19 Best Multivitamins for Women (& How to Choose)

best multivitamin for women

If you’ve been searching for the best multivitamin for women in the UK, you know how difficult it can be. Whether you want to prepare for pregnancy, need an energy boost or help with hormone regulation, this list presents you with various options for each, as well as key information on choosing.


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What Are Multivitamins?

Multivitamins are the name given to a capsule, tablet or liquid that contains a variety of minerals and vitamins that are essential for the body. There are a total of 13 vitamins and 15 minerals that are thought to be essential for your health. 

They each have their own set of responsibilities that include keeping bodily processes regulated, maintaining alert cognitive function and supporting cell reproduction just to name a few. 

There’s also certain vitamins for energy, as well as vitamins that aid the immune system, and even help with digestive and stomach functions. But, why take multivitamins? 

Those who take multivitamins may do so with the intent of filling nutritional gaps that they may not get from their diet. For example, vegans may not get enough vitamin B12 from their diet, since the vitamin is typically found in non-vegan foods, such as eggs, fish and meats. 

Most multivitamins are taken once or twice a day depending on the purpose and nutritional content. However, it is important to refer to your multivitamin’s label to determine how frequently you are to take them. 

Now, since you’re reading this article on the best multivitamins for women’s health, you may also be curious as to why men and women require different multivitamins. Truthfully, men and women require a very similar set of vitamins and minerals, particularly Vitamins C, D, E, B12, calcium and zinc.

However, it is also encouraged that women consume additional multivitamins that are tailored specifically to women’s health. These include vitamins that aid with menstruation, pregnancy, hair and nail growth just to name a few. 

So, if you approached this article wondering “what is the best multivitamin for women in the UK?” then make sure to keep reading. 

19 Best Multivitamins for Women 

#1 - FarmHavens Women’s Multivitamin

Price: $23.99 (approx. £17.50)

Contains: 90 capsules

Kick-starting the list of the best vitamins for women is FarmHaven’s multivitamins.

This 45-day supply can provide you with 22 essential vitamins and minerals to maintain good health, as well as boosting your overall energy levels, and ensuring that the body is able to continue functioning as effectively as possible. 

Taking just 2 capsules per day delivers a healthy dosage of Vitamins B6 (which helps support the metabolism and nervous system), C (maintains skin and bone health), D (promotes good bone health) and E (strengthens the immune system).

These ideal multivitamins for women also contain essential minerals, such as magnesium (aids in nerve and muscle function), iron (necessary for growth and development) and folate (used in the construction of red blood cells). 

Taking just 2 capsules a day can provide you with a great range of minerals and vitamins to support your body from the inside out. We’d strongly recommend combining these vitamins with all the benefits that healthy eating can provide, as this can further compound the effects of these vitamins.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the top multivitamins for women’s health, FarmHaven’s 90 capsule supply may be perfect for your lifestyle.  

#2 - Nuzest Good Green Vitality

Price: £59.99

Contains: 30 servings

Are you looking for the best women’s multivitamin in the UK? How about a pedigree that established this brand as one of the best options for multivitamins for women?

Nuzest's extensive range can provide you with 30 servings that contain an uparalleled range of vitamins and minerals to support your health and wellbeing. Containing a staggering 24 different vitamins, each serving can help give you a range of essential nutrients in one.

Made entirely from natural produce (including some of the best superfruits and mineral-dense vegetables), and suitable for vegans, this highly bioavailable multivitamin for women provides one of the most complete profiles on our list. It's also entirely suitable for those who might struggle with other vitamins that cause allergic reactions.

Nuzest advise consuming one scoop per day, mixed with 250ml of water or healthy juice. It is important to consume multivitamins only alongside a balanced diet as while multivitamins provide essential nutrients - they shouldn’t be consumed as a replacement for food. 

Still not convinced? With an overwhelmingly positive rating, this superb supplement is praised for its quick action, ease-of-use, and wide suitability for those with specific dietary requirements. 

#3 - Inessa’s Advanced Daily Multivitamin

Price: £27.99 

Contains: 60 tablets 

Next up, we have a product brought to you by Inessa. Their one-a-day range is made only with premium ingredients that are specifically designed to help optimise and boost women’s health.

Their superb tablets are rich in Vitamin B (supports overall health and wellbeing), D3 (strengthens the bones and the immune system) and K2 (boosts heart health), all of which are difficult to find, even in some of the most diverse superfruits

Taking just one tablet a day helps to fill any nutritional gaps you may have from your diet to ensure your bodily functions are fully supported, and can be performed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

It is also convenient to take just one tablet a day as there’s no need to get into the habit of taking a tablet with each meal. This is ideal for those who’ve got a busy schedule, or are struggling to keep on top of taking multiple tablets over the course of their day.

