16 Best Yoga Challenges: 1 & 2 People

30 day yoga challenge at home

Yoga challenges are a craze that have accumulated popularity on the internet for many years.

Offering a great way to commit to a daily practice and see results and personal growth, yoga challenges are a great way to diversity your yoga routine, whether you’re a beginner, a fond yogi or have years of experience. 

In this article, we will explore a number of the best yoga challenges currently being performed by yogi practitioners around the world, all of which you can do from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for single people yoga challenges, or yoga challenges for two people so you can get your friends, family, partners or fellow yogis involved, we’ve covered all grounds.

We have divided the guide up to help you find a challenge that best meets your preferences and ability, as well as answer all the questions you have surrounding yoga challenges. The contents includes:

  1. What is a Yoga Challenge?
  2. How to Join a Yoga Challenge?
  3. Yoga Challenges for One Person
  4. Yoga Challenges for Two People
  5. FAQs

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What is a Yoga Challenge?

yoga 30 day challenge

A yoga challenge is an online trend that invites yoga practitioners, both new and seasoned, to either photograph or video themselves practicing a yoga pose or short sequence of asanas (yoga positions). The majority of challenges tend to have a specific sequence of asanas for each day of the challenge. 

The duration of challenges can vary, however most popularly is 30 days and month long periods. This is said to provide enough time to settle into a routine of practicing yoga everyday, as well as encourage reflection on your thoughts about your practice. However, this can extend up to 40 days or a whole year of yoga everyday.

For those looking for a shorter commitment, there are many challenges that last for just 21 and 7 day durations.

Whether you’re brand new to yoga, or an experienced practitioner looking to add to your repertoire, participating in a yoga challenge is a great way to experiment and push yourself to reach new limits.

How to Join a Yoga Challenge?

30 day hot yoga challeng

As we know, the internet is a powerful tool that provides us with access to an endless source of information. One google search of “yoga challenges” and there are over 80 million results - so this is a great place to start when you’re looking for a yoga challenge to join.

Many of the official websites which host their own yoga challenges will email participants all the information and daily requirements, either for free or with a fee outlined before you join. Some have fixed dates which will see everyone who signs up undergo the challenge simultaneously, whereas others are ongoing and you can join as and when best suits you, allowing you to explore the challenge at your own pace.

You can also find a whole host of yoga challenges on social media, particularly Instagram; with some even offering prize giveaways to those who join the challenge consistently for the duration of it.

Yoga Challenges for One Person

Single people yoga challenges are a great way to keep your body and mind healthy. Due to their popularity over the recent years, the internet is now home to a plethora of yoga challenges, most of which you can do with as little as a yoga mat and some spare time.

If you're on the market for a new mat, be sure to check out our buyer's guide of the best yoga mats available.

The following programs are designed for you to do independently.

Beginner Yoga Challenges for One

#1 10 Minute Yoga Challenge for Beginners

Kickstarting with an easy yoga challenge that offers benefits for people looking to slowly ease into the process, or those who need something that they can fit around their busy lifestyles requiring minimal commitment. 

This 10 Minute Yoga Workout For Beginners is a one person yoga challenge created by YouTube channel Women’s Workout; a channel which boasts over 1 million subscribers.

This is a beginners yoga challenge that is designed to improve your flexibility. The challenge only lasts 10 minutes and is the perfect form of quick exercise for those who don’t have much free time or have the sole goal to work on their flexibility.

Once you get the taste for yoga in your life, you may want to start exploring other styles; power yoga offers a vigorous, much more intense type of practice that helps calm the mind and increase bodily control.

Duration of Challenge: 10 Minutes 

Cost: Free on YouTube

Minimum Yoga Level: Beginners 

#2 Fightmaster Yoga: 30 Day Yoga Challenge for Beginners

Leslie Fightmaster became a qualified yoga instructor in 2006 and shot to YouTube fame in 2013. In her seven and half years on the platform, she gained a massive audience of over 643K subscribers, up until she sadly passed away in late 2020, leaving behind her legacy of yoga challenge videos online and a platform that has inspired thousands.

Leslie’s main goal in life was to make yoga as accessible as possible, which is why in December 2019 she launched her 30-day yoga challenge for beginners, which was designed specifically to do at home. This is an easy yoga challenge, which will act as a great introduction into the practice of yoga if you’ve had no previous experience. 

The videos provided for this yoga challenge range from 15-35 minutes, and over the course of the 30-day yoga challenge it is expected to become increasingly more difficult. But if you follow the challenge each day you should begin to see progression in your own personal skill level.

