15 Best Waterproof Trousers (2024)

Waterproof Running Trousers

When it comes to identifying the best waterproof trousers on the UK market, the task isn’t as easy as you may think. With such a saturated market, the options are endless, so how do you know where to spend your money? 

Here at OriGym, we understand the importance of investing in the best sportswear gear and how it can be the make or break of your activity performance, so for that reason, we have put together a list of the 13 best waterproof trousers you can purchase online.

Within this list, we have tried to ensure there are waterproof trousers for everyone; keeping different interests and price points in mind.

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15 Best Waterproof Trousers

#1 - Highlander Tempest Rain Trousers 

Price: £32.99

Waterproof Running Trousers

If you’re looking for a pair of water-resistant trousers that keeps you dry throughout any storm, then we would highly recommend the Tempest Rain Trousers by Highlander. 

These wear-all-day waterproof trousers are multifunctional and can be used for a variety of sports and workout routines. Whether you’re looking for the best waterproof walking trousers, or for gear you can run in, we would highly recommend this adaptable pair of trousers.

Made out of 100% AB-TEX polyester, this pair of waterproof trousers are designed with a breathable membrane to protect the inside too. With excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, perspiration will no longer be an issue allowing you to exercise with ease - or at least ease in your attire! 

Other features offered by the Tempest Rain trousers are taped in seams and adjustable cuffs, these features are what make the trousers comfortable for all body shapes to wear, and with a drawstring waistline, you can alter the fit of the trousers to your personal preference. 

What's more, these waterproof trousers are unisex, meaning that they also look good on everyone and you don’t have to miss out on the benefits they offer as a result of gender. 

By appealing to such a wide market of customers, it is so easy to see why the Tempest Rain trousers are viewed in such high regard. However, if black isn’t your favourite workout colour then have no fear, because these trousers are also available in Navy and Olive, so you can pick whichever design appeals to you most.

And if all that wasn’t enough to impress you, the Tempest Rain Trousers feature two zipped waist pockets with storm flaps. Meaning that regardless of how bad the weather gets, you can keep exercising with the peace of mind that your valuables are safely stored and are at no risk of falling out or getting damaged by water. 

#2 - Keela Alpine Advanced Trousers

Price: £139.95

Waterproof Running Trousers

If you participate in winter sports and are on the hunt for a pair of breathable waterproof trousers, then we would highly recommend the Alpine Advance Trousers by Keela. These trousers allow you to reach the peak of the mountain and ski the deepest slope without the worry that your pants will be destroyed by a deep level of snow.

Dubbed mountaineering trousers, these are some highest quality winter wear on the UK market. With waist belt hoops and adjustable ankle loops, these waterproof pants comfortably fit any type of body size as they are completely adaptable to the body of the individual wearing them. 

If you’re someone who can’t get enough skiing or other winter sports, click here for OriGym’s article on the Best Skiing Centres & Dry Slopes in the UK.

The trousers come in three different styles: short, medium and long, appealing to a broad audience of people seeking waterproof trousers for a number of different uses. 

It is worth mentioning that these are advertised as men’s waterproof trousers, so when deciding to purchase you may want to take this into consideration. 

In addition to all of this, you’ll never have to worry about your trousers falling down or becoming loose whilst you’re on the slopes thanks to the detachable brace attachment - though please note the braces are sold separately.

When you're participating in any kind of downslope activity, your safety is paramount. For this reason, these waterproof trousers come with inner non-slip rubber snow gaiters that prevent you from tumbling out of control should the worst ever happen. You can guarantee the safety of your valuables by storing them away safely in the trousers back pockets.

In terms of reviews, it is easy to see why these waterproof pants are regarded as some of the best men's waterproof trousers on the market today. TRAIL Magazine labelled the Alpine Advanced Waterproof Trousers as a must-have for any mounterining enthusiast, while stated that these are the trousers that every skier needs.

