23 Best Weighted Vests To Strengthen Your Upper Body (2024)

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Are you looking for the best weighted vests in the UK? We don’t blame you, as not only are they a great piece of equipment to use for activities like CrossFit, but they're also great for progressive overload in weight training. 

In case you're unsure, a weighted vest is simply a vest that is either made of heavy material or filled with bags of sand or metal weights. It is used to make exercises more challenging for your body, so that you can gain more muscle mass through your workouts. 

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1. Gravity Fitness 20kg Weighted Vest

Price: £109.95


First on the list is Gravity Fitness, and it’s a fantastic product with great versatility. Suitable for CrossFit, callisthenics or resistance training, this weighted vest is great for anybody with the goal of getting stronger. 

Unlike others on this list, the unique low profile design allows a full range of motion for your upper body. 

Even though it’s a snug fit, this weighted vest is suitable for all body types due to its fully adjustable Velcro straps. 

This vest weighs 20kg, which is a great start for anyone looking to intensify their cardio sessions.

In terms of price, it does cost £109.95, so it's perhaps not the best option if you’re after a cheap weighted vest. However, if you’re looking for a product built to last for years, look no further than Gravity Fitness.

2.Suteng Sports Tactical Weight Vest

Price: £30.99

womens weighted vest

Similar to the GOTOTOP Vest, the Suteng Sports vest features an oxford fabric to give a sturdy feel. There are 12 compartments on the vest so you have the choice to fill it with either sand or metal plates. The flexibility of choosing your weights makes it one of the best weight training vests to buy! 

The vest has a simple slip-on design with shoulder straps for extra security. The side straps are also there to tighten the vest if you need it. The shoulder straps are pretty wide and well-padded, so this will spread the load evenly across your body. 

For the price of £30.99, you can’t go wrong with the quality and build of this product. This is a suitable weight vest for men or women and it will help anyone who wants to strengthen their upper body. If you’re struggling to find ways to build muscles around your core, take a look at our article of how to engage your core for more information.

3.Surreal Weight Training Vest

Price: £74.99

best weighted vest uk

This vest from Surreal is one of the best on this list. The vest uses removable sandbags with two weights across the front and two weights across the rear. It's 'one size fits all', but has adjustable Velcro straps to make sure you’re comfortable when you exercise. 

The options range from 5kg - 25kg, making it suitable for almost anyone who is getting into weight training. The lighter weight would be suitable for those looking to use a vest for running or CrossFit, as you should always go with a lighter weight if you're using a vest for cardiovascular exercise. 

The higher weights like the 20kg or even 25kg would best suit those who want to challenge themselves in performing bodyweight exercises, like a bench dip or a pull-up. 

The product has fantastic padding all around the vest which can help if you’re wearing it for long periods. Also, it doesn’t absorb sweat when you’re working out so this will keep you comfortable, and it may well be the best weight vest for CrossFit or strength training.

4.FNSKY Weight Lifting Vest

Price: £17.89

crossfit weighted vest uk

This 20kg vest has pockets on the front and back and is evenly filled with sand. It’s suitable as a women’s weighted vest, or for men as well. It’s made out of oxford fabric so it feels durable and secure at all times. 

The jacket will tone several muscles through regular use, such as your triceps, biceps, shoulders, and more. You could use it to do dips, chin-ups, or even pull-ups. You could even combine a vest with kettlebells for a full-body workout.

The foam lining within the vest will protect you with its shock-absorbing material and the vest does not absorb any sweat, keeping you comfortable at all times. 

The shoulders straps are made slightly wider than some other models and this will prevent any uncomfortable digging as you exercise. Also, there are adjustable buckles on either side of the vest for quick tightening and safety.

5.Elikliv Weighted Training Vest

Price: £34.98

best weighted vest

The Elikliv Vest is one of the go-to weight lifting vests due to its 35kg maximum capacity. Many vests tend to have a maximum capacity of 20kg. Therefore, this would be suitable for more experienced individuals who have used vests in the past and want something more challenging for their exercise. 

You will be able to use this product for bodyweight exercises like the dip, pull-up and chin-up. The vest will help strengthen all the muscles being used in your upper body.

