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15 Best Wrestling Headgear Products

Investing in good quality, protective and durable wrestling headgear is super important before engaging in the sport.

Wrestling is a combat sport that involves pins, blows and fighting techniques to take down your opponent. Conditions such as cauliflower ear and concussions are common within wrestling, and so getting good quality headgear is essential. 

Here at OriGym, we’ve created a comprehensive list outlining the best wrestling headgear on the market. We’ve included some wrestling headgear for kids, adults, and various customisation options in a range of prices to give you an array of options. 

Here we will cover:

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Why Is Wrestling Headgear Important?

Wrestling headgear, also termed ear guards or ear protectors, are a super important piece of protective equipment.

Wrestling is a sporting activity where participants grapple with their opponent to try to throw them and/or pin them down on the floor. When this happens, force is put upon the head and ears, which is why it is important to protect these areas with headgear. 

Should wrestlers not wear protective headgear, they are increasing the risk of injury and developing conditions such as cauliflower ear. 

Cauliflower ear, or “hematoma auris”, is a condition whereby blood can clot in the cartilage of the ear and skin when wrestlers are struck. The wrestler’s underlying cartilage can become damaged, causing the ear to swell and bruise. It can even cause the ear to become deformed. 

Cauliflower ear can result in surgery whereby cartilage is removed or stitching aims to reshape your ear. Not wearing protective headgear can cause cauliflower ear to develop more rapidly, which is why investing in high quality, durable headgear is paramount before engaging in wrestling.

So, if you’re looking to get some protective headgear for yourself, a young adult or a child, this list includes 15 different types of wrestling headgear from UK and US-based companies so you have a variety of options to choose from. 

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15 Best Wrestling Headgear

#1 Blue Chip Wrestling | Unrestrained Headgear

Price: £18.06

If you’re looking to invest in wrestling ear guards, then this product is a great option. 

Blue Chip Wrestling’s ear guard comes with a distinctive American flag design. So, if you’re wanting to stand out from the crowd in your wrestling attire, this might be the perfect headgear for you. 

It is manufactured with high-tech, dual-density also known as kinetic foam for ultimate protection of the ears and head.

The ear shell compartment also has plenty of space without the appearance of bulkiness. This is particularly useful for ventilation as having breathable equipment is certainly preferable when practice gets intense and sweaty!

Now, when it comes to purchasing protective wrestling headgear, reviews are super important. Blue Chip Wrestling’s new product has over 83% 5-star reviews, showing that the Unrestrained Headgear is top quality, durable and is an ideal addition to any wrestler’s wardrobe. 

Working out at under £20, this ear guard is an affordable option for you while also innovative in design. 

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#2 Leader Headgear | Wrestling Headgear Ear Guard XPA4

Price: £36.23

Next up, we have a product from LDR which may well be one of the best headgears for wrestling on the market. 

LDR’s new and improved ear guard has more shock absorption technology compared with all of their previous products. This headgear promises to protect temporal and cranium areas with its exclusive “ConTek” material to mitigate head injuries.

The updated adjustable lace locking system makes securing the ear guard both easy and comfortable. 

They promise great durability and ventilation with their products so that your head and skin can breathe even in the most intense of wrestling matches. It is also super lightweight with specialist material to make it waterproof and washing machine friendly. 

This LDR wrestling youth headgear comes in two sizes. Youth’s measure at 19-20” head circumference and adults 21-25” circumference. 

So, if you’re looking to buy some wrestling headgear, then this LDR product may be the best option for you!

#3 Rudis | Inverse Elite Headgear

Price: £27.46

Rudis have entered the list in one of our top spots, and for good reason too!

This wrestling headgear boasts some popular qualities, including a two slot holder to keep the top straps together and the all important rigid ear cup. This ear cup has handy vent holes for maximum protection too.

If you’re worried about getting the perfect fit, fear no more as Rudis promise that their easily adjustable vinyl straps will get you the fit you need every time. This wrestling headgear won’t only fit you perfectly, but it's lightweight profile design can ensure comfort and less distraction from your important match.

We know that wrestling gets tough, and so does Rudis, that's why they have EVA foam ear cups that are shock absorbing for your safety and comfort. Not only this, but you can count on a soft chin pad for added security.

Rudis are a brand you can trust, stating that they are born from wrestling and built for wrestling. All designed for comfort, performance and protection!