#3 - Gill Pilot Trousers

Price: £78.00

Waterproof Hiking Trousers Image

Another option for those searching for a pair of unisex waterproof trousers, we also recommend checking out the Pilot Trousers from Gill. These pants are specifically designed for any kind of outdoor activity, but they work particularly well when you’re around large bodies of water. So, if you’re someone who likes sailing, costal walking or just being near the shore, purchasing a pair of these trousers is a must!

Crafted with 100% polyester and nylon liner, these are high-quality pants that can be purchased for an affordable price of just £78. In addition to being made of high-quality material, these trousers are created with Gill's XPLORE 2-layer laminated fabric and a durable water repellent finish. 

With fully taped seams, these trousers are 100% waterproof inside and out, but for an added bonus, all of you fishers out there will be happy to know that these trousers are also low noise and soft touch - so you won’t be scaring away any potential catches - we told you waterproof trousers are a highly versatile garment! 

With an elasticated waistband and drawstring cord, you can adjust them to your body in whatever fashion that is comfortable for you. Likewise, the adjustable ankle loops also allow you to secure the trousers around your legs, in a manner that works for your body type and fit preferences.

If you’re on a long haul sailing trip, then you’ll want some waterproof pants with plenty of pocket room to store valuables; rest assured, the Pilot Trousers from Gill provide this function, as well as offering external drainage to remove any excess water that may seep in during your trip.

So, if you’re an avid fisherman or just love being close to the water, why not treat yourself to the Pilot Trousers, we promise that you won’t regret it. 

#4 - Sprayway Nakuru Rainpaint

Price: £110.00

Waterproof Pants

Considered to be some of the best waterproof overtrousers on the market today, the Nakuru Rainpaint by Spraway would make an excellent addition to anyone's wardrobe. These trousers utilize the latest in GORE-TEX two-layer technology to ensure you remain dry inside and out. 

Made up of 40D polyester, the outer face fabric is weather-protected with a PFCec finish. 

In addition to keeping you dry, Sprayway also ensures that you remain comfortable all day whilst wearing their waterproof trousers, thanks to the taffeta and mesh combination inside lining and the semi-elasticated waistline.

The Nakuru Rainpaint are also available in short and regular variations, meaning customers are not confined to one set style and can purchase a pair of waterproof trousers which suit a number of needs. 

As previously discussed, the weight of a pair of waterproof running trousers can influence buyers, therefore it may interest you to know that these waterproof overtrousers weigh in at 335g. 

Looking at the review section for these trousers highlights why it is one of the best waterproof overtrousers on the market today. With one reviewer claiming that the Nakuru Rainpaints have excellent waterproofing qualities, fulfilling the desired purpose of anyone who wears them.

For many of us, outdoor training and unpredictable weather go hand in hand; for that reason, waterproof overtrousers are probably the variation that you’ll want to invest in. 


#5 - INOV Trailpant Waterproof Trousers Women

Price: £120.00

Waterproof Cycling Trousers Image

When it comes to shopping around for the best lightweight waterproof trousers for women, then you may want to consider the Trailpant Waterproof Trousers by INOV. 

This company has been at the forefront of off-road running and hiking equipment since 2003, and these waterproof hiking trousers should be a must-have on every walker's list. 

Weighing in at just 167g, these trousers are super lightweight and perfect for any runner who doesn’t want to be slowed down by heavy gear. In addition to being lightweight, these waterproof hiking trousers are also breathable and resistant against any kind of harsh weather that you may encounter, this is thanks to the HH rating of the fabric, which is 20,000/20,000. 

This means that the waterproof hiking trousers hold up against rain, snow, and hail of any kind of intensity. Furthermore, it is not just the outside fabric that fights against water, for the trousers taped in seams will stop any water from getting into the inside of the pants. 

To accommodate their function as hiking trousers, the fabric is also stretchable and therefore won’t restrict your movements during your long treks - or workouts at that. Not only can these trousers be considered the best waterproof trousers for women, but they can also be generally regarded as the best running waterproof trousers on the UK market. 

