13 Best Weightlifting Gloves to Improve Your Workout (2022)

best weightlifting gloves

Are you trying to find the best weightlifting gloves in the UK? If so, you'll be glad to know that OriGym have tried and tested all of the products listed below, as well as adding our own in-depth description, so you will be able to gain a good idea of what product to go for.  

If you haven’t used weightlifting gloves before, you should know that they provide a whole range of benefits such as protecting your fingers, decreasing your risk of developing calluses, eliminating the need for chalk, and many more!

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1. BIONIC Men’s Full Finger Workout Gloves

Price: £24.99

weightlifter gloves

If you’re looking for gloves for weightlifting, these ones from BIONIC are a great option to kick off our list.

These gym gloves are kitted out with a patented anatomical pad relief system, meaning that any pressure you encounter during your workout will be evenly spread throughout your hands.

This ensures that you’ll be working out in comfort, as well as with the knowledge that you won’t sustain an injury.

Speaking of comfort, the pre-rotated finger design adapts smoothly to the natural curving motion of your hand, providing an effortless grip that ensures you’ll be able to power through any workout, no matter how tough it may be.

BIONIC have also designed these leather weightlifting gloves with Terry Cloth pads inside, which are placed strategically in high-risk areas to prevent sweat leaking through. 

The Lycra between the fingers and flexion zones also helps to manage perspiration, as well as offering maximum breathability and flexibility throughout your workout.

One of the best features of these BIONIC workout gloves is the leather palms, making them incredibly durable, no matter how many sets you put them through.

2. Grebarley Wrist Wrap Weightlifting Gloves

Price: £9.99 - £13.99

mens weight lifting gloves

These gloves for weightlifting are listed as the number one bestseller on Amazon in the Weight Lifting Gloves category. 

They have thousands of great reviews meaning that they are tried and tested by many, and plenty of people recommend them as the best weightlifting gloves you can buy. 

Comfort and flexibility are at the forefront of Grebarley’s design. The gloves are made of a lightweight and breathable material, with aerated holes on the half-finger support to provide ventilation while keeping away bad odour and preventing sweat build up.

The palm features two key materials. One, a resistant suede-like material that provides grip when using smooth materials like barbells. The other is a silicone padding which helps protect key areas of the palm from friction or impact injuries ideal as hand gloves for weightlifting.

Finally, the cotton at the base of the thumb padding makes a great sweat-wick, you’ll be able to keep your face clean and your eyes clear away from sweat through those tough sets in the gym without compromising on the traction of the glove. 

If you’re on the hunt for a bargain and looking for cheap weightlifting gloves which are suitable for many forms of activities and exercise, then this is your answer.

Their wide range of sizes means whether your hands are small or big you should have no problem finding a pair to fit you – this also makes them suitable as a pair of weightlifting gloves for men or women.


3. Teknifit Padded Weightlifting Gloves

Price: £8.99

weightlifting gloves image

With 97% positive reviews on Amazon and customers hailing them for their comfortable properties, this pair of quality weightlifting gloves from Teknifit are a must-have. 

They are available in 4 different size options; Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large, so they will fit anyone looking to amp up their training efforts. 

They are incredibly high-quality considering their price, especially since they come with enhanced grip technology to support individuals looking to improve their grip strength and lift heavier weights. The palm area of the glove is manufactured with a padded, breathable, and anti-slip material designed to protect the hands from calluses and skin damage. 

Ever reached the end of a weights session only to wrestle with your sweat-soaked gloves in the changing room? If so, you’ll be glad to know that this product comes with a quick release system that allows you to easily remove the gloves after each session, meaning that you can focus on getting your breath back! 

We would highly recommend checking out the Teknifit weightlifting gloves, as they are one of the best quality products available at such a low price. They are built to last, and will offer you the support that you need to continue beating your PBs.  

4. Atercel Wrist Support Gloves For Weightlifting 

Price: £10.99

weight lifting gloves with wrist support

Atercel’s fingerless weightlifting gloves are very lightweight and breathable, ideal for anybody who has found other gloves to be too restrictive or bulky for their liking. 

A small hook and loop fastener on the wrist prioritises mobility and minimises bulkiness. You will find that the gloves still fit securely to your hands without causing heat build-up or clamminess at the wrist.

