13 Best Waterproof Trail Running Shoes of 2020

best waterproof trail running shoes

Are you looking for the best waterproof trail shoes in the UK? OriGym have you covered!

We understand how hard it is to constantly read different reviews online so we have tried and tested the best waterproof trail running shoes and compiled the 13 best below.

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What Are Waterproof Trail Running Shoes?

Before we begin, we thought we would start by answering the simple question ‘what are waterproof trail running shoes?’. 

If you haven’t had a pair of trail running waterproof shoes before, they are great for people who like to run outdoors and want to keep their feet dry. 

They are designed with a built-in line that creates a waterproof membrane to help keep water out.

Down below, we’ve separated the best women’s waterproof trail running shoes and included a separate section for mens to make it easier for you to find the perfect shoe for you! 

Now let’s find out where to buy waterproof trail running shoes online today.

Waterproof Trail Running Shoes For Men

If you are looking for the best shoes to run outdoors with then you should definitely check out the list below!

#1 – ASICS Men’s Waterproof Trail Shoes

Price: £57.00 - £75.62 (RRP £70.00)

waterproof trail running shoes womens

ASICS has been known as the go-to staple name for men’s waterproof trail running shoes for a long time now. 

If you are just getting into running and have not heard of them before then rest assured that your feet will be in good hands.

As a brand, ASICS is known for innovating their shoes with technology that supports the orthopaedic health of every type of runner out there. 

Whether you need more or less cushion, a higher or lower heel drop, or an over or under pronation, these waterproof ASICS trail running shoes have got you covered.

The Gel-Venture 7 WP is a great all-rounder with specs that would be set to suit the average wearer. Asics are regularly featured in other outdoor running shoe articles like our cross-country running shoes article as they are a great brand to buy shoes from if you’re a complete beginner!

In terms of design, the Gel-Venture 7 WP features a synthetic leather upper alongside a waterproof membrane to keep your feet dry when running in wet or muddy conditions.

These men’s waterproof trail running shoes come with a sturdy EVA midsole that is designed to provide cushioning when running over objects, making them perfect for rough trail running.

This membrane material is also abrasion resistant and when combined with their sturdy toe cap, these shoes are durable and remain intact whatever the weather. This also means that your feet won’t be vulnerable to any protruding rocks or other dangers of nature you may encounter.

All in all, every inch of this running shoe has been thought out and places it alongside the best waterproof trail running shoes for men at this price range on the market. 

#2 – Adidas Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Price: £44.14 - £147.16 (RRP £84.95)

waterproof trail running shoes mens

Without a doubt, Adidias is one of the top shoe manufacturers out there. Whether they are high fashion trainers, everyday activewear shoes, or sport-specific like weightlifting shoes

Adidas’ shoes are well known for being world-class, always ensuring thor products lead the way in terms of design and technology.

One thing that makes the Adidas Terrex Agravic men’s waterproof trail running shoes well suited for trail running is their multidirectional Traxion outsole. 

What Traxion does, as opposed to other outsole cleat designs, is disperse the stud pressure across the whole foot.

This means that you get the benefits of having plenty of grip on soft ground surfaces without the typical pressure points that come with having deeper lugs.

Trails are known for being rugged and unpredictable compared to roads, so with grip the waterproof trail shoes offer, you can run with the confidence that you will be safe when planting your feet. 

On top of this, the shoes are made with a Gore-Tex membrane that is reliable in its waterproofness as well as in its breathability.

This membrane material is also abrasion resistant and features a sturdy toe cap which means that your waterproof running trail shoes are durable and will remain intact. 

This membrane also protects your feet from any protruding rocks or other dangers of nature that you could encounter on your run.

An ever-reliable midsole in the EVA provides added comfort into your time with the Adidas Terrex Agravic by swallowing up any impact from underneath your foot. 

If you’re looking for one of the best waterproof trail running shoes money can buy, then you’re looking at it right here! 