For those who are already seasoned yogis and have often wondered how much does yoga teacher training cost, we have a thorough guide that explores the financial cost of becoming a qualified instructor.

Duration of Challenge: 30 Days

Cost: Free on YouTube 

Minimum Yoga Level: Beginners 

#3 Grounding and Strength 14-Day Beginner Yoga

yoga challenge youtube is a yoga subscription service created in 2008, with the intent of creating yoga classes for free. 

DoYogaWithMe has become one of the world's leading providers in yoga related content. If you’re looking for a paid subscription service which will provide you with high quality yoga sessions, then this might be the site for you.

This single person yoga challenge lasts for 14-days and focuses on teachings such as grounding, nurturing and strengthening. This yoga challenge is also designed for those who live a busy weekday lifestyle. During the week, the yoga classes run for 40 minutes, compared to the 60-minute classes that run during the weekend.

Once the 14 days is up you may want to engage in another yoga venture, but how about stepping beyond the front door on this one and instead exploring some of the best yoga retreats in the UK?

Duration Of Challenge: 14 Days

Price: 14.00/£10.05 individually (or) Subscribe to DoYogaWithMe for $10/£7.18 a month. Some classes may require equipment such as Yoga Straps, Blocks and Bolsters.

Minimum Yoga Level: Beginners

Intermediate Yoga Challenges for One

#4 Yoga with Adriene: 15 Day Intermediate Yoga Challenge 

Yoga sensation Adriene Mishler has garnered over 9 Million subscribers since joining YouTube eight years ago, and she is effectively the queen of yoga challenge YouTube. 

Her channel has something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or instructor, and this won’t be her only entry on this article. 

Her intermediate yoga challenge is designed for those who have some existing experience in yoga, but are looking to advance their practice even further. This one person yoga challenge lasts for a 15 day period and includes sessions spanning 20-50 minutes maximum. 

Once the challenge has come to an end, you may want to continue your journey of using yoga for strength; to find out which style of yoga will benefit your goals most, have a read of our guide on the 24 types of yoga styles. 

Whilst Adriene films a number of the days outdoors, it is emphasised that you can perform the challenge in whatever environment you feel most comfortable with, including the comfort of your living room.

Duration of Challenge: 15 Days

Price: Free on YouTube

Minimum Yoga Level: People with previous experience/knowledge of Yoga

#5 21 Day Hip Opening Challenge: Yoga Teachers College

If you suffer from any kind of joint pain or discomfort, this class may be what you’re looking for. 

This 21 day yoga challenge is designed to blast through years worth of stress and tension build up in your muscles and joints. 

Created by the experts over at Yoga Teachers College, participants will be in more than capable hands during this 21 day yoga challenge. This challenge is designed to ease members into yoga, as well as improve posture, enter poses faster and overall equip you with techniques to improve your life.

You may not realise the significance your posture has on your day to day activities; you can read all about the benefits of good posture here.

Yoga Teachers College is one of the most prestigious yoga platforms in the world. On their website you will find a variety of media options; free basic guide videos are available which last roughly 60 seconds, however if you want to attend the full class you will have to pay.

Duration of Challenge: 21 Days

Price: Price ranges vary and special offers run at different times. 

Yoga Level: Beginner/Intermediate - Individuals who suffer from discomfort and are looking for a healthy way to reduce stress and pain

#6 The Elements: 14-Day Yoga Challenge

Next up is another entry from DoYogaWithMe, however this yoga challenge offers something very unique. The Elements 14 Day Yoga Challenge was designed to not only test your body, but also seeks to impart some insightful wisdom participants too.

This yoga challenge takes you back to the practice's spiritual roots, as well as offers teachings about the five elements: water, fire, earth, air and space, ensuring that you manage to perfectly balance all five.

The classes run by instructor Crista allow you to reflect on each elements’ specific qualities and question how you can bring their unique energies into your personal life and yoga aspirations.  

This one-of-a-kind yoga challenge also incorporates mediation, chanting and breathwork exercises. For another form of yoga that offers vast benefits for the mind, check out our Yin Yoga guide, here you will find everything you need to know about this popular practice.

Duration of Challenge: 14 Days

Price: $14.00/£10.05 individually (or) Subscribe to DoYogaWithMe for $10/£7.18 a month / Some content can be found on the DoYogaWithMe on YouTube

Minimum Yoga Level: Those looking to learn/expand knowledge of yoga’s spiritual roots

Difficult Yoga Challenges for One

#7 Revolution: 31 Day Challenge

With a 31 day duration,  this yoga challenge is not for the faint hearted; presenting one of the longest challenges on this list.