So, if you’re on the hunt for the best vitamins for women, why not consider Inessa’s one-a-day advanced supplements?

#4 - Healthspan MultiVitality 50 Plus

Price: From £7.45 

Contains: 90 tablets 

This next product is something a little different - the best vitamins for over 50 females by UK-based brand, Healthspan. Crafted using a combination of vitamins, minerals and botanicals that are specifically crafted for those aged 50+, this is ideal if you’re looking to supplement your intake.

These vitamins help to give women’s body’s a helping hand with absorbing nutrients from food, something that becomes more difficult with age. 

Each vitamin, therefore, contains 13 vitamins and 12 minerals that protect your immune system, brain, heart, nervous system, muscles and bones, as well as specific vitamins to help with tiredness and fatigue.

All that you need to do is take one tablet a day with a substantial meal. Each tablet is suitable for vegetarians, while also being gelatin-free, perfect for those with specific dietary requirements.

This is one of the best multivitamins for women on the market at an affordable price. Working out at just £7.45 for a 90-day supply, this vital vitamin can ensure you’re fuelling your body with a wealth of essential minerals and vitamins. 

#5 - Floradix Floravital Liquid Iron

Price: £11.98 

Contains: 500ml

It can be difficult to find the ideal multivitamin if you suffer from anaemia. Fortunately, this offering from Floradix offers a boost to your iron levels, making it an ideal choice when it comes to multivitamins for women with iron deficiency.

According to WHO (World Health Organization) anaemia affects 1.6 billion people around the world, which is why filling nutritional gaps with multivitamins is imperative for maintaining good health. 

This iron liquid offers a range of great benefits. From boosting energy levels, reducing dizziness all the while enhancing concentration, there are numerous ways that this iron liquid can enhance your lifestyle. 

With an astounding iron content of 19.2mg (137% of your recommended NRV, or Nutritional Reference Value), as well as numerous other essential nutrients and vitamins including Vitamin C, B6, and B12, this is a clear winner for those who are looking to supplement their iron intake.

This can be an issue for those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, although this is one of very few downsides to those diet plans. Learn more in our complete overview of the benefits of a vegan diet

To maximise iron absorption, it is suggested to take Floravital on an empty stomach. Ensure that this is either 30 minutes before eating a substantial meal or 2 hours after.

In summary, if you’re looking for the best multivitamin with iron, Floravital’s liquid supplement can help to boost your iron count so that you can go about daily activities with energy and vibrancy. 

#6 - Vitabiotics Pregnacare Max

Price: £19.45 

Contains: 84 tablets 

Searching for some of the best multivitamins for women who are pregnant? Vitabiotics’ signature Pregnacare range offers one of the most complete packages for at all stages of pregnancy.

Vitabiotics’ have produced a supplement rich in Vitamin D, folic acid, iron, calcium and iodine, all of which helps to support a woman’s body through pregnancy, as well as supporting the body overall. 

More specifically, Vitamin D supports the process of cell division, which is essential throughout your whole pregnancy. Folic acid contributes to the growth of maternal tissues, keeping the baby healthy and protected as it develops and grows.

The high levels of iron in this multivitamin for women help provide you with additional energy during your pregnancy, and support your own body health as well as your baby’s development.

The recommended dose of these multivitamins is two tablets per day, after a balanced meal that includes a healthy portion of foods that boost the metabolism. Moreover, you can also take Pregnacare Max at any point in your pregnancy to boost your baby-to-be’s health. 

So, if you’re someone who is looking for the best multivitamins for women who are pregnant, Viabiotics’ range of multivitamins will be sure to provide all the vital nutrients to enhance your pregnancy journey. 

#7 - Starpowa Hair, Skin and Nail Gummies

Price: £19.45 

Contains: 84 tablets 

Searching for some of the best multivitamins for women who are pregnant? Vitabiotics’ signature Pregnacare range offers one of the most complete packages for at all stages of pregnancy.

Vitabiotics’ have produced a supplement rich in Vitamin D, folic acid, iron, calcium and iodine, all of which helps to support a woman’s body through pregnancy, as well as supporting the body overall. 

More specifically, Vitamin D supports the process of cell division, which is essential throughout your whole pregnancy. Folic acid contributes to the growth of maternal tissues, keeping the baby healthy and protected as it develops and grows.

The high levels of iron in this multivitamin for women help provide you with additional energy during your pregnancy, and support your own body health as well as your baby’s development.

The recommended dose of these multivitamins is two tablets per day, after a balanced meal that includes a healthy portion of foods that boost the metabolism. Moreover, you can also take Pregnacare Max at any point in your pregnancy to boost your baby-to-be’s health. 