If you’re struggling to think of an exercise to do apart from the 3 listed above, combine it with push-ups to get the full benefit of the vest. 

Like with many of the other products on this list, it’s made out of oxford fabric for a rugged yet comfortable feel. There are two velcro straps on the product to make sure that it is secure at all times. It’s important to note that even if you are looking for cheap weighted vests, if the price is surprisingly low then chances are that weights will not be included in your purchase.


6. We R Sports XRT Chest Weight Vest

Price: £69.99 - £141.99

weight vest uk

We R Sports may not be a brand that is well-known for manufacturing weight vests in the UK, but they have produced one of the best products on our list. 

As you can see, the price differs depending on what weight you want. The increments start at 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 30kg. With each vest, you will receive the sandbags which will allow you to total up to your selected max weight. 

The well-built vest features high-quality velcro so you will feel secure whenever you workout. If you’re using weight training vests for running or walking, then we would suggest that you pick a lighter weight. On the other hand, if you’re using the product for strength or muscle mass purposes then pick from the selection of heavier weights. 

One great thing about the XRT Vest compared to others on the list is the 1-year free warranty you get with the product. If you do have any product defects (which should be a rare occurrence), just let them know and they should replace it for you.

7. Boylee Adjustable Weighted Vest

Price: £17.99

best weighted vests

Trying to find the best weighted vest that’s both affordable and adjustable can be difficult, but we managed to track down this vest from Boylee that costs just £17.99!

The vest is made out of Oxford fabric for long-term durability, and the shoulder straps are wider so you can wear this product for long periods without getting uncomfortable.

It has a fixed weight design which means you can only max out at 20kg. Unfortunately, as you can tell from the price it doesn’t have any weights included, but not to worry. You could easily replace it with coins, sand, or metal plates which will equal to 20kg.

8.Capital Sports Body Weight Vest

Price: £89.99 - £119.99

best weight vest for crossfit

If you’re looking for weight vests for women or men that have a selection of weights to choose from, this product is for you. The weight increments begin at 10kg, 15kg, and 25kg. The 10kg weight could be used for running or endurance training, whereas the 25kg vest would be more suitable for bodyweight exercises like the pull-up or chin-up. 

There is only one velcro strap, but the vest can adapt to different body shapes without any problems. This will help to provide you with freedom of movement as you exercise, making this vest one of the most versatile products on our list. 

There are external weight pockets on the front and back of the vest, and they're evenly distributed across it. Capital Sports have supplied removable metal weights as part of the purchase too, so you don't need to waste any time finding your own. 

The vest also features soft padding throughout so you can focus solely on your workout without feeling uncomfortable.

9. Vbest Tactical Weight Vest

Price: £24.79

weighted vests uk

Another affordable option to go for is this vest from Vbest, as it’s made out of high-density oxford fabric for durability. Included with this vest are 12 pouches where you can store sand or metal plates to help strengthen your upper body and improve your endurance. 

The one downside to the vest is that it only allows 20kg, so you are slightly restricted to what you can do with it compared to some of the other products. However, this is still a significant amount of weight to add to your body when using it in conjunction with other weights. 

It’s a universal product, and has a highly flexible compressed sponge on the inside for protection and shock absorption.

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10. RDX Weight Lifting Vest

Price: £58.99

weighted vests for running

This RDX vest is designed to help you to push yourself to your limits. You will be able to up the intensity of your workouts and improve your performance, and also target a wider set of muscle groups with this high-tech vest. 

This is a well-known weight vest in the UK which will help transform your regular cardio routine or improve muscle building in no time at all. Unlike other vests on this list, it has a wrap-around hook and loop belt for extra security. 

It’s extremely easy to use and the weights are removable, so you will be able to progress through to the maximum of 18kg. It has a moisture-repelling layer, and you’ll stay dry even after you work up a sweat.

11.Elecktek Weighted Training Vest

Price: £34.99

best weighted vests

This Elecktek vest is a really good option for a killer upper-body workout. This is one of the bigger capacities at 35kg, the dense oxford fabric will give strength to the vest and has two velcro straps for extra security. 

Using this vest will help grow your muscles faster and will trick your body into thinking it’s working out with more bodyweight. 