#3 – SALOMON Waterproof Trail Shoes

Price: £71.99 - £254.98 (RRP £143.95)

womens trails running shoes waterproof

Salomon is hardly a household name for most people but that doesn’t diminish the quality of their products one bit. 

Their men’s waterproof trail running shoes are considered to be among some of the best outdoor or harsh weather shoes out there.

Coming onto the Speedcross 4 GTX’s, at first glance, they may look slightly different from other shoes that you are used to because of the unique design of their laces.

Their Quicklace design offers many benefits over traditional shoelaces.

For example, no longer will you have to worry about your shoelaces coming untied during a muddy run and being wet as there is no excess material that you need to tie.

With one swift movement, your laces are tight and fitted which is very similar to how powerlifting shoes are designed!

This also means that if you are wearing gloves or are running in cold weather, your fingers will not impact your ability to fasten or unfasten your shoe quickly.

And finally, their flat Kevlar material is designed to prevent them from getting snagged on any objects jutting out where you run and damaging your laces.

Other features of the shoe are its Sensifit system and Contagrip sole.

Sensifit keeps your foot locked in place while wearing these shoes. This prevents common runners’ injuries such as blisters by giving you a precise fit.

Contagrip is the name of their unique outsole. The material is robust and remains lightweight, offering greater traction for running on both wet and dry soft trail terrains, where the lightweight of this shoe shines.

The Speedcross 4 is made with Gore-Tex, one of the most reliable weatherproof materials found on outdoor clothing, meaning that they are lightweight, waterproof, and breathable. This puts this up there with the best waterproof trail running shoe that money can buy!

#4 – Inov8 Waterproof Trail Shoes

Price: £97.68 - £194.14 (RRP £145.00)

waterproof trail running shoes womens uk

If you are in the market for a high-end pair of men’s waterproof trail shoes, then Inov8 could be the best brand for you. 

As their name suggests, Inov8 pride themselves on using the latest technologies to make your time running as safe and as efficient as possible.

The Inov8 Roclite 315 Gore-Tex shoes consist of a breathable synthetic upper with a Gore-Tex coating and a G-Grip outer sole. 

A thicker toe cover stops injuries from common trail running hazards such as rocks and heavy jutting roots.

Yes, unfortunately, these aren’t a pair of cheap waterproof trail running shoes but this shoe features Inov8’s ADAPTERWEB technology that allows the shoe to adapt to the movement of your foot as your run goes on.

The impact of running whilst also encasing your feet in a protective shoe can cause your feet to swell slightly, but the ADAPTERWEB technology ensures that the shoe remains as comfortable and as breathable as when you took the first step.

On top of this, Inov8’s X-LOCK system for the shoe’s construction keeps your heel in place, making the run safer and more orthopedically sound.

As far as waterproof trail running shoes for men go, the Inov8 Roclite 315 Gore-Tex shoes are a really solid bet. 

They also come in a choice of three great looking colours: black, brown, and navy blue, so you can show the world that, when you use this waterproof trail running shoe, you mean business. Combine it with a running headband and the competition won’t know what has hit them! 

#5 – Mountain Warehouse Men’s Waterproof Trail Shoes

Price: £39.99 - £64.99

nike waterproof trail running shoes

You may have gotten to this part of the list with your jaw firmly stuck to the floor due to some of the prices you have seen. That’s understandable. 

Trail running shoes tend to be very expensive due to the technology and materials that go into their construction. 

However, not every pair of waterproof trail shoes have to break the bank. This pair by Mountain Warehouse offer really good quality for an excellent price of £39.99. 

The shoe consists of a synthetic and upper mesh that makes it breathable and lightweight as well as durable. 

Included in this upper is Mountain Warehouse’s IsoDry waterproof membrane. This combination makes the Jupiter waterproof trail running shoes resistant from outside elements while able to ventilate sweat and odour from the inside.  

