15 Best Wrist Sweatbands: Buyer's Guide (2022)

best wrist sweatbands

Are you looking for wrist sweatbands in the UK? 

We don’t blame you and that’s why we have taken the time to research the best 15 for you! 

There are thousands of sweatbands online so we’ve done all the hard work to narrow down the very best. 

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#1 - Under Armour Performance Sweatbands For The Wrist

Price: £8.00

nike wrist sweatbands

Under Armour is one of the leading sports brands around the world. With this reputation comes a trust between brand and consumer regarding item quality.

The sport wrist bands are specifically 3 inches long and come in a one size fits all sizing. It comes in a choice of black, blue, or white.

Each purchase comes as a pack of two, so you can wear one on each wrist or combine them both on one wrist if you’re looking for longer 6-inch wrist sweatbands.

The product is made of a combination of polyester and rubber. What is unique about Under Armour’s Performance Wristband is its innovative construction.

The polyester and rubber used are graded by Under Armour as ‘multi-channel performance fibres’, meaning that the sweatbands can wick away sweat while drying quickly – perfect for when you are in the middle of an intense gym session.

With accessories, you want them to be stylish as well as functional. With the embroidered Under Armour logo standing out on a contrasting background, these black wrist sweatbands certainly are both.

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#2 - PROSTYLE SPORTS Personalised Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £7.49

sweatband wrist antibacterial

If you want to stand out from the crowd at the gym or on a run, then why not opt for one of these personalised wrist sweatbands form PROSTYLE SPORTS. 

You can write either your name or your own choice of wording, you can ensure that you never confuse anyone else’s accessories for your own custom wrist sweatband.

The makeup of these sweatbands is 85% cotton, 12% spandex, and 3% nylon. The products are both lightweight and durable. On top of this, the elasticity keeps them from slipping off your wrists.

Do you want to reduce your single-use plastics as you go for a run? Pair your wristbands with a brand new running water bottle to hydrate you and help the environment.

This product comes in a range of colours, too, so these custom wrist sweatbands really can be as personal as you want.

To get your product personalised, after placing your order all you need to do is get in touch with the seller and inform them of your chosen text that you’d like to have to receive your very own personalised or funny wrist sweatbands.

#3 - Ailiver Wrist Sweatbands

wrist sweatbands cheap

Price: £3.88

As the number one bestseller on Amazon for wrist sweatbands in the UK, these ones from Ailiver are a great option.

These are amongst the best wrist sweatbands as they are made with an extra-plush knitted material, that is soft and provides maximum comfort.

They are also designed with 80% organic cotton, meaning that these sweatbands are high quality and will maintain their shape for a long period of time.

Ailiver have also ensured that their product is highly absorbent, which is perfect for high energy sports such as football, tennis, and weightlifting, that can all make you super sweaty.

At £3.88, these are cool sweatbands for your wrist that may be extremely affordable, but that don’t compromise on quality!

#4 - Raquex Coloured Wrist Sweatbands

Price: from £3.99

how to wear sweatbands wrist men

If you’re after sport wrist bands then take a look at this product from Raquex. Raquex is a UK fitness brand,  meaning that all their wrist sweatbands are UK stocked and shipped.

The range of sweatbands are made out of terry cloth and are designed to fit snug to your wrist. 

By doing this, Raquex claims that the wrist sweatbands can offer wrist support when taking part in sports that require powerful movements from the wrists such as tennis or squash, keeping your wrist in place and thus preventing injury.

Their products come in a choice of singles or pairs and you can even choose yellow wrist sweatbands if you’re looking for something bright . 

If you wanted a more classic look then simply stick with their black and white wrist sweatbands. 

For the starting price of £3.99, this price point is great for people who may only need one sweatband and do not want to spend any extra money.

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#5 - The Friendly Swede Wrist Sweatbands With Pockets

Price: £9.99

sweatbands wrist how to use

I know from my own experience that running with keys or a wallet in your pocket can be such a bother, never mind finding comfortable running shorts with pockets big enough for those items in the first place!

Here’s where wrist sweatbands with pockets come in handy. Specifically, this option from The Friendly Swede.

These sweatbands have a water-resistant zip pocket that can store any small valuables such as credit cards and keys while you exercise, all the while remaining a fully functional sweatband too. 

The wrist sweatband with zip also has block colour designs also look quite sleek with the Friendly Swede logo stitched on.

The Friendly Swede sweatbands are available in either black, grey, or their classic white wrist sweatband. The size options are small or large. 

Small sizes will be suitable for people with small wrists that measure between 14 and 17cm and need thin wrist sweatbands, and large sizes will be suitable for those with wrists that measure between 16-21cm. Both sizes are 11.5 cm long, which is plenty of room for your keys or credit cards. 

The large size is also not just suitable as a wrist sweatband but can also be worn on your ankle if you feel like switching things up.

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#6 - Nike Sweatbands For Wrist

Price: £8.68

sweatbands wrist

If you are on the hunt for long wrist sweatbands as opposed to the more common shorter ones then you’re probably after the Nike Swoosh Doublewide Sweatband.