So, if you’re someone who is looking for the best multivitamins for women who are pregnant, Viabiotics’ range of multivitamins will be sure to provide all the vital nutrients to enhance your pregnancy journey. 

#8 - VOOST Vitamin B Dissolvant

Price: £3.00

Contains: 10 tablets 

For our next entry, we have one of the best multivitamins for women over 30, especially when it comes to providing additional levels of energy, and even treating some of the early warning signs of mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

VOOST’s Vitamin B dissolvents contain Vitamins B1, B2 and B12. B1, also known as thiamin, is a vitamin found in grains, vegetables, and animal protein sources

Thiamin helps the body convert food into energy. If you don’t have enough B1 in your diet, this process is slowed, which can result in thus causing tiredness, loss of appetite and muscle weakness. 

B2, also known as riboflavin, can be found in foods such as mushrooms, almonds, certain meats, and dairy products. It helps to support healthy skin, eyes and the central nervous system. 

Riboflavin also helps the body release energy from food. If you have a low B2 count, your body may struggle to break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which can lead to fatigue and tiredness.

Finally, B12 is a vitamin that can be found in most meats, fish and dairy products. It helps to release energy from food, helps to produce red blood cells and keep the central nervous system healthy. 

Ultimately, this pack of 10 tablets is a great option if you’re looking for the best multivitamin for women over 30. They provide you with a great energy boost each day which, in turn, can help reduce the risk of depressive symptoms from developing in your 30s.

#9 - Together Woman's Multi

Price: £9.99

Contains: 30 capsules

Next up on our list of the best vitamins for women is a product from Together, an eco-conscious option that uses only the finest raw ingredients. Their 30 capsule supply is specifically formulated for women’s health, containing a blend of 22 essential minerals and vitamins to give women the ultimate boost.

Each capsule is rich in vitamin B6 and B12, which combine to both enhance energy levels, as well as help to regulate hormones. A high iron content means that your body is supported in the formation and red blood cells - particularly beneficial during menstruation. 

Additionally, a high zinc content also helps to maintain normal immune system functions to ward off illness, often a key component of the foods that boost our immunity. All of Together’s products are plant-based and gluten-free. They are also all cruelty-free and safe for pregnant women. 

Now, if you approached this article wondering “what is the best multivitamin for women?”, it’s safe to say that the reviews of Together’s multivitamins suggest it’s the best on the market. With an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on over 200 reviewers shows that customers are certainly satisfied with the results. 

#10 - Garden of Life’s Women’s Multi 40+

Price: £20.79 

Contains: 120 gummies 

Are you on the hunt for the best vitamins for over 40 females in the UK? Garden of Life’s range of gummies is a blend of 17 minerals and vitamins to enhance women’s health. From Vitamin A, C, and E to zinc, biotin and selenium, these 4-a-day gummies will maintain bodily functions, boost energy levels and promote immunity. 

This diverse range of vitamins and minerals aids with multiple different areas, including providing additional energy for your usual walk to work, supporting the immune system, promoting healthy digestion, and helping the body to function effectively.

Each berry flavoured chew is suitable for vegans and kosher, and are also gluten-free. They’re both organic and GMO-free, ideal if you’re looking to undertake a more restrictive diet, or you’re aiming to be more conscious of what you put into your body.

The suggested use of the vitamins is to be taken with food, 4 times per day to reap the benefits that they provide. Each supply should last 30 days. We’d recommend jotting down a schedule of when to take them in your dedicated fitness and nutrition journal, or setting a reminder on your phone.

#11 - Garden of Life’s Plant Iron Liquid

Price: £18.79 

Contains: 240ml

The second product from notable vitamin producers Garden of Life, this is an ideal choice if you’re searching for the best multivitamin with iron. Not to mention that it’s one of few liquid vitamins available that provides a comprehensive dosage.

Garden of Life’s iron liquid is made from a blend of fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in iron. The liquid comes in a delicious cranberry and lime flavour that provides 10mg of iron in just 10ml. 

Cranberries are one of the more surprising ways to receive a huge dosage of essential vitamins and minerals. Learn more in our comprehensive guide to the benefits of cranberry juice.

The liquid also contains vitamin C to enhance iron absorption in the body and vitamins B6 and B12 to boost energy levels. Iron can help to make up for the iron lost through menstruation. Approximately 1 mg of iron is lost each day from bleeding, meaning it’s vital that women consume iron supplements to maintain healthy rates of iron in the body. 