Maybe you’re questioning the longevity of these shoes due to their price point, but you won’t have to worry about these cheap waterproof trail running shoes. 

Reinforcement on the heel and toe ensures that you can keep running even if these shoes take a knock while you’re on the trail. 

If you needed to keep your balance whilst running, maybe invest in a pair of trekking poles as descending or ascending hills can be very dangerous.  

The Jupiter waterproof trail shoes for men also include an EVA midsole cushion. This is a feature included in shoes that are over three times the price of this pair, so you know that it works and has plenty of value.

On top of all these great features, the shoe comes in an attractive red and black colour scheme, making it bold without any garish designs.

#6 – Salewa Men’s Ms Dropline Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoes

Price: £111.99

waterproof trail shoes men's

Salewa is a European mountain sports brand. Their gear is designed for serious mountaineers and adventurers and this quality transcends into their best trail running shoes, waterproof, or not to date!

Their Dropline Gore-Tex men’s waterproof trail running shoes are a fantastic pair of running shoes designed for speed and durability. 

Each pair is equipped with a range of unique Salewa technology to help you move quickly while still being more comfortable. 

For example, the materials in their synthetic upper allow for more cushion in the midsole while keeping weight down. This is good news for those of you who like your shoes to be lightweight yet still comfy after running long distances.

The rounded Pomoca Dropline sole along with their Salewa S-Path design guarantees that maximum traction will be received on varying trail terrains while efficiently transitioning your step from heel to toe as you move.

Once again, these shoes are equipped with a Gore-Tex liner and an EVA midsole, a staple in most of the best waterproof trail running shoes online! 

The Dropline running shoes feature a 6mm heel to toe drop. To clarify, the higher the drop then the more traditional feel you will have when you run. 

This is because most trail running waterproof shoes have high drops of over 10mm that cushion the heel but encourage heel-striking – where your heel hits the ground first. 

So 6mm can take some getting used to for certain individuals and may require an acclimatisation period to not injure yourself.   

If you are using this pair of shoes, you might want to consider a running gilet to stay warm whilst running

#7 – New Balance Men’s Summit K.O.M Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoes

Price: £89.60- £434.14 (RRP £115.00)

 waterproof trail shoes women's

Although they have been more recently making their mark on the fashion and lifestyle scene, you shouldn’t forget that New Balance comes from a prestigious heritage when it comes to making innovative running shoes. 

Advertised as a ‘workhorse trail shoe’, the K.O.M (King of the Mountain) is one of New Balance’s best waterproof trail running shoes for all types of terrain. 

Gore-Tex and a synthetic mesh upper ensure the shoes remain lightweight and ventilated at the same time as being reliably weatherproof. 

This is great whether you’re running through sheets of rain in the mountains or through soggy forest floors.

The patented Vibram waterproof barefoot trail shoes ensure maximum traction by creating the most surface area contact between the shoe and the ground, meaning you can be quick and nimble even when changing directions.

And because of the Rockstop footplate in between the insole and the outsole, your quick feet won’t be punished by harsh trail environments.

New Balance’s Summit K.O.M comes with an 8mm heel to toe drop, which is viewed as the sweet spot for a good all-round trail running shoe.

Combine this with the variety of lug sizes on the underside of the shoe and you’ve got yourself a reliable waterproof trail running shoe that will meet your demands on your terms.

Best Women’s Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Below are all of the best waterproof trail shoes for women, check them out! 

#8 – SALOMON Waterproof Trail Running Shoes For Women

Price: £77.00 (RRP £130.00)

waterproof trail shoes womens

If you are looking at some of the top waterproof trail running shoes reviews, then you’ll be familiar with the SALOMON name as they tend to all be well received.

The technology that makes them one of the best waterproof trail running shoe choices remains but the aesthetics have changed slightly and there are more colour options such as black, white, blue, and pink, giving you more choice on how you can express yourself on the trails.