 #4 ASICS | Aggressor Ear Guard 

Price: £31.00

ASICS is a sportswear brand that has been developing sports equipment and apparel for over 50 years. It’s fair to say that they know what they’re doing in crafting the most high-tech gear for any sporting activity. 

Their Aggressor Ear Guard is manufactured with high impact resistant padding for ultimate protection, alongside their GEL cushioning to ensure that while protected, you also feel comfortable in your wrestling attire. 

ASICS’s pride themselves on this item’s “low profile” appearance so you can feel confident in your choice of ear guard.

Working out at under £25 on Amazon, this product is a steal with the option of a range of colours including yellow, red and blue. It’s never been easier to find an ideal ear guard for your next wrestling endeavour. 

So, if you’re wanting to check out some of the best headgear for wrestling on the market, this ASICS product is certainly up there. Don’t forget you can use one of the best gym sleds to get your muscles working for your next fight!

#5 Venum | Kontact Evo Ear Guard

Price: £32.86

If you’re wanting to know where to buy wrestling headgear, let’s introduce you to a product by Venum.

Venum is a combat sportswear brand that have won the “Best MMA Clothing and Equipment” award on numerous occasions and are proud to say that they have earned the trust and respect of their consumers around the globe. 

Venum’s Kontact Evo Range offers you a neoprene ear guard that is super lightweight and comfortable when participating in any combat sport. 

But, what is neoprene and why is it beneficial? 

Neoprene is a smooth tissue material that is known for its skin-smoothing technology for maximum comfort when exercising. The ear guards also come with integrated moulded shells to protect your ears, and their velcro straps also provide maximum security. 

As mentioned previously, when purchasing your wrestling headgear, reviews play an important factor. This Venum product has over 200 5-star reviews, clearly showing that this product is worth the investment!

If you’re wanting wrestling headgear from a UK based supplier, Venum has their own Amazon store so you can access their products with ease. So, go check them out!

#6 Fumetsu | Charge Ear Guard

Price: From £28.99

If you’re looking to invest in the best headgear for wrestling then this Fumetsu product may well be the perfect product for you. 

Fumetsu design and manufacture wrestling headgear in the UK, and have provided combat sports enthusiasts with high-quality products for over 20 years. 

Their Charge Ear Guard product provides maximum protection of the head and ears to ensure that you stay safe and comfortable throughout your training session. You can rest assured that the materials used in this product are at a high standard too, boasting a design with a soft cotton interior.

Therefore you can count on Fumetsu's promise that they will keep you feeling comfortable all the while protecting you.

Their black and minimalistic head guard comes in at £28.99, however, Fumetsu is currently offering their customers an exclusive deal on this product for just £17.99 (August 2021). After this date, keep an eye out for regular sales as you might just find a steal!

So, if you’re looking for some cheap wrestling headgear options, this product may be preferable for you. 

#7 Wrestlingmart | Custom Throwback Headgear

Price: 23.20

Next up on the list, we have a custom wrestling headgear, designed specifically for your taste. 

If you’re someone who would like to choose your very own colours for your headgear, then look no further. We understand that it takes a considerable amount of effort conjuring up a brand and a name as a wrestler and of course, you want the perfect uniform to go with it. 

With this headgear, you can stay on brand and boast your recognisable colour regime on your wrestling accessories.

Each custom headgear comes with two shells with foam covers and 4 adjustable head straps, including a chin strap. 

Wrestling Mart pride themselves on their new and improved design which includes more vent holes to enhance audibility, in addition to making the headgear more breathable. 

As always, before investing in your wrestling headgear, reviews ought to be referred to. Wrestling Mart’s product has 95% of 5-star reviews, showing that there’s no better place to go than here for your custom made headgear for wrestling! 

With pricing starting from just over £20, these are affordable yet still have great quality with a unique element of personalisation.

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#8 Matman | Adjustable Wrestling Headgear 

From £30.82

If your children are looking to be the next best wrestling youth, headgear should be the first thing on your mind.

Priced at just over £30, this is another affordable option for you. Their easy to adjust straps allow for kids to find the most comfortable fit with maximum protection when they’re practising with coaches and opponents. 

Matman believes that focussing on your goals should be of the utmost importance, so they’ve designed their range of kids wrestling headgear to be of the best quality and most comfortable. 

With a range of colour options available such as black, navy, red or bright blue, it’s super easy to find the right headgear to match their team colours. 

So, if you’re looking for the best pick among wrestling youth headgear, then look no further! 