Nike wrist sweatbands are great for its high quality and you can’t get much more iconic than the classic Nike swoosh!

The material is a blend of cotton, polyamide, polyester, rubber, and elastane. This blend of materials guarantees that the sweatband is an effective absorber of sweat.

The fabric is breathable and therefore able to dry quickly. In addition, the elastane helps the one size fits all sweatband to remain fitted on all wrists sizes without slipping during wear. 

You can either get these Nike Swoosh Doublewide Sweatbands in white or you can opt for their bold neon green colourway, unique for sure but certainly in style!

#7 - WILLBOND 6 Inch Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £7.99

wrist sweatbands uk

Another option for those of you looking for long sweatbands, these 6-inch wrist sweatbands by WILLBOND are perfect for sports and have multi-use capabilities.

Because they are made out of 85% cotton, 12% spandex, and 3% nylon, and feature a double layer thick organic cotton structure, these cheap wrist sweatbands can quickly absorb moisture and return to their dry state.

Other than acting purely as a wrist sweatband, the WILLBOND sweatband is also suitable for acting as a compression tool for sports injuries. If you wanted other tools to help sports injuries, look at our step-by-step guide on self myofascial release. 

For example, if you are playing basketball and have a history of injury in your elbow, then the WILLBOND sweatband can be pulled up to your elbow to act as a support, helping to keep your elbow tight and locked in while working to prevent injury. 

Of course, all the while retaining the sweat protection properties that come with the sweatband material and construction!

Unfortunately, you can’t go for pink wrist sweatbands as these sweatbands only come in grey or black, but they still look pretty slick if you ask us! 

These sweatbands are rated as ‘Amazon’s Choice’ for arm sweatbands which shows the quality that they have and their popularity among Amazon buyers.

#8 - ONUPGO Wrist Sweatbands For Men and Women

Price: from £5.29

yellow wrist sweatbands

Although you may not be looking for a headband, you might just be only looking for wrist sweatbands.

However, this set by ONUPGO comes with two sweatbands for wrists and includes one for your head, all the while remaining at a very cheap price.

The material for all of their items consists of 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon. This is a common blend of materials and for good reason, it’s comfortable, durable, lightweight, and absorbing.

The sweatbands only come in one size and the wristbands measure at approximately 3.1 inches. 

Unfortunately, you can’t customise these wrist sweatbands but there are tons of tutorials out there explaining how to make standard sweatbands stand out!

The headband measures at approximately 7.6 inches by just over 2 inches, but as they are both elastic they can stretch and will fit most people.

ONUPGO have a large range of colour options for you to choose from, some being block colours such as their pink wrist sweatbands which would be a great vibrant colour and you can mix and match them to suit your needs!

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#9 - Gejoy 24 Piece Kids Sports Funny Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £11.99

what are wrist sweatbands for

Mainly aimed towards sporty children, the Gejoy wrist sweatband set can be a brilliant way to keep your children comfortable and hygienic when playing sports or exercising!

If you are a parent or guardian wanting to track your children’s fitness levels, take a look at our article on kids fitness trackers to help improve your kids’ lifestyle.

If you’re after really cool sweatbands for your wrist, then you’re in luck! Designed with classic comic book style onomatopoeic phrases such as ‘pow!’ and ‘wham!’, these funny wrist sweatbands are sure to be loved by children of all ages.

Their thin wrist sweatbands measure at 3.15 inches by 2.75 inches, and the cotton terry cloth with elastic material should ensure that the sweatbands fit a wide range of individuals.

The set comes with four sweatbands in each of the six designs, totalling twenty-four sweatbands for a price of £11.99!

This is a great value if you have multiple sporty children or just want to have spares.

#10 - BetterJonny Black, Blue, And White Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £5.99

nike wrist sweatbands

If what you are looking for is a no nonsense set of sweatbands, then this set of six from BetterJonny would be a sensible purchase as they offer great value for money.

As well as the two plain black wrist sweatbands, you also get two white and two blue sweatbands all for the price of £5.99. These are some of the classic colour options you normally find and it should be easy to pair them with any choice of outfit for the gym.

The typical length of the sweatband is 3 by 3 inches whereas these sweatbands are 3.15 by 3.15 inches. This means the sweatbands are not too big or too small. 

BetterJonny’s sweatbands are primarily made out of cotton, a suitable choice of material for sweatbands as it can absorb sweat and remain comfortable, exactly what you need when working out.

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#11 - Vidillo Thin Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £3.97

sweatband wrist antibacterial

These Vidillo sweatbands are rated as the number one bestseller in mens wrist sweatbands on Amazon. 

With 85% of their six hundred plus reviews being four or five stars, it’s safe to say that the majority of people who purchase these wrist sweatbands are satisfied and know how to use wrist sweatbands effectively.

Made from organic cotton material, these sweatbands will be able to absorb plenty of moisture during exercise and due to cotton’s breathable qualities, they dry quickly too. 

