machine wouldn’t look out of place in a commercial gym setting, and it would be perfectly suitable for any home gym too.

#7 – BodyMax H2Row Rowing Machine

Price: £599.00

indoor rowing machine water

At this price point, you’ll certainly struggle to find a better value rowing machine with a water wheel!

The BodyMax H2Row has one of the more interesting designs for water rowing machines, as the water tank is blue and the frame of the machine is black, making for quite a dark and intriguing design.

A poor handle can really make or break a rowing machine, whether it is a rowing machine with water or air. 

You don’t have to worry about that with the H2Row, as the handle has a padded touch and is designed ergonomically to ensure you maintain a secure and comfortable grip throughout the full stroke. 

If you wanted to improve your grip even further, take a look at grip strengtheners to help you! 

For a machine this cheap, you still get a quality LCD display that rivals that of its more expensive counterparts. 

With this display, you can view all your basic workout statistics such as distance, calories burned, and time spent, and you can also use three pre-set training programmes to vary your workouts. 

Rather than some of the more expensive rowing machines in our list, the criteria for recommended use on the BodyMax H2Row is a bit more restrictive. This one has max height and weight ratios of 195cm and 110kg, so bear that in mind when you make your purchase.

#8 – Marcy Pro NS-6023RW Hydro Water Rowing Machine

Price: £599.89

water rower rowing machine

A solid contender for a budget pick of the list, the Marcy Pro NS-6023RW rowing machine with water resistance settings has everything you’ll need to get a great workout from a rowing machine. 

This water tank rowing machine is known for its exceptional stroke to feel. With six different resistance settings for you to choose from, you can personalise your workout to meet your needs and gradually increase the intensity if you want to improve your strength over time. 

The Marcy Pro comes with a sleek aluminium rail, offering the user a smooth drive and pull, and has a one-way bearing system that makes the rowing movements feel more natural and efficient.

A comfortable PU seat helps promote an enjoyable exercise environment. On top of this, slip resistant handles mean you won’t have to worry about injuries like calluses on your hands which is definitely a bonus!

When finished with your workout, simply lift the rail and wheel the machine away, returning all your available floor space.   

#9 – Cardiostrong Baltic Pro Rowing Machine

Price: £799.00

indoor water rower

If you want a contemporary looking water rowing machine for your workout space, rather than opting for some of the other wooden or more classic looking machines on the market, take a look at Cardiostrong’s Baltic Pro rowing machine that also comes with a choice of two different coloured water tanks!

The water tank, available in either red or blue, is angled and offers the user the ability to alter the level of resistance by six levels. You can simulate the rowing experience of different water types and have a relaxing water feel or a tougher, more intense water feel that you can change depending on your needs.

This water driven rowing machine comes with 18 pre-loaded programmes on the display that you can use to measure your workout data and set yourself challenges such as long distance or interval races. This can be the best way to get that fire burning in your belly when you need a little bit of motivation to push yourself further.

Having a choice is always a great thing to have, and to be able to choose what colour your rowing machine will be for a product that will be a big part of your workout space, is a superb feature that shouldn’t be as uncommon as it is.

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#10 – Darwin RM50 Rowing Machine

Price: £499.00

best water resistance rowing machine

For a water rowing machine for sale at such a low price, this product certainly has some of the best water rowing machine reviews that we’ve seen.

Your tactic interface with the machine comes through three points: handle, seat, and footplates. All three of these have been designed ergonomically to best support you while you exercise. 

The seat is positioned at 40cm off the floor, providing a comfortable area for you to get in and out of.  

The display console on the Darwin RM50 is top-class, even when compared with more expensive models. It comes with three programmes: manual, race, and heart rate. 

In the manual, you can set yourself various targets and view your statistics while you row. Race, you can set any one of fifteen different levels to compete in. 

And in heart rate, you can monitor your heart rate data to make sure you’re pushing yourself just the right amount.

Alongside these three modes, you also have access to a recovery programme that will grade your session and provide insight into your workout when you have finished. 

This water rowing machine comes with a two year warranty for home use which should hopefully put you at ease if you are worried about making such a big purchase - that’s if our high recommendation hasn’t reassured you already!

#11 – WaterRower A1 Studio Rowing Machine 

Price: £849.00

best water rowing machine

If you have your heart set on this brand and want to buy a water rowing machine without spending a small fortune, one of the more affordable models is the WaterRower A1 Studio Rowing Machine. 

As was made popular by the WaterRower Original Series, the A1 is another indoor water rowing machine with a wooden frame. Specifically, it uses a solid ash construction that looks great and offers brilliant structural quality.

The chain is made of a lightweight single aluminium rail and pulls the paddle attached to the excellent WaterFlywheel. 

