17 Best Weightlifting Belts: Buyers' Guide

best weightlifting belts

Are you looking for the best weightlifting belt in the UK? We don’t blame you as it’s a great tool to use, especially if you’re trying to hit your one-rep max.

OriGym have listed the best products available on the market below so that you don’t have to spend hours reading reviews; everything is all here in one place! 

If you haven’t used a weightlifting belt before, you should know that they have two main purposes; they reduce stress on your lower back while you are lifting in an upright position, and also prevent any back hyperextension when you’re performing overhead lifts.

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#1 -  Dark Iron Fitness Weightlifting Belt

weighlifter belt

Price: £34.99

The Dark Iron Fitness Belt is an absolutely solid belt and a great all-round product. If you want a no-nonsense, yet simple leather weightlifting belt, then this is perfect for you.

Made from premium, reinforced leather, this is one of the best weightlifting belts as it won’t rip or tear, no matter how tough your workout is.

In fact, the 40-inch robust strap can hold up to 270lbs, which is the equivalent of 6 Olympic weight plates!

This weightlifting belt from Dark Iron is also secured with a heavy-duty metal buckle, as well as a non-slip strap that can be adjusted to suit your size.

Although it is incredibly robust, you won’t have to compromise on comfort. Dark Iron have ensured that the belt is lightweight and padded, so it won’t dig into your side or hips whilst you exercise.

With all of this quality, you’d think that this belt would be on the expensive side. But it’s actually one of the more mid-range belts out there, so if you’re after a high-quality but cheap weightlifting belt, then look no further.

#2 - Elevate Fitness Weightlifting Belt  

Price: £21.95

Elevate Fitness have created something entirely unique when it comes to the world of weightlifting belts. While it may be your first reaction to scroll past a belt that is far from the classic idea of a weightlifting belt, we urge you to try one of the most innovative products that the market has ever seen… 

Rather than being made from leather and featuring a buckle strap, this product is manufactured from high quality neoprene material to provide extreme comfort to the user, and also comes with EVA foam sheet that works surprisingly well in terms of added support. 

It features a velcro strap, which may sound strange but actually works extremely well for tightening and securing the belt in a comfortable and supportive position. It is designed to fit to the natural shape of your body, and provides extra-wide support for your lower back as well as a smaller support design for your core. 

While it’s great for support, it never limits mobility and allows you to reach a full range of motion during all of the staple olympic weightlifting moves. 

Elevate Fitness offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product, which speaks volumes about just how much confidence they have in the quality of the belt. We would certainly recommend it for those looking for something a little different!

#3 - Bespoke Custom Leather Weightlifting Belt – Gunsmith Fitness 

Price: Dependent on design and material

good weightlifting belt

For this one, we don’t have a specific recommendation, because now we’re talking about a custom weightlifting belt. With Gunsmith Fitness, you can order a tailor-made belt, designed specifically for you and your workout. 

Gunsmith Fitness offers unrivalled customisation, allowing you to edit the size, width, and thickness of the belt to best suit you. You can choose from any type of belt, too, with options including Olympic belts, quick release, or power belts. Whether you want a 3 inch weightlifting belt or bigger, you can decide.

Not only that, but you can also choose the colour of the leather weightlifting belts and the stitching, and you can add any text you want. Got a specific mantra that inspires you to lift that much more? Stick it on the belt and have it to hand every time you lift. You can make the best Olympic weightlifting belt money can buy! 

So, the belt is customisable. But it is any good? Short answer, yes it is. The materials are high grade and won’t let you down. The embroidery is of incredible quality, so custom weightlifting belts do not sacrifice the aesthetic of the belt. 

All of this means that the product you will choose will not be a cheap weightlifting belt, but you do get what you’re paying for. If the price is putting you off though, they offer a range of clearance products, like out of season belts, that can be up to 75% off – so a total bargain if you ask us! 

Gunsmith’s custom leather weightlifting belts are some of the top belts around. The neoprene weightlifting belt to leather belts, you could do a lot worse than nab one of these. 