The stretchy material used to make these gloves perfect for a snug fit, so make sure you take advantage of their size guide to get a pair that is the perfect match for you. By having a pair of gloves for weightlifting that’s a snug fit, you don’t experience a build-up of material in between your fingers which can make your hand uncomfortable while working out and even increase your chances of getting friction-based injuries such as calluses and blisters. 

On the palms are ergonomic non-slip silicone pads fitted onto the soft mesh fabric. The strategic positioning of the silicone gel pads provides a cushion between your hand and the object being gripped without covering the whole surface area. This provides room for the air vents in the soft mesh to ventilate the palm side of the gloves which is uncommon neoprene weightlifting gloves but is great for keeping your hands cool.  

The back of the glove has a large fabric towelling area that covers the thumb and index finger, while most other gloves that offer this feature only provide towelling on the thumb.

You will also find the loops on the fingers make the grip gloves for weightlifting easy to remove no matter how sweaty your hands are without damaging the integrity of the material.

5. Elite Body Squad Leather Weightlifting Gloves

Price: £13.99

weight lifting gloves for women

If you have looked at the range of synthetic gloves for sale right now and thought to yourself that you would prefer a pair of real leather gloves then look no further, these gloves by Elite Body Squad could be the best weightlifting gloves for you. 

Before ordering these gloves, make sure you use their size guide to measure your hand and pick the best size for you. It is obviously important to have gloves that fit you no matter what their material, but it is especially important when they are leather weightlifting gloves. This is because when the gloves fit you correctly they will mould to your individual hand and only grow more comfortable as time goes on. 

With the authentic leather palm layer fitted to your hand, the glove will act like a tough second skin, protecting your hand from friction and impact injuries. On top of this, the leather improves grip stability in your hands when compared to not wearing any gloves. 

The mesh backing allows for more breathability than if the glove was full leather, creating a cool environment for your hand during workouts. 

The wraparound hook and loop wrist fastener supports your wrist joint when lifting heavy loads. Having weightlifting gloves with wrist support is essential for maintaining proper form, while giving you the confidence to lift even the heaviest of weights. 

If a pair of durable leather gloves is what you are looking for then you can rest assured that these gloves will last for many sessions in the gym by way of their double stitching across the glove, improving the longevity and reliability of the leather. You can trust the 1000+ positive reviews from plenty of happy customers citing these Elite Body Squad gloves as one of the best weightlifting gloves in the UK.

As a bonus, when purchasing these gloves, you will receive a free PDF called ‘Supplement Secrets Revealed’ that gives you information on the best supplements for muscle building and weight loss. Speaking of supplements, if you want to know more about the best available on the market, why don’t you take a look at our list of the best running supplements.

6. RDX Women’s Weightlifting Gloves

Price: £8.99

ladies weightlifting gloves

RDX has some of the best-looking weightlifting gloves out there today. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also incredibly functional too.

With a half-finger design and anti-slip palm protection, these women’s weightlifting gloves are a great choice for those who want to invest in equipment that will make their time at the gym more comfortable.

On the back of the hand is a gorgeous pink floral pattern on a white Lycra fabric background. They certainly look very unique, and are a sharp contrast to some of the clunky or perhaps boring looking gym gloves on the market at the moment.

On the palm side, 3mm padding is covered by a suede outer that’s stitched to Amara fabric to provide both comfort and grip stability.

By having minimal support on the wrist and fingers, RDX has implemented a design that encourages ease of use. 

A thin hook and loop wrist fastener and pull tabs on the half-finger slots ensure that the gloves are quick and easy to remove when needed.

A common tear point on gym and weightlifting gloves is the webbing between the fingers. On these gloves, the webbing fabric is genuine cowhide leather, double-stitched with goat leather. 

These gloves should therefore last you a long while, and remain comfortable and effective through many, many sets.

7. Contraband Pink Label Gloves For Weightlifting Women 

Price: £9.99 - £14.99

best weight lifting gloves uk

If what you are looking for in a pair of gloves with personality and an eye-catching design, without sacrificing any functionality in performance, then these weightlifting gloves for women will be a persuasive choice for you indeed.

Coming in a range of six different colours and slightly different designs, the Mexican sugar skull patterns are incredibly unique, and you will definitely not see anyone else wearing gloves like these at the gym! 