They are lightweight and comfortable, so they won’t distract you or get in the way when you are giving it your all during exercise. If you wanted to track your running data in further detail, you might want to invest in a running watch to help you! 

Measuring at 3.15 inches by 4 inches, they are slightly longer than some of the others on this list, but they are not long enough to classify as wide or long wrist sweatbands. 

Choose from a choice of colours with Vidillo’s sweatband range or purchase their bulk wrist sweatband set if you can’t decide on just one colour!

#12 - H&S Running Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £6.99

how to wear sweatbands wrist men

It would be hard for a set of plain black wrist sweatbands to get much better than this set of six by H&S.

Suitable for a range of sports and exercises, this highly rated ‘Amazon’s Choice’ pick for sweatbands are popular with hundreds of different people all purchasing the sweatbands for their own individual uses. 

In fact, 88% of their over three hundred and fifty reviews are four or five stars!

Featuring both cotton and spandex, these wrist sweatbands are breathable, lightweight, absorbent and will remain in place on your wrist even during vigorous exercise. 

The materials are fully machine washable and will retain their shape and elasticity after washing. 

They come in the standard size of 3.15 inches by 3.15 inches, meaning that they will be suitable wrist sweatbands for women and men! 

#13 - Bememo Bulk Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £12.99

sweatbands wrist how to use

If you are looking for a cheap set of bulk wrist sweatbands then you should consider purchasing this pack of twelve sweatbands from Bememo for £12.99, working out at just over £1 each! 

The sweatbands come in a set of discreet colour options: black, white, and grey. This means that you will be able to pair your wrist sweatbands with whatever clothes you chose as the colours won’t clash. 

Made up of 85% cotton, 12% spandex, and 3% nylon, these wrist sweatbands feature materials that all contribute to the production of a great quality sweatband. 

The cotton material ensures that the sweatband will be able to absorb sweat yet remain comfortable and breathable. 

Spandex helps the sweatband stretch and fit a wide range of people, so although the sweatbands come in a 3.15 inch by 3.15 inch size, they can stretch and are ideal whether you’re looking for wrist sweatbands for men and women. 

Finally, the addition of a small amount of nylon material helps keep the sweatbands durable while staying soft and elastic. 

If you are planning on using these sweatbands for a trail running session, you may want to consider buying trekking poles to help you on your run!

#14 - Rmeet Coloured Wrist Sweatbands

Price: £9.99

nike wrist sweatbands

If you are struggling to decide on one colour for your wrist sweatband purchase, or just want to have a selection of colours to choose from, then this set of six wrist sweatbands will be perfect for you. 

All of the sweatbands come in the average wristband size of 3.15 inches by 3.15 inches. This size means these will be suitable for all types of people. 

The Rmeet set comes as a pack of six colourful wristbands and includes red wrist sweatbands as well as green, blue, purple, pink, and orange.

If you are the type of person who likes to be a bit more extravagant with their fashion choices and carries this quality over into their exercise outfits, then the Rmeet set should be a perfect fit if you’re after women or mens wrist sweatbands.

#15 – LABOTA Cheap Wrist Sweatbands 

Price: £7.69

custom wrist sweatband

Working out at less than £1 per wrist sweatband, this set by LABOTA is one of the best value for money sweatbands you can find on Amazon. 

This set comes in a pack of eight and they are all machine washable. You will never find yourself without a sweatband to accompany your exercise. 

If you’re after running wrist sweatbands then the LABOTA range of sweatbands is made of double layered organic cotton which helps the material absorb sweat and moisture without the unwanted build-up of sweat on your wrist. 

There are three colour options to choose from: black, blue, or grey. Each colour comes with a white embroidered LABOTA wording which keeps the wrist sweatbands looking sleek and stylish. 

No matter what colour you opt for, the sweatbands all come in one size and measure at 3.15 inches long, the standard size for wrist sweatbands. 

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What Is The Point Of Wrist Sweatbands?

Now you may be thinking, what is the point of wrist sweatbands? You may have seen them in the ’80s or ‘90s in fitness videos and think that they look uncomfortable and outdated, so why has there been a resurgence of people wearing them recently? 

Well, they are actually a great accessory for on the go activities like running and more importantly, they prevent sweat from getting into your eyes while you exercise.

You regularly see tennis or squash professionals wearing sport wristbands, not only because the athlete is sponsored by them, but because it’s a practical piece of clothing they can use. 

Below are a few questions people have asked about wrist sweatbands so this may help you out!

Why Wear Wrist Sweatbands?

Not only will the sweatbands prevent any sweat from getting into your eyes, but they help make the user look great and professional too! 

The answer as to why do people use sweatbands on the wrist is not just that they're practical, but because they can be a fashion statement as well.

Before you go! 

We hope you found the 15 best wrist sweatbands useful! 15 may seem a lot but in fact, there are thousands of other similar products online, which is why we put this list together to save you the time of trawling through the internet. 

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