With this liquid supplement, you can simply measure 10ml of the liquid and consume it, or mix the liquid with water and consume it as a drink. If you’re after the best multivitamin with iron to enhance your health, Garden of Life’s iron liquid is a fantastic product to consider. 

#12 - Cytoplan 50+ Complete Multivitamin

Price: £26.40

Contains: 60 capsules

It can often be difficult to find the best vitamins for over 50 females in the UK. Fortunately, Cytoplan’s pedigree with multivitamins for women over a certain age means they’ve been consistently producing quality products.

Their multivitamins are crafted with a vitamin and mineral formula that incorporates antioxidants to support your body from the inside out. We’ve compiled a complete guide to the best antioxidant foods, if you’re seeking to up your intake of these incredibly helpful nutrients.

Antioxidants reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease and certain cancers. They also ward off free radicals from the body which are unstable atoms that can damage cells, resulting in ageing and illness. 

Cytoplan’s 50+ multivitamin is rich in Vitamin B to boost energy levels and support red blood and nerve cell production. The supplements also contain high levels of vitamin C, which is often difficult for older women to absorb from foods.

The tablets also contain zinc, selenium and chromium plus many more minerals to keep bodily functions regulated, and maintain good overall health. Cytoplan advises taking 2 tablets per day with a substantial meal. 

So, if you approached this article wanting to discover the best vitamins for over 50 females in the UK, Cytoplan’s 30-day supply will be sure to enhance your health and wellbeing. 

#13 - Vegetology VegVit

Price: £15.78

Contains: 90 tablets

When searching for the best multivitamins for women’s health, you may find that your options are restricted if you’re vegan. That doesn’t have to be the case. 

Vegetology’s VegVit is a unique multivitamin engineered to provide you with a range of essential nutrients to support your body, which is perfect if you’re following a more restrictive diet. 

Each plant-based tablet helps protect your immune system, reduces fatigue, all  while supporting hair, skin and nail health. It also maintains liver, heart and thyroid functions, all of which are essential for good overall health, even as we get older.

Vegetology promises fast absorption into the body so that you can feel the benefits the tablets provide straight away. This increased bioavailability is a unique feature of these vegan supplements, and really sets them apart from other entries on this list.

Working out at just under £16, this 3 months supply is certainly one of the more affordable options on this list, ideal if you’re looking for tips on staying healthy but are on a tight budget. So, if you’re looking for top multivitamins for women’s health that are vegan, Vegetology’s VegVit is an ideal choice.

#14 - Wild Nutrition Bespoke Multivitamins

Price: £32.00 

Contains: 60 capsules 

If you’re after vitamins for over 40 females, then UK-based company Wild Nutrition is worth checking out. These nutrient food supplements are rich in vitamin B, D and zinc, all vital components of a healthy lifestyle.

Promising to help combat tiredness and fatigue, support your immune system and cell division, as well as enhance cognitive function to keep you feeling energised each day, these all-in-one vitamins present one of the more all-encompassing capsules on the market.

Wild Nutrition is a brand that’s committed to providing women around the UK with products that are ethically sourced. They pride themselves on going to great lengths to ensure that only the most natural ingredients are used to create your supplements. 

No artificial colours or flavourings have been used in creating their 40+ multivitamins, and they are big advocates for not testing on animals, perfect for those who are seeking to be more environmentally conscious with what they consume. 

If you’re looking to make more eco-friendly purchases when it comes to your diet, check out our complete guide to high protein vegan snacks, and how these can form a base for healthier choices in the future.

So, if you’re interested in finding vitamins for over 40 females in the UK but are also mindful of how and where your supplements come from, Wild Nutrition’s Bespoke range is certainly worth considering. 

#15 - Dr. Vegan Daily Multivitamin for Women

Price: £12.99 (£11.04 with a recurring subscription)

Contains: 60 capsules

Finding the best multivitamins for women’s health that are also vegan-friendly can be a challenge, especially if you’re pressed for time or money. That’s where Dr. Vegan comes in, and fills that gap in the market. 

Dr. Vegan’s daily multivitamin is made with 24 essential ingredients that are vital for women's health. These include a whole host of vitamins designed to promote healthy bodily functions, as well as maintain your immune system, and even improve your eye health.

This complete complement of vitamins is supported by a host of minerals, including those which are scarce in the average diet, such as folate, selenium, and manganese, all of which perform essential functions within the body.

They are sourced using only natural ingredients that Dr. Vegan pride themselves on being more bioavailable when compared with other multivitamins on the market. This ensures that you’re provided with more energy, clearer skin and stronger bones to support your metabolism, cognitive function and mood.

We’d strongly recommend combining multivitamins like these with regular workouts to compound their effects. Learn more about the mental benefits of exercise with our comprehensive report.