Having gear that is designed for your body specifically, is so important. Whilst some unisex designs do hold their own merit, the fact of the matter is that women and men sometimes need different support. For an example of this checkout OriGym's list of the best women’s triathlon suits for further information about triathlon gear. 

The reviews for the Trailpant Waterproof Trousers reflect the hype, reinforcing the idea that the Trailpants are truly some of the best women’s waterproof trousers. They state that the trousers not only fulfill their desired purpose by being completely lightweight and waterproof but go that extra mile by looking good and offering its wearer comfort. 

#6 - Berghaus Berghaus Deluge Trousers

Price: £60.00

Waterproof Workout Trousers

When the rain comes pouring down, you’ll have nothing to fear whilst wearing these waterproof overtrousers from Berghaus. Crafted from their two-layer trademark hydro shell fabric, they’re completely waterproof both inside and out.

In addition to being waterproof, these trousers are also extremely breathable, which in part is thanks to the ¾ side zips with snap closure that acts as the perfect ventilation system, keeping you cool during even your most intense workouts. The zips also make changing into the overtrousers an easy process, allowing you to take them on and off with ease without any cumbersome hassle.

This pair of waterproof trousers by Berghaus is also lighter than most other overtrousers on the market today, with the largest size on offer weighing just 374g, so you won’t have to worry about your gear slowing you down when pursuing your fitness goals.

The reviews for the Berghaus Deluge Trousers solidifies them as one of the best waterproof overtrousers to appear on this list. On the company’s website, the Men’s Deluge 2.0 pants currently have a 4.5-star rating with customers singing the praises of these trousers within the comments section.

Many reviewers comment on the high-quality fit of the trousers, stating that they feel super comfortable and never bunch up or fall down. In addition to this, many customers also praise the pant's waterproofing capabilities, claiming that they can be worn and protect from any kind of heavy weather conditions.

#7 - OMM Kamleika Pant

Price: £85.00

Waterproof Trousers for Men

OMM is a brand that specialises in making outdoor equipment for hikers and mountain marathoners, providing the best waterproof walking trousers in men's sizes; with the Kamalika Pants being some of the most popular pants to feature on the site. 

These waterproof walking trousers get their name from the Aleutian word for ‘waterproof’, so if that isn’t enough to reassure you of their effectiveness, then maybe you’d be interested to know that they are also designed specifically to reduce humidity build-up inside your clothing too. 

The design for the Kamleika Pant was purposefully crafted to ensure that you can exercise for longer periods of time by letting bad weather or sweat build up slow you down or dampen your mood, stay focused by wearing the Kamleika Pants and achieve your desired goals. The comfort of these waterproof walking trousers also aids with this purpose, with a soft base layer that stretches to almost double its size, allowing you to exercise with ease without any constructions halting your progress. 

These trousers are especially beneficial to all the trail runners out there. Not only are they comfortable to run long distances in, but they also have a kick guard panel for uneven terrain. This comes with hooks on the zips to get a closer fit to the shoe, which stops debris from getting inside whilst you’re out trail running. 

So if you’re looking for the best waterproof walking trousers for extreme comfort, durability, and waterproofing properties, then we would highly recommend this offering from OMM.  

#8 - Running Bear Mac in a Sac Origin Waterproof Overtrouser

Price: £20.00

Waterproof Trousers for Women


If you’re after a pair of cheap waterproof overtrousers, then Running Bear has you and your bank balance covered. The Mac in a Sac is described as a ‘waterproof jacket for your legs, offering you ultimate protection against all kinds of weather climates. It is recommended that you use this pair of pants as overtrousers, but you can also wear them as everyday wear if that is what you wish.

These waterproof overtrousers are plain and simple, doing what they’re designed to do without any unnecessary bells and whistles. One of the great benefits of these trousers is that they come with their own sac to hold the wet trousers once they’ve been used. This compact sac can be easily transported in backpacks or suitcases and does not take up too much space.

