13 Best Women's Running Hoodies and Jumpers of 2020

running hoodies womens

Are you looking for the best women’s running jumpers you can find online? We’ve got you covered!

Running hoodies and jumpers are a great way to keep warm whilst exercising outdoors and will make sure you look good while you workout too.

We have tried and tested all of the products below and split hoodies and jumpers into 2 separate sections to make it easier for you to find the right one for you!

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Bet Women’s Running Hoodies 

If you are looking for the best running hoodies then you’re in the right place, find our favourites below and stick with us because we’ve covered the best jumpers a little further on.

#1  ProViz Hoodie

Price: £74.99

running hoodies womens

Now you may have heard of ProViz before from our article on the best running gear. Whether you’re running at night or in low light conditions, safety is paramount. That’s where the Pixlelite from ProViz comes with reflective shoulders and logo. 

We can’t stress enough how bright this high vis running hoodie actually is. When it’s caught in the glare of headlights or streetlamps, it lights up brighter than a Christmas tree!

The patterning gives multi-directional reflectivity, so you won’t be missed from any angle, and this certainly feels like the safest women’s running pullover on the list if you regularly run at night. 

It has a number of sparkling reviews from big names like The Independent, 220 Triathalon, and Outdoor Fitness, all of whom sing its praises. 

Aside from its high visibility credentials, the Pixelite is made from 100% interlock polyester. This fabric is fantastic at moisture wicking, so sweat evaporates fast and the hoodie stays dry even in damp conditions. 

You’ll never have to worry about it clinging to your skin which is great for increased flexibility.

It’s comfortable, too. The fabric is exceptionally soft, and the design is chafe-free. Even the collar is made with comfort in mind. 

It’s designed with a super soft rim, so there won’t be any chafing around the neck area, which can sometimes be a problem with other hoodies.

It might be the best high vis hoodie on the market which means drivers will be able to spot you well in advance. 

It has enough other benefits to be a fantastic piece of apparel in its own right, so even if you only exercise in the day we still recommend checking it out.

#2 Women's Nike Running Hoodie

Price: £45.00

nike running jumper

Nike is a big name in the world of sporting apparel and the women's Nike Therma sphere element running hoodie proceeds that reputation.

Much more than just a standard racing hoodie, this product comes fully equipped with all kinds of additions for moderating body temperature and moisture, as well as features to boost your flexibility. 

We absolutely love the Nike Therma sphere fabric, which helps to manage your body heat over time. 

It makes a real difference the longer you workout, and if you’re wearing the hoodie for a long distance race then you’ll feel the benefits in a big way.

If that isn’t enough, the fabric is also designed to wick sweat fast, and the brushed interior surface will keep you dry.

There’s loads of storage space too, again absolutely crucial if you’re embarking on a lengthy race. 

If you are in a race, then you are more likely going to need a running backpack to store your hoodie if you get too hot! 

A zippered pocket on the right hand side of the hoodie will hold everything you need, and if you happen to be running at night, you’ll benefit from the high visibility dots on the back. 

Mittens at the sleeve cuffs are a nice added extra, and they help keep the warmth in if you’re exercising in particularly punishing conditions.

This is, without doubt, the best women's running hoodie UK shoppers can get their hands on. 

With its array of features, it’s enough to make even the coldest weather workout feel like a breeze. 

If you’re going to be braving the cold outdoors for any length of time we strongly recommend this hoodie.

#3 Under Armour Tech Twist Wordmark Hoodie

Price: £42.00

nike running jumper womens

The Tech Twist is one of the more expensive women’s running hoodies on the list, but for the premium price, you really get a premium product. 

It’s 100% polyester, machine washable, and the grey cut off the design is undeniably cool. 

Under Armour has managed to strike a perfect balance between fashion and functionality, and we think this hoodie is worth every penny. 

The built-in HeatGear tech is undoubtedly the most impressive feature as it’s in their own running tights, and it works to control both temperature and moisture. 