Making her second appearance on this shortlist, YogaWithAdriene brings you a challenge designed to push physical limits and covers a variety of topics. 

 With no two days ever the same, the main purpose behind the Revolution 31-day challenge is to improve the participants' relationships with themselves. If you’ve experienced a difficult time this past year and are looking towards exercise for self-guidance or to improve your mental health, then this might be the yoga challenge for you. 

Over the course of this yoga challenge, Adriene guides participants through a series of 20-36 minute sessions that incorporate yoga with self-improvement techniques. As a collective, the challenge aims to teach you about alignment, thoughtfulness and discipline. 

Due to the lengthier duration of this challenge and its combination of sensitive topics relating to mental-health, some participants may find Revolution more challenging than others.

Duration of Challenge: 31 Days

Price: Free on YouTube

Yoga Level: Advanced

#8 Morning Total Burn Yoga Challenge

YouTube channel Yoga Dose is yet another popular platform for yogis that offers a free challenge. 

The Yoga Burn Challenge itself is what has gained Yoga Dose over 300k subscribers since its launch six years ago, so you can be sure that it is highly reviewed. Be warned however, yoga burn challenges are designed to push you; they present a very challenging form of exercise and are traditionally not recommended for beginners. 

This is one for those seeking hard yoga challenges; lasting for an entire hour, Morning Total Body Yoga Burn is sure to get your metabolism up and moving during the morning. 

If you're enjoying this article on yoga challenges, then we guarentee you will find the following posts reads of interest:

Duration of Challenge: 1 Hour

Cost: Free on YouTube

Yoga Level: Existing Experience

#9 Bikram Yoga Challenge

yoga challenge poses for 1

Speaking of hard yoga challenges, established by instructors Conny and Jay in 2003, Bikram Yoga London has grown into one of the most popular paid yoga sites in the world that features a whole host of challenges.

Offering a variety of classes, there truly is something to accommodate everyone with Bikram yoga – so whether you want an advanced Asanas class, a guide in hot Jivamukti or you are looking for something as simple as guided meditation, this is the site for you.

One of their more unique challenges comes in the form of another longer-term offering on this list. The Bikram 30-Day-Challenge only comes around three times a year; every February, June and October. In these months, Bikram London Yoga challenges its users to unify and collectively complete 30 classes in 30 days. 

Should you successfully complete all 30, you’ll receive the Bikram Yoga Challenge commemorative t-shirt, as well as a £25 voucher to spend in their online store.

If once you have completed the challenge you're still interested in continuing your yoga venture, you may want to check out some of the options in our best free yoga apps in 2021 shortlist for further assistance.

The challenge will push you to your very limits and is widely regarded as one of the most difficult challenges any yogi can do.

Duration of Challenge: 30 Days

Cost: Bikram explains the rules and pricing of the challenge in the link above. Unlike the other subscription packages in this list, Bikram does not have one set pricing 

Yoga Level: Expert Yogis 

Yoga Challenges for Two People

Yoga challenges for two people are a fun way to not only get in some exercise and further your yoga practise, but provide a great bonding opportunity, too.

Yoga challenges for two are so adaptable; there are offerings for friends, family and even ones that allow you to involve the little ones in, with this section featuring a yoga challenge for kids.

So, everyone grab a partner, your friend, your sibling or whoever you want to commit to a yoga challenge with, and get ready for some couples yoga challenges!

Beginners Yoga Challenges for Two: 

#1 Kids vs Parents Yoga Challenge Game: Sister Forever 

Offering something completely different to the other entries on this list is a kids yoga challenge, designed for the entire family to participate in. 

Parents, if you are looking for a new way to get the kids up and moving then the YouTube channel Sister Forever may have the solution. The premise of this challenge is rather simple: treat yoga like a game.

Split into teams of two, one child and one adult on each team. Take turns to try and recreate yoga poses you find online. Whichever team that executes the yoga challenge poses the best, or can hold it for the longest time, wins the point for that round. 

While the video does suggest this is a purely kids yoga challenge, we’re certain this is a yoga challenge that all can get involved with. 

TIP:  If you want to make this a suitable game or pastime for adults, perhaps incorporate some difficult yoga challenge poses,

Duration of Challenge: No set time frame 

Cost: Free on YouTube

Yoga Level: Beginner 

#2 14 Day Couples Yoga Challenge

30 day hot yoga challenge

DoYogaWithMe is once again with another appearance on our shortlist of the best yoga challenges, this time offering yoga challenges for two people who wish to share a unique bonding experience. 

