What Is A BODYPUMP Class? Definition, Benefits & What To Expect

what is a bodypump class

If you’ve ever wondered “what is a BODYPUMP class?”, then look no further! 

This article covers everything you need to know about BODYPUMP covering:

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What Is A BODYPUMP Les Mills Class?

Before we delve into the specifics, a BODYPUMP class description may help newbies to understand the basics. 

BODYPUMP is a barbell-based workout class created by fitness brand, Les Mills.

Les Mills is one of the most well-known names in the fitness industry, with a range of popular trademarked classes in gyms across the world. 

But what is a BODYPUMP Les Mills class?

what is bodypump 3

A BODYPUMP gym class consists of performing a range of fast-paced exercises with light to moderate barbell weights for several repetitions. 

This is accompanied by upbeat music to keep the class energetic and motivation levels high. 

Classes are led by qualified Les Mills instructors who will coach you through a selection of scientifically-backed exercises and techniques. 

Instructors will also help you to build confidence using weights so you needn't be worried if you’re unfamiliar with them. 

BODYPUMP classes are available as either 30, 45, or 55-minute workouts, and can burn up to 400 calories per session!

They are therefore ideal for those wanting to:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Tone up
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness and stamina

With this in mind, next we will explore some of the benefits of BODYPUMP classes in more detail! 

The Benefits Of A BODYPUMP Class

So, now that we have answered ‘what is a BODYPUMP workout?’, you may be wondering, ‘so what is BODYPUMP good for?’

We’ll outline some of the main benefits of BODYPUMP classes below!

BODYPUMP Classes Can Help You Burn Calories 

what is bodypump class

If you are looking to lose weight, you may be wondering, how many calories does a BODYPUMP class burn? 

The exact number of calories burnt in a BODYPUMP class will vary from person to person, depending on various individual factors. 

But on average, a single BODYPUMP class can burn up to 400 calories!

This is on par with other popular workout classes such as Spin, kettlebell, and Zumba.

Plus, once you begin to build muscle from classes, you’ll burn even more calories! This is because people with a greater muscle mass burn more calories than those with a smaller muscle mass. 

With that, BODYPUMP is a viable solution for those wanting to lose weight, since it helps work towards a calorie deficit. 

However, remember that BODYPUMP gym classes alone aren’t enough to achieve and maintain weight loss- it also involves other things such as eating healthily and entering a calorie deficit. 

So, if you’ve ever wondered “how many calories does a BODYPUMP class burn?”, you now know that a single class can burn up to 400 calories, which is very impressive!

BODYPUMP Gym Classes Can Improve Strength And Endurance 

what is bodypump 4

Another one of the great benefits of BODYPUMP classes is increased strength and endurance.

BODYPUMP involves using low to moderate weights for a high number of repetitions- rather than using higher weights for less reps.

In general, low reps and heavy weights is best for increasing muscle mass, whilst more reps and lighter weights is effective for increasing muscle tone and endurance. 

This is because exercising with light weights triggers “slow twitch” muscle fibres, which can sustain force for longer periods when compared with the muscles required to lift heavy weights. 

This allows for muscles to develop endurance and overall strength.

BODYPUMP classes are a full-body workout, which means you can expect to see improved strength in the following areas:

  • Arms
  • Core
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Glutes

There are many benefits of strength training, from making everyday tasks easier, to improving your mood and reducing the risk of injury. 

So, if you’ve ever thought “what is BODYPUMP good for?”, getting stronger is as good a reason as any to get started!

Les Mills BODYPUMP Classes Can Improve Your Posture 

what is bodypump class 2

Did you know that Les Mills BODYPUMP classes can also improve your posture? 

If you’re someone who typically slumps your shoulders or is hunched over a desk all day, then a BODYPUMP class can help with that!

As mentioned in the previous point, one of the benefits of BODYPUMP classes is improved strength.

By strengthening your back, shoulders, and core, you’ll be far more capable of supporting your body in the right posture.

Plus, poor posture can often lead to lower back pain- and BODYPUMP can help to alleviate this too. 

While it might seem counterproductive to complete a vigorous workout with a sore back, barbell-based classes can help to iron out muscle stiffness and aches. 

Furthermore, if improved posture and experiencing less pain is important to you, BODYPUMP is an excellent class to consider.  