All that you need to do to reap these benefits is consume just 2 tablets per day, each with a meal. When you purchase your daily multivitamins, you also receive a metal Dr. Vegan tin to keep your supplements safe and secure wherever you go. 

Working out at just £12.99 for a one-off purchase, these are certainly an affordable option compared with others on this list. A 60-tablet supply equates to just 42p a day, making this an ideal budget option for women’s multivitamins.

#16 - The Fast 800 Multivitamins

Price: £16.99 

Contains: 90 tablets 

The Fast 800 range may well be the best multivitamin for women over 30, and for a vast range of reasons. Each tablet contains 23 vital vitamins and minerals essential for women. Let’s run through some of these, as well as their value for women’s health. 

These prestigious women’s multivitamins contain two primary vitamins, both of which perform essential functions. Vitamin D3 helps to maintain healthy bones and muscles while also boosting immunity, and Vitamin B12 boosts energy levels, as well as actively contributing towards the regulation of hormone activity.

These two primary vitamins are supported by a whole range of other vitamins, which perform essential roles such as aiding digestion, boosting cognitive function, maintaining ocular health, and even support the body’s collagen in keeping the skin and hair healthy.

Of course, no multivitamin for women is complete without a significant mineral content, and Fast 800 is no exception. These tablets contain high levels of iron (required for growth and development), selenium (essential for reproduction and immune system health, and folate (assists the body in making red blood cells).

Simply take one tablet a day to reap these benefits. The Fast 800 suggests that absorption is best when the tablets are taken with food. 

#17 - Vitamin Buddy Multivitamin Subscription

Price: From £7.95 

This next option is something a little different for you compared with the other options in this list, in that it offers you complete customisation over the vitamins you take in.

Vitamin Buddy is a UK-based company who believes that fueling your body with essential minerals and vitamins is of the utmost importance. Daily supplements can make you feel that extra bit happier and energised while also doing wonders to your health and wellbeing. 

Struggling to choose? This innovative package provides an online quiz for you to determine which multivitamin package is best for your needs. This may help diagnose any nutritional gaps that you may have from your diet. 

For example, vegans often need vitamin B12 supplements since the vitamin is typically found in meat and dairy foods. While there are vegan protein sources that can help, it’s vital to ensure that you’re receiving as much of this vital vitamin as possible.

What happens next is you can select your multivitamin package which Vitamin Buddy sends to you each month. This means there’s no need to examine the shelves at your local pharmacy for each of your supplements - Vitamin Buddy organises that for you. 

They also note that their products are gluten-free, vegan and are made from locally sourced ingredients, ideal if you’re concerned about where your supplements come from.

#18 - Zita West Premium Nutrition for Female Fertility

Price: £24.50

Contains: 60 capsules

Vitafem is a premium multivitamin designed to help support female fertility, redress nutritional imbalances and helps to prepare the body for conception, as well as the whole of the pregnancy period. 

These 2-a-day tablets contain a wealth of minerals and vitamins, all of which aid with bodily functions that take on a whole new level of importance during pregnancy. Let’s run through these and how they provide protection and support for key areas of the body.

Key vitamins (including Vitamins B, C and D) help to regulate hormonal activity, promote cell growth and division during pregnancy, and protect both the mother and the baby from free radicals.

This essential women’s multivitamin also contains a healthy dosage of biotin, an incredibly important mineral that plays a pivotal role in your baby’s growth and development in the womb. We’d also recommend finding a dietary source of folic acid to support this intake.

These 30-day supply tablets are also dairy-free, gluten-free and yeast-free, meaning they’re a perfect choice for those who have specific allergies or intolerances that can restrict the available choices. 

#19 - Bulk’s Complete Multivitamin

Price: £26.24 

Contains: 270 tablets

Last but certainly not least on the list of the best multivitamins for women is a product by Bulk, one of the biggest names in sports nutrition and science. Their complete multivitamin contains 30 minerals and vitamins that help to support your bodily functions so that you can lead an energised, active lifestyle. 

Each tablet has been specially formulated by top sports nutritionists. They contain a huge array of vitamins that are perfect for energy, as well as providing a boost to your overall health. Simply take 3 tablets a day, each with a substantial meal. Bulk suggests having one at breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

With each purchase bringing you a vast 270 tablets, you needn’t worry about purchasing your next supply of multivitamins with Bulk’s offer. This is one of the largest offerings on the list, and perfect if you’ve got a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your women’s multivitamins.

Bulk currently have an offer on their Complete Multivitamins for almost £9 off per unit, in addition to first-time purchasers benefiting from £10 off their first order. So, as well as benefiting from the best multivitamin for women, you’re also doing so at an affordable price. 