#4 - Evo Fitness Weightlifting Belt 

Price: £15.99

This product from Evo Fitness is the perfect belt for weightlifting, thanks to the cushioned lumbar pad back support that is included. It’s a high-quality belt that provides the support you’ll need to avoid injury when lifting more intense weights. 

Another reason that this is perfect for weightlifting is the fact that it is made from genuine cowhide leather; this adds to the comfort and the overall feel of the belt when it is in use. Unlike other belts on the market, it is reinforced with heavy duty double stitching that only adds to its quality in terms of durability and overall appearance. 

The colour choice and bold printed logo also give the belt a vintage look, so if this is something that you’re after then you’re in luck. It will certainly stand out against some of the other belts on the market with its classic weightlifting design. 

We’d definitely recommend this belt to those shopping for a quality belt on a budget, especially since it’s such a fantastic deal considering its low price!

#5 - Maxx Leather Weight Lifting Belt 

Price: £17

weightlifting belt image

If you’re looking for a product that is truly built to last, look no further than this belt from Maxx. It is manufactured with Nubuck leather, which is tough and resilient when it comes to avoiding wear and tear during heavy workouts. Not just this, but it is also heavily stitched and comes with heavy-duty rivets. 

The buckle is designed to look more subtle than some of the other belts on our list, so you’ll be glad to hear this if you’re looking for a belt with a modern aesthetic. It’s still incredibly secure when fastened though, and it doesn’t affect your range of motion in the slightest.

You have a choice of two classic colours with this product; black and brown. Both versions of the product look pretty sleek, and have a vintage yet modern look to them thanks to the attractive logo design and neat stitching. They are also available in 4 different sizes, small, medium, larger, and extra large. 

Maxx offers a great all-round product for those looking for a top-notch belt at a relatively low price, and we would highly recommend checking them out!

#6 - Alpha Designs Weightlifting Belt 

Price: £74.99

weightlifting belt image

If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, this belt is for you. It is manufactured in an olympic weightlifting style since it has a 4” back, and 2.5” tapers on the sides, and is 8mm thick so that you are receiving a high level of support whenever you use it. You will be able to get some heavy use out of this product!

Aside from its features, the design is one of the most impressive on our list. If you’re looking for a belt that will help you to stand out at the gym, this is certainly a product that you’ll want to try out. 

Its inner lining is Italian suede, and the red colouring matches the ‘BEAST’ logo that is embroidered on the front of the belt - it’s certainly eye-catching! There is also a gorgeous red stitching that runs around the entire circumference of the belt, and the chunky belt loop really is a great finisher for those looking for some classic design features. 

It is hand-made in the UK, and comes with a lifetime warranty for added reassurance of its quality. We would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a great looking weightlifting belt that also has all of the features that they would expect from a product that costs twice as much.

#7 - Elite Body Squad Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Price: £16.99

custom leather weightlifting belts

This product fits snugly to your body shape and using a weightlifting belt like this one will ensure that you're getting the support you need. This is the ideal weightlifting belt for beginners since lifting weights can be a daunting experience, but whilst strapped into this belt you’ll have the confidence you need to get started. 

The material of this weightlifting belt is nylon, lightweight, and comfortable, which means you can wear the belt for longer workouts without it becoming a pain. Other belts can be overly rigid, but that will never be a problem with this one. 

This means that it’s not just a regular weightlifting belt, as it could also be used if your job consists of lifting and carrying heavy loads. It’s a small weightlifting belt that can easily be stored in a work bag for day to day use. 

One of the best things about this belt is the price – at less than £20, this is one of the cheapest weightlifting belts you’ll find. But like we say, it’s of a good enough quality that you’re getting more than what you pay for. 

This really is a contender for the best nylon weightlifting belt you can buy, as well as being one of the cheapest gym belts on the market right now. So if you’re looking to get into weightlifting in a serious way, or you think you could use a weightlifting support belt in your job, get your hands on the Elite Body Squad Belt, you certainly won’t regret it.

#8 - AQF Olympic Weightlifting Belt

Price: £12.99

weightlifting belts uk

The AQF belt is the best belt for Olympic weightlifting as it’s perfect for anyone who isn’t looking to lift heavy weights but still wants lumbar support during their workout. Remember, you can injure your back during the simplest lifts, so it’s never a bad idea to have a weightlifting belt to hand. 