Where the A1 gets its name from is the display monitor. The A1 monitor is designed to be simple and easy to use, sacrificing some of the more in depth performance features for a quick and reliable display of the basics instead. 

Like other water rowing machines, the A1 is quiet when in use, producing a slight water splashing sound that can actually be very relaxing!

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#12 – Capital Sports Stoksman 2.0

Price: £1259.99

rowing machine water resistance

The Capital Sports Stoksman 2.0, available in light or dark beech, really makes a statement when placed in your home. The sleek design with a large water tank at the front of the machine doesn’t just look like a piece of exercise equipment, and it looks like a piece of furniture that belongs in a home. 

Building on from their successful Stoksman rowing machine, Capital Sports made improvements to the frame and LCD display. This display shows everything you would need to know to have a successful workout, including calories burned, distance travelled, and strokes per minute. 

The water tank is home to an ergonomic paddle that makes pulling through the water a smooth and enjoyable experience. If you’re after a product with a realistic water feel, then you’ll definitely be pleased. 

Overall, the Stoksman 2.0 is a quality product that both feels and looks fantastic, with a subtle red trim on the wheels and the water tank being the cherry on top of a quality design.

#13 – Topiom Wooden Rowing Machine

Price: £699.99

rowing machine water

For a cheaper alternative to the top of the line products, this wooden water filled rowing machine is a fantastic choice. 

Just like with expensive brands, using the Topiom Rowing Machine will give you a low-impact full body workout without applying pressure to any joints. 

Therefore, you can craft a workout schedule that promotes calorie loss and focuses on all major muscle groups while reducing your risk of injury compared to other cardiovascular exercises.  

At just over 2 meters long, this water rowing machine will be suitable for most people. 

If you are struggling for space to store your machine, don’t worry, as when not in use you can easily stand the Topiom Water Rowing machine upright. 

A Bluetooth enabled V2 LCD monitor comes with the product and acts as an interface for your rowing machine that can be linked to your phone for in-depth statistics and workouts plans.  

The Topiom water rowing machine arrives in two deliveries, one with the water tank and the other for the rest of the frame. You will then have to assemble the product yourself, but this process is relatively straightforward, and there are videos on the internet to help you with this.

The frame comes in three different wooden colour options like some other water rowing machines, offering a classy design that’s also solid and stable.

This product has some of the best water rowing machine reviews on Amazon, and when combined with the fair pricing, it makes for a product that is easy to recommend. 

#14 – Life Fitness Row HX Trainer Wood Rowing Machine

Price: £1149.00

rowing machine that uses water

If you want a water driven rowing machine that comes with adjustable resistance features, then the HX Trainer by Life Fitness will be right up your street.

Rather than empty or fill the water tank to simulate different resistance levels, you can use the dial on the tank to quickly and easily adjust the resistance. This makes the HX Trainer a good choice for households where multiple people will be using the machine. 

On top of this, the water tank system can emulate on water feel accurate due to consistent delivery of resistance throughout the full stroke. 

The HX Trainer’s seat is textured and allows you to row without slipping back and forth, meaning you can concentrate fully on your workout. And the reliable dual rail system means you can consistently exercise with power and energy. 

All in all, this is a great choice of water rowing machine that, with its wooden design, both looks and feels pleasing and isn’t out of place on a list alongside some of the best water resistance rowing machines in the UK. 

#15 – FluidRower E316 Evolution Series Full Commercial Fluid Rower

Price: £1075.00

cheap water rower

If you want to spare no expense on your indoor rowing machine with water rather than air, then it would be hard to find one that comes with such high quality features like those found in the FluidRower E316. 

One of the biggest features of this water rowing machine is the adjustable resistance lever. While other machines have water tanks that can be filled or emptied to meet certain levels, the FluidRower E316 comes with a lever that you can use to switch between 16 different fluid resistance levels instantly!

The water tank is also stored diagonally and features patented technology concerning the machine’s variable fluid resistance technology, offering one of the best water stroke feels of all available water rowing machines.

The included Interactive Performance Monitor capable of showing all your workout stats and training progress. It also has a USB port that can be used to access the internet where you can compete in online races from the comfort of your own home!

On top of all the big parts like a water tank and display monitor, there’s been no expense spared on the smaller parts either. The handle is a Dyneema ergonomic handle. The footplates include an Advanced Heel Cradle. 

The belt drive has a patented Direct Drive System to offer you the smoothest pull possible. All of this adds up to a supremely comfortable product that is a pleasure to use. 

You’ll be spoiling yourself with a product as good as this, but go on, you deserve it!  

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Before you go! 

Well, there you have it, the best 15 water rowing machines you can find online! We hope you found our article useful to help purchase your next piece of equipment!

Whichever one you choose, we’re sure you will find it will last for years to come! This kind of product is an investment for sure, and it will definitely impress your friends and family when you invite them round to your home gym!

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