Just because the Mac in a Sac is cheaper than other trousers to feature in this list does not mean the quality has been compromised in any way. The Mac in a Sac is not only completely waterproof but highly breathable too, you can rest assured knowing you will not have to worry about overheating in this fabric. So whether you’re on a hike or run, continue with ease knowing that your body is being taken care of.

If this isn’t enough to impress you, these waterproof walking trousers are also completely adaptable to your different body types. This is thanks to the elasticated waistline and adjustable leg tag. Don’t allow yourself to be confined by tight exercise gear, choose comfort and freedom by purchasing a pair of these Running Bear trousers.

We hope this entry has shed some light on the effectiveness of cheap waterproof overtrousers. Just because they do not share a similar RRP to the high-end brands, does not mean you should have to compromise your desire for a quality assured pair of overtrousers.

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#9 - ACAI Outdoors MAX Stretch Skinny Outdoor Trousers 

Price: £69.00

Walking Trousers Waterproof Image

For many people, their priorities for sportswear lies in items that can double up as everyday wear for practical reasons. If this sounds like you, then you are sure to be interested in these trousers from ACAI Outdoors, which are regarded as one of the best lightweight waterproof trousers on the marketplace today.

With a selection of 12 colours to choose from, one of the most versatile on our shortlist, these waterproof walking trousers are completely adaptable to your own personal taste and style. 

Along with looking good, the ACAI Outdoors is also completely waterproof and keeps you dry regardless of what outdoor activity you choose to do. The company’s website even highlights both of these aspects, stating that they ‘look equally as good in the office and out on the trail’. 

The fabric that makes up the trousers also helps to make exercising as easy as possible. With 4-way stretch and good ventilation properties, you’ll be able to run, hike or walk with ease without the added stress of overheating or your clothes becoming too tight to even move in.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, then why not take those of ACAI’s customers? Previous buyers of the waterproof walking trousers rate MAX Stretch Skinny trousers 4.5 stars for quality, with many praising the trouser's adaptability, stating that they can be worn all year round regardless of the type of weather or temperature.

The reviewers also like the colour options and overall fit of the ACAI Outdoors, in a marketplace that is consumed by black trousers, it is refreshing to see a company make their options completely unique to their customer's preference.

#10 - Páramo Men’s Cascada II Trousers

Price: £115.00

Hiking Pants

If you’re used to hiking in all types of weather, you’ll be familiar with the problem of putting on overtrousers in a timely fashion in order to face the incoming bad weather, only to have to take them off a few moments later when the rain passes. The Cascada IIs are some of the best waterproof hiking trousers for practicality on the market today, making it their mission to make this process as easy as possible.

These waterproof hiking trousers promise to keep you bone dry, thanks to their directional Nikwax analogy fabric which is designed to reduce sweat, allowing you to work comfortably all day during varying weather conditions.

Whilst some buyers choose to wear these waterproof hiking trousers as overtrousers, they can also be used next-to-skin, as the extensive vents allow for temperature regulation whilst working hard. This is down to the ¾ length reversed side zips with internal poppered storm flaps. 

Added benefits of purchasing these trousers include additional protection with a double layer of pump liner in the seat, thigh, and knee area. This essentially means that if you ever take a tumble, the waterproof hiking trousers protect and shield your body from the majority of the blow. The trim of the trousers is also cut to couture to your body shape, allowing you to move in an unrestricted fashion, extending your legs to their maximum capacity.

The Men’s Cascada II are regarded as some of the best waterproof walking trousers and have received high praise from the press. For example, The Great Outdoors dubbed the Men’s Cascade Trousers as comfortable for all occasions and something you can wear all day.

#11- Wiggle Endura Hummvee Cycling Trousers

Price: £43.99

Waterproof Overtrousers Image

If you’re interested in buying the best waterproof cycling trousers, then look no further than the Endura Hummvee cycling trousers. Made of 100% polyester nylon, these cycling pants will take you from trailhead to downhill sprawl, all whilst keeping you completely dry. 