So, there we have OriGym’s top multivitamins for women’s health. Whether you’re looking for a supplement to prepare you for pregnancy, one to boost your energy or for filling nutritional gaps you may not get from your diet, this list has everything that you could ever need to look for in a multivitamin. 


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What Vitamins Do Women Need the Most?

Now that we’ve covered the best multivitamins for women’s health, you might be wondering which of the minerals and vitamins discussed are most important for women. 

This section will outline some of the most important nutrients with reminders of their responsibilities.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important in helping to heal wounds and for making red blood cells. When women get older, it can often become difficult for all the Vitamin C from food to be absorbed into the blood. This is where women’s multivitamins really excel.

Many options on this list offer a much more bioavailable form of key vitamins, and means that, even after you reach a certain age, you’ll still be able to receive the right amount of Vitamin C in your diet.

Furthermore, taking a supplement will boost your Vitamin C count to ensure that your bodily functions can operate efficiently and healthily. This includes protecting the cells in your body, maintaining the skin, and even helping to heal wounds and injuries.

Vitamin E

Also known as tocopherol, Vitamin E is important for maintaining healthy cells. A supplement rich in vitamin E can slow the signs of ageing, helping you to look and feel younger. 

It also plays a huge role in protecting and maintaining the body’s natural defences, and helping to ensure that you’re able to recover from illness effectively and efficiently.

Vitamin E can be found in healthy nuts, and foods like corn oil, cod liver oil, peanut butter and sunflower seeds. 

Vitamin B

Vitamins B6 and B12 are both incredibly important for women’s health. Vitamin B6 can help provide energy boosts while also helping to ease nausea and other symptoms of bad or irregular digestion. 

B12 helps to support nerve cells and the nervous system, as well as aiding in red blood cell formation. B6 and B12 are particularly beneficial for pregnant women with breastfeeding and the growth and development of the baby. 

The vitamins aid the baby’s brain development while also reducing the risk of birth defects. This is in addition to all the benefits it can bring for the mother, too.



It’s a scientific fact that women need more iron than men. This is largely down to the iron that’s lost during menstruation. Approximately 1 mg of iron is lost each day of bleeding, which is a substantial amount.

Additionally, anaemia (the more formal name for iron deficiency) affects women more than men, hence iron supplements being important for maintaining good health, especially in women.

The body uses iron to produce healthy, functional red blood cells, as well as augment certain processes. It’s an essential mineral that we can get from our diet, but consuming it as part of your everyday women’s multivitamin is an excellent way to ensure you’re getting the amount you need.

We’ve outlined some iron-rich foods below to help you make meaningful, healthy choices when it comes to you. If you’re interested in learning more about nutritious food options, check out our comprehensive guide to the best foods for energy.


While it’s not often something we consider in our diet, magnesium is another mineral that is essential for pregnant women. It helps to build and repair your body’s tissues both during and after pregnancy, which is essential for making a full and effective recovery after you give birth.

Magnesium can also help to reduce the risk of infant mortality and birth defects. In fact, recent studies have shown that a deficiency of magnesium can be detrimental, and potentially lead to difficulties during pregnancy.

It is thought that pregnant women aged between 19-30 should try and consume 350 mg of magnesium each day. 


Women have a lower bone density compared with men. Having good levels of calcium ensures that bones remain strong as women get older, as well as mitigating against issues relating to the joints and bones, such as arthritis. 

A low calcium count in women also increases the risk of osteoporosis, a health condition that can weaken the bones. Brittle and weak bones are an increased concern with age, so to prevent this from happening to you, it’s important to consider increasing your calcium intake to maintain good health.

Dietary sources of calcium are often a great way to meet your recommended intake, but any multivitamins for women that contain an additional dosage of calcium are an excellent way to compound that intake.

What Vitamins Do Multivitamins Typically Contain?

The nutritional content of each brand’s multivitamin may vary depending on the key features of the supplement, who it’s targeted for and how many times you take the vitamin each day. 

However, generally speaking, each multivitamin will contain the same group of minerals and vitamins. They may each merely differ in dosage. The following list of minerals and vitamins is what you can expect to see within a multivitamin. 


