13 Best Weightlifting Chalk (UK)

best weightlifting chalks

A strong grip is one of the key elements to successful weightlifting and powerlifting, and an easy way to improve your grip is with weightlifting chalk

While you may be thinking “surely there can’t be that many types of chalk?”, there actually is, which is why here at OriGym we’ve got a list of weightlifting chalk reviews to help you find the best product for you.

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What is weightlifting chalk?

Weightlifting and powerlifting chalk is a specially designed chalk formulated to increase grip strength and allow for heavier lift loads. This usually comes in 4 formats: loose powder (in different textures), liquid chalk, a weightlifting chalk ball, and a weightlifting chalk block. The differences are minimal, so the best format for you will usually be down to personal preference.

If you need more info on how to use weightlifting chalk or where to buy it, then read the FAQ section down at the bottom of the article for more details.

#1 - Elevate Grip Liquid Chalk 

Price: £13.95

powerlifting chalk ball

If you’re looking for a liquid chalk for weightlifting that will make a marked improvement on your overall grip strength then the Elevate Grip Liquid Chalk is the best option for you. 

Made with high quality ingredients, this powerlifting chalk is formulated to dry within seconds with next to no dust or mess - and without compromising your all-important grip strength! The fast-drying application also means that the Elevate chalk can be stored in your gym bag without the risk of leaking over your weightlifting gloves or weightlifting belt, an essential factor for any liquid chalk for powerlifting.

An affordable weightlifting chalk, Elevate is designed for you to use for pretty much any grip-related sport, including pole dancing, rock climbing, gymnastics, body weight exercises, Crossfit, and weightlifting. It’s also antibacterial, keeping your hands hygienic, and easy to wash off without vigorous scrubbing! 

With over 200 uses per bottle and premium ingredients for a quick-drying grip, Elevate Grip is a great, economical choice for liquid chalk for weightlifting.

#2 - Psychi Chalk Ball

Price: £2.99

chalk ball

The Psychi weightlifting chalk ball is 56 grams of affordable chalk that will help you lift harder and stronger: the best weightlifting chalk for compact and mess-free application.

Keeping your hands dry and grip reliable is easy and quick with Psychi’s Chalk Ball, and the formula is long-lasting for an efficient and safe workout. The weightlifting chalk ball is easy to apply, and it stays on your hands with no mess on your gym kit but will easily wash off after your workout. 

It’s also another choice with a handy antibacterial formula. With the no-mess application (or a dusty powerlifting chalk bag!), you won’t have to worry about sharing equipment or hygiene issues at the gym.

This powerlifting chalk ball is large enough to provide months of increased grip strength. In just one small package with an affordable price, an incredibly long-lasting design, and its drawstring bag for easy transportation, this is the best chalk for weightlifting for ease of use.

#3 - Battle Box Weightlifting 300ml Premium Liquid Chalk

Price: £6.95

battle box liquid chalk

A brilliant product from Battle Box UK, this premium liquid chalk for weightlifting and powerlifting is a great option for those looking for less powdery clouds of chalk and a more convenient way to take chalk to and from the gym.

Formulated with the purest magnesium carbonate available, this high-quality and affordable liquid chalk ensures the highest performance grip so that you can get through your last few reps and really smash your strength-training session. 

We love that this is a much cleaner alternative to loose chalk, as this liquid option is mess-free and means you’ll be less likely to over-chalk and waste your product.

Whether you’re looking for liquid chalk to use whilst powerlifting, weight lifting, climbing, or even practicing yoga, this option from Battle Box is a great choice for any body looking for high-quality chalk that is made right here in the UK.

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#4 - Black Diamond White Gold Loose Chalk 

Price: £6.49

where to buy chalk for weightlifting

The Black Diamond weightlifting chalk powder is pure, loose chalk that ensures comfort and increases your strength and confidence. The improved composition of this hand chalk is specifically blended for climbing, weightlifting, and powerlifting, as it effectively keeps your hands dry and your grip strong.

Heat, sweat, and humidity are powerless against the Black Diamond loose weightlifting chalk powder, and it’s coarse texture means it provides enhanced grip. The price, while not the cheapest on this list, is reasonable, but perhaps not the best value for money chalk on the market.

Black Diamond is a well established sports equipment company that is dedicated to offering high quality gear to rock climbers, skiers, and gym-goers alike, and their prowess in premium outdoors equipment has been extended to their powerlifting chalk. With over 1000 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, you know you’re in good hands with the Black Diamond White Gold hand chalk for weightlifting, powerlifting, climbing, gymnastics, and more.

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#5 - Rogue Gym Chalk

Price: £11.00

liquid chalk powerlifting

If a weightlifting chalk block designed with durability and efficiency is more your stride then the Rogue Gym Chalk will be the best chalk for weightlifting for you. Rogue supplies their chalk blocks in singles or as a package, containing 8 separate 2 ounce chalk blocks: a long lasting supply at a great price. 