The classes within this challenge are designed for beginners and all have the same purpose of : teaching you how to have fun, feel good about yourself and how to share these positive feelings with others.

Much like the aforementioned challenges featured from DoYogaWithMe, this is a 14-day yoga challenge where class durations are longer on the weekend and shorter during the weekdays.

If you're looking to participate in a yoga challenge to get you active outside of your 9-5, why not incorporate yoga into your working day? Our buyer's guide of the best yoga ball chairs enables you to reap many of the benefits of yoga whilst you're sat over your computer screen.

Duration of Challenge: 14 Days

Cost: 14.00/£10.05 individually (or) Subscribe to DoYogaWithMe for $10/£7.18 a month

Yoga Level: Beginners

Intermediate Yoga Challenges for 2

#3 Taylor Wray – Super Fun Partner Yoga Poses

Taylor Wray offers a YouTube channel that is a great source for yoga challenges for 2, aimed at pairs looking to extend their knowledge of yoga together. 

Instructor Taylor began her yoga journey on YouTube three years ago, and now has an audience of over 2K subscribers. 

Taylor and her partner guide you and your companion through a series of yoga challenge moves designed to test your flexibility and agility. This is an intermediate challenge because it does require some previous yoga experience.

Before taking up this yoga challenge for two people it is recommended that at least one has previous experience in the practise. 

If you're already a seasoned yogi, then why not take your venture to the next level and go into teaching? Not sure what that entails? No problem, our in-depth guide on How To Become a Yoga Instructor covers all bases, from courses, salary, jobs and tips.

Duration of Challenge: 16 Minutes 

Cost: Free on YouTube

Yoga Level: Intermediate yogis looking for fun yoga challenges

#4 Psyche Truth YouTube – How to Acro: Beginners and Intermediate Guide

Have you ever stumbled across a photo on social media that features two people performing a yoga pose that looks near impossible to recreate?  Well this challenge will show you how you can become those people! 

The health and wellbeing channel Psyche Truth was first launched over 13 years ago and boasts over three million subscribers. The channel’s main aim is to teach its viewers how to take control of their happiness and health.

Their 6 Yoga Challenges De-Mystified consists of six yoga challenges with the aim to debunk the belief that these relatively complex poses are impossible to recreate. The instructor's guide you through this yoga challenge for 2 and impart insight into how to best support and stabilise your partner during these sometimes challenging yoga poses. 

We would consider this a better challenge for those of an intermediate level as with the progression of the course, the yoga challenge moves become gradually harder. But for those of you who are still beginners, we would still encourage you to try some of the challenges recommended at the beginning of the video. 

Duration of Challenge: 20 Minutes 

Cost: Free on YouTube 

Yoga Level: Intermediate Yogis looking for a challenge

#5 Glo – Week long Partner Yoga Playlist 

bikram yoga 30 day challenge

Much like DoYogaWithMe and Bikram Yoga London, Glo is also a yoga-based subscription site that offers classes to suit a variety of needs. 

Founded in 2007, Glo is a world-renowned yoga subscription service, which started as a simple dream in the mind of founder Derik Mills, who had the idea to start his own yoga studio that would be ‘beamed into living rooms across the world’. 

Mills wanted to make yoga as stress free as possible. He wanted people to not have to worry about attending classes or getting stuck in traffic and believed yoga should be as relaxing as possible – and let's face it, the place where you’re most relaxed is your home

The linked playlist features seven videos, all of which are perfectly suitable for those who have some experience in yoga and are looking for a partner yoga challenge rooted in both exercise and intimacy.

These classes are all about incorporating intimacy with partner yoga challenges. With lessons such as ‘Eyes Gazing Into Heart Opening’ and ‘Partner Hatha Harmony’, this yoga challenge for two is recommended for someone you simply share a deep meaningful bond with.

If you're interested in taking up a new style of yoga, you may find our comparitive report into hatha yoga vs vinyasa yoga an insightful read.

Duration of Challenge: 1 Week 

Cost: 7-day free trial / Monthly subscription fee: $18/£12.98 which will gain you access to Glo’s back catalogue of playlists, as well as live classes

Yoga Level: Existing yoga experience

Difficult Yoga Challenges for 2

#6 Psyche Truth YouTube – How to Acro Challenge!

As previously mentioned, the Psyche Truth channel offers several yoga challenges at a variety of skill levels. 