This small weightlifting belt is comfortable, lightweight, and very easy to carry around and store. It’s cushioned with foam for extra comfort, and is double-pronged to provide maximum security. In this way, the design is similar to traditional leather belts, which makes for a more interesting looking product. 

This belt isn’t great if you want to lift some of the heavier weights in your gym, but it’s perfect for anyone who is just starting out or is looking to move slowly while still being supported and protected every step of the way. It’s also the cheapest belt on this list, so we highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about trying out weightlifting and wants to start small before building their way up.

#9 - Fire Team Fit Women's Weightlifting Belt 

Price: £26.99

weightlifting belt uk

The Fire Team Fit belt is a ladies weightlifting belt to look out for. With thousands of positive reviews on Amazon, you can bet that this piece of kit is reliable, and will satisfy any need you have for it. 

This back support weightlifting belt is softer than many of the others that we have encountered, and much more comfortable to wear. It’s lightweight and easier to store and transport than its bulky counterparts, and this also means that it’s easier to perform exercises other than deadlifts and squats with if you’re looking to branch out. 

One great thing to mention is that it has all of this without sacrificing support, which is of course the most important function of the belt. 

The hook and strap mean that putting it on and adjusting it to fit your body is incredibly simple, and comfortable to boot – we’ve all suffered from buckles digging in before, but there’s no danger of that here. The hook and strap system is very similar to that of weightlifting gloves, and if you haven’t already got a pair you should definitely check out our best weightlifting gloves article

Yet again, this belt comes with a lifetime guarantee. Using a low-quality belt can be dangerous, so the company having this level of confidence in their product is encouraging. This is really becoming the standard – if your belt doesn’t have a lifetime guarantee, then it may be worth looking for a non leather weightlifting belt like this one. 

As a great all-round, low-cost belt, you could really do no better. It’s adaptable, it’s compact, it’s cheap, it does the job. What more could you want?

#10 - Steel Sweat 4 Inch Leather Weightlifting Belt

Price: £34.95 - £39.95

best weightlifting belt uk

The Steel Sweat belt stands out as being one of the cheaper leather weightlifting belts out there. Usually, you’re paying top dollar for leather belts, because the materials are more expensive to get hold of. This one, however, is less than £40, so it's a respectable mid-range option for anyone who wants a real leather weightlifting belt without having to pay too much for it.

Leather belts are known for being less comfortable than a nylon weightlifting belt, but this belt combats this issue by having a suede inner lining. It allows you to lift for longer without coming away sore. 

It also means that the belt is a little less rigid, which means it doesn’t need to be broken in as much as other leather belts might. 

For the price, this could have been a low quality product, but it really holds its own amongst the other mid-range belts out there. It just feels strong – and since a good weightlifting belt should support you mentally as well as physically, this would be a great purchase for any lifter who is on a budget but isn’t willing to lower their standards because of it.

#11 - Iron Bull Strength Belt For Weightlifting

Price: £49.95

weightlifting belt best

The Iron Bull Strength belt is a real unit of a product. It’s wider and thicker than the average belt, which means it needs a double prong buckle. Not only does this give more support, but it also looks and feels stronger and sturdier, so is perfect for any powerlifting you want to get done. 

The belt itself is a 4-inch leather weightlifting belt, much bigger than most belts you’ll find. It’s made of thick leather, around 10mm, which is standard for professional athletes, and quickly conforms to your body to optimise your comfort levels. This then gives you maximum support around your abs, core, and most importantly, your back. The support is distributed well, meaning that no part of your body is at danger of injury. 

The double prong buckle is a lot more adjustable than it looks, but still gives the impression that it will hold fast during even the most intense workout. Not only that, but it looks amazing – if you’re strapping this on in the gym, you’re sure to raise some eyebrows. 

This hefty belt is perfect if you’re looking for that extra support when you’re lifting. Apart from anything else, kitting up with this product will work wonders for your confidence, which is why we recommend it as one of the best double prong weightlifting belts you can get your hands on.