#9 Adidas | AE200 Youth Etero Ear Guard

Price: £35.72

This Adidas wrestling headgear is for kids, giving you multiple options for the children in your life who want to take a leaf out of the rock’s book and head into the wrestling game.

This product is designed for under 12’s, so even the youngest wrestlers are protected during their training sessions and competitions. 

The headgear’s straps are designed with velcro, making it super straightforward for them to secure and take off the headgear on themselves, teaching them to be more independent in the sport. 

Adidas’ headgear is also made with easy to clean material with high sweat resistance so that kids can release all of their pent up energy without worrying about ruining their ear guard. Just a simple wash in the washing machine is all that is needed to keep this headgear fresh.

When purchasing wrestling headgear, it's good to refer to reviews. Averaging at over 4.5 stars on Amazon, this Adidas kids wrestling headgear is a great option for you to rest assured that your child is protected during their sport. 

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#10 RDX Sports | T1 MMA Grappling Ear Guard 

Price: £18.99

Now, if you’re looking for cheap headgear for wrestling, this RDX T1 ear guard is one of the most affordable on this list. 

This headgear is made from highly durable materials including a combination of plastic and ultra soft foam to provide you with as much protection as possible. But, how does this combination benefit you? 

What this does is evenly absorb the shock and impact throughout your training sessions and competitions, equipping you with ultimate protection against developing conditions such as cauliflower ear.

Additionally, they have a high-tech ventilation system with perforations to provide airflow underneath the ear guard, so you can feel comfortable during the sweatiest of wrestling sessions.

Before you buy your wrestling headgear, reviews are the key to honesty! This product has a 100% success rate (August 2021) with each customer awarding the RDX T1 with 5 stars. 

So, if you’re looking for cheap headgear for wrestling that is durable and high-quality, this could be the best one for you!

#11 Cliff Keen | E58 Headgear 

Price: £44.33

Here we have another product by Cliff Keen, the E48 Headgear. 

This is a fully adjustable piece of wrestling youth headgear that can be tightened to fit a range of head shapes. 

How this headgear differs from other examples within this listicle is that it is designed with ear cups on the exterior surface of the headgear. The reason behind this design is to reduce any friction from building when you come into contact with a mat.

Additionally, since the headgear isn’t made with a fabric texture, less dirt will be able to cling to the material, so keeping your accessories clean has never been easier. A simple wipe with a warm cloth is all that is needed to keep your headgear fresh and clean. 

This design is a new and improved version of another Cliff Keen product, E41, which has been protecting wrestlers for over 50-years, making it one of the most reliable products on our list.

If these new features sound attractive to you, then head over to Amazon now to secure one of the best headgears today! 

#12 ASICS | Snap Down Ear Guard 

Price: £40.51

Next up on the list of wrestling ear guards is another product from ASICS, designed entirely by foam to give you ultimate comfort throughout your training sessions and competitions.

The foam is made from washing machine friendly material so even after the sweatiest of sessions, you can reuse the headgear again and again. 

This headgear has 2 slot strap holders as well as chin cups, specially included to keep your head and ears secure and protected. 

ASICS is a sportswear company that has collaborated with athletes to manufacture the best quality products for consumers to achieve their sporting goals. 

So, if this sounds like something that you’d like to benefit from, make sure that you check out their Snap Down Headgear range over on Amazon today. If you’re into wrestling, you may also be interested in body building. Read our article on the best bodybuilding books here!

#13 Sports Maxx | Ear Guard

Price: £11.99

If you’re after a cheap wrestling headgear, this product is the most affordable out of all in this article that can provide you with a trustworthy product, for half the price.

Sportsmaxx is a family run business that have been designing and manufacturing wrestling headgear for UK based wrestlers for the past 20 years. They don’t compromise on quality, ensuring that all consumers are left satisfied with their purchases. 

The Maxx ear guard is made from Neoprene fabric, this ear guard is perfect for easy adjustment and comfort when wrestling. The protective foam covers the ear area to ensure maximum shock absorption and reduces the risk of developing the aforementioned problem of cauliflower ear.

Additionally, the headgear comes with an outer strap to guard your movements and an inner band to secure the fit. They also come in either black or red, perfect if you want to inject some colour into your wrestling aesthetic. 

Check out their store today for cheap wrestling headgear that you can count on.

#14 ID Gear | Headguards 

Price: From £50

If you're looking for a custom wrestling headgear, then ID Gear may be a great option for you.

Their 3-step process makes customising your own equipment super straightforward; simply select your design and ID Gear manufacture it to your specification. You may think that the delivery time would be longer due to such personalisation, but no, they deliver it within 2 weeks!