The vest is advertised at 35kg, but you will need to purchase either a separate metal plate or sand to help reach the full weight capacity. This product would be the go-to weight vest for men due to its high weight capacity.


12. TNP Weight Training Vest

Price: £99.99 - £129.99

cheap weighted vests

Similar to We R Sports, TNP may not be a well-known fitness brand but their product has great quality. There are different weight increments (hence the price range), which begin at 10kg, 15kg, and 25kg.

The 10kg vest and even the 15kg vest can help improve your workout to the next level. You will be able to use these as weight vests for running or CrossFit, especially since the extra weight can help you to burn more calories. You could use this vest with a combination of both ankle and wrist weights for an extra-tough workout. 

The TNP vest features sweat-proof material for added comfort, and there are 2 velcro straps so you can feel secure when exercising. 

The sandbags can be removed or added on as you wish, making it easy for you to alter the weight depending on your workout. There’s also extra padding on the shoulders, which helps if you’re running or training for endurance. 

If you’re looking for cheap weighted vests from TNP, you’ll find it difficult to find any online. This is because the TNP vest already comes with weights, making the product appear to be more expensive. However, this means that you can start exercising right away and that you don't need to source any weights yourself, which is quite appealing.

13.Chnrong Tactical Weight Vest

Price: £16.99

weight vests for running

This product is adjustable, and suitable for anyone who wishes to use a weighted vest to make their workouts more challenging. The vest has a hook-loop fastening design to ensure the steel plate won’t fall off when in use.

The maximum weight of the vest is 20kg so it could work for endurance training or even be used for bodyweight exercises like dips or chin-ups. If you want to challenge yourself, why not use this vest and throw in high knees or bodyweight squats?

The vest has removable weight pockets, so you can add the weight as you progress on your fitness journey. It’s also made out of oxford fabric, so it really is built to last! 

You have the option of two different colours; a camouflage pattern, or black which gives you a military weight vest feel when you’re exercising.

14. RDX Chest Weight Vest

Price: £38.99

weight training vests for running

Here’s another vest which is the latest upgraded model of RDX weighted vests in the UK. The evolved design comes with max shock foam padding, which helps to ensure that the back and shoulder areas are comfortable at all times. 

There are removable weights and extra-long straps with velcro for a snug fit. The design of the vest ensures that your arms won’t be put under any strain during exercise, as it’s only an 18kg max capacity. It can still be used for long-distance runs, as well as bodyweight exercises.

15. We R Sports Limited Body Weight Vest

Price: £59.00 - £109.99

cheap weight vests

This is a limited edition vest from We R Sports. As mentioned earlier, We R Sports are not a well-known brand in the fitness industry but this product is fantastic. 

The weight training vests come in three colours; black, blue, and red. They also have a range of weights for you to choose from depending on whether you’re a beginner to using weighted vests. The weight increments are 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, and 30kg. 

If you’re using it for CrossFit or endurance training, you should go for the 10kg or 15kg option so that you would feel at least some resistance when working out. If you’re using this vest for bodyweight resistance training, choose the 20kg or 30kg. 

The weights are removable as well so you can adjust the weight according to your needs, and it also comes with 2 velcro straps for security and comfort when you exercise.

16. Max Strength Adjustable Weighted Vests

Price: £39.85- £49.85

weighted vest uk

This vest from Max Strength is a mid-range option for budget but offers a range of weight options. The Max Strength Vest weight options start at 10kg up to 20kg, and increase in 5kg increments. This provides potential buyers with a serious option for the majority of training types. 

On the vest, there’s just the one velcro strap which wraps around the vest for a more snug fit. The difference between this vest and others is the non-removable weights. It’s already been pre-installed with sand so you do not have to source the materials yourself, and you know it’s the exact weight each time you use it. 

Also, the material used is made of high-grade canvas material which means it is durable and will last for years to come, making it one of the cheap weight vests to buy on this list. 

17. Wit Woodsox Military Weight Vest

Price: £130.00

womens weighted vest

This vest from Wit is the replica of the military bulletproof vests worn by the army daily to keep themselves safe. 

Made from 600D polyester, this vest is designed to make hard workouts even harder and trick your body into working with more bodyweight. You will realise the huge benefits in your performance and is an essential piece of equipment for any training athlete to have.