On top of their great appearance, the ladies weightlifting gloves have over one thousand positive reviews on Amazon with people praising their comfort and functionality for weightlifting and all-round gym usage. 

Another selling point of these gloves for some people will be their vegan Amara non-leather weightlifting gloves. Not only is this material animal-friendly, but it is also comfortable and durable. On the underside palm area is foam padding and silicone rubber spread in an ergonomic design, protecting the hands from injuries, and helping create a tight grip between you and the weight of your choice. 

The materials used make this pair of gloves lightweight and unrestrictive. There are no large bulky wrist straps that can lead to increased temperature levels inside the gloves, instead, they have a small hook and loop fastener at the base of the hand keeping your manoeuvrability levels high and if you’re on the hunt for gloves for weightlifting women, this could be your very product.

8. Adidas Women Weightlifting Gloves

Price: £11.99-£45.00

womens weight lifting gloves

Fitness and lifestyle brands don’t get much bigger or better than Adidas, and these weightlifting gloves for women make the most of Adidas’ eye for design as well as their world-class fabric technology.

On the palm side of the glove, a silicone webbing covers three key areas for gripping around an object, maximising grip and therefore minimising the risk of injury and discomfort.  

The rest of the fingerless weightlifting gloves is made of Adidas’ own Aeroready Technology, meaning they are well ventilated and do a great job at keeping your hands cool as you work out. What also helps breathability in these gloves is their cut-out area on the back of the hand. This cut out provides an access point for a surface area of skin to the outside air, meaning that sweat build up on the hand has a chance to escape the glove while keeping the overall temperature cool. 

Other features included on the glove are the dual ring pulls that make putting the glove on and taking it off easy, as well as a towelling fabric on the thumb to wipe away sweat while keeping the gloves clean and hygienic. On top of this, the Velcro wrist fastener is small and doesn’t extend far past the hand, which makes the gloves lightweight and less bulky on the wrist. 

Finally, the design is sleek and professional. The purple and black colour scheme is minimalist and not busied by patterns or bold pictures that some people may not be a fan of on other women’s weightlifting gloves.


9. FINGER TEN Full Finger Weightlifting Gloves 

Price: £12.99

weight lifting gloves with wrist straps

Most of the gloves online these days are half finger weightlifting gloves. As you can see from the previous weightlifting gloves on our list, these types of gloves offer some support on the bottom of the fingers and then cut off halfway up. While this design has certain benefits, you may prefer a pair of full finger weightlifting gloves instead. 

The gloves include a shock-absorbing pad that also works to prevent injury to the hands. This non-slip material also extends up the fingers, aiding grip from the fingertips and keeping the nuances of your fingers safe from callous’ or blisters. 

Another feature of these gloves is their 18-inch wrist strap. When wrapped tightly, your wrists will be secure and strong when lifting heavy weights – very important for keeping longevity in the wrist joints so that you can keep lifting for longer. If you’re a keen powerlifter or you’re just getting started, take some time and read through our ultimate list of powerlifting shoes! 

A concern you may have about buying a pair of full-finger gloves in the 21st century is the lack of ability to use your touchscreen phone when playing music or doing other things in the gym. Fear not, these gloves come with a smooth touch screen suitable fabric on the tips of the thumb and index finger. No longer will you have to take off your glove just to quickly reply to a message or skip a song!

So if you’re after full finger weightlifting gloves in the UK then this will definitely be your answer. This product comes in a choice of three different colours (black, blue, and orange) so you can even have some personality in your gym training gear.

10. TOFENR Cycling Gloves For Weightlifting

Price: £12.99

full finger weight lifting gloves

If some of the gloves on our list have been too mundane or dull for your liking, then you for sure will not have that problem with these full-finger weightlifting gloves. 

TOFENR gym gloves come in three different designs: white, green, and colourful. Suitable as men or women weightlifting gloves, if you want to stand out at the gym then look no further. 

Of course, these gloves are not simply style over substance, they do offer genuine functional benefits to your training.

The thick support pads on the palm are strategically located to provide grip to objects such as barbells or dumbbells when lifting but are also efficient at reducing shock impact injuries to the hand. 