BODYPUMP Classes Can Improve Your Mood

what is bodypump

Another one of the fantastic benefits of BODYPUMP classes is they can help to boost your mood. 

During exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which react with the receptors in your brain that reduce the perception of pain and trigger positive feelings in the brain. 

This can result in you feeling that post-workout “high” which you can get from a BODYPUMP workout class!

In a more long-term way, this can then help alleviate symptoms of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. 

So, if you started this article thinking 'what is a BODYPUMP class good for?’ - improving your mood is surely one of the best benefits you can ask for!

If you’re still on the fence, perhaps this BODYPUMP class review from Australian PT, nutritionist, and fitness blogger Rachael Attard will help to sway you. 

BODYPUMP is the original Les Mills class and it is all about helping people get into better shape and look lean and toned. The class is a strength training class with low weight and high repetitions. 

BODYPUMP is full of variety. If you do these workouts, you’ll definitely notice that you get in better shape. You’ll probably see yourself become stronger and your cardio health should improve too.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “what is a BODYPUMP class like?”, Rachael’s informative and unbiased account is sure to make you want to get involved!

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Where Can I Find A BODYPUMP Class?

what is bodypump 6

Now that we’ve answered this article’s key question ‘what is a BODYPUMP class like, and discussed some incredible benefits, we bet you’re keen to get started!

But where can you find a BODYPUMP class?

Whether you’re looking for an in-person session or a BODYPUMP online class, here’s how you can find the right class for you.

How to Find A BODYPUMP Class In Your Local Area

BODYPUMP classes can be found in many commercial gyms around the UK, such as:

  • JD Gyms
  • David Lloyd
  • Nuffield Health 

Classes are also organised by Les Mills in local leisure centres and independent gyms. 

So, how can you find a BODYPUMP class that is local to you? 

One of the easiest ways to find your nearest class is to go to the ‘Join the Movement’ page on the Les Mills website.

Once you insert your location, you’ll be presented with all of the classes within the area.

what is bodypump 5

It’s worth noting that classes conducted in gyms may require a membership. You should therefore refer to your local gym’s website before turning up for a class. 

However, there are other classes in locations like leisure centres and school halls that offer one-off payments, meaning memberships are not required. 

In both settings, instructors will provide you with all the equipment - all that you need to do is turn up!

How To Find A BODYPUMP Virtual Class 

what is bodypump class 4

If you don’t want to attend an in-person class, Les Mills also offers BODYPUMP online classes for you to enjoy from home, whenever you like. 

There are 100+ videos available to use that can be downloaded to all of your favourite devices. 

There are also 3-12 week workout plans to help you achieve your health and fitness goals, written by highly-trained experts.

To create your own BODYPUMP space at home, you must be a Les Mills+ subscriber which you can do on the Les Mills ‘BODYPUMP: At Home Barbell Workout’ page on their website. 

New customers can access a 7-day free trial. Thereafter, the price for subscriptions is as follows:

Monthly: £12.99 per month

3-monthly: £35.97 (£11.99 per month)

Annually: £119.99 (£9.99 per month)

Since BODYPUMP is a barbell-based workout, you’re going to need the following equipment:

  • Barbell
  • Weights
  • Barbell clamps
  • Exercise step
  • Fitness mat

When shopping around for your equipment for your BODYPUMP online class, one option is to get the official Les Mills BODYPUMP set

However, you are not required to use the official equipment and can use existing barbells and weights if you already have them. 

You may also be interested in reading up on some online BODYPUMP class reviews before deciding on where to conduct your workout. 

Les Mills+ has great reviews on Trustpilot, with an average rating of 4.7/5-stars, awarded by over 500 fitness enthusiasts. 

Here’s one reviewer’s comments: 

It is not always easy to train at home, that is why top online classes are so important. This is the case with the Les Mills+ classes, where you can pick from various types of training. The classes are dynamic and engaging, and there is a constant renewal of videos.

BODYPUMP class reviews like this should give you the extra push to get started with a BODYPUMP virtual class! 

What Do I Need For A BODYPUMP Gym Class?

what is bodypump class 5

Now that you’re ready to get started with a Les Mills BODYPUMP class, you may now be wondering what you need to take to your first class- whether that’s in-person or online.

Here’s a check-list of everything you need:

  • Comfortable and breathable workout clothes
  • Supportive trainers
  • A litre of water
  • Sweat towel

Comfortable clothes are an absolute must as wearing garments that are too tight or dig into you can distract you from your workout.