#12 - RDX 3 Inch Weightlifting Belt

Price: £18.99

best lever buckle weightlifting belt

This is one of the best selling weightlifting belts around, and for good reason. It’s solid, it’s functional, and it’s affordable. It's the all-round perfect package if you’re after a decent, cheap belt. 

Using a weightlifting belt like this belt is padded in the back for maximum lumbar support, and made of rigid, but smooth leather that feels strong but is comfortable to wear. It’s designed to follow the contour of your body, so it fits well and doesn’t chafe or rub anywhere it shouldn’t. 

It’s another double prong buckle, which is totally solid and feels like it will hold on for a long time. There are also metal rivets fitted in the belt to give it some extra structural strength. 

If there’s one drawback, and that is that it’s not a custom weightlifting belt. It has plenty of sizes, but it doesn’t come in any other designs. This is fine, though, as the design it does come with is awesome. Black and gold will always look good in the gym! Plus, with a price tag under £20, we can’t really complain at the lack of customisable options. 

Overall, we’d recommend this as one of the best budget weightlifting belts that you can buy. Not only is it sturdy and comfortable, but it also provides the support you need when you need it, and is cheap enough to be affordable to anyone who wants to give weightlifting a try.

#13 - Beast Gear Weightlifting Belt

dipping weightlifting belt

Price: £37.97

One of the best rated options on Amazon and on their own website, Beast Gear’s weightlifting belt is another great all-round option.

It may be a cheap weightlifting belt compared to some of the others on the market, but Beast Gear’s high-quality manufacturing process makes this belt extra supportive and long lasting.

Designed with genuine nubuck leather for extra comfort, the belt quickly and easily fastens into place, with a double-prong steel buckle and screw rivets keeping you secure as you move.

In terms of measurements, this weightlifting belt is:

  • 10mm Thick
  • 4 Inches Wide

This means that the dipping belt is thick enough to provide back and core stability, but also slim enough not to restrict your movement.

If you’re in the market for a cheap leather weightlifting belt, that doesn’t compromise on quality, then Beast Gear’s offering may just be the one for you!

#14 - Bear KompleX Velcro Weightlifting Belt

Price: £30.98

weight lifting belt

This list is made up of a combination of leather and nylon weightlifting belts, which both have a lot of pros and cons. Generally, leather belts are more rigid and tough, while nylon belts are more comfortable to wear. Well, this belt is a happy mid-point between the two, as it’s made of nylon but much more rigid than most other nylon belts. 

It's a velcro belt for weightlifting that is soft and smooth, which makes it very comfortable to wear like most nylon belts, so there’s no painful pinching anywhere. The Velcro strap is simple to use and feels very secure. It has a solid loop at the front which allows easy adjustments once you’ve put it on. 

The belt itself is very stiff towards the back, similar to how a thick leather belt would feel. The velcro weightlifting belt gives you plenty of support, more than a lot of other similarly priced nylon products of its kind. It’s also a little wider than your average belt. 

Overall, this belt is the best weightlifting belt between leather and nylon for anyone who would struggle to decide between the two. This would also be a great stepping stone for someone looking to try out a different type of belt but is worried about committing to the wrong one.

#15 - Harbinger Women’s Nylon Weightlifting Belt

Price: £47.42

weightlifting belt for women

If you’re a woman looking for a weightlifting belt, then the Harbinger Women’s Nylon Belt is the perfect choice.

Designed specifically to suit the female contour, the 5-inch-wide support panel on this cheap weightlifting belt provides support exactly where you need it.

Furthermore, the tricot lining gives the belt a soft, breathable feel, and supports muscles within the back and abdomen as you perform heavy lifts.

Although this is a highly supportive weightlifting belt, it does not restrict movement, and is made of an ultralight flexible nylon to encourage full range of motion.

Available in sizes Extra Small to Medium, and with a heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle, this is the best weightlifting belt for women looking for something with a quick and easy customisable fit.

16. RDX Women's Leather Weightlifting Belt

Price: £36.99

womens weight lifting belt

The RDX weightlifting belt with a lever is designed for you to hit those personal bests. This one is slightly cheaper though, so more accessible to most lifters. 