ID Gear promises to provide only the greatest protection and ventilation on each of its products. So although this may be on the pricier side of headgears, you can count on durability and longevity within this product.

You can also shop existing designs on their website that include bold colours to more neutral designs, giving you ample options on what you’d like for your own custom wrestling headgear. 

So, if a standard black headgear doesn’t quite take your fancy, then head on over to ID Gear to give you some more innovative headgear options to make you stand out.

#15 PMA | Kids Shockwave Ear Guards

Price: £23.99 

Last but not least, if you’re looking for kids wrestling headgear for an affordable price, then this option may be the best for you. 

PMA recognises that protecting the ears should be taken with the utmost importance when engaging in sports like wrestling, particularly the ears of children. 

This is why they have opted for neoprene material in the construction of their ear guards to provide comfort and lightness, along with security. The ear guards also come with moulded shells around the ears for enhanced protection against impacts and friction. 

Their 3-way straps ensure security for kids throughout all of their training sessions and competitions. 

If you’re looking for the right wrestling headgear for your kids, then look no further. This PMA Kids Shockwave ear guard will protect your kids while providing comfort. 

What To Look For in Headgear for Wrestling

When selecting the most appropriate headgear, there are some attributes you may want to consider. 

  • Adjustable straps: When selecting your wrestling ear guards, having adjustable straps is a desirable design feature. Selecting headgear that has velcro straps makes it easy to adjust on and off the head. Additionally, these straps are easy to fit your head shape without having to opt for custom wrestling headgear.  
  • Thick Lining Around The Ear: Cauliflower ear is a common condition that can develop as a result of blood clots building due to blows to the head in sports such as wrestling. The best headgear for wrestling comes with supportive material around the ear such as thick cotton lining or plastic cupping. Having a protective layer around the ear absorbs the shock and impact when you’re training with your coach or being tackled by your opponent. 
  • Breathable Material: Whatever sporting activity you participate in, having breathable clothing is desirable. You want to make sure that sweat doesn’t cause any uncomfortable friction that may distract you from your activity. Whether it be that the headgear has small holes in the design or comes with sweat proofing technology within the material, looking out for an option that is breathable is definitely something to consider.
  • Colour: This may well be a personal preference, however, choosing a fun colour that matches the rest of your wrestling gear may be a quality that is vital to you. There are various custom wrestling headgear options for you in this list for you to inject some innovation and fun into your wrestling attire. 
  • Good reviews: While not a part of the headgear itself, reviews say a lot about a product from real consumers. It is important to check these out before making your purchase. 


Does Wrestling Headgear Prevent Cauliflower Ear? 

Yes. Wrestling headgear does prevent cauliflower ear. 

Cauliflower ear, as you probably know by now, is a condition where continuous blows to the head can cause blood clots to develop within the ear. What wrestling headgear does, therefore, is reduce the impact of the blows to the ear, thus reducing the chance of blood clots developing. 

Investing in wrestling headgear for kids is particularly important as such conditions in children can become more problematic as they get older. 

Does Wrestling Gear Prevent Concussions?

Yes, wrestling gear can prevent concussions. 

The main cause of concussions is as a result of blows to the head, meaning when engaging in combat sporting activities such as wrestling, concussions are a large risk. 

However, similar to the way that this piece of kit reduces the risk of cauliflower ear, the thicker lining around the ear and head can help to reduce concussions from occurring as there is less impact upon these areas. It is important to invest in good quality wrestling headgear before any training session or competition to reduce the risk of concussions. 

How Tight Should Wrestling Headgear Be?

Once you have purchased your wrestling headgear, you may be curious as to how to correctly fit the headgear. 

Ensure that the straps are adjusted so that the headgear fits snug around your ears and head. However, it shouldn’t be so tight to the point where it causes discomfort. A headgear that is too tight is likely to cause you more problems that you could simply do without!

Before You Go... 

So, there we have OriGym’s top 15 wrestling ear guards. It is super important that you invest in good quality headwear to keep your head and ears protected from any blows caused by fellow wrestlers, coaches or opponents. 

This list has provided you with an array of options, from wrestling headgear for kids and adults, different styles, more expensive options with some other cheap wrestling headgear to cater to just about anybody.

Just before you leave us, if you’re somebody who is passionate about sport, why not kickstart a career in the fitness industry with our level 3 diploma in personal training? Or, look through our downloadable prospectus here to find all of what we offer.

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