The Rogue Gym Chalk is made from a magnesium carbonate formula: this is specifically designed to be insoluble in water, meaning your grip will be completely protected against sweat throughout your workout. The consistency of this weightlifting chalk block on your hands isn’t too thick or cakey, and the high quality ingredients mean it won’t dissolve or flake off.

Plus, if you’re unsure whether the block format of hand chalk for weightlifting is a good idea, then maybe the fact that these blocks are designed to resist crumbling and breakage, making them easy to fit into your gym bag without chunks of powder and chalk covering your weightlifting shoes or casein protein powder, will convince you otherwise!

#6 - Friction Labs Loose Climbing Chalk

Price: £22.00

weightlifting chalk powder

For a list of weightlifting chalk reviews, there was no way we couldn’t include the hugely popular Friction Labs Loose Climbing Chalk. With over 1300 reviews on Amazon and an average 4.7 out of 5, Friction Labs provide the best chalk for weightlifting with a high quality formula and long-lasting application.

Most importantly, Friction Labs chalk is available in 3 different textures: Unicorn Dust, a fine-textured chalk with small chunks, Gorilla Grip, medium-sized chunks of chalk with some powder, and Bam Bam, large chunks of chalk also with some powder. A fantastic range of textures all formed with the same no-additives and no-fillers formation.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, the Friction Labs Chalk easily overcomes any issues caused by humidity or sweat and will keep your hands dry. This weightlifting chalk powder is also formulated to protect you from dry and cracked skin, with silica-free, non-toxic, and pigment-free ingredients.

#7 - SPRI Chalk Block

Price: £8.60

best liquid chalk for weightlifting

The SPRI weightlifting chalk block is a pigment-free, non-toxic option that helps keep your hands dry during even the most sweaty of workouts. It’s specifically designed to prevent calluses and blisters, and will help reduce any grip slippage through your entire session. 

It’s a great weightlifting chalk block for rock climbing, bouldering, gymnastics, and all weightlifting exercises, from the sumo deadlift to the incline hammer curl. This chalk absorbs and eliminates moisture keeping warm, sweaty hands dry, and it doesn’t easily rub off so you can lift longer with confidence. The SPRI chalk block is excellent for improved grip that keeps you dry and focussed.

These chalk blocks are easy to use and transport, with the block easily broken apart to refill your powerlifting chalk bag, or easily stored for later use. 

#8 - Metolius Super Chalk 9oz 

Price: £10.10

liquid chalk for weightlifting

The Metolius Super Chalk is known as America’s #1 Climbing Chalk and it’s for good reason! Not only is it affordable - just over a tenner for 255 grams - but the quality is high and durable.

Specifically formulated for rock climbing, weightlifting, and other grip-intensive sports, this weightlifting chalk will keep your grip steadfast and your hands dry. Consisting of safe drying agents and the highest-quality magnesium carbonate, the Metolius Super Chalk is a top contender for the best weightlifting chalk for maximum sweat absorption and friction.

This chalk is loose, made from a fine powdered chalk: the fine texture is an effective grip enhancer and gives your hands a good coating. The Metolius comes in resealable powerlifting chalk bags meaning transportation and storage should be simple and easy as well.

#9 - Rock Technologies Loose Chalk Bucket

Price: £49.95

chalk bucket

If chalk longevity and value for money are your top priorities when it comes to weightlifting chalk, then the Rock Technology weightlifting chalk bucket will be the best option for you.

At a whopping 6.6lb bucket, packed full to the brim with a secure resealable lid, there’s no way that you’ll be running out of powerlifting chalk anytime soon with Rock Technologies.

Made from 100% pharmaceutical grade magnesium carbonate, the Rock Technologies weightlifting chalk bucket gives you the promise of premium moisture-absorbing chalk that’s marvellous for CrossFit, rock climbing, gymnastics, powerlifting and weightlifting. This will increase your lifting skills as it drastically improves your grip. 

This is the best weightlifting chalk powder for those seriously committed, not only to weightlifting or powerlifting but also to the Rock Technologies brand and formula.

If you’ve only just started trying weightlifting chalk, this may not be the right choice for you, as powders can be messy and annoying, and a 6.6lb bucket is nothing to scoff at! 

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#10 - Chalkness Monster Gym Chalk 

Price: £15.73

weightlifting chalk block

If powder or liquid aren’t your preferred chalk consistency, then a weightlifting chalk block would be better, and the Chalkness Monster Gym Chalk is one of the best options on the market (and not just for the unique name!). If you’re wanting something affordable, high-quality, and that comes in large quantities then this is for you.

A 100% magnesium carbonate formula that effectively absorbs moisture and significantly helps improve your grip, this pound of powerlifting chalk comes in 8 separate 2 ounce blocks, meaning you can store your unused blocks effortlessly and carry your current weightlifting chalk block in your gym bag with ease.

If you’re wanting weightlifting chalk that will help you master your lifting technique, then these Chalkness Monster Gym Chalks are amazing at giving you a powerful no slip grip. And if you’d rather use a weightlifting chalk ball then the Chalkness Monster also comes in a refillable ball format. 