The linked challenge this time is recommended for pairs who wish to tackle something a little more difficult. 

In this challenge, you’ll find a total of six videos all of which aim to teach you how to master yoga poses with your partner. Expert instructors guide you and your partner during your session, challenging you to take on harder poses such as the flag pose. 

While the difficulty level of this entry isn’t the most challenging on the list, the terminology used by the instructors is centerted more towards seasoned practitioners and those with a background in yoga. 

Likewise, they do not take things slow and go directly into the yoga poses and hold them for several seconds, before teaching you a transition for the next pose.  If you're engaging in your first yoga challenge for two, there is a risk this may be on the slightly more advanced scale for you.

For additional assistance in improving your yoga performance, you may find our shortlist of the best yoga straps to help your poses useful.

Duration of Challenge: 18 Minutes 

Cost: Free on YouTube

Yoga Level: Existing experience of yoga

#7 Ryan & Alex – Couples Yoga Poses

30 day yoga challenge at home

Ryan and Alex have the perfect site for couples who are wanting to learn how to exercise together. After quitting their jobs as engineers seven years ago, the couple embarked on a passion project to unite others through their mutual love of health and fitness.

The site has been featured in acclaimed global outlets, such as the Independent and Women’s Fitness, and seeks to bring couples closer together.

Their couple's yoga challenge covers a variety of poses, ranging from basic to difficult, and aims to ensure that you and your partner are able to strengthen your mind, body and relationship. 

The site also provides you with helpful tips on how to best enter a pose without hurting or straining one another, and even gives a free 20-minute class that shows you their teachings in action. 

If you wish to take up Ryan and Alex’s classes further, a specifically designed booklet detailing the yoga challenge for two people can be found and downloaded on their site for free.

Duration of Challenge: 20 Minutes/14 Days

Cost: The link includes a free class and a free 14-day challenge booklet / 6 Week Couples Yoga Program: $20.00/£14.34

Yoga Level: Existing yoga experience

Extra Challenge 

The Laughter Yoga Challenge

Boasting a highly-praised reputation amongst the yoga community, Laughter Yoga is an exercise that has grown in popularity over the past few years, and involves its participants voluntarily laughing for prolonged periods of time during their yoga sessions. 

It is believed that by voluntarily laughing for long periods of time, your body receives the same physical and psychological benefits it would, should you decide to laugh spontaneously, this is highlighted in their motto: “the mind does not know we’re faking it”.

Laughter Yoga is not only great for individuals, but has also been known to boost team morale too, making it a great additional add-on to this list. 

We encourage everyone to get involved with Laughter Yoga for an uplifting boost; the video we have linked takes you to Bianca Spears YouTube channel, where you will find some basic insight into the teachings and benefits of Laughter yoga.


yoga challenge poses for 1

What are yoga subscription services?

Similar to that of Netflix or Amazon Prime, a yoga subscription service offers the same concept, but for yoga challenges and classes instead. 

Within the challenges listed above, there is mention of four different subscription-based services, with varying price structures. 

A subscription service offers a great option for those looking for a remote way to learn from industry-based professionals. 

How long do yoga challenges last?

There is no set answer to this question as the durations of challenges vary one from the other. 

While some yoga challenges offer 20 minute long classes that run for a two, three or four week durations, others are made up of hour long sessions and ask for a shorter commitment period of seven days. 

Despite the overwhelming number of options for yoga challenges that are available, it means that there is sure to be an option for everyone seeking out a challenge to get involved in.

Do I need any yoga equipment for yoga challenges?

The requirements of challenges may vary from one to the other, however typically the only addition that most, if not all will require is a yoga mat. 

While there are a number of challenges available out there that will utilise additional yoga equipment, we have attempted to make our shortlist as accessible to as many people as we could, generally avoiding challenges that require accessories where possible.

However, all challenges will outline any additional equipment that may be required prior to enrolment, ensuring you won’t get halfway in and then can no longer continue with a course due to any limitations. 

One thing we would encourage every yoga enthusaist to invest in is a good quality pillow. Not got one? Check out OriGym's list of the best yoga cushions and yoga pillows.

Before You Go!

And there you have it, our take on the best yoga challenges for one and two people available. We hope from this article you can take away inspiration for your next yoga venture.

It is important to remember that yoga challenges are entirely subjective and you may need to test the waters a little before you find the best challenge to suit your needs and preferences.

Perhaps this article was the catalyst in deciding that nutrition and fitness is your ultimate passion, in which case, check out our award-winning personal training courses and take that passion to new levels!

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