You will be able to choose from 2 weights, the 7kg and the 10kg. Both of them come with free weighted plates already installed. 

The 7kg military weight vest comes with two 2.7kg weights already inserted, and the 10kg vest comes with two 4.2kg plates. This vest would be ideal for CrossFit or any type of endurance training which requires you to get your heart rate up.

18.Bulldog Gear Tactical Weight Vest

Price: £115.00

best weighted vest uk

This product from Bulldog Gear unlike some of the others on this list uses removable solid weights, allowing you to change the weight of the vest to suit your needs. 

The vest has been manufactured to contour your body for a snug and secure fit that hugs close to you, whether you are running or working out at the gym. 

This vest is not a full-body one so you will not feel trapped when you are exercising. Due to its smaller stature, this product could be one of the best weight vests for women, but it could also be used by men.

At a first glance, you may feel the price tag is on the pricey side compared to others on this list. However, there aren't many products on this list that have removable solid metal weights. 

19.Lypulight Training Vest

Price: £21.99

crossfit weighted vest uk

This vest from Lypulight like with many others on this list is made of high-density Oxford fabric for durability. It also has a flexible compression foam for protection and potential shock absorption. 

The vest can help to improve agility in those that use it, and help tone a range of muscles like your upper back, shoulders, and many more. 

For this vest, you will be able to fill the empty weight pockets with sand. The pockets are also removable, so you can adapt your training whether it would be for endurance purposes or strength training. 

There are two durable velcro straps which help to secure the vest tight to the body. At the front of the jacket, the pockets accommodate small sandbags, so it can be a cost-effective way if you’re looking for a cheap weighted vest.

20. Extreme Fitness Tactical Weight Vest

Price: £79.99-£129.99

fitness weighted tactical vest

Extreme Fitness may not be a well-known brand, but if you’re looking for weight vests for running that are durable and reasonably priced, look no further. This vest is more suited towards potential buyers who want to use the vest for cardio purposes, but still want to feel some resistance as they workout.

The weight increments begin at 3kg, 5kg, and 7kg, so you can alter your weight level precisely for whatever workout you’re doing. The way the jacket is designed is to be snug and tight to the body. This will help you feel like the jacket isn’t in the way you’re exercising.

21.Viavito Vest

Price: £29.99

weight vest uk

If you’re looking for weight vests for running, this one is the lightest available on our ultimate list as it only weighs 2.5kg.  

The vest is different from others on this list, as it actually feels like a backpack, meaning it's both practical and comfortable.

Unlike other vests, it has a buckle and a fastener to tighten it, instead of the regular velcro straps.  There’s also a handy mesh back pocket where you can store a water bottle, or even extra weights for your workout.

22.Phantom Athletics Chest Weight Vest

Price: £89.00 - £144.00

best weight vest

This vest can help to increase the intensity level of your workout, unlike other products that are normally filled with sand. You will be able to purchase weights separately, or with the vest as a bundle at the point of purchase.

The weights come in two different sizes; a 6kg or a 9 kg plate. There is also a possibility of increasing the weight of the vest up to 18kg with the additional weights. This weight training vest ensures reliable support in all training exercises. 

There are adjustable shoulder straps and side straps to ensure the plate will be completely stable, and they guarantee the perfect fit for anyone.

23.Opti CrossFit Weight Vest

Price: £19.99

best weight vest for crossfit

Our final vest is from Opti, and would be perfect for adding extra weight either in your strength, hypertrophy, or CrossFit training. 

This vest will help you to increase the efficiency and intensity of your workouts. Similar to the Viavito vest, it has a buckle and fastener so you can adjust it within seconds. 

The front and back weights are evenly distributed to support your optimum performance, and you can easily remove the weights to adjust your resistance level. This would be the ideal CrossFit weighted vest for the UK because of its versatility and affordability.

Before you go! 

We hope you found our list of the best weighted vests useful. While 23 different options to choose from does seem like a lot, we feel that it’s best to give you a range of options so you can find the best product for you. 

At the end of the day, it’s down to what you intend to use the vest for. Whether you're planning to use it for CrossFit or weight training, you now have enough vests to choose from!

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