#11 - Fitness Mad Liquid Chalk

Price: £8.99 

weightlifting chalk ball

Amazon’s choice for ‘liquid chalk’, the Fitness Mad Liquid Chalk has over 1000 reviews on Amazon with an average 4.6 out of 5 rating, so definitely deserves a place on our list!

Taking only a few seconds to dry on your hands, this chalk will last hours on your hands, keeping them dry and strong. This liquid chalk for powerlifting and weightlifting is a little different than some of the other brands on this list, in that it works to reduce sweating of your hands rather than working against it. The antibacterial composition is an added bonus: you’ll be able to focus entirely on your workout without worrying about excess sweat or germs ruining your lifting.

In a resealable and compact bottle you’ll be able to chuck this in your gym bag without leakage concerns, and the absence of powdery chalk clouds and residue means you can get on with your fitness routine freely. Readily available on Amazon, this weightlifting chalk is great value.

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#12 - Massif Seven Sisters Chalk Powder

Price: £4.89

buy weightlifting chalk

For a silky smooth, fine textured powder that still doesn’t compromise on that all important grip strength, look no further than the Massif Seven Sisters Chalk Powder. At such a cheap price for a 100g resealable bag, this is the best chalk for weightlifting if you prefer some softness for your hands.

Made from 100% Food Grade Magnesium Carbonate from France, the Massif powder is the most environmentally conscious choice on this list. Whilst consisting of purely French ingredients the chalk is packaged completely within the UK, and Massif pride themselves on their low carbon footprint and distinct lack of unnecessary air miles. 

This is another option that’s quick and easy to apply with the recommended pea-size amount going a long way, and simply washed off with soap and water. The best weightlifting chalk for those wanting to look after the environment, you can buy Massif Seven Sisters Chalk Powder in resealable powerlifting chalk bags or a 100% biodegradable pack that is suitable for compost once used.

#13 - Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk

Price: £9.99

powerlifting chalk bags

In terms of value for money, the Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk is the best liquid chalk for weightlifting, powerlifting, and other grip-dependent workouts. While you only get 50ml for £9.99, the bottle comes equipped with a carabiner for quick access, and with only a 5p size amount being enough to cover your hands, this is a liquid weightlifting chalk bargain.

Sweat-resistant, antibacterial, odourless, and long-lasting, the Fire Team formula is high quality and provides everything you need for your weightlifting workout. With over 2000 reviews and an average 4.6 out of 5 rating on Amazon, this liquid chalk for powerlifting and weightlifting is one of the best for improving your grip strength.

If you find that the 50ml bottle just isn’t enough for you, then the Fire Team Fit Liquid Chalk is also available in a two pack of the 50ml bottles, a 250ml bottle, and a 250ml plus a 50ml pack for a refill when you run out.


Where can I buy weightlifting chalk?

As with a lot of sporting goods and equipment, there will be specific sellers and more generic companies that will sell weightlifting and powerlifting chalk.

It is a more niche item so doing an online search on where to buy weightlifting chalk in store before heading out to buy it is always a good idea. Some places like Argos do sell it in store if you need to grab some while you’re out or on your way to the gym, but again, make sure you check online first.

If you just want an easy and quick place to buy weightlifting chalk then Amazon UK is probably the best website to visit. 

How to use chalk for weightlifting

hand chalk weightlifting

With the various formats of chalk, each comes with its own specific instructions (but make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions before your first use to make sure you’re using it properly):

  • Liquid chalk for weightlifting - shake the bottle before use. Open the bottle, and pour a small amount (usually a pea sized amount) onto one hand. Rub your palms together, spreading the liquid weightlifting chalk all over your hands. Be careful not to use too much or spill the bottle.
  • Weightlifting chalk powder - open the bag/tub. Grab a small amount of chalk in one hand, and then rub your palms together to spread the chalk around. Be careful not to use too much or to rub too vigorously as chalk dust can fly around, potentially causing a choking hazard. The consistency of the powder - fine, chunky - will determine how much you will have to rub to ensure an even coating.
  • Weightlifting chalk ball/block - similar to the powder and liquid, grab the ball/block and rub it between your palms until your hands have a sufficient coating of chalk all over them. Be careful not to be too rough as the ball/block could break apart.

Once properly applied you just go about your usual weightlifting or workout routine, maybe reapplying the chalk every now and then to ensure your grip remains strong. Once you’ve finished your workout the weightlifting chalk should just wash off with water and soap. 

What is the best chalk for weightlifting? 

Honestly, this is a difficult question to answer. Different brands’ weightlifting chalk is usually formulated pretty much the same as the next, after all it’s simply chalk. The main differences are the formats - liquid, block, powder, ball - and to which of these makes the best weightlifting chalk is all down to personal preference. 

Some brands may add extras to their chalk, such as antibacterial or quick-drying agents, but again, whether you need these completely depends on your workouts and preferences.

Before you go!

Armed with our advice, you should now have a better idea about which weightlifting and powerlifting chalk will be better for you, and you’ll be smashing those PBs in no time. 

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