The XA Pro 3D GTX shoes are not too dissimilar to the men’s SALOMON waterproof trail shoes that we introduced in the men’s list.

A Gore-Tex outer weatherproof these shoes from wind and water, keeping your feet comfortable and dry.

The Kevlar Quicklace system that tightens with one pull means there’s less fiddling around with your shoelaces during your run, leaving you to focus on mother nature.

SALOMON’s 3D chassis in this shoe helps lock your foot in place. Combine this with the EVA midsole and ORTHOLITE insole, your feet are going to be comfortable and injury-free. 

If you are completely new to outdoor running, maybe invest in some new running accessories to make you look and feel better prepared for your trail runs! 

However, this shoe is slightly heavier than the Speedcross. The approximate 35g weight increase is part of the design to make the shoe even more appropriate for firm terrains than the lighter weight Speedcross which is more suited for soft terrains. 

#9 – Merrell Waterproof Trail Shoes For Women

Price: £75.14 - £161.27 (RRP £120.00)

trail running shoes women waterproof

If you’re looking for the best waterproof trail running for women then this pair of Merrell shoes will be for you! 

Their tough construction creates a stronger barrier between your feet and the outside world.

However, you wouldn’t necessarily think that is the case when looking at these women’s waterproof trail running shoes.

Merrell has utilised InvisibleFit technology to bind the Gore-Tex membrane to the shoe in a way that makes it fit like any other running shoe rather than a protected one. 

With this comes added breathability and a lighter weight construction. Even when looking at the mesh and TPU outer material you wouldn’t think it was a thick waterproof shoe!

The All Out Crush 2 GTX’s come with a 6mm drop from heel to toe, edging them closer to more waterproof barefoot trail shoes.

This isn’t an incredibly low drop but anyone who hasn’t run in shoes with a drop of less than 10mm before should ease themselves into wearing them to avoid injury. 

This may put some people off but plenty of people say that once you correct your heel-striking tendencies then low-drop or barefoot feeling shoes are the best way to run.

As well as this, the lugs on the bottom of the shoe are quite prominent at 5-6.5mm. This makes the All Out Crush 2 GTX’s perfect for soft trails but will make them more unsuitable for roads or firm trails, so take this into account when making your purchase.

Not only do they function great, but these ladies’ waterproof trail running shoes also come in a choice of bright colour schemes to bring a burst of colour onto the trails during even the gloomiest winter days.  

These are just some of the features that make the Merrell All Out Crush 2 GTX’s one of the best waterproof trail running shoes for women out there today!

#10 – Mizuno Women’s Waterproof Trail Shoes

Price: £72.11 - £130.77 (RRP £129.95)

 best trail running shoes waterproof

If you’re looking for a pair of ladies’ waterproof trail running shoes that have fantastic technology to ensure a great fit and a great run, then it’s hard to find a pair that can beat the Mizuno Wave Daichi 4 GTX waterproof trail running shoes. 

If you’re looking for shoes with a bit of added cushioning, stronger than average grip, and neutral pronation, this pair from Mizuno’s are perfect.

These features make the Wave Daichi’s suitable for all types of firm and unpredictable trail surfaces. 

On the bottom of the shoe, the Michelin rubber outsole, along with Mizuno’s XtaRide technology, offers the wearer unbeatable multi-directional grip and adaptability on most firm surfaces including gravel and rocky terrain.

This shoe is part of the Mizuno Wave range. These waterproof trail shoes feature a unique midsole that is designed to be more cushioned and stable than other running shoes and make the wearer feel at one with nature by absorbing all the impact that your choice of the trail can throw at you.

A unique feature of these shoes is their adjustable system in their heel and forefoot regions to ensure your feet fit comfortably and are secure. 

This works by having two pull tabs on either side of the tongue that, when wearing the shoe, mould to your foot and lock it in place, preventing injury and promoting an enjoyable and orthopedically correct run.