It wicks away sweat and damp fast, and helps you maintain even body temperature. While some hoodies can be uncomfortable if you run hard, there’s no risk of overheating with the Tech Twist.

We liked the overhead design, which is a nice departure from some of the other zippered offerings on the list. It’s easy to slip on and off, especially if you’re on the move. 

The hood is fixed, and the long sleeves offer a little more protection against the elements. 

In terms of design, this is certainly up there with the most fashionable entries on the list. It comes in a pale grey colour, with black lines giving a touch of variation on the sleeves.

The famous Under Armour logo is quite small but well placed on the chest, where it gives a subtle yet classy feel to the hoodie.

This is a high quality offering from the Under Armour ladies running hoodie department, and while it’s not the cheapest hoodie here, its premium feel makes it worth the price. 

#4 Cita Hoodie

Price: £100.00

running sweatshirt womens

Arc’Teryx is another big name brand to make the list, and their apparel has a reputation for style. 

The Cita certainly delivers in that department, but this hoodie will be of particular interest to women who run long distances. If you do run long distances, then you should definitely check out our article on the best running gels you can find online! 

Trail running hoodies require a different set of features than the usual exercise apparel, with an emphasis on moisture management and storage space.

Fortunately, the Cita delivers in both those areas. It comes with a spacious pocket on the right hand side, which contains a smaller, inner pocket for items like keys. 

The main pocket is large enough to store protein snacks or gels, absolutely essential for trail runners. 

It’s wind and water resistant, making it perfect for taking on extreme weather conditions. 

The fabric is Lumin, which balances wind resistance with permeability, so you’re never at risk of overheating.

There’s mesh under the arms to help with airflow too, and this is certainly one of the most breathable hoodies on the list.

Moisture management is probably the biggest draw here, but the composite fabric helps with freedom of movement as well.

It’s perfect if you’re running long distances, and we never felt constricted. In fact, the breathable material is so light that you’ll hardly notice it.

Better still, if you need to remove the hoodie mid run, the Cita folds down to pocket size, and can easily be stowed away without looking bulky. 

This is obviously a massive benefit on longer distance runs, where conditions might be variable. 

If you’re searching for a running hoodie for women that will see you through any weather conditions, look no further than the Cita.

#5 Under Armour Rival Fleece Sportstyle Hoodie 

Price: £28.97

womens running hoodie

Under Armour is a reliable name, known for producing the best running hoodie for ladies who are after something that lasts for years.

The Rival fleece is no different, and we think it’s the perfect running hoodie for women who want lots of storage, but don’t want to compromise on flexibility. 

The big kangaroo pocket on the front of the hoodie is its most prominent feature, and you’ll be able to store an assortment of energy bars, gels, and valuables in there without running out of space. 

This is a big advantage, especially if you’re planning to run long-distance.

Pockets can sometimes be bulky at times, but the Rival is incredibly loose. 

Its fuller cut and oversized fit make movement a joy, and you’ll never feel constricted or weighed down.

The ultra soft cotton blend is so comfortable, in fact, that you could quite happily wear it to lounge around the house. 

The Rival really does have the luxurious feel of a blanket, and the brushed interior makes it even warmer.

If you’re on the lookout for a women’s running hoodie suitable for especially cold weather, then this might be for you.

It’s no surprise really, as Under Armour specialises in a range of seasonal clothing. 

A final word has to go to the design. It’s subtle and scaled back, but undeniably stylish. 

The Under Armour logo is emblazoned across the front of the hoodie, it’s super shiny so that it really stands out and it certainly feels like one of Under Armour’s statement pieces. 

#6 Brooks Fly By Hoodie

Price: £70.00

girls running hoodie

Brooks has done the admirable job of designing a women’s running hoodie that you’ll want to wear even off the track. 

It’s a genuine, all round winner, and with brilliant storage, easy access, warmth, and comfort, you’ll be able to use it all day long.