  • Vitamin A - provides protection for the immune system, as well as maintaining the skin
  • Vitamin B - there are a wide variety of B vitamins, but these predominantly help the body break down foods for energy
  • Vitamin C - maintains the skin, and aids with healing wounds and injuries
  • Vitamin D - helps regulate the nutrients in the body, including calcium
  • Vitamin E - keeps the skin and eyes healthy
  • Vitamin K - aids with blood clotting and wound healing


  • Calcium - aids with bone building and repair, as well regulating the heartbeat and muscle contractions
  • Copper - helps to produce red and white blood cells
  • Magnesium - converts our food into energy effectively
  • Manganese - activates key enzymes in the body
  • Biotin - helps the body to create necessary fatty acids
  • Selenium - aids in reproduction, as well as maintaining the immune system
  • Zinc - provides support in creating new cells and enzymes
  • Iodine - creates thyroid hormones, which help keep the metabolism and vital cells healthy. Learn more about metabolism with our guide to foods that aid our metabolic rate.
  • Iron - plays a pivotal role in creating red blood cells

Each vitamin and mineral fused together in one tablet can help to boost immunity, support bodily functions, protect your skin, muscles and bones while also providing you with energy boosts each day. 

The benefits of multivitamins are plentiful, and there is a range of the best multivitamins for women outlined in this list for you to make an informed decision of which is best for you. 

Let’s run through some of these benefits now. 

Benefits Of Taking Multivitamins For Women

There are several ways that multivitamins can benefit women’s health. This section will highlight some key benefits and which minerals and vitamins promote them. 

#1 - Boosts Immunity

While a well balanced diet can maintain our body effectively, it’s still important to understand why we need certain foods and nutrients to keep up all the processes our bodies undertake. 

For instance, oranges, along with other fruits and vegetables, are rich in vitamin C, an essential vitamin that helps to protect the immune system from illnesses. This can then mean you’re better equipped to deal with viruses and illnesses, even before they become more prevalent.

Vitamins B and D are also helpful for enhancing immunity, so opting for a women’s multivitamin that incorporates all 3 vitamins in one will be sure to keep colds and the flu at bay. Foods that contain essential amino acids often provide a substantial dosage of these vitamins, if you’re looking to find dietary sources of these vitamins.

#2 - Boosts Energy Levels

As we’ve just touched on, there are a wide range of vitamins and minerals that are great for providing you with an energy boost each day. Vitamins and minerals that break down our food (like Vitamin B, and magnesium) offer a great way to access energy effectively. 

However, the energy boost we receive from our women’s multivitamins is largely thanks to the effects of iron, and how it can revolutionise the way our body deploys and uses the energy we receive from our foods.

In a nutshell, iron is essential for the creation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen around the body. The more oxygen we get to key parts of the body (like the brain and muscle groups), the more energy we’re able to use, and the more effectively our brain can function.

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Many who experience tiredness and fatigue each day are suggested to take iron supplements to enhance concentration and boost energy, as well as increase their red blood cell count.

#3 - Reduces The Risk Of Anemia

Anemia is a condition caused by having a low iron count, and by association a lower level of red blood cells, and is often characterised by fatigue, tiredness and dizziness, as well as a general lack of energy.

Iron and folate supplements are both beneficial for reducing anemia symptoms. Both help the production of more red blood cells to reduce any symptoms of anemia you might experience.

Many doctors will prescribe iron supplements or tablets with patients who exhibit symptoms of anemia, and consuming women’s multivitamins is an excellent way to receive that additional dosage of iron.

If you’re searching for a more reliable source of iron in your diet, though, explore our complete guide to the benefits of eggplant, and its exceptionally high levels of folate.

#4 - Helps During Menstruation

With the previous benefit in mind, multivitamins containing iron and folate help to support you when you’re menstruating. Women lose a significant amount of blood during menstruation, and replacing that loss is vital to ensuring you stay fit and healthy.

For reference, around 1 mg of iron is lost during each day of bleeding, so it’s important to replace these nutritional gaps with supplements to support your bodily functions. 

This can be done through a dietary source of iron, such as sunflower seeds, but we would strongly recommend supplementing this with an additional women’s multivitamin that contains a substantial amount of iron.

#5 - Provides Support During Pregnancy

Did you know that Vitamins B6 and B12 can be beneficial for pregnant women? In our list of the best multivitamins for women, we outlined many options that provide significant doses of both of these vital vitamins.

They’re among the most beneficial vitamins for women in general, but their effects during pregnancy are increased, and can even provide benefits that persist after the baby is born, too.

Taking daily vitamin supplements containing these can help with breastfeeding, as well as the growth and development of the baby during the pregnancy. In fact, studies have shown that a deficiency in Vitamin B12 can cause pregnancy complications.

There’s also mounting evidence that these essential vitamins can significantly reduce the risk of birth defects, and even aid during the birthing process. Finding a women’s multivitamin that contains both B6 and B12 is a fantastic way to aid before, during, and after childbirth.

#6 - Supports Nail & Hair Growth

As we’ve previously touched upon, taking supplements that are high in biotin (also referred to as Vitamin B7) can help make hair and nails grow faster and stronger.