In fact, the manufacturers of these trousers proudly claim that they can shrug off any kind of rain, snow, or mud that may splatter on them.

These trousers come with an elasticated rear waistband and an adjustable belt, along with ankle adjustments; these features are designed to ensure that these trousers are suitable for any body type. Riding with comfort is so important, the last thing you want on your mind whilst cycling is uncomfortable gear, so eliminate this worry completely by purchasing a pair of Endura Hummvee cycling trousers. 

The Endura Hummvee cycling trousers come lined with trademarked Fully Clickfast material, which is compatible with any shorts you may choose to wear underneath these overpants. No longer will you have to worry about your underlayer riding up during exercises. 

Allowing you the option to choose whether to wear these trousers on top of skin or as overtrousers.
Another great feature of these cycling trousers is that they come with both zippered cargo pockets and rear map pockets. These pockets provide you with plenty of room to store whatever valuables/possessions you may have on your person during your workout routine. 

Reviewers for the Endura Hummvee trousers seem to be extremely pleased with the overall results, commenting on how they snugly fit their bodies and don’t rise up whilst cycling for long periods of time. 

In addition to this, the vast majority of reviewers also applaud the trousers’ water-wicking capabilities, stating that they stayed completely dry whilst wearing these pants. 

#12 - My Triathlon Compressport - Men's Hurricane Waterproof 10/10 Pants

Price: £140.00

Waterproof Triathlon Pants

Within this article, we have discussed many different kinds of waterproof trousers, from which trousers you should wear whilst cycling, to some of the best waterproof trousers for walking. But this next entry in our list a perfect pair of pants for those of you who take part in triathlons. 

If you're an avid triathlete or even an aspiring one, it may be worth your while to check out this OriGym article on the best men’s triathlon suits.

For triathletes, a good pair of waterproof trousers is simply a must-have, even if you keep it at the bottom of your kit bag for the majority of the year. Compressport’s Hurricane 10/10 pants weigh less than 100g and take up virtually no space when they are rolled up. Not only does this make them the perfect pants to easily transport, but it makes them the best waterproof trousers for walking and/or racing. 

The sealed seams and breathable fibers combine to make the trousers perfectly watertight and breathable, meaning that you remain dry on the inside, as water slides off the exterior of the pant. 

Let’s face it, when you’re in the zone during a big race, the last thing you want is your squeaky gear putting you off. So the minimalist streamlined design of the Hurricane completely eliminates this annoyance of the excess material or rusting noise that is often associated with waterproof garments. 

In addition to all of this, these waterproof trousers will not prohibit your performance in any big event thanks to the 4-way stretch technology. You won’t have to worry about your movements being confined or restricted into a pair of tight pants. Instead, you’ll be able to move freely during any event and/or race component, be it running, cycling or swimming.

If this pair of trousers interests you and you want to completely tailor your triathlon gear around it, as My Triathlon also provides a matching exercise jacket. The Hurricane Waterproof pants are truly some of the best waterproof trousers the UK has to offer. If you compete in triathlons and are looking for reliable gear, we would highly recommend treating yourself to a pair of these pants.

#13 - Rohan Men’s Dry Requisite Trousers

Price: £60

Waterproof Dress Pants

If you find yourself asking: ‘where can I buy waterproof trousers that are designed to look like casualwear?’, then look no further than the next entry on our list. These rainproof trousers are marketed as ‘regular trousers that happen to be waterproof’.

The Men’s Dry Requisite may look like a pair of your average office/work pants, but in reality, they are rainproof trousers specifically designed to look like your everyday chino-style trousers. Not only are these rainproof trousers, but they are also resistant to any kind of adverse weather such as wind and snow. 

We would suggest that these features make this option the perfect pair of pants for winter commute, after all why show up at work looking disheveled when you can show up looking and feeling your best?

But just because these water-resistant trousers are designed to look like formal wear, does not mean they are restrictive in any way. On the contrary, these trousers allow for a wide range of movement and flexibility, whilst also being breathable in all seasons.