This is quite rare, and we loved the convenience of being able to combine our day to day hoodie with our workout gear.

The first thing you’ll notice is how warm this hoodie is. It’s semi-fitted so it’s a little snugger against the body than some of the other offerings on this list, so there’s less room for cold air infiltration. 

It’s manufactured using 100% polyester, which comes with Brooks' innovate DirLayer Threshold. DriLayer is thermal fabric, and you’ll feel the benefits straight away.

This really is a hoodie capable of seeing you through the coldest days. The secure zipper doesn’t let any cold air seep in, and there’s a chin guard for added protection.

We were big fans of the hood itself, which is fitted snug to the head but still retains optimal peripheral vision. This is quite a feat, and you won’t have to worry about the hood flapping over your eyes.

Two easy access front pockets complete the package, and the right one even has an inner pocket for smaller valuables like a phone or keys. 

Brooks has paid a lot of attention to detail with this piece of apparel, and even the thumb holes in the sleeves are a soft stretch for maximum comfort.

If you’re looking for a hoodie capable of keeping the extremes of winter at bay, then this is probably for you. 

It's convenient and stylish, and you’ll find yourself wearing it even off the track. If you enjoy running off track, take a look at the best mud run shoes of 2020!

#7 Nike Element Women's Running Hoodie

Price: £54.95

women's running hoodie uk

Another ladies running hoodie from Nike, this option has got great moisture control. 

It’s especially effective over longer distances, where the benefits really start to pay off, but anybody will love this simple yet effective hoodie. 

It’s smartly designed and has a subtle sense of style with its patterned weave.

Made from 88% polyester, the hoodie is incredibly soft and flexible. It’s designed with flat seams that move smoothly against the skin without even a hint of chafing. 

Freedom of movement is a top priority, so we love that the hoodie is loose fitting enough to never impede your progress. 

A pair of ergonomic thumb holes are nicely positioned too, and it never feels restrictive. 

If you wanted to track your progress in further detail, you should take a look at buying a heart rate monitor and get a true understanding of how to improve your performance. 

The moisture management features are a big draw. Like so many other Nike hoodies, this comes with their patented Dri-FIT technology to wick sweat away fast. 

This is a brilliant feature that really works, and it prevents the top ever becoming clingy or heavy. You’ll find ample storage too, with a zippered pocket on the left shoulder.

There are a few colours and designs to choose from, but our favourite is the Light Crimson Heather, not least because it makes you slightly more visible after dark. 

Of course, this won’t replace a fully fledged high vis running jumper, but the touch of added visibility is welcome.

All in all, this hoodie gives you everything that you might expect from Nike. It’s quality built, and warm without ever being stifling.

The flexibility and moisture management systems are fantastic, and the top is so comfortable and soft that you’ll never want to take it off!

#8 Karrimor Woman's Running Hoodie

Price: £25.00

Adidas running sweater

If you’re in the market for cheap women’s running hoodies that still deliver quality, then you’ll love the Karrimor. 

It represents incredible value for money, with all the features of much more expensive hoodies for a fraction of the price. 

We love the comfortable fit and the stretch construction, which moves seamlessly with the body. 

The fabric is surprisingly stretchy, so you’ll be able to retain maximum flexibility. Its DrX technology is a big deal too. 

It makes the top much more breathable and provides some of the best moisture management on the market. Sweat and damp wick fast, so you’ll be safe even in the rain. 

If you need an update on your wardrobe, then you’re most likely on the hunt for additional 

Some reflective details are nice added extras, making the hoodie safe to use in low light conditions or even at night. 

The hood itself is lightweight and breathable and doesn’t infringe on your peripheral vision too much. 

The Karrimor is made from 100% polyamide, so it’s incredibly soft. 

Polymide is one of the more flexible fabrics on the list, which accounts for the super stretchy feel. 