This is largely down to the way biotin stimulates keratin production. Keratin is the chemical that helps to promote the growth of our nails, as well as provide quick repair and recovery of damaged or dry hair. 

As we age, our nails and hair can lose some of its strength, and finding one of the best multivitamins for over 50 females in the UK offers significant help as we get older.

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#7 - Promotes Eye Health

While it’s of particular importance as we get older, maintaining our eye health should always be something we prioritise. Our eyes play a pivotal role in everything we do, and ensuring they stay strong is a key aspect of overall health.

Fortunately, multivitamins that are rich in Vitamin E can help you to achieve this. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to protect your eyes from free radicals. To quickly recap, free radicals are molecules that the body naturally produces, but that can cause significant damage.

If your body contains too many free radicals, it can increase the risk of serious illnesses, such as heart disease or cancer. Consuming foods high in antioxidants, as well as specific women’s multivitamins that contain Vitamin E, is a great way to help mitigate against these risks.

#8 - Maintains Strong Muscles

Another benefit of taking multivitamins is that they can help to keep your muscles strong, as well as in their recovery following intensive exercise. This is especially important if you’re engaging in challenging workouts, such as cross training or HIIT.

Vitamin K is most often associated with muscle strength, as well as enhancing high physical performance, and providing support during the recovery period you need to take after completing those exercises. 

Taking your daily dose of vitamin K can help to support your muscles as you get older, alongside aiding those who exercise regularly, and need support afterwards to help repair and revitalise the muscles.

Want to take advantage? Then why not find the best multivitamin for women in the UK in this list? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is The Best Multivitamin For Women?

Now that we’ve covered some great products, brands and benefits of supplements, you may also be questioning “but what is the best multivitamin for women?”. Truthfully, which supplement you opt for is dependent on your purposes for taking them. 

If you’re pregnant or preparing for pregnancy, you may want to opt for a multivitamin that is rich in vitamin B6 and B12, magnesium and folate. Each has properties that can prepare the body for pregnancy while also supporting you through and after pregnancy. 

You may wish to find a supplement should you experience tiredness, fatigue and dizziness daily. Iron and folate supplements may be the best option for you in alleviating such feelings. If so, also consider visiting your GP to be sure. 

Vegans may want to find a vitamin B12 supplement to fill nutritional gaps that they may have from their diet. B12 is mostly found in meat and dairy products, which can mean that vegans are potentially missing out on this key nutrient. 

Alternatively, you may simply wish to find a multivitamin to support your bodily functions, boost energy and help to regulate hormones. Or, you might simply be looking for a women’s multivitamin that can boost your energy levels while you’re running to work.

So, in answer to the question “what is the best multivitamin for women?” - the best option is dependent on your personal needs. You may wish to opt for a supplement to target specific aspects of women’s health or get a multivitamin that does a little bit of everything! 

Can You Take Multivitamins Every Day?

Most multivitamins are to be taken once a day with a healthy, balanced meal. However, it’s important to refer to your multivitamin’s label to clarify beforehand, particularly for those that require you to take multiple per day. 

You should aim to take your multivitamins to see and feel certain health benefits, especially if you’re specifically looking to boost your energy levels, or experience a specific advantage of women’s multivitamins. 

However, accidentally taking too many multivitamins each day may make you feel nauseous, have headaches, or experience diarrhoea. Conversely, if you consume too few multivitamins than is recommended you may not reap the benefits that they offer.

So, to make sure that you’re consuming the optimum amount of multivitamins each day, consider purchasing a weekly medication organiser. This way, you can see how many tablets you are to consume each day. 

Can Multivitamins Cause Weight Gain?

You may also be curious as to whether multivitamins can cause weight gain. It’s natural that you might ask this, especially if you’re seeking to provide yourself with additional energy ahead of a difficult workout, like CrossFit or trail running.

Fortunately, taking multivitamins each day will not affect your weight. While each tablet is rich in a range of minerals and vitamins, they do not contain any (or very, very minimal) calories. The only way that they might contain a few calories is if they’re gummy multivitamins. However, even these will contain very few. 

You needn’t worry about taking your multivitamins during periods of losing weight as their sole purpose is to support your body from the inside out, not hinder weight loss efforts. 

In fact, there are some minerals and vitamins that can boost your metabolic functions such as iron, magnesium, iodine and vitamin D, thus helping the body to convert more calories into energy. 

Before You Go! 

This article has covered a wide spectrum of supplement options. Whether it be you’d like a multivitamin for your pregnancy, supporting menstruation or even to give you an energy boost, there are many options in this article to accommodate your needs. 

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