These water-repellent trousers also come with two front pockets, which are lined with Rohan’s Barricade material specifically designed to avoid any kind of water damage. However, please note that these pockets are not lined with a zipper. The opening on the top leaves your valuables at risk to a certain degree, leave them inside this pocket at your own caution. 

If you’re looking for the best waterproof trousers that you can wear to the office, then there is no question that the answer is go with a pair of Rohan’s.

#14 - Amazon Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Pants

Price: £107.81

waterproof breathable trousers

As we approach the end of our list of the best waterproof trousers, you may still be skeptical as to where to buy waterproof trousers when looking for a trusted online retailer. Amazon is here to offer you an excellent pair, specifically designed to act as waterproof walking trousers.

Made up of a 3-layer shell, these waterproof hiking trousers are every mountaineer's dream come true. Designed to offer comfort during long walks, you can rest assured that the trousers won’t cause any type of irritation or chafing, regardless of how long you choose to wear them. 

Furthermore, if you’re after a pair of waterproof breathable trousers, the Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Pants provide excellent ventilation, meaning that you won’t overheat or sweat whilst out hiking in hot climates. 

On top of all of this, the Patagonia pants are also highly durable, with a guarantee from the company itself that these waterproof hiking trousers won’t suffer from wear and tear after a few uses. 

You can either wear these water repellent trousers as a pair of overtrousers or as an individual layer, however, we would recommend going for 2 test hikes in these waterproof pants before committing to the chosen method. Try wearing them both ways and then decide which one suits your method of hiking best. 

Amazon reviewers seem to really enjoy these waterproof breathable trousers, as they carry a rating of 4 stars on the company website, with an abundance of comments further highlighting how popular these walking waterproof trousers actually are. 

Many of the reviewers state these waterproof pants kept them completely dry during long-distance hikes in the rain. In addition to this, some labeled them as the best waterproof overtrousers, as they kept the buyers warm in freezing temperatures, making for great additions to layering.

If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, and why we regard the Patagonia Men’s Torrentshell Pants as some of the best waterproof trousers, then we would recommend purchasing a pair either via Amazon or directly from the company’s website.

#15 - Mountain Warehouse Active Kids Convertible Trousers

Price: £16.99

 best waterproof trousers in the UK

Within this article, we have covered some of the best waterproof trousers in the UK, but they’ve all been for adults. So you may now be left questioning: ‘where can I buy waterproof trousers for children?’.

As any parent can attest to, children need the same kind of waterproof clothing that adults require, maybe even more so!  If you’re looking for a pair of the best waterproof trousers for walking, running, skipping, and doing everything that children love, why not purchase a pair of Convertible Trousers from Mountain Warehouse.

As the name of the trousers suggests, they are completely convertible, meaning that you’re not just getting a pair of waterproof pants, but with a simple pull of a zip, you can remove the bottom half of the legs and be left with waterproof shorts. 

This converting process naturally makes the pants more breathable when worn as shorts, however, these waterproof breathable trousers also have high levels of comfort and ventilation when worn as in their original form. You can rest assured that your children won’t overheat should you choose to keep these pants at trouser length, in fact they are just as effective at ensuring a cooling duration of exercise. 

These trousers are by far some of the best waterproof trousers for children on the market today, as they are highly adaptable and offer a process that is so much more than walking waterproof trousers. They can be used for school trips, family days out, or just trips to the park during any season, and your child will feel the benefit of these waterproof pants.  

What's more is that these are lightweight waterproof trousers, which many parents have applauded within the review section. Many comments have highlighted how parents feel reassured knowing that their children are wearing something lightweight with no risk of weighed down.

How to Choose Waterproof Trousers?

Running Trouser

Before we get into what the best waterproof trousers in the UK are, it’s important for you to know how to choose the correct pair that suits your needs. 

Below we have outlined some qualities which we believe make up for the best waterproof trousers, we highly recommend you look out for these factors when deciding which product to buy.