It’s impressively warm too, and will certainly keep the cold at bay without the need for additional layers.

This is a running hoodie ladies will love primarily for its price tag, but it’s so much more than just a budget option.

The super comfortable, stretch fabric with DrX technology really lifts this hoodie above a lot of its far more expensive competition.

If you're looking for a girls running hoodie that offers ample protection without breaking the bank, then you can’t do much better than the Karrimor.

Having a routine in your life is great if you want to track your daily activities, use a fitness journal to help track your goals and accomplishments. 

#9 Pearl iZumi Flash Hoodie

Price: £17.99

running hoodie ladies

With its futuristic look, the Flash women’s hoodie has a real science fiction feel, and some of the features will certainly make you feel like you’ve come from the future. 

Of all the hoodies and jumpers on this list, the Flash hoodie offers the most protection, and it will see you safely through any weather conditions. Combine the hoodie with a running cap to prevent any low sun getting into the eyes!

We think the Flash is perfect for long distance, more arduous races. 

The Transfer Dry fabric pulls sweat away from your skin and helps it evaporate quickly into the air, so you won’t have to struggle with a damp hoodie that’s sticking to your skin as you run. 

The fabric is breathable, and it offers UPF 50+ protection.

Very few women’s running hoodies that are designed with cold weather in mind come with this feature, but it’s a brilliant addition. 

As everyone knows, the sun can still be damaging even on a cold day, so if you’re out running this extra layer is absolutely essential. In fact, we’re surprised that more hoodies don’t offer it.

The collar is nice and tall and provides extra warmth when you need it. 

Thumbholes ensure that your sleeves stay in place, and internal mittens seal that extra bit of heat inside. 

That said, if you begin to overheat, this running hoodie for women includes mesh panels for a little extra ventilation. It really will see you happily through all conditions, and it has a temperature rating of 15 degrees.

Pearl iZumi is renowned for producing cutting edge gear and has delivered yet again with the Flash. 

Its many features make it a genuinely all condition piece of apparel, and it’s spacious “kangaroo” pocket makes it perfect for long distance runs.

#10 Puma Essential Hoodie

Price: £35.00

running hoodie ladies

Proof that simple is sometimes best, this product from Puma does everything right.

Its cosy regular fit is perfect for running in cold weather conditions, but it’s so comfortable that we think you’ll want to keep it on afterwards, too. 

If you’re searching for women’s running hoodies with a lot of storage then you’re in luck because the front facing pocket is absolutely huge. 

You’ll be able to fit all your essentials in there, and it’s angled to prevent anything from falling out. 

The front facing position is brilliantly convenient and means you won’t have to struggle to get to your phone or an energy bar.

If you need extra storage for keys or a purse, perhaps you should get a running belt as they’re a lot smaller than a bag but you are still able to bring all the things you need as you go for a run! 

The hood is lined for extra warmth, and the drawcord means you can adjust and secure it easily.

We didn’t find that it interfered with our peripheral vision at all, and the lining kept the ears wonderfully toasty! 

The hoodie is fleece lined throughout, and the front pocket is fantastic if you want to warm your hands on the go. 

We love how easy it is to care for, too. While some running apparel has complex washing instructions, the Essentials just needs to be turned inside out before going into the machine.

We think this is the perfect running hoodie for women who favour a back to basics approach. 

There are no frills or futurist features on show, but the fleece lined interior is cosy, warm, and durable. 

Throw in deep pockets and a brilliant hood, and you’ve got an all round, high performing piece of kit. 

Best Ladies Running Jumpers 

Below are the best jumpers you can find online today!  

#11 Adidas Trefoil Women's Running Pullover


running hoodies womens

While designing this ladies running jumper, Adidas sought inspiration from a mix of dancers, athletes, and fashionable trendsetters. 

Their aim was clear: they were hoping to make a sweater that is functional but also has a sense of style. Looking at this product, it’s easy to see the various influences at play. 