This belt is made of thick leather, and comes in either brown or black, depending on personal preference. It’s entirely coated in suede, which gives a smooth finish that is a lot more pleasant to wear than some other belts you can find. As back support goes, you could do much worse than wrapping yourself in cushioned suede. 

The buckle feels well made, so its easy to rely upon. Using it to tighten and loosen your belt is easy and takes next to no time to do. 

Putting it on and taking it off is a delight, especially compared to some other incredibly rigid buckles you often find on other belts. If buckles have always been a pain for you, then lever belts for weightlifting are 100% the right way to go.  

It may not be a custom leather weightlifting belt, but the design of the belt is great too. The logo is stitched and understated, which is sometimes a rarity in gym gear. This will look good in any environment, and with any other items of gym or running gear you have to hand if aesthetic is something you look for in a product. We’d recommend it in black, but if you’re looking to stand out, the brown would be a great choice too. 

This really is a great lever weightlifting belt; you’d have difficulty finding a better all-round belt for the same price. So grab this belt to get lifting in a comfortable, safe, and affordable way!

17. Gunsmith Fitness Shibusa Olympic Weightlifting Belt 

Price: £24.99

weight lifting belt uk

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: the design of the Gunsmith Fitness Olympic weightlifting belt range is one of the best around. It’s strong, it’s pliable, it looks great, and won’t break the bank. Big ticks so far. 

The Gunsmith Olympic belt is for Olympic grade lifting. So, it’s less rigid, and more forgiving if you want to use it for workouts other than squats and deadlifting. It does come in a few different widths and thickness, however, so you can choose if you’d prefer it to be more or less rigid, depending on your personal preference. 

The design of this belt is pretty stunning. It’s reminiscent of the old west, and since they are handmade, no two are ever the same, so you’ll be left with a weightlifting belt that is uniquely yours, which we think is incredibly impressive. It’s simple and functional, but still elegant and will look great in any setting. 

There’s really nothing bad to say about this belt. It’s simple, it’s nice to look at, and it will protect you while you lift, and there’s really nothing more we can ask for and can be considered the best belt for Olympic weightlifting if you’re on a budget. Want to learn more about preventing injuries when you're lifting? Check out our guide on common weightlifting injuries before you hit the gym, as there are some great tips in there! 


So, what is a weightlifting belt for?

Weightlifting belts can support your back by helping to increase internal abdominal pressure and prevent back hyperextension. They're most effective when used for lifts that cause the spinal erector muscles to be at work against heavy resistance.

If you struggle to keep your spine in the correct position during powerlifting movements (and that's why you're asking what is a weightlifting belt for?), you'll be glad to know that they're great for those who need to work on their form. They serve as a reminder to keep your back straight. 

How to use a weightlifting belt?

If you decide to use a belt during your gym session, you should place it so that it covers the majority of your abdominals and erectors, as this will allow maximal abdominal pressure. 

It's a must for you to fully contract and expand the abdominals, obliques, and erectors to create pressure and support.

A lot of powerlifters use a belt for their 3 main compound lifts; the deadlift, the bench press, and squats to hit their top-heavy set.  

Once you've mastered all of the above movements, you can then try incorporating a belt into your workout. When it comes to learning how to use a weightlifting belt, it's not too difficult as long as you're used to performing the exercises that you're using it for. 

How to wear a weightlifting belt in your sessions?

Good question! Well, the belt shouldn't be impeding your lift. The bottom of the belt shouldn't be wedged into your hips at any point during the exercise, and the top part of the belt shouldn't be pushed against your ribs. These are sure signs that you're wearing it incorrectly. 

If you want to know how to wear a weightlifting belt correctly, all you need to do is find a position where it's comfortable whilst still allowing you to create a decent amount of pressure against the belt. 

Before you go! 

We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of the best weightlifting belts! Having 17 different products to choose from may seem like a lot, but it's certainly better than being confronted with the endless amount of products available on online platforms. We wanted to create a list that had something for everyone, and we hope that this allowed you to narrow down your options! 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career within the fitness industry, be sure to take a look at our Level 4 Nutrition for Sport Course, or download our FREE prospectus before you go. 

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