Your muscles will definitely need recovery after a trail run so check out the best massage guns to recover quicker and stop paying for expensive sports massages! 

#11 – Women's Waterproof ASICS Trail Running Shoes

Price: £60.28 - £139.99 (RRP £125.00)

waterproof barefoot trail shoes

ASICS makes a reappearance on our list as they simply make such high-quality shoes that it is tough to disregard them. 

In this case, the waterproof women’s trail running shoes are full of advanced technologies that make you run safe, comfortable, and efficient.

Similar to the aforementioned ASICS runners, the Gel-Fujitrabuco contains ASICS’ gel material in the heel to cushion your run and take the brunt of the impact from harsh trail obstacles. 

These women’s waterproof trail running shoes also feature an anti-gravel and rock plate on the sole to beef up the protection and ensure full safety for the wearer when running on gravel and rocky trails when wet or dry. 

On this pair, the protective toe bumper and other overlays on the shoe outer have been ‘3D welded’ to the frame of the shoe itself so the material is smooth and lightweight while still offering the same level of protection and quality that ASICS is known for. 

The Gel-Fujitrabuco 6 supports runners who want a neutral waterproof trail running shoe or an under pronation with its Impact Guidance System. 

This means that people with high arches will be comfortable in these shoes as the pressure is distributed slightly differently than other shoes.

When striking the ground, the first point of contact is the outer heel due to the increased angle in the shoe, and then your foot pushes off with pressure on the outside of the foot and smaller toes.

If these features are what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with this pair of ladies waterproof trail shoes.

#12 – Mammut Ladies Waterproof Trail Shoes 

Price: £93.60 - £150.00 (RRP £130.00)

trail running shoe waterproof

These Mammut ladies waterproof trail running shoes come in a selection of three colours: black, black and grey, and pink.

The Saentis Low GTX is built for speed and safety. Ideal for use in either forest tracks or mountain trails due to the Michelin trail cleat rubber sole providing excellent grip on tricky surfaces.

With a combination of supple material inside the shoe and tough, durable outer materials, these are the best waterproof trail shoes for women that will protect your feet in a comfortable fit while enduring any bumps and knocks that are expected as a trail runner.

The heel to toe drop on the Saentis Low GTX measures at 7mm, which isn’t too low and not particularly high either.

This should result in a comfortable gait when running that should encourage the feeling of barefoot running without additional impact or on your feet. 

Lastly, with a mesh and Gore-Tex construction on the outer, you can trust that these shoes will remain weatherproof and resist rain and wind effectively.

All in all, the features and design of these shoes make them a good choice as an all-rounder for waterproof trail running shoes for women.

If you need a shake after your workout, take casein protein before you go to bed to make your recovery a lot faster! 

#13 – Salewa Waterproof Trail Shoes For Women

Price: £95.99 - £156.56 (RRP £150.00)

cheap waterproof trail running shoes

Earlier we listed the Salewa Dropline Gore-Tex waterproof trail running shoes for men, but now we have the ladies’ variant of this well-performing shoe.

Coming in the option of two bright colourways (blue or pink), the Women’s Dropline Gore-Tex trail runners remain a quality choice for runners who frequently visit rocky alpine terrains.

The women’s waterproof trail running shoe is built for this terrain as it is built with the anti-rock heel cup that fits the foot in a place where it can’t be shocked by sharp or rugged rocks underfoot.

The stretched gaiter design minimises contact between the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane and other additions to the shoe such as the lace hoops to ensure that the quality of the waterproofing material is uncompromised. 

On top of this, it gives the shoe a great outdoors-style technical look, and the choice of bright colours only helps this to stand out.

Some of the waterproof trail running shoes reviews on the internet have said that these needed extra care breaking them in, but once they are they are a top pair of shoes for trail runners.

Before you go!

We know that there are tons of different types of waterproof trail shoes out there, all with great features and designs, so we hope that our list has helped you to find the best pair to suit you or at least narrow down your options!

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