Breathability: Simply put, the best water repellent trousers are fully waterproof on the outside, but also breathable enough to prevent moisture build-up on the inside. This benefits you when working up a sweat through workouts, as you won’t get too wet from bad weather, nor will you overheat. 

Many of the most popular men's and women’s waterproof pants purposely have thigh vents in order to prevent these issues from occurring. If for whatever reason you don’t know if a product is considered to be a pair of waterproof breathable trousers, look for ventilation access within the fabric.

Weight: The last thing you want when you’re exercising is your attire weighing you down. We recommend shopping around for the best lightweight waterproof trousers in order to perform at your optimum level. 

All of the best waterproof running trousers adhere to being lightweight, you should never have to compromise waterproof properties for weight.

Durability: Whether you’re looking for the best waterproof walking trousers or other variations for activities such as cycling, you’re going to want trousers that can accommodate your personal exercise routine. Regardless of what your chosen sport is, you should look for a pair of trousers that are of high quality and won’t rip or become damaged through use over time. 

Pockets: When exercising, it is so important to ensure that any belongings you have with you are safely secured. If you don’t want to bring a bag along with you then you’re going to need a pair of trousers with pockets. This point is more of an added bonus rather than a necessity, but the best waterproof trousers will also have waterproof pockets, in order to keep your valuable possessions dry. 


Other Considerations For Choosing Waterproof Trousers

Pants Image

Waterproof trousers feature what is known as a membrane, or a coating, which acts as a barrier preventing moisture from permeating the fabric. The membrane can be used to block precipitation, from driving rain, snow, sleet and hail. 

Regardless of whether they’re the best waterproof running trousers, or whether they’re designed for another function such as walking, all waterproof trousers are traditionally constructed from a 2.5 layered fabric where the membrane is bonded to the pace and backed with printed or raised inner ‘half’ layers.

Two-layered waterproof walking trousers are typically the cheaper option on the market and while comfortable, they’re often bulkier, heavier, and warmer. Whereas the premium 3-layered options tend to be more expensive and feature a slightly higher water wicking capacity. 

This comes as a result of the waterproof-breathable membrane being sandwiched between the face fabric and the wicking tricot in 3-layered options, which offers robust protection and a longer lifespan than the 2-layered fabric provided in most common waterproof trousers. 

We hope this brief guide into how to choose waterproof trousers has been beneficial and can assist you in choosing the best item for you from our shortlist.

What are the Different Types of Waterproof Trousers

pants image

There are two different types of waterproof trousers, these are known as: overtrousers and wear-all-day. 

Overtrousers: This style of waterproof trouser is best to pull out of your gym bag when bad weather is looming, to slip on over your regular exercise clothes - hence the name ‘overtrousers’.

Thanks to their practicality, waterproof overtrousers are particularly popular in areas that experience uncertain weather, as they can provide brief coverage when rain randomly strikes. 

Wear-all-Day: As the name suggests, this style of waterproof trouser is best recommended for longer wear; throughout entire workouts and your day-to-day life. Wear-all-day waterproof trousers can be worn next to skin, with no additional layers necessary.

Both types of waterproof trousers offer unique benefits and deciding which one is right for you depends on factors, such as personal preference and the weather conditions you expect to face whilst exercising. 

This may sound obvious, but if you know you’re likely to face unpredictable weather conditions, then we would recommend investing in a pair of overtrousers. This allows you to put them on at a moment's notice should bad weather strike. 

However, if you know that you’re going to face non-stop bad weather, then investing in a pair of wear-all-day trousers would be the more beneficial option of the two. 

Before You Go!

We hope our analysis of the best waterproof trousers has helped make the decision of purchasing that much easier. We realise that there are so many products out there today and if we have missed some of your favourites that in no way takes away from their value.

If you have never purchased any waterproof trousers before, we would recommend trying a few out in person before making the commitment to a purchase. We wish you the best of luck in hunting for your ideal pair! 

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