Plus, adequate water is essential since BODYPUMP classes get very sweaty! This is also where a sweat towel will come in handy.

During a class, you should have some space next to your step equipment to keep your bottle and towel to use during breaks. 

How Can I Lead A Les Mills BODYPUMP Class?

what is bodypump class 3

Once you’ve become a regular at BODYPUMP classes, you may now feel like you’re ready to take your workout to the next level and teach one yourself!

We have a whole article here detailing how to become a Les Mills instructor

But in summary, here’s what you need to become a BODYPUMP instructor:

The first step is to obtain your Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification. This is a requirement for working on a gym floor and as an instructor for classes- such as BODYPUMP.

However, you’ll need a Level 3 personal trainer qualification if you are serious about having a successful career in the fitness industry. This qualifies you to work as a personal trainer. 

Even if you don’t want to work as a full-time PT, many employers, particularly commercial gyms, will prefer staff who are Level 3 qualified. This is because it shows that you have an in-depth level of expertise and knowledge of health and fitness.

Once you have these qualifications, the next step is to take the Les Mills instructor training course.

The training course costs £425 to enrol- it’s an intensive 2-day programme that will provide you with all of the necessary tools to become a qualified Les Mills instructor. 

You will receive a selection of resources and music to begin practising your routines. 

When the training is complete, you must then consider whether you have access to facilities to conduct BODYPUMP gym classes, such as a studio in a gym or leisure centre. 

You will also need to make sure that there is enough equipment for all participants, and you will also be responsible for sourcing class members. 

There are various ways that you can do this:

  • Promote the class on your fitness socials
  • Tell attendees of your other fitness classes
  • Create leaflets to leave around the gym, such as at the reception desk
  • Create posters to pin on gym walls and in bathrooms
  • Ask existing BODYPUMP attendees to bring their family and friends

Check out our personal trainer marketing tips for more ways that you can promote yourself and your business in the fitness industry.


What is a BODYPUMP Class Like As An Instructor?

what is bodypump 2

Now that we’ve outlined how you can become a class instructor, you may be thinking - but what is a BODYPUMP class like as an instructor? 

As an instructor, you need to be very familiar with the music and routine so that you are confident and able to teach the best class you can. 

It’s important to practise the routine thoroughly to prevent missing steps, exercises, or songs. 

You should also become familiar with giving instructor cues. 

Instructor cues are words and phrases designed to help your class achieve a certain movement. 

Cues are super important when leading fitness classes that involve weights as participants must know exactly how to perform each movement properly.

Incorrect technique runs the risk of injury.

Finally, being a BODYPUMP instructor can be a tiring role as you may conduct 1-3 classes per day and so it’s good to prepare for each day with ample snacks and fluids.

In summary, if you’ve ever wondered “what is a BODYPUMP class like as an instructor”, you should know that it’s a very physically demanding job that requires a lot of preparation but is hugely rewarding for you and your class members.

What is a BODYPUMP Class Like For Beginners? 

If you’ve never done a Les Mills BODYPUMP class before, you may be wondering whether it is suitable for beginners.

Well, BODYPUMP can be ideal for those new to exercise and particularly strength training, as it’s easily modified to meet your level.

You can decide what weights to put on your barbell, and so can increase them as your strength improves. 

If you’re completely new to lifting weights, let the instructor know at the start of the class, so that they can check on you frequently to ensure you’re using the correct form. 

Beginners should expect their first few sessions to be pretty tough since it’s a physically demanding class, but don’t worry, it will get easier over time! 

What Is A BODYPUMP Exercise? 

If you’re a BODYPUMP beginner, you may be wondering, ‘exactly what is a BODYPUMP exercise?’

Here are some examples of exercises that you can expect from your first class:

  • Squats
  • Upright Rows
  • Deadlifts
  • Static Lunge 
  • Rotator Press

Even though class leaders will provide instructions on how to perform each exercise, you may find that familiarising yourself with them before the class can be beneficial.

That way, you’re going into the class super confident and ready to smash your workout!

Before You Go! 

So, we hope you now have a complete answer to the question, “what is a BODYPUMP class?” From a BODYPUMP class description to the benefits of the class, we’ve covered all you need to know before you get started!

Feeling inspired? Become a L3 Personal Trainer Diploma and teach your very own fitness classes! 

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