The jumper is light, airy, never feels constrictive, and it looks good, too. We love this because it means you can wear this Adidas running sweater in nearly any setting, so it has plenty of life off the track. 

It’s made of 70% regular cotton with soft French terry, so it feels great to wear and holds a lot of warmth for those cold, early morning winter workouts.

We love the design as it really stands out from other hoodies and jumpers on this list.

Adidas has designed the perfect product to meet all your running sweatshirt women’s needs. 

The long sleeves help protect you from all types of weather, and the ribbed cuffs, hems and crew neck are soft so that there’s never any chafing. 

The “linen khaki” colour scheme has a timeless feel, and we love the subtle inclusion of the Adidas logo on the chest. It’s only small and quite understated, but it sets the design off.

You can complete the look with a pair of stylish Trefoil bottoms, which come with all the same benefits as the top. 

There’s a definite street style at play here, but the jumper doesn’t compromise on functionality. 

Better still, Adidas offers an impressive 100-day money back guarantee, so there is no reason not to give this pullover a try!


Price: £50.00 

nike running jumper

There are a lot of benefits to running at night. The streets aren’t as busy, you don’t have to worry about the day ahead, and exercise is a brilliant way to destress after work. 

That said, running at night, can be a little more dangerous, which is where this fantastic high vis running jumper comes in.

This running jumper features the Asics brand name contrasted on to the sleeves. 

It’s got more in its locker than just a crewneck sweatshirt and this women’s running jumper comes with some other features that elevate it above the rest of the competition. 

It feels great to wear and it has a loose enough fit so that you never feel restricted.

Better still, the fabric is designed to be wind resistant, so it will see you through even the most brutal weather conditions without any problems. 

This is a fantastic all round women’s running pullover, and it’s essential for anyone who runs or works out either early morning or in the evening as it’s exceptionally warm.

ASICS is one of the leading sports brands in the world, and their apparel is used by countless top athletes. 

It’s no wonder that this jumper is such high quality, and we’re confident that it can take anything you throw at it.

#13 Nike Pro Dri-FIT Women’s Sweatshirt

Price: £44.95

nike running jumper womens

This women’s running jumper from Nike is one of the most comfortable on our list. 

You’ll notice the luxurious French terry fabric the moment that you pull it on. It’s incredibly soft, and feels more like a warm hug than a jumper! 

If you love a bit of luxury while you workout on a cold winter morning, then this women’s running pullover might be for you.

It’s not just the fabric that adds comfort, either. The loose-fitting, oversized design is spacious and never feels constrictive especially if you are wearing a running gilet on top. 

Wearing a pullover for a workout or run can sometimes seem counterintuitive with the added weight, but that’s not the case here. 

The sweater is baggy so you'll retain maximum flexibility through any form of exercise.

The Dri-FIT is warm too, and the fabric is dense enough to retain heat even in the coldest conditions. 

Ribbed hems add a subtle accent of class, but they also help with flexibility. The jumper doesn’t mould or stick to your body at any time, and our arms always felt free. 

Of course, Nike is a trusted brand with a rich sporting heritage, so you know they’re a brand you can trust. 

We were big fans of the logo emblazoned across the front of the women’s running pullover, which gives it a touch of class. 

With a composition of majority cotton, it’s machine washable for added convenience, and it comes in a few colours, our favourite of which was the olive. 

Nike has kept things simple here, and the back to basics approach has paid off.

Before you go! 

There you have it, the best women’s running hoodies and jumpers you can find online!

As mentioned earlier, they’re great for people who are on the go and want to keep warm during autumn and winter! 

Whichever running jumpers you choose on this list, we’re sure you’ll love the quality and workmanship that has gone into each and every product! 

If you feel this article has inspired you to look at health and fitness as a career path then take a look at the Advanced Sports Nutrition Course for more information!

Whilst you’re here, you should definitely get our FREE prospectus for further details as well! 

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