They are also breathable. Stuffy gloves can be unbearable at times when working out, so TOFENR uses a microfiber, antibacterial material that helps ventilate the gloves while still providing support for the full hand.

A small Velcro fastener on the wrist makes the gloves for weightlifting lightweight and increases mobility in the wrist, making these gloves ideal for functional training exercises as well as other active pursuits such as cycling. Need a jacket for your rides as well? Take a look at our list of the best cycling jackets you can buy today! 

All in all, TOFENR is a great choice for anyone with a colourful personality who wants a bit more safety and security while lifting at the gym.

11. BIONIC Men’s Weightlifting Gloves

Price: £24.99

weight lifting gloves womens

BIONIC’s research and development practices for their gloves are second to none. Their hand gloves for weightlifting are designed ergonomically and with the professional expertise of orthopaedic specialists to create a workout accessory that keeps your hands safe and assists your workouts in the most precise way possible. 

The knowledge that goes into their full finger weightlifting gloves give you advantages that no other brands offer. For example, the finger slots on the gloves are pre-rotated, meaning that they offer less resistance when curling your fingers than other gloves would. 

On top of this, at key areas of the fingers are breathable and flexible Lycra motion zones, once again adding to the flexibility of your fingers while wearing these gloves. You will find that these gloves do not restrict mobility as you would assume full finger gloves would. 

On the underside of the men’s weightlifting gloves are relief pads. What they do is distribute pressure evenly across the hand, avoiding pressure build-up in specific areas that can lead to calluses and other friction injuries. 

The genuine leather material on the palm also means the gloves will be durable and effective at gripping any weights or other gym objects. 

Other features of the glove are their smart-phone approved index finger fabric, sweat-wick fabric located on the thumb, and their overall stylish and bright appearance with a splash of orange in between the fingers.

As full finger weightlifting gloves go, this pair by BIONIC may well be one of the best you can find online.

12. BEAR GRIP – Weightlifting Gloves With Wrist Support

Price: £11.97

weight lifting gloves uk

If you have tried neoprene weightlifting gloves before and decided that they weren’t for you because you found them too uncomfortable, hot, or bulky while wearing them, then perhaps these BEAR GRIP open workout gloves will be right up your alley. 

Their design only covers the areas of your hand and wrist that it must do to provide grip and support while leaving the rest of your hand open and uncovered. By doing this, the open gloves provide all the palm and wrist support that other gloves would offer while being less restrictive on the hand and improving ventilation much more than closed gloves. 

The palm area is fitted with a grippy silicone material from the wrist to the fingers, preventing friction-based injuries to the hand and providing confidence-boosting support when gripping any heavy object.

When wearing the BEAR GRIP weightlifting gloves with wrist support, your fingers fit into individual slots while your thumb stays open and manoeuvrable. The gloves then fasten with an elastane hook and loop patch on the wrist. When wrapped securely, the gloves provide support to your wrist joint which can be crucial when trying to keep proper form during exercise. 

Not only are these grip gloves for weightlifting, but they can also be used for a variety of CrossFit workouts or any sort of calisthenic/gymnastic activities too as they are less restrictive than full gloves. If you wanted to find out more about callisthenics and interested in how to get started, check out our step-by-step guide if you are a complete beginner to callisthenics! 

On top of this, they come in sizes ranging from extra-small to extra-large so are suitable as weightlifting gloves for women or men.

#13 - York Fitness Weightlifting Gloves

Price: £12.99

powerlifter gloves

Well known for their home gym equipment, it's no surprise that York Fitness also make great gloves for weightlifting.

Made from a neoprene material, these gloves have a heavy duty, high-quality design which will help you to power through the toughest of workouts, without pain or discomfort.

The palms on these gym gloves are also reinforced with a tougher fabric, providing you with a strong grip. This means that you won’t need to worry about any barbell slippages, and can focus purely on increasing those weights and achieving PBs!

Although York Fitness have designed them to be tough and durable, their gloves do have an easy slip-on fit, with a Velcro closure to ensure that they are always secured into place.

Unlike some other gym and weightlifting gloves, these ones are machine washable, so you can keep them fresh and clean without the worry that they’ll disintegrate after being washed.

Available in sizes small to extra-large, these fingerless weightlifting gloves are a great option for everyone, no matter your shape